Re: Desteni, Adolf Hitler, Poolman, Visa, Equal Money
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 28, 2011 09:05AM

You can see here that Desteni is claiming to contact "Hitler" through a Desteni seance, and is publishing material claiming that Hitler is "God".
so VisaMC/Amex wants to sell stuff for Desteni, who is promoting that idea that Hitler is God, when contacted with a Desteni seance?

Of course this garbage was written by Desteni, its not "Hitler", Hitler is dead.
This garbage was written by some deranged coward who runs Desteni, who will not admit to writing this drivel. So he claims is channeled during a seance.
He does that to avoid personal responsibility.
The guy who runs Desteni, who wrote this garbage, is too cowardly to admit it.
So he hides behind a fake portal, and a fake front-woman.

Don't let Desteni cover this garbage up by removing it from public view.
The public has a right to know what Desteni is really up to.
The plan outlined below, is the deranged phantasy of the guy running Desteni.

One assumes that this kind of garbage about "Hitler" is illegal in Germany?

------------QUOTE EXCERPT FOR RESEARCH AND EDUCATION-----------------------

Hitler : Part 1 - Experience of life on earth

Transcribed and typed by Hitler through the interdimensional portal

Date : 00/03/2007

Index of Bookmarks


• I, Hitler – taking the place of God on Earth

• My encounter with World Systems

• My Armour against World Systems

• Who is this God whom has forsaken us?

• Armour as Purpose


• How I see systems and demons

• Finding the reason for the existence of the creatures I encountered

• The conclusion/answer to what I found

• Finding a directive outcome to the conclusion




• Personal experience with demons

• How I will destroy the demons


• How I started

• The only choice that existed in my world

• The path I walked


• Religious observation

• The conclusion to the observations

PART 1 - I am God

"I Hitler – taking the place of God on Earth

I am surveying the incompetence of humanity – humans are sheep who needs, desires and wants a leader to direct them in life to tell them exactly what to do. You have no purpose without someone standing on the stage of the world – taking over all that you have, your freedom, what you are and telling you how to live.

Follow me, you sheep, who can't think for yourselves – I will think for you. You who have sold yourselves to me you will become my worshippers as I have the answer to which you seek. I have your lives in the palm of my hand – follow me and I will show you what is possible if you dare to stand with me. I am here to answer this call, as you have given me the opportunity to stand as a leader for all in my beloved country.

I am ambitious, intolerable to the circumstances of the stature of this country. I desire purpose and I am giving myself a purpose. I am the leader, the god of this country. I will become as God for my people and so it will be. I will transcend God as God has given up on his people – I will not give up on my people.

I will have to take over most of the land and countries that stretch far and beyond us, to position myself to save all from the imperviousness of existence on this Godforsaken planet and country.

I declare now – that I will show God and prove to all, that he does not care, He laughs in the destruction and squealing of pain and hunger and sickness that all endure on the planet earth. He has done nothing of worth to be considered respectable to praise. I will walk on this earth with each step, each placement of my foot on the ground, the stones and earth trembling on the ground I walk. I will shake the foundations of this world with a wrath unknown to mankind so all may see the might of me, Hitler, until they fall. I will rebuild this country and so will you, my sheep, my people, rebuild the world. I will be the power of this world, I will set forth a movement in my name and thus I will live for eternity on this planet earth.

My sheep, my people will have an earth to live on which is totally devoid of God. The people who follow me will be the power of this planet, as I will create not only followers, but I will create myself in each being on this planet called earth. I will call my disciples, a thousand fold more than what God's son gathered to start the revolution of Christianity. I will kill all Christians – all that believe in God. All will be as I am, will become who I am and walk over the creation and make it all my own through my worshippers, my followers.

I am the law – my law will be your Bible to which you must live accordingly. Only through following my direction and my words will I be able to continue my plan for the future of the world and I as you will live into eternity here on earth – no God. I will be god on earth into eternity – watch and see.

