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Date: March 14, 2012 10:48AM

The Greatest Human Tragedies
Are Selfishness And Insincerity

Li Hongzhi said in his Zhuan Falun that “Buddha dharma, as a supernormal science, is the most profound doctrine in the world. To accept the doctrine, the mind of ordinary people should be completely changed; otherwise, the truth of the universe shall be ever a myth for people, who shall be always crawling under fatuous restrictions.”
For many years, I was devoutly engaged in cultivation, both emotionally and physically, giving up fame, interests and emotions that a normal person may seek and pursuing the truth, kindness and endurance. After many years and with a wide range of experience, I became full of doubt about what Li Hongzhi said.
On April 24, 2005, at a meeting held in New York, Li Hongzhi said: “The cultivation targets leading the people in the world to lead a perfect, which cannot be achieved as long as any obsession for gain and loss or interests in the world exists. Otherwise, ordinary people engaged in the cultivation may never become a god and every heart or obsession will become a tool locking the cultivator.” That was what Li Hongzhi required his practitioners to do. But what did Li Hongzhi do himself?
Li Chang, former principal of the Falun Gong Research Association, once said “ that Falun Gong practitioners respected Li Hongzhi because of his claims of the obligation of preaching. In fact, he not only cheated his practitioners but did the same to the Falun Gong Research Association by controlling it for his own use. For example, he designated a person to control the money and required the person-Liu Guirong-do not disclose it to any one.”
In November 1994, someone from Changchun complained that Li Hongzhi was likely involved in tax evasion and accumulation money unfairly. As a result, we suggested that imcome and expenditure accounts should be established and tax paid as required. He, though apparently in agreement, secretly instigated Liu Guirong to burn down all records to block the establishment and auditing of the accounts. In reality, all the money earned from disseminating the cult had been used to feather his own nest. He has two apartments in Beijing, one in Fahuasi that I visited. Visitors were asked to keep all information confidential. He has high-grade imported car and a domestic one, but he only showed us the latter. It may be that exposing Li’s deceit and unfair accumulation of wealth that woke us up.
Yao, who joined in the 4-25 Event, provided the following information:
Li Hongzhi has a BMW car, which is often parked in his villa in Dongxu Garden, Beijing. He often has roasted meat with his followers in a high-end restaurant. Unexpectedly, the “Buddha”, who should have no sensation of flavor, frequently visits an expensive restaurant.
Li Hongzhi accumulated wealth in a unique way, by frequently changing the people in charge. For example, he used Tang, Liu, Wang and Mi for a while, and then Ji, Yao and Li. None of them have any links with each other so they remained unaware of Li’s unfair accumulation of wealth. In this aspect, Li Hongzhi can be said to be an “expert” in financial management!
All this shows that Li Hongzhi only pretended to renounce fame, profits and emotions, but actually intended to control the spirit of the people involved in Falun Gong cultivation and enjoy the “offerings” of these people.
One thing shocked me when I found out about it. It is said that Li Hongzhi earned 134 million Yuan by disseminating and illegally publishing tapes, videos and books. This includes 2.84 million Yuan from 56 trainings sessions held all over the country. He has three bank accounts in Hong Kong where more than HKD11 million are deposited. He is likely the only one who knows how much he has earned from dissemination the cult since he emigrated to the US.
Li Hongzhi and his relatives live a middle-class life in the US even though he once said that “I have never said that I should do the same cultivation as you do! The god, who comes to save the people suffering from this torture, should be different. I know both Sakyamuni and Jesus suffered a lot in the world for the people but they should have been able to avoid doing so.” (See speech of Li Hongzhi at the Western US International Falun Gong Meeting on February 26, 2005.)
It seems he is deceiving the people by telling people that they should give more and more money.
Li hongzhi knows that he is deceiving others but he tries hard to justify himself and mask his cunning schemes. Let’s look at the kind of life US Falun Gong practitioners live.
Take Tan Shujun as an example. Tan, who was in charge of finance and procurement in the Longquan Temple in the US, contributed all her property to the Falun Gong in 2002. She then died at a Falun Gong meeting after refusing to see a doctor or take any medicine.
Tan made a great contribution to the Falun Gong. Li Hongzhi knows that, too. Tan and some other practitioners had been engaged in the cultivation of Falun Gong and established many Falun Gong stations in many states in the US even before Li Hongzhi’s move to the country. In this way, Tan greatly contributed to Li Hongzhi’s dissemination of Falun Gong. If Li Hongzhi was a real Buddha who could save people’s lives, he should have saved Tan from death, since it was not time for her to accomplish the “culmination” of her life. Also, she should not have died at a sacred meeting.
I would like to talk more about Tan later. Tan’s death caused much shock and many people began to doubt Li Hongzhi’s honesty. In the US, to disseminate and promote the cult and fight against the evil, many practitioners sold their properties, divorced or lost their health. They gave up everything to strive for “culmination” while waiting to be sent back by Li Hongzhi to the world they came from. After waiting for more than a cozen of years, no one seemed to have accomplished “culmination”. Everything is obviously a lie. The idea of “redeeming the world” seems to be a mysterious dream that will never be realized.
Lao Tsu said: “The ancients knew how to follow the Tao, aiming not to enlighten the people, but to keep them ignorant.” He meant that people who really know how to ignorant.” He meant that people who really know how to follow the great truth do not aim to teach people the skills but to let them know and follow the principles of honesty and simplicity. This shows that honesty and simplicity are the most precious and fundamental ethical standards of human beings.
What Li Hongzhi has been doing is making a high-sounding statement for “truth, kindness and endurance” and acting otherwise. Now the truth has come out. Despite Li Hongzhi’s foresight and planning, He can not deny the facts disclosed by people who have been at his side for so many years!
A Human Being But Not A Buddha

For practitioners engaged in the cultivation of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi is a Buddha and a god, not a human being. In fact, this is the result of the indoctrination by Li Hongzhi, who makes himself out to be a god. Only people like us, who once had the chance to get close to him, know Li Hongzhi’s human side.
For us, Li Hongzhi is neither a Buddha nor a god. He has all human desires and feelings. He loves roasted meat, famous cars and branded clothes. He is full of desires for ownership and enjoys a good house and money. He also quarrels with his wife.
A woman, who allowed Li Hongzhi to live in her house when he went to Beijing early on to disseminate the Falun Gong, once filled a complaint with the State Bureau for Letters and Calls against Li Hongzhi’s offences.
Now let’s talk about Li Hongzhi as a person.
Li Hongzhi was born in July 7, 1952 in Gongzhuling, Jilin Province, China. He studied in Zhujianglu Primary School, the No.4 Middle School and the No.48 Middle School, in Changchun, and finally graduated from junior high school.
From 1970 to 1978, he was a trumpet player in the Jilin Forest Corps at an army horse-breeding farm of the 201 Force.
From 1978 to 1982, he worked as a waiter in the hostel of the Jilin Police Corps.
In 1982, he left the works and started working in the Security Division of Changchun Grain and Oil Company, where he stayed until 1991.
In 1991, his job was retained but his salary suspended.
In 1988, he learnt Chanmigong (a kind of Qigong) with Li Weidong, a Qigong master, and learnt Jiugongbaguazhang (another king of Qigong) with Yu Guangsheng, ant\other master. Later, he went to Thailand to learn dancing.
The Falun Gong consists of five sets of cultivation methods, designed by Li Hongzhi and Li pinchao. Liu Feng, a partner of Li Hongzhi, once made more than 70 amendments to the early speeches of Li Hongzhi. Li Hongzhi did not write these speeches himself.
In May, 1992, Li Hongzhi started to disseminate the Falun Gong and established the Falun Gong Research Association in Beijing. Soon, 39 general Falun Gong tutorship stations, including more than 1,900 sub-stations and 26,000 cultivation stations, were established all over the county.
Since 1998, Falun Gong had seen wider dissemination. To manage the stations, some regulations and standards were created, including the Requirements of the Falun Gong Tutorship Stations, the Regulations on the Cultivation of the Falun Gong Practitioners, the Standards on the Guiders and Notes for Falun Gong Practitioners. These made it into a strictly managed organization.
It is inconceivable that a self-proclaimed “universe dominator” and “Buddha” who knows the universe and nature, including the past, present and future of the earth and people had to learn with ordinary Qigong masters.
It may be explained in this way. Li Hongzhi originally had the “eye of the Buddha” and great wisdom. Li Weidong, Yu Guangsheng, Li Pinchao and Liu Feng enlightened him as soon as he came to earth, the so-called refuse dump, to disseminate the doctrines. It is like they opened memories that had been stored in the brain of Li Hongzhi for hundreds of millions of years.
In fact, Li Hongzhi is a later learner rather than what he has said about himself in a mysterious way. Had he told the truth, would he be believed? Repeated enough times, a lie becomes truth.
How did Li Hongzhi migrate to the US? In 1995, Mr. Townsend, a Falun Gong practitioner from the US, visited Beijing. He had a conversation with Li Chang, one of the principals of the Falun Gong Research Association.
Li Chang introduced a big plan to Townsend, aimed at establishing Falun Gong societies around the world and, at the right time, establishing the International Falun Gong Association, in Huston, Texas. He also revealed that the regulations for the International Falun Gong Association had already been prepared and one of his friends had been designated to take charge of the plan.
The “friend”, who was from Taiwan and worked in Huston, provided a building and promised to take care of all necessary procedures. Li Hongzhi would be the chairman of the International Falun Gong Association, which would have a number of directors. Li Hongzhi’s wife Li Rui would hold a position.
Townsend left Beijing with the documents given by Li Chang, which included a letter from Li Chang to his friend and contact information. After getting back to the US, Townsend got in touch with the person from Taiwan, who refused to cooperate with him. Actually, it was completely a fraud.
When leaving Beijing, Townsend was repeatedly warned not to disclose anything about the plan and the documents to Ye Hao. As it proved later, Li Chang was appointed as director of China after the establishment of the International Falun Gong Association, while Ye Hao was completely pushed aside. This shows, Falun Gong Research Association members also struggle with each other for fame and gain. They cheat and use each other to achieve their respective political ambitions. What enormous ambitions have been shown in these facts?
How many kind-hearted people have been deceived by the lies used to seek undeserved fame?
Seemingly, they called on practitioners to strive for high-level cultivation according to the religious doctrines while in reality they planed to use practitioners as a stepping-stone to realize their ambitions through different means, including political ones.
In 1996, urged by the Falun Gong Research Association Beijing and with the obvious approval and direction of Li Hongzhi, the California Falun Gong Association- a non-profit and non-governmental organization-was established. The authority involved issued a “Tax Exemption” certification.
In September 1996, Li Hongzhi arrived in the US. Townsend showed him the approved “Tax Exemption”. Li Hongzhi gave it back to Townsend and indifferently said “this is not what I want.”
What Li Hongzhi wanted was a certification like the business license issued by the Chinese administrations of industry and commerce. He wanted it to prove the legal status of Falun Gong in the US to earn more money through the international dissemination of his cult while making the Falun Gong larger and more influential.
After all, it was difficult to apply for approval as a tax-exempted non-governmental organization. Nor was it easy to get the “Tax Exemption” certification. As the “Buddha who knows everything about the universe and is able to do everything to save the human beings”, Li Hongzhi, unexpectedly went so far as to have no common sense and considered the US to be the same as China. The inexplicable fact is that Li Hongzhi is a person and not a “Buddha”.
On Octorber 14, 1996, at a meeting held in Houston, Li Hongzhi announced the establishment of the “Falun Gong Association” in the US. After the meeting, he called for the establishment of more tutorship stations in the US.
Li Hongzhi’s purpose was more for personal gain rather than the expansion of the Falun Gong. At that time, he was applying permission to emigrate to the US as a “special talent”, which meant he was in urgent need to prove he had already made contributions to U.S. society.
Could the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services deny that Li Hongzhi was “special talent” after he established the “Falun Gong Association” in the US with more than 20 tutorship stations? One of Li Hongzhi’s purposes behind developing the Falun Gong was to realize his dream to the US.
When the time came in December 1996, Li Hongzhi managed to get the visa to the US with the help of an American named Ji Meiling, who lived in Los Angeles. After arriving in Los Angeles, Li Hongzhi lodged in Ji’s home and the two of them disseminated the Falun Gong with other people, including the singer Guan Guimin. Later, he returned to China.
In March 1998, Li Hongzhi and his family formally emigrated to the US through San Francisco. Only Li Hongzhi and Guan Guimin, who was in charge of the immigration process, know how much he spent but Falun Gong practitioners earned that money.
In April 1998, many people assembled in the house of a Falun Gong practitioner in New York. Li Hongzhi stood in front of a window and spoke like a kid in a candy store: “No wonder Li Rui (Li Hongzhi’s wife) said New York is great. There are so many high and beautiful buildings, which California doesn’t have.”
Li Hongzhi’s words reveal his desire for a luxurious life in the US. He didn’t know that instead of the high buildings, the Americans prefer western villa-style houses that are more people-centered. It shows that Li Hongzhi is only an ignorant person and not a “Buddha”; otherwise how could he have been so pleasantly surprised by New York. When he spoke, Li Hongzhi must have forgotten how beautiful and splendid the world of Buddha is, according to his public speeches. How can people not doubt his honesty?
Li Hongzhi often brags that he is Buddha and often abstains from eating meat. When disseminating this cult, he said an egg is a life and practitioners should not eat eggs. However, many people have seen him eating eggs. He went on eating meat unless someone asked his about it. As a response to the question, he would stop eating and leave, creating doubt as to whether he was angry or just wanted to warn people that they should not disappointing him by talking about it.
I have been to Ye Hao’s house, where Li Hongzhi once lived. I visited Li Hongzhi’s room and saw a cushion. Ye told me that Li Hongzhi used it in Falun gong cultivation. I was surprised and asked: “The master is a Buddha! He should be the reincarnation of Buddha and naturally numerous capabilities. Why did he have to do the cultivation?”
In Li Hongzhi’s room, I found some writing papers Li Hongzhi deserted when practicing calligraphy and some advertisements of houses that could be used as reference when buying houses in Beijing. There were many floor plans marked in different colors.
Now, I understand why he always showed Mahamudra in addition to the five sets of cultivation methods of Falun Gong when giving public performances. In order to make it seem like what it should be, he stealthily practiced it.
Li Hongzhi is not good at calligraphy, so he stealthily practiced it, because he was often asked to give an inscription. He studied the house advertisements because he wanted to buy better houses. These show he is not a Buddha, but a common person with the same desires and feelings as other people. In some aspects, he is more bigoted.
Li Hongzhi once worked in a grain shop in Changchun. When he went to disseminate the cult, his wife Li Rui would look after their child. During that time they lived a hard life. However, after the Falun Gong spread, many admired Li Rui as the wife of such a master.
Li Hongzhi once said to his wife: “Do you feel happy because others say you should be happy? Do you want me to release you separately?” It proves that Li Hongzhi didn’t indulge in Falun Gong cultivation at that time. Li Hongzhi was criticizing her. However, Li Rui saw it differently and frequently repeated it. That is incomprehensible. Why would such a great “Buddha” have such a common a wife?
When Li Hongzhi gave his first lecture in Changchun, a practitioner asked a question by delivering a slip of paper. The question was: “Why is your daughter in bad health?” Li Hongzhi answered: “You can never reach the level as that had by my daughter even after ten rounds of transmigrations.” He claimed that his daughter was a “Bodhisattva”. Li Hongzhi always took her to meetings and let her do the site-clearing to prove she had great power. It proves Li Hongzhi defied his wife and child at the same by claiming to be the “Universe Dominator” so that his family could maintain a sacred image among practitioners.
That also explains why Li Rui got a position in the International Falun Gong Society under the arrangements of Li chang!
Now, in addition to his wife and daughter, Li Hongzhi’s mother and brother have also immigrated to the US. Li Hongzhi’s duplicity has been completely shown. Though he asks practitioners to give up their emotions, he himself shows everlasting love to his mother, wife and daughter. Again, it proves that he is just a common person. How can he take into account the feelings of practitioners who see him make his relatives and friends migrate to the US? These examples show that Li Hongzhi is an ordinary person. It is a lie that he is the “Universe Dominator”.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
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Views Of Americans Toward Li
Hongzhi’ Unfair Accumulation Of

