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LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
Posted by: david lee ()
Date: December 30, 2011 11:20AM

Chapter 1

I have had personal contact with Li Hongzhi, with the principal leaders of the “Falun Dafa Society” in China and the “Falun Buddhism Society” in foreign countries. I used to practise with many followers of the “Falun Gong”. Thanks to these first-hand experiences I can relate many true and unknown stories about Li Hongzhi and the “Falun Gong” organization.
Since its birth in 1992, the “Falun Gong” has had a negative impact on the mind and mentality, morality, religious faith and understanding of social sciences and natural sciences among the people. There is general agreement about this negative impact. It is high time that followers understand the anti-communism, anti-Chinese government, anti-society, anti-humanity and anti-science nature of the “Falun Gong”.
I decided to write this book out of these considerations to unveil unknown stories about the “Falun Gong” with a candid and fair-minded attitude. These experiences are based on a decade of practice of “Falun Gong”. I don’t mean to seek fame with this book, nor for any social or political considerations. I want to write about nothing but the facts and the truth . In these pages ,with the exception of a few aliases, all the times, locations, characters and scenarios are true to fact.
As times moves forward, the new always replaces the old. Humanity has traveled a long and uneasy road. Its rise or fall, resplendence and sorrows, the pleasant and the bloody, are all bygones recorded in history. Whatever changes mankind and the universe undergo, it is and undeniable fact that the splendid modern civilization is built on the development of the world and humanity’s exploration of the universe.
Truth is acquired only through unceasing exploration, practice and verification to guard against falsehood. My book is based on facts and on the consensus reached among the majority of the people. I believe my book will withstand any test of veracity and history.
The true cannot stand alone without the false. The life of any person cannot be considered complete without both positive and negative experiences, nor could he or she know where the truth is without these. Only when one reflects on the past and owns up to the present, can someone envision the future. It is time to revisit the truth of history to enlighten our thoughts and learn the true meaning of life. By doing so, we may not only free our mind and thinking within the cosmos, but also consider the nature of the “Falun Gong” practically and realistically.
As this book comes off the press, I can foresee that it will lead to blame and censure of the practitioners of the “Falun Gong,” and this is actually what I hope for. The reason is simple: truth can only be acquired through verification between the true and the false.
I know I’m only an ordinary man but I finally came to see the cult nature of the “Falun Gong” through my personal experiences, my insight and understanding of life. It’s highly probable that some people would say: you are seeing the “Falun Dafa” with the eyes of an ordinary person and it would be destructive to you as your body and soul would cease to exist. I think this is to be expected. I am prepared for it and don’t care about it.
I’m fully prepared for any cruel facts with an open, selfless, fearless, realistic and practical attitude to punish evil and encourage kindness. I believe it is time to speak up and tell the truth.
Looking up into the sky, I see unceasing changes. Looking down at this world, I write about the truth, about heaven, earth and humanity. I do hope that this book will help shed some light for all virtuous “fellow practitioners.”

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
Posted by: david lee ()
Date: January 05, 2012 09:44AM

“Preaching Falun Gong”
At Peking University

At the end of the 1990s, a “Qigong” (deep-breathing exercises) craze swept across China. Various types of “Qigong” emerged. The “Falun Gong” was one of the most active genres of “Qigong.”
The period from 1992,when Li Hongzhi started the “Falun Gong”, to 1996 the “Falun Gong” spread the fastest. The “Falun Dafa society”, the highest command of the nationwide activities of the “Falun Gong”, received a report from the “Shijiazhuang branch of the Falun Gong,” claiming that a senior engineer for Handan City, Hebei Province had developed some “extra sensory perception” after practicing “Falun Gong”. After investigations and studies, the “Society” reported this to Li Hongzhi.
Around the same time, in 1996, the “Society” suggested that there was an urgent need of a senior intellectual to spread and carry forward the “Falun Gong” to prove among academic circles that “Falun Gong” was an “extraordinary, genuine science” and that modern sciences are pseudo sciences. The goal was to recruit “Falun Gong” members from among the country’s intellectuals and high-ranking officials to expand the preaching scope of the “Falun Gong.”
Li Hongzhi agreed and immediately instructed the “Society” to bring me to Beijing to “preach Falun Gong.” After the Spring Festival in 1996, Ye Hao, a leading member of the “Society”, called me and in the name of the “Society” asked me to come to Beijing. At that time I was the chief of the Handan City “Falun Gong” instruction station. After the notification, I convened a meeting of the leading persons of the instruction station to discuss the matter. Everyone present at the meeting believed that it was a good chance to practice at a higher level.
Back then I thought I should go to Beijing to eliminate “Yeli” ( karma), -a fallacy advocated by Li Hongzhi claiming people have to make amends for any wrongdoings done in previous lives; the force that brings pain and disaster to people is called karma. To achieve the goal of practicing and cultivating to the status of a Buddha is to be “complete and successful.”
So, I called back and told them that I agreed to the arrangements by the “Society” to go to Beijing to “preach Falun Gong.” After I got to Beijing, I was placed at the home of YeHao. His home was also the temporary office of the “Society.” That evening, Li Chang ,Wang Zhiwen and Ye Hao, all principal members of the “Society,” listened to my detailed report. They all said that my practicing of “Falun Gong” and ensuing unusual happenings were extremely important and it was worthwhile to teach it at the “Falun Gong preaching” sessions attended by a large number of practitioners and ordinary people.
The “society,” through discussions with Peking University, decided to organize a so-called “Falun Gong preaching meeting” in a meeting room at Peking University on February 23, 1996. I was scheduled to lecture at the meeting. Before I was to give the lecture, the “Society” asked me to test-run it before principal members of the “Society”.
Because I had worked more than 30 years in the production and research at a steel mill, my mind was occupied by thoughts of the physical and chemical reactions of the steel-making process and some theoretical issues centring on these reactions were not solved yet. Before I started to practise Falun Gong, I had often had illogical thoughts and a wild imagination, fantasizing that I could flow in the molten steel to learn its internal physical and chemical reactions and could go into the refractory materials of the steel-making furnace to check its interior.
Of course, these wild thoughts led nowhere. I could see nothing but illusions. After I started to practise “Falun Gong”, these illusions were still in my mind. I told them in detail about this phenomena and I introduced two patents I developed before I started practicing “Falun Gong”.
After listening to me, Li Chang said : “You don’t need to talk about the phenomena developed before you started practicing ‘Falun Gong’ and need to focus only on the phenomena arising after you began practicing ‘Falun Gong’. Your patents, in particular, would be meaningless if they are not associated with the ‘Falun Gong.’” After listening to my test lecture, someone proposed: “You should categorize your illusions as the “ primordial spirit” disappears from your physical body and goes into the molten steel and refractory materials to directly examine their internal chemical reactions, and should cite examples to illustrate that what you saw could not be detected by ordinary people with scientific methods. You should also speak about how you got rid of inflexibility by practicing ‘Falun Gong’ and how you calmed down through practicing static exercises. Only when you speak like this, will the audience understand and tend to believe the role and effect of the “Falun Gong.”
At their request, I made the revisions, and cooked up the make-believe story by claiming that my patents, actually developed well before I started practicing “Falun Gong” when the “primordial spirit” left my physical body and went into the molten steel. Although this story was cooked up with my illusions, who would not opt to believe it because it was my personal experiences as a senior intellectual?
I then made further revisions to my lecture script according to the requests and instructions of Li Chang and others. After two test runs of the lecture, the “Society” approved it and then arranged for it to be delivered in public.
Today, it is fairly easy to figure out: my so-called “Falun Gong preaching lecture” at Peking University was nothing but a farce orchestrated by Li Hongzhi, directed by the “Society” and acted by me , and was intended to advocate and preach the “Falun Gong” cult in the name of pseudo science. And as instructed by Li Hongzhi and the “Society,” a big amount of fraudulent material was included in the preaching.
My so-called “Falun Gong preaching lecture” was printed by the “Society,” and circulated. It had a very bad social impact. The lecture added fuel to the fire and helped evil in spreading the “Falun Gong” cult. It misled a big number of intellectuals into join the “Falun Gong” cult. (Refer to the addenda for the text of the lecture)
When the “Society” prepared and printed my so-called “Falun Gong preaching lecture,” it added the title “The Might of the Falun Dafa” and a subtitle “A Senior Engineer Makes New Breakthroughs in Scientific Research After Practising Falun Gong.” When the “Society” added the title to the “Falun Gong preaching lecture,” it intended to “preach Falun Gong” among intellectuals by making use of my “preaching lecture” and to expand the “Falun Gong” organization.
After being described as having such incredible power, I became the focal point in the eyes of many people. After reading my report, people tended to believe the incredible role of the “Falun Gong”. Many started to practise “Falun Gong.” The report even made some people to believe that “Falun Gong” was a genuine science that had not been tapped. I developed such “incredible power” after my “god’s eye” was opened in the course of practicing. It seemed that my report helped add creditability to the “Falun Gong” in the name of science. The report was widely circulated and its impact turned from bad to worse. It caused immeasurable harm to society.
When the “Falun Gong preaching report” “cooked up” with my illusions was circulated, it misled some people. It gave many wrong impression, wrongly believing that in addition to my soul and consciousness, my body also went into the molten steel. This was something completely impossible. If I dared jump into boiling water at 100 degrees centigrade, not to mention molten steel at 1600 C to 1700 C, I would have disappeared from this world.
Obviously, Li Hongzhi and the “Society” exploited the phenomenon of my illusion in 1996. They used it as a tool to “preach the Falun Gong.” At that time, I thought that I was right to “preach the Falun Gong” by making use of such a phenomenon. Li Hongzhi approved it. The “Society” was a representative of Li Hongzhi and whatever the “Society” asked me to do was right. Furthermore, I also believed that the phenomenon of developing illusions before practicing the “Falun Gong” was a low-level reflection of the thinking, and it would be a senior level reflection if such a phenomenon occurred after practicing the “Falun Gong”. It accorded to the reflection of thinking in the power of the Buddha. I was harmed and trapped by the “Falun Gong.” At that time, I completely lost my ability of any ordinary man in telling what was right and what was wrong. In fact, the phenomena developed before and after practicing the “Falun Gong” was completely different. Things, in particular, all phenomena arising after practicing the “Falun Gong” were entirely illusory, and were just reveries that could not be proven by science. This was the core of my mistake.
Practising the static exercise of the “Falun Gong,” a complete inner calmness was needed. That is to say, practitioners should have no other thoughts and should concentrate completely. When I started to practice it, I could not concentrate and my mind was still very active. Later, I only read “zhuan Falun (turning the Wheel of Dharma)” and was completely brainwashed by the absurd doctrines of Li Hongzhi. Without inner peace and calmness, one could not reach the higher level, accomplish the “goal of becoming complete and successful” or be transmigrated in the next life.
On the other hand, due to not watching TV or reading newspapers or other books, nor communicating or having contact with non-practitioners of the “Falun Gong,” the mind was gradually simplified. In other words, inner peace and calmness was achieved. I heard that when other “Falun Gong” practitioners achieved inner peace and calmness, their mind also became blank. That was not the case for me. In my mind, the puzzles haunting me for years were still up there. They were about problems arising in the steel-making process. No matter how hard I tried, they were still there in my mind. Subsequently, the illusion of the “primordial spirit” leaving my body and going into the molten steel occurred. The phenomenon was similar to dreaming. Some people, using modern scientific terms, say such a phenomenon might be inspiration, not the opening of the “god’s eye” or the “magic power of Falun Gong” as advocated and preached by the “Falun Gong.” All these were nonsense.
Recalling the past, if what they advocated and claimed as true, I should be able to see the “wheel of transmigration” and the “world of wheel transmigration” when I reached the inner peace and calmness while practicing. The fact was, I did not see any “wheel of transmigration” or “world of wheel transmigration.” Because such a phenomenon never happened, I did not make any mention during the so-called “Falun Gong preaching lecture” I then made.
Some “Falun Gong” addicts might say I was far below the level, so you could not see the “world of wheel transmigration”. These sayings are nothing but making a fool out of oneself. They are groundless.
Why did such a phenomenon occur to me? I believe that this was related to the fact that I had worked for decades in steel-making production and research. Without decades of experience, I would not have developed such illusions. Anyone with any experience in steel-making industry would never develop such a phenomenon. The point is, when the phenomenon was described as “extraordinary genuine science” it was in essence exploited by the pseudo-scientific “Falun Gong” and it was disastrous.
I think inspiration is a leap of cognition. From a psychological point of view, inspiration is the result of communication within the nervous system. Therefore, the occurrence of inspiration is accidental, but it reflects certain rules and is the result and confluence of chance and inevitability.
Inspiration is sudden, exciting and creative, but it must originate from a strong urge and be a sudden spark. Inspiration is not something bestowed by the gods, nor is it the result of external stimulation. It is a sudden occurrence that comes from concentration and rich life experience. It is inevitable and the fruit of wisdom and is the reflection of the human instinct. Whatever it might be, the phenomenon occurring to me was absolutely not magic power bestowed by “Falun Gong.”
Recalling past years, all invention patents I attained were the result of years of experience and experiments in production and scientific research. They were all completed well before I started to practise “Falun Gong” and had nothing to do with the magic power of the “god’s eyes”, opened by practicing the “Falun Gong.” Without my 30 years of production and research experience at the steel mill, without the theoretical guidance from modern science, without my field study trips to many modern enterprises in China and abroad, without in-depth discussions with many domestic and overseas experts, without financial input and immense efforts, and without support from society and necessary experimentation facilities created, it would be impossible to achieve them by simply relying on practicing the “Falun Gong” or reading the “Zhuan Falun ( Turning the Wheel of Dharma).”

