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Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: joshoebe ()
Date: January 05, 2008 02:30AM

Barron, Theohumanity, claims Emotional Body Entlightment (EBE) as a need for real entligthment. He offers EBE courses and seminars (mostly held in Amerika, Ahsland, and Germany), lead by himseld and so called from his acknowledged facilitators.
One of his facilitators is a woman called Heidi [M.] and she was the first facilitator in Germany and she was leading groups since 2004. She was also the one to get Barron into Germany. (Barron lives now in Hamburg, Germany).
Up till december 2007 she had been more or less the Theohumanitypope in Germany and was fully scheduled for 2008, but is now suddenly not availably anymore, because she has no real heart, according to Barron. Since then facilitants are asked from the Theohumanity to come to open forums to tell how [Heidi M.] has damaged their EBE processes.
Up till now, I haven't found any clues to this behaviour of Barron.
I know [Heidi M.] as a very competent facilitator, and she must have been that too up till december let alone for the fact all other german facilitators has been trained by her.
When you asked somthing about this, no facilitator may say something on it. They are all forbidden to talk on it by Barron.
The more this so to call EBE movement grows, the more this Barron claims new things one has to have done before you'll be realy entligthend. It really sucks.
EBE as a therapy is very much like innerchildtherapy and transactional analysis. Without all the entligthment bogus it could be a good therapy, but as Barron offers it, its becoming a dangerous cult.
On his website he said on the question of cultism: "In summary, no Buddhist teacher until now has ever offered a criticism of their own outworn paradigm and then also backed it up with a new and radical self-validating path of consciousness maturation: that is all Theohumanity does, and only offers that what it teaches may be something you might consider considering. As such, those who view Theohumanity as cultic, or would even say that this article is cultic, and will not investigate its teachings for themselves, or examine the possibility that their difficulty with it may be emotionally or spiritually wound-based, and instead make misinformed judgments from a distance without making a deeper study of it related to how much Theohumanity threatens their overattachment to their present belief-systems, will never consider that what they are actually criticizing may be a self-validating path to their own emotional healing and spiritual maturity, and thus a truer access to the Love and Light of which everything and not-thing is mysteriously made."
(see: [] )
It's well said, so that nobody who hasn't done the full EBE-Barron trip, is able to say something against it. Barron is therewith the great one and only allknower, and all others are only speaking and doing from their not yet healed childhoodwounds and therefor immature and not worth to be heared. It really stinks. Also the faciltator requirments are too much: Commitment to strictly minimize any and all social/private contacts with facilitants, and that group EBE activity involving social interaction be limited to a few times yearly.
(see: [] )
Because of this requirment longterm freindships has been stoped. Asked why this is required, the answer is because it can violate your proces. Preciously this requirement has violated several people I know fully.
Another is: Agrees to never engage in any form of sexual touching or activity whatsoever with a facilitant, and if mutual desire for personal relationship with a facilitant does occur, to immediately cease facilitator/facilitant roles, consult with EBE Institute staff, and give adequate time to explore possible contributory unconscious unhealthy motives to the attraction.
This would be a good one, but mister Barron has violated it himself, has even married one of his students and she was also suddenly acknowledge as facilitator. I would not trust my dog to her.
Ex-followers, facilitants, are so damaged and full fear of telling something on their proces because they are fully indoctrinated by the entligthmentidea so that as long they're not entligthend they are not able to be objective.
I hope to get in contact through this forum with (family of) (ex) facilitants and (ex) facilitators to get an open discussion on this topic and find legal means to stop this Barroncult befor it grows too big and to make EBE a normal accessable therapy without all the entligthmenttrips and secrecy. Please send ideas and comment to get this done to my emailadress. Thanks a lot. Greetings Jos. (My english is not so well because I'm from Holland.)