In November 1999, the Wall Street Journal published a report by Craig S. Smith under the headline “Chinese hierarch realizes his American dream”. The article showed that it is impossible for Li Hongzhi to live such a luxurious life depending on “a small amount of author’s remuneration”.
The report said Li Hongzhi would have no reason to deny that he had a joint-building residence in Queens, New York, valued at USD290,000 (about 2.60 million Yuan) at that time.
In addition, the reporter also found a property record for a house in Princeton, New Jersey, valued at USD580,000 (about 5 million Yuan). The owner of the house was Li Rui, who, at it is said, accepted the house as a donation from a practitioner named Sun John without telling Li Hongzhi anything about it.
Investigating another report Smith said the mystery residence located in a high-end community covered an area of 4,600 square feet (about 600 square meters) and included luxury fittings and a swimming pool worth USD24,000.
As is well known, buying a house in the USis complicated and requires a contract with hundred or tens of hundreds of pages prepared by professional lawyers. Is it possible that Li Rui, who does not speak any English, could sign the contract without Li Hongzhi’s knowledge? It is ridiculous.
The fact above was published by the Falun Gong organization in an extremely serious way but was deemed to be a laughing-stock by US readers and people around the world.
It is not difficult to imagine how the former nonentity with a monthly income of USD70 realized his American dream in just a few years. Even an American may need a lifetime of hard work to achieve what Li Hongzhi achieves with his “brilliantly” deceitful trick.
In spring of 1998, I attended a Falun Gong meeting in New York. Talking with the major members of the California Falun Gong Association, I learnt that Guan Jianxiong, who was a Chinese national, lives in the US, deals in real estate and was a director for cultivating Falun gong. He had a three-floor building in New York. Then, following negotiations with Ye Hao, he finally decided to donate the first and the third floors of the building that was then used as a tutorship station. A large hall on the first floor was going to be used for meetings and activities as well as establishing a Falun Gong center; an audio-visual products company with two nameplates would be located on the building.
Li Hongzhi even named the company. He approved using the second floor as Guan’s family residence while three suites on the third floor were used for the people in charge of the tutorship station, Ye Hao and himself.
Many times, Li Hongzhi said in his speeches-especially in his Zhuan Falun- that the Falun Gong specialized in easygoing management instead of substance, which should be a common view. Then why was such a substantial company going to be established in New York? Finally, due to suspicions and objections, the establishment of the company was not suspended.
Thus, it proves that Li Hongzhi and the core members of the Falun Gong organization are cultivators in name only, but are actually hypocrites who use others to generate wealth for themselves. They have neither a Buddha mind nor good thoughts. They just use cultivation as cover to cheat kind-hearted, honest and infatuated people.

Back And Fill

Knowing that I had come back to Handan, many Falun Gong practitioners called me to consult and discuss problems raised when cultivating the Falun Gong.
Many people traveled a long way to ask me some weird questions. Someone asked: “As the inscription of the master (Li Hongzhi) shows, he wants you to do corrections in case of any deviated dissemination. Therefore, you must be from a higher level for helping the master to disseminate the cult and must have a holy eye as the eye of Buddha. Can you tell me which level of the universe I came from?”
I answered: “I even don’t know which level I came from. How can I tell you where you are from? Don’t torture yourself to learn so much. Just do the cultivation!”
However, a short while later, Li Hongzhi wrote a letter to the general Falun Gong station in Shijiazhuang. The letter, dated June 26, 1996, read as follows:

General Falun Gong station in Shijiazhuang:
Learnt that you have encountered some obstacles preparing for the experiences exchange meeting. You must learn a lesson from it. There are three reasons. I am sure you will be aware that the event has affected the activities in Beijing and around the country. It will surely impact future activities. I believe you will do a better job in the future.
I would like to talk more about Jing Zhanyi. We should allow Jing to play an important role in proving the scientific nature of the cult so that the scientific, technological and academic circles can learn more about the cult. Jing should not be invited to give reports to practitioners, for there is nothing good from doing so. It will only make the new and incompetent practitioners more obsessive; while good practitioners don’t need to listen to such reports.
What’s more important, during my dissemination that lasts for two years, I expect practitioners may really devote themselves to cultivation without being disturbed by irrelevant activities so that they can improve continuously. Is there any bigger disturbance that the one that results from letting practitioners listen to reports to prove the scientific nature of the cult to scientific, technological and academic circles?
In order to not disturb practitioners, even I don’t meet with them, for it will take several days for them to calm down after meeting with me. Therefore, the sequence I designed for their cultivation will be disrupted. I have discussed the matter with the research association. We might have failed to make it clear to Jing. Since it’s done, there is no need to find out who is to blame. I believe that you did not deliberate. However, we should be careful in the future, since everything we do today lays a foundation to disseminate the cult generation after generation. We should leave a complete, right and correct cultivation mode for later generations! I am not writing to criticize you but to make amendments.
Please forward this letter to the other tutorship stations.

Li Hongzhi
June 26, 1996

Few things could cause more of an uproar than the letter did among practitioners. At one point, everyone was talking about it.
Someone said: “Jing came to disseminate the cult under the direction of the master and the organization of the research association, the major members of which even reviewed Jing’s speech rehearsals. Why did the master say that Jing’s reports had negative impact? Why did he say that Jing’s reports would disturb the dissemination of the cult? It’s really confusing.”
Someone else said: “Did the master say Jing’s reports should be expanded to a larger and larger extent to span the globe? The research association arranged reports according to the master’s requirement. Why did the master say that Jing should not give reports to practitioners? How can this biggest Buddha in the universe contradict himself in such a way? Is he doing things backwards?”
Someone even asked me bluntly: “I really cannot understand how to deal with your reports. What is true cultivation? You have been obeying the orders of the master not to take into account personal issues and to follow the arrangements of the cult. However, what you finally get is the infamy as an evil violating the cult. How can we understand it? In a word, everything the master does is right, while everything you do is wrong.”
Of course, some cultivation mates saw me as the enemy and not a member of the same clan. They tried to avoid contact with me so that I would not affect their cultivation.
As I have analyzed, Li Hongzhi must have written the letter for several purposes.
First, according to Li Hingzhi’s heretical ideas, to complete the cultivation, the practitioner should go through a number of barriers to reach higher levels. These barriers could be evil creatures or those designed by Li Hongzhi intentionally to improve the temperament of the practitioner. Back then I was still faithful to the Falun Gong and I deemed it as the latter.
Second, he was afraid my reports would stimulate the obsession of practitioners. Since my reports were about functions that appeared after cultivation. He was worried that practitioners might blindly pursue the “functions” so that they could not focus on reading the Zhuan Falun and do the cultivation. The obsession might prevent them from “substantial cultivation”.
With these ideas in mind, I did not bat an eye at the inner pressure. On the other hand, I continued to devoutly believe in the Falun Gong and attend key activities.
What happened later made me feel that it was not as easy as I had imagined. In 1998, when I went to the US to attend Falun Gong meetings, Ye Hao found me in the auditorium. Several times, he came to me and repeated loudly: “Welcome, Jing?!”
Thanks to him, many practitioners noticed me and started to whisper. Li Hongzhi soon found out that I had arrived and he blamed the people from the research association.
He asked: “Why did you allow Jing to speak at the meetings? You should no do that.
He also said: “Is Jing doing any scientific research with Ding Caiyin? I heard something about that.”
What he really wanted to know was why I went to the US rather than engage in substantial cultivation in China? Did I want to gain more influence?
Ding Caiyin is an engineer at NASA and a Falun Gong practitioners. I had heard about him but never got the chance to meet him.
In order to crack down on me and build cases against me, Ye Hao told many lies. These included telling Li Hongzhi that I was involved in scientific research with Ding.
Other people present when Li Hongzhi asked his questions simply said: “Jing has not met with Ding. How can they undertake joint scientific research?”
Li Hongzhi was shocked by the question and became aware of his mistake. Utterly discomfited, Li Hongzhi asked Ye Hao: “Ye, what is this all about it?” Ye felt very uneasy and managed to change the subject but it later spread among the practitioners, who whispered about it and discussed it.
Some people said: “Li Hongzhi said he was the biggest “Buddha” in the universe. Why did he fail to figure out such a trifling fact but needed the practitioners to put it right?”
However, some people said: “It’s not the master but Ye Hao who should be blamed. Ye Hao told the lie to make a fool of the master and damage the master’s image. It must be Greek gifts.”
Later, at the meetings held in Geneva, Li Hongzhi again gave me a strong blow.
The experience made me calm down. I finally realized that, Li Hongzhi intended to knock me down and then stomp on me so that I could never get up again.
After I spiritually rid myself of the imprisonment of the Falun Gong, it became clear. At that time, my growing prestige weakened the unlimited worship and respect of the practitioners toward Li Hongzhi. This made Li Hongzhi feel threatened in his position as hierarch of the Falun Gong, something he absolutely wanted to prevent.
It was Li Hongzhi who put me in my position at that time. He wanted to prove the Falun Gong scientifically and expand its influence in academic circles. He used me as a cannonball. However, his expectations were exceeded and there were some side effects expect. I became a new idol for most Falun Gong practitioners.
Li Hongzhi must have worried about that. If he could not beat me down and discredit me as soon as possible, I would become another master of the Falun Gong. That must be why he wanted to deliver vital blows to bring me down.
Li Hongzhi had managed to circulate a series of articles named Nine Comments on the Communist Party of China, in which he condemned how the CPC had a hard time during the Great Cultural Revolution. But, is there a difference in how he treated me and what happened during the Great Cultural Revolution? Li Hongzhi now keeps calling for a “breakup of the party culture” but desires the “party culture”. This is the same Li Hongzhi, who calls for virtue and morality but is full of fakeness, evil and fraud!

Joint Trials

In winter of 1997, the research association initiated and held the international Falun Gong experience exchange meeting in Beijing.
Delegations from different countries arrived at Beijing before the meeting, including the US delegation. These people, who traveled a long way to Beijing at their own expense, were noticed as soon as they arrived at the hotel. They were told to tell the others that the meeting was an initiative of the US practitioners and that they should preside over the meeting or the delegation would lose its qualification to attend.
Why did Ye Hao want the Americans to be the organizers of the meeting?
Since the dissemination of the Falun Gong started, many people, including relatives of the practitioners, people from religious circles and many scientists have reported to related authorizes that the Falun Gong organization propagates feudalism, superstition and pseudoscience and gets money as a Qigong organization. These people claim that the Falun Gong is actually a heresy that should be banned by the government. At the same time, the news media have reported on it.
Following widespread appeals from all quarters of society and an investigation by related departments, on July 24, 1996, the General Administration of Press and Publications of the People’s Republic of China issued the Notice on Immediately Confiscating and Sealing up “The Falun Gong of China” and Other Four Books. Since then, a nationwide ban on books and promotional materials related to the Falun Gong started.
On November 6, 1996, the China Qigong Scientific Research Association cancelled the registration of the Falun Gong organization, which had been proved to be an illegal and infamous organization.
In response, Li Hongzhi decided to hold an international Falun Gong meeting in Beijing, the capital of China, as a demonstration to the Chinese government and to spread the popularity of the Falun Gong. Ye Hao and his confederates were surely aware of the risk of holding such a meeting and were afraid of being tracked by the Chinese government. They wanted to shift the blame to Americans to absolve themselves from the legal responsibility.
It proves that, except for Li Hongzhi, several people in charge of the research association are the main power holders of the Falun Gong and they are just doing “cultivation” through political measures.
Most members of the US delegations disagreed with the opinions of the research association. They believed that the research association was not honest, for they were not really the initiators of the meeting. They could not understand why they should take responsibility for it?
Therefore, some Americans flied back to the US at their own expense before the meeting was held. Others, who failed to get admission tickets and couldn’t attend the meeting, said angrily: “This is intolerable. These people called for honesty but act otherwise. It is obvious that they were afraid of shouldering any responsibility for the meeting so they wanted to shift it to the Americans!”
In fact, that’s the true opinion of the people from the “research association”, but they could not tell the truth, because they didn’t want to show their selfishness and timid nature to the practitioners. That’s why they played double roles and placed an order as the superior. This was their way to adorn themselves as powerful and to frighten the others.
Due to insufficient preparation, part of the meeting was used to put on performances related to some other religions, such as singing the Christmas carol, singing the praises of the blessings of god and even showing some Beijing opera performances, all of which were above criticism for ordinary people but which Li Hongzhi definitely considered taboo.
In order to totally control the mind of the practitioners and prevent them from being influenced by the other cultures, Li Hongzhi has repeatedly emphasized that the Falun Gong is “only proper course to take” and that practitioners should be focused.
In his Zhuan Falun, he wrote: “The cultivation should be-focused and any penetration of the other cultivation methods should be avoided.” In order to prevent practitioners from violating the ban, Li Hongzhi also threatened in the book that “no one is allowed to do so; otherwise, he is destroying the cult.”
His threat worked to that point that we only read the Zhuan Falun and books related to the cult and only did the Falun Gong cultivation and did not attending other activities, watch TV or read newspapers or other books.
Singing Christmas carols at the “international experience exchange meeting” was seen as an offence that seriously violated the cult.
Upon learning that, I soon recalled what Li Hongzhi had written for me, the goals of “preach, rectify, practice and attain the Falun Gong”. He even authorized me to make corrections whenever the cult was disseminated in a wrong way. I felt the wrong dissemination at that point and believed I should meet Li Hongzhi’s requirement to make corrections. I told my opinions to Duan, the director of the general Falun Gong station in Shijiazhuang.
Shortly after that, Duan reported it to the research association. It proves that inside the Falun Gong organization there is a strict structure through which reports are made at various levels to controls to control the thoughts of practitioners. The defense is iron clad.
Ye Hao, Li Chang and Wang Zhiwen flew into a rage at the report. In March 1998, before I went to the US, I visited the research association and met them. With a ghastly pale face, Ye hao asked: “I heard that you have some opinions on the international experience exchange meeting. Do you know why we put you in such a high position? I heard that you want to correct the dissemination of the cult. Are you targeting us? You are nothing at all!” He followed his comments with some expletives.
He started to shout abuse to me, using many dirty words that reflected nothing but the his rudeness and lack of education. I was extremely calm, and did not say a word.
Before that, I had never had in any conflict with these people. It was really eye opening, as if a parent was blaming his child in a perverse and violent way, or like an officer rebuking a soldier. Even my own parents had never blamed me like that. A regular person could not have put on Ye Hao’s performance. That it was done by one of the people in charge of the Falun Gong, really stunned me. The only idea in my mind at that time was: “Are they really doing the true cultivation? What do truth, kindness and endurance mean to them? They may have totally forgotten them or failed believe in them from the very beginning. These people just use the Falun Gong to realize ambitions for politics and wealth that they must be unable to realize as ordinary people.
The shock would have woken me up had I had not been so poisoned by Li Hongzhi. However, I was then too obstinate to wake up.
Today, I cannot see the fact more clearly. Li Hongzhi set me up for another purpose in addition to that mentioned above. Li Hongzhi was not confident in Ye Hao, who threatened his position with his great contributions to the organization. Therefore, he wanted to use me as a tool to control Ye Hao. Otherwise, Li Hongzhi would not have written the words “correcting the Cult” for me and secretly given me the right to make corrections whenever the cult was disseminated in a wrong way. Nor would he have repeatedly told me not to tell anyone else about this authorization. It proves that, in order to gain money and power, the high management of the Falun Gong organization is full of deceit, falseness, plots and intrigue.

What’s Self-cultivation?

