Re: Desteni
Posted by: freespeech4tw ()
Date: July 05, 2011 11:59PM

A bit gender-biased how they divided the groups into 'male' and 'female' like that.


Joe: 'and then the cavemen go kill the dinosaurs...'

And this is why 'stopping the thoughts' is a stupid idea. Someone should really pick up a book some time, this starts getting embarassing.

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Esteni de Wet, second farm donations, pyramid scheme
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: July 07, 2011 07:15PM

Looking at Esteni De Wet's introduction at the Desteni Introduction Forum Esteni's Introduction
[] we learn that her fiancé and herself

"had just closed our business in micro financing and we were both looking at other avenues of business that we were able to pursue.My fiancé made contact with Bernard who had a business in Educational Software to see whether this would be a profitable business to get involved in."

So, her main connection with Bernard Poolman to begin with had to do with making money. She is not talking about providing education or helping the disadvantaged, but making profit.

She goes on to say she split up with her fiancé, got together with Poolman and

"During this time we had developed the Educational Software business to a multimillion rand business and we were still growing very fast. Bernard and I liked going for Breakfast at the Kloof Mall to start off our day, and this is where we met Sunette as she was our waitress."

And the rest is history? Perhaps, but if Esteni De Wet and Bernard Poolman had a growing multimillion rand business at the time they met Sunette Spies then why is there no evidence of them putting that money to good use? All they did was maintain a small farm, set up a website and make videos. That does not cost millions of rand.

It appears Esteni De Wet has left out an important part of the story. A "Bernard George Leopold Poolman" went bankrupt in 2008, "Susara Petronella de Wet" name comes up with identical details to the "Bernard George Leopold Poolman" and "Susara Petronella de Wet" is listed as having an "Insolvent estate" in March 2009.

See this post for details: []

Apparently, the first "equal money" video put out by DesteniProductions was this one dated 2 Dec 2007:
MONEY going through a Revolution that will be the End of The System ?

From there they continued to promote "equal money", then requested donations, notably for a second farm that never transpired --

Questioning Desteni (1) DONATIONS ,- a video by Freedombreeze1

They introduced the "Structural Resonance Alignment" course, then the "Desteni Income Plan" and soon changed it to "Desteni I Process", which as we know is a Multi-Level Marketing pyramid scheme.

The whole Desteni enterprise is one big money-making scam. But it does not appear to be actually making any money. So, the Desteni gang have closed their web forum to the public to offset criticism, gone back to square one, and "re-opened the portal" beginning with this video:

The Dawn of a New Age by Veno

in the hope that they can drum up some support. The problem they have is that their scam is so transparent it's laughable.

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Re: Esteni de Wet, second farm donations, pyramid scheme
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: July 07, 2011 09:05PM

Wasn't there also some kind of battle between Bernard and his brother over who owned the educational tapes business which I remember reading of here?
Bernard seems not to have won that in any substantial way and then rippped off his brother by essentially cloning the business and competing in the same market with the same goods as his brother---hardly a great long-term business plan that is going to deliver much in the way of profit--for either of them.

Bernard seems to always find a pyrrhic victory --where burning his competitor results in him going down in flames as well---rather than a workable plan to make an honest living.

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vocabulary purifier, ferdi poolman, cameron cope
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: July 07, 2011 10:24PM

After Ferdi Poolman posted at this forum claiming his brother stole the "vocabulary purifier" software from his company

Bernard Poolman released videos discussing the matter...

Process Support - Brothers of the Past
Process Support - Do not make fires unnecessarily

In this one:
Process Support - Rick Ross Phenomena
he states that Ferdi Poolman has a criminal record for violence and attempted murder and had their sister committed as a schizophrenic in order to extract money from her.

Esteni De Wet's remark to the effect that she and Poolman had a growing multi-million rand business at the time they met Sunette Spies raises a number of outstanding questions.

She makes this statement in light of the fact that they no longer have such a business up and running. Surely a multi-million rand business could help finance their political party to establish the equal money system, and/or it could finance other Desteni projects -- such as the purchasing of a second farm?