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: nagesha ()
Date: May 05, 2008 12:57AM


I just read your post about EBE and Daniel Barron. I was involved in EBE for over 4 years and was part of the current 'intern class' in the USA that is being trained to be the next wave of EBE facilators. I left in January because I could no longer allow myself to participate so deeply in something that is at odds with what I know in my heart. I received much good from doing EBE and was looking forward to being a facilator of this work. As I got closer to becoming a facilator, however, I realized that I was actually at odds with a lot of the beliefs, practices, and ways of seeing and living life that were, really, like requirements in order to be a facilator. I left because I didn't want to participate in this narrow way of living life which is so control oriented (ultimately by Daniel). I was very deeply involved, had a relationship with a woman in the intern class (which of course ended after I left) and many friends (none of whom will speak with me since I decided to leave).

I would love to bring my intimate experience of being in the inner workings of EBE to light so that my experience can become a warning beacon to those thinking of getting involved. There are so many really good people in EBE (including Heidi, who is a friend of mine) but it is difficult to see outside of the EBE 'bubble' when you are so deeply involved. It would be great to have some dialogue with you to see if there is some way to get the word out there about this potentially life damaging cult.

Take care,


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A new day
Posted by: ericgrace ()
Date: May 09, 2008 03:44AM

Hi Rob and Jos,

I know both of you already outside of this forum but I wanted to share my felt reality at this point from my time with Daniel and the ESH/EBE community, which was considerable.

First off I will say, I love Daniel, Mark, Ilene, Hiedi, Jillian, Christian, Werner, Elke and so many others that are involved with it still. I miss the richness we shared at times. I do not see them anymore, not since my abrupt end with Daniel, which originated from my not willing to end a relationship with a former facilitator and longtime friend, Nancy Dreyfus, who Daniel had had a falling out with and whose sister he was still deeply engaged with, a person that had a lot of money as well. (I believe there was a triangulation there as well as in several other instances with others that was never addressed.)

And over time I can see some of the reality of what unhealthiness was present in my relationship with Nancy Dreyfus, that Daniel was alluding to and taking a stand for, but really it wasn't what I needed at the time. I have found out now, the experience of a man that holds kindness and gentleness with firmness that doens't threaten me is so much more healing than all the ultimatums that were the status quo in that community in order to be 'getting the love' or the piece to get to have more of my 'authentic self' or 'Hoh'.

I don't miss the narrow feeling I had so often and how mean I was with people who weren't getting it, or were Sentinelized, as well as the internal warring that I was so privy to. I have found other work that actually is giving me what I was seeking with ESH, that EBE/ESH never delivered on its promise amidst being involved for over 6 years.

I heard from someone that Daniel later regretted what he did Hannah and I, but he never came to us to say this. That was so often the theme around the power dynamic. Only if you surrendered would he acknowledge his 3% or whatever he considered it to be. It never felt right to me. And there were so many mindfucks going on, who could you trust? And to never feel that I was ultimately in charge of my life, it all so fit with my past.

My guess is we are all better off for the ending of the relationship. I ended my facilitation of others, which has been a godsend. I have settled down with my family and I am living quite happily in my community. I have been undergoing a training in another work that I find deeply satisfying, and similar to many of that great wisdom that Daniel shared with me, but without the twists. I am really grateful.

Daniel spent a lot of personal time with me. We were really close for a time. That was a special and magical time for me. And I honor it and him. I don't agree with some of the dynamics that happened or his inability to acknowledge them with me and reconcile. He made mistakes, which is alright part of being human.

But in the end I think I can only attest for my own issues and confront things as I see them and own what I was not seeing. Having a first chakra grounded these days is a real eye opener as to how I was looking for grounding in the past, which was for sure happening there. I was needing Daniel in so many ways. I was very hurt and confused, fragile. All twisted up inside. And this put a lot of pressure on Daniel I imagine. Some of what happened with Daniel and the EBE community made it worse. Some made it better. I did pedestalize him, and that always means the person has to fallof the pedestal, which he did, although it has taken almost 2 years to get his voice out of my head as my own inner critic took it on.