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
Posted by: david lee ()
Date: January 10, 2012 01:45PM

Here attached is a photo taken at the gate of Peking University with major members of the ¡°Society¡± before I made the so-called ¡°preaching Falun Gong lecture¡± at the university. From this photo, it is obvious that instructed by Li Hongzhi and plotted by the ¡°Society¡±, I was a tool used in spreading the ¡°Falun Gong¡± cult. Now, I feel deeply guilty and repentant for that.
In my so-called ¡°preaching Falun Gong lecture,¡± I talked mainly about four events of the issue of the ¡°primordial spirit;¡±
The first event involved my ¡°primordial spirit¡± leaving my body through the practice of ¡°Falun Gong¡± and went into the steel-making furnace to examine and observe the internal physical and chemical reactions of molten steel, and discovered the atomic structure of one sulphur atom surrounded by four oxygen atoms. Based on my direct observations, I made revisions to and improved my previous patents, leading to qualitative improvements of the patent technology.
In order to prove the undeniable authenticity that practicing ¡°Falun Gong¡± gave me ¡°extraordinary power¡± and the power promoted and led to substantial improvements in scientific research, the ¡°Society¡± took the chemical reaction equations from my patent applications and attached them to the text of my ¡°lecture report:¡±
Sio2+3C=SiC+2CO ¡ü
2AL2O3+3C=AL4O4C+2CO ¡ü
3SiC+2AL4O4C+3C=8AL+3Si+8CO ¡ü
It also included an explanatory note: ¡° The inventor is a Qigong scholar, practicing Falun Dafa. Through direct observation of physical and chemical reactions inside the molten steel by applying the methods of the Falun Dafa, he discovered the existence of the reaction equations above.¡±
Through such planning and makeup, a lie was born, masterminded and directed by the ¡°Society¡± and disseminated by me and in my name. It was originally an illusion in my mind, but now it became a solid ¡°fact¡± backed up the chemical reaction equations as scientific evidence.
Readers would naturally ask: Jing Zhanyi, if you did not practise ¡°Falun Gong,¡± could you possibly research and obtain the above chemical reaction equation?
This is a key question, and I have to explain it. When I finished the research for the patent, I had not started to practise ¡°Falun Gong.¡± So how could I have possibly used the method of Falun Dafa for direct observation of the physical and chemical reactions inside the molten steel? The physical and chemical reactions, as I claimed to have seen with my so-called ¡°primordial spirit¡± inside the molten steel, were all proven long before in metallurgy and are common knowledge in metallurgy. They can be found in most books on metallurgy. The atomic structure, with a sulphur atom surrounded by four oxygen atoms as I claimed to have discovered through my ¡°primordial spirit,¡± was also discovered long ago. They were not discovered by so-called ¡°extraordinary thinking¡± or ¡°extraordinary perception and power¡± obtained through practicing ¡°Falun Gong.¡±
Then, why did Li Hongzhi and his ¡°Society¡± set up such a plot or trap? From the current point of view, there were three secrets or tricks behind it:
First, they deliberately took my illusion for the ¡°primordial spirit¡± to prove the link between the practise of ¡° Falun Gong¡± and the occurrence of ¡°extraordinary scientific inventions¡± to achieve their goal of encouraging the masses to believe in ¡°Falun Gong¡± and join. In particular, when they proved this through the mouth of a senior intellectual such as me, it became more believable and was likely to encourage and attract scientists to join the ¡°Falun Gong¡±.
Second, by deliberately using a fraudulent trick, they claimed that a scientific theory proven by modern science was an ¡°extraordinary scientific invention¡± attained through practicing ¡°Falun Gong¡± to prove the ¡°scientific nature¡± of the ¡°Falun Gong.¡± In my ¡°lecture,¡± I did not tell the audience the fact that there were reaction equations in metallurgical theories on the phenomenon, but instead, claimed that the phenomenon was ¡°extraordinary phenomenon¡± that happened only after practicing ¡°Falun Gong.¡± This misled many audiences who had little steel-making knowledge, and made them to believe that the phenomenon was the result of practicing ¡°Falun Gong.¡±
Although I gave the lecture at such a prestigious venue as Peking University to many scholars and scientific workers, Li Hongzhi and the ¡°Society¡± knew that few in the audience were from the metallurgical sector and could detect the tricks in my lecture. Instead, they would tend to believe that ¡°Falun Gong¡± was a genre of sciences and would eventually join the ¡°Falun Gong¡± organization.
Third, if the audience were convinced by what was talked about, they would not be suspicious if anything that had not been proven by science was fabricated. In my ¡°lecture,¡± I said my ¡°primordial spirit¡± also saw the emission of gas molecules as AL2O (aluminium oxide ) generated in the steel-making process. The structure of such molecules, from modern chemical analysis, did not conform to the requirements for the integration law of ions, which were components of molecules. Modern science could not yet prove its existence, or they did not exist at all, and the claim was a complete reverie that should be denied.
However, with the ¡°extraordinary scientific inventions¡± backed up by the chemical reaction equations cited earlier, who would doubt that science would, in the future, bake up the ¡°extraordinary discovery¡±?
In the second event, my ¡°primordial spirit¡± went into the heat insulation panels of the steel-making furnace to observe the internal crystal structure of the refractory materials. ¡°I saw clearly that it was the lattice crystal structure composed of MgO (magnesium hydroxide), AL2O3 ( aluminium oxide) and CaO (calcium oxide).¡± Such a structure has yet to be proven by modern science, and it was my guess after I had illusions following the practise of ¡°Falun Gong¡±. It had nothing to do with my patents, attained before I started to practise ¡°Falun Gong.¡±
However, the ¡°Society¡± added explanatory notes to the scripts of my ¡°lecture¡± such as : ¡°The magnesium hydroxide insulation materials and its production method in metallurgy and construction by Mr. Jing Zhanyi won a state patent on March 18 this year¡±. Or: ¡° The inventor is a Qigong scholar who, applying the Falun Dafa method to directly observe this kind of low-temperature magnesium hydroxide refractory material, discovered that the crystal lattice structure of the three molecules- MgO, CaO and AL2O3-conformed well to the law of heat transmission, and could effectively arrest the emanation of heat.¡±
Here, the ¡°Society¡± played two tricks. First, they put my ideas that could not be proven by science as patented technology. Second, they explained that the time when the patent was granted was March 18, 1996, and put my patents attained before I started practicing ¡°Falun Gong¡± as patents attained and granted through practicing ¡°Falun Gong.¡± In this way, they created more ¡°evidence¡± of the ¡°extraordinary science¡± myth.
The third event mentioned in the ¡°lecture¡± was the acquisition in Germany of a bronze nozzle for cutting steel plates that was more sophisticated than those made in our country. I wanted to know its internal structure without cutting it open or dismantling it. Then, my ¡°primordial spirit¡± went into the bronze nozzle and shuttled among the holes, saw clearly its internal structure and finally I made drawings of the internal structure of the bronze nozzle.
In fact, after I brought the bronze nozzle of a gas torch, I first sent it to leaders of the Hebei provincial department of metallurgy and asked them to help popularize this device. Later, I sent it to a factory for research and development. All efforts at remodeling it without destroying or damaging its internal structure failed. I have always tried to figure out its internal structure, to make production drawings and the to popularize it .
However, I failed after long and painstaking efforts. Until now, I am unclear about its internal structure and have never made any engineering drawings for its production and this nozzle has been lying in the cabinet in my room.
In my ¡°lecture,¡± I then said I had made the drawings of the internal structure. In fact, they were simply imaginative drawings, and I could not possibly make engineering drawings based on my imagination. Anyone could draw such imaginative sketches of the internal structure and I also could do this job. I never showed the sketch drawings to anyone. Any production of manufacturing based on such sketches would not work .
The fourth event mentioned in my ¡°lecture¡± was my flying freely in the universe and beyond our galaxy to discover a celestial body full of energy. ¡°I found it was a divine planet with life, and it transmitted messages and signals in various languages.¡± I also sent messages to the planet and communicated with it. This celestial body transmitted a lot of data about the universe to me, for example, the surface temperature of plants emitting different colours of light. I also saw various chemical molecules in molten steel and many of them were carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen compounds, including amino acids, the basic protein substance that is a component of life. In the end, I jumped to the conclusion that there were other lives in the universe.
While I ¡°flew freely in the universe,¡± I said, I saw various chemical molecules in molten steel, including amino acids, the basic proteins that make up life. While I talked about flying into the molten steel, I did not say I saw amino acids, because I knew there are no amino acids in molten steel, even if I was completely intoxicated in the ¡°Falun Gong.¡± But later, I said there were amino acids and this contradicted what I said earlier. Why did I do so?
The first reason was that I like astronomy very much and have read many books on astronomy. In my mind, there is scientific and unscientific knowledge, even mythological stories. Furthermore, I was then obsessed with ¡°Falun Gong,¡± believing there was a world of Buddhas in the universe. After starting to practise ¡°Falun Gong,¡± I was influenced and controlled by the crooked theories and fallacies of Li Hongzhi, and I often had illusions.
Li Hongzhi once said: ¡°Everything has life, and even a piece of stone sometimes might have dialogue with you.¡± Poisoned by such fallacies and illogical thinking, it was natural that my illusions had something to do with such fallacies. It is now very clear that the story of my communication with aliens was complete illusion.
Now, some said to me: ¡°In your ¡®lecture,¡¯ you said you discovered chemical equations or some molecular formulas not yet proven by science, are they hypothesis that are yet to be proven?¡± I said : ¡°As for these words I spoke then, you know I¡¯m no different from other ¡®Falun Gong¡¯ practitioners, whenever I sat down with legs crossed to practise, my mind would be full of illusions, and be full of stuff that did not exist at all. You should never take such phenomena in my ¡°lecture¡± seriously, they must be denied and completely criticized, and they did not have the slightest relationship with scientific hypothersis.¡±
The second reason was that Li wanted to set me as and example of the ¡° magic and divine power of Falun Dafa¡±. I did my best to seek evidence and bases for Li Hongzhi¡¯s fallacies. I think at the time I did not have the intention to fabricate stories and lies to cheat the masses, but when one¡¯s mind is completed controlled by the cult, he loses the power of independent thinking and would voluntarily keep consistent with the fallacies of Li Hongzhi or even try to find evidence to support them ¨C calling black what is white. Even then, one would not consider his deeds or words as cheating because disciples of ¡°Falun Gong¡± are not allowed to have the slightest doubt about Li Hongzhi, otherwise, they are dropped to a lower level or even eliminated. So I cooperated and supported Li Hongzhi in spreading the cult and cheated many people who did not know the truth and little knowledge of it.
The third reason was that the fallacies of Li Hongzhi could easily be found to be contradictory. For instance, he sometimes said that Amitabha has 2 million bodies as the Buddha, and sometimes that it had 800,000. In the ¡°Annotations of Falun Dafa¡± he said that ¡°Sakyamuni was at a state of semi-enlightenment¡± in one page and said a few pages later that¡± he was in a state of complete enlightenment.¡± Which is right? One of the two contradictory statements must be wrong.
In fact, it was the disciples who were wrong, because Li Hongzhi was the greatest Buddha in the universe, how could it be possible that he made mistakes? It was always the disciples who were wrong!
As expected, at a preaching session in Switzerland, Li hongzhi fought back against the disciples who dared to point out his mistakes. ¡°some practitioners challenged the Falun Dafa, arguing that this chapter was wrong or that chapter was correct. Could ordinary people be qualified to argue about the Dafa? At least, you are still thinking as humans, so you are not qualified to challenge it¡±. (see ¡°Preaching Falun Dafa in Switzerland¡±).
Once Li Hongzhi said these words, who would dare point out his mistakes? Since then, even the wrong words spoken by Li Hongzhi have been considered the ¡°truth¡± of ¡°Falun Gong¡±. Practitioners had to find evidence to prove that the master had not said or done anything wrong.
When the master talked nonsense, the disciples and practitioners naturally did the same. As long as it was helpful for Li Hongzhi to preach the Falun Gong, you could say anything and do anything even if it was wrong, and the master would never blame you for that. At the same time, you could achieve ¡°complete success¡± faster. The stories in my ¡°lecture¡± about ¡°traveling freely in the universe¡± and communicating with aliens reflected this mentality.
From my ¡°lecture¡± anyone could reach the conclusion that the ¡°Falun Gong¡± exploited my status as a senior intellectural to claim that my research achievements and patents were the ¡°extraordinary scientific inventions¡± enabled by ¡°Falun Gong,¡± terming my illusions as what I saw when my ¡°main primordial spirit¡± emerged and left my body. They made use of these to advocate ¡°Falun Gong¡± as a ¡°science¡± and recruiting practitioners and disciples from scientific circles. In this conspiracy, I made ¡°enormous contributions¡± to the ¡°Falun Gong¡± and this will be biggest regret of my life.

