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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: graphicbydesign ()
Date: September 10, 2012 03:36AM


I thought you all might find this interesting. The more exposure the better!! Please read and share.


Hope you are all well. Nothing has changed here.

Very Best To You All,

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: graphicbydesign ()
Date: September 26, 2012 10:17AM

Dear Jeramy Couts,
Saturday was your Birthday. And again, I missed you. The last time I saw you I told you I was letting you go because I thought that was what you wanted and it would invoke this healing that you said would happen eventually. Well, I lied. As your Mom I can never let you go. Did you know that if you search your name in quotes on Google there are 6 pages of places you have been or information about you? I can only go about a week or sometimes 2 before I check to see if there is anything new. Any glimpse of my firstborn son. Please know that I did my best as a Mom and I know that sometimes my best was lousy. I am human and I have made a lot of mistakes. God willing I will live to be old enough to make several more! I just wanted to say I love you and I hope that you will forgive me for my mistakes past, present, and future. There is a piece of my heart that belongs to you that no one else will ever fill. I hope that someday we can have a relationship again. There is no greater loss than that of a child. Someday you will understand how much I love you.
All My Love, Mom

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: September 26, 2012 09:26PM

to Daniel Barron,

Since I happan to know you and EBE I wondered why you need this though love to cure people in the psycholical bonds. I understand your paradigm and also the difficulty to overcome the premier sentinel, as you name the hold of the pattern, ego. Still, also from of the wise spoken what is, is. The bull is again a bull. The son, the daughter, is again the son and the daughter. All these relations are real as you are real in your life, having relations with your wife (one of your former-trainees), with your parents, your trainees, etc.
You have to live up with your own consciences and insights, but peacemaking is to me taking account of and including all, also the not-exisisting negative emotions though there. The illusion is as reality real.
The child has has hick-ups with the parents, I know. In the peacemaking the aim is reciprocal understanding. Cooperation. The beauty of that there is something sings of ways of mutual cooperative diversity. Therefor you can be Daniel. A uniques being, one to infinty, and I appreciate your being as such, a quality of all. So we all are, infinty to one. To exclude the family, also during training, creates finally dependent scholars. One day they have to go to the marketplace. Daily life. Where they meet father, mother, brother, sister, wife husband, children. One day you be again what you always have been.

There once was a zen teacher who summoned his student to him.
When the student came in, the teacher said to the student: “You’ve now been with me for 25 years in the monastery. It is now time for you to apply what you have learnt into everyday practice.”
As is expected of a good student, the student did just that. Before he left the teacher and the monastery, however, the student and the teacher first meditated together for an hour.
When the student stood up to leave, the teacher said: “I have something for you”. From his sleeve he pulled out a little black box.
The teacher gave the box to the student and said to him: “You can only open the box once you have found a good place for it”.
The student took the box, bowed in honour and gratitude and looked at the teacher one last time before leaving. He left the monastery to enter the world.

His goal was to reach his homeland where he hadn’t been for 25 years.

Because his homeland was on the other side of the world and because he was travelling by foot, the journey was long.
Whenever he found shelter for the evening, he took his bescheiden properties out of his bag and laid them before him. In silence, he eerbied thanked for their existence as well as everything he had experienced that day. He then picked up the little black box he had received from the teacher and looked for a good place for it. Once he had found a good place, he would place the box there with a photo of his teacher and sometimes a flower or a candle. After this he would meditate for a while before going to sleep. He never thought to open the box, because although it was a good place, it was not the good place.

For a whole year the student travelled through many countries and repeated this ritual with the box every day.
A few days after he arrived in his hometown, he found a simple house outside of the city where he could live.
The house had one room and lots of land. The student was satisfied. He swept the floor and cleaned the whole house. He then laid out his sleeping mat and sat on it before taking the box out of his rucksack. He then looked all around him.
Where shall I put it? The student thought.
There was a window in the corner of the room through which the sun brightly shone through.
Yes, the student thought, that is a good place for it. He then placed the box on a block of wood such that the box was covered in warm sunlight.

While standing looking at the box, the student thought that it would be a good idea to pick some flowers, to make the place even better. After he had done this and arranged the flowers around the box, he placed a candle with it in memory of his teacher.
Satisfied, the student looked at the place and the wall caught his attention.
He had cleaned and dusted the wall, but the house was old and poorly maintained. This meant that the walls looked grey.
I will also do the walls before I open the box, he thought. He then walked to the city to get plaster and paint.
When he returned, he repaired all of the holes in the wall and smoothed them out with the plaster. He then painted everything white.
Seen as he had already started, he also painted the ceiling.