I don't agree with the perspective that you can template in the way ESH/EBE speaks to from a facilitator, as then you are enmeshing with the shadow side. This is why so many of the people I experience become like Daniel in EBE/theohumanity, and there is a false god so to speak of Daniel and the work itself which creates a rigidity and narrowness of experience. You can feel it, its tangible. So much of the wisdom gets lost in that, and unfortnunately some of it has to be discarded to leave the bubble. At least for me it did. And now I find the real finds itself anew in my life. I see the crystalizations in others and I can be with them and in myself. Other I meet I find available and able to share the love that evokes between us, the vulnerablility, the passion.

I enloven the past with Daniel and Mark and everyone else that I had close contact with in EBE. I enloven our relationships, I enloven our past. I don't see us ever come back together again, and I feel a bit sad at times about that. But I can't fit into that place that I once was, and I don't see the rigidity and narrowness shifting over these last 2 years since I have left.

So that is where it lies for me now. Here's to my new life now and the goodness I have inside and out.

Eric Grace May 2008

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Re: A new day
Posted by: Doubt ()
Date: May 13, 2008 12:22AM

Dear Eric, Rob and Jos,

I am an old friend of Elke's (who seems to call herself "Elle" now, does anybody know why? In the beginning of EBE, when it was still called ESH, everybody who had given himself another name than his true one was asked to use the name his or her parents had given them). I just figured this today because I had a look at the theohumanity page and I almost fell off my chair. Actually, Elke became the most important person in my life when I met her about 8 years ago. I have never let anyone else influence me so strongly, and this was way before she got anything like "enlightened" or even had spiritual ambitions. She had been searching for all kinds of ways to solve her problems. She was incredibly intelligent, amazingly funny and self-ironic, stunning in her way of perception and analysis of everything and everybody. I just loved and still love her so much that I have to cry only by mentioning her name. This is the reason I almost fell off my chair, because the fact that she even changed her name made me feel I have finally lost her. We have had our last contact over a year ago and inbetween, we had lots of fights, problems, wouldn't see each other for months, reunite, share the beginnings of ESH in Germany, have another fight and so on. I didn't continue the group I attended (with Heidi) and we lost touch again. This whole EBE-story put such a pressure on me and I always feared I would have to watch Elke walk into something I could not share and then loose her forever. But I saw that it was so good for her, that she became happy and self-confident. This also meant that she wouldn't be the funny person she used to be because she wouldn't make any jokes about herself anymore. I understood that she had always made these jokes about herself to entertain all the people around her, to be loved by them for being so entertaining and cool and to feed her unworthyness which dictated her to let everbody know how much she hated herself. So, actually I was happy she started accepting herself and not make herself down any longer, but at the same time I missed her great sense of humor - and felt frightened how much a character could change. Of course, this was actually no change of character but the awakening of the true authentic self and the fading of the strategic self, but: It was irritating and frightening like hell, even though I knew it was just my sentinel telling me so. I just have to share this with people who have been through the process and left in the end. Can you tell me what you think about the situation Elke is in right now? I dream a lot about her and I am constantly working on a letter I want to send her - which is just ridiculous, it is just that I am so afraid of her, her reaction, everything. I wish her all the great luck she earnes so much and still, I would just love to have back the person I met years ago... it is ripping me apart because I want to be open for changes and development and in the same time feel that there is something wrong, especially when I read that they kicked Heidi out. Why would they do so and whay wouldn't they talk about it? Anybody of you in touch with Heidi? Do you know if Elke is still with Timo? I will be so happy if you can take away a little bit of the fear I feel concerning her. I want to know her in good hands, actually I want to know her in her own hands and not manipulated. When I met Daniel, he really gave me a lot and I couldn't imagine he would be wrong with anything. But even Elke had her doubts sometimes... Thank you for your help. O.