Li Hongzhi repeatedly declared that Falun Gong was not a religion but self-cultivation. What is self-cultivation on earth?
The religious circle believes that self-cultivation is a journey from this temporality to Faramita. The temporality refers to the common people while Faramita refers to the world that the self-cultivated people can grow into by becoming Buddha, culmination or immortality.
“The journey from the temporality to Faramita” must be realized through normal religious activities. At the moment we do not discuss whether there is Buddha or immortality. It is understandable as an indeology and a faith. The Chinese government has always offered support and protection to faith and religious activities on the basis of independent operation.
However, the religious faith and activities must comply with the teachings formed through thousands years of evolution. What are a religion and its essentials? A religion is a social activity that includes a sect with immortal or supernatural power and teachings. A religion must meet four conditions. It must have a spiritual leader, teachings, and institutional organization and religious venues, and practitioners. That the Falun Gong is unlike a religion is mainly reflected in a number of aspects:
First, in a religion, there is strict separation between people and the supernatural power. No matter if they are monks, bishops, priests, pastors, imams, or any authoritative and respected clergy, nobody can declare that they are immortal in any form.
Since Li Hongzhi started to spread the Falun Gong in 1992, he boasted that he was the largest immortality in the cosmos and the “key Buddha” of the cosmos. Though he sometimes said “do not treat me as Buddha”, he also said “you are those who conduct self-cultivation, I am not among you.”
“I have countless dharmakaya to protect you. I spread the cult to save you. If I just make a gesture in the air a world can be built.”
Yu Changxin had described Li Hongzhi as incredible mighty with the capabilities of remote viewing and disappearing in the postscript of Zhuan Falun.
The book was published after being reviewed by Li Hongzhi and the postscript was deleted in republication. Why was it not deleted in the first publication? If it were the truth, what was there to fear? One reason was said that they were afraid of the description causing persistence of those who engage in self-cultivation. Another was said that the description was true and that it was deleted out of fear of creating doubt. If the description was true, why did they fear doubt? Li Hongzhi and the one who edited the postscript were well aware of the fact. This point, Yu made very clear in his confession.
Second, the religious activities are to be held in public, no activities are to be held behind the closed doors.
As the Falun Gong spread, Li Hongzhi plotted numerous secret activities, several times attacking the news media, universities or governmental institutions. The typical ones included the attack on Zhongnanhai on April 25 that Li Hongzhi secretly directed. He also composed the Disclosure and Uprooting to criticize and threaten those practitioners who did not take part in the attack, increase the number of attackers and accelerate the event. Obviously Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong are quite opposite to traditional religions.
Third, religions forbid clergy from cheating others out of their wealth. Sakyamuni gave up his throne and his wife and children to reach enlightenment and died penniless. Atoning for the world, Jesus was crucified. Li Er, the creator of Taoism, left material world after composing a file of five thousands words. They gave up everything in the earth, but left behind lasting beliefs.
In a dozen years, Li Hongzhi has collected numerous fortunes. He stipulated explicitly in the Tutorship Station Rules, which he drafted himself that those who conduct self-cultivation shall not appropriate money or materials. He emphasized repeatedly in his books or speeches that no head-quarters stations, tutorship stations, spots or individual shall take or use a penny made from selling books in relation to the Falun Gong, hoping to reserve all the money for himself. He declared that there are hundreds of millions Falun Gong practitioners. He could have become a billionaire by charging one Yuan per practitioner. As a matter of fact, there were more than 2million practitioners in total at the peak of Falun Gong.
Moreover, Li Hongzhi cheated in his public speeches virtuous Falun Gong practitioners who knew nothing of what happened behind the scenes. Those who contacted Li Hongzhi directly were unaware of Li Hongzhi’s double face. According to Yu, when the book Teaching in the US was priced at 5 Yuan in its first publication Li Hongzhi said the pricing was too low and requested to re-price the book at 8 Yuan in the second publication. This move was to make money from Falun Gong practitioners.
In these ways, Li Hongzhi made a large fortune. From May 1992 to the end of 1994, Li Hongzhi held 56 rounds of Falun Gong training, and collected more than 3 million Yuan. He also took 8% in author’s royalty and proofreading costs, totaling 7.2 million Yuan, from related Falun Gong books and audio and video products illegally published by Wuhan Shenshen Group. Li Hongzhi took at least 160 million Yuan and most of the money was transferred abroad.
After the Falun Gong was banned, the media publicized a lot of proof that Li Hongzhi collected money. Li Hongzhi could not deny any of it. Several years ago, the US media unveiled the scandal that Li Hongzhi had accepted a luxury villa from practitioners, reflecting Li Hongzhi’s filthy side of cheating and greed in building a fortune.
Fourth, a religion has its own teachings, religious awareness, an organization, rituals and ritual articles, passed through and followed b numerous practitioners over thousands of years.
The Falun Gong has been discarded after a dozen of years because its teachings are in conflict with each other and have led to countless bloody events harming lives and human rights and alarming practitioners.
Religions have strict teachings and rituals that have become religious customs and tradition and they do not refuse medicine or medical treatment or technical achievements and results.
On the contrary, Falun Gong insisted in the concept of “Yeli” or sin, believing illness is the result of one’s transgressions in the preexistence and a person must endure the torture of illness in this existence. If one takes medicine after being ill, that is to reduce one’s cultivation and Yeli will accumulate and one cannot purify oneself to reach the level of enlightenment.
Here Yeli, according to Li Hongzhi, is “black matter left in one’s baby after making transgressions in the preexistence. Scientifically “Yeli” does not exist.
It is common knowledge that one takes medicine after being ill. The immunity helps cure illness and only when one’s immunity cannot remove the illness do people have to take medicine.
Some practitioners believed in Li Hongzhi and did not take any medical treatment even in serious conditions and some died. To the death Li Hongzhi declared that was the result of persistence. Li Hongzhi also blamed the accidental deaths caused by Falun Gong on interference. All in all, Li Hongzhi is not liable for any problems created by Yeli, rather, they are the result of the practitioner’s non-proficiency or the interference of a demon. He would also try to directly block the news and anybody who discussed such news privately was seen as breaching the cult.
From the aspect of religion, cultivation must be conducted in line with normal teachings, and that is an extremely serious issue. Especially Buddha is Buddha, human is human, and they cannot be mixed or summarized in a nutshell. What Li Hongzhi spread is evil, not “the unique cultivation shortcut of the cosmos” to grow into a Buddha or immortality.
Li Hongzhi’s Falun Gong has not a complete or systematic Qigong or religious theory system, but a combination of words related to Qigong and religions, even some knowledge of modern popular science. Therefore that is no talk of normal cultivation.
More ridiculously, practitioners want to reach “culmination” with self cultivation. Li Hongzhi took advantage of the practitioners’ dream and lured them with culmination from the very beginning of the Falun Gong. The practitioners became his “dishes” one by one. From the ending time of culmination we can see his cheating ways clearly.
In his early days, Li Hongzhi focused on encouraging practitioners to “exercise the cult” and “promote the cult” in his “teachings”. There are many examples.
(1)On December 8, 1995, Acknowledging a Master: “The master must send dharmakaya to protect you quietly. You will reach the other shore someday in the future as long as you can preserve.”
(2)On May 27, 1996, Awaking: “Actual cultivation time is limited.”
(3)June 26, 1996, A Letter to Shijiazhuang Headquarters of Falun Gong: “I spread the cult for two years, leaving two years for practitioners to exercise cultivation.”
(4)On July 2, 1996, Correcting Personality: “With deepening cultivation, many practitioners gradually become perceptive and will see the real, splendid and superb views in other spaces.”
(5)On August 28, 1996, Disclosure: “Currently a large number of practitioners reach culmination or close to culmination. How grave it is to reach culmination. There is nothing more splendid or greater in the world.”
(6) On September 26, 1996, What’s Perception: “Perception means appreciation or opening your capability in Falun Gong, in other words, a person has cultivated and completed all the process and will reach the heavenly world…Because some practitioners started from a higher level, they will reach perception quickly. When I said leaving two years to the practitioners, I referred to these practitioners. All practitioners have actually made rapid advancement and many will become perceptive, which was unimaginable in the past. I hope you will settle down and keep practicing continuously. Whenever and whoever reaches culmination, I will receive you and transfer you.”
(7)On November 2, 1996, Beijing International Exchange: “I also want to bring a grand deed when you reach Culmination. I think we can do it this way: All practitioners fly to the sky with your body and those who do not want your bodies can burn them in the sky and fly away. In this way we can create glory unprecedented in history and leave an impressive lesson for human beings. Since they do not believe in god, let’s show the real god to them. I think this way, but it will be subject to the last stage. There is no problem reaching culmination, the only problem is how.”
(8)In April 1999, Li Hongzhi returned to Beijing from abroad to direct the “April 25 Event”, directing all members of the “institute” to encourage practitioners to attack on Zhongnanhai. He said, “tell every practitioners, this is the last chance to reach culmination.”
A decade has passed, but there is no sign of that incomparable great event.
Many practitioners waited for ten years! The complete success and infinite culmination that the practitioners had longed for and waited for became naught.
In July 1999, the central government put down Falun Gong as an evil organization and the domestic Falun Gong organization fell and died out. Many practitioners awakened and found they had been cheated. Since then they broke away from the evil organization ideologically and practically. Li Hongzhi’s “Culmination Theory” collapsed and became the flower in the mirror.
During that time Li Hongzhi did not make any speeches or publish any “teachings”. He thought about how to get out of the difficulty and how to patch the lie. At that time, the website “Minghui” became the portal of the Falun Gong and urged practitioners to “appeal to the higher authorities”. On June 16, 2000, Li Hongzhi published “Reaching Culmination” to encourage practitioners. He wrote: “Practitioners are waiting for culmination, I cannot wait any longer.” After the “teachings” were published, a batch of self-cultivators came to the evil net and became the quarries of Li Hongzhi’s lie.
Li Hongzhi changed the deadline of culmination often and every time he offered an excuse.
The only thing that has not changed is that the moment to reach Culmination will never come as it is a lie. If Li Hongzhi gives another deadline of culmination, everyone can predict the result: before the deadline, Li Hongzhi will find another excuse to deny the time and offer a new deadline.
In order to win over the people, Li Hongzhi blamed the inability to reach culmination on practitioners. In March 2002, he said during his Touring Speech in North America that “it is a piece of cake to realize personal culmination. It is a matter of course for practitioners to lay a foundation for greater deeds. If you only care about your personal culmination, I would say you do not fit to be Falun Gong practitioners in the period of correction.” In this way, Li Hongzhi transferred the liability from himself to the practitioners for not reaching culmination because they neglected the mission during the correction period.
In addition, Li Hongzhi transferred the liability of the lie to the interference of demons. Teaching in San Francisco in 2005 he said that “the old power aimed to enable the persecution to test the practitioners. They believed practitioners had not been fully tested and those who did not stand up would stand up and those who were not ready got ready. When they come to the cult promotion curse, these practitioners really hindered the course of progress.”
Li Hongzhi made practitioners transfer from cultivation for personal improvement to “practitioners of the Falun Gong correction period.” Then he developed the theory to the stage that only fighting against “persecution” could they prove and improve the cult and reach culmination. In this way, culmination became an elusive live-forever pill Li Hongzhi used to cheat those addicted to Falun Gong.
In fact, culmination is a non-existing live-forever pill and Li Hongzhi cheated many practitioners with it. It is no wonder somebody who broke away from the cult drew a cartoon of a large cobweb with the glittering culmination in the center and many edacious worms stuck in the net. Li Hongzhi was on the other side of the cobweb ready to eat the worms.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
Posted by: david lee ()
Date: March 19, 2012 10:23AM


On September 4, 1998, at a small meeting convened in Geneva, Ye Hao encouraged a practitioner to ask Li Hongzhi a question: “Master, do we still need Jing Zhanyi to promote our cult?” Li Hongzhi replied: “The situation has changed and Jing Zhanyi promoting the cult has changed too…Jing Zhanyi was of the good race left by the previous Earth explosion.”
Li Hongzhi’s reply reflected two messages.
First, the earth had exploded and will explode in the future. This can be easily explained. It has been proven that the earth will not explode because it has no nucleus reaction in the core. The earth is a planet and will never become a star. The idea that the earth will explode is a shocking lie Li Hongzhi made up, to create an intense atmosphere and control practitioners’ minds.
All hierarchs of evil organizations have controlled their practitioners with terrible ideas such as the end of the world. Li Hongzhi said: “In the past, the earth exploded and few people were left. In the future, the earth will explode. Do you want to survive? You have to learn Falun Gong. By following Falun Gong, you will not be annihilated, but will come to the heavenly world to enjoy a fairy-tale life.” Li Hongzhi said this despite the fact that it disclosed the mysteries of nature.
The second message was that I “promoted the cult” in the past in accordance with Li Hongzhi’s requirement but that had changed over time. The idea that I am of the good race left from the previous earth explosion is hard to understand.
When the news spread, many Falun Gong practitioners were shocked and many scandals spread.
Some comments noted that if I was a survivor from the previous earth explosion, wouldn’t that make me an extraterrestrial being?
Another noted that in the past the master said Jing came from a very high level to help him promote the Falun Gong. How could Jing be an extraterrestrial? Has not the master written “Correcting the Cult” for Jing in zhuan Falun in the past? That means the cult was improperly spread and Jing could help correct it. According to the master, the extraterrestrial being would destroy the cult. Since Jing could help correct it, how could he destroy it? It was really too hard too understand.
A third comment was: Jing was not an earthly man from the very beginning and came from a very high level or came to earth in another life.
A fourth: The master took care of Jing to prevent his over-absorption and lead practitioners to stagnation instead of hard practice.
There were so many different comments that nobody was clear on what was happening. I believe the question is very simple and it does not require much analysis to find the fundamental reason behind so many different comments without getting the real reasons. Only Li Hongzhi knew what he meant.
It is not important how many lives I have lived. I want to say that I am a normal person with flesh, thoughts, and a strong mind after experiencing much torture and waking up.
Somebody told me: “As the situation has changed, Jing, you no longer have any value.” The comment was similar to one made by Tang, one of the responsible people of the Beijing Falun Gong Tutorship Station: “Li Hongzhi will be good to you when you are useful to him, but when you are useless, he will overlook you. Oops, I was completely cheated, It is too late by the time I found the truth out.”
I had practiced Falun Gong for 10 years. What had I provided my family, friends and society? At the very beginning I practiced Falun Gong to strengthen my body, purify my mind, get rid of the pain caused by difficulties in life and reach the other shore to avoid pains in the next life. Instead, I brought pain and disaster to my family, friends and society. My reports “promoting Falun Gong” misdirected many people, caused harm to society and helped Li Hongzhi in his wrong doings. As somebody told me: “You are a victim, but also a victimizer.”
Though several years have passed, my shame and self-accusation have not faded. I feel more sorry for my children and grandchildren. I started to learn Falun Gong towards the end of 1995 and left my family without saying a goodbye in 1998 to improve and get rid of persistence as human being. I did not contact anybody in order to improve my self-cultivation until I was arrested in 2003.
I often reviewed my life with great pain. I graduated from university in the early 1960s. Though I am the only son of the family, I did not want to stay in a large city so I applied to a heavy industry base in Northeast China, the Number I Heavy Machine Plant. Premier Zhou Enlai called the plant a pearl in the palm. I worked in the plant for 15 years until I was transferred to Handan Iron and Steel Company to support the development of the iron and steel industry. I worked there for 20 years.
From the liberation to the reform and opening up, I experienced all the important changes in China. I have worked hard to build our country while seeking real knowledge and truth. However, I took a wrong path by taking Falun Gong as the truth.
I thought of what Goethe said: “Do not be moved. A tempting heart is the most miserable property on the peaceless land.” In the Buddha books it is said: “The flag did not move, and the wind did not move. What is moving is your heart.
Therefore choosing the road was my own fault and I have learned a lot along the way. While I lost my direction, many relatives, friends and the Chinese government did not give up on me but cared for me like my family and even treated me like their elder. They made careful arrangement for my daily life, clothes, food, living, travel and spiritual life. My scarred heart was deeply moved.
Every morning I get up to do exercises, facing the rising sun and enjoying a happy life. American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Only low-energy people are governed by the fate of life. A strong mind can do anything.”
I will use my experience to warn people to keep their eyes open and see the road clearly-there are all kinds of traps in the road ahead.
What’s more, modern people seek fortune in different ways. I believe fortune is only a part of one’s life and passion between people is more important and permanent. If I followed the road Li Hongzhi directed, I would have been a victim of Falun Gong. Addicts should remember to look back at the road they have taken. Though it is a long way, if you turn back, you will reach the bank soon. But if you walk forward, you will fall into an abyss and never return.

