Re: Osho / Rajneesh MDMA Ecstasy
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 21, 2011 04:44AM

For the Desteni experts, is this a real quote pointing to the Desteni group? There appear to be hundreds of these statements cross-posted on the internet.

Search Google for this phrase, copy/paste into a search engine:

War on Love -- it is just a chemical -- see for yourself and use Ecstasy Join Research at MDMA Ecstasy

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Re: Osho / Rajneesh MDMA Ecstasy
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 21, 2011 01:11PM

strange, there are all sorts of cross-posted links referring to Desteni and Ecstasy, to a deleted video with the title:

Ecstasy MDMA – Love is just a DRUG Part 2

(and below that are all of these keywords)

War on Love — it is just a chemical — see for yourself and use Ecstasy Join Research at MDMA Ecstasy Appetite loss Visual distortion Rapid, involuntary eye jiggling (nystagmus) Mild visual hallucinations (uncommon) Moderately increased heart rate and blood pressure (increases with dose) Restlessness, nervousness, shivering Change in body temperature regulation Upwellings of unexpected emotion, emotional liability Strong desire to do or want more when coming down Inappropriate and/or unintended emotional bonding Tendency to say things you might feel uncomfortable about later Mild to extreme jaw clenching (trisma), tongue and cheek chewing, and teeth grinding (bruxia) Difficulty concentrating & problems with activities requiring linear focus Short-term memory scramble or loss & confusion Muscle tension Erectile dysfunction and difficulty reaching orgasm Increase in body temperature, hyperthermia, dehydration (drink water) Hyponatremia (don’t drink too much water) Nausea and vomiting Headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, and vertigo Sadness on coming down, sense of loss or immediate nostalgia Post-trip Crash – unpleasantly harsh comedown from the peak effect Hangover the next day, lasting days to weeks Mild depression and fatigue for up to a week Severe depression and/or fatigue (uncommon) Possible strong urge to repeat the experience, though not physically addictive Possible psychological crisis requiring hospitalization (psychotic episodes, severe …

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Osho / Rajneesh MDMA Ecstasy DesteniProductions
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 21, 2011 01:18PM

Yep, the video was from Desteni Productions.

Watch Here Ecstasy MDMA - Love is just a DRUG Part 2
Ecstasy MDMA - Love is just a DRUG Part 2
Free clip from DesteniProductions on YouTube
Jun 3, 2009 6:16
War on Love -- it is just a chemical -- see for yourself and use Join Research at [] MDMA Ecstasy Appetite loss Visual distortion Rapid, involuntary eye jiggling (nystagmus) Mild visual hallucinations (uncommon) Moderately increased heart rate and blood pressure (increases with dose) Restlessness, nervousness, shivering Change in body temperature regulat ... more Tags: mdma, ecstasy, drug, psychedelics, rave, ravers, neurotically, fear, dissolution, kiss, spiritual, awareness, senses, empathy, belonging, closeness, comfort, ego, softening, inhibitions, war, on, love, chemical, fake, enlightenment, occult, galactic, fede

KelleyKatPLUR: I liked a @YouTube video from @DesteniUniverse [] Ecstasy MDMA - Love is just a DRUG Part 2

10 months
leonardlenoury: I favorited a YouTube video -- Ecstasy MDMA - Love is just a DRUG Part 2 []

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Re: Osho / Rajneesh MDMA Ecstasy DesteniProductions
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 21, 2011 01:32PM

the scammers running Desteni have taken their Forum offline from the general public.

Desteni is getting more paranoid, more ruthless, more desperate, more coercive.

Of course, any authority could monitor the Desteni forums very easily, even send an undercover into the Desteni farm if they believed there was reason for it.

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Re: Osho / Rajneesh MDMA Ecstasy DesteniProductions
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 21, 2011 01:42PM

Its probably only a matter of time, until some journalist goes "undercover" and joins Desteni on the farm, and then writes an article about it.