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: nagesha ()
Date: May 13, 2008 02:28PM

Eric, You make some very interesting points. I know what you mean when you speak of the 'narrowness and rigidity'. In a nutshell, this is what drove me away. I was able to tolerate it for a time because I was learning very real things about myself within the model which Daniel uses. There was/is a momentum of a lot of earnest people doing some deep work on them selves and this momentum is valuable. It's like a focus and a bringing to reality an inner picture of our self as a collection of parts. The group focus makes this 'focus' 'real'. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In a lot of ways, this is what allows for such deep work. But it is easy to get caught up in the 'bubble', especially when there is someone (Daniel Barron) who is leading the visual imagry of how things are, how they were, how the world came into being. He's creating a picture of life, inner growth, a way of living life, rules, punishments, 'tough love', and the people doing the work help to bring it to life. This is why it is easy for people to get caught up in 'the bubble'. Becuase they are the ones who are energizing and enlivening it. Most who are deeply involved in EBE are quite convinced that this is the new paradigm that will help to break down and usher out the current paradigm. There is a sense of conviction that this is really it-the most real thing on the planet. I had a sense that this was possible from time to time but, really, I was just in it to do some work on myself in a safe and vibrant setting. This provided it, in spite of ALWAYS having a sense that there are some clear blind spots in Daniel and the people who are doing the work. I also feel grateful for my time there and am happy that I made the decision to do esh/EBE and am also very grateful that I left when I did.

To Doubt: I knew Elke pretty well. I also really like her. She's an incredibly talented singer. It was a bit of a tragedy that, right when I had decided to leave EBE in January, Elke contacted me that she'd like me to play guitar while she sang at an EBE birthday gathering. Ever since I had heard her sing in Germany in October, I thought that she and I could sound good together. Darn! Double darn!!
Anyway, life goes on and there is life after EBE.....and it is quite rich, I can breathe now more freely, options are many, directions limitless, and all for me to choose, with no one inordinately affecting my choices. I like that. A lot!

Be Well everyone,


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Re: A new day
Posted by: ericgrace ()
Date: May 24, 2008 03:49PM

Hi Rob, O., and Jos...

Yeah, Rob, I really agree... the momentum and focus is really valuable. The focus brings so much up that can be held. And how you say the being guided in an imagery of things. I too was just in it for the work and healing... really cuz I felt so fucked up and needed some help way before I met Daniel. Then I was in a world that actually served to cover up a lot of that - thinking I was the soul who was Yeshua's and Maryam's child, with the head eldest brother of humankind, the buddhe, etc... I got a bit of a hit off that... thinking that hey I got in on something this big so young. I am lucky. being around some really cool people, rich, famous, spiritually adept... etc. It helped me distance from the mediocrity that I grew up with as well as the pain and goodness of that time... I did not want to feel that was in me, or just wasn't able to yet.

I have a respect for how there is just some places of structure that are not and were not developed in me to be able to see and live or receive things. So it goes. I don't have as much pressure needing to be healed all the way. Whatever that may be. Getting more HOH. It strange now really feeling I will never be a part of the EBE community again.

And to O:
I really love/loved Elke. I miss her. We got to know her and Werner and others with our visits to germany and their visits to our home in Ashland. I was just looking at some past pictures... :)

I think she may have changed her name due to Daniel or someone suggesting it, and/or from her inner work calling for a new name to express the new her. Gloria and others have down similar things. I think they would say it helps express a more authentic them of the time now, or a part of them that has dropped off their sentinel. And I too thought this was a little strange that Daniel would in the past be so adament about people using 'false names' and then supporting people to shift their names in EBE/ESH. Daniel himself did this, as he has shared, he was called Stacey growing up, then went by Johesh after his awakening, and then went by Barron when I met him, and then went to Daniel later on.

I still have a little of the flavor of Daniel's critical attitude I felt at times around him when I meet people that have name changes (I have my own last name brought into my middle name with a new family last name - Grace after our son was born). Its funny how I still carry some of the Daniel critics of others doing things that isn't ESH/EBE pc. Old habits die hard.

I trust Elke's humor is coming out in other ways. And I am happy to hear she is more confident and self-loving. I hope it sustains, not as a tie to being in connection with ESH/EBE, whethere she stays connected with it longterm or not.