In Memory Of Three Victims

I sat alone before the window in a dark winter night. The chilly wind blew in through gaps in the window. I trembled and felt sad. Looking up the vast sky, I seemed to hear the cries of my dead peers: “Return my life!” Lost in deep thought, I heard groans and cried in a trance.
This was the delusion. A burst of pain and sadness accumulated for years. The tears wet my clothes. I did not weep only because Li Hongzhi used me, but because of some peers who recently died. Thinking of them, I could not help but tremble.
What makes me so sad?
In 2005, I learnt three Falun Gong practitioners had died from accidents. I was extremely sad and indignant and wrote the following to express my grief:
On July 25, 2005, Tan Shujun, former director of Huston Tutorship Station of Falun Gong, died suddenly of stroke at the Washington DC Falun Gong Exchange. I was shocked upon the news.
Tan was a woman in her 50s but looked young and beautiful. She was a school beauty of the National Taiwan University and came to the US many years ago. She worked hard and experienced ups and downs. She bought several houses in the US and ran a laundry, which was in good business. Later she learned Falun Gong and devoted herself to the practice. In order to promote Falun Gong and improve her self-cultivation, she gave up everything and sold her houses. She came to the Falun Gong base Longquan Temple in eastern US, responsible for financial affairs and the purchase of the base. There were few practitioners like her in the US. Tan lost consciousness after the stroke. Later she was sent to a hospital and found to be brain dead. She was kept alive with a breathing apparatus.
Many Falun Gong practitioners believed Tan had devoted herself to the promotion of Falun Gong and her primordial spirit would not die. There were hopes of being able to call her back. Her death was immediately reported to Li Hongzhi. Li Hongzhi said: “I can call her back, But it is up to her to come back.”
Falun Gong practitioners read Falun Gong teachings aloud, but nothing happened. They believed they should trust in the power of Falun Gong completely and that Li Hongzhi would save her, so they removed the breathing apparatus. If Tan was saved by a miracle, her life would prove that Falun Gong not only could save common people and purify their minds, protect them from illness, but also conquer all demons disturbing the promotion of Falun Gong. What a great deed it would be to save Tan. However, Tan died immediately after the breathing apparatus was removed.
When the bad news spread, practitioners were shocked and had different suspicions. Some said she had been released from suffering by the master and had gone back the world she came from. Some said it was a pity she had not seen the grand scene when the Falun Gong had completely corrected the world and “all practitioners fly in the sky” because she had not given up her attachments. Others believed Li Hongzhi had fooled Tan, but she did not realize it and died undeservedly.
When I met Tan in 1997, I found out she was ill but refused to see a doctor. In April 1998, I had dinner with her during a meeting in New York. Again she was ill. She was confident, however: “I am OK. With the master’s dharmakaya, everything can be solved!” Later her condition worsened to the point that she died at the meeting of Falun Gong for Li Hongzhi.
Tan died in the most developed country in the world during the 21st century. If she had not been fooled by Li Hongzhi’s cult and gone to see a doctor and trusted in science, she would not have died as medical treatment was available.
The second death that I could not forget was Zou Yu’s. I did not meet Zou myself, but heard of him. He was Falun Gong practitioner in the US. He had a swelling in his buttock that could easily be cured with several plasters in the rural area of China, let alone in the developed US. But he refused to see a doctor or take any medicine, which worsened his conditions. In February 2006, he fell down at home and could not stand up. Later large scratches appeared on his hip along with large black scabs. He then suffered from a swollen bladder, bad blood in his urine and pitch-like stool.
These were signs of blood poisoning caused by infection. Zou firmly believed he was removing “sins”, as Li Hongzhi had said, and refused to see a doctor. Every day he stuck to learning the cult, practice and send righteous thoughts. However, fishy black blood effused and a hole appeared on his hip, indicating the injured tissues were necrotic and infected.
At that time Zou still believed Li Hongzhi would save him. He would rather die than see a doctor. Every day he asked somebody to hug him during the practice of Falun Gong. He practiced meditation even when he had hallucinations. Sometimes when he fell, he would ask somebody to help him up to continue practicing.
Seeing these things, many by-standers sighed. On April 3, 2006, Zou was in extreme distress and feebly repeated: “Save me master. Save me master!” With incomparable loyalty to the Falun Gong and hopes to live, Zou closed his eyes and slowly died.
In the 21st century, when medical science had developed to the point of being able to transplant a heart, Zou died from a tumefaction for lack of treatment.
From Zou’s death, we can see that even clever people can do something stupid. His death was the result of crankiness. It is sad pity to pursue a purpose that cannot be realized and become blinded by it.
Actually, many practitioners did not follow Li Hongzhi’s instructions in practice. I want to ask Falun Gong practitioners if they have ever gone to see a doctor in secret? They would say: “The master never said not to see a doctor when one is ill.” “OK,” I would ask again, “have you ever publicly said during a Falun meeting that you have seen a doctor? Who would dare that they were cured by a doctor?”
The third shadow that cannot be removed was the death of Yang Qiugui. I often had nightmares and dreamed of dead people. One of them was Yang Qiugui. I did not know Yang personally, but heard of his death from friends. I was shocked by the news.
Yang was a handsome young man of 26. on May 30, 1998, he had the idea of reaching Falun World as quickly as possible after taking part in the Falun Gong Promotion Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany. He jumped from a hotel window on June 1and died. Those who witnessed the accident said it was miserable.
Yang was born in Aiguo Village, Zhongtong Town, Yujiang County, Jiangxi Province. He graduated from the East China University of Science and Technology in 1995 and won the special scholarship. In October 1996 he studied in the University of Glasgow, UK, for his doctorate in automatic control science. In 1997 Yang started to learn Falun Gong via the Internet.
The death of Yang, such a talented youth, caused strong response from many people in different regions. It is well known that suicide is the feeblest and most pitiful behavior. Yang was fooled by Li Hongzhi and chose to reach the so-called “culmination” at the cost of his life.
What can someone leave to others after a suicide? How much spiritual pain does a suicide bring to parents, their pain will never ease? Teachers are also affected, as their painstaking efforts are wasted.
Yang was the pride of his hometown. The bad news that he committed suicide because of Falun Gong outraged the public in his hometown. Local people rallied to request the local government arrest and punish the arch criminal. After quite a long time, local people calmed down.
Recalling the painful experiences, people started to think about what was behind the tragedy? The evil Falun Gong was devouring the body and mind of virtuous people.
In the last few years, more than 2,000 practitioners of Falun Gong have died accidentally because of traffic accidents of refusal of medical treatment. Some have mental disorders. Who is liable for these? Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong cannot be spared.
Take Yang as an example. He neither considered what effect his actions would have on his parents nor did he think of his responsibilities to support his parents when he decided to commit suicide, because Li Hongzhi said, your parents may not be your real parents, you should put down all human feelings and fly without hesitation. Yang did what he was told by “the master”.
Who is Hao Fengjun

Since ancient times, those who lie tend to steal, and vise versa. Hao Fengjun is such a person.
I heard from a friend that Hao Fengjun fled to Australia and made up many rumors about me. Later I read on the Internet some articles he wrote I have never net Hao but he made up many stories about me that really annoyed me.
Who is Hao Fengjun? Why did he make up so many stories about me? I realized the reason after learning about Hao’s past.
Born in Tianjin, Hao was a policeman in Heping District, Tianjin, until he was transferred to the 610 office. He was put in confinement because he released a criminal suspect without authorization in return for several thousands Yuan. He felt ashamed and had the idea of going abroad like Li Hongzhi. When the time was right, he fled to Australia with his mistress.
The Dajiyuan Website interviewed Hao and published the following content on the Internet:

Focus Interview
-Media and judiciary authority act in collusion
On November 5, 2003, the CCTV Focus Interview produced the special themed “Behind the Patent”. Jing zhanyi, a practitioner of Falun Gong and chief engineer of Handan Iron and Steel Group, denied that he had seen any miracles because of practicing Falun Gong. The program was replayed by different local media and became more strong evidence that the Communist Party of China had proven Falun Gong to be pseudo-science. How was the program designed to unveil a lie produced?
Hao said he was a witness of the production of the program. In 2003, the National Security Bureau of the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau was assigned a special mission and the captain of 610 Office took several policemen to Shijiazhuang. When they returned, Hao found an old man with grey hair had been handcuffed in the inquiry room. Later, it was learned that the old man was Jing Zhanyi, a cadre at the deputy-department level. CCTV reporters went to the National Security Bureau to interview Jing and show the international community the penance of a deputy-department level cadre.
The National Security Bureau conducted the interview. Hao stood outside watching how Zhao yuezeng, the deputy director of the National Security Bureau, told Jing that if read a prepared script he would be commuted, otherwise he would also be sentenced for treason to life imprisonment or secret execution. The poor old man was forced to agree and denied the miracle caused by practicing Falun Gong on the TV program. Later Jing was sentenced to eight years in prison.
Hao, watching all this, could not help but say “it isn’t a lie?” Little did he notice the CCTV reporter standing near him. Several days later, Hao was interviewed and knew trouble had come. He asked frankly, “why did you threaten Jing Zhanyi?” The deputy director of the National Security Bureau, immediately outraged, said: “Do you want to rebel?” Later Hao was confined for more than 20 days in a room without any heating facilities during the cold winter.
Hereby I declare solemnly:
1. What Hao said was a big lie. I had never been a cadre at the deputy-department level of Hebei Province.
2. CCTV interviewed me but I did not know then that the Focus Interview would be played to the public and learned of it only that after it was aired. What happened was that I was arrested because I continued carrying on Falun Gong activities after the central government banned Falun Gong and any programs practicing Falun Gong had become illegal in 2002. Later I was confined to the Number I Detention House of Tianjin while waiting for trial.
In the early summer of 2003, a policeman of the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau asked me: “We heard you did well during the detention and had realized the essentials of the Falun Gong. We are preparing a press conference and will interview you, do you agree?”
The policeman was polite and I was not handcuffed or hanged. I was not handcuffed before, during or after the interview, let alone hanged. No deputy director told me to “say what they had arranged in advance”. There were not threatening words like “otherwise you will be sentenced additionally for treason to life imprisonment or secret execution.” Hao made up all this.
What I said during the CCTV interview and my Knowledge about Falun Gong was true. There was no witch-hunt. I have not had a chance to see the report “Behind the Patent” but I believe the major content was true and will stand the verification of reality and history.
I read a comment on the People’s Daily about me that was basically true. As the “splendid description” about the deputy director of the National Security Bureau by Hao, I was not on the scene and did not know what is true or false. But I can affirm that Hao was confined because he accepted bribes and was reported.
3.The Falun Gong had painted Hao as an “upringht and outspoken hero sticking to the truth”. Hao made a life by telling lies to seek protection abroad. I doubted how long the protection would last. He would soon become worthless and discarded by his foreign lord. He should feel ashamed because of his betrayal of the motherland, the people and his conscience. How can he explain abandoning his parents, wife and children.
I can only wish Hao do not seek personal fortune and fame, otherwise he would be used by those with evil purposes. He should be conscientious, upright and selfless and consider the benefits of the motherland. One may make a mistake intentionally or unintentionally. The key is how to deal with and correct the mistake. One should consider what is more important, unity of the country and national benefit, or personal greed?
China is facing both opportunities and challenges, and will have to deal with many problems, some serious, on the way to become a stronger nation. We should see the mainstream, the growth and appeal to most people. That is the benchmark to make decisions. Only through selflessness can fearlessness last forever. I am afraid that doing anything fearlessly with a selfish motive could only yield many lies. There was a saying in China: “A clean mind wants no washing” or “a good conscience is a soft pillow.”

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
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Date: March 19, 2012 10:27AM


In early 1990, with only 50 Yuan in his pocket, Li Hongzhi was a rather ordinary grain store security guard and a nameless qigong practitioner. Several years later, Li Hongzhi had become a moneybags settled in the US, a world-renowned master and a Universe Dominator worshipped by the masses. All of these surprised the public and caused it to reflect.
All this was due to the establishment of Falun Gong. The rise of Falun Gong in China had some social causes. In those years, true and false qigong prevailed and quite a few people underwent a crisis of belief. Some people believed in it to shake off various embarrassments and escape from the earthy fetters, building their bodies or curing illness without medicines. Also, a group of people wanted to realize their political ambitions through the Falun Gong. With the growth of Falun Cult, their plots emerged. To this day, there are still infatuated, fooled and ignorant of the truth.
It is clear that Li Hongzhi leveraged social causes to create the Falun Gong. When he reached a certain level of influence, qigong dissemination dropped below his bubbling desires and he stared to pursue political illusions. Failing in his attempt, he fled abroad seeking the support of a foreign political force. This is the way of evil religions around the world. Therefore, we may say that Li Hongzhi is a 21-century colonist, who launched an “enclosure movement” through the optical fibers of the information age and easily captured the brains and pockets of the people wherever he went.
Having unveiled a fairly small part of the inside story on Falun Gong based on my own experience, I will face blame. However, I believe that no matter how people, the earth and the universe change, the truth will exist forever. Truth is an object development law that never changes according to people’s subjective ideas. If the Falun Gong really wants to save people, it should remove all selfishness and untruth and find an effective remedy for problems and cure physical and psychological illnesses. Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong never achieved this.
I believe neither people nor the earth will become extinct for billions of years. However, the development of the earth and people must conform to the law of natural development, People are tiny and petty in the endless development of the universe. To find the conditions for existence, people must conform to and harmonize themselves with the development law of the universe.
There is never a Universe Dominator that controls the development of the universe. Li Hongzhi’s heretical ideas are deceptive horse feathers. Human society will not regress just because of a negligible Falun Gong. As we have seen, the Yangtze River has roared eastward for thousands of years and a turbid wavelet cannot changes the development of history and society.
Of course, people should not be the slaves to the universe nor should the earth be the garbage station of the universe. People should pursue progress and the constant development of the universe. It is predicted that the future of people is a good one, but a good future relies on work and creation not the heretical nonsense of sending people to a Falun World (that doesn’t exist!) fabricated by Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong.
I am now observing all these changes with a sober mind.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
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Date: March 23, 2012 10:28AM