And if a sect is dealing with the group use, distribution, or manufacture of an illegal drug like MDMA, then the police may even send an undercover in to investigate.

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Re: Osho / Rajneesh MDMA Ecstasy DesteniProductions
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 21, 2011 01:56PM

Of course here is a previous post in this thread about this subject, hard to keep track of everything.

Desteni farm, ecstasy, drugs, MDMA []

But if there are links and evidence of illegal drug would assume the authorities would be interested in that information.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: October 25, 2011 10:43AM

The latest assignment that the assigned members have received is 'talk about how the ems will effect all ways of life" (or something like that from bernard, I'm sure)
I am always struck by those blogs and posts about parents, siblings and families.

What the equal money system will do for families, is the topic of one members posts. I find it very difficult to read and absorb that these people think that everything is always bad. This post dealt with how parents basically have their children held captive, both mentally and physically (abuse). I find that SO insulting to myself and all parents. Why would ANYONE, who has a normal life, and loves their family and friends want to take part in desteni cult, (if that is the intent of the author)? We all know where the ems is going....nowhere. I'm sorry members. Instead of writing daily posts, forgiving every one in sight, breathing (which is part of the human condition) and the other things that your do, why not DO something? I just don't get it, and no one else does for that matter. Until we factor in bernard's and the others non-employment, and the fact that any of you who are involved in the iprocess (which is planned to go on for 10 years) ..that's at 200 USD/month. Do the math.

I listened to a young man's videos the other night. They were over a period of 3 years. He made a video in which he was talking about how dysfunctional his family is, and in the middle of the video, his father called his cell phone. He put it on speakerphone, so the viewer could hear. How and why would you do this to your father. He mentioned that someone had passed away and this member laughed. Such disturbing behavior.

So my point tonite is: while you are all following the marching orders of bernard, making sure that your payment is in by the 21st of the month for your next iprocess course. For the most part, most of you appear to be young adult with your lives ahead of you. This is the time when you should be preparing for the future, in our world. Schooling, working, dating, marriage, having children, sharing your life with someone you love. It's not the time of your life to be married to your computer to find out the latest about desteni cult.

Please give it some thought. I am only repeating what I read on the forum. I don't claim to know everything, but I do know that Family and Friends are a part of life you will regret someday having hurt and pushed out of your life. Again, just think about what I've said.

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Re: Equal Money System, Zeitgeist Movement, Desteni, Venus Project
Posted by: Eliasen9261 ()
Date: November 01, 2011 04:15AM

I need to say that equal money system was maked by some maniac man. The Venus project is inofensive, only the people do not understand what kind of philosophy is this our what is thing our another things, and people have fear to change like Michiu kaku says.
Equal money system stole one of the ideas of the venus project, create a short list of people to help others understand the issue in which the transition was necessary.
They block me on youtube, and they are so convinced in all they aspects and actions, equal money system is for mercenaries.
The venus project never makes mistakes, the only thing the people are against this project its because they don't pull for their intellectuality.
Let's see what Poolman says:

"The RBE will not ever come into existence, there is to much freedom allowed in the RBE for it to be seen as a option."

I am sorry Poolman, but do you know how the human nature works? I don't think so. First the liberty cannot be put in a society profoundly sick. All the people who enter on the venus project have conscience about everything including the equality to all, and good behavior, so we whant a human being who is smarter, safer, more developed intellectually than the present life only brought us grief. This hurts somoene reading this? now, of corse, the money never makes peace and make a good behavior, in the ambient of the money the only thing the money makes is corruption and crime. Fi we whant peace we need to be really humans, but with the compreenshion of the nature, the only thing we deeper was superfluous in this society. everytime someone whants to create a just world to everyone, someone is allways trying to destroy a beutiful concept, and RBE can be a reallity if we collaborate with everybody like brothers and with rationality.
The poolman is a mercenary waithing for the big day they whant but that will not happen, is necessary know how we works and not inventing things beyond our nature, and not what makes us 100% rational.

"RBE still does not hold any solution for mankind, and for how mankind lives."