Below is my ¡°preaching Falun Gong lecture¡± at the university:

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
Posted by: david lee ()
Date: January 10, 2012 01:47PM

Falun Dafa Shows Magic and Divine Power
-A Senior Engineer Makes New Breakthroughs in His
Research after Practising Falun Gong

Ifm Jing Zhanyi, and Ifm a senior engineer with Handan iron and Steel Company. I graduated from Beijing College of Iron and Steel Technology, the predecessor of the University of Science and Technology Beijing. In the three decades after graduation, I have been working in the production of iron and steel and research, and have also made some achievements.
For example, I once won an invention patent, and was included in the Dictionary of Patented Inventions in China, Which is circulated both at home and abroad. In the past few years, I took part in the project of Chinafs first small billet conticaster and was involved in the entire process from its design, manufacturing, engineering, production and research. This project won a special award for science and technology progress conferred by the Ministry of Metallurgy and a first-class award for the National Science and Technology Progress Prize. The state also granted a 500g gold medal to our company.
In June 1994, our country held the first national exposition of top technologies and products. Of some 200,000 projects sent to the exposition, one of my projects won the gold award. In the recent years, myself and experts associated to the Ministry of Metallurgy have gone to European countries such as Germany and Italy for field study and academic exchanges.
The ,how did I, as a senior intellectual, follow the road of Falun Gong and become a disciple of Falun Dafa? On the one hand, it was luck or destiny. On the other hand, there were subjective and objective reasons.
Some asked me: gMr. Jing, you have been engaged in the steel-making industry for decades, you could talk nonstop for more than on hour at academic seminars and you have published some papers on steel making, but do you really know what steel-making is and how it works?h
To be honest, I donft know the answers to some questions. I donft know them indeed. In particular, with the temperature of molten steel running as high as 1600 to 1700 degrees centigrade, I donft have the slightest idea about the physical and chemical reaction process in the molten steel. I had theoretical studies in university, and present here today, are experts in metallurgy, so you know what Ifm talking about. Raoultfs law, Hessf law, phase equilibrium, the first and second law of thermodynamics, among others, can they really explain the physical and chemical reactions in the steel-making process? I donft know.
I once discussed and communicated with famous experts and professors from the most developed countries such as West Germany and the United States and they said there was no possibility or means to directly observe and examine the internal physical and chemical reactions and the molecule combination reactions of molten steel. A few years ago when I visited West Germany, I watched them conduction the following experiment.
As you know, the melting point of tungsten(W) is very high and the temperature for steel-making is only 1600Ž-1700Ž, so it is be ok to stick a thick two-meter-long tungsten bar with a hole drilled in the centre and a highly pure SiO2 lens at the hole in the molten steel because the melting point of SiO2 is also very high. Various optical instruments as well as various modern magnifying and display instruments are connected to the other end of the tungsten bar. The tungsten bar was placed into the molten steel and used to directly observe the internal reactions of the molten steel at different depths, form different angles and different locations.
They then magnified the images and showed them on a screen, except for the changes of colour, there were no other images, similar to a TV without a signal. The screen was red for a while and yellow some seconds later. Except for the change in colour, I could not see any other images.
For over a century, many metallurgical theories evolved in this way: hypothesize first, experiment later and then it in production. If it was proven in production, then the hypothesis was correct and established. If it could not be proven in production, the hypothesis would be considered incorrect. This is an indirect cognition method. When someone asked me if I really knew it after being involved in steel making for decades, I answered that I did not know it clearly. As for my published papers, my ideas and talks at academic seminars, I personally believe that none has ever gone beyond the limits and achievements of others.
Just as Master Li Hongzhi said, I have never gone beyond the conventions by and for the ordinary people. As a science worker, I agonized. What is the micro reality of our macro perspective? I donft know, and it has been a puzzle for me.
Another question Ifve been pondering about evolved from the fact that life has not been easy. In other words, it has been fairly miserable. What on earth is the point of life in this world? I could not answer these questions. I have not made any mistakes in my work in the past decades, but I have always wondered about the ultimate goals for out country or for individuals? These questions are also impossible to answer because they are not objective.
Some changes also happened to my family around that time. Before I started practise Falun Dafa, I had never practiced any form of Qigong. Because I am a science worker, I did not pay attention to tem and my mind was full with dialectics, materialism and science.
More than a year earlier, however, my wife became seriously ill with toxic myocarditis and was hospitalized for a long time. Various Western medicine treatments failed to cure her disease, and I had to resort to traditional Chinese medicine for help. I invited a renowned doctor of traditional Chinese medicine from Handan to my home to treat her.
I believe that traditional Chinese medicine is very dialectical and scientific, but after taking many treatments my wife did not improve. She was very weak, could not take care of herself. She had breathing difficulties and an irregular heartbeat whenever she tried to do anything. I had to care for her everyday and I could not proceed with production and research.
At that time a friend suggested she practise Falun Gong. At the beginning, she just read the first book gFalun Gong in Chinah by Master Li, because she was physically weak and could not move freely, and could only manage to sit down and practise concentration exercises for a few minutes. Later, the friend said Master Li Hongzhi once organized training sessions in Guanxian county, Shandong Province, not far away from Handan, and Falun Gong was well practiced there.
One day in December 1994, She went to Guanxian county Falun Gong instruction station. Director Zhang explained the characteristics of Falun Gong to her and sent her a copy of gFalung Gong in China (revised version).h
When she was at the home of director Zhang, she felt very relaxed and comfortable. She stayed and talked there for a few hours and then went back home in a car. After she got home from Guanxian, some miracles happened. In the morning, she was assisted downstairs (we live on the fifth floor), but in the evening, she could climb up the stairs by herself. Whatfs more, after a short rest in bed, she got up and began to practise the concentration exercises again, and practiced for more than 20 minutes after a one-day trip to Guanxian and after climbing up the stairs.
Standing beside her, I was shocked and surprised by her improvement. How did this happen? From then on, she improved day by day. She herself is a doctor. She was ill for so long and took a lot of medicine, and even carried instant-effect cardio pills in her pockets. After returning from Guanxian, however, she never again took a single pill again. I was really surprised by the magic power Falun Dafa and wanted to practise if from the bottom of my heart.
As an intellectual, however, I still had other pursuits and dared not practise it openly. So I stared to read gFalun Gong in Chinah secretly. I read it many times. While reading this book, my mind became very active. In comparison with Falun Dafa, I started to straighten out the social sciences and natural sciences I had learned in the past decades. I realized that Falun Dafa was great and began to practise it with my wife. She helped me correct any mistakes I made in practicing.
Because I practiced earnestly, the master helped purify my body. The bodily purification came with a force. Due to time limits, I cannot go into detail now, but Ifd like to cite two examples. The first is my headaches. In my steel company, my physical condition was fairly good, and nothing wrong was detected during regular physical checks. However, I suddenly suffered from a headache, a serious and unbearable headache. At the time, I realized that it was the result from the body purification conducted by the master, so I did not take any medicine. Then came the most unbearable pain all over my body. It was not like the joint pain when I had a cold, but it was actually skin pain over the whole body. How painful was it? I will try to describe it for you: it was similar to a live fish with its scales being scratched, a feeling of scratching the scales off a life fish with a steel-wire brush. I rolled over in bed and rolled off the bed and rolled to the floor again after climbing back up. This lasted for about three days. I also realized that I should not take any my body purified. One cannot practise when his body is full of disease and evil. If one wants to eliminate gkarmah he or she has to endure and suffer, otherwise, he can never practise of attain the essence of the Falun Gong.
Another issue is to eliminate mental gkarmah. For intellectuals, mental gkarmah would be more painful than eliminating physical gkarma.h The loner I practiced Falun Gong and the deeper I came to know it, the more urgently I realized that I must eliminate all gkarmah to reach a high level. Master Li said: gRealize it first and see it later, cultivate the mind and eliminate the ekarmaf, and you will see it when your nature is cultivated.h So, as I understand, for practitioners at any level, it is a must to eliminate the gkarma.h
I did not practice very long, about one year. About three months into practicing the Falun Gong, some incredible things happened to me. Now, Ifd like to share with you all.
At the beginning when I started practicing it, I could not concentrate. Why not? Ideas about fame and personal gain were to blame. That was fairly obvious. National patents, this fame or that personal gain, how could I possibly concentrate? How should I deal with such temptations? If they were used to make money, it was highly possible to make tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of even more. I, as a practitioner, had to get rid of such a mentality about fame and money. If I could not, my mind could not become peaceful and concentrated. Naturally I could not sit down to practise and cultivate. So, I read the Falun Dafa time and again and straightened out all my words and actions in the past decades that were not in line with the Falun Dafa. My thinking and mentality in particular, should be purified thoroughly. Here, I will talk about it briefly, but it was actually a fairly long process and a very painful process of mental struggle. When I began not to cherish the fame and personal gains, my mind became peaceful and purified. I could concentrate in practicing the Falun Gong. Then, I continued studying the Falun Dafa and further improved my understanding, and no longer cherished what ordinary people sought after. In this way, my inner world was elevated to a higher level. Now, let me cite two examples.
The first example is about the distribution of welfare housing. Our steel factory is fairly big iron and steel company and has many officials at or above the level of division chief. The plant, for the benefit of this group, built a luxury apartment building. Each apartment, about 120 square meters, has four bedrooms, one living room, and is fully equipped. I was assigned one apartment.
I thought, we as Falun Dafa practitioners should not cherish this, so I did not want it and did not submit an application. I thought it would be fine with me as long as I had a house to live in. However, on the first list of candidates, I was there among the top few. I was still there on the second list and I was still on the final list of candidates to be assigned an apartment. They gave me an apartment and asked me to complete the formalities. I learned, however, there were many colleagues on the list that desperately wanted the apartments. I thought I should compete with them for the apartment. So, when the welfare housing distribution committee called me to complete the procedures, I told them I did not want it.
Many were surprised by my decision, saying that many vied for the apartments, but I did not apply. They noted that I did not want it even after it was assigned. They all said I was silly in doing so. From the point of view of practitioners or from a higher level, however, I believe I was the smarter one. Why do I say so? The reason is simple. When I no loner cherished such stuff, my inner world become peaceful and I could concentrate. If I continued to compete for things such as fame and personal gain, how could I achieve inner peace and concentration? If I could not concentrate, I would not be able to practise Falun Gong well. For Falun Gong practitioners, practicing and concentration are the most important thing.
Another example involved technology and my new discovery. We all know aluminium alloy is not only in steel-making deoxidization but is also used in industry and construction. In the past and now, a two-step approach is used in its production. First, ferrosilicon is produced out of silicon ore and aluminium ingots are produced in an aluminium smelter. The two are then smelted to a given proportion to produce aluminium alloy. This is the production process. Under this two-step production method, two plants are needed to achieve aluminium alloy. In terms of energy consumption, management and cost, the overall cost is very high. Therefore, I wondered if it would be possible to directly produce aluminium alloy from ore furnaces. That is to say, could it possibly to directly produce aluminium alloy from bauxite ores, silicon ore and other ores?
After long tests and experiments, I finally achieved the goal of producing aluminium alloy directly from ores. Of course, this is a revolution and innovation in the production of aluminium alloy. After the technology was proven by tests and experiments, I through a Hong Kong company, submitted a patent application in the United Kingdom. British Paten Authorities replied shortly after. The reply telegragh had three items of contents: First, this technology was advanced in Britain and the developed in the world. Second, this technology is worth at least 600,000 pounds, equivalent to about 6 million yuan. Third, they invited me to go Britain at my convenience to complete the patent formalities.
Because Ifm a Falun Gong practitioner, I was fairly calm and not excited after receiving the reply telegraph. It made no difference to me whether or I went to Britain or not. What was in my mind, however, was the internal physical and chemical reactions when ores are directly used to produce aluminium alloy. I did not know and wanted to figure it out.
The two events I just mentioned show that I was no longer cherishing fame, personal gain or other material things. As a result, I could concentrate on my inner pursuit. When I practiced the concentration exercises, I could immediately achieve the desired state and concentrate. After I became concentrated, I experienced the following. I could no longer feel my body from the feet up to the Dantian (somewhere nearly the navel) and could no longer feel my body from the top of my head downward to the Dantian area. Ultimately, things around me and I seemed to no longer exist. But my main consciousness was clear and I knew I was practicing Falun Gong. Under these conditions, my main primordial spirit naturally emerged. Here, Ifd like to explain a little bit. I could not manage to have my primordial spirit emerge whenever I wanted. Instead, it was a natural occurrence when I concentrated. After my primordial spirit emerged, it became smaller and smaller, to the state of a molecule, and then I could jump into the molten steel. The temperature of molten steel is 1600 to 1700 degrees centigrade. I could feel the warmth over my body after jumping into the molten steel, similar to the feel of taking a very hot bath, but it was bearable. After jumping into the molten steel, as divers in the sea who clearly see various fish, seaweed and corals, I saw various compounds or elements in the molten steel, such as C, Si, Mn, S,P,oxides and silicates. I could only see the state of molecules, and could not go into the atoms. I saw it clearly and immediately knew the internal reaction in direct smelting of ores into aluminium alloy.