I have described the psychological changes in my practice of Falun Gong and give a faithful introduction to my experience. Now, I¡¯d like to talk about Li Hongzhi¡¯s heretical ideas about the Falun Gong and his nasty tricks.
I The truth about the ¡°4.25¡±Event
On April 25, 1999, the ¡°Zhongnanhai Event¡± took place in Beijing. Some 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners surrounded Zhongnanhai, the place where the central authority is located. I wasn¡¯t part of the event because I was in Tianjin at that time, but I saw a document written by a person named Yao who was there after the event. Here are some excerpts from the article:
On April 25, 1999 Li Hongzhi, after returning from abroad, instigated Falun Gong practitioners to ¡°report conditions¡± to the State leaders in Zhongnanhai. This was in fact a demonstration. Li Hongzhi told the public that ¡°this is the final chance of coming to a successful end and needs to be told to every practitioner.¡± After hearing that, we thought the new cosmos was going to take shape, the changes on the earth were ending and people with successful ends were leaving. Our minds were filled with the words ¡°successful end¡±.
Li Hongzhi returned to Beijing before the 4.25 Event. On the morning of April 23, he plotted with Li chang, Wang Zhiwen and Ji Liewu in his shelter at Fahua Temple to organize a large sit-in in Zhongnanhai.
In the wake of the event, Li Hongzhi rushed to Hong Kong. His signature is visible on the departure card at China¡¯s customs authority. But, when interviewed by Australian media, he said: ¡°I was flying from Melbourne to Sydney.¡± As a matter of fact, he arrived in Hong Kong and directed all that happened in Zhongnanhai.
I received a call from Ji Leiwu at 19:30 on April 25. He let me notify people at the site by saying ¡°the Master asked us to withdraw as he saw the site was a bit messy¡± and then ¡°the practitioners in Beijing were so generous that they asked non-local practitioners to stay in their homes and evacuate quickly!¡± I had thought Li Hongzhi saw all that happed with his ¡°magic power¡±, but he was actually in Hong Kong and arranged for another person to report to him what was happening via cell phone. Li Hongzhi analyzed the site conditions before telling Ji Liewu, who informed me later.
When interviewed in Australia, Li Hongzhi said: ¡°They went there after learning that.¡± Then, he let the practitioners back home to study his ¡°media interviews in Australia¡±, ¡°lecture in Australia¡± and ¡°lecture in New Zealand¡±, which were actually intended to tell the practitioners the answers to questions about the Zhongnanhai Event. He taught the public to tell lies. Was anything about him true?
From Yao¡¯s account, it is not hard to see that people who are good at stealing tend to tell lies while those who are good at telling lies tend to steal. There is no exception to this rule. The 4.25 Event was one of the demonstrations that Li Hongzhi plotted and personally directed in which numerous Falun Gong practitioners were incited to exert political pressure on the Chinese government. It was one of the most severe political events that Li Hongzhi and his ¡°Research Institute¡± instigated. A large number of Falun Gong practitioners entered into confrontation with the Chinese government. With the 4.25 Event as a mark, Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong started on the path towards becoming a political and anti-government cult.
II Learn more about the cosmos
The view of the cosmos advocated by Li Hongzhi and the Zhuan Falun he compiled can be concluded as follows:
1¡¢The cosmos is finite and infinite, and the cosmos can be big or small.
According to the Zhuan Falun, the cosmos has boundaries, but at the level
Of Buddha it is boundless and infinite. A grain of sand resembles a cosmos, in which there are people as intelligent as we are, planets like the earth as well as mountains and rivers. (The Zhuan Falun, pg 53)
In the times of Sakyamuni, people thought the cosmos was a space where 3,000 planets like the earth existed together. The hypothesis is understandable. Nowadays, people can see celestial bodies 80 billion light-years away or farther with radio telescopes. It is therefore inconvincible to illustrate one¡¯s own views with the hypothesis of Sakyamuni. In the modern view, the cosmos is infinite and we cannot tell whether there are people within or without this 80-billion-light-year space.
However, imagination cannot be regarded as objective existence and the fool¡¯s obsession is unforgivable while those who intentionally trick others should be punished. I have no objection to idealistic and orthodox religious beliefs as they are intended to persuade people to do good deeds. But if someone takes Falun Gong as an excuse to swindle believers out of their money or even kill themselves, that¡¯s worse than a crime.
It is an equally unverifiable hypothesis that there are lives in a grain of sand. An unproven hypothesis can only create illusions. Li Hongzhi and the Falun Gong he advocated view modern science as ¡°empirical science¡± that is the result of people¡¯s limitation and foolish ideas.
Modern science treats the cosmos, the world and people in a more real way than a maggot does. It can encourage people to play their roles in creating beautiful lives with a more vigorous and down-to-earth attitude. If everyone on the earth tries to go back to the ¡°Falun World¡±- which is described as infinitely beautiful but that doesn¡¯t exist ¨Cinstead of working energetically for the development and harmony of people and the universe, what would the world be like? Will people continue to exist? All the words about ¡°Falun World¡± were fabricated by Li Hongzhi to trick practitioners into the Falun Gong.
Li Hongzhi said the cosmos has boundaries and space is finite. So, what¡¯s outside the finite space? What Li Hongzhi really intended was to make those who want to go beyond reality and enter the infinite world from the finite world practice Falun Gong. The statement about the limits of the cosmos were actually intended for people to learn Falun Gong.
Based on this view, Li Hongzhi put forward another statement: The cosmos is connectable from the perspective of god as the god and Buddha can freely move between the worlds of people and gods.
From the perspective of people, those who live in this space cannot those who live in other spaces or the truth about the cosmos. As a result, people are lost. To get rid of all the instincts of humans, including the pursuit of fame, wealth, emotions, concepts and others as well as the happiness or worries about birth, age, illness and death, the Falun Gong is the only way out.
Analysis of all social and natural phenomena has found no proof that can be directly or indirectly used to say the cosmos is layered. There is no evidence of spiritual beings that can freely shuttle through the cosmos. Some people will argue that a lack of discovery does not mean they don¡¯t exist. But I think lies are lame without convincing proof.
Others argue that god does not show up in the mortal world. They can say whatever they like but that actually confuses people and sends them along the path of no return.
I think the cosmos is integrated, without a limited size and no layers. People¡¯s understanding of the cosmos is expanding with their broadening vision.
Copernicus put forward the heliocentric theory in the 16th century, saying the sun is the center of the cosmos, which is rather ridiculous in modern views.
People discovered the Milky Way in the 18th century and observed the space at a distance of 80 billion light-years in the 21st century. The earth where we are living is in the Milky Way galaxy, which has a diameter of 100,000 light-years and contains 300 billion stars. The sun is nothing more than another star and one as small as a bean, with a diameter of 1.4 mm if we make observations by shrinking the cosmos to a trillionth.
The earth is 40 mega km away from the star closest to the sun and 255 mega km away from Vega. The Milky Way contains 300 billion stars with a diameter of 900,000 km. The earth is 2.9 million light-years away from the Andromeda Galaxy outside the Milky Way, 12 million light-years from the Great Bear m18, 46 million light-years from the Eridanus ncc1300 and 98 million light-years from Leo ngc3370.
Galaxies are the basic component parts of the cosmos while there are clusters that are larger than galaxies- galaxy clusters, super-clusters and meta-galaxies. The earth is an extremely tiny planet.
People continue assimilate the cosmos, which is to say, they are moving the development of humanity alongside changes in the cosmos and seeking ways to promote development rather than destroy natural rules. This is the most correct goal for people. Li Hongzhi¡¯s absurd heresy is indefensible.
2. About the ¡°Big Bang¡±
The Zhuan Falun says: ¡°After existing for an extremely long time, the cosmos will experience a big disaster, which will destroy all things, including all the celestial bodies and all lives. The movement of the cosmos also has its rules. The ¡®Big Bang¡¯ will not only make humans become bad guys but also result in fundamental changes in many other lives. As far as the present is concerned, the cosmos space has undergone a ¡®Big Bang¡¯.¡±
At the end of 1940s, the US scholar George Gamow put forward the Big Bang theory, which considered that the ¡°primeval fireball¡± exploded 20 billion years ago and generated a radiant flame with temperatures as high as 10 to 30 billion degrees Celsius as well as neutrons, protons, photons and neutrinos. After 100 seconds, the temperature fell to 1 billion degrees Celsius and the neutrons and protons combined to shape hydrogen and helium. The temperature dropped to 4,000 degrees Celsius 30,000 years later and the radiation began to fade. The cosmos at that time was mainly composed of gas-like substances that later developed into vapor clouds and cooled to become astral bodies.
At present, there is still heat radiation. The cosmos has continued to expand and the red shift phenomenon is evidence of the existence of heat radiation. Red shift has a speed of more than 2.76 billion km per second and the speed of the outward parts of the galaxy is in direct proportion to their distance to the center. The existence of red shift serves as practical evidence of the Big Bang theory, which still needs further verification.
Cosmology and Black Hole Theory created by British theoretical physicist Stephen William Hawking went beyond such theories as the Principle of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and the Big Band. That is to say, the Singularization Theorem and the Black Hole Area Theorem under the Principle of Relativity in the broad sense were proved in the framework of Hawking¡¯s classical physics while the phenomenon of black hole evaporation was discovered and the Hawing Universe Model put forward in the framework of quantum physics. Black hole evaporation shaped the particles of the cosmos.
Therefore, it can be seen that either the Big Bang Theory or Hawking¡¯s Cosmology and Black Hole Theory are completely opposite to what Li Hongzhi said about the cosmos, which included the ruin of all celestial bodies and the Big Bang as the start rather than the end of the cosmos. According to Li Hongzhi, only practicing Falun Gong could help people survive the ruin of the cosmos, which showed Li Hongzhi¡¯s intentions.
So, will the earth explode?
The sun accounts for 99.86% of the total volume of all the celestial bodies in the solar system. It gets its energy from internal thermonuclear reactions. The sun is far smaller than many other stars in the cosmos. In the end, the sun will not cease to exist but become a white dwarf and a planetary nebula. Five billion years later, the sun will swell to become a red giant. Two billion years after, the thermonuclear reaction will stop and the core will collapse for the sun to become a white dwarf.
With modern radio telescopes, we have observed many similar celestial bodies, such as the Lyra Ring Nebula m57 and Draco Cat¡¯s Eye Nebula, which have similar experience as the sun and have shined over the cosmos for tens of billions of years.
The time is so remote that the existence of human beings cannot be compared with it. Humans on earth don¡¯t have to think about such a remote matter. Even when the sun really turns into a white dwarf tens of billions of years from now, humans may have migrated to other planets already. Moreover, the earth will not explode because it is fundamentally different from stars and has very limited qualities. Besides, the earth has no internal thermonuclear reaction, which ensures it will not explode or change into a star.
3. Why does the cosmos move? Who pushes the movement of the earth?
According to the Zhuan Falun, all the galaxies move and nine planets circle the sun while the earth rotates. So, who pushes it? Who gives it its power? You cannot interpret it with the concepts held by ordinary people. It is mysterious, actually.
Li Hongzhi is misguided. He threw mist before the practitioners as the question about the movement of celestial bodies has definite answers in the history of scientific evolution. Simply speaking, Newton proceeded from the mechanical view of nature and considered the original force of the movement of celestial bodies. The earth circles the sun, with the force origination from God who threw the earth along the tangent to the periphery of the earth.
It is actually wrong, because internal factors determine changes in things. Kant put forward the nebular theory about changes in the cosmos, nothing that celestial bodies developed from interstellar matter scattered around after the big bang. Mutual appeals and collisions caused by universal gravitation and rotation due to uneven heat distribution shaped the present movement of celestial bodies.
The history of scientific evolution and the results of scientific research have helped arrive at the reasons for the movement of the cosmos and the earth a long time ago, but Li Hongzhi was still tricking Falun Gong practitioners.
He told practitioners not to consider the questions and interpret the concepts held by ordinary people. But I¡¯d like to ask him a rhetorical question: ¡°Why not view it with commonly held concepts?¡±
In fact, Li Hongzhi could answer the question in this way, ¡°practitioners can view it with ordinary concepts and compare the reasons with the explanation I offered. You can believe whichever you think is right.¡±
If what Li Hongzhi said is true, would he be afraid of practitioners making their own judgment with independent thinking? This is a typical feature of a cult.
A US scientist once conducted an experiment. He chose a group of normal people and a group of cult members as targets. When the brain of a normal person received a message, the first reaction of the brain happened in the region of the brain responsible for judgment. In contrast, the cult leader¡¯s brain first activated the region of the brain responsible for execution.
The experiment proved that the brain of a normal person loses its ability to analyze and judge once a cult leader controls it. Li Hongzhi knew this quite well. He had an even clearer idea that the practitioners would come to correct conclusion if they made an independent analysis with scientific knowledge. This explains why he asked practitioners not to consider the question with commonly held concepts. He wanted to build a firewall in the brains of practitioners and make them accept his fallacy that God drove the movement of celestial bodies. What¡¯s more, he claimed to be the biggest Buddha and biggest God in the cosmos, which led practitioners to conclude that Li Hongzhi drove the movement of the cosmos.
4. About the earth and evolution
Li Hongzhi said in The zhuan Falun that ¡°Sakyamuni mentioned that he attained immortality hundreds of millions of kalpas before. So, how many years make up a kalpa? A kalpa is hundreds of millions of years. That¡¯s a huge figure and rather incredible. If it is true, doesn¡¯t that coincide with changes in human history and the earth? Besides, Sakyamuni said that there had been seven Buddhas before him and he also had a master, all of whom attained immortality hundreds of millions of kalpas before. If all this is true, will the real orthodox Gongfas circulated in the society offer these ways to attain immortality? My answer is: Sure, but not frequently.¡± (The Zhuan Falun, P.19)
If we consider that 900 million years make up a kalpa, as Li Hongzhi said, how can the period of the evolution of earth, 4.6 billion years, coincide with the time of Sakyamuni becoming a Buddha as he attained immorality 900 million years ago?
As is known by us all, the earth has a history of 4.6 billion years while human beings appeared about four million years ago. If we compare the earth to a centenarian, life on earth has a history of only 78 years, humans are infants less that 1 month old, modern science is five minutes old and humans entered space 30 seconds ago. Imagine how insignificant human beings are in the vastness of the universe.
Let¡¯s further analyze the evolution of the earth, which can be divided into the ¡°Era of Astronomy¡± and the ¡°Era of Geology¡±.
The ¡°Era of Astronomy¡± refers to the period from the birth of the primitive earth to the formation of the earth. At first, the earth was a cold sphere, and its internal temperature rose because of its rotation and the changes of the radioactive elements. As the temperature reached 1,000 degrees Celsius and above, the substances inside the earth began to melt. Iron, nickel and other heavier metals sank to the center of the earth to shape the core while lighter metals like silicate went up to shape mantle that further cooled down to become the crust. The gas generated from the separation process developed into the aerosphere of primitive earth, in which the steam turned into the primitive water layer after condensation. The process took more than ten billion years, as research has proved.
The ¡°Era of Geology¡± refers to the period from the birth of the primitive earth to the current days, which included the stage of mountain building and water shaping.
Due to the uneven hardness and thickness of the crust resulted from the process of mantle cooling, the substances inside the earth are in an unbalanced state, with the crust crumpling and breaking to shape mountains and swales. That was called mountain building.
Of course, volcanic eruptions and meteor crashes are the major reasons for the uneven surface of the crust. While the mountains were building, the primitive water layer changed into river, lakes and seas. This was the process of water shaping.
The third stage was the creation of the biosphere, which will be discussed later.
To summarize, God did not control the evolution of the earth, as Li Hongzhi said. It has its rules.
Why did Li Hongzhi say Sakyamuni became a Buddha during ¡°prehistoric civilization¡±? That¡¯s because he intended to say Falun Gong took shape during ¡°prehistoric civilization¡± or even earlier, and further wanted to claim that he attained immortality earlier than Sakyamuni and Falun Gong was superior to all other Buddhist theories. Therefore, he defined Falun Gong as the Dafa of the universe and the only Gongfa circulated in the world. It was a ladder leading to heaven and convinced Falun Gong practitioners that Li Hongzhi was the prime Buddha of the cosmos.
The cosmos is vast and boundless. People¡¯s understanding of the cosmos is endless and there is no likelihood of the existence of any ultimate truth. The cosmos is infinite and so is people¡¯s knowledge of the cosmos. Since ancient times, people¡¯s ideas about the cosmos have been brought about through imagination, guesses, myths and experiments. This can only explain the limitation of people¡¯s recognition of the cosmos and outlooks of development at different times.
Getting to know the cosmos through experimentation and observation is the supreme approach to the modern understanding of the cosmos. The British philosopher Bertrand Russell once said that theories that cannot offer a clear explanation at all are divinities as divinities were created by imagination and wild guesses. Theories that give clear-cut reasons are science, as science can be proven by observation and experimentation. Theories that provide clear and obscure explanations are philosophical. The idea of the cosmos advocated by Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong belongs to the scope of divinities, or, to put it another way, the deceptive nonsense and lies of a cult.
III which substances constitute the universe?
The aforesaid is the universal outlook Li Hongzhi and the Falun Gong preached. Then, which substances make up the universe according to a scientific outlook?
It is quite important for those deceived by Li Hongzhi and the Falun Gong to establish a scientific and correct outlook of the universe. Otherwise, even if the fraud of the Falun Gong is exposed and people shake off the ideological fetter of evilness, their brains will not be empty but be filled with scientific knowledge.
When we have completely rooted out the heretical Falun Gong from our brains and armed ourselves with scientific knowledge, will have powerful immunity and can resist the erosion of any evil religions in addition to the Falun Gong.
The earth and human beings are tiny when compared with the universe. However, the endless universe leaves people infinite opportunities for exploration. Based on considerable scientific data, a conclusion can be made that four kinds of matter make up the universe. It is just a shallow understanding of the universe. With the development of science, people will understand more of the universe.
1¡¢Bright matter, the mass and electrons with varying physical and chemical reactions, is observable with eyes or instruments. For instance, visible fixed stars, galaxies and their laws of motion, account for 4% of the space matter people can explore.
2¡¢Dark matter, consisting of non-electrons and protons, has mass but no electricity and accounts for 30%-96% of the space matter human beings can explore. According to an article in the Guardian, a UK newspaper, dated February 6, 2006, the Institute of Astronomy (IOA) at the University of Cambridge observed the smallest dark matter in the Milky Way, which is about 30 million times the size of the sun and measures 1,000 light years in diameter and 10,000¡æ in temperature and does not emit light.
According to tests, the weight of a single particle of dark matter around the sun is one third to one fourth the weight of a hydrogen atom. On May 15, 2007, American astronomers discovered a ring of dark matter in a cluster of galaxies 5 billion light years from earth with the Hubble space telescope.
3¡¢Neutrinos, which were captured by scientists from Chiba University, Japan, in a 2,500 meter thick layer of ice in the South Pole. Experiments show neutrinos have neither mass nor electricity or too low to measure. Some measures suggest their mass is smaller than electrons and their core emits beta particles.
In 2002, Japanese scientist Masatoshi Koshiba discovered neutrinos produced from the explosion of supernovae had passed come to the earth. The fact further proves that the Big Bang created new matter instead of destroying everything. It was a rebirth instead of extermination.
4¡¢Quantum fields also exist in the universe. They distribute different shells like electrons surrounding the nucleus of an atom. Each shell has a certain amount of electrons and energy fields existing between the shells the founders of modern atomic and quantum theories describe them. German physicist Werner Heisenberg discovered that the arithmetic product of a microcosmic particle¡¯s position and momentum (time and energy) is a constant known as Planck¡¯s constant. The product of an electron¡¯s position coordinates and momentum is a constant. The law affirms that the rule of particle motion in the universe is applicable to both microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds. With further exploration of the universe, people will surely make more findings. The graviton recently brought forwards is one example.
The universe Li Hongzhi and the Falun Gong describe is subjective fiction. He has no proof to overturn any scientific arguments. To follow his ideas will inevitably confuse the thoughts of practitioners, making them fall into despair and even apply extreme means like ending their lives to pursue the ¡°culmination¡± after failing in a painstaking search of a non-existing illusion.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
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Date: March 23, 2012 10:30AM