When he was done and had replaced the box on the block of wood in the corner, he thought that the walls looked he extremely white. He then went out into the forest to get some chestnuts.
He peeled the chestnuts, dried the peels, grinded them and brewed them in hot water to make a coloured tea.
He let the tea reduce a little by putting it on a low heat and once it was finished and cooled down, he picked up a brush and painted the walls.
The white-painted walls turned a beautiful, shiny, chestnut-red.
In some places the student applied more paint and started to feel like an artist painting a masterpiece.
When he was finished he looked around himself satisfied, put the block of wood in the corner again and placed the box on top of the block of wood. He then went out to get fresh flowers, put the portrait of his teacher and a candle next to the box and looked at the whole.
This is a good place he thought.

Just when he was about to pick up the box to open it, he noticed a few spots of chestnut-paint on the window.
I’ll just quickly clean this first, the student thought.
He picked up a cloth and clean water and cleaned the window – first inside and then outside.
When he was outside, he noticed a lot of rubbish of the previous owners lying around the house which he hadn’t noticed before.
I better clear that up as well, the student though, otherwise the box won’t have a good place.
He happily cleared up all the rubbish that was strewn around the house. While he was doing this he noticed a few seedlings growing off some of the trees and decided to dig them out so that he could make a small bonsai garden that he could look at out of the window of the house.

All these jobs took days and every evening he would sit down with the box, think about his teacher, meditate and go to sleep.
Every day he would notice something else that could be done in order to improve the area around the box. Slowly he created a small paradise around the box.

People living in the area noticed this, of course. The children, in particular, enjoyed being there and helping the student.
There was always something to do.
From one of his neighbours, the student was given lots of wood to make a new roof. Together with the children and the other neighbours, they replaced the roof.
Another neighbour came with more wood so that they could make a shelter so that the student could sit outside even when it was raining – because he enjoyed doing this.
Because the student was also a wise and friendly person, the people came to him with questions. He answered them full of love and attention.

Every day there was something to do to, or around, the student’s house. Slowly the house grew with a new kitchen, an extra storage room, a small workplace, an extra sleeping area for travellers who stopped by more often. As time passed, it grew into a large community where everyone helped to make the place better.

In the evening, before going to sleep, the student would sit with the box and the portrait of the teacher and meditate.
In the morning he would place fresh flowers around the box, which by now had been given a place on a sculpted piece of wood surrounded by gifts and offerings that various people had given after hearing the story of the box.
One day, the student died while meditating before the box and the portrait of his beloved teacher.

In all the years that the student lived in the house, he never once opened the box.
The students who, through the years, had come to stay with the student knew of the story of the box and carried on his work: giving the box a nice place.

They are still busy doing this.

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: curiousgeorgina ()
Date: November 19, 2014 12:53AM

My wife Jillian has just completed her memoir of her time, as well as mine inside of the group being discussed on this thread. Her book is called 'Under the Bloated Banyen - My Experience In And Recovery From Emotional Body Enlightenment (EBE). It can be purchased in book form from here and can also be found on our website

Writing the memoir and making it public has felt like a necessary step to digesting, healing and moving on from the experience, while preserving what we both felt to be of value inside EBE.

Wayne Vriend

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: November 20, 2014 12:53AM

Thank you Wayne.
Can you (Wayne & Jillian) tell something about your experiences also here? And in the light of the discussion here?
I looked at your website. When I read the blog on Jillian her book I hear / read a lot of feeling and being under the whole range of e-motions, and your own steps / authority. I like that, even if it is my own projection.

As you can see, there happens not much anymore on this thread, but because it is still there, someone, you, can always come. Probably a few more people will reflect now too on their experiences after your entry here. For me: I haven´t been busy with it for about a year. Before that time I looked 5, 6 times a year on the theohumanity site because something had triggered to get the association and action.
That hasn't happened for about the last year. The association yes, the action, no. The associated e-motion is still sadness and pityness, but it doesn't move me anymore.
Sometimes in conversations, I refer to DB as an example for the expert evading his own paradigm and teaching and that is what it is. Maybe the most diffi-cult in life?

Curious I am looking forward to your answer / comment.


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: curiousgeorgina ()
Date: November 21, 2014 12:55AM

Hello Jos,

Thank you for your reply. I know this thread is a quiet one for the last few years, but it has been of interest to me as a point of contact between people who have had the same intense experience as us. And we have you to thank for starting it and hosting it! Thank you. I’m a bit hesitant though to share the EBE relational war stories here in this thread though, those come out in now rarer moments in conversations with people we feel very close to. Jillian however, in her book, gives the most transparent scene by scene and feeling by feeling account in her book. Writing it in a book is somehow a safer place to share as the reader has a deeper intention and choice around feeling resonant with what they are reading, rather than a scrutiny of someone inside of EBE getting ‘a read’ on where we are still stuck. I think you know all too well what I refer to.