The reaction was very complicated. After I saw it, my primordial spirit was back immediately. Out of the molten steel, I immediately wrote the reaction on my notebook. Then, I consulted data from home and abroad and made analsis and comparisons and found that the molecular structure I saw had never been mentioned in any data or materials at home or abroad. Why? I was struggling about this. What should I believe? What I had learned in the past decades and in university and saw abroad? Or to believe what my primordial spirit had directly seen? What I saw was different from existing knowledge. What should I do? I thought I must break these shackles and conventional conceptions of ordinary people if I really wanted to know nature and truth.
Because this reaction is extremely complicated, I could only talk about it briefly. The physical and chemical reaction to smelt aluminium alloy directly from ores is a complicated process. There are three reaction equations and there are many more details during the process. I will not go into details about it here. The reaction occurs in three phases ( solid, liquid and gas ). Ore is a solid. When it is melted at high temperature, it produces liquids and emits gases into the air. Mary substances are spread into the air. I followed the solids and liquids for observation and came out with the gases. I observed the entire melting process. I found there were many molecules in the gases, not only Al, Si and AL2O, but also such molecules as AL3O.
Our current scientific knowledge makes it impossible to determine the valence of oxygen in this molecule, but this molecule does exist. I believe it will be proven in the future.
In this way, while I practiced the Falun Dafa, I personally saw the internal physical and chemical rections of melting aluminium alloy directly from ores, and discovered new molecular structures. In order to accept what I saw, I must break some theoretical shackles of current metallurgy. AL3O does exist, although it may be found in the future.
Also, because I no longer cherish what the ordinary people cherish, I could concentrate faster during the concentration exerciser. I generally became concentrated in about 10 minutes. After I became concentrated, my primordial spirit would leave my body very often.
Since Ifm engaged in the research and production of steel, my primordial spirit often jumped into the molten steel to observe its physical and chemical reactions. Here, I will not go into details and will just explain one thing, which is, the issue of desulphurization and de-oxidation.
Sulphur in steel is a harmful substance. If the sulphur content is high, the steel will break in higher temperatures in the rolling and casting process when the temperature reaches about 1000Ž. Therefore, one of the main tasks in making steel is desulphurization. Conditions must be created for desulphurization. Conditions must be created for desulphurization. For instance, adding lime increases the temperature. Dumping the slags by absorbing sulphur in the molten steel into the slags that are to be dumped, and to produce new slags and to melt again. When sulphur is almost eliminated, samples are taken for laboratory test until the set standards are met.
Molten steel also contains a lot of oxygen, and oxygen in steel is also harmful and must be deoxidized. Just before steel is produced, a deoxidant is added. AL or another alloy is used for deoxidation. Steelmaking in the past decades has followed this process. When my primordial spirit went into the molten steel, I found four oxygen atoms surrounded one sulphur atom to form a molecular cluster. There was a gravity field between the sulphur and the oxygen atoms. They had strong gravitation among them and were closely integrated. I was puzzled. Why did this happen?
When my primordial spirit was back to my body, I immediately wrote it down in the notebook. I got an idea. If I could use a metal with strong affinity with oxygen and combine it with oxygen so as to deoxidize it, the process would also desulfurize because sulphur and oxygen are combined into a cluster. Then, I tried, for example, natrium, potassium and aluminium. They all could help deoxidize. More importantly, added barium into the molten steel for direct deoxidation. Then, the molten steel was casted into ingots or blocks and tests were conducted to find its sulphur content. A test before deoxidation and a test after deoxidation were conducted, and I found that oxygen content declined by 80% and the sulphur content was reduced by 30%. Because sulphur and oxygen combined into molecular clusters, in the process of deoxidation, it was natural that sulphur was also reduced. The tests proved that the sulphur and oxygen molecular clusters my primordial spirit observed in the molten steel was correct. The technique, desulphurization through deoxidation, was an important revolution and innovation in the steel-making industry. This technique could greatly shorten the steel-making process and improve the the quality of steel. If I had not practiced Falun Dafa, it would be impossible for me to go into the molten steel to observe and to make the discovery. Through practicing the Falun Dafa, I personally saw this new form of molecular structure and new smelting technologies also proved that deoxidation could help eliminate sulphur.
There was another event. In 1991, I once researched a heat insulation material for the steel-making process. The high-grade insulation materials used in our country were mostly imported from Britain and Japan. The basic ingredient of such materials was MgO, the higher the grade of the insulation materials, the more pure the MgO. MgO with a purity as high as 98% is used for heat insulation boards: The higher its purity, the higher its cost. Mgo purification consumes a huge amount of electricity and the production process is very complicated. Its cost is also very high.
Luoyang Refractory Research Institute and Qingdao Refractory Factory in our country have been conduction studies and research in the material. But due to the difficulty of MgO purification, the quality and functions of heat insulation board in our country could not reach the level of such materials from Britain and Japan.
Then, could it be possible for us to make some breakthroughs and not to use MgO? With this question in mind, I conducted some experiments with scraps from the steel plant. The scraps were used in road building. In the experiments and research, I used the western scientific theories and finally succeeded in developing heat insulation boards. The insulation boards were sent to the luoyang Refractory Research Institute, the research, development, supervision and test centre of refractories in our country, to conduct comprehensive laboratory tests, chemical composition tests and tests of its physical and chemical properties. The test results were surprisingly good, with various quality and function values reaching or even exceeding that of materials from Britain and Japan, in particular its refractoriness.
Refractoriness refers to the maximum temperature the materials could endure. Once the temperature goes beyond a certain point, the material is ruined. The refractoriness of Japanese materials was 1690Ž, and British was 1720Ž. The refractoriness of our insulation board ranged from 1710Ž to 1730Ž.This meant that the refractoriness of our materials had reached and exceeded that of their materials.
As for the thermal conductivity, in particular, the heat conductivity of the Japanese material was 0.34-0.43, and that of our material was 0.29. The lower this value, the better the material. When the temperature on one side of the heat insulation board was fired to 1000Ž, in the actual experiment, to 999.94Ž,the accurate temperature of the other side of the insulation board was taken, which was measured at 363.31Ž.
So, when the temperature of one side of the board is at about 300Ž, you could touch the other side with your hand. The properties and functions of the material were excellent. I also calculated the costs of such materials.
When we use scraps as raw materials to produce the insulation board, the cost is only 3 percent of the cost of materials imported from Britain and Japan, so it is cost effective. Furthermore, the quantity of such raw materials is huge and could not be exhausted.
Scraps from steel making could amount to thousands of tons each year at any one iron and steel plant. If they could not be properly used, they would cause serious pollution and pose a threat to peoplefs health.
Although I succeeded in producing such high-quality heat insulation board by using the scraps, I did not know its internal structure. So, when I practiced the concentration exercise, my primordial spirit went into the insulation board and found that its molecular structure was very complicated. For the heat insulation material, the top priority was the issue of thermal conduction. As we all know, there are three ways for thermal conduction: conduction, convection and radiation. This insulation board perfectly solved the problems of conduction, convection and radiation. I clearly saw that it was in the crystal lattice structure formed by MgO, Al2O3 and CaO.
When my primordial spirit was back in my body, I revised my original formula according to what I saw in the insulation board. The results were that the thermal insulation property and function of the board were further improved compared with those sent to luoyang for tests. Of course, these findings would be made public in the future.
There is yet another event I want to mention here. Several years ago, I went to West Germany and visited an iron and steel plant. Billet steel produced by conticaster at steel plants had to be cut. The process is now used at all steel plants. Molten steel is poured while billets are produced at the other end. Billets are different shapes, as billet plates fit billet profiles. Billet plates are cast into different steel plates. The billet steel is very long and has to be cut. The thickest billet is about 300 millimetres. To cut billet steel as thick as this, oxygen and acetylene cutters are usually used in our country. The cutting process is usually very slow, and the cutting slot is also very wide, about 30 millimetres. At the time of cutting, molten steel can be seen flowing beneath the billets. Is it really molten steel? No, it is oxidized and became scraps.
In West Germany, I visited a steel plant and the cutting slot at the plant was only 8 millimetres. The cutting speed was quick, several times faster than ours. The sectional faces of the billet steel cut were flat and tidy, but in our steel plants, the sectional faces were usually uneven and not flat. The reason was that their cutter nozzle was good.
When I visited the plant, I asked them for a nozzle. I bring it here today to the lecture. On the cutter nozzle, there are many complicated holes. After I brought it back, I sent it University of Science and Technology Beijing, and asked them to study and understand the internal structure of the holes on the cutter nozzle with whatever research means available. If the cutter nozzle from West Germany is used to replace the nozzle we use, we could, by a rough estimate, save hundreds of thousands tons of steel each year, equivalent to the amount of output of a small steel plant. After various attempts, the University of Science and Technology Beijing failed to understand its internal structure.
I then took it to a famous factory in Handan, which had advanced testing equipment. After making various tests and studies, they also failed. Someone then suggested opening it to find its internal structure. Of course, everthing would be known when it was opened. If it was opened, however, would its original internal structure also be damaged? I said no, they should not cut it open. With no means to discover its internal structure, the nozzle was stored at my home for years.
I no longer pondered this question before I practiced Falun Gong. But when I practiced the concentration exercise and became completely concentrated, my primordial spirit naturally went into the holes of the nozzle cutter from West Germany. It went into one hole and out another, and repeated this action many times, and finally came to know its internal structure clearly, such as how the holes were laid out and the sizes of the holes. After my primordial spirit was back from the holes, I immediately made drawings of its internal structure, and with those drawings, the nozzle cutters were manufactured in our country. It was practical and applicable. Our equipment and instrument could not figure it out, but I finally came to know it clearly while practicing Falun Gong. Which do you think is more advanced, the Oriental system of thinking or the Western system of science and thinking? I guess you can now make your own judgement.
On New Yearfs Day this year, I had the pleasure to meet Master Li Hongzhi privately, and we talked a lot for more than one hour. During our discussions, he said that western science had already reached its peak. Now we use Falun Gong Buddhism to understand ourselves, to understand life and even to know about the universe, and will blaze a new development road for human beings on this land in the future. Our mission is to understand the world and ourselves with Falun Gong Buddhism. This is part of the content of my lecture.
Now, I want to talk about another issue. What is the state of the external world, including the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy and the places beyond the Milky Way?
When I practiced the concentration exercise, I saw many landscapes and scenarios. Here, I could just talk about some simple things I saw. In our Milky Way, there are more than 100 billion stars. Beyond the Milky Way, I saw a star with a diameter of 40 kilometres. Its density is very high and one cubic millimeter would need 10000 10,000-tonnage vessels to pull. The amount of energy it emits every second would be equivalent to the total amount of electricity generated on Earth for 3 billion years. When I traveled around that star, I dared not get closer because it is so bright and hot. I traveled around it once.
I also found it was a celestial body with life. It sent me signals and messages in various languages. Its diameter, density and energy emitted were all signals and messages it sent to me. They were data I computed after I was back, and instead, were from the signals and messages it sent to me. I also sent messages to it.
Why are you so heavy? It answered: Because Ifm formed with neutrons. Many radial lights in the universe were emitted by such neutron stars. The place beyond the Milky Way, was not an empty vacuum. I also saw some molecules, including oxygen molecules as NH3 and formaldehyde molecules. Why do I know these molecules? Because I saw such molecules in the molten steel and memorized them, and had impressions about H and N, so I recognized them immediately when I saw them.
There were also formaldehyde, formic acid and ethanol molecules. In the space beyond the Milky Way, there were amino acid molecules with the same structure as on Earth. We all know amino acids are the most basic substances of the proteins that form life. Therefore, we could wonder how could it be possible that there is no life in the universe except on Earth?
In addition, the surface temperature of stars could be known through the colour of the lights they emit. The following data was all information sent to me by those stars. Now, I report it to you.
The surface temperature of stars emitting blue light is 25000Ž to 40000Ž. The surface temperature of stars with bluish white colour is 7700 to 11500Ž. The temperature of stars with yellowish white colour is 6100 to 7600Ž. The temperature of stars with yellow colour is 5000 to 6000Ž. The temperature of stars with orange colour is 3700 to 4900Ž and the surface temperature of stars emitting red colour is 2600 to 3600Ž. The above information is about the space beyond the Milky Way.
I have not practiced the Falun Gong well yet, so I still need to improve myself, to deepen my understanding of Falun Dafa and to continue to practise regardless of any hardship and difficulty. When I reported my practicing of Falun Gong to Master Li, I said: Ifm just a drop of water. If I were placed in the Sun, I would be evaporated very soon. If I was a drop of water were put into the sea, I would live eternally. That is to say, I want to integrate myself into the universe, or in other words, in the world of the Falun Dafa to attain my eternal life, which ordinary people would not possibly know of or attain.
With this, I come to the end of my lecture. Thank you all.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
Posted by: david lee ()
Date: January 16, 2012 09:33AM

