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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: carolm ()
Date: November 18, 2008 06:32AM

Hi Melissa,

This has been an incredible week to say the least. My daughter, Jill, sent me an email on Tuesday saying she got out of this cult 4 months ago and wanted to talk. Quite by accident, she read my post to you, realized it was her own mother and sent me an email to let me know her and my granddaughter were OK. We spent 2 hours on the phone, sharing and even laughing. My god, I've been waiting for this day, what relief!

She assures me that Daniel really didn't have much to do with my granddaughter, which I can believe. From what I know of Daniel and his dogma there isn't much room for children. What would he do when it was time to give my granddaughter her own surrogate parents, ask my daughter to leave the group? Not very well thought out, I’d say. You can see from reading Eric's paper on his experiences that Daniel doesn't seem to be too keen on kids. I've noticed he targets single people in their mid-20 to 30's probably one reason being that once family units start to develop and grow; Daniel's control on them would begin to weaken.

My daughter was part of the inner-circle, a facilitator. During the past 2 1/2 years, I read and followed everything I could find, including all of Eric's stuff, these forums, links into and out of the Theohumanity web site, etc. The people that have left the cult still seem to have a pretty bad case of "Daniel-speak" but they seem to be getting better (re-discovering their own spirit and trusting in themselves). My daughter has created a website with her fiancé (also an ex-EBE person) that is documenting their experiences and emotions since leaving the cult. She said it was okay to share that site with this forum, Reading their blogs helps me understand a bit more and may give you some insight as well.

During our phone conversation, we talked about some very disturbing things. She thinks she knows your son, mentioned he is very young, is being groomed to be a facilitator and is under Mark's wing. Maybe she or others will have some idea how to reach him. Jill told me that facilitators and interns are frequently threatened with expulsion should they ever have contact with their parents.

Jill also told me she had received many emails from Daniel that were worse than the one that Rob posted in this forum. I can only imagine, maybe we can get her to share one because I'm thinking the more concrete examples the better. I'm sure he has no problem using his intimate knowledge of each person’s weakness as a way to bully, hurt and cut deep. His methods are despicable.

Daniel frequently threatens the future spiritual lives of those leaving his cult (sounds a little old testament doesn't it?). I think it is pretty ironic, that Daniel thinks he has some elevated position coming to him in a future life that he will be able to scorn those that leave him. Geez, hasn't he heard of karma? Think of the terrible hurt and pain that just you and I have gone thru because of his dogma and practices. What about the hundreds of other parents, children, loved ones that have been cruelly cut off and suffered because of him? He trains his followers to shut down their hearts and create cold, dark places where their families once lived. Anyway you look at it, the universe is going to be delivering some heavy duty payback his way (it’s the “my karma ran over your dogma” routine).

Let’s keep looking for ways to expose EBE and put an end to Daniel. There are other ways to spiritual enlightenment and self awareness and they aren’t steeped in cruelty, harshness and so-called tough love processes.

With love,

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: graphicbydesign ()
Date: November 21, 2008 10:32AM

I am sooooo happy for you! And jealous to be honest. Daniel is a low form of human life and I want to do something proactive. You're so correct that the ex-EBE members are afraid of Daniel's retribution. Daniel is powerless, shallow and frail and there's no such thing. He is a pathetic little man. The only way he retains any power is because people give him theirs! I am not afraid and I want to hit this cult full force. I think education is the best medicine. Maybe we should do some clinics in Ashland... "How not to be sucked in by a cult!!" And I am totally interested in creating a website that would create anonymity for the former members to speak about their experience with Daniel. He's a total fraud. He's really gonna be sorry when my son comes out of this because he's so intelligent and articulate that he can do battle with Daniel verbally and spiritually any time any where. He's going to be pissed when he figures all this out and he won't be afraid of his stupid ass either. I will read the website you suggested. I think it's the same one Eric sent me. I am in touch with several ex-members and I have done a lot of research on Mr. Barron and I desperately hope to bring him to light. Tell your daughter to hang on to all of her email from him. And please, please, please, if she has any contact with my son Jeramy I hope that she could somehow reach him. I don't think we're allowed to post our personal contact info here but I think you can find my email address under my profile??? I would love to speak with you outside this forum :) And again, congratulations!!!

