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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
Posted by: david lee ()
Date: March 26, 2012 02:04PM

IX Will true laws be unnecessary when people possess high-level morality?
Li Hongzhi once said when disseminating the cult in the US: “Will laws still be necessary when everyone focuses on morality? As you know, in ancient China, as well as in the other regions of the world, people had high-level morality even though there were not so many laws.”
He was possibly intending to tell practitioners that one day there would be a domination of the Falun Gong and everybody would cultivate the cult. At that time, there would be no need for governments and laws! It shows the great political ambitions of Li Hongzhi that he not only wanted to be the “universe Dominator” but also wanted to be the “first emperor” to unify the earth.
Is it true that there were no laws in the ancient China? Absolutely not. Ancestors of human beings lived a savage life before learning to make fire from wood and cook food. Then, during agricultural times, when people learnt to build houses and fish with nets, people still lived a primitive life that was far from the restriction of ethics and, except for using tools and languages, was similar to the lives of animals. In the period under the reign of Yu (the legendary founder of the Xia Dynasty), with the development of productivity and excessive products, people mastered skills to make spirits and copper and also made commodity exchanges so that polarization between rich and the poor gradually emerged.
As a result, people scrambled for others’ possessions. To fight against crimes, Yu made Yu’s Laws and established jails. People in charge of managing these jails should be supported by the others. That’s why tax collection was developed. Yu divided his country into nine states and made the Jiuding vessel to symbolize power.
Then Chen Tang (the first emperor of Shang Dynasty succeeded to the throne, he established the second slavery dynasty in the history of China, namely the Shang Dynasty. Then Cheng Tang developed the Tang’s Laws to maintain his ruling.
In the later Shang Dynasty, the Zhou State, which was located at the Wei River basin in the western part got emerge, King Wen developed the state to a large extent with the help of Jiang Shang (a strategist and politician). Then, after King Wen died, his son Jifa succeeded to the throne and was called King Wu. Also, with the help of Jiang Shang, the Zhou Dynasty displaced the Shang Dynasty. In order to consolidate its rule, the Zhou Dynasty adopted Lu’s Laws. How can it be true that there were no laws in ancient China?
In other countries there were also laws. The Code of Ur-Nammu was developed in the 21st century BC. The Babylonian Code of Hammurabi in the 18th century BC. The Code of Hammurabi, which is now kept in the French Louvre, contains 8,000 words carved in a stone column. It says people who steal things from royal palaces or temples shall be sentenced to death; people who infringe upon other’s houses shall be executed and buried; people who steal things by taking advantage of a fair shall be burned to death. In the 15th century BC, the Assyrians developed the Middle Assyrian Code.
All of them show that there were laws in both the ancient China and other countries. Li Hongzhi is deceiving practitioners while devaluing the function of laws to persuade people to believe that only the Falun Gong can save human beings and that governments and any other forces are helpless.
Laws are the result of social development. Since good and evil things have existed in society forever, there was, is and will be no chance for laws to lose the place in society. Religious circles also need laws, so there is the Jewish law.
Li Hongzhi once said in Europe that “laws and decrees of governments are not the truth of the universe, because they were made by people to obtain power and votes, so there is no pure goodwill in them.” Actually, as long as a person has selfish motives, he (she) will never have pure good will. Supposing that people are engaged in the cultivation of the Falun Gong and completely give up fame, profits and emotions, of course, including fertility, would it be possible for people to continue to exist in the world? Without people, will ethics or laws make sense? Li Hongzhi made his comments to persuade the people to believe that Falun Gong is the only one with goodwill and the only truth of the universe. He wishes for all people in the world to join in the cultivation of Falun Gong and give up their obsessions and concepts, except for the belief in Falun Gong and the respect and the respect and adoration of Li Hongzhi. However, it is only a wishful thinking of Li Hongzhi that can never be realized.
There is no goodwill in the following activities of the Falun Gong organization: Commanding tens of thousands of people to siege the Zhongnanhai; attacking the Sino Satellite; delivery illegal letters; damaging communications networks; creating panic among the public and causing the death and disability of thousands of people; supporting Taiwan independence and all anti-China forces to undermine the national unity; defaming the CPC by using the Nine Comments on the Communist Party of China and even spreading rumors that the CPC persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in a more cruel way than those used by German fascists and Japanese invaders; paying people money to sit in front of Chinese embassies and consulates in foreign countries and demonstrate.
