Re: Desteni I Process, MLM, Darryl W Thomas, Andrea Rossouw
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: September 16, 2011 12:18PM

As I have mentioned in another post, RR is not a cult. I first came to RR because it had posts from the desteni cult members. I have found that the posters on this forum are trying to inform everyone of what's going on at desteni cult farm. Not being computer savvy, this has helped me a great deal.
For what it's worth, I have no idea who RR is. He nor anyone from RR has asked me for anything, especially MONEY!
This is a forum, (as I said before) like any other informative forum. There are reasons why we here at RR refer to desteni cult as a cult, IT IS. Why you ask? Well the shaved heads would be a good start. desteni cult being all the members seem to take part in. There does seem to be a hierachy also, bernard at the top. We have witnessed what he is spewing. What he expects the members to take part in we all question. WHY?? All this for ems. Why not just get on with it?
So to Andrea and Darryl, that's the reason that you are both incorrect. You BELONG to a cult, which has a forum. RR is a forum, period.

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Ask anything...
Posted by: Knowledge ()
Date: September 24, 2011 08:54AM

I know much about the group and can speak on behalf of what is the truth. I formerly was active in reading/watching their stuff.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: September 25, 2011 05:58AM

Wisdom, were you part of desteni cult? Would you consider yourself a former member? If so, what made you decide to get out?
Thanks in advance for sharing.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Knowledge ()
Date: September 25, 2011 10:44AM

I was immersed in the shit for awhile and used their forum. I see it for what it is now, I stopped because of the satanic forces (that I am now aware of) that are at work, because the material is inherently occultish. I didn't want to be a skinhead zombie.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: September 25, 2011 11:01PM


Please don't preach here about your beliefs concerning "satanic forces".

Preaching religious views is against the rules.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: September 27, 2011 08:34AM

This is a response to my daughter's post on the desteni cult forum. I tried to post it in 2 (two) places on the forum, but as I figured they banned me.

I don't want to post the whole article from desteni cult here, but just to give you an idea of why I felt compelled to respond (something I haven't done on desteni cult before). In one of my post on RR re: RR not being a cult, she felt
the need to speak out to me on the desteni cult. Below is what I wrote and tried to post on the desteni cult 'introduce
yourself' page and also on my daughter's blog.

NOTE: I put in her name because the other desteni cult members would know her. I hope this post is taken for the way it was intended to be.

This is Garbrielle's mother. I am responding to Garbrielle's blog about me, (if I may). I have known her all of her life. We (her father and sisters, neices and nephews) love her very much. We are having a very difficult time with the dramatic negative change in Garbrielle since she has become a member of Desteni. Which I do believe is a cult. I think I am entitled to speak what I feel, am I not? Garbrielle mentioned the groups that I (we, my husband and I belong to). They are groups that do something TODAY to help people. I have causes that I believe in and I work hard for them. Garbrielle, you always bring my 'groups' up when we talk or argue! The difference is these groups do not take up ALL my life, 24/7. You are constantly on the computer. I know that you send money on a monthly basis to the Desteni Farm ie: Bernard. I have asked you and haven't received a good answer as to why Bernard and the others don't work. Why is that? Your father does, I do, your sisters and their spouses do.
In regards to Rick Ross, the members are not wasting their time. Some are family members, like myself, having gone through such a horrible experience, some are caring humans.Some are former members of Desteni. They see a great wrong being done and want to correct it. Some just come on to vent, with frustration.
I am concerned about the money that you are sending monthly for what I don't know.By you and the others recruiting '10', well that's nothing but a MLM, or pyramid scheme, which is illegal. It may be possible that the members don't realize this, but it's true. But my main concern is you. I love you and want you to see this group Desteni for what it is. Garbrielle, in the time you have belonged to Desteni, have you helped anyone (out of Desteni)? If so, what?
You have spoken to all of us and know how we feel. We will always be here for you. It is our great hope that you will put your wonderful gifts and talents to a group or charity that will help make this world a better place as you and your fellow members hope.
Love, Mom
It will be telling if you will be able to post this on the Desteni forum. They have been known (in the past) to ban opposing views. I hope you will let my words be heard.