Best of luck, love and wishes to you and yours,

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: graphicbydesign ()
Date: November 21, 2008 02:02PM

A couple of thoughts... if you join EBE then become a facilitator, you get paid and send a portion of the money to Daniel Barron right? Doesn't this fall within the confines of a pyramid scheme when you take the hocus pocus out of it? Also, if he has registered his company as NFPO (not for profit) then isn't there an open accounting of his books? I would love to see an investigation of that. Anybody know anything about either of these subjects???


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: nagesha ()
Date: November 22, 2008 02:32AM

Hi Everyone!

I always read the posts and am very touched by everyone. I haven't been writing because I have recently gotten married and am quite busy with my new marriage, life, etc.

Melissa: As far as I know, Daniel doesn't receive any money from the facilitation done by facilitators. I know that he receives many large 'gifts' from different people, however, from what I know, he is quite generous when it comes to money. Despite his apparent generosities with money, however, he more than makes up for it with how abusive he is with people. I am happy to participate in any way that seems appropriate, as I am inspired to do something about this misguided and abusive organization.

Carol: I'm happy for you that you are back in contact with with Jill. I knew Jill quite well(we came to EBE at the same time) and like her a lot. I read her blog and plan on contacting her and her fiance, Wayne. I knew him as Marvin but, obviously, he changed his name, as is very common in EBE. There is something in this name changing that seems to support this indoctrination that happens in EBE.

I'll write again when I have more time but I need to go right now. Thanks again for all of your posts.

Be Well,


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: graphicbydesign ()
Date: November 29, 2008 03:16PM

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Are holidays celebrated in EBE? It was nice to sit around the table and have everyone talk about what they were thankful for. It was a little sad because my best friend had dinner at my house and her brother passed away suddenly. He was young and it was very sad. It makes you realize how fragile our existence truly is. It also makes you thankful to be alive. Weird. My son was sorely missed as I am sure you can guess. I hear through the grapevine he wants to become a doctor. How amazing would that be? He is so intelligent and caring that I think it would be a well suited career for him. I wish him well. I wish he knew that. I wish he would call.

I am surprised to "hear Rob say" that Daniel doesn't get paid through the facilitators. I think Daniel, in some regards, has good parts to him. He just has some truly serious Mommy issues!! and the destruction far outweighs anything positive. Whatever.

So... I have sorted thousands of photos and I am working to make albums for my sons for Christmas. I have had zero contact with my son since he disowned me. Do I send the album? What about his presents? I can't not buy him something. What if by some miracle he came home at Christmas? I can put it in a box with his Birthday present and put it away until he comes around or...??? I don't EVEN know what to do. I don't want to risk shoving him further away, but I don't want him to fall through the cracks either because I didn't try. What do I do? Carol, how did you get through the holidays? Our holiday's are about family. It's hard to do with missing children!!!!!!

Love and peace,

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Date: November 30, 2008 07:33AM

Okay, so I have not been able to find the blog from Carol's daughter. The link doesn't work...any suggestions? My father and his "wife" have been sucked into EBE for over 2 and 1/2 years. They no longer contact any of his children or grandchildren. Hearts have been broken, lives changed. I received a scathing and cruel letter from my father that sounded like a deranged and adolescent rant with daniel-speak denouncing his entire family. Can you imagine rejecting your 8 grandkids for nothing. My father and his wife tried soul searching groups for over 13 years. I never worried, because None of them stuck because his wife is a borderline psycho. SHe always grabs for power and alienates the leaders. TO name a few; Moore University, Pacha Mama, Mookdananda, Babaramdas, "In community", Women's leadership movement, etc... They live in Berkeley and Ashland. She has changed her name and is suddenly the leader of the USA Theohumanity project. How did that happen??? I fully expect this to blow up in their faces as well, but in the meantime, what do I do? Carol, can you tell me if they are alright? How deep does this go??? What can I do? What to expect?

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New experiences
Posted by: ericgrace ()
Date: November 30, 2008 03:34PM

Hi Everyone,

I have been praying a lot over the last months, that the people in EBE and those out of EBE could come to some reconciliation. That the divisiveness would end. That the narcissism and borderline energy that comes through and within EBE as an organization would heal. May that be so.