Yes, coming back to our own authority and sovereignty is a big growth point for sure. I gave myself intensely to Christianity before repeating some of the same lessons in EBE. Each of us needs what we need! I liked your play on words, when you said ‘the most diffi-cult.’ I have adopted the view today that none of us live outside of several cults. Our country, our family, our beliefs, our social circles etc. are all very much cults. It is time now for us all to admit our cults and take responsibility for what they are producing, not denying that we are a part of one or more! Which of course brings us the very unique cult of EBE, unique to those of us who learned our most painful lessons to date there, as well as experienced some of our deepest growths. The painful lessons had much to do with being born into my self-authority. What drew me to EBE was the exquisite discovery and participation relationally in the emotional body over the mental. Much of that survives in me today post EBE. I hurt for those who have left EBE so crushed and who possibly still struggle to embrace what drew them, what they chose, what belongs to them and the human family, not to DB.
I still feel some missing of the people inside of EBE, and the intimacy of heart that I experienced at times with people on the inside. I of course robbed the EBE vault before I left, without quite knowing I was doing that in connecting with Jillian. We have had mixed experiences though with people who left, and it has felt mostly like others who left we were not able to find deep resonant ground with other than for a phase of mutually detoxing from EBE. This has been something deeper for us to feel through. It has felt like our offering of a parts based work, and a sovereign boundaries based work too much of a Daniel trigger for people who’ve left EBE. This all emphasizes for me how much it takes to release and detoxify from what was invasive, as well as implanted. Most though seem to have shied away from going public about their experience, or have felt that putting it behind them is somehow best served by no longer referencing it. I get the push, pull. I feel some of that now as I write this.

I’m curious for you Jos, how you came to have a strong and public response to EBE as I understand that your time inside was shorter. Did EBE and Daniel represent something bigger from your past?

I get what you say too about moving on. It is our own lives that we are called to lead and be in, and to feel any loss or mourning of something treasured that was lost. For us, in the last couple years there is a strong sense of deep change and collapse globally unfolding now economically and in our industrial civilization. This is and will be a great common denominator facing us all as a species that changes our focus of what matters now and where we should put our energy. For us, this is moving to a simplicity of growing our own food and relocating off grid. There is mourning to feel in embracing these deep changes. It also sifts through any energy we may have towards ‘opposing’ something as only what matters will ultimately survive the coming chaos and rebirth.

Okay, I guess I had more to say than I realized! Thanks for asking!

Warmly, Wayne

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Wayne Vriend

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: unwinding ()
Date: May 08, 2015 12:09AM

I'll start by saying that EBE is like a very dark version,(as if the film wasn't dark enough) of the film Inception for trying to heal the 'self', it's fully an outside to in method, offered as the ultimate 'inside to out' healing, I've found that's because there's a deeply wounded child/man disseminating the work, his name is D.S. Barron

I've read this thread over the years on occasion, from the 'inside' of Theohumanity. I never asked why though. I was so sure that Theohumanity's picture of it being 'The cult to end all cults' was so brilliant. That it truly had 'the way' to become whole, to heal as a human in the deepest ways. That a cult was only ever a relationship that a wounded person had with an outer authority, and surely because Barron spoke this so plainly, I wasn't in one...

...there was a lot of healing that did happen in this work, in spite of the psychopathic, narcissistic behavior and textbook megalomaniac of this damaged individual.

You all need to know that as of this month, Project Theohumanity is being completely dissolved as a non-profit. Daniel Barron is no longer a part of it, and a huge unravelling of the abuse he purported, (and that I tolerated in my trance) is being exposed, top to bottom.
The top leadership has collapsed, because it was never leadership to begin with, as most closest to Barron were in the deepest trance.

I've already reached out to several people who'd left years ago, and I get that even now as I write, I'm still 'in it', or 'it in me' and I'm just beginning the process of unwinding, and finding why and how I could have sold myself out in so many ways; why I denied all of my red flags and heart intuition over the years.

I can say: Thank goodness I never became a facilitator in this house of abuse.

I really just wanted you all to know that EBE and Theohumanity in any current form are done, burning to the ground- still burning, but on it's way out.

I've observed that Barron still thinks he can use his own bubbled off paradigm to heal himself, but what I see is him scrambling to manipulate those most culpable and damaged right now.

Thank you for all of you who have done what you could to expose the lie, and I'm sorry for the pain that's been incurred...I'm just beginning to feel the abuse in myself.

Theohumanity is one of the most maniacal, backwards paradigms in that the real love that did flow, carried the abuse deep into everyone as many of you know. Sure, real emotions were evoked and brought forward, and landed in other people for some real healing, but as one person in the former leadership said to me, there was a constant fear and dread that the 'authorities' pushed down from Barron that the EBE work itself made us all transcend. I'm still trying to swallow this one...