I first have to make my stand here on earth – I will gather my disciples and those who choose to walk with me as me, who I will create in my name – will be safe. All of earth will be yours. The rest who do not follow me and who stand in my way, I am destroying, you will not be part of my world as all that will exist on earth is who I am. I will show to all the impossibility of trusting God – that only I am able to be trusted. Trust me and you will see in my name what is possible and what has been kept from you through the following of the words of God. God's words are empty, empty words lead to nothing. Hear my words and watch my deeds, watch what I stand for and how I reveal to all what you can become. You will become as me, standing for eternity on earth. My name will sound through countries, through the planet through existence – I am here to show you as an example of what is possible.

I am the power each one holds within them, I am the power of this world, as I will start with a country and spread myself through many so. Like the Holy Spirit of God, I will through my followers, worshippers and disciples permeate through your homes, through your lands and through your countries and kill not only the first born sons – but those who refuse to follow me.

You will and you must follow me – if you do not, you will experience my doing and my hand. I do not have time for warnings – I will come like the thief in the night, unexpected, unannounced and change your reality right in front of your eyes.

I will stand as God on earth and set my people free, if God could do it – so am I able to do it.

He has not done anything here on earth or in my country or for me – prayer is useless, empty words. I will use that which already exists on earth and in my country to build an empire to show the power of standing as a god on earth. I have already a trinity like the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. My followers, worshippers and disciples, will stand as me and do my work, even after I have gone. Not even death can stop me – not even God can stop me. God has not been here and will never be here – I am using his words as an example to show all the power of mankind. I will demonstrate the power of one to change the course of history and therefore the future.

You have been made to become my followers, I will lead you out of enslavement from that which you call a country and show you how it's supposed to be.

I do not accept the way of existence as all others accept it to be. The poverty and hunger controlled through a religious establishment and movement cloaked as a government with a bunch of monkeys working together trying to gain control over me and my people. They are no more than a monkey – brainless idiots who do not know what it means to live in starvation with nothing of value and no purpose in life. I do not accept and will not allow the poverty, the starvation or being told what to do by a system, a government put together by many who cannot stand alone and think for themselves. Who needs a system to maintain control of others who they fear? Those of stature in high places fear those who walk beneath them and need an outer source, a system to lead them. When something goes wrong through the insert of the system, the system is blamed and not those behind the creation of a system. I will stand beyond a system. I will be the system that governs mankind. I will be the minds, the thoughts of the country and the people. I do not need the system as my power is tenfold that of a requirement of a government. I will stand in all high places of stature. I will become stature. This is my creed – I am the world – I am the people – I am the mind of the people, one mind, one country, one person existing in all into eternity.

I will not stop. I am not stopping for anyone or anything. Your cries for not following me must be understood that you have brought this upon yourself and will fall on deafening ears. Love, my love will be shown as all that follows me who is walking as me with me to take control of our heritage, our world, our country, our people.

This is not God's creation. This is my creation as it will be yours in time to come. First I have to make sure that I have become the ground you walk on, the money in your pockets and the food on your table, when I become the opportunity in your lives to carry forth my way. My way is and will be the only way – I stop at nothing. Stopping is a weakness. You will find no weakness in me – I do not know of the word weakness. I am the beast that will destroy all the ways of the world and of countries that exist that are creating slavery, poverty and starvation for my people.

The mindless no-thinkers men of highest position who hide their fear of the people behind an establishment of a government system. A government is a system with people especially men who sit on their special chairs and talk for a system. The systems are in control of you – the men are the speakers and the thinkers standing as a system. I will destroy the systems so that they do not exist anymore – I am setting you free – I am taking back my place on earth and in my country.

I have no fear – fear is impossible – fear does not exist. Fear has been created through the belief of the control of a system through regulations and laws placed down by a system. How dare a system control me, how dare a system direct me! I am disgusted by myself for such allowance. A system with no life – no mind – I will not be a slave of a system. I refuse. I will eliminate this lifeless, brainless no-thinking system which makes a slave of me, which controls me, that creates starvation where only some selected few are stinking rich with all the money and the others must scavenge the rubbish to gather some food. Only a lifeless system will do such horrifying things to people and I am taking God's place on earth, starting in my country, to bring all to equal amounts of money, ways of income and food. Only a system would regard and take into consideration some more than others. All will be equal in my eyes in time to come.