China is now at a stage of unprecedented fast development and needs a stable environment for such development. Although there are some problems, it is really in a better condition than capitalist countries at the same development stage. Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong practitioners, who, regardless of the main stream for the development, insist in being the hatchet men of the anti-China forces and financial groups with political ambitions to get their support, will finally stand condemned through the ages.
X Why Falun Gong in Australia has faction?
On August 7, 2007, Li Hongzhi convened a meeting of the Falun Gong backbone in Australia and declared in person: “From this day on, Wei Xibin, Yang Zhen, Mike Lin and his daughter will not act as the responsible person of any projects. Lucy Zhao will act as president of the Falun Gong Association in Australia and restructure the association. Fang, from the University of Canberra, will be vice president. Li Qizhong will be chairman of New Tang Dynasty Television of Australia. Jiang Xili will resign from the responsible position of Australia Tiange Chorus; Susan will take charge of The Epoch Times in the Oceania.”
Before that, nearly 300 practitioners in Australia flew to New York to complain to Li Hongzhi. The air tickets alone cost them nearly 6 million Yuan. After analyzing the situation, Li Hongzhi believed the Falun Gong Association in the Australia had to be restructured.
Thus the faction of the Falun Gong Association in Australia was temporarily concluded. It was widely believed that the adjustment indicated failure of the Falun Gong Association and complete success of the Epoch. Li Qizhong was the biggest beneficiary and Huang Zhuoran was the victim of the faction.
What caused the faction of the Australian Falun Gong Association? The reasons include the Falun Gong backbone’s practice of hyping a practice of “saving the world and people”, and the ideas of “selflessness”, “merit” and “culmination” while making Falun Gong a venue to seek personal powers and benefit. The root cause of the faction was Li Hongzhi.
In November 1999, Craig S Smith, a journalist with the Wall Street Journal, unveiled how Li Hongzhi collected fortune in the US in a report titled Chinese Hierarch Realizes his American Dream. Smith described the evil behavior of Li Hongzhi.
As the English proverb goes a “fish begins to stink at the head.” The backbone of Falun Gong in Australia sought money and power. The directors of the four major media of the Falun Gong (The Epoch Times, A View of China, NTDTV, and the Sound of Hope) Susan, Ma Hengjun, Yuan Xiaoli and Huang Zhuoran worked together to attack the Falun Gong Association Australia, declaring it undermined the Falun Gong by quoting Wei Xiwu, Want Tao and Yang Zhen. They declared in public that “Li Hongzhi is the first master, Ye Hao the second master and Wei Xibin the third master” with Yang Zhen’s record as the proof. They also disclosed that Wei Xibin and Wang Tao embezzled donations by using Falun Gong Association.
Susan, a former director of the Falun Gong Association, said Wei Xibin had always wanted to control the Epoch Times because it could get a lot of conations. He controlled the cash flow and nobody else knew the accounts. Not only Wei Xibin, but also many others wanted to take the position of the New Tang Dynasty Television because it could generate high benefits. For instance, Wei Xibin controlled the Falun Gong Association in Australia since 1996 and could get AUD800 a week and raise money in various names. Would he withdraw this time willingly?
In addition, the New Tang Dynasty Television existed only with the support from Huang Zhuoran. Huang would not give up for his dismissal and Li Qizhong’s appointment.
Based on this analysis, it can be concluded that the faction of Falun Gong in Australia could not be removed and that contradictions will continue to emerge. Now Wei Xibin has urged his favorites to write a joint letter of complaint. Yang Zhen is active in connecting “the democratic movement” organizations to seek support.
The internal personnel changes of Falun Gong in Australia seem as if Li Hongzhi was forced to dismiss the former directors of the Falun Gong Association in Australia because of their serious problems. Those who do not know the truth would believe it was a decision that Li Hongzhi made to protect the purity of Falun Gong. In fact, it was a measure Li Hongzhi took to undermine the power of the patriarch of the Falun Gong represented by Yehao and consolidate his absolute authority over the Falun Gong.
In 1996, Ye Hao said to me in front of everybody: “The master criticized me again! He said he did not follow his opinion. I feel it is better to do what I said. For this I was often criticized by him.” It seems the contradiction between Li Hongzhi and Ye have long existed. The faction of the Falun gong in Australia disclosed that the problem have been building for a long time.
In addition, we can see that Li Hongzhi was forced to take measures to protect himself and ease the long existing outrage of Falun Gong practitioners. The real victims are practitioners who were cheated. Since the truth has been disclosed, Li Hongzhi had to conclude this in this way. Otherwise if the trend continues and internal competition for personal power and benefits in Falun Gong were disclose to the public, Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong will have more difficult days.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
Posted by: david lee ()
Date: July 26, 2012 03:31PM