So for that privilege I thank you Rick Ross, for letting me voice my cares and concerns.
I will never stop trying to convince my daughter that she is indeed in a cult, I speak for her father and sisters as well. We are not going to give up. Good always overcomes evil.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Natasha ()
Date: September 28, 2011 08:17PM

Hi. Again,my sympathies ! Do you know how much money your daughter gives to Bernard & Co ? There was some talk of an IR investigation. Surely there must be some legal way to end this scam ?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: September 29, 2011 09:53AM

I noticed that bernard felt the need to make a video explaining Multi Level Marketing.
His point: That the equal money system that he will develope will make MLM's
You can view it on "shodashi108"s you tube channel. It is: "MultiLevel Marketing will End w/ Equal Money"
I found it rather curious as to why now. Of course he is running a MLM at desteni cult.
Just thought it was interesting.

Today I was listening to a talk show and they mentioned the word: hater. I immediately associated it
with desteni cult's 'anti hate' campaign, the fact that desteni cult members always seem to refer to those
who disagree as: 'haters'. Now if they believe in hate, a human emotion, why not the oppisite human
emotion: Love? I find it so sad that these members try to convince themselves that they do not have the
human emotion of Love, yet they so easily seem to embrace hate and negativity towards the world. I
read the forum (where I can get in :) and all the blogs are about situations and world issues that the
members perceive as bad. Why not ONE TIME write or vlog about something positive.

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MLM, equal money scam, Desteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: September 29, 2011 05:59PM

That "MultiLevel Marketing will End w/ Equal Money" video (where Poolman's saying that MLMs will end even if his MLM is at present necessary to help establish EMS) is a re-upload of one of a series originally released on deleted Desteni YT channels, some of which were mentioned in this post: []

There are a few of them, including:
Science will completely change in an Equal Money Environment -- Original and Commentary

As re: my previous comment about Rick Ross' contribution to this thread being practically non-existent, this was an oversight as I did not recall his posts early on in the thread where he challenged members of Desteni with some very pertinent points and questions.

What I was getting at was that most of the actual research and discussion in this thread has in fact been carried out not by Mr Ross but by other people, and basically that Darryl Thomas and other Desteni members attempts to dish the dirt on Mr Ross are irrelevant to the topic of Desteni ...

The exact same tactics displayed by Desteni members such as

Instilling Fear & Hatred | The TeRRor of Rick Ross Cult

have been employed by other groups several times to try and discredit Mr Ross, and to no effect.

Members of Desteni should be aware that the points made by contributors to this thread in their discussion of Desteni on this forum do not in any way depend on Mr Ross. I and other forum members have no personal or professional association with him. We simply contribute to this forum as members of the public interested in matters relating to social issues of cults, sects, new religious movements etc and if this forum closed tomorrow the same discussions would go on elsewhere.

As re: a legal way to end the Desteni scam, one is to contribute ideas, observations and research to this thread. Another is to post blogs, videos etc, as many people already have been doing for some time. There are numerous other ideas, links etc contained in this thread which also suggest other ways of ending the Desteni scam.

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Re: MLM, equal money scam, Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: September 30, 2011 09:46AM

It's me again :) I don't mean to keep 'hogging' the blog post, but I just had to dispute (as I have in the past) Andrea's above blog post on RR being a cult. Andrea if you would just let me on your forum to speak my mind and you could disagree, which you do, but at least give us a chance. Why won't you? You are more than welcome to come to RR and post, we won't agree with you, but we will listen, and respond. I feel that I most certainly have the right to let this forum and any place I can, let know that desteni is most certainly a cult. My daughter is part of it, our family has witnessed what only can be described as cult behavior, pure and simple.

I know that there are not many people who realize a thing about desteni cult, but for families such as ours whose loved ones are indoctrinated in your cult, it's a very raw issue, that we live everyday. And the fact that you try to compare this forum, RR, to a cult shows how intimidated you must feel.

One last thing: the fact that you even MENTION hitler in your blog post, and use that as an example, is something that any normal person of any decent would be so offended at, which I am. Think of what you are saying.

Let us know if you and the other members will let us post on your forum. We'll be there....

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