How can God have left his people in the hands of a system? God is not here on earth or in my country. He has forsaken us, forgotten, left, we have become of no value to Him. I am the bastard who will give my hand to all who will take it. With my hand I will lead the way as an example of who and what you must become to set yourself free from being a slave to a worthless system.

Now hear me clearly – I am erasing from my existence all that is of systems, which stand in the name of systems. And if you do not follow me, you will experience and bring unto yourself the wrath of my hand. I have seen what to do since I have been the youngest of age. My infiltration within the country's system will be done so fast that it's unexpected. All will respect me and all will do as I say.

With my words I will manipulate and do what is necessary to make sure my work is done as what I have set forth to do. If you choose not to follow me – I will give you a choice, I will present to you a choice to follow me. You have one chance. If you even waver for a moment in the decision to follow me – go, leave, you are not invited to be lead by me, to become me, to secure a promised land, a promised existence.

I do not waver; I am a man that does not think; I act immediately, no fear, no doubt and no uncertainty. I call upon all those who choose to follow me as you have already before I came I decided to become who I am.

The rest of you, you are the essence of the worth of a system, defined through not following my way, you are making a statement that you are of the systems that govern my people, my land, my country, my world. You are saying that you are taking the side of the system; I will show you that there will be no existence of any system in my creation. Those systems belong in hell and I will hunt you to the ground, you cannot hide and so I will send you through the ground to the depths of hell.

I will create hell on earth – I will make sure you who are systems experience hell. As I am, Hitler, all that exist, I will stand as heaven and hell, as God and Lucifer. I will create both here on earth, on my creation. I am not limited to that of who God is – or limited to that of who Lucifer is. I will stand as both and I will show you that I am more powerful than both. I will make sure the systems suffer tenfold more that my people as I have suffered under the hands of the systems.

The systems hands were the laws ingrained and followed. There will be only one hand, one law; it will be me, my words and my actions. The suffering, the absolute suffering, the hell and damnation which I will present to the people who try stand as systems, in the name of systems, will be an example to others of what I will accept and what I will not accept. I will allow no chance for the existence of any system. No system has a place in my promised land. Systems are gutless, sickening, disgusting, worthless vermin. Your death - the followers of systems - will be the representation of the killing of the systems. I hate you; you must be killed and removed off the face of the earth. Your end will be death, I will make sure that you suffer before you die to such extremities that you will not want to carry on with life even in the afterlife. You will ask mercy, you will ask to be killed to be murdered. And so it will be done. You will starve as my people have starved. I will make you starve to the brink of death. Death by starvation and pain. Systems hear me – I am coming for you and I will not stop until all that you are and all that you have created is diminished, until only I remain. I will do to you tenfold what you have done to me as well as my people. To show and make a final stand of what I will allow and what I will not allow in my Promised Land.

This is my promise and agreement with myself – I stand alone as I know no-one and nothing can be trusted as all have fallen under the hands of systems. Only a selected few I know I can trust – and this is those that allow themselves to be lead by me. You will only have my trust when you stand as me, as my actions and as my words and will do what is necessary to be done.

Have no consideration for any people who want to be of systems. They must cease to exist – they must not be visible in front of your eyes as they will not be looked upon my eyes. They will not be visible.

I will stand into eternity, as I will be in all and of all, the country the world and my people. I will permeate through all existence on earth. I will forever more exist within you as you, all of you. There will not be one part of you where I am not and so I will walk with you as you always to create and stand as the Promised Land where we are all free of systems. I declare the ground I walk upon as holy ground, where only those walking as me, with me, may tread upon.

All those who are of systems will be hunted down like scavengers; will experience becoming scavengers as I and my people have when looking for food in the rubbish. You will become the scavengers and the rubbish of the land and will be treated as such. I have no mercy. I will become Lucifer, I will become that which you fear the most, and I will haunt you in your dreams and in your sleep. You will no longer be safe anywhere – I will make sure of this. Constant fear will become your new companion for a moment – your death is inevitable and no-one will dare stop me. For they already know – even if they try, I will transcend death and I will go to the ends of time and hunt them down until their non-existent – non-present in all of existence.