Recently, I saw a message posted by QuWenFuZheng in Tianjian message board(One of China’s biggest anti-cult website). It said Mr. Jing’s new book Li Hongzhi in My Eyes held a press conference in Hong Kong during Hong Kong Book Fair. I translated its post into English:

I’ve read Li Hongzhi in My Eyes recently. On July 21, I fortunately attended the discussions about this book during Hong Kong Book Fair. Jing Zhanyi, the author of Li Hongzhi in My Eyes, told about how he began practicing Falun Gong and what Li Hongzhi looked like in his eyes. He said,‘I began practicing Falun Gong in 1995. Li Hongzhi has sent me to many places across the country to introduce my experiences. Later, I realized that Falun Gong was an evil cult. I refused to practice Falun Gong anymore. It took me one and a half year to write Li Hongzhi in My Eyes.’ Jing also told about the real stories happened between Li Hongzhi and him. Jing said, ‘Li Hongzhi says he was God. He can know everything in the world. But he didn’t recognize me when we first met. Actually, he even asked me who was Jing Zhanyi and where Jing Zhanyi lived.’Before Jing began practicing Falun Gong, he had two inventions which could apply for patents. In order to publicize Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi privately required Jing to announce that his inventions owed to practicing Falun Gong. Li Hongzhi even asked Jing to mention this in his patent certificates. Jing called on people indulged in Falun Gong to say No to Falun Gong and come back to normal society.

Some readers of Li Hongzhi in My Eyes shared their points of view during the discussion. A reader from mainland China told a true story of how Falun Gong cheated her relative. She said her cousin’s husband was indulged in Falun Gong. Falun Gong encourages unhealthy actions like prolonged fasting. Her husband was undergone hallucination by hunger while practicing Falun Gong. Eventually the hunger sent him into a state of shock. After being treated at hospital, he questioned the essence of the Falun Gong and didn’t believe in it anymore. The reader also appealed to Hong Kong government to prohibit the propaganda of Falun practicer on the Hong Kong street.

By reading Li Hongzhi in My Eyes, especially by attending this discussion, I recognized the cult essence of Falun Gong and all the lies Li Hongzhi had told to us. Falun Gong corrupts not only people’s soul but also people’s body. They did evil under the veil of Zhen (Truthfulness),Shan (Compassion), Ren (Forbearance). They cheated kind-hearted people to join the Falun Gong. If people practice Falun Gong, they will find out all the promises Li Hongzhi has made are lies. Falun Gong can’t make their body stronger, and also can’t make their behavior more morality. It will only bring the huge disaster to the country, the society and their own. I appeal to those, who are still indulged in Falun Gong, to get rid of the mind control of Li Hongzhi. And I hope they would come back to the normal society.

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