If Esteni De Wet and Bernard Poolman were multi-millionaries when they met Sunette Spies, why did they not use the money to do more than simply start a website and make videos, which would cost practically nothing?

The "educational software" was at one time for sale on the original desteni website but was discontinued. It was later re-named the "Quantum Vocabulary Builder" and offered for sale via Cameron Cope's "Desteni Education" business (see earlier in this thread) but that version is also no longer available. Desteni forum members have requested as to how they can purchase the "vocabulary builder" software, but it is still not available.

If their software was previously so successful, as Esteni de Wet claims, why are they not selling it any more?

What is the significance of Ferdi Poolman in all this?

Bernard George Leopold Poolman went bankrupt in 2008. How and why?

These are questions the "Destonians" should be asking themselves -- and asking Bernard Poolman and Esteni De Wet.

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Re: vocabulary purifier, ferdi poolman, cameron cope
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: July 08, 2011 12:16PM

Well, of course, anyone with basic common sense can see that the Desteni folks are simply lying.
There was no multimillion dollar anything.
Other than an exaggerated and fabricated salespitch.

That bankruptcy first discovered in this thread, explains the Desteni hunger for cash money.
And the constant Desteni yelping , to try to get more money out of the Desteni members, to buy property.

Swindlers, as seen by the evidence, go from one swindle to the next, often going bankrupt as they jump from one scam to the next.
Desteni is a swindle.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: ThomDarc ()
Date: July 13, 2011 11:02PM

Desteni is at it again:


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: July 15, 2011 10:34AM

It seems as though the desteni cult (bernard) has really called out the troops for
this latest avalanche of 'antihate' posts. I understand this is common in cults – the leader directs members to defend them.

I find it very difficult to make any sense of the antihate posts. But my main question is: WHY are they
wasting so much time on those with alternate views? Are they concerned that people who access information on opposing views might learn some things about desteni that have been concealed from them? Are they trying to discourage people from researching and finding out the truth for themselves? By defining it as 'hate' do they wish to discourage members from reading information like that posted here and making up their own minds about desteni? Is this really a anti hate campaign or an anti truth campaign?

And my other WHY is: why are they not moving on with the proliferation of the
equal money system? Is there a master plan for it I wonder? If there is why don't they publish it, hold it up for public scrutiny so people have the information they need to see if it is in fact a viable plan?

BTW: from what I have read and listened to, bernard really needs money, ironic isn't it?

It is a shame that those of us aware of the real purpose of desteni (money and power for bernard) have been labeled haters. I don't feel hate towards desteni members, only sadness that they are wasting time and energy propping bernard up, only love for my daughter who is involved in the group. She is intelligent, compassionate and idealistic. I am confident that when she takes the time to consider all the facts and listen to alternate viewpoints she will realize that desteni is indeed a scam and she will invest her energy in projects more likely to help make the world a better place for all

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: July 26, 2011 11:39AM

This may be one of the saddest posts that I have read on the desteni cult forum. This epitmizing my feelings that the desteni cult indeed does encourage it's members to distance themselves, if not cut off ties all together, with their family and friends.
Read on:

“My Mom Did Not Greet Me On My Birthday”! My Mom and Me Within My Process
When i was with my mom, i noticed that my tone of voice change, I become a little girl who needs a mother. I also noticed that when we talk on the phone, and when i say “mommy”, i “feel” a connection, a “relationship tie”.

One day, i directed myself . I told her i am going to start calling her by her first name. I asked her if that’s okay with her. She said, “whatever”. Then, she told me, “but i gave birth to you, you came from my womb”. I told her my calling her by her first name will not change the fact that she gave birth to me. I told her that the “love” i wanted for us to share is real “love”, which is one and equal as all life and not “limited”. So, she said “okay”.

It took me a while to get used to it. I did self-forgiveness to release the past -i looked at how i abused her in so many ways, big and small, and how i see my relationship with her perceived separate from me as real – then corrected myself again and again when i am in conversation with her, and directed myself to talk to her at the same tone i talk to everyone in my world. One of the self-forgiveness i said aloud was this – i forgive myself that i accepted and allowed myself to believe that my mom gave me life and that without her i will die. My self corrective statement is – I am self, one and equal as all life. I am here in every moment of breath. I am eternally here.