As I look at the bigger journey, I can see that when I came to this work that it promised wholeness, that there was a fully healed version of us all as individuals that it would take us on the road to, that it wasn't a 'one size fits all' orientation.
The 'work' first asked me to divide myself by exposing 'small parts' connected to my deeper emotions, then further division with the 'sentinel', or defense complex, all the while, an ever changing, elusive HOH or Head of Household, (our real self) was moved around like a rubix cube - only a greased pig that Barron could be the arbiter of because he was the 'first born of humanity', the 'closest to enheartend', shit just writing this makes me smack my forehead, how could I have not seen the mess of it all?

A new beginning ahead...

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: ericgrace ()
Date: May 08, 2015 02:39AM

Dear Past EBE/Theohumanity members,

"Unwinding" has shared some of this already, and this info was confirmed by another past member of EBE/Theohumanity, so I will keep it brief, there has been a shift around Theohumanity and the cultic abuse cycle. I've pasted a letter from the Board of Theohumanity, you can contact any of these individuals via their email address about more information:

From: Allen-PT
Date: Wed, May 6, 2015 at 3:40 PM
Subject: Board Letter

[Moderator note: Do not post email addresses against the rules]

May 6, 2015

It is with heavy hearts we write to you this formal announcement. We have met with an attorney this morning and with his advice, the Board of Directors of Project Theohumanity has taken and is taking the following steps:
1. Daniel Barron’s resignation as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and as a member of the Board has been accepted.
2. By unanimous decision of the Board, Daniel’s employment and involvement in Project Theohumanity is terminated immediately; Brie Barron abstained due to a conflict but supported that decision.
3. Subsequently, Venna and Brie have resigned from the Board, and from any teaching duties related to Project Theohumanity.
4. All future scheduled events, including the Intensive scheduled for this weekend and the 3-day events beginning in August, have been cancelled.
5. Project Theohumanity will not sponsor the September Retreat in France. We will cancel all arrangements with the Hotel in France within 30 days unless someone comes forward who would like to do their own Retreat using the facilities that are reserved.
6. The remaining Board members have elected to proceed with the dissolution of Project Theohumanity, Inc as provided in the by-laws. This will begin Wednesday, May 13, 2015, which by law takes many months, and will include setting up a claims process.
7. We will suspend the Theohumanity website.
8. Because we are bound to present this to you in this formal document, we will make ourselves available at the Center to answer your questions regarding Board matters on Wednesday, May 13, 2015, at 7 PM .

Project Theohumanity Board of Directors
Allen, Bill and Gloria

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: May 08, 2015 06:16AM

wow, that is real news. congratulations for humanity. the fool is finally stopped. in holland is a saying: though the lie can be made fast and easy, the truth and reality will once come as peasy. something like that. That is real good news.
I am very interested to all this people whom have been into EBE and are now "Liberated".
please understand my concern. it must be terrible for all this people that the holy bottom is now without any bottom. As Eric writes how hard it is to understand your own blindness. for the people yet fully involved in their process it will be devastating. Daniel gone. a fraud. And what about me? I am a super dumbo be3cause I was his scholar? His follower.

Oh no. Let me be clear: while we long for the beauty EBE promisse, and because we are ready to do EBE therefor too, we are not stupid people or dumbos. not at all. we are real people whom understand that they have to start with themselves and their own hidden, or not so obvious overt, reasons for behaviour. one or several of such reasons is that we really want someone who can help us on this arduous path. we need roadsigns, you know.
daniel has been and is the typical guru trap and pitfall. he for himself and for his scholar for learning the look beyond the man and his teaching. to learn to see for yourself and experimenting with good concepts, possibilities of how this way can be performed and gone the whole trail.

so we can thank daniel for showing our blindness by showing his own ego maniac blindness.
let's take this as an example. a very fine one. and a harsh one. but they shoot horses, don't they?

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: May 08, 2015 06:38AM

dear board of directors, dear Allen, Bill and Gloria,

thank you for your important message. Also that you do this on this board. I wish you the strength to go in, on and through this process. And not just you, but all people concerned. I hope you all will have the clear insight, wo we've done it. We are through now. It will take a while, but it will come some day. that is possible because you make it possible.

I hope you will keep us informed about what is happening. legal issues, people issues.i hope also for reunions of all sort. family, friends, lovers. and the reunion with clarity everyday anew. How you cope with it. how you freed yourself, or not. Tell us your stories. Tell it to the world. Tell it. Please do. Your story is valuable for all of us, for you, for me. Because each of us is valuable.

may 7th i had a though day. a real annoyance day. but finally it came through. Today 8th is a new day. At least 1 of the daniels has left the stage. that is a good start.

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