I have met with many of the people that have left, its been very healing. New people have left, for similar reasons why I did in the past. You can find other new blogs about people's experience with EBE on the net, contact me via my email on my profile if you need the exact link). What I am learning is how its pretty ubiquitous in individuals that leave (and those that are still in), they all have a big fear of being criticized by others in EBE or just out. That there is a big shame cycle that is supported by the highly mental, gossip-based, and abusive 'interventions' EBE takes with clients. We have symptoms similar to post traumatic stress disorder. And it is similar to leaving an abusive relationship, in how long it takes to heal from it, and get one's pysche reconstituted.

I want to say directly to Daniel, Gloria, and Bill:

I have experienced a form of possession from you Daniel. I now see you acting through shadow as a black magician. Quite deceptively. Using the light of your awakeness and your juice of your god-connection to hook up people to you, to give you power, meanwhile your unconsious desires and impulses (sexual and otherwise) get sent through others to be worked out. All the while they feel you are more powerful than them. The odd thing is, that you need them just as much if not more than they need you, but you disguise this in a variety of ways.

I have dreams of you ignoring me with people following you, much a like a 4 year having a tantrum not wanting to give in to a parents rules, not talking to them and looking for someone to validate that he is right. I have dreams of a very sinister scientist injecting a green nauseating gunk into people's bodies on tables.

I have felt how you create thoughtforms and give them to people, myself included, around various lifetimes and situations that are not true, but how you spin them makes the individual believe in them, thereby giving those thoughtforms energy so they become more and more real. These scenerios are so out there, but they are made to seem very real and believable.

So I pray for you Daniel, may you discover the Golden Sun God Source within you, that you no longer need to get your power from others. That you no longer need to use people's fragility, vulnerabiltiy, need, and uneasinesses in this world as means for your supply of power. Knowing you has helped me learn about how this is possible so I will not do this myself anymore.

I pray for Jannic, that he is held with honest parenting love.

Gloria, I have heard stories of how you have been abusive with your clients. Things that no human being should be doing with another, especially in a paid/healing context. I did not trust you when I met you and knew you, and these stories confirm my fear about what you were capable of. You seem to lack the love/juice that makes Daniels brutality more gulpable, which is just as cruel and destructive, and I hope your days as a facilitator, as well as the head facilitator of NA ends soon. I believe Daniel will do the same with you as he did with Heidi/Heidrun, when he can justifiy it. And he can do so, because Theohumanity is a partriachal system wearing the clothes of a feminine path.

May all that are in EBE see how this is not any different than Nazi Germany, how people were enticed into a womblike space of love and idealism - the Ubermensch, in their yearning for safety and security(and meanwhile it is completely taken away from them). Meanwhile there was a clench of a patriarch holding the 'false womb'. Perhaps this is why germany so responded to EBE.

Bill, I believe you are a kind man, but I cannot understand how you can stand by your partner and be a part of an organization that is so abusive to human beings. As well as cut off your family in the name of a creed. I feel sadness for the divisiveness that these actions create within your family, and my guess is within your own heart and soul.

Those of you in EBE that have had borderline/narcissistic parents/upbringings... consider how EBE as an organization holds those same themes. Splitting, black and white, cut-offs, etc.

May you all find the golden love source within you that supports you to find your own divinity within.

Melissa, I had one of the best thanksgivings ever... a great hike with friends, then a big group of folks over for a potluck... what a meal. Then great conversation and healing afterwards. I loved the different worlds of people I have known over the years intermingling.

I can relate to having death come suddenly. My brother died when I was 21 he 24... it was a car accident. Life is precious. And all the more reason to make it poignant in how you are not in contact with your son, and you DofCM without your father. I get a sense of the complete fucked upness of the situation you are in Melissa. If you send it, this happens... if not then fear of this... I say listen to your heart. You cannot and most likely do not already go around worrying how you should live to meet others expectations, so why with your son. You can be honest and say: I have tried to honor your request for space. My heart wants to give you this gift, do what you see fit with it. I would have felt much more respected as your mother and as a human being if you taking space would have been done in person with a conversation.

DofCM. I don't think Carol knows B and Gloria. I believe it will come to some head. Eventually in EBE it always does. Its not on a solid foundation, so it has to fall. It goes very deep. Especially if Gloria has borderline tendencies. The organization holds those themes deeply. So are they well? It depends on whose criteria you are going by. In my opinion, no they are not. But that is for them to come to. My suggestion for you, get help. Find a support system in the flesh to help (if you need suggestions/options let me know via my profile email).

