Re: Desteni
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: August 12, 2011 09:57PM

ass-covering, boilerplate legalese that is the leading example of corporate assholery.

I just love that 'boilerplate legalese' when it defeats Bernard's own 'ass-covering, boilerplate cultese that is the leading example of cultic assholery.'

Well done, people.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: freespeech4tw ()
Date: August 13, 2011 02:57AM

I don't get why he's whining about not having free speech anyway... didn't Desteni proudly advertise their slogan that 'free speech does not exist'?
Or does that only apply to people who's words make them feel uncomfortable?
He should be cheering, for the Desteni-principle has been adopted by Youtube... 'ban those you can't silence otherwise'. It is Desteni's most outstanding feature after all.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: August 19, 2011 07:29PM

The Desteni Vimeo channel has now been banned because the Desteni I Process is Multi-Level Marketing, which on Vimeo is illegal.

I've also been informed that the web host for and other Desteni websites, have removed:


Apparently, a Desteni member has said that the group may be cutting ties with Hetzner altogether and transferring all their websites to their own servers.

The individual who registered the complaints against Hetzner's hosting of the Desteni material responded to an email from Hetzner (not published here due to possible copyright infringement of Hetzner communications) -- which had included a message from Desteni -- as follows:



I'm not sure if this means you require my response? I have done so anyway:

Please note the definition of a Pyramid Multi Level Marketing Scheme, illegal in South Africa and many other countries:


A pyramid scheme MLM, however, will most likely sell a product with no independent value. The product could take the form of reports of some kind, for example, or mailing lists. In this kind of pyramid scheme, you would be required to recruit new members into the MLM in order to make a profit and keep the MLM alive. Joining the MLM is the only reason anyone would buy the products sold by this pyramid scheme.


Like any MML scheme that tries to cover it's fraud, Desteni would have people believe it is based on "Commissions" and "Bonuses". There is no value to the "product" nor the "training". They are not recognized by the board of education, have no legitimate teaching certificates or degrees. The only reason recruits are lured into the Desteni scam is on the premise that the more people they recruit, the more "commission" they make down the line.

As for the Hitler page:

"Interdimensional Being portalling" is not recognized, proven scientifically or in any way realistic. If anyone had to believe they could be possessed / channel / portal a dead person like Hitler it is most likely a doctor or psychologist would refer to them as schitsophrenic. Regardless, it is not an issue as to the legitimacy of the person who claims to "portal" but the content which one can only consider as hate speech. Such content could be harmful to people who are mentally unstable, vulnerable or too young to understand. The videos and written content that Desteni spams on You Tube, Vimeo, Face Book and their own websites are not censored and are openly available to minors which should NOT be allowed.

All members of Desteni censor comments that refute or argue against their claims and statements, thereby only allowing comments that are showing them to be in a positive light - this in itself is fraudulent and does not give people who are new to Desteni a chance to think of ramifications or opposing viewpoints.

The fact that all Desteni members shave their heads, censor comments, speak nonsensical psycho-babble, mark any social media profile pictures with the Desteni logo's, name all the social profiles with either "Destonian" or "Anti-hate" and cut off from their family are all reminiscent of CULT behavior.

Any sane person who heard the rants by Bernard Poolman and Sunnette Spies would agree that not only is Desteni a MML marketing scam, but it is also a dangerous cult.

They use reverse psychology and various brain-washing techniques to entice vulnerable people to join their cult.

The demonology page holds no proof, is not backed by any registered psychologist and is only used to attract vulnerable people to sign up for their fraudulent MML courses.

I am not a religious fanatic (I am in fact, Agnostic) and their unscientific "research" is very well understood by myself as nothing more than a fraud and a scam, dangerous to anyone vulnerable and the youth.

If their "teachings" are about "peace" and "equality" then why are negative comments about them censored and why is all their content related to violent rhetoric?

As for "False flagging" every video that is flagged on You Tube is reviewed by You Tube staff, so I fail to understand how it could be "false" flagging. In fact if you falsely flag a video you run the risk of having your own account terminated.

