"The Body of Christ" Cullt in RockHill, SC -fromer Lacy Hawkins member
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Church at Rock Hill


Leader-Johnny Earl Miller

Affiliation-Body of Christ

Location-196 Grayson Rd Rock Hill, SC 29732

(Gal. 1:8-9)
8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary
to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!
9 As we have said before, so I say again now, if any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed!

Christians we are commanded to be able to give answers to everyone (1 Pet. 3:15) and to contend for the faith that was delivered by the apostles (Jude 4). If we do not fight for the faith, the faith will be lost. If we do not expose the errors of the cults then the cults will move unchecked in the world and lead even more into eternal destruction.

To do anything other than warn people about this group would be unloving.

I visited this church several times and this is my viewpoint:

Usually there are 2 services weekly. Sunday service usually starts in the afternoon and lasts for up to 4 hours. Church serives start at 12:30 almost the same time as the church Johnny Miller found the "The Body of Christ" in California led by the controversial leader Lacy Hawkins. Most members stay to have a "free dinner after the service". There is no written program; the leader claims that "the Spirit will lead the service" It consists of singing, confessional testimonies and very long sermons by the leader. The leader's sermons usually rallies around "submission to God's order." He also spends substantial amounts of time talking about his personal testimony.

This group openly and proudly proclaims that they "are not a part of a denomination,". This religious group dedicated members are under submission to Johnny Miller. He claims affiliation with other "Ministries in this Body." Some include assemblies in Kansas , Arkansas , and the Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles. This Church is a small group of people mostly made up of young adults(we will cover why this group is made up with predominately young adults at a later date). Group Leader Johnny Miller found "The Body" through Lacy Hawkins church in California(Cult expert Rick Ross comments "Lacy Hawkins' group is one of the worst groups I've dealt with and I've been around," said Ross,.

Lacey Hawkins was even shot by a ex-member of his church

please see the link for details [www.culteducation.com]

Also see this link about a former member account of Lacey Hawkins and the "Body of Christ


Check out this link to Lacey Hawkin's Church website section lies/rumors


Lacy Hawkins is considered by many of the leaders to be extremely radical in his teachings and is always in controversy with leaders in his affiliation. There is no central headquarters and no general organization by-laws are established for this affiliation.

Now let's focus on the founder of "The Body of Christ" William Sowders

Which The Church at Rock hill claims to be their forefather see the link to read

These paragraphs are from William Sowders own biography

Sowders here claims he was called away up into heaven BEFORE HE WAS SAVED!

"The next time I was caught away against a beautiful ceiling. It was just marble. I was pressed against it so hard my head was to one side, laying over against it. That was when Jesus talked to me and gave me a chance to talk to him. He told me the time had come for me to go into the ministry. He wanted me to sell out and go. I had been studying for two years -- lying on my back and studying day and night, praying and reading my Bible. Awake, and not able to sleep, I would thank God that I couldn't sleep. I was so hungry to study the things of God. When he said it was time for me to get ready to go I said, "What about Bertha?" (That was my wife.) He said, "I will have Bertha ready when I get you ready." His voice wasn't tender. He just spoke so positive. I said, "What about my nets?" See, I was a big fisherman. He said, "Time is too short to bother about nets." Every time he spoke to me he cut me off. "Where shall I go, Lord. I want to be led of you. I don't want to go around blindfolded, but I want to know what I am doing. If I go into the work I want to be led of you, going where you want me to go." Some of the things he told me I said, "Shall I tell others this, Lord?" "No!" "Lord, what about your coming?"; and he told me. "Shall I tell the people?" "Tell nobody!" And let me tell you one thing. That is one thing I never did tell. I tell you the Lord pinned that into me so tight; so perfect; and I won't tell anyone. He made me forget it for awhile, and recently it has come back to me" (William Sowders)."

This demonstrates how Sowders easily perverts the Word of God. Why would Jesus tell us in Matthew 24 he was coming back after the tribulation of those days and the Sowders gets a revelation this is false, he is coming back before the tribulation of those days. Why would Jesus give Sowders something different then he gave the Apostles?

More from William Sowders own biography

The Sowder doctrine of living forever will be discussed below.

"When I first started out back there (in Evansville), Sister McPherson was an outstanding feature among the women preachers. She was holding meetings that stirred the entire United States. I had her to hold me a meeting one time. I wondered, if God did not call women to preach, why was that woman having such success? Then, here comes another woman along, and I watched her work. I read after her; read some of her writings. Again, I thought, "Lord, You have called women to preach." I have heard women say, "God has called me to preach." But I was in doubt about it. God all the time was telling me that the women would find their place. There was another one. I had her to hold me a meeting. I have seen her walk right up to people with large goiters on their neck, and that goiter vanish. Big goiters vanished right under her hand. I have seen people all crippled up with rheumatism; and this one particular man lived right across the street from me. He was helpless. That man got on the platform and let this woman pray for him, and his hands flew open and his legs limbered, and he ran and shouted and had a big time. There was a woman all twisted up with rheumatism. This woman laid her hands on that afflicted woman, and she ran up and down the aisles and had a big time. I said, "Lord, you are in that. Men are not doing these things. Why do you let women do it? And the Lord said: "I am giving it to the women because men have put them under their feet. I am letting women have it to prove to the men that I will honor women as well as I will honor men." That is very reasonable, isn't it? I thought, "Amen, Lord, if that be the case surely then women will have a place in the church." And I saw women put on white dresses and tried to do like these other women did. But they couldn't do it, but just the women that God ordained to do that. Well, I began to watch, then, praying much and reading the word of God; and I saw plainly that God actually calls women to the ministry and makes preachers of them. In all my ministry women have been used to a better advantage as a general thing than men" (William Sowders).

Women preachers? This is one more evidence the voice he was hearing and calling it God was not God! God does not contradict himself and not permit women as priest in the Old Testament and then in the New Testament permit them the priesthood. The idea that God would give some women the right to preach because some of them had been put under the feet of men, is not found in the Word of God anywhere. This is a made-up doctrine. There are no qualifications for a woman preacher in the New Testament. A women under subjection to her husband is not being put under his feet. The fact is, Sowder allowed women preachers because it made him have larger crowds at his meetings.

One of the Sowder's doctrines was that the devil was not a real spirit, he was not Lucifer, but rather the devil was the carnal mind of man. Because of this doctrine anyone who spoke against the devil such as saying "I hate the devil" was speaking from a carnal mind and this did not show the love of God.

Sowders is dead! His many false doctrines continue to be preached as restored revelations. There are many churches still in bondage to the lies he taught.

Cult Characteristics of The Church at Rock Hill

Johnny Miller is a individual whose narcissism is so extreme and grandiose
that he exist in a land of splendid isolation; In which the creation of the
grandiose behavior takes precedence over moral or interpersonal

I personally guarantee you there is no way to hold Johnny Miller
accountable because of the hierarchy structure of the church (because a
hierarchy structure does not exist within the Church at Rock Hill).

Members are not allowed to marry outside of the "Body of Christ" or The
Church at Rock Hill if they do the person is excommunicated and
spiritually condemned.

Before you join "The Body of Christ" are you prepared not to walk your
daughter down the aisle on her wedding day ? Johnny Miller is he has already done so without any remorse.

Members believe that the devil does not exist.

You are told that everything they believe comes directly from the Bible
(not true because they believe William Sowders imparted them with the

Members are pressured to befriend their "church family".

Members do not believe in the celebration of Christmas.

Members are taught they are to attain perfection (good luck)

Some church services no sermon is giving but members are encouraged to give testimonies

So do you think your in a Cult here is a test you can take online to help you find out.
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