His Tricks Worked

In February 1996, after I made the lecture at Peking University, Li Hongzhi and the “Society” plotted to further make use of my patents to “preach Falun Gong,” and to spread and disseminate “Falun Gong” in the country or to an even large scope. To achieve their goals and meticulously plotted by Li Hongzhi and the “Society,” Li Hongzhi led Ji Liewu and Liu Guirong on a special trip to Handan. At that time, Li Guirong was in charge of the financial affairs and cash flow of the “Falun Gong.”
On March 5, 1996, the group of three led by Li Hongzhi drove from Beijing to my home in Handan. I had never met Li Hongzhi before but had only seen his photo in the book titled “Falun Gong”. At that, it was very much a coincidence.
When I left home to go shopping at a vegetable market, I saw a white car pulling over at the side of the road. A man got out of the car to ask the way and I was passing by. The man standing beside the car asked: “ Excuse me, do you know where Jing Zhanyi lives? I replied: “I’m Jing Zhanyi.” The man was Li Hongzhi. Then, Li said: “Great! You lead the way and let’s go to your home!”
I led them to my home. When they sat down, Li asked me: “Could you please notify the principal members in Handan to come to your home?
“Of course,” I replied and immediately began to inform all members that I could reach. Before long, all got to my home. Someone proposed to have a photo taken and Li agreed to it and had a photo taken with us.
After all took their seats, Li said to us: “Today, I come to Handan to say hello to you all. I actually wanted to come to Handan to preach Falun Gong long ago, but you know, my schedule is very tight and was unable to make it, as I have too many invitations to preach. I hope you understand. How many ‘Falun Gong’ practitioners are there in Handan?”
I was then in charge of the “Falun Gong” instruction station in Handan city, and it was natural that I answered his question.
Li then continued: “I tell you, I’m not here to preach Falun Gong, and this was arranged long ago. Of all of you, some are among the ones that arranged to help me preach before I came to earth to preach. You know, Falun Gong is being preached in the entire universe. You should know that the universe is divided into layers. When I preach Falun Gong layer by layer, some agreed to come to the earth with me in order to disseminate the Falun Gong. Some who have already attained the essence of the Falun Gong are practicing it in order to go back to the world they originally belonged to. Of you present here today, someone from a very high level are practicing Falun Gong in this world.
When he said this, Li turned his head to me, and some also noticed this movement. All were looking at me with envious eyes. I also felt puzzled. This was a trick played by Li Hongzhi and he deluded many people through this trick.
Li then continued: “My preaching mission in the country has been accomplished, and in the past year, I seldom see my disciples. I’ve preached all I should to you. In the book “zhuan Falun I wrote comprehensively and in detail what I should preach. Reading this book from a surface level, it is just lines of words, from a deeper level, they are ‘wheels of transmigration’. From an even deeper level, they are existence of Buddha, even the strokes are the existence of Buddha. From the deepest level, the readers could see me as a Buddha. This book could not only guide and help you to practice, it also has a steering role even if you have reached a very high level. Those from the high layers of the universe also come to the earth to practise and attain the Falun Gong. In the future, this book will be made of gold. I tell you, some practitioners were my disciples during their previous incarnations.”
Talking about science, Li said: “Modern science, which sets too many restrictions on people, is not genuine science. It is much like the blind trying to figure out what an elephant is, they might touch one leg of the elephant. It is still far away to be qualified as science. Furthermore, the modern science is ruining real science. Therefore, you should use whatever means to preach and disseminate the Falun Dafa and to rectify the wrong road of modern science. Mr. Jing is doing this and in the future I will also do this.”
Talking about whether or not one should take medicines for his illness, Li said: “Let’s take a tree for example. The trunk has many growth rings. Your disease, “Yeli’, tries to squeeze in from the outside, and your power from Falun Gong is to expel your disease out of your body. If you take medicines, you are helping the disease to squeeze in. After taking medicine, it seems that your disease is cured, but in fact the disease is being squeeze to the inside and is not cured or eliminated at all. When we practise the Falun Gong, We are expelling it out of our bodies.”
Now, I want to add something. Most practitioners do not see the doctor when they fall ill, nor do they take medicines, claiming that practicing “Falun Gong” can cure their diseases. Even overseas principal practitioners, such as Li Guodong and Fenglili, dared not see the doctor when they fell ill. After they became fatally ill, they went to the hospital for treatment but still feared that their actions would become know. In they end, they died.”
Later, Li Hongzhi claimed many times that he had never required practitioners not to see the doctor or take medicine if they got ill, and many practitioners also defended him, saying their master never said such word. However, why do the practitioners refuse to see doctors or take medicine? Dear readers, if you were the practitioners of “Falun Gong” and listened to what Li Hongzhi said, would you dare see the doctor and take medicines?
At about 5pm that afternoon, Li told those present: “I and Mr.Jing have something to talk over, you could go home now.” After they left, Li asked me to the back room and said to me, pointing to the book Zhuan Falun on the table: “I for a long time wanted to autograph for you. Please bring the book to me.”
Anyone who practices “Falun Gong” would know that trying to obtain autographs from the master was impertinent and a taboo for practitioners. The impertinence included Various desires of the people, including fame, passion and conceptions, and all these desires should be eliminated, or it comes impossible to become the Buddha. This time, the master voluntarily autographed it for me. What luck! Li then wrote the following words on the book:

“Preach, rectify, practise and attain the Falun Gong.

Li Hongzhi
March 5, 1996”

I asked: “I could understand the words preach, practise and attain the Falun Gong, how should I understand the words rectify the Falun Gong?” Li answered: “About the words ‘rectify the Falun Gong,’ you are the only one I mentioned it to. It means, if and when the Falun Gong is preached or disseminated in a wrong way, you could rectify it and put it back on track.”
After hearing his words, I immediately felt an enormous responsibility, and it gave a sense of the greatest mission entrusted by the Buddha.
Li continued: “You must preach the Falun Gong and practise it, then you would be able to return the very high level you come from. I heard that you got some technologies and have not applied for a patent yet, right?”
I mentioned this to Ye Hao when I was in Beijing to conduct the so-called “Falun Gong preaching” activities, so it was natural that Li knew I was to apply for patents. Therefore, I was prepared before he came.
“Yes, right. In the past years, my family members fell ill. My income is not high and I don’t have the money to apply for patents. But there is no hurry, I can manage to do that,” I answered honestly.
Then, Li asked Liu Guirong to come in. Li said to Liu: “I heard Mr. Jing has two technologies to apply for patents. You ask Mr. Jing for the total cost for the patent application, including travel expenses from Handan to the patent office in Beijing. All costs for the patent application should be considered and included, and you give that amount of money to Mr. Jing in a lump sum to complete the procedures.”
Liu Guirong was also well prepared. She had already prepared the amount before she left Beijing. After careful calculations, Liu Guirong gave me 6,000 Yuan and wrote a note. The content of the note was: “Today, an amount of 6,000 Yuan is paid to Jing Zhanyi as patent application expenses.” Liu guirong signed her name on the note and Li Hongzhi wrote the word “approved” on it. The signing date of the two was March 5, 1996.
At about 6pm that afternoon, Li Hongzhi said goodbye andreturned to Beijing from Handan. I went to the Handan city patent office to complete the patent application formalities the next day. After Li Hongzhi left, I could not manage to calm down and pondered many questions I could not answer. Some new concepts appeared in my mind that had never surfaced before.
Is the universe divided into layers? What very high level do I come from? It has been 35 years since my graduation from university. I have been working in the production and research fields and have witnessed the role of modern science in changing people’s lives and in transforming nature, how could it be possible that modern science has ruined or spoiled genuine science? Ever since I started to work, I have always worked hard, never made any mistakes, never wanted to gain fame or fortune, just wanted to live a peaceful life and never done anything evil, why did the three generations of my family suffer from diseases at a time when my career was to bear fruit?
At that critical moment, the “yeli doctrine” of Li Hong zhi played its role on me. This time, Li Hongzhi came in person to teach me about the mechanisms of “Falun Gong,” the goals for spreading and disseminating “Falun Gong,” the preaching methods and my role in preaching and spreading “Falun Gong.” Although I then had many doubts, I was still attracted by the “truth and mechanism” Li Hongzhi boasted Therefore, I wanted to continue to study the book Zhuan Falun, hoping to get to know the truth as a man and to understand issues about the universe, the world and life.
After I studied the book for a while, however, new problems emerged. For example, the book did not clearly explain what were truth, kindness and endurance. Another question, are there really “Yeli” and “transmigration” among people?
That was the case. I tried to study it, but I could not understand the concept. My views and understanding of the universe, the world and values developed in the past decades were completely different from those preached and advocated by “Falun Gong.” At the same time, I could not figure out many problems occurring in my practical life. I do scientific research and have developed a professional habit in the past decades: To put a question mark on any unresolved issue and to try to figure out the correct answer. I then studied and practiced “Falun Gong” in such a struggle situation.
When one walks in a pitch-Black night or is lost, in particular, when one loses his insight and established viewpoints about the society, nature and life, he would be very vulnerable to follow others and be exploited by others while he would not have the ability to notice it.
Let’s take the meeting with Li Hongzhi as an example. There were many doubtful points during the meeting. For instance, Li Hongzhi boasted that he was the greatest Buddha in the universe, that each hair on his body was an “incarnation of the Buddha,” that everything in this world was prearranged by him and that his “eyes as a Buddha” could see through everything in this world. However, when Li Hongzhi asked me whether or not I knew the home of Jing Zhanyi on the street, he did not recognize that I was Jing Zhanyi. At that time, I did not have the slightest doubt about these. This explains how deeply I was intoxicated by him. What a pity and danger for me. The day that Li Hongzhi left Handan marked the beginning of my road astray.

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Date: January 16, 2012 09:35AM

Patents Would Be Meaningless If
Not Associated With “Falun Gong”

On March 5, 1996, Li Hongzhi left Handan. On March 6, I completed the patent application formalities. On March 18, the State Intellectual Property Office accepted the application and issued the approval documents for the patent applications. On March 20, I took the two approval documents for patent applications issued by the State Intellectual Property Office and went to the “Society.”
Li Chang, then an adviser to the “Society,” met with me. After examining the two patent documents, he said to me: “This is great! Mr. Jing, you know, if your patents are not associated with ‘Falun Gong,’ they will be meaningless. Think again, do your patents have any relation with ‘Falun Gong’?”
I said: “No. I say no, because I had attained the patent technologies before I started to practise ‘Falun Gong.’ After I started to practise ‘Falun Gong,’ however, I found some new meanings to the technologies when my inner world calmed down and my mind became highly concentrated, but these new meanings did not mean any fundamental change to the basic contents of the patents. This is to say, I realized the ‘truth’ after practicing ‘Falun Gong,’ but it did not have any role in overturning or rebuilding the patents.” Then,I explained in detail this process to Li Chang.
Apparently, Li Chang was unhappy with my answer. After thinking for a while, continued to “enlighten” me: “Although the practicing of ‘Falun Gong’ did not have any fundamental changes to your patents, you did realize some new meaning for them. These new meanings, though not decisive to your patents, should be associated with the ‘Falun Dafa’ and this is the most important thing.”
Then, he wrote two lines of words on a paper: “The patent holder is a Qigong scholar and applied the methods of Falun Dafa to directly observe the molten steel and discovered the following reactions.” Li passed the piece of paper to me and said in a commanding tone: “Then, it’s about your speciality and you write about them. After writing these, you go back to Handan, and put the words on this piece of paper to your patent application documents.”
Back in Handan, I took the note written by Li Chang to the Handan patent office, and made revisions to the explanatory documents of my patent applications. The so-called “Falun Dafa” mainly referred to sitting down with legs crossed to practise, calm down, concentrate the mind and realize the new meanings.
That was what I talked about in the “Falun Gong preaching lecture” at Peking University. It was impossible to include such complicated process into the patent application documents, so I just added the words “using the Falun Dafa method”.
Here, it was easy to figure out that even Before my arrival in Beijing, the “Society” had already discussed and studied the issue of making use of my patents to “preach Falun Gong.” Although I told the “Society” that I attained the patents before I began practicing “Falun Gong,” they were not the result of practicing the “Falun Gong” and my patents had nothing to do with “Falun Gong”. I still agreed to Li Chang’s suggestions and added the words “Falun Gong” to my patent application documents. I was brainwashed by the fallacies of Li Hongzhi, and believed that everything in this world was for the “Falun Dafa” and that whatever Li Hongzhi said or whatever the “Society” arranged was correct and should be executed as instructed.