Understand my view on systems. They are not even worth only being killed through the shot of a weapon – they must cower in the pain that I will inflict upon them as I and my people for so long have suffered through the infliction of pain by the systems. I am putting an end to the systems. This must be clear by now. I have had ENOUGH!

The time has come and I am grasping the opportunity that is at hand – which I am giving to myself and to all that follow me. I will risk everything to make sure that systems cease to exist. I am taking back what is mine and so will all once I am done. I do not allow myself to feel anything for the systems, I will become as cold as they have been towards me and to my people, and I will become their greatest fear, their worst enemy. I am making sure of this. I want them to become cowards, I want them to hide for then I know my existence is perfect. What I do, is as I have set forth and intended it to be...."

----------------Desteni UNQUOTE....----------------
------------QUOTE EXCERPT FOR RESEARCH AND EDUCATION-----------------------

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Re: Desteni, Adolf Hitler, Poolman, Visa, Equal Money
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 28, 2011 09:25AM

There seems to be several hundred typed pages of Desteni Hitler material.
Of course, all of that was written by the guy running Desteni, who has some kind of delusion that he is the reincarnation of Hitler, or something.
Whoever runs Desteni, wrote all the Hitler drivel, and has some kind of deranged phantasy that he is the New Hitler.

Who is going to sit down and write hundreds of pages of this junk, unless they really believe on some level that they are Hitler reincarnated?
It was not channeled of course, it was written by the guy running Desteni, and then faked.
But the mentality of the guy running Desteni, who wrote that garbage, is beyond extremely disturbing.

How long before Desteni has that Hitler material removed from the internet archive?
Why is the guy running Desteni hiding his writing like a coward, behind a fake channeling scam?

Why doesn't he just admit he is a type of New Age Neo-Nazi?
Why hide and conceal his beliefs like a coward, behind a fake portal, to try and trick people?

Its because he believes that humans are Sheeple, and must be lied to.
That is why Desteni FEARS THE TRUTH and fear people who tell the truth about Desteni.

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Re: Desteni, Adolf Hitler, Poolman, Visa, Equal Money
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 28, 2011 09:44AM

This fake Hitler crap, is some of the most vile material in any cult these days.
Its about "programming".
Followers of Desteni who read that junk, start to believe it, and then transfer those impulses onto Desteni.
Basically, each time it says Hitler, that means "Desteni" and the guy who runs Desteni.
Transference using indirect inference.
The direct transference happens later, as people are given Orders and Commands to follow from Desteni.

Since Desteni has claimed that junk was "transcribed and typed by Hitler"
then anyone else could also hold a fake-seance, and then claim Hitler's afterlife Agent, said it was ok to repost all of that Desteni Hitler junk on the internet, so the public can read what Desteni is really all about.

.....zzzzzzzzzzzz........There is word coming in now from the inter-dimensional portal...that all words that were typed and transcribed by the fake- portal, are now public domain. Since they are public domain and from another dimension, that means they are not of this world, and can then be cross-posted all over the internets in many dimensions, including planet earth.
Because how is "Hitler" going to show up to claim his writing royalties?
No, Hitler is dead.
So all of these fake Hitler writings are public domain.

All of these fake Hitler writings could also be sent to every single Neo-Nazi-watch organization on the planet, so they can enter them into their databases.

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Re: Desteni, Adolf Hitler, Poolman, Visa, Equal Money, Neo-Nazi cult
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 28, 2011 09:56AM

In light of the hundreds of pages of Desteni Hitler material, Desteni should in fact be classified as a type of Neo-Nazi group.
It should be listed on Neo-Nazi watch websites and databases.

Those sites just have not been sent the full text of the Desteni Hitler propaganda.
If Neo-Nazi watch websites were sent the entire Desteni Hitler archive, they would probably classify Desteni as a form of Neo-Nazi group.