There are many other reasons I can give for having Desteni shut down, too many to mention in fact. I will state that I am in the process of speaking to police and to SARS to open investigations.

Kind regards

(name witheld)


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Natasha ()
Date: August 22, 2011 04:00AM

I am writing from England, and I don't know who the SARS are. But I sincerely hope they are an organisation with some teeth. I would do anything I could to prevent Bernard Poolman and Co from spreading their cynical poison. Very very glad to hear about the Youtube bans. What can I do, practically, to help this happen more widely?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Apollo ()
Date: August 22, 2011 09:22AM

SARS - South African Revenue Service

They go after tax dodgers.

Is Poolman being investigated?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Mville04 ()
Date: August 25, 2011 03:05PM

I'm very curious as to just how many people are in the cult of Desteni. Is this a growing concern worldwide or what?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Natasha ()
Date: September 01, 2011 07:20PM

I think not very many, considering how proactive they are on the net. But OMG, once a vulnerable person has swallowed the 'Portal' it is hook, line and sinker, all the way. The more extreme the belief, the more desperately the mind has to defend itself against doubt. ....

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: September 09, 2011 04:09AM

Doubt. It has to be there among these members. They have to ask why others (friends, family acquaintances) don't agree with them. I have often wondered about desteni cult's members thoughts towards the doubts they have. What do
they tell themselves? Maybe if desteni cult was actually doing something for humanity, then that would help the doubt go away. But just sending alot of money over to South Africa and seeing nothing happening EXTERNALLY would certainly make me question whether I was investing my time, energy, money and self into the right area.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: September 11, 2011 01:14AM

I am responding here on Rick Ross to a blog written by Andrea on the desteni cult forum. I would like to respond on their forum, but I am blocked.
I think that RR must be getting to the desteni cult, because Andrea's complaint was that RR is a cult. She went on to sadly and somewhat pathethically try to make her point.
Rick Ross is here to gather information and expose cults, (to me at least). Let me say that I know all too well as a mother of a desteni cult member that DESTENI IS INDEED A CULT. If the shoe fits, wear it. And desteni has all the warning signs of a cult.

I have witnessed:
1. turning one's back on God.
2. turn away from your family.
3. deliberately try to avoid holidays with our family and meet other desteni cult members.
4. send money for courses that have nothing but a negative effect

I could go on. Rick Ross is not a cult. I am of good sound mind and know what a cult is and I am not involved in one.
As I have said before, anyone reading this ask yourself: 'Why and HOW are the occupants, most importantly bernard, who seems like a healthy man, NOT WORKING? Where do they get the money to iive? Is it fair?

I know that desteni has come upon some tough times with the you tube ban, the iprocess trademark thing, the Hertzer refusal of airing desteni cults nazi vlogs and blogs by bernard and sunette.

All this for equal money? How, when, who... why wait?

So Andrea, Rick Ross is no more a cult than a gardening, news, entertainment forum is? But keep trying, if it makes you feel good

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Desteni I Process, MLM, Darryl W Thomas, Andrea Rossouw
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: September 16, 2011 04:17AM

Darryl Thomas of Desteni's hatchet job on Rick Ross:

Why he's bleating on about Rick Ross, I don't know. Ross' contribution to the discussion in this thread has been so minimal as to be practically non-existent.

An attempt at a character assassination of Rick Ross has nothing to do with the information and ideas discussed in this thread by people with no personal or professional connection with him. But Darryl Thomas will tend to avoid discussing the real issues regarding his beloved "Desteni" scam by talking about something else instead.

As for Andrea Rossouw's suggestion that "Rick Ross is a cult", well, that is just inane rubbish. Grasping at straws there, Destonians. Rick Ross is a person, not a "cult". A web forum cannot be a "cult" and whether or not Desteni can or can't be labelled a "cult" is beside the point.

If she bothered to read some of the other threads she'd see the forum deals with a wide variety of different types of social groups and practices, not just "cults". And that includes Multi Level Marketing and Commercial Schemes, which Andrea Rossouw and Darryl Thomas both promote with the Desteni I Process MLM financial scam.

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