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Date: March 02, 2012 02:01PM

Making Ultimate Efforts

During the period of making “Falun Gong preaching lectures” at Peking University and T singhua University, I stayed at the temporary office of the “Society” with Ye Hao, deputy director of the Beijing “Falun Gong” instruction station and liaison official for overseas operations.
In mid-March 1996, Ye Hao told me: “The master has been criticizing us, blaming us for not organizing your ‘Falun Gong’ preaching lectures well and not expanding them. The master requested us to expand your lectures. It would be ideal if the whole world comes to know your lectures.”
Then, I thought, could it be possible for me to play that big a role? But in order to rise to a higher level and to attain the “complete success,” I still believed that whatever the master said was supreme and correct.
Later, the “Society” organized several “Falun Gong preaching session” attended by “Falun Gong” practitioners. As for where the sessions would be held, who would attend and how many would attend, I was not informed of, and I was simply sent to the sites just before the sessions.
After the lectures, the people in charge of the “Society” and persons in charge of the Beijing “Falun Gong” instruction station would form a circle around me and did not allow me to contact or communicate with others. They would then send me back to wherever I stayed. It was obvious that I was completely controlled by Li Hongzhi and “Society.”
On March 28, 1996, the persons in charge of the “Society” required me to “preach Falun Gong” to departments under the Chinese Academy of Sciences so that “Falun Gong” would be preached, practiced and publicized in scientific circles.
I remember, I was once taken to a meeting room and found there were only about 20 people there. The topic of that seminar was “Qigong” and “extra sensory perception.” I learned after the seminar, that all present at the seminar were chiefs and masters of different schools of “Qigong” that were popular then and those who became famous for practicing them. At the meeting, some recounted various incredible phenomena occurred during practise, but I did not see their demonstrations at the seminar. They just talked about the phenomena, and it was impossible to verify whether or not they were real Qigong masters and practitioners.
Here, what I want to emphasize is that I believe that Qigong in China has a long history and has played an undeniable role in culturing the mind and ethics of the people and purifying their soul over the past several thousand years, particularly in strengthening the physique and body of human beings. I have no intention or courage to debase the historical and current significance of real Qigong. On the contrary, we should do our utmost to advocate and publicize Chinese Qigong both at home and abroad to carry forward Qigong and contribute to the development of the mankind.
Li Hongzhi asked the “Society” to do whatever to “magnify and re-magnify” my so-called “Falun Gong preaching lecture” regardless of the consequences. This showed that they planned meticulously and dared do anything to spread “Falun Gong”. On the surface, it was of boundless benefit for me to advocate and spread “Falun Gong” and it was an action to help elevate me to a higher level. In fact, Li Hongzhi made use of my status as a senior intellectual in an attempt to spread and preach his “Falun Gong.”
I believe that Li Hongzhi knew that he told a lot of lies to cheat people and cheated many who did not know the truth to work or even die for his mission. Just as one leader of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said later: He forced Mr. Jing to a dead –end road! At that time, however, I did not realize it. Instead, I believed that master Li loved me and gave me special care. The saying could best describe me: “One is lost but he does not realize it and one still feels happy when he falls into a well.”

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Learning gFalun Gongh
When Trapped By The gkarma
Doctrine of Li Hongzhih

Now, I want to recount in detail some misfortunes and sufferings in my life, because I want to truly analyze the changes in my inner world before and after I practiced gFalun Gong.h Through recounting and analysis of these stories, it would be easy to notice that I share a similar fortune with many others. In order to get rid of worries and agonies that could not be solved in real life, I chose to pin my hopes on gFalun Gongh to seek spiritual relief. In fact, it could not help solve any problem. I, unconsciously and without knowing the truth, was caught in the political struggle of the cult with the government and embarked on a wrong road.
After I broke the shackles of the gFalun Gongh I finally realized that us practitioners with unfortunate experiences, suffered and were agonized when trapped in the cult and were delighted and free after breaking off with the cult.
In 1982, the winter was extremely cold in Handan. The outside temperature dropped past 10 degrees C below zero and the construction of the billet conticasting machine project planned by the Ministry of Metallurgy was in full swing at the Handan Iron and Steel Company. The concrete base, machinery and equipment, water supply and drainage system, power supply system and the automation instrument system were all completed. Water was already pumped into the supply system. Due to inadequate considerations of heat insulation for the pipe system when the system was planned, a big cast-iron valve broke under freezing temperatures and water with a hydraulic pressure of 5kg/cm2 gushed out like a fountain. The situation was grave. If it could not be fixed immediately, all facilities already completed would be flooded and the losses would be enormous. At that time, the water supply could not be cut off because it would affect the production of other units. The only way was to fix it without cutting off the water supply.
I was at the site that day. Seeing water gushing out like a fountain, I did not hesitate and rushed to cover the broken valve with my body. My glasses and hat were swept off and I was soaked in the freezing water and shivering due to the cold.
I shouted. A deputy director of the steel factory arrived at the site and took off his coat to cover the broken valve. In just several minutes, the whole site was full of icy water. Shortly after, the director of the factory led a group of workers to the site and we worked hard and managed to fix the broken valve in the icy water. Finally, a disaster was prevented.
Then, some people helped wrap me in overcoats and assisted me to the factory office, helped me to take off the icy, wet clothes and put me in cotton quilts. I was still shivering and dozed off quickly. I heard later that the factory arranged for people to take care of me. When I woke up, the people taking care of me said:g you began to run a high fever when you were asleep and still shouted: Stop the gushing water, quickly!h
In 1983, after a year of day-and-night construction, the billet steel conticaster machine, the first in our country, went into production at Handan Iron and Steel Plant. The operation of this machine helped fill a blank in the billet conticastiong history of our country and marked an important step in catching up with advanced technology in steel production around the world. Therefore, the Ministry of Metallurgy paid special attention to the project and sent the director of the iron and steel department to Handan to direct and coordinate construction and operation.
When the first furnace of molten steel was poured into the machine on a trial basis, there was a huge crowd to witness the event. When the conticaster machine produced the first red-hot steel billet, everyone at the site cheered. I was one of them. I was very excited and my eyes were filled with tears. Recalling that the researchers and workers studied and solved many problems in the year before and that the machine was finally in operation, how could we not be excited?
The design institute of the Beijing Academy of Iron and Steel designed the conticaster machine. The project included the civil work, equipment design, the power systems, water supply and drainage systems and the automatization and control systems. Hunan Hengyang Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Plant manufactured the equipment and the Hebei Metallurgical Construction and Installation Company installed it and tested it. The Handan Iron and Steel Plant was assigned to operate it and produce. In order to coordinate the four plants and companies, a conticaster project headquarters was established and a leading group was formed under the headquarters. I was appointed the chief of this leading group.
After the conticaster machine was put into operation, a joint conference of all iron and steel plants in the county, organized by the Ministry of Metallurgy, was held at Handan Iron Steel Plant. All relevant units and plants sent representatives to the conference, which was meant to spread and popularize the experiences of the conticaster machine of Handan Iron and Steel Plant. At this conference, the leaders asked me to be the first to talk about the experiences of the conticaster machine project, from its design to operation. My report at the conference was transcribed and included in a brochure and was distributed to all representatives and was to be used as reference for the construction of similar conticaster machines in the country in the future. At the same time, I also led the translation of the materials and documents I brought back from Europe. The translations were made into the gCollection of Translations of Conticaster Documents,h which were also distributed to the representatives at the conference.
The conticasting project of Handan Iron and Steel Plant won the first-class award of the National Science and Technology Progress Prize and Special Award of Science and Technology Progress conferred by the Ministry of Metallurgy.
The detailed account above served only as an introduction to my misfortunes and miserable experiences in my life. That is, when I began to make achievements in my career, misfortunes happened to me.
Shortly after the national conference on the conticaster project, sad news came: My wife was diagnosed with a stomach tumour. My plant asked me to temporarily forget about the conticasting machine project and take my wife to Beijing for further diagnosis and treatment. Tests and examinations proved that she had a tumour in advanced stages. After an operation, she underwent radiation treatment. We later returned to Handan and sought treatment at the hospital of the Handan Iron and Steel Plan. During the day, I worked at the plant handing the remaining issues of the conticaster machine project. In the evening, I went to the hospital to take care of my wife.
Because I did not rest well in the year of the construction of the conticaster machine project and now I had to take care of a patient, and furthermore, I also had enormous mental pressure, I was tired and suffered from urinary incontinence after several months.
A traditional Chinese medicine doctor from the hospital of Handan Iron and Steel Plant took my pulse and personally prepared herbal medicines for me. He decocted the herbal medicines at his home and then sent the liquid medicine to the ward where my wife was staying and asked me to take the medicine as required. My disease was gradually cured, and I felt very grateful to him. Even today, I still bear this in mind and this was also a reason that I determined to learn traditional Chinese medicine. From this, we can see and feel the everlasting affection and love in people.
Half a year later, my wifefs disease got worse. In her death-bed, her eyes filled with tears and she murmured: g Zhanyi, youfve done a lot for me. After I die, you should remarry and form a new family.h
At her words, tears suddenly ran down my cheek. I could not utter a word. What appeared in my mind were images of our happiness from the time when we fell in love to the present. After so many years of difficulties and hardships, our children had grown up, my career also began to bear fruits but at that moment, she was dying. One morning in the spring in 1984, she died. Staring at her, I was at a loss and did not know what to do. I bid farewell to my wife with great sadness.
Suddenly, the poems gTwo Poems at the Shen Gardenh by Lu You, a poet from the Nothern Song Dynasty, to remember her wife Tang Wan, came to my mind:
The sun is sinking behind the city wall
to the sad notes of a shining bugle.
In the Shen Garden,
the pond and the pavilion appear
no long to be the same,
except the heart-breaking spring ripples
still so green under the bridge,
the ripples that reflected her arrival
light-footed, in such beauty
as would shame wild goose into fleeing.

Itfs forty years since we last met,
The dream broken, the scent vanished,
In the Shen Garden, the aged willows
Produce no more catkins.
Ifm old, already turning into the dust
Of Mount Ji, when I shed a drop of tear
At this old scene.