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Re: Desteni, Adolf Hitler, Poolman, Visa, Equal Money, Neo-Nazi cult
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 28, 2011 04:26PM

Haven't been keeping up with Desteni current events, but Desteni is in trouble.
Kicked off youtube, pushed off their webhost.
Desteni is on the ropes.

If they can get kicked off Visa/Amex/MC then they are done.

Poolman made so many mistakes, its only the first cult he started, that anyone knows of.
Expect them to rebrand the entire scam, come up with a new name, a new face, and try again.

Yes Desteni will still harm and exploit some vulnerable people.
But losing youtube was a huge blow to the Desteni scam.

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Desteni, Hitler, neo-Nazi cult, Gottfrid Swartholm, Pirate Bay
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: November 28, 2011 05:34PM

The previous Desteni server, responded to complaints received as to Desteni Hitler material and their MLM scam. (see this post: [] ) At the same time they got thrown off YouTube and Vimeo. Then Desteni changed servers, recently opening an account under the name of convicted criminal, Gottfrid Swartholm of the notorious Pirate Bay. At the same time they removed all the Desteni Hitler written material from the site. Desteni web content is now accessed at hosted by [] in Sweden.

On their wiki page Desteni Criticism they say something about why they removed their articles on Hitler...

Q: Apparently you are quite a fan of Hitler? Why? Q: Is Desteni Neo-Nazi?

A: There are people that misunderstood a series of articles published on the Desteni website where a perspective and an attempt for research into how a person such as Adolf Hilter thinks and perceives his world was made. According to this feedback we removed these articles and we might re-publish them later if we’re satisfied that we’re conveying the research in such a way that it is not misunderstood.

On another of their wiki pages Rick Ross - Internet Bullying and Bash-Boarding they write about this forum:

Because Desteni points out the deception within reality and that we will not stop until we have implemented a system of Equality that stops all greed based decisions, the members saw this as a form of 'new world order' and 'totalitarianism' and Nazism' and therefore = we are a cult. Because we had interdimensional communication with Adolph Hitler in the afterlife, and showed his ability to self forgive and his ability to comprehend who he was on earth and why he did what he did, this was seen as sinister and a taboo and therefore = we are a cult.

Another text that was originally published at but has been removed reads as follows:

Hitler and Forgiveness
Written by Bernard Poolman

Hitler is the example we use for evil in this world. Our governments use it
to place pictures of horror in our minds. Now Hitler is back. He is challenging
each one of us. How? Read his story. Unconditionally he is presenting all his
experiences as Hitler and the consequences he faced. He shows that through this
all he realized himself. He realised forgiveness. He realized that he was but
lost for a moment. The greatest challenge for each human is this? If Hitler is
able to find forgiveness, what about you? Who are you?
You are not as lost as
Hitler. You actually despise and judge Hitler. But really, you are despising and
judging yourself. What Hitler is representing is his story as unprecedented in
this world, crossing all divides to assist each human being in stopping,
forgiving and correcting reality.
Hitler is each one of us. What we have become.
What we have allowed. What we are becoming if we do not stop.

NOW – NO MORE. Hear me. This is it. Man is presented this last opportunity
to stop. Those that do, may enter peace. Those that don't, death will be the
director. The after death experience is now as follows; Each being is placed in
a cocoon of your self created reality throughout all existence and you must face
it alone into infinity if necessary. This could be equated to the 40 years in
the desert of the Israelites/Is real lights. Only obsolete total rebirth as
equal and one as the Image and the Likeness of God will allow self to
participate in creation again. This is the last life of each being on earth.
Heaven has been in this process for some time. All the many Mansions have become
one till this is done.

Hitler is presenting this experience as a help, as a gift. Unwrap yourself,
forgive yourself. Ask Hitler questions. Ask Jesus, as God as yourself to guide
Not the God of words and believes. Look at creation. Who are you in
creation? Do you have any power but in yourself? Abuse will stop. In the years
to come there will come, there will be a weeping and a gnashing of teeth. Hear
Hitler. He has been here on earth. He has been a demon. He forgave himself. He
saw and sees who you really are.
We, as all that has understood themselves, walk
with you, but you must set yourself free from your own enslavement. Yes – you
enslaved yourself – accept that! By your own power you enslaved yourself. By
your own power you will set yourself free.