After about a “little less than” a year, my mom got used to me calling her by her first name and i also got used to calling her that. It was cool to see that happen.

It was not until my last “birthday” when she did not call me and greet me “happy birthday” that i saw some movement within me, a sort of a longing for her to call and greet me. I realised that i still have to direct this point. Idid self-forgiveness for wanting her to call me and greet me on my birthday

My maternal advice to this young women or man is to call your mother and tell her that you love her, because I feel that you are fighting your feelings that have been there since the minute you entered this world. Your mother loves you and you love her. You are both equal, as far as making the world a better place. You both could do alot together, give it a try for your sake, and your moms.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: bladdacker ()
Date: August 10, 2011 06:13PM

All youtube channels of desteni production and bernard poolman are closed, the flagging worked, just so you guys know.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: SimulacronX ()
Date: August 12, 2011 09:37PM



YouTube channels DesteniProductions, DesteniProdDemons, BernardPoolman and others were deleted by YouTube for various violations of the community guidelines!

Comment and confirmation by Darryl W. Thomas of Desteni:

Comment on WordPress by Darryl W. Thomas

"A few days ago, the YouTube channels DesteniProductions, DesteniProdDemons, BernardPoolman and others were deleted by the ‘YouTube Team” for various “violations” of the “Community Guidelines” And while DesteniProductions were controversial enough to have been penalized four times in four years, the BernardPoolman account was penalized twice, and was deleted by YouTube the same day. I have not heard of accounts being deleted for having two violations if the Community Standards. The other Channels that were created by Desteni, DesteniProDemons, DesteniExposed and DesteniMoney had ZERO strikes and were deleted by YouTube as well. The “explanation” given in a form email from YouTube is woefully ensconced in ass-covering, boilerplate legalese that is the leading example of corporate assholery.

“We are unable to provide specific detail regarding your account suspension
or your video’s removal.”

“Unable?” Or is it that the reason is a bit more plain than you’d like to admit, YouTube. What the “YouTube Team” has accomplished is muzzling the speech of a group that had attracted millions of views on YouTube by fighting the only good fight that matters: installing universal equality for all people. As careful readers of this blog have long since realized, no topic is more dismissed, sneered or opposed than the subject of economic and social equality. Gone are the YouTube comments that revealed the absolute evil in people’s minds. Most were stoopid “insults” made by simpletons too stupid to understand what was being shared. Others were more sinister and menacing and death threats made against were not uncommon – usually this was committed by militant “lightweenys” and “loveburgers” and conspiracy theorists who were too stupid and lost to see what they stood for was nothing but imaginary bullshit that has enslaved them forever. But some, thankfully, recognized what equality was terribly important and why its absence in the world is the tragedy of humanity. And if anyone dares to speak for those who cannot, because they’ve been locked out of the system, then woe to them. They will be called a “cult,” and that they are guilty of ‘harvesting weak minds” and evil beings who imagine that they are acting in the name of God will plot and try to stop you from speaking or worse. It is so unfortunate that these misled fools will one day realize after it is too late, that they stood on the wrong side of history. They have unwittingly – in their misguided zeal to stand against equality for all – unleashed demons that will return to devour them in madness and direct them to a fitting end. And the beautiful thing is they brought it on themselves. How fitting.

And to all the Haters, do not gloat so loudly. DesteniProductions is not dependent on YouTube for itself continuance – Desteni has its own websites and forums, and so, still lives. And even though equality-speech is apparently strictly verboten on YouTube, Desteni finds this entire affair little more than a nuisance. The Desteni Material will soon be released as book and DVDs and the thousands of texts and videos will still be available on the Detseni website for anyone who wants to watch them.

I know it will sound strange to some people who believe that Desteni is defeated by this treacherous activity by YouTube, but we haven’t gone anywhere and in time, this alleged “setback” will turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the Desteni Group.

Watch this space. And Haters… step off."

We've made a big step forward it seems.



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