The death of my wife dealt a heavy blow to my heart. Why was I so unfortunate? Before I practiced the gFalun Gong,h this question had always puzzled me. After learning and practicing the gFalun Gong,h I naturally tried to find answers to these unfortunate things and believed gkarmah caused them.
In the past years, I believed I had done nothing wrong or evil. Why should I suffer so much? Probably, the bad or evil things I did in my previous life were at work. I was naturally victimized by the gkarma doctrineh of Li Hongzhi.
Other senior intellectuals such as myself shared similar experiences in the past decades. Our generation of intellectuals spent our juvenile years before the liberation of China, witnessed the dark age under the rule of the Kuomintang, witnessed the birth of New China and witnessed how the Communist Party of China transformed poor and backward old China into a prosperous and rich New China. It was the Communist Party of China that trained and fostered me to become a senior intellectual and I was therefore willing to make my contributions to the construction of the country.
Life at that period of time was difficult and tough. My wages were low and I had a heavy family burden to shoulder, but I was still devoted to the construction of the country and gave little thought to personal gains or losses and never complained about and hardships and difficulties. After I started to practise gFalun Gong,h however, my mentality changed. It was a voluntary emergency rescue effort but I now had doubts about it. Why did I happen to be involved in it? I would naturally attempt to seek answers from the gdoctrinesh of gFalun Gong.h The master once said that every event a disciple encountered was actually prearranged by the master, it was caused by the gkarmah of the disciple and was a test for the disciple, and lnly when the disciple performed as required by the master, could the disciple stand the test and pass the test, and take a step forward to attain the goal of gbecoming immortal and Buddha.h From the gdoctrinesh of the gFalun Gong,h I seemed to have found my spiritual sustenance, and at the same time, I lost my original ideals and faiths unconsciously.
Li Hongzhi and persons from the gSocietyh drove far to Handan to give me ginstructionsh. The result was that I stepped to the frontier in the plot of gpreaching Falun Gongh at Peking Universityh devised by Li Hongzhi. It was the natural result of their meticulous planning and arrangements, but undeniably, I subjectively wanted to do anything for and sacrifice myself for Li Hongzhi and the gFalun Gong.h
I believed, there were numerous people like me in the world. It was difficult to break away once the gFalun Gongh controlled me. If I did not follow their instructions or hesitated slightly in my mind, they would say I did not practise for gimprovementh and could not cultivate to a high level. If they were lenient and categorized me as damaging the Dafa, they were not lenient with me. They would then offter me no chance for reincarnation or arrange a miserable consequence-with both my body and soul destroyed. Such intimidation usually worked and helped control the disciples of the gFalun Gongh who eagerly wanted a gcomplete successh to become a Buddha.
Li Hongzhi required all practitioners of gFalun Gongh to forget about all pursuit of fame, gains and affection, including love among kin, friends, the love of life and enjoyment. To attain gcomplete successh in practicing, that is to say in the entire process, if you had the slightest thought physically and mentally about humans, you would be unable to return the layer in the universe you used to belong to, let alone to become a Buddha. So, many practitioners abandoned their jobs, family, love and possessions accumulated over years or their whole lives and devoted themselves to practicing gFalun Gong.h After a decade of practicing, what did they attain? Nothing at all.
Li Hongzhi made a lot of promises to his disciples. For example, disease was gkarmah of evil things one did in his or her previous life. gKarmah was a kind of black substance. If one took medicine when he or she was ill, the black substance would be squeezed further into the body. If one practiced the gFalun Gongh and did not see the doctor or take medicine, this black substance would be expelled from the body, this was called gelimination of the karma.h If one applied this method, the disease could be cured and he or she got closer to attaining gcomplete successh and become a Buddha.
All practitioners and disciples of gFalun Gongh wanted to be elevated to the higher level and wanted to attain gcomplete successh to become Buddhas. So they were also devoted to gFalun Gongh and followed strictly the words of Li Hongzhi. They did not see the doctor or take any medicine if they were ill, believing that this would help them eliminate gkarmah. Some did not even want others to know they were ill because they were afraid of being considered gnot fully devotedh and scared to be lowered to a low level.
In this mentality of terror and this terrifying circumstances, many practitioners refused to undergo any modern medical treatment and completely resorted to such so-called spiritual power as continuously reading the gTurning the Wheel of Transmigrationh and chanting the words of doctrines of gLi Hongzhi or continuously practicing the movements of gFalun gongh to cure their diseases. The result was that the best time for the treatment of the diseases was missed and they died.
Li Guodong and Feng Lili, well-known disciples of the gFalun Gonghin the United States, are examples of gFalun Gongh disciples set personally by Li Hongzhi. Because they missed the best chance of treatment after becoming ill, they died miserably. Even in their deathbeds they shouted: gMaster, save me!h
Other practitioners asked Li Hongzhi to save their lives, but Li Hongzhi, who claimed to have gunlimited divine powersh, could do nothing to help or save them. In the end, they died miserably.
How many gFalun Gongh practitioners died by refusing medical treatment? How many gFalun Gongh practitioners were dying by attempting to hide disease? The media recently exposed some cases, but they were simply the tip of the iceberg. Because Li Hongzhi strictly blocked the news about the death of practitioners and because many practitioners who were ill tried to hide their diseases for fear of being known by others, numerous deaths or similar scenarios were unknown to the public.
It was very much abhorrent that Li Hongzhi explained the deaths of the practitioners at their attainment of the gcomplete success.h By doing so, Li Hongzhi evaded his responsibility, and he also helped persuade those practitioners who began to be suspicious of Li Hongzhi and his gFalun Gong.h The fact was, however, the loss of many lives forever. In such a cruel manner, Li Hongzhi showed no respect to humanity, destroyed lives, and ruined the dignity of the mankind!
Why did people live in this world? In this world, if their humanity was lost, could it be possible for mankind to sustain itself?
Now, I want to talk about my personal experiences. My daughter, after senior high school and with a high score in the college entrance examination, was enrolled by Shanghai Tongji University. She performed well in every aspect in the second year in the university. In 1984, she learned that her mother was suffering from a tumour. At this bad newsCshe almost fainted. At that time, I did not know this. Her university wrote to me many times, asking me to come to Shanghai to visit and comfort her. Because my wife was seriously ill, I could not make it. After the death of my wife, I immediately went to Shanghai to visit my daughter. When we met, her first words were: gIs my mother still alive?h gYes, she is.h I lied and told her. But in the end, I had to tell her the truth, and told her that her mother had died. She cried at this.
After learning of her motherfs illness, she became depressed and did poorly in her studies. I had no choice and asked her to suspend her studies and return to Handan for recover. During her recovery, I took her to many plances for treatment, from Handan to Shijiazhuang and then to Beijing. Later, I wanted to take her to Zhangjiakou for treatment. It was winter then. We had a stopover at Beijing on our way to Zhangjiakou. I asked her to wait for me at the Beijing Railway Station and I went to buy train tickets. When I went back, she was gone.
Under the road lamps at the square, I found her purple overcoat on the ground. I became very anxious and worried. I tried to find her but failed. I was really at loss and did not know what to do.
Oh, my God! My wife had died and her death made me feel miserable. Why did my daughter also leave me without a word? I felt desperate, scared and worried. I was at complete loss and helpless. I tried to find her on the square, shouted her name and failed to find her. When I finally calmed down, I picked up her overcoat and thought she might have gone back to our hostel. I immediately rushed there and found her already falling asleep in bed. My worry was relieved and feeling very much exhausted, I sat on the sofa.
Finally, we got to the hospital in Zhangjiakou. The doctor there diagnosed my daughter as suffering from serious neurasthenia. Back in Handan, I tried every means possible for her treatment and for her recuperation. After a year-long treatment, she recovered.
That year, she took the college entrance exam again and got a fairly high score. She insisted on going to Tongji University again. But I was afraid that she could develop the disease again if she went to the same university, and asked her to choose a university in Handan and to work at the Handan Iron and Steel Plant after graduation. Later, she got married and had a lovely son. Her family migrated abroad for years and all got stable jobs, bought their house and cars. They did well with their life, work, family and child.
The other day, I wrote to my daughter and told her: One lives not only for herself or himself, more important, she or he lives for others. One should not surrender to the opinions of others and should have a peaceful mentality and philosophy of life. One must have a true and kind heart, adhere to the truth, have the courage to admit mistakes, and stand various tests in life in a practical and realistic manner.
From what I said above, it could be understood that if I had not made such efforts and attempts and had not relied on modern medical science for her recuperation, would she have what she has today?
According to the doctrines of Li Hongzhi, who knows about your relationship in your previous life? It meant, why did you care? And in fact, you could not manage it. Li Hongzhi requested all practitioners to abandon their pursuits. He wanted practitioners to give up humanity, including fame, gains, affections and various conceptions of the human beings. Only when you practise gFalun Gongh wholeheartedly, could you cultivate to a higher level and attain gcomplete successh and return to the Buddhist world for a life as Buddha and immortals.
His real intention was to control the body and soul of practitioners. If there was no true love among people, if people lost their conscience, true love and virtues, it would be difficult to imagine what the world would become. In the past years, it was unknown how many gFalun Gongh practitioners became strangers to their friends and kinfolks, or how many practitioners even killed their kinfolks to transmigrate into the gworld of divine wheel,h or how many practitioners were trapped into committing suicide to transmigrate into the divine world. It was the gFalun Gongh that triggered these tragedies!
For our generation of senior intellectuals, why did we begin to practise gFalung Gongh in the late years of our lives? The fundamental reason was that we were brainwashed by the gkarma doctrineh of Li Hongzhi and attempted to pursue an illusionary world and completely forgot or abandoned facts-practice became the sole criterion for truth. Of course, I should not try to seek objective excuses for practicing gFalun Gong,h and I should blame myself for it. In fact, virtually everyone has difficulties in life and such twists and turns are natural. They are not associated with the gkarma doctrine or transmigrationh at all. When people feel empty, they want to find excuses to balance their inner world.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
Posted by: david lee ()
Date: March 12, 2012 02:42PM

Does The Fig Really Have Any
“Divine Power?”

Li Hongzhi resorted to empty promises, cheap almsgivings and unknown “supernatural and divine power” to enthrall and trap many people to follow him. Many people, king and pure in their hearts, were deceived by his fallacies. Many of them are still kept in the dark and could not liberate themselves. My experiences at the beginning could vividly describe his ugly performance as a trickster and the absurdity of my willingness to be cheated by him.
In the summer in 1996, the “Society” sent me to stay at the home of a “Falun Gong” practitioner. I was alone in the house. One night, I was already asleep when a sudden knocks on the door woke me.
I opened the door, and found Liu Guirong and a driver standing there, Liu, with an expression of joy and excitement, said: “Mr. Jing, congratulations!”
I was puzzled and did not know why she said that and asked: “Why and for what?”
Liu said: “Our master has just returned from abroad by plane. We went to the airport to greet him. When we met our master, he immediately said to us: ‘After sending me home, please immediately send the figs I brought back to Mr. Jing!’ We saw our master had his ‘hand print’ on one bag of the figs and blew it with his mouth. Our master also said: ‘Ask Mr. Jing to eat it quickly.’ Here are the figs our master gave to you.” Then, Liu put the figs on the tea table and with our eyes open wide looked at the figs with adoring and envious expressions.
Liu said in an envious tone: “Mr. Jing, we all envy you! Do you know? I realized that one piece of the figs is a small universe and each seed is a world. Our master gave you so many worlds! The master asked you to eat it quickly!” Suddenly, I realized that there was probably another mission waiting for me, otherwise, why did the master ask people to send me figs in the middle of the night and give me “extra energy?”
I was wondering how to finish such a bag of figs? I should keep some. At that moment, Liu was staring at the figs with envious eyes. I knew what she was thinking about and said to her: “Ms. Liu, let’s eat together!” Liu agreed happily. We ate a lot of figs. It was already midnight and they bid farewell to me.
The news traveled fast. First, Ji Liewu asked me in a phone call: “Could you give me two pieces of the figs? It’s not for me, I want them for my child.” I said yes and then sent him some.
Several days later when I was back to Handan from Beijing, several leaders of the Shijiazhuang general station for “Falun Gong” instruction came to my home. They had learnt that Li Hongzhi sent me figs. They had two goals for the trip. First, they wanted to invite me to Shijiazhuang to “preach Falun Gong” and they wanted me to give them some figs I brought back from Beijing.
When “Falun Gong” practitioners in Handan learnt of the figs, they did not say they wanted some but they really did in their hearts. I could tell from the expressions of eagerness and mystery in their hearts. I could tell from the expressions of eagerness and mystery in their eyes. At that time, I also wanted to share some with them, so that we could feel and experience the magic and divine “extra energy” given by the master together. So I took some and shared with them.
The fig event caused heated reactions among “Falun Gong” practitioners. Those who had the honor to eat some felt delighted and lucky, believing the master gave them the highest “extra energy” in the universe and waiting patiently for incredible changes in them soon. Just like a vehicle on a long-distance trip that has a refill at a gas station in the middle of the journey and can complete the journey without any problem. Those who did not have the chance to eat the figs, however, felt disappointed and unlucky. Even a long time after that people still asked me for figs.
According to Li Hongzhi’s words, he preached the “Falun Gong” to help transmigrate all believers to the “world of divine wheels” or to the world of the Buddha and to help people break away from the Earth, a kind of trash planet in the universe. In the entire process of practicing “Falun Gong,” all practitioners must cultivate and eliminate their various pursuits, including the pursuit of extra powers and functions. This was extremely important. Otherwise, even if you have cultivated to a very high level, you would fall to the bottom again and end in tragedy.
However, Li Hongzhi gave me the figs which were said to improve my power and function. His intention was obvious: He wanted to win my heart to convince me to be fully devoted to “Falun gong” and be willing to be exploited by him. What a trick he played! The figs triggered off a storm, made many practitioners pursue extra power and functions and became a topic among “Falun gong” practitioners. Many practitioners tried every means possible to find me and made excuses ask me for some figs to eat.
This was not the fault of the master, because he was the greatest “Buddha” in the universe and whatever he did was correct. It was my fault, I should not have given the figs to so many people to eat, and it was me who rekindled the practitioners’ desires for extra power and functions.
But wall have ears and news that the master gave me figs spread far and wide. If I did not give away some figs, they would say I was selfish. If I gave, it would affect their practicing efforts. What an awkward situation for me! The question was: Did those who had the honour to eat the figs show any improvement in their practicing or did the figs really play any remarkable role in improving their physique? The fact was, they showed no effect at all.
When the “Society” learned of this event, they were smart and realized that it ran counter to the “Falun Gong” theories advocated by Li Hongzhi. But the people with the “Society” did not know what tricks Li Hongzhi was playing. In order to defend the image of Li Hongzhi as a “god or Buddha” who never made mistakes the “Society” asked not to further publicize this event. Then, Ye Hao gave me a call: “Please don’t tell others about the figs.” I answered: “Before you called me, I never told anybody about it, but some people called me and asked for figs. Mr. Ye, tell me, what should I do?” Ye murmured for a while and did not tell me what to do at all.
As far as the figs given by Li Hongzhi were concerned, I ate most of them. I thought enormous reactions happen in my body or other aspects. There was such a huge crowd of “Falun Gong” practitioners, but I was the only one who received the figs from Li Hongzhi, so magic and divine effects would naturally follow. But day after day, month after month and year after year, nothing special ever occurred. There was no special reaction at all.
Some would say: “Mr. Jing, don’t brag when you got the special treatment. The master kindly gave “extra energy” and you should be grateful for it but now you bite the hand that feeds you. You should not have done that. I believed we all should consider the consistency between motives and effects. If the motive was to cheat and the actual effect failed the promise made, it was only natural that I was suspicious of the truthfulness of the event.
Others told me: “Now that you have exposed its nature, aren’t you afraid of revenge from the ‘Falun Gong’ guys?” I said: “No, I’m not. If they seek to revenge on me, wouldn’t it help prove they are guilty and diffident?” I firmly believe that most people are ready to defend justice and truth.
There was such a story.
A successful entrepreneur made a lot of money and lived a rich and worry-free life. Suddenly, a disaster occurred. A fire destroyed his fortune and he had nothing at all. He became a low-spirited beggar, from a high-spirited and vigorous entrepreneur. Later, he came to the Buddha and said: “My Buddha, I have known everything about the human world, please allow me to convert to Buddhism.” The Buddha agreed.
So, this entrepreneur began to learn the Buddhist doctrines and started a life of chanting the Buddhist scripts everyday. After a while, he became bored with that life. So he went to the Buddha again and asked the Buddha to return him to the human world. Again, the Buddha agreed. He returned to the human world again and started to do business again but his enterprise did not fare well and he yearned for the care-free life as a Buddhist disciple again. In the end, he achieved nothing.
After the twists and turns, although he achieved nothing, he came to know a truth: Fate is decided by one’s perseverance and strong will, and is not endowed or decided by any god.
Goethe said: “People are a kind of animals who often lose their direction, and want to do anything when they are lost. Only through unremitting efforts, can we save ourselves.” Nowadays, there are always people who want to replace reality with illusions and bank on the divine force for what they could not get in the world. Reality has told us that we would get nothing, just like trying to draw water with a sieve.
Several years have passed since the farce with the figs, but what did it teach us? Whatever tricks a swindler might use, he will be exposed in the end. When those who were cheated finally realized the tricks, the trickster will have nowhere to hide.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
Posted by: david lee ()
Date: March 12, 2012 02:42PM