IV Exploration on the origin of the life in the earth
After being educated with incontestable facts, many Falun Gong practitioners, including me, realized it is not a cultivation organization but an evil one with political plots.
Some people may still have questions such as how does life appear? Does God create life? Or did it naturally evolved after billions of years of natural development? If a person has not established a correct outlook on the universe on these issues, sooner or later, he or she will be confused and captured by the Falun Gong or other heretical religions.
In addition, Li Hongzhi ballyhooed up his theory that the “Gods created life” at different periods and occasions. In his “propaganda in Canada” he said, “it is absolutely true that the gods created people. Since the gods made them, humans have the appearance and the interior structure but not the abilities of these gods.” These arguments are rootless. Actually, not even a single clue supporting this has ever been found.
What are the gods? No one knows. They are imagined. Thus, Li Hongzhi dared shoot his mouth off. It was impossible to check his words because nobody has seen the gods.
Where on earth did life start? There have always been different opinions. Religions and science have their own viewpoints. Oriental believe Nuwa made all flesh with colorful stones for remedying the sky. Christians believe that God created all living creatures with clay within seven days. Li Hongzhi said that Gods created the entire universe and that the gods determined everything including life and death. How does science explain it? Perhaps, someone can argue that this is the view of the common people. But I believe that only in this way can it be completely explained. In 1830s, biologists discovered cells with microscopes and concluded that cells made up life on earth.
Then, where does primary life of the earth come from? In the 20th century, biochemists made chemical analysis of cells and discovered them to be composed of proteins and nucleic acids. Proteins are long-chain macromolecular compounds composed of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. Nucleic acids are made up of four kinds of alkali bases, ribose and phosphoric acid. So, An evolutionary process emerges as organic molecules, proteins and nucleic acid form cells.
Having discovered that proteins and nucleic acids are the basis of life, biologists wanted to have artificial synthesis and experimented. In 1955, English scientist Frederick Sanger clarified 51 amino acid sequences of insulin, a protein with low molecular weight and a simple structure. In 1958, a Chinese biochemical task force led by Wang Yinglai started to synthesize crystalline bovine insulin. September 1965 witnessed first success of Wang’s group. Even today, diabetics can use man-made synthetic insulin.
Now, let’s come to the nucleic acid. It has two components, DNA and RNA. DNA is a carrier of genetic genes. If nucleic acid is artificially synthesized, genetic genes are changed through restructured DNA, quality biological species are cultivated and new biochemical medicines are created to pave the way to cure genetic diseases.
Chorana, an Indian with the US citizenship, and his colleagues synthesized long-chain DNA consisting of 77 nucleotides in 1972 and 206 nucleotides in 1979. Chinese biologists synthesized long-chain DNA consisting of 41 nucleotides in 1979 and 16 nucleotides in 1981.
In order to explore the secret of life, biologists are trying to synthesize the basic matter of life. I can forecast that in the near future man-made life will be created. Then, the myth that gods created everything will be rewritten. Recently, research on stem cell has made new breakthroughs. For instance, new corneas cultivated based on stem cells have been successfully transplanted into blind eyes, enabling the blind to see again.
Then, where do organic molecules capable to evolving into life come from? Two views exist about this issue. One is the experiment-based authigenesis, advocating that life on earth evolved from inorganic matter in the planet’s specific environment. The theory is widely accepted.
The other theory is that life came from other planets. In recent years, people have discovered interstellar matter falling down on earth. Recent astronomic observations have found CH, CN and other organic matter in the nebulae. To date, 60-plus, molecules have been discovered, including 30-odd organic ones. A great number of organic molecules also exist in dust clouds floating in the interstellar space. In addition, tiny particles and plant fiber with many organic substances have been discovered with infrared astronomical telescopes.
American scientists discovered a new kind of amino acid in marine sediment, which is also found in aerolites. This shows that amino acid in marine sediments might be the result of aerolites’ sinking into the seabed.
Astronomers investigated and analyzed Halley’s comet when it returned between 1985 and 1986 and other comets. They discovered abundant organic matter and water in them. In recent years, scientists discovered complicated organic matter and amino acid in aerolites. In 1864, a French scientist discovered tiny carbon particles formed through the carbonization of spores or bacteria in aerolites. In 1960s, Americans discovered fiber sporinite similar to tiny epiphyte in a meteorite that fell in Tasmania in 1938. In the Murchison meteorite that fell in September 1969, scientists discovered five basic chemical materials present in the genes of all organisms on earth. China has found amino acid and carbon oxide compounds in meteorites in Jilin and the South Pole.
To sum up, scientists suggest life gradually emerged after billions of years of physical and chemical transformations. About 4 billion years ago, organisms fell down on earth and evolved into human beings after billions of years.
The above analysis indicates that life evolved from organisms across the universe. Then, where do organisms come from? Organisms evolved from minerals while atoms make up mineral molecules.
Then, do atoms exist elsewhere in the universe? Astronomers announced recently that hydrogen and helium atoms were found in the intergalactic medium (IGM), about one atom per cubic meter. Astronomers used detectors to emit light on these atoms and observe them with orbital satellites.
And where do hydrogen and helium atoms come from? They come from the Big Bang. Does the universe have other intelligent life forms in addition to human beings? To date, human beings have not found similar evolved life forms within 80 billion light years. Some may say this does not mean they do not exist.
These issues should be left to scientists and researches, I think. As ordinary people, we should focus on reality. Living in fantasy and blind pursuits can only lead to pain and embarrassment.
There is a common saying that relying on the mercy of the Buddha or the gods for happiness is no different than a fantasy, and a good life requires laborious effort. There is never pie from heaven. Of course, a sincere, selfish and benevolent heart is necessary. Never cheat anybody. More importantly, the goal of thousands of people living happily and working hard to create a harmonious, peaceful and beautiful world deserves pursuing.
In the book zhuan falun, Li Hongzhi describes himself as the Universe Dominator. Actually he is the son of Lu Shuzhen and Li Dan. He was born in Gongzhuling Town, Huaide Country, Jiling Province, China on July 7, 1952. He does not descend from a god, neither do his wife, daughter, brother or other family members.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
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Date: March 23, 2012 10:30AM

V Antiscience facts
In March 1996, Li Hongzhi told me: “Science develops to the end. The further it develops, the more ropes it will tie on the people’s necks.” This clearly shows Li Hongzhi’s attitude towards science.
Following Li Hongzhi’s view of science, the idea that science restricts the evolution of humankind leads it to blindness, it will never be possible to discover of master the laws of the universe. According to Li Hongzhi , only the Falun Gong could change the world. Falun Gong practitioners have TV sets on their heads to watch whatever they enjoy and can go anywhere without planes, trains, ships or any other modern vehicles. They also can communicate with gods, do anything and know the past, present and future of the universe. They can produce disasters to remove the so-called sins of humanity and cure all diseases. Are these things true? No doubt these are absolutely rootless fantasies.
Through 5,000 years of history, people have experienced countless tribulations and have finally found space to survive in harmonious co-existence with nature. With intelligence and hard work, human beings have struggled against blindness and ignorance and approached the hi-tech reality of today.
A presentation of scientific and technological development in coming decades will show that humankind is moving toward a more beautiful state instead of regressing and degrading. The development of science has changed the world. It will not go the way envisioned by Li Hongzhi. For more than a dozen of years, many Falun Gong practitioners have yearned to “ascend one day” or be “enlightened” by the cult. These are lies that will never come true.
Scientific and technological development shows the considerable contribution of science to human life. The examples below are enough to defeat Li Hongzhi’s absurdity:
•Within a period of 40 years, computer chips will be thinner than a molecule and composed of carbon atoms or other metals to create electronic circuits smaller than a nanometer. When loaded with a consciousness program, artificial intelligence will be born. Computers will then not be just tools but colleagues, teachers, officials, soldiers, doctors, etc. They will do housework and operate other machines and instruments, including driving various vehicles. These robots will have not only brains like people’s but also colorful emotions and complete difficult work for people.
•In the medical sector;
•Cloning human organs with stem cells and replacing degraded or sick ones will extend people’s lives;
•Creating many new species through transgene engineer, making nature more colorful;
•Leveraging people’s immunity to produce a cell potential activation agent capable of mobilizing the natural disease prevention ability, a major break-through in fighting illness;
•Artificial synthesis of the immune system;
•Human beings will fully develop traditional Chinese medicine to find new cures for illness.
•The development of new energy will lead to new applications for nuclear energy. Satellites will be used to reflect sunshine to earth. Universal energy, like universal rays, will be employed to serve mankind. The purest water will be found in Mars. Minerals, like helium, will be found in the moon.
•Products from fully automated lines will be found around the world. Most parts will be standardized.
•Holographic televisions will be produced.
•Computers will be made smaller than bacteria to go into human bodies or objects to unveil internal structural changes.
•Materials with super properties will be produced. For example, materials harder than diamonds will be made, including phase-transformed barium titanate. In the future, materials with super properties, especially materials necessary for special environments, will emerge endlessly. Elements with atomic numbers beyond 118 will be discovered. Attraction particles will be captured, laying an experimental basis for new physical theories.
•Mixed sound will be more beautiful than human’s voice.
•Fixed stars beyond 80 billion light years will be discovered. Einstein’s general relativity will be tested in the Milky Way. The observed universal space will be entered. And new findings based on Einstein’s theory will emerge.
•Carbon fiber elevators to space will be built. Invisibility technology will be explored and employed in various fields.
•Geometry and topology will be applied in paintings and sculptures. Intelligent computers will be used in literal creation and historical compilation. Mathematics will become a universal language.
•Human beings will find new food sources and commodities from many channels including the seas, deserts and outer space.
Humans will enter a brand new era. The restrictions of science on the development of humankind envisioned by Li Hongzhi will never happen. On the contrary, humanity will be full of hope instead of despair and anguish if we are under the guidance of science to work, live and strive for a beautiful and harmonious society.
To prove the Falun Gong’s opposition to science, it is necessary to distinguish science and the scientific spirit.
(1)The spirit of exploration. Scientists should be based on existing knowledge, experience and vision. It must have a target, confidence and perseverance in research and practical activities;
(2)The spirit of innovation and reform. This is the life of science and the soul of scientific activities;
(3)A spirit of openness to scientific heritage. Scientific exploration is a progressive process. Scientific achievements are the results of accumulation based on an original essence. Science is a cultural form with the strongest inheritance property;
(4) A rational spirit. The spirit of science must be lifted to the level of rational cognition from the experiential cognition level. It is an abstract process and rational principles must be adhered to;
(5)Seeking reality. Science must accurately reflect objective reality, seek truth from facts and overcome subjective assumptions;
(6) A positive spirit. Scientific practice is the only criterion to test the truth of scientific theories;
(7) Truth-seeking spirit. In the face of strictly-defined scientific facts, scientists must have the courage to safeguard the truth, oppose assumptions, hypocrisy and falsehood;
(8) A spirit of precise and accurate analysis. Certainty and accuracy are remarkable features of science;
(9) A spirit of collaboration. Modern large-scale scientific research projects must rely on supports from multiple sciences and society, otherwise, one cannot effectively complete task;
(10) A democratic spirit. Science never blindly worships authority and has the courage to challenge authority;
(11) An open spirit. Science has no national boundaries, and science is an open system that never has an absolute truth;
(12) A utilitarian spirit. Science should fully showcase its social function and pursue the welfare of society.
When we have a complete and profound analysis of the essence of the Falun Gong, especially comparing it with the true scientific spirit, the Falun Gong is quite far from science. Li Hongzhi said Falun Gong is a supernatural science. Now we can analyze some specific issues.
1. Sky eye
Getting into the steel-making furnace, shuttling between the holes of cooper nozzles and talking with extra-terrestrials in the universe described in the Falun Gong Promotion Report are all hallucinations, all clarified above. I never opened a sky eye. I never felt any visual functions directly from the brain. Therefore, the sky eye does not exist. The supernatural functions of the sky eye are lies of Li Hongzhi and cannot be tested with modern science.
According to Li Hongzhi’s Zhuan Falun “objects are captured by the eyes, then sent to the conarium in the rear part of the brain through the optic nerves and converted into images there. This is the process of image reflection and vision and part of the function of the conarium. Modern science also knows this.”
We have looked up all materials and have not discovered the conarium with the vision function. On the contrary, modern medicine proves the conarium is at the back of the thalamus, which is a melatonin—producing gland that restricts sexual prematurity and hormone hypersecretion and does not link with optic nerves nor has visual functions.
Simply speaking, anatomy proves conarium has no nerves linking with eyeballs. Visual images cannot be sent to conarium, opposing with Li Hongzhi’s view. Thus, they sky eye is just a lie.
Practitioners claimed the sight of Falun, Another world or even remote vision, are illusions that cannot be verified. To date, the millions of Yuan awarded to those who have extraordinary powers has not been granted.
Of course, I do not mean that science can explain everything clearly. The exploration of many phenomena will be continued all along. We should not completely deny phenomena just because we don’t understand them today But, illusionary and unexplained phenomena should not be considered non-existent. This is not a truth-seeking scientific attitude, either.
2. Li Hongzhi said: “As everyone knows, water accounts for more than 90% of our bodies, we are made up of water.” Actually, water only accounts for 60% of human body. Human blood is made up of plasma and corpuscles, accounting for 55% and 45% each. In plasma, water accounts for 91% and solutes for 9% (including 7% plasma protein, 0.9% inorganic salt, followed by cholesterin and cholesterol ester). Then, why did Li Hongzhi say water accounts for more than 90%? Did he fabricate the figure or does he not know? How can a self-claimed mighty god, not know the amount of water in the human body (part of the waster of the universe)?
3. Li Hongzhi said: “ Actually, 70% of human’s brain cannot be applied, which restricts people’s wisdom.” As a matter of fact, more than 90% of human’s brain is not used.
4. Li Hongzhi said: “The universe exploded long ago. It is completely empty beyond the Milky Way. If you don’t believe, you can look into the sky and will find there are less stars than before.” About 125 billion extragalactic nebulae have been discovered beyond the Milky Way with hundreds of million of fixed stars in each. How can he say it is completely empty?
At a Tutor’s Seminar of a Guangzhou Falun gong Promotion Meeting, Li Hongzhi said that Hong Kong will become a wasteland with a sparse population at the handover to China in 1997 (a recording is available as a proof). The situation turned out to be entirely different and proved Li Hongzhi’s words to be absolute nonsense aimed at creating turmoil in the world. He wanted to leverage a chaotic situation to promote his cult. He intended to fabricate consensus to promote Falun Gong through his lies. He planned to cheat people into entering the cult before a universal explosion ruins everybody’s life and the opportunity to become a god.
5. Li Hongzhi said: “Isn’t the shape of electrons rotating around the nucleus the same as the earth moving around the sun?” Li Hongzhi is wrong again since these are absolutely different. The earth moves around the sun in a single orbit while electrons have no fixed orbit in their motion around the nucleus, which is described with quantum field theory and is not as simple as the earth’s motion around the sun.
6. Li Hongzhi said: “No matter the constituents of atoms, the objects that make up molecules or particles smaller than those on the primary surface are not visible to human beings.” As is well known, many metals like gold and iron are made up of atoms. Can’t we see them clearly? Now, people can make plasma matter that is even smaller than atoms. How will he explain that?
7. Li Hongzhi said: “Virtue is a kind of white matter but a black matter also exists called Yeli (sin).” To date, neither white nor black matter has not been discovered in the human body. Some say these matters exist in another space, which cannot be proven. The black and white matters are heretical ideas fabricated by Li Hongzhi to cheat people and create a basis for his Yeli theory and gain the trust of practitioners. Actually, white matter, black matter, Yeli or whatever does not exist. They are fictional.
Today, more than 200 different human cells have been found. Cells are not scattered like sand. Instead, they are bound together with binding strips and desmosomes. Thousands of cells perform the same function and form a type of tissue, such as epithelial, connective, muscular and neural tissues. Then, tissues form organs, and organs form systems including the digestive, circulatory, neural, reproductive and endocrine systems. No white or black matter exists in the systems. Thus, Yeli does not exist.
Based on these examples and analysis, the supernatural science of Li Hongzhi is actually pseudo science. Following Li Hongzhi’s theories about human beings and the universe would surely cause social regression and extreme chaos in people’s life and thoughts. Therefore, Falun Gong is antiscience.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
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Date: March 23, 2012 10:31AM