Is not no. they may not have seen the our concepts, or do not want to know the best, so is born of ignorance. People naturally want to explore not even know what it is, want to be against something rather than just support. What clear prouves this guy have against us? What is the reallity for this people? They whant make every people reach and end with the Elites on the politics, when acctually, they will do more elites on the world, because the the class the people have is maked be the ammount of richness.
i mean, this guy is not human, thats the reason some people in the mind have politics, and other parallel worlds.

I am only here because i whant to contest this the equal money system negatively.

The guy really whants we all cut the hair, they seems to be ULLIMINATI our something, because all the supporters in majority do not have they hair. So how this mercenary explain that?

this guy is like devil. I was a supporter of EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM, but with the fear they give, i pass to support the venus project, and i have more conscience now, what is the world today... Insane.

The guy belive in god? I whant proves, because i am tired of this organization of money.
The problem is you do not want to accept the the other as his brother, prefers to be against, and being a mercenary, than actually get equality. Equality is not about money, it is with honesty and love. You Equal Money System, and all mercenaries will LOSE!
The guy is very wrong, the error of all is not see and understand what is our point. So they are very wrong to if they thing the only way to solve problems, it is with money. The problems are not just about money, but the necessary education and welfare, and this is something where the money will never give.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: November 02, 2011 03:55AM

I would like to address the previous poster and another subject:

1. Your remarks are well taken. You have it right about bernard. I hear your frustration. The
fact that he is trying to be the founder of equality for all is rediculous, and the way he is
going about it, is even more rediculous.
One who seems to hate his own flesh and blood (his brother) as you mentioned, seems to
not have much credibility.

2. I would like to talk about the posts lately on desteni cult forum. They seem to be all about
how the ems is going to effect us (the world).
One post in particular made me very angry. It is about doctors becoming doctors for money.
I am fortunate enough to live in a country that has wonderful docotors and hospitals. These
doctors do much to help other parts of the world receive good health care.
To say that a doctor becomes a doctor for money is just plain ignorant. It takes many years,
sacrifice and hard work to finally achieve your goal.
Maya ( the destonian who wrote about this): Tell me that a doctor or nurse for that matter,
who works in an cancer hospital is doing that 'for the money'. How DARE you!! Doctors have
brought us to a point in our world where we are free from many diseases, and they work
diligently on those that still exist, to eradicate them.

I would suggest that you work within your government and be a spokesperson for health care
reform, if you are dissatified. Believe me, as sure as I know my name, I can tell you and all
the others here that the 'equal money system' is not going to do ONE thing.

Please destonians, stay on point. Get on with your ems and stop blabbing about waking up, going
to class, what happened here and there.... that will get NOTHING DONE.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: jK7sV6kS0d ()
Date: November 04, 2011 08:31AM

Since my "friend" became deeply involved in Desteni, I have been following the posts here on Rick Ross. I don't feel comfortable to say whether my friend is a girl or boy, at least not for now. So if it's ok, I will refer to my friend as "him" or "he".
At first, "he" shall I say, dabbled, with the Densteni group. As time went on, "he" watched the videos all the time. "He" was so mesmorized by Sunette and Bernard. "He" wanted so much for me to become as interested as "he" was, but I could see that it was a scam. I couldn't figure out why Bernard and Sunette made all these wierd videos and blogs. Until my friend informed me the "he" was going to enroll in 'iprocess' and wanted me to consider joining with "him". That "he" had come to the point that "he" would blindly send $200.00 a month to this man, Bernard, whom he didn't know and who was doing nothing for my "friend" or anything else, was the last straw in our relationship! Eventually, we parted because, I hate to say this, but he was so brainwashed with this cultgroup and it's members, that there was nothing left to our "friendship".

This cultgroup has ruined our "friendship" and many other relationships in "his" life. I am hurt, angry, sad, resentful to have lost my "friend" .

I want to get to the bottom of how they work and if they are a legal group. Can anyone here help me?

Thank-you for your time,

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