There's no question about it: Bernard Poolman, the Desteni group and the Destonians view Adolf Hitler as a veritable god of self-forgiveness.

Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club International and Discover may be interested to know all this. The web host [] may also be interested to know exactly what kind of a cult they are hosting: []

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: November 28, 2011 09:46PM

Bernard Poolman picked up this garbage from the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, filtered it through South Africa's very troubled relationship with the indigenous peoples of Africa, (racial hatred, apartheid, the white man's burden, 'manifest destiny,' slavery and just plain exploitation of the masses) and then Bernard had some psychotic revelation that he is destined to be the meisterfuhrer of his very own pyramid scam.
Desteni is born.

Hitler died like dog, hiding in an underground bunker when he was unable to keep his delusions going any longer because Zhukov and his Russians were only streets away and destroying everything Teutonic they came across. They had a lot of ground to make up, as anyone who knows about the war on the Eastern Front will understand.

War is ugly and there's no forgiveness this side of the grave---and we are all on this side of the grave until, like Hitler, we're not.

'Forgiveness is mine, saith the Lord' and I, for one, am happy to leave it--along with all the other after-life stuff---- in his capable hands.

But this life, while we still breathe and can put two and two together, is different.
Its human nature, innit?---even Bernard, at his most psychotic, can't escape that one. Look what happened to his mentor, Rajneesh/Osho, for all his brilliant intellect.

Bernard's quite thick really, stupid but very dangerous to vulnerable others. I think he just struck lucky on this one.

Here's some nice, stirring soundtrack, although I prefer the bagpipe version myself:


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 28, 2011 11:39PM

The Anticult wrote


Haven't been keeping up with Desteni current events, but Desteni is in trouble.
Kicked off youtube, pushed off their webhost.
Desteni is on the ropes.

If they can get kicked off Visa/Amex/MC then they are done.

Add Paypal to the list.

Stoic has ID'd a very interesting similarity between Rajneesh (now renamed Osho by devotees)

Rajneesh not only had repugnant views about Hitler but...note this readers...he did rambling talks that were endless streams of verbal spew.

Confusion induction.

And..he liked watching humans as toys in various alleged sexual therapy exercises.

Gotta dare wonder. Very many people on the Hippie Trail made a stop at Pune, where Rajneesh had his compound. If he didnt mind Hitler, perhaps people from South Africa would have found a refreshing freedom from condemnation.

Now...hmm. Look how the terms apartheid come up in the old codger's speeches.

Here, after Rajneesh was kicked out of several countries following the attempted salmonella poisoning incident in Oregon, a devotee and the guru exchange questions.



Osho (A devotee asks),

What to say of the governments and the religions…the idiocy that even the intelligentsia is displaying in misunderstanding you is frightening. How can mankind misbehave in this way with its own highest flower? Is its soul dead? Isn’t the ugly behavior that has been meted out to you over the last ten months a kind of apartheid on an international level that is even worse than the apartheid in South Africa?
Would you please like to say something about this?

(When one considers that this dialog took place in the 1980s and the horrors of South Africa's apartheid regime were infamous, this shows the mental climate within Rajneesh own community)

Rajneesh replies

One thing that I have experienced very deeply in these ten months is the false mask that is on every person’s face. I used to think that only some people work in drama companies, but as I see it now it feels as if every man is hidden behind a false mask. These months were precious, and necessary, in order to see man as he is – and even to understand that the very man I have been fighting for my whole life is not worth fighting for. He is a rotten corpse, a skeleton. His masks are beautiful; his soul, very ugly.

The way in which many countries from all over the world have welcomed me, makes several conclusions clear. One, that the affluent countries of the West who have everything – wealth, science, technology, and every arrangement for mankind’s destruction – do not have a single ray of life. And all this material development has naturally given them a false notion: that they are not only the masters of the whole world but of everyone’s souls as well.



