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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: July 02, 2024 01:54AM


Please don't make genralization and accusations about cult vitims. It comes across like victim bashing.

It's much beter and far more useful to disucss the predatory practices of cult leaders who are actually to blame instead.

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: Mary Lou ()
Date: July 04, 2024 12:01AM

We are all victims of the DW cult in this topic and we treat each other with respect. Your behaviour reminds me of the people from DW. You should think what you are writing because there is another person on the other side. In my opinion you should seek help from professionals because your behaviour on this forum is very unstable and aggressive.I've been watching you for a while and I think it would be nice to apologise your colleague 7of108.

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: letif ()
Date: July 04, 2024 05:24AM

thanks Mary Lou

since long time i have the impression that this forum is not save to talk but occupied by one agressive person

several times she wishes death and suffering to Mr.Nydhal.
In Germany hate-speech is persecutet by the police and the online-plattform is responsible to maintain the plattform hate-free. Hate in this juridical definition is clearly: when someone wish other person death or encourage persons to kill a person.

I wrote that her cruel thoughts about O.N. make me speechless and sad.
For a buddhist, that goes away from O.N. group but stll search the good points of Buddhism, some basic points are important. For example its important to never wish death or pain to a other person.

Her answer to read in page 194 :

Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: Maryjane ()
Date: February 26, 2024 06:37PM

Letif - You gossip here and talk shit about Nydahl & DWB, but then youre sad when hes dying. No offence but that sounds little like bipolarity or border line personality. Choose which side youre on

What?? i am mentaly ill because i dont wish the death of O.N. ?? And i have to make a decision because she see only black or white??

in a german forum that behavior would inmediately result in her expulsion of the forum.

I dont understand why the moderator dont react.

She insults persons in a agressive way and bring everyone to silence who disagree.

Maybe this forum can be again a save space to talk about this
I hope the moderator dont close this forum.

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: Mary Lou ()
Date: July 04, 2024 03:09PM


This has to be reported.
Because this forum is for everyone who is a victim of the cult.
I know there's is many heartbroken and destroyed people, that's why keeping good atmosphere and respect for everyone is very important.
We are not in DW anymore, we listen, we respect, we reply in a good, friendly manner. We cannot discourage DW victims because every story is very important in the process of healing. This place helped me a lot,
I'm asking moderator to remove these angry, unfriendly comments.
Have a great day or evening everyone

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: 7 of 108 ()
Date: July 04, 2024 06:35PM

Thank you all for your support!

It really touched me, it is so good to experience help through a group.

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Date: July 05, 2024 01:58AM

7 of 108 Wrote:
> How can I trust the 16th Karmapa if he sends
> somebody like Mister Nydahl as a teacher to us? Ho
> can it be that he knows his future rebirth but
> does not check who should be a teacher and who
> not? I read something similar about Dilgo Kyentse
> and the guy who was the head of his western
> organisation. Thinking about Sogyal….
> What is this all about?.. what is their „
> enlightenment“, what do they make us believe?
> Are they bringing something good to us or are we
> and our lives simply used to help establish their
> organisations here, as they are refugees?
> Why should I meditate on the 16th Karmapa when I
> never met him and have absolutely no own
> impression of him? Why should I „buy“ something
> from Ole Nydahl? I did never really trust him.
> What do I get? His strongest drug flashback? I
> used the meditations for years and see absolutely
> no improvement in my life. All my friends who
> simply lived their lives without buddhism are in
> better positions than me. Did I just waste my
> lifetime?
> Why do I have to travel all the time to meet the
> teachers? - that does not allow me to have a
> fullfilling private life.
> Being a buddhist has made me so lonely. I do not
> belong to my old friends anymore.
> When I am with them , I feel separate, because I
> have to aimt to something beyond this life.
> When I started I thought I have found something
> profound good and honest- now not only years but
> decades later I find myself in heavy confusion. It
> brought so much stress into my life and left me
> overwhelmed and also so helpless.

I have felt this same confusion and pain and I have realised it is Diamond Way, and I'm sure other cults leave this in their wake too.