I haven't been in contact with Heidi for years. I can feel how easy it is to go into the vibe of who's who. doing what and where. I don't miss that nervousness. Last I heard Jillian was with Timo.

I miss being so special in such a special group. Its harder, but most likely more real for me, to be a part of everyday humanity.

I encourage you to write what you need to write, get some good support from dear friends and/or a therapist as you most likely say goodbye to a important relationship in your life.

Daniel is a genius and a good man, has given much to others - myself included- ... done much good for others. And has a shadow that was really hard for me to bear being around.

that's all for now,

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: June 24, 2008 01:43AM

Hello all of you,
I was the original sender of the first message on Daniel Barron.
After posting I got a lot of trouble with DB and Theohumanity.
They blocked my emails and even a long friend of my wife quitted the friendship because of my message. What really happened to her, I don't know, but I think she got trouble because she knew me.
Later on I was corresponding with Mark Shapiro (the secretary of Theohumanity in the USA) and as soon I didn't agree with his opinion, he block my email.
I think that's Theohumanity policy. You have to be with them or else you will not to be loved.

I do agree with you all, that EBE can help you understanding yourself.
You even can recognize a lot of pattern in one self, but it is not that which makes EBE dangerous. It is dangerous because of Daniel Barron, because he claims he is the only one who knows how everything goes to get enlightened.
That’s his real problem. He claims something that doesn’t exist.

Sure, “you” can become enlightened, but that is not because you did something like EBE.
It happens, while grace fall upon you.
You can work hard, and a lot of people do so, and please go on, but it doesn’t bring enlightenment one iota nearer.
For the best it makes you a better acting and understanding, and probably more relaxed, human being. And that’s fine of course.

Barron claims he can make you enlightened and that’s not true.
He claims that you can be enlightened emotional, and that’s not true either.
When it was true, how come that [Heidi M.] had to go?
Barron says in a letter to me: Heidi herself offered to withdraw from EBE to heal herself: I went along with it because I saw she needed it. But that was a lie. She was forced to go.

But how come? Wasn’t she already a facilitator, even the project leader of Europe?
Wasn’t she the one who brought EBE and Barron to Europe?
Wasn’t she already emotional enlightened?
No, she wasn’t.
It seemed Heidi was a normal person like you and me and she quitted while Barron claims things that are impossible to reach.
She saw that the great Daniel Barron was a fraud, because of his claims and because of the secret lies in his own private behaviour no one may question.

Interestingly Elke has gone too.
She had been some month the project leader of Europe, but has gone now also.
She must have seen the same rotten thing: Barron is a fraud.
He is a liar and very calculative. As come to his wife.
Herunder some of the conversation I had with Barron upon that theme:
DB: “My wife was never my facilitant, so there was no impropriety or breaking of any EBE rules

JH: That’s nonsense, Daniel. You met your wife, according to herself on your site, when she started EBE and in 18 month you two married. Probably she was not your facilitant, but according to your EBE standards, it is still unhealthy, because you are the real and only facilitator that matters. What about co-dependency? You both have an enneagramtype 4. What more do you want? Finally you found your soul mate and so did she. And you did no EBE work private? You never talked about it? You never helped her in her process? That’s bogus, and you know that very well. When you are the real EBE godfather, enlightened in emotional body, as saint and sage, you know she is co-dependent all the way down. She can be trained as facilitator (of course not by you), but till her emotional enlightenment, she can only be co-dependent in relationships. That you know. And then she suddenly is healed (like Heidi had been declared healed?) and the two of you can marry. I’m a bit cynical on it. But, however, it’s fine with me, but a lie to EBE. And another point in which you hurt all your EBE people.
DB:”My wife was trained in the full facilitator class like everyone else, the full 15 months”.
Jah, great. In the meantime you made love with her out of interdependency without hurting her process. But understand me well. It’s fine with me that you two has been married to each other. That’s not the issue. The issue is that you claim something: enlightenment and that you know all prerequisites to make others enlightened. First EBE, then sainthood, then being a sage. Very fine. If it is true.
But it can’t be true, as shown by Heidi.
Along the way to enlightenment the persona will be there even more subtle. You should know that.
You are the guru and so all female facilitants want to be with you. Want to be loved by daddy. Your wife too. And you know that. You felt in one of the old guru traps: sex.
It doesn’t matter, but you have to admit it, otherwise you as guru is real hogus bogus and EBE just another therapy and not at all a way to enlightenment, but a way just and only to understand your own traps and pitfalls better. For that very very good, and for that I do thank you.
(Notice: his wife did the full 15 months to be facilitator. All others it took several years to get there. She never has been a intern as is requisite by Barron. She must have been the super student. In bed, I presume).