The terrible mental tension through which mankind is passing at the moment is
the result of this segregation, this apartheid of men and women. We have result of this segregation, this apartheid of men and women. We have separate schools and colleges for boys and girls; men and women sit in separate groups in churches and temples. Everywhere the sexes are being made to keep a distance from each other. Much of our present-day trouble and misery stems from this unnatural and unhealthy practice, because it violates the basic laws of nature. In this world the entire structure of life is based on the togetherness of the opposite forces. The more natural and spontaneous this togetherness, the more beneficial it is.


As for the opinions on Hitler, Raj wasnt the only Hindu pandit who held them.

Savitri Devi was another.





'Don't worry,' Sheela would laugh back, unperturbed. 'We'll claim we were brainwashed if we're caught. They won't be able to touch us. I'll have proof that he was behind everything,' showing Deeksha the recording devices she hid on herself whenever she was with Bhagwan. For all his professed love of Jewish people, Deeksha confided to me bitterly, Bhagwan was virulently anti-Semitic. 'Jews are so ugly,' he'd remark after private conferences with rich Jewish sannyasins at the castle [in New Jersey].... 'Such ugly noses Jews have.'... 'His adulation of Hitler was disgusting,' Deeksha insisted. 'He used to boast to Sheela and me that he'd succeed where Hitler failed.' 'He wants to take over the world.... He'd swallow valiums and quaaludes by the handful, close his eyes and babble away to himself about how the world would be at his feet soon. Presidents and prime ministers would come to him. He'd be the power behind them.... He used to say the same thing in India. That Tibetans would come to him; the whole of China; Europe would be at his feet; Christians, Muslims, Jews.... The man's a megalomaniac.'


This crap has been going on in India for decades. The reasoning is that if one has the kind of power Hitler did, that proves one had merit for a fortunate birth. Many will go one stage further and equate possession of such power with being an avatar. There is no framework by which to assess power objectively and ask if it was aquired legitimately or not, whether the power is being used benevolently or viciously.

Swami Agehananda Bharati
on Hindu Fascism & Western Infatuation--Rajneesh would fit right in here.


Modern Hindus tend to admire Hitler—first, because he was a leader of the Germans, who have the closest link with India's legendary past; second, he spoke of Aryans and selected the svastika, a sun symbol of great sanctity in all indigenous Indian religious traditions, as the emblem for his party; next—this sounds funny to orientalists and Sanskritists—the Germans supposedly know Sanskrit much better than anyone except the Indians themselves (Sanskrit is thought to be taught in high schools and German, as a language, is closer to Sanskrit, they believe, than any other non‑Indian speech!) Etically, all this is incredible nonsense; but emically, (emic --is a term from anthropology meaning 'in-group' language and behaviour vs etic language and behavior when outside observers are present-Corboy)it is now part of a defensive parlance in India...It is decidedly not the teaching of mystical practices, it is not the spread of yogic culture and meditation. Some or many of these monks of the first category may be mystics, but this is not what they regard as their homiletic subject; they speak about the good life in Hinduism, about the mythology, about the duties of people in the world; more recently they have propounded political views. In fact, there is a strong correlation between the new Hindu nationalism with its fascist elements and the oratory of some of these vocal, well informed, often erudite monks. (p. 171)


In the Bhagavadgita, the Lord Krsna says that the consummate yogi cannot do things wrong; even if he kills, he doesn't , because he does not identify with the body or the mind which kills.

This has given rise to ideas both naive and dangerous. It accounts for the latent Hindu fascism which, fortunately for the world, has no power except in India. If there were no way to apply and interpret these dicta of moral inversion, the orientalist profession might better have withheld these texts from an ideologically naive public.

So far, it is the spiritually minded and the weird alone in the western world who intuit the gigantic power which would be unleashed if people at large took Krsna's advice seriously. For if they did, Hitler would be in his own.