VI Is the “Falun Gong” involved in political activities?
First of all, we must understand what politics is. Politics refers to the activities of governments, political parties, social organizations and individuals that get involved in internal affairs and international relations. Politics is the concentrated expression of an economy, serving an economic base. From a political perspective, there is no eternal love, nor eternal hate. There is only permanent interest.
Since the epoch Times website published the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in November 2004 coupled with the speeches and “scriptures” published by Li Hongzhi during different periods, I had to reflect and ponder seriously.
Looking back to the decade between 1996 and 2006, the political events created by Li Hongzhi and the “Falun Gong” occurred in succession. Seemingly, Li Hongzhi called dharma practitioners to clarify the truth to the government or society, in essence, he agitated learners to exert pressure on the government and mobilized practitioners to besiege government agencies, resulting in a series of political events.
In 1996, Guangming Daily published an article criticizing the “Falun Gong”. Li was utterly discomfited, writing an article of “great exposure”. “Some people have been successful and will be successful,” he wrote. He required practitioners to put aside the idea of mobilizing “Falun Gong” practitioners to exert political pressure on Guangming Daily.
On May 25, 1998, BTV broadcasted repots by He Zuoxiu, Sima Nan, and others criticizing “Falun Gong”. Li Hongzhi asked “Falun Gong” practitioners to besiege BTV and call on the TV station to restore the reputation of the “Falun Gong”. He added: “This is an opportunity.” This means that it is right to exert pressure on government agencies to pursue an opportunity for a successful practice.
Li Hongzhi said to Li Chang on the phone: “I have made arrangements for heaven and hell. I am just waiting for people to act. If not enough people go and fail, the liability lies in that you fail to follow.” Li gave clear instructions requiring more people to besiege BTV and create greater political events.
Li then called to “uproot”, affirming the activities of those involved in the siege of BTV. “These people are not successful now, but they will be in the future,” Li said.
For days, BTV could not operate normally. Later, Li recognized the siege on BTV in lectures in Singapore, Changchun and Switzerland. In Switzerland, Li said: “You are gods and many people have been successful. So let them live in this environment. Leave fame, benefit, and emotion, and let them move down when they leave. As time is pressing, you know Dafa makes you successful, so you should make Dafa successful.”
A decade has passed since then. We have seen many people die, become disabled, lose their wives and children, or be imprisoned for successful Dafa. They did not see how they had been successful in Dafa.
Looking back to the period before the April 25 incident, Li Hongzhi told us that were the last chance to complete. From April 25, 1999 to 2006, more than six years passed. Nearly 10,000 people involved in the incident did not see a successful case. How could they understand Li Hongzhi’s promise?
The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party published on the Epoch Times website concluded: “Removing from all the heresies of the CPC from life, finding the essence of the party and restoring our humanity and conscience are the inevitable road to the smooth transition of a non- communist society, and also the necessary first step. Whether this road is smooth and peaceful depends on the change of each Chinese from their inner world. Although the Chinese Communist Party seemingly has all the state resources and violent machinery, if each of us can trust the power of truth and stick to our morality, the CPC’s evil will lose its shelter, and all resources will be instantly returned to the hands of justice-that is the time for the rebirth of our nation. Without the CPC, there will be a new China. Without the CPC, China will be hopeful. Without the CPC, the kind-hearted Chinese people will rebuild the glory of history.”
It is not difficult to see that the Nine Comments is a call to the Chinese people and the Chinese government to overthrowing the CPC, which is strongly political, provocative and challenging. The CPC and the Chinese government have never issued any statement. I think people have sharp eyes and will identify all this by themselves.
With a hundred years of bloody war, Chinese people have achievements today- unprecedented political and economic power, social stability, unity and people living and working in peace and contentment. Now, although there are still many problems, these problems are part of the development process and occur in every developing country. Chinese people are fully aware of never retracing their steps, and future development will prove this.
As for the strongly political “Nine Comments”, how did Li Hongzhi see it? On January 26, 2005, Li Hongzhi published an article calling for “not engaging in politics” which was quite contradictory. On the one hand, he strongly whitewashed the Falun Gong by saying it was uninterested in politics, and on the other, he strongly supported the “Nine Comments.”
By Li Hongzhi’s idea of success, it is necessary to enable the public to understand the nature of the party and why it persecuted Dafa practitioners. It is also necessary to ask the public to learn about the “Nine Comments”.
If Li Hongzhi did not organize and plan the April 25 incident and a series of other political events and had participants practicing at home to keep fit and healthy, who cared about it?
During the seven years from 1992 to July 22, 1999, the Chinese government did not interfere with “Falun Gong” activities. As long as you followed the law and carried out normal lawful activities, the government will not interfere. This is a recognized fact.
However, “Falun Gong” later carried out a series of illegal activities and the Chinese government banned the “Falun Gong” to maintain social order and protect people’s rights and freedoms. The Chinese government is fairly careful in dealing with the “Falun Gong” and does so based on established legal procedures through long-term discussions of the CPC and the Chinese government.
After the “Nine Comments on the Communist Party” and a series of statements by Li Hongzhi, many people saw through the guise of Li Hongzhi against the CPC and its efforts to grab political power.
This was not the case when Li Hongzhi took 50 Yuan to go to Beijing from Changchun by train and could barely buy a ticket. After he became wealthy or powerful, his ambition began to grow for he had political intentions. No matter how he justified it, people still saw through his attempts.
On February 15, 2005, Li Hongzhi published “Revolution in the World”. He said: “The evil spirit of the CPC and the evil gang of the CPC that persecuted Dafa practitioners were sentenced to death by the gods in the universe.”
He added: “This eternal mortal sin made the gods rage! Now the factors controlling it are dissecting and its evil spirit impatiently.”
It is obvious that Li Hongzhi has been impatient.
Now, we analyzed from a series of events in the past to see whether the “Falun Gong” has already seriously disrupted the life, thoughts and work of the public and social order. “Falun Gong” practitioners besieged government offices, schools and newspaper offices, stopping them in their work. Many people could not work properly and traffic was jammed.
China is a country ruled by law. In accordance with demonstration laws, these activities may be carried out after prior application and approval. But these activities had not undergone legal procedures, showing that Li Hongzhi is simply lawless. Even worse, some “Falun Gong” practitioners stole secret state files, attacked the Sino Satellite, and destroyed communication facilities.
For instance, they stole confidential documents of an institution and encouraged 21 veteran cadres to submit written statements to the CPC Central Committee. In order to replay for registration with the National Sports Commission, Li Hongzhi came up with the so-called “Falun Dafa in Beijing” 10,000-people investigation, eventually leading to the “April 25 Zhongnanhai siege”. The publishing of Li Hongzhi’s “exposure,” “uproot”, “position”, “successful” and other scriptures explicitly pushed “Falun Gong” practitioners to the opposite side of the government.
As we all know, the United States is Li Hongzhi’s behind-the-scenes boss. To obtain the support of the US Government, Li Hongzhi intended to change “Falun Gong” into a formal religious organization, which was completely against his original speech that “Falun Gong” was not a religion. In fact, “Falun Gong” was no longer a mass organization to spread qigong, nor an upright religion, but a political organization acting like a cult.
Before Falun Gong was announced as an illegal organization, the general public in China, especially the families of the victims and people in religious circles had repeatedly called on the government to ban “Falun Gong.” In order to protect basic human rights and freedoms of the people, the Chinese Government banned the “Falun Gong” organization, a move that received support from the whole of society.
The Chinese Government believes that the vast majority of “Falun Gong” practitioners are cheated. Therefore, the “unity, education, salvation of vast majority” policy has been adopted in regards to “Falun Gong” practitioners.
After a lot of work, the vast majority “Falun Gong” practitioners were freed from the spiritual shackles of the cult given normal lives. Chinese judicial authorities punished a very small number of people that made up the backbone of the “Falun Gong” engaged in illegal and criminal activities according to the law. Most of them have a clear understanding of the nature of the “Falun Gong” cult and break with it in mind and action, in turn they received lenient treatment from the Chinese government, had their sentences commuted or were released early and got the understanding and support of the overwhelming majority of Chinese people. Facts speak louder than words. Li Hongzhi and his “Falun Gong” have turned into a political group that opposes the CPC, the Chinese government and relies on the support of foreign anti-China forces to subvert the Chinese government.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
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Date: March 26, 2012 02:03PM

VII Is the “Falun Gong” a cult?
We must first figure out the differences between a religion and a cult. These differences are recognized worldwide and were not invented by the Chinese government. According to accepted standards, it is not hard to judge whether the “Falun Gong” is a cult.
A French anti-cult ministerial committee report says that a “cult organization is an authoritarian regime.” A cult organization displays organizational behavior that violates fundamental freedoms, including individual freedoms and family rights. Identifying a cult is based on the following factors:
• The use of psychological coercion the recruit, educate and retain members.
In addition to deifying himself, Li Hongzhi used mental control on practitioners and used his “doomsday” theories to scare learners
He said: “The earth is the garbage station of the universe from which some people may be selfish, and slowly lower their levels, so they can not stay at that level, and thus have to fall down. However, in another hierarchy, it is even bad, but they can not stay, and continue to fall down, and finally fall into this level of human beings. “The point is clear that if you want to return to your level, you must practice my ‘Falun Gong’.”
In addition, Li Hongzhi described a “Falun world” so magnificent that his believers were willing to pursue this world that does not exist. No wonder the 12-year-old girl Li Siying was burned beyond recognition murmuring “there is gold everywhere”. An American psychologist by the name of Singh said “the use of persuasion and mind control to brainwash believers to make them contribute their time, money and even their lives to this organization’s goals is not the way of normal religions.”
Spanish cult expert Rodriguez pointed out that an important feature of cults is the use of mental stress to force believers to stay for from the social relationships and emotional ties before join. Li Hongzhi asked practitioners to put aside all links with ordinary people, including fame, benefits, emotions and ideas, claiming that parents of the learners are not their natural parents and that learners can not show filial piety to their parents, burn incense or kotow if relatives die. However, most learners burn incense and kotow to Li Hong. This consistent with Rodriguez’s views on cults and Li Hongzhi’s purpose is to ask his learners to stay far away from family members and concentrate their efforts on respecting Li Hongzhi. His goal is to prevent them from being affected by their families and their opposition to the practice of “Falun Gong”.
• Formation of authoritarian groups.
The “Falun Gong” has a strict organizational system and has been defined as an illegal organization. It had set up the Falun Dafa Research Society in Beijing and various Falun Gong Master Stations in various provinces. There was the “Falun Gong Tutoring Station” in various cities under which there were “Falun Gong Practice Sites” with various levels of officers and a liaison network and Communications Office had been established. In foreign countries, primarily in the United States, the “Falun Society” had been set up with “Falun Dafa Tutoring Station” and many practice sites established in various states in the US.
The “Falun Gong” had established a number of media and communication networks in many parts of the world to keep in touch with and control its learners through modern means. The “Falun Gong” organization had established a centralized vertical political leadership system.
•Vigorously deifying a living hierarch
The American psychologist noted that deifying the living hierarch to allow the hierarch to enjoy huge material and spiritual benefits from his believers is a prominent feature of a cult.
He said: “The hierarch is supreme, while faithful believers are obedient. The hierarch claims it has cut off the fetters of old tradition, he can resolve any problems in life, eliminate all the sins in the world, get rid of the rules of the normal society. As double theoretical standards prevail, he is different from his believers.
Li Hongzhi’s actions match these views.
Li Hongzhi wrote in his book on Falun Dafa: “There is really me alone who spreads the scriptures to the high level.” On page 42 of the book he said: “The higher the technique, the greater the energy field. My gamma ray and thermal neutron radiation are 80-170 times as strong as normal amount. At that time, the pointer of the instrument reaches to the limit. As for the ultimate results, I have no idea now. Such strong neutron emissions are simply inconceivable.” (Falun Dafa p.66).
On Feb. 6, 2005, Li Hongzhi said during an event in the US: “I can give a speech on all the laws, the Buddhism, and the gods. I can tell the past, present and future of Sakyamuni, which cannot be found in the scriptures. I can tell the past, present and future of the universe and all things and beings. I can tell what Sakyamuni did not tell and even the context, situation of the extremely large universe and the different people. As for all the fundamentals, only I can speak out.”
Thus, Li Hongzhi is also claiming to be the Lord Buddha of the universe. Unfortunately, as the Lord Buddha of the universe is immensely powerful, how could the following occur?
“Speaking of it now, I’d like to say something about myself. As you know, I used to stay in different places, for the evils persecuted in another space looked for me. Therefore, I had to move to different places. At that time, I basically moved in my car all day long.” (See the scripture speech of Li Hongzhi on Feb. 26, 2005) Could such a Lord Buddha fail to beat little devils? How is that possible?
Li wanted his learners to know how difficult that time was but all he did was expose himself as a person, not a god. This is confirmed by the French Anti-Cult Ministerial Committee report, which notes that the “hierarch is self-proclaimed, arbitrary and irresponsible, and messianic, boasting to have god-like ability.”
Rodriguez, from Spain, said: “The ultimate purpose of the cults is political and economic.” He also noted: “Together with a theory, the hierarch claims possession of the absolute truth. His words are doctrine. He uses spiritual pressure to force his believers to stay far from social relations and emotional ties before joining the cult, including parents, spouses and friends, and all entertainment, work and study. He keeps in touch with and controls his believers with modern means; destroying the will of the believers and their ability to think. (He gets them to) deny society and systems to hold extreme attitudes towards society. The leader give lectures and cures diseases and adopts other means to collect wealth through mind control.”
It can be seen from the above analysis that Falun Gong is fully equipped with the above characteristics, so Falun Gong is a cult. As long as you practice it, it is hard for one to abandon it.
Li Hongzhi has cut off the road ahead. He says on page 218 of the Falun Dafa that “practice is extremely hard and very serious. In case of slight carelessness, a practitioner would fall down to a lower level even if he has reached a higher level.”
Many Falun Gong practitioners are impressed that once someone is skeptical of Li Hongzhi or the Falun Gong or unhappy or die after practicing Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi would say that “you have a demon in your heart” and even that one could lose your form and spirit to become the most primitive black water in the universe without the chance to upgrade. Many people have suffered from physical and psychological harm but they are afraid to speak up.
How great is the harm of “Falun Gong” to society? The most prominent harm of “Falun Gong” is violations of human rights and abuses of life.
Under the spiritual control of Li Hongzhi’s fallacy of “eliminating karma”, more than 1,000 “Falun Gong” practitioners have died from refusal to take medicine. Several hundred practitioners hurt or killed themselves and 30 innocent people were killed by Falun Gong believers. For instance, on Jan. 23, 2001, seven “Falun Gong” practitioners followed Li Hongzhi’s commands on discarding “life and death” and forged a horrifying mass self-immolation at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Two died and three were seriously disabled. Li Hongzhi and a small number of his Falun Gong practitioners blamed the Chinese government for this tragic incident, and hyped it. But the parties concerned testified that the Falun Gong caused it.
On Sep. 4, 1998, Shandong Falun Gong practitioners Ma Jianmin cut his belly and died to search for the Falun that Li Hongzhi had placed in his Dantian (pubic region). The scene was terrible, with intestines spilled on the ground. Li Hongzhi went into hiding.
Liaoning Falun Gong practitioners Zhang Zhiqin got diabetes, but refused to take insulin, just relying on Li Hongzhi’s recordings for “medical treatment.” She died when her condition deteriorated.
From May 25 to Jun 26, 2005, the Zhejiang “Falun Gong” poisoned 15 beggars and one Buddhist believer to reach a higher level and improve the power and make contributions to Dafa.
Other hazards of Falun Gong are disrupting social order and violating the rights of others. It expressly engaged in flagrant violation of international standards and frequently attacks civilian communication satellites.
Since June 2002, the “Falun Gong” organization initiated in Taiwan more than 200 attacks on China’s communication satellites, with accumulated attack time reaching more than 100 hours. It continuously undermined relevant public facilities of radio and television, cut off fiber optic cables and launched TV spots. Since 2002, such cases have numbered 83 in the Chinese mainland, involving the destruction of fiber optic cables and illegal television spots.
The website of Falun Gong head office published a large number of articles abetting Falun Gong practitioners to conduct television spots. Also, it carried out large-scale telephone harassment and intimidation campaigns and sent interference e-mails. The Falun Gong also set up a dedicated telephone team, to make 8 million calls to Chinese mainland residents and send more than 30 mass e-mails every month, seriously violating the rights of citizens.
The Falun Gong initiated malicious attacks on dissidents and groups, violating citizen’s right to freedom of expression. At the time of the siege of “Chongqing Daily”, it warned that if the newspaper did not apologize, Falun Gong practitioners would collectively “release power” to flood the newspaper office and destruct the earth and kill those oppose to the Falun Gong. It also abused, besieged, harassed and intimidated those who supported banning the Falun Gong.
Especially now, the Falun Gong has evolved into a political organization. It proposed a political stand against the Chinese Government and engaged in political activities against the Chinese Government. For instance, some foreign politicians made unfriendly remarks on China, undermining bilateral relations between China and other countries.
Li Hongzhi concluded in Feb.21, 2007: “Then take advantage of the politics uprightly to expose persecution and save people!” This completely revealed the lie of focusing on practicing without participating in politics, and would take numerous “Falun Gong” practitioners into the dangerous confrontation with the Chinese government. Further development may lead to the result that the organization would change into a new party and new anti-China and anti-CPC political organization to overthrow the CPC leadership. Then the “soldiers” dressed in Tang Dynasty-style costumes or “Falun Gong” costumes would show up on the global political arena with the support of the forces in China and some consortia. Do you know how many people would follow Li Hongzhi at that time?
I still firmly believe that the vast majority of “Falun Gong” practitioners are fairly pure, kind-hearted and calm enough to understand all this. They have been cheated once and would not suffer it again. From Li Hongzhi’s spreading of Falun Gong in 1992 to the Chinese government’s ban, Falun Gong, like the fallen leaves in the autumn wind, vanished rapidly from China. Now, the truth has been shown to the world, and they will have to make a judgment and break with “Falun Gong” completely.