Story About The Plaster Statue

In the spring in 1996, a sculptor surnamed Liu from Handan, Hebei Province, also a practitioner of the “Falun Gong”, secretly made a plaster bust of Li Hongzhi without soliciting opinions from anyone in an attempt to elevate his practicing of the “Falun Gong” to a higher level land to spread “Falun Gong.” He based the facial features of Li Hongzhi on Li’s photos. In order to sculpt Li Hongzhi as a god or Buddha, he even copied some features of the Sakyamuni sculpture in a temple: some curly hair coils on the top of Li Hongzhi’s head, Big earlobes, one hand in front of his chest, sitting with two legs crossed on a lotus seat, and with a golden light radiating from behind. To complete this statue, Liu planned carefully.
When the plaster statue was finished, it was sent to the “Society” in Beijing. Seeing this plaster bust, many of the principal members of the “Society” appreciated it but some said the statue did not look like Li Hongzhi and modifications were needed. In order to make a perfect statue, the “Society” asked Liu Guirong to collect Li Hongzhi’s photos taken from different angles and during different periods and to hand them to Liu, the sculptor, for reference to make thorough modifications to the statue. Liu spent a lot of time fine-tuning the statue and finally completed it.
The “Society” reported it to Li Hongzhi. Although Li Hongzhi did not instruct the “Society” to make the statue, the action by the practitioner matched Li Hongzhi’s mentality. He wanted to create an image of god or Buddha and this satisfied the psychological needs of Li Hongzhi.
As expected, Li Hongzhi personally came to the “Society” several days later. I happened to be there that day. Li carefully and earnestly examined the statue and said in an appreciative tone: “Nice statue.”
Li Hongzhi was fairly happy with the statue and admired and appreciated it. He and went into the room excitedly and then asked me and Mr. Liu to the table on which the plaster statue was placed. We sat down facing the statue.
Li Hongzhi said in a deliberately mysterious voice: “This statue reflects my image in this world, but my image in another space is different from this.”
I asked: “Master, what are you like in another space?”
Li said mysteriously: “Just like this plaster statue, with curly hair, wearing a golden cassock, sitting on a lotus seat and with a golden light emitting from my body. Also, many dragons stay around my head. Sometimes, the dragons come out from my nose and go into my ears and sometimes they come out from my mouth and go into my nose.”
When Li Hongzhi talked about his image in another space, he seemed to be very confident and calm and it seemed that there really was another space. Mr. Liu and I were shocked by the “Buddha image” Li Hongzhi described.
Then Li left but we all felt puzzled. Li Hongzhi described himself as the greaest Buddha in the universe, even greater than Sakyamuni but except for the dragons around him in the image he described there was no other difference from the statues of Sakyamuni in the Buddhist temples. Furthermore, if a few dragons were sculpted on the head of the Li Hongzhi statue, with some coming out from his mouth with the heads of some dragons already into the nose and the tails remaining outside, what would the Li Hongzhi statue be like?
For the veteran sculptor, the idea was puzzling. After pondering about it for hours, Liu said to me: “I’ve sculpted many Buddha statues and have never encountered such a scenario. Isn’t it true that all Buddhas in the universe are basically the same? The master is the ‘main Buddha’ in the universe, so he is different from other ordinary Buddhas, with several dragons on his head. How could I sculpt several dragons on the head of a Buddha? Should I just sculpt two dragons at the earlobes, just like two earrings? No, that is not ideal. Anyway, I will have to ask for opinions and instructions from the ‘Society’.”
After obtaining consent from the “Society” and after several rounds of modifications, the “Society” and gave its final approval and the statue was at last finalized. Then, the plaster statue was transported back to Handan.
When some “Falun Gong” practitioners in Handan heard the news of sculpting a “divine statue” of Li Hongzhi, they raised funds to build the statue and prepared to send the plaster statue to a bronze foundry in Shandong so as to make a huge bronze “divine statue” of Li Hongzhi based on the plaster model.
I was in Beijing then. After hearing the news, I reported it to the “Society.” The “Society, after discussions, agreed that time was not ripe yet and they mainly feared that such a move would trigger opposition from the religious circles and investigations by the government. The “Society” reported their opinions to Li Hongzhi and Li Hongzhi apparently was unhappy about it. In fact, Li Hongzhi had long been dreaming of such a grand spectacle-with his statues erected at the top of mountains with numerous disciples worshipping them but his long-cherished dream, which was within reach, was suddenly shattered by a few cunning politicians of the “Society”.
However, Li Hongzhi had to admit that the opinions of the “Society” were reasonable and had to agree to the opinions of the “Society.” With his ambition of establishing himself as a “Buddha” not yet attained, however, he was unwilling to give up. After secretly plotting with the “Society,” they decided not to found the statue then but the plaster statue should be properly kept and could not be damaged. When the time became ripe, the plaster statue would then be used as model to found a huge bronze statue.
The story about the plaster bust made people ponder several issues. If Li Hongzhi did not want the practitioner to make any “Buddha statue” out of him at all, Li Hongzhi should have immediately said no to it when the plaster bust was sent to the “Society.” However, he personally went to examine the plaster bust and gave his opinion and suggested modifications. This proved that Li Hongzhi actually wanted to build his “Buddhist statue,” but had to give up the idea temporarily under the utmost persuasion from some members of the “Society.”
To idolize or apotheosize is one of the fundamental differences between cults and orthodox religion, and this viewpoint was not coined by the Communist Party of China, but had already been advocated and accepted by governments of western countries and scholars before the birth of the “Falun Gong.” For example, Cults in Our Midst by Margaret Thaler Singer and Combating Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan from the United States, Sekten-Ratgeber by Kurt-Helmuth Eimuth from Germany, and the Report of Interministerial Mission on Combating Sects of the French government all said idolization or apotheosization is one of the main features of cults.
Sakyamuni, Jehovah and Mohammed, founders of the orthodox religions, were idolized and apotheosized by disciples and followers many years after their deaths. The disciples and followers, many years after their deaths, built statues to commemorate them or disseminate the religions.
These great religious leaders were very modest and amiable when they were alive and none of them allowed their disciples to idolize or worship them as gods. According to Buddhist sutras, a disciple asked Sakyamuni: “Are you the Buddha?” Sakyamuni said: “No, I’m not.” The disciple asked again: “Are you the God?” Sakyamuni answered: “No, I’m not.” The disciple asked again: “Then, who are you?” Sakyamuni answered: “I’m only a person who has been enlightened.” Before his death, Sakyamuni never considered himself a Buddha, and in his last words, he said: “I never consider you, my disciples, as mine, or the masses as mine. I’m just one of you, and am always together with you. I never oppress others, nor will I ask others to obey me.”
In Islam, the Muslims worship the Allah. According to the Islam tenets, no image should be used to describe him. It is also not allowed to build statues, erect his image or paint him.
Let’s take a look at Li Hongzhi again. Li Hongzhi is a person, but he has been trying to build himself as a god while he is still alive. Since the birth of the “Falun Gong,” it is unknown how many “divine images” and “divine badges” Li Hongzhi has been printed or made.
“Falun Gong” claimed that it is not a religion, but judging from the event that Li Hongzhi tried to sculpt a “Buddha image” for himself, it has even exceeded that of any religion. In order to cheat others into worshipping him, he claimed that many great figures in Chinese history such as Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty and the national hero Yue Fei were all his incarnations in the past. He even claimed that he helped consecrate many statues of Sakyamuni and said that the bronze Buddhist statue in Hong Kong was his incarnation. By making such claims, he wanted to show that he was greater than Sakyamuni, because he knew the claims would be impossible to verify. He did not care whether ordinary people would believe it, or whether religious circles would be unhappy. What he really cared for and wanted was to mislead and cheat the “Falun Gong” disciples and to establish his image as a “God” in their hearts.
Li Hongzhi said that there were several dragons centering on the head in his image in the other space. By saying so, he wanted to build his image as an emperor and divine body and it was a complete lie in attempt to idolize himself.
In Chinese history, the dragon was the symbol of royal power. The emperor was considered the “true dragon and son of the heaven,” the descendants of the emperors were known as the “sons and grandsons of the dragon”. The emperors used the “crown of the dragon”, the “robe of the dragon”, the “flag of the dragon”, the “carriage of the dragon” and the “bed of the dragon”. Furthermore, the dragon was also a divine creature worshipped by the Chinese people. People believed that it could control the clouds and rains, floods, could roar freely in the universe, hide anywhere in the waves, and was the symbol of mystery and unlimited strength and power. People also compared the dragon with saints or heroes and considered the dragon as an auspicious sign or the guarding divinity.
When Li Hongzhi gave his suggestions to modify the statue, he required several dragons be sculpted on the head, fully exposing his ambition to become emperor in the human world or the “main Buddha” in the universe and exposing his growing desires.
Many people, similar to me, once had close contacts with Li Hongzhi. Everyday, we had the chance to personally hear Li Hongzhi’s words and see his deeds, therefore we knew Li Hongzhi too well. He was not the greatest “Buddha” in the universe at all, nor the “God.” He is an ordinary person, with passion and affection, weakness and desires. He could not resist the temptation of the dragon as a divine creature that has evolved over thousands of years in the hearts of Chinese people. Nor could he resist the huge temptation to become the “true dragon and the son of the heaven.” The reason is simple: Li Hongzhi is simply a human being, has various affections and desires as all human beings do, and was even keener for them than others.
Lao Tzu, founder of the Chinese Taoism, once said: “All things are produced by the Tao, and nourished by its outflowing operation. They receive their forms according to the nature of each, and are completed according to the circumstances of their condition. Therefore all things without exception honour the Tao, and exalt its outflowing operation. This honouring of the Tao and exalting of its operation is not the result of any ordination, but always a spontaneous tribute. Thus it is that the Tao produces (all things), nourishes them, brings them to their full growth, nurses them, completes them, matures them maintains them, and overspreads them. It produces them and makes no claim to the possession of them; it carries them through their processes and does not vaunt its ability in doing so; it brings them to maturity and exercises no control over them; this is called its mysterious operation.”
His meaning is: The “Tao” gives rise to all things and “virtue” nourishes them. “Tao” is the cause for the shape of all things and “virtue” helps perfect them. Therefore, all things respect the “Tao” and love “virtue.” The reason why the “Tao” is respected and “Virtue” is loved is that they do not exert influence on all things and let them grow and develop freely. Therefore, “Tao” produces all things and “virtue” nourishes them. They let all things to grow, to develop, to produce seeds and to mature, take care of all things and protect them. They produced the things but did not take the things their possessions, they nourished the things but did not boast their deeds, and they helped the things but did not control them. This is really the profound virtue, and is the in-depth explanations about the connotations of the virtues by the Chinese nation in the past several thousand years. What Li Hongzhi did and said ran completely counter to the doctrines and truth of Lao Tzu. He not only boasted what he did, but also wanted to control the universe, so he did not have any “Tao” or any “virtue.”
All these happened several years ago, but they are still thought-provoking even today!

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