Emotional Body Enlightenment is not possible.
His sage and sainthood are not possible.
Yes we can surrender to God, to Brahman, to IT, to Shunyata or whatever you name it.
We even can understand we live in a dream.
We also can understand we can forgive everything and everyone, because there is no reality in a dream.
Yes we can wake up and also to that dream.
But not because of some systematics like EBE. It happens, because of GRACE.
In the whole history of enlightenment not one single enlightened being had made him or herself enlightened. They all have said: grace fell upon me, and the “me” disappeared. I woke up, DESPITE of myself.

Something strange is in this: YOU can’t make it happen, because in enlightenment is NO you, also not an emotional enlightened bodily you.
That’s the fake of EBE, Theohumanity and his Founder Daniel Barron.
And he must know that, because he claims to be realised.
If so, he has fallen back again, became poor Daniel again.
That’s where the real thing comes in and all the Guru pitfalls: Sex, money and power.
He loves all three. Why not? It’s okay.
There’s nothing wrong with having sex and having money. There is some difficulty with power, because you will think, now you are the real big guy. You will have to learn what to do with it. Can you share your power? Can you benefit the world with your power or do you say like Daniel Barron in his letter to me: “I can have no more contact with you as you are now. You can believe whatever you want to believe about me and my work, as you will.”
That’s nice, but not open.
That’s not heartfelt.
That’s empowering yourself.
That’s ugly.

Why not make things clear to me?
Why not getting me close to your heart, Daniel?
Because I am questioning you?

The more I hear and see of EBE and Daniel Barron, the more it is confirmed: Barron is a fraud.
What a pity.
What a pity of a good kind of therapy.
But now nobody can use it because you first have to agree with Daniel Stacey Barron.
How stupid.

I hope, all old facilitators and intern that quitted EBE will make out of it the real therapy of it. It is not difficult. I did and if they want, I can help them with it. I am not bound by an agreement with DB as they are. .

So, let DB be forgiven for all his nonsense, because he is not real all the way and in the end.

With Love.

Jos Hoebe

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: June 24, 2008 02:19AM

I would add something.

It's a pity that Elke has gone too. I don't know how to contact here. Also Heidi I cannot contact. May be one of you, knows their addresses. Please contact me at [...]


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 24, 2008 02:48AM

To whom it may concern:

The rules of this message board specifically prohibit posting contact information publicly.

Use the private messaging system.

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: June 26, 2008 05:56PM

quote arlo]Jos,

I am reaching out because I have two brothers now in the group. Both want to become facilitators. Both have cut contact with the family for 6 months at a time. Both are skipping all family activities, beside funerals.

I am looking for former members to help them decide to leave.

Are you at all interested?



Hello Kurt,

Yes I am interested, but also suspicious.
I don’t know you and I got more messages like these and it worked out to be EBE-people that only wanted to fool me for their own purposes.
Well that is furthermore alright with me, but if you are an EBE-apprentice you are fooling yourself with your question.
So I will send your question and my answer on the forum, where all can read it.