These cut-offs cause much pain and heartache in families. It is unnecessary and destructive in how it is done. And there is simply a transfer over to EBE/Theohumanity/Daniel from whatever the situation was with the cut-offee's. I speak in general terms. But it tends to be the case from my own experience and that of many others on both sides.

Also I agree with Rob, in the money, Daniel recieves gifts from wealth people in EBE that support the organizations. Legal action most likely could be taken with the IRS doing an audit of the organization being an educational non-profit.

Carol, I wondered if it was Jill that was your daughter. I have been in contact with her and Wayne and am really happy to feel our connections again and have some healing of the past. I am happy that you have reconnected. Healing is possible. The splits can end.


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Date: December 04, 2008 02:35AM

Yes, a borderline always alienenates until there is no one left. I don't understand this cult, or why it is appealing to my father. FOr his wife, I do. She is power hungry and has never been taken seriously by even her own family. She has been in constant competition with her sister, who is a lovely person, for her whole life. She uses these self seeking groups to justify a meaningless life wasted with drugs, self-indulgence, and stupidity. SHe has been in over 15 like groups since I have known her, and they only feed the beast. Childlike, evil, abusive, borderline, sel-centered to a point of MADNESS. And NO sense of humor.

I still can't make Carol's daughter's link work. I would like to hear from anyone what the purpose of cutting off children and grandchildren is? How this benefits Daniel? What chance they have of leaving?

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Date: December 04, 2008 08:42AM

The following is a letter (sent 2 years ago) from my father, the husband of the leader of the North American movement. Now, I am liberating myself by sharing the insane ramblings of daniel. I do not believe my father wrote this without his wife at the helm, or daniel's blessing. I feel that by sharing it, anyone in ebe can read and hopefully see how cruel and hurtful this is. I have not heard a word from my father since:

Dear Daughter of cult member:

I am writing this because I can feel how if I don’t, I would
perpetuate the same level of inauthenticity and co-dependence that
was the hallmark of how I contributed to raising you, and what
ultimately became our family dynamic. I can’t undo the
past, but I can stop perpetuating it in a way that feels unhealthy to
me. I have great remorse for having contributed to creating it in the
first-place, and yet, out of my love for you, would rather set a
bench mark for something different. I am deeply sorry for not having
been able to do this sooner and how I parented you. I feel that the
best parent and grandparent I can be is to tell you what I see, what
is my truth, and what is in my heart, albeit late, but now nonetheless.

There was something you said on the phone the other day that brought
up a deep sadness in me, and had me realize my truth about our
relationship and your visiting me this summer and fall. I need to
finally tell you my truth about this.

On the phone, you said something like, "Well you know, I wish the
kids could be born at the age of 2" As jarring to me as these statements
are, there is a bigger picture that is indicative of why I choose to
stay away from you and Son in law of cult member.

There is something about the chaotic nature of your life that is very
troublesome to me and makes it impossible for me to find a way to
interact with you. Your on-again—off-again trips to the mainland,
to the Bay Area or to the Seattle Area are impossible for me to
follow; I am not a father or grandfather who sits around waiting for
you, with nothing to do. My life is full.

Most of the time when you call me, you are complaining about
something, or someone is ill, or something doesn't work out, like the
house in Seattle, etc. I feel like you use me to vent your
frustration with your life situation. I do not want to be used for
venting. Either we interact authentically, in which case you can
actually take in what I have to offer, or I can’t interact with you
at all. You don't seem to take any responsibility for your life and
what is happening in it. When I suggest something to you about it,
you just brush it off, like nothing is wrong, you become very
defensive, or you ignore me like I am invisible. When I say
something to you that you do not want to hear, you go into hiding and
I do not hear from you for weeks and in one case for months.