With the phony mysticism that floated around the Nazi fortresses, the top leaders might have vaguely absorbed these teachings. It is not impossible that they got hold of some translations, and, seeing themselves as Arjunas and Krsnas, acted the new Aryan heroes who made their own rules, and who believed that murdering might not be murdering after all, and that they as superior hierophants were doing what Krsna had suggested.

This sounds monstrous when said in the West, but I have heard it dozens of times enuncianted by gentle Hindu scholars who would not kill a single fly or eat a single fish.
SOURCE: Bharati, Swami Agehananda. The Light at the Center: Context and Pretext of Modern Mysticism. Santa Barbara, CA: Ross-Erikson, 1976. Excerpts: pp. 127-128, 171, 185, 199-200; footnotes omitted.

Back to Pooleman.

Just go look at citations for Rajneesh's lectures. The verbal spume goes on forever.

Could he have been a follower? Hmmm??

Here aer search terms on Rajneesh, hitler etc.



Stoic has pointed out an interesting avenue. Very interesting.

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Re: Desteni and the criminal Osho/Rajneesh
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 29, 2011 06:02AM

Earlier in this thread, it was already determined that Poolman was a follower of the criminal Rajneesh/OSHO. Poolman admires the criminal Osho as much as he worships the psychotic mass murderer Adolph Hitler.
One will probably find at some point that Poolman was a member in the Osho communes, where he learned all the cynical tricks on how to manipulate people.
Poolman copied his Desteni commune/farm idea from Osho.

So its a grab bag of techniques used by Poolman on people, copied from various cult leaders, criminals and mass murderers like Hitler.

Anyone can see the writing style above from Poolman, is the same as the Hitler garbage.
There is so much Hitler nonsense from Desteni, you have to have a strong stomach to go through it.
But as above, anyone who has gone through some of it, please post the excerpts for others.

And the entire Desteni Hitler archive needs to be sent to every single Neo-Nazi watch organization, to enter into their database.

Too bad there wasn't more public activism for other cults, as the public activism has serious curtailed Desteni's abilities.

But the Desteni Hitler archive, must be saved offline, and then sent to the various people who Desteni is in business with.

Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Discover, AMEX, PayPal and everyone else needs to see the Executive Summary of the Desteni Hitler material.
In some countries, that may be illegal, and should be enough for them to cancel the accounts.

Obviously Desteni believes Hitler was on the right track, like any other Neo-Nazi group.
One has to wonder, buried in the Desteni Hitler writings, is there a denial of some of the crimes against humanity of Hitler and his henchmen?
That is why one hopes that Neo-Nazi watch organizations can get the entire Desteni Hitler archive, and then go through it carefully, and see what is in there.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 29, 2011 06:21AM


One thing Rajneesh demonstrated to all the world is just how long people will sit and gaze adoringly through hours upon hours of word babble.

Gita Mehta, in her book Karma Cola gave a thinly disguised description of Rajneesh in Pune.

"In the ashram, the guru was known to be God. Some of the ashram inmates were aspiring to become God...

'The next day I went off to hear God's morning discourse. God sat in a cushioned swivel chair with a blue denim hat on his head and spoke about revolution. As the discourse gathered momentum, it became clear that God was an intellectual snob. He dropped only the heaviest names. Jesus. Marx. Mahavira. And Fritz Perls. His two thousand plus devotees inhaled, writhed or listened in an ecstacy of being.

'Present at the gathering were several Japanese and Korean disciples who spoke no English. They sat in the early morning sunlight staring at God with beatific smiles, the envy of their occidental brethren.

"They can hear with their hearts. There are no words to stand between them and God's pure energy. They can be one with him."

"Did you feel God's aura (the devotees are now quizzing Gita Mehta directly), did you get a hit off the energy?" They demanded.

"Well" (says Mehta) backtracking 'Well, uh, he's very widely read". I backtracked, trying to get a little room.

They looked at me coldly.

""It's beautiful that you're here. But just why are you here?"

"As a tourist" I explained.

"Oh" they said, and the steel shutters came down over their eyes.

Karma Cola Gita Mehta, pages 28 to 31

So..this is the social climate in Pune/Poona at Rajneesh's ashram, a climate many continue to dote on, to this day.

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