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New server data migration -- some posts may been lost made yesterday149,913 rrmoderator 08/07/2015 09:07PM 
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Jackie Pullinger and Margaret Kendall9,264 chippie 01/06/2015 04:55AM 
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Landmark, good or bad?    Pages: 1 2 3 4 527,206 45 Ginvodya 11/16/2014 08:29AM 
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The Ross Institute has officially changed its name4,529 rrmoderator 08/02/2013 07:44PM 
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The sale of domain name rickross.com4,190 rrmoderator 07/21/2013 09:33PM 
Last Post by rrmoderator is for sale3,893 SeekingTruth 07/18/2013 04:00AM 
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This message board has passed 100,000 individual posts.4,212 rrmoderator 05/07/2013 11:33PM 
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my best friend was chased by a landmark program leader!!!4,542 Anya 04/23/2013 11:55PM 
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Chick Corea and $cientology8,887 notefarm 01/19/2013 08:19AM 
Last Post by adam3w4rt
Oprah's Ministry    Pages: 1 2 3 4 524,841 41 thunderbyrd 01/16/2013 02:30AM 
Last Post by yasmin
LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi    Pages: 1 2 317,285 22 david lee 07/26/2012 03:31PM 
Last Post by david lee
Why do stars love such strange groups?    Pages: 1 ... 7 8 933,785 86 rrmoderator 06/15/2012 11:24PM 
Last Post by kmanthie
Gov. Mitt Romney and Mormonism and the USA presidential race4,395 Sparky 01/29/2012 10:39AM 
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Jim Carrey gives Eckhart Tolle's GATE a boost7,116 Kaleidoscope 10/26/2011 12:51AM 
Last Post by poacwqnh
Actress Mariana Tosca - Ching Hai follower?    Pages: 1 29,196 14 mtex 09/22/2011 09:52PM 
Last Post by rrmoderator
Tom Cruise Will Be Filming in Massachusetts Sept 15-274,395 Kaleidoscope 04/20/2011 03:48AM 
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Deaths at ‘quack’ retreat hit Oprah    Pages: 1 2 313,264 21 Kaleidoscope 02/14/2011 10:12PM 
Last Post by corboy
"The Body of Christ" Cullt in RockHill, SC -fromer Lacy Hawkins member8,238 thewatcher 11/01/2009 03:08AM 
Last Post by thewatcher
The mystery of the disappearing Daily Beast article4,851 Kaleidoscope 09/29/2009 05:09AM 
Last Post by Kaleidoscope
Dayton News Anchor Pete Scalia Narrates Scientology5,002 Kaleidoscope 09/20/2009 08:28PM 
Last Post by Kaleidoscope
The press comment on Will Smith's Scientology connections4,648 Kaleidoscope 09/20/2009 07:01PM 
Last Post by Kaleidoscope
The risky casting of Jenna Elfman5,703 Kaleidoscope 09/19/2009 08:22PM 
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Sarah Palin and Dominionist fundamentalist church5,801 Gulab Jamon 09/17/2009 04:18PM 
Last Post by Kaleidoscope
Travolta's Child Abuse8,237 cultreporter 09/04/2009 09:54AM 
Last Post by Kaleidoscope
New shocking Tom Cruise video6,208 muzak 04/14/2009 08:22PM 
Last Post by ichatfilipina
Wachowski Brothers    Pages: 1 212,740 19 Kastlefeer 03/21/2009 09:50PM 
Last Post by notanantiGnostic
Thurman Family Hire Eliot Spitzer's Madam4,814 starfish 12/17/2008 09:44AM 
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Paris Hilton, Sheriff Lee Baca and Scientology5,627 The Anticult 08/25/2008 01:35PM 
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Message board has passed 50,000 posts4,283 rrmoderator 08/20/2008 12:12AM 
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Comedy show 'Til Death" pokes fun at New Age5,028 Hope 05/02/2008 07:02AM 
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