My answer is this:
In EBE it is said that all people have codependent relationships due to their childhood wounding. This wounding make them dependent to all who either acknowledge or suppress this wounding. DB learns that you can to get out of this kind of relationship by doing what is called “detox”. Detox is seen as a means to get rid of the toxins made by the unhealthy relationships one used to have. This relationships can be anything, including work, sex, money, power, parents, behavior of all kind, partners, toys, computer, brother, sister, friends, etc.
To detox the EBE-apprentice has to go in a process in which he or she take a surrogate for the relationship, i.e. other parents, partner, brothers and sisters, friends. Mostly this role will be fulfilled by the facilitator the EBE-er is counseling with. This can take quite a long time before the EBE-er is seen as healthy and not anymore dependable on the old relationship.

The principal itself is okay to me, but how it works out not.
Sure we have to get rid of unhealthy dependencies, but that can be done overt and covert too. There’s no need to quit rigorously with family or partners, but to tell them that you want to get independent of them and of the unhealthy effects that has grown out of it, because that is what you really want to be freed from.
You even then can tell then what that unhealthy effects are, and probably they can recognize them too, and will be there for able to get rid of them too. That would be really healthy.

DB assumption is that that is impossible due to the strategic self.
The sentinels of that self will find means to alter your situation and you to feel convenient with your so-called new way of relating with your family, friends, partner, etc, so that your real process of getting yourself healed and becoming the head of the household (your true self) will never happen.

And that is where DB is mistaken.
He really thinks one can be healed, but that’s not true.
We only can accept what has happened to and with us in the past. When we do that, we are healed. To be able to we have to research ourselves and find out what happened and what kind of pattern are holding us and why this is so. To take the traumas, is to leave them where and what they are. One can even relate to those traumas then, also as a means for others to understand how this works.

Also DB’s concept of the head of the household is a false idea, because that still is a kind of ego-structure and all ego structures claims a happening as if it (the ego) has done it.
The true self is not a self at all. Enlightenment “beings” aren’t beings in the normal sense of understanding. They have no ego or I, as strange that may sound to you.
They are a conscious awareness without a name or address. They just are, whatever they are in full flowing with how they are in a given moment, also when they are crying, having fun, or are hurt.
The difference is that they don’t stick to it or claim that happening as if they are that happening. They even do not remember it in the next moment.
You can see something of it in very young children.
Also in women given birth. During contraction they have an incredible pain, but as soon the contraction stops the pain has gone too as if you switch of a lamp.

DB makes you believe, YOU can be enlightened and that’s the whole false thing in EBE.
Enlightenment happens, yes, and then that enlightened being is fine with what it has been. However wounded he has been in his past, “he” knows he is not that past, “he” doesn’t have to cling to it or to claim it, “he” also doesn’t need to be healed of it. He is already free and heal (whole).

The best EBE can offer is a way to understand how we cling to and are effected by our past wounding. We can understand what our patterns are because of it and how we can change or alter them and become less dependent. That is real therapy, and all the rest is up to????? Grace.
Enlightenment you can’t imply, whatever you do, whatever master tries for its scholars, etc.

There for I only can say to you, your brothers will come back once they feel themselves independent. And as long they are dependent in their mind so they have to detox because of DB says so, they will be depend on DB.
And that is the true real pitfall for all EBE-ers.
They become dependent on DB as the one and only father that knows it all.

As long your brothers don’t come back, you can only love them as they are and where they are, and in the meantime you can start to understand what is unhealthy in you, because that is a truth we all have to confront ourselves. You then will get a better understanding of yourself and of your brothers and probably you then will be able to communicate with them occasionally and then be open to them because you are open to yourself.
Furthermore you can’t do anything.

Theohumanity acts as a cult and has there for very strong limitations to its members.
Those members will feel that as very okay and enriching. Well let that be.
The best we can do, is to understand how this cults behave and hope that cult members someday understand it too.

So I hope I answered your not expressed question. Furthermore if you have a question please formulate it on the forum. As I said, I don’t know you. If you are honest you send me again a mail with your details, so I can check it.

In love,


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