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Re: Struthers Memorial Independent Pentecostal Church
Posted by: ThePetitor ()
Date: July 10, 2024 05:49PM

Hi Blackwatch,

Yes, all seems quiet at the moment. It may be folks are on holiday, although that may be a big step for some. I know folks who did not feel they should go on holiday when part of Struthers and retained that practice after they left.

Some of the folks that preached about how it was wrong to go on holiday then changed their mind however and decided that holidays were OK (for them at least). They of course did not actually mention that from the pulpit, they just went on holiday without explaining to anyone that they had changed their position. Because they did not actually come out and say that they used to be wrong, they left their ex-members carrying all the burdens they had imposed on them over the years.

A bit of a cruel trick to force someone to carry a burden then decide it was not actually needed, but never get back to the folk you had burdened to let them know.

Anyway, holidays are one possible reason it is a bit quiet, but there may be no reason - the forum has always ebbed and flowed a bit, although I have been constantly amazed at how consistent it has been in the long term. Quite often a quiet period is interrupted by yet another new person coming forward to speak of their experience. We shall see.

Phoebe, thanks for the suggestion, will look that up. It will be interesting to read the bit about "the stain that remains" and see if it bears any relation to the stuff about holidays mentioned above. May of course be an entirely different point!

Hope all contributors are well and getting some sort of break and chance to reset over summer.

Like many others, I am always open for a chat if anyone would like to be in touch. Happy to talk about Struthers - or to talk about other things and never mention Struthers!

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