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Re: LiHongzhi In My Eyes---JingZhanyi
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Date: March 26, 2012 02:03PM

VIII Calumniations of the Falun Gong against Confucianism and Taoism
Since ancient times, the Chinese have appreciated Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism in the following ways:
1. The common quintessence of Chinese Confucianism and Taoism lies in the claim for unification, including a unified nation, a unified country and a unified world, which make up the cultural deposits of the Chinese nation;
2. The social function of Chinese Confucianism and Taoism is to promote prosperity, public stability, peace and contentment;
3. Both Confucianism and Taoism enable Chinese people to have lofty moral sentiments;
We have made analyzed how Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong calumniated Confucianism Taoism.
Li Hongzhi said in his Zhuan Falun that “ the ideas of Sakyamuni and Lao Tsu are within the restrictions of the galaxy, while the Falun Gong is based on the evolution of the universe and the highest-level features of the universe, namely truth, kindness and endurance. Our cultivation is targeted at the universe.” (Page 36, Zhuan Falun). Here, what Li Hongzhi wants to say is that the Falun Gong is more dominant than Buddhism and Taoism.
Though, according to Li Hongzhi, truth, kindness and endurance should be the features of the universe, they are not attached with comprehensive and detailed explanations in the Zhuan Falun. In general opinion, the “truth” talked about by Li Hongzhi should be an inheritance and development of the ethics of Taoism; “kindness” should be a reflection of the doctrines of Buddhism; “endurance” should be derived from Confucianism.
We have already analyzed the relationship of the Falun Gong with Buddhism. Therefore, here we will now focus on the relationship between the ethics of Confucianism and Taoism with the ideas of the Falun Gong claims is incompatible with and even opposite to the eithics of Confucianism and Taoism.
China, which has a history of five thousand years, has profound cultural deposits. Confucianism has a far-reaching influence on China and even the world. The core thought of the Confucianism is the doctrine of benevolence, which serves as the basis of the ethics of Confucianism as well as fundamental principle for human behavior. Therefore, based on benevolence, rites are granted with a spiritual connotation of love. Confucius said “benevolence refers to one who can restrain his (her) selfish motives to make his (her) behaviors meet the requirements for rites.” That’s why he said: “Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself.”
Li Hongzhi requires practitioners of Falun Gong to get rid of all “obsessions”, including the concepts a person may have. In detail, it refers to love for parents, spouses and friends as well as enthusiasm toward work and career and devotion to life, except for the adoration to Li Hongzhi and the belief in Falun Gong. Practitioners should deem Falun Gong as all encompassing in their life and the only way for an ordinary person to become a Buddha as soon as possible. Li Hongzhi’s ideas run counter to the Confucian calls for benevolence. The two are totally unrelated.
Li Hongzhi wants practitioners to give up “emotions” and part with feelings about others so that they can obtain the maximum selfishness to become a Buddha. This totally obeys the fundamental principle for being a human being. The idea that a constituent society is not people-centered and deserves humanity for selfish motives is completely opposite with the benevolent spirit of Confucianism.
The benevolence doctrine of Confucianism has another meaning, which is to respect talent and pay attention to the development of individual morality, knowledge and skills and choose and use talents based on certain standards. That’s why Confucius said: “A good scholar will make an official”.
Whereas, the Falun Gong organization selects its core members based more on the contribution to the dissemination of the cult rather than the morality, knowledge and skills of these members. As we have learnt, some key members of the organization put equal stress on integrity and ability, while some members act outrageously by making many table deals, being far from respecting talents. Don’t get me wrong. I just believe that, most of the people engaged in the cultivation of the Falun Gong are kind but misled and used by the Falun Gong organization. Once they realize that, they may immediately turn back to the right ways for life.
Mencius inherited and developed the thoughts of Confucius, and put forward that “to establish oneself, help establish others; to fulfill one’s own achievement, let others achieve.” It means the way to enlightenment and establishment lies in helping others get the same establishment and enlightenment. People should care for both themselves and the others. Many Falun Gong practitioners completely forget their families when they cultivate the Falun Gong. Some of them destroy the telecommunication networks to disturb the lives of ordinary people; some of them even committed suicide to realize the dream of entering “Falun world”. All that they have done is to torture friends and relative.
In Mencius’ opinion, a unified country (or world) is the fundamental element guaranteeing peace. He believed that a policy of benevolence should be used to realize real unification. The Taiwanese independence activists support the Falun Gong organization only because they have the same intent to stop the unification of the country.
Li Hongzhi has gone so far that he has repeated for more than once that, the Chinese regime will disappear in an instant. Any one who objects to the unification of the country will be deemed an enemy of Chinese people. Seeing that the Falun Gong organization claims no politicization on one side and calls to wipe out the “evil party”, ordinary people have understood that the Falun Gong has been changed. Where can one find the truth with a gang of people who act against one’s words?
In terms of economics, Mencius said the policy of benevolence should focus on reducing the tax burden on people and let them own more property, which means allowing people to own fixed property so that they can live and work in peace and contentment and abide by laws and standards of behavior.
Let’s have a look at the way Li Hongzhi treats practitioners. For example, in the US, many practitioners give up their jobs and property to devote themselves to the cultivation and dissemination of Falun Gong so that it even becomes hard for them to feed themselves. If things continue this way, the organization will be routed by itself; otherwise, they will have to seek refuge with political parties and financial groups. Li Hongzhi must be clear about that, whether they have accepted these two kinds of support or not.
Mencius holds the theory of the original goodness of human nature, which is the basis of the doctrine of benevolence. According to Mencius, people should have sympathy, shame to aversion and the ability to politely decline and the concept of right and wrong, which are the sprouts of the five ethics of benevolence, righteousness, rites, wisdom, and truthfulness.
In 1998, serious floods his China. The army was sent to fight against the water and millions of people joined in the fight. The Chinese government called for the people to support flood-stricken areas. However, Li Hongzhi asked the Falun Gong Research Association to send notices to the tutorship stations to ask the practitioners not to make any donation because the floods had been caused by the evil deeds of these areas and donation to them would not help them eliminate their evil deeds.
The practitioners did nothing but to watch the unmerciful flood take away many people’s lives. Should they be punished in that way? Where is the mercy of the cultivators? As soon as the flood was defeated, many practitioners became aware of the extremely selfish beliefs of the Falun Gong organization and its ideas against the theory of original goodness of human nature. Many people gave up the cultivation.
The political thoughts of Mencius contain another key element that is to “have fun with the citizens”. He said: “When the ruler enjoys what makes the people feel happy, the citizens will enjoy what makes the ruler happy; when the ruler worries about what the citizens are worrying about, the citizens will worry about what the ruler is worrying about.”
The thought of Fan Zhongyan of “being concerned about the country and the people before anything else” was actually developed based on the ideas of Mencius. Li Hongzhi and his relatives accept the “offerings” from tens of thousands of practitioners in the US so that they can live a middle-class life, while the practitioners live a definitely disparate life. Since he began to disseminate the Falun Gong, none of his promises has been fulfilled. This is completely different with the idea of Mencius calling to “have fun with the citizens”.
The thought of Mencius of that “the people are more important than the ruler” is embodied in the saying: “Get the popular support to conquer the authorities; lose the popular support, lose the authorities”.
Now, less and less people at home and abroad would follow Li Hongzhi and most practitioners have realized the truth. Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong are losing “popular support”.
In accordance with historical records, Taoism is mainly manifested by three books including: The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu, the Nanhua Jing(or the Holy Canon of Nanhua) by Zhuangzi and the Chongxu Jing by Liezi.
The main though of Taoism lies in the “unity of heaven and humanity”. Compared with Confucianism, which aims at being the mainstay of the society and compulsorily intervenes to remedy the manners and morals of the time, Taoism focuses on making the best use of the circumstances and letting nature take its course to achieve the goals imperceptibly. A great number of Taoism advocators appeared in the history, including Jiang Shang, Guiguzi and Huang Shigong before Qin and Han Dynasties, Zhang Liang and Zhuge Liang after the Qin and Han Dynasties, Wang Meng after the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Wei Zheng of the Tang Dynasty, Liu Bingzhong of the Yuan Dynasty, Liu Ji of Ming Dynasty and Fan Wencheng of the Qing Dynasty.
Some people, as Zeng Guofan said, are proficient in Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. Zhuge Liang was excellent in both Taoism and Confucianism and had a high degree of professional proficiency in Taoism. Ji Xiaolan, a scholar and official of the Qing Dynasty, once summarized Taoism in eight Chinese characters, which means Taoism is a convergence of the philosophies developed over more than five thousands of years.
The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tsu has become popular around the world. It’s said that many Germany families have a Tao Te Ching. Many Japanese business managers read the book. A US company once spent USD130,000 to buy a Tao Te Ching (in English) with only 5,000 words. In Singapore, posters everywhere have the saying of “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, which is famous part of the Tao Te Ching.
The Tao Te Ching shows what Tao is and what Te is.
Tao refers to the rules of nature and the universe, while Te refers to the rules of life and the society. Tao contains the views of people on nature and the world. People should comply with objective conditions and live according to natural rules. Te contains the views of people on life and the society. Lao Tsu said: “A real man will choose honesty but not frivolousness and will choose simplicity but not flaunt things. So, the former should be chosen, while the latter should be deserted.” He also said: “A purposeful pursuit for a good reputation will gain no good reputation. So what one should pursue should not be gorgeous jades, but the virtuous and real stone.” This must be the “truth” claimed by the Falun Gong.
By comparing the ideas of Lao Tsu with those of Li Hongzhi, we can see that, Li Hongzhi talks wildly but mysteriously. The speaker talks with evil designs, while the listeners are obsessive. As a result, no one asks questions. Could that be called “truth”?
The Falun Gong also calls for letting nature take its course. However, the “nature” must exist in accordance with the “theories” of Li Hongzhi, otherwise, it will be deemed as an evil damaging the cult. Once that the Falun Gong practitioners brains are under control, they are manipulated by Li Hongzhi and the Falun Gong organization. Had they show any disobedience or doubt, they would be abused, threatened and cursed, and even their homes attacked-a tutor in a US station who wanted to retreat from the organization was once punished in this way. Can this be called letting nature take its course?
I have seen many people with dull look in eyes, gloomy faces, and restricted thoughts eager to enter “Falun world”. They went back to their families and society after getting rid of the restrictions of Falun Gong. They are now living normal, healthy and happy lives.
Many professors, experts, scholars, artists and officials said that after waking up, they saw that period in their lives as a nightmare.
When I was in jail, I met a simple and honest farmer, who was deceived by Li Hongzhi after the Falun Gong and sent to disseminate the cult on Tian An Men Square in Beijing. He was arrested while passing out leaflets and sentenced for impacting the social order. He finally woke up due to education and self-examination in jail. Before leaving jail, he said to me: “I was engaged in the cultivation because I heard about that practitioners need not take medicine when they fall ill. What a good thing it should be to get rid of illness by cultivating the cult. Actually, cultivation does not cure any disease but delay the treatment. I thought it would be good to become a Buddha who can enjoy a happy life in heaven instead of doing the farm work every day. However, the promises were never fulfilled though several years passed. In order to achieve the “completion”, I went to the Tian An Men Square to disseminate the cult, and then I was arrested. With a calm mind in the jail, I learnt many things and now I know the policy of the CPC well. With the help of many correctional officers, I finally understood Li Hongzhi’s ambitions. He is totally a fraud and the Falun Gong is just a heresy. I will never believe it any more. For these two years, when I was in jail, my relatives frequently called me. They told me that due to the favorable policies of the government, the agricultural tax has been exempted and they have got a good harvest and earnings, which make it affordable for children to go to school and for the family to live a good life. I really regret that I was once engaged in the cultivation of the Falun Gong. At that time, I didn’t farm and even lent the farmland to the other farmers, since I believed that Li Hongzhi would send me to the “world of gods” to live a happy life. Even my wife separated from me. I expected so much, but finally got nothing but tricks. Alas!”
Numerous facts show that the Falun Gong is contrary to the core content of Confucianism and Taoism. The absurd theories, which run counter to the natural and social development rules, are developed to cheat people. One day, all Chinese people-and even everyone in the world-will see through the cult.

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