The most difficult thing for me to say is that I dread the thought of
spending time with you and your husband. His narcissism and self-
righteousness, not to mention his rage (sometimes suppressed,
sometimes not), are too much for me to take. I will not tolerate his
energy anymore. Life is not a Hollywood set, and your husband is not
directing it. I stuffed it when he raged at Gloria at the time of
the baby's birth (when she tried to offer the two of you a video with
up to date research in post natal care—do you have any idea how
arrogant it is to reject information that might illuminate something
that could make a difference in the life of your children); Gloria
cannot be with him anymore either. His indifference to the children,
as I observed it and you attested to, is too much for me to take.
Shutting his office door on Grandson of cult member, while I was there, not only
hurt Grandson of cult member, but also hurt me. It is no wonder Grandson of cult member takes out
his suppressed rage at Grandbaby of cult member, and some of the time, at you. He
cannot do it to his father, since he wants his father's love and
attention. You saw this yourself.

Three or four years ago, Gloria and I suggested to you that Grandson of cult member
might have Ansberger's. We saw that he was disturbed, so we read
books about Ansberger and when we brought it to you, Son in law of cult member shouted at
us, "There is nothing wrong with him." You both could have taken
that in and learned more about how to care for Grandson of cult member and perhaps
helped him, through better understanding and diet.

It appears to me, through our phone conversations, that most of your
parenting revolves around finding appropriate Nanny's for the kids,
finding appropriate activities for Grandson of cult member, or around having him in
a school that boost's your ego, and may not necessarily be the best
for him. You have a picture of who Grandson of cult member is, but I do not know if
you can feel what he actually needs. You also have some picture of
what a grandparent is supposed to be, but it is an old picture and
not what I am or could be.

I am sorry to have to bring this to you now. I sent you my calendar
2 months ago; if you really wanted to have the children in their
grandfather's life, you would have come to the Bay area for the
summer. You were going to come at Spring break, and you choose
Seattle over Berkeley, expecting me (and Gloria) to come to Seattle
for the week. I am not at your beck and call. Life is not a movie set.

This Fall is the last semester of my Academic career. With this, I
am turning more and more attention to my personal life, examining
more and more, who I am and not what I do. A part of this is my own
examination of my self as a parent. I do have a lot of remorse
around my own parenting. I described some of this to you in Hawaii
last September, and I am truly sorry that I wasn't there for you at
crucial times in your life. More important than being there however,
was the way that I wasn’t there. I couldn’t feel nor deal with your
emotions and the difficulties you had with your mother. I am not very
proud of this; and it hurts even more to see how you do this, in an
energetic way with your own kids. But, the only way that I feel I
can stop the cycle is to start telling the truth.

I see now that it isn’t a child’s job to take care of a parents
needs. I let you take care of my needs when you were small and when I
feel into this I am deeply sorry and ashamed. I took you to UCLA
games so I wouldn’t be alone. Of course, it was a way to spend time
with each other, but it was one of the only chance you had to be
alone with me, rather than me joining you in things you wanted to do.
You ended up going with me because your brothers did. That I let you
take care of my needs has left you unable to advocate for yours in
some way, or else I can’t imagine why you put up with Son in law of cult member’s
narcissism, constantly complaining about it, but living with it non-
the-less and not expecting more from a man than crumbs. Rather than
going, just for the fun of it, I needed a companion and you needed my
attention. Can you see how this imprinting gets carried out from
generation to generation?

I need time to digest all of this, as I am sure you do. When
Grandson of cult member and Grandbaby of cult member are old enough, I would love to have them spend
time with me for as little or as much time as we can, just like
other grandsons are doing this summer, free of their parents, so
they can be themselves, and I can give them my full and undivided
attention and, most importantly, my love.

I send this with a heavy heart but with love in that heart.


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: needhelpplease ()
Date: December 28, 2008 08:03AM


I am from Germany and I need your help.. Sooo badly!
My mother is in EBE and she gets more and more into it!
And I'm afraid of losing her! I was begging her to stop trusting this man,
but she doesnt listen to me anymore!
It hurts so much to see how the must important person in your life is
changing to a person you do not know anylonger!
Finally I have found people like you who have some experiences with Daniel Barron
and EBE.. I hope so much that someone can help me!
I even have told her that there are some peole who knows the real DB and they
have seen that he is a liar! But she has just said that this couldnt be the trust, because
the only possibility that someone is saying such bad things about DB is that they are angry with him
or maybe jealous!

Does anyone know what I can do!? Sorry for some mistakes, but my english isnt perfect at all!

Thank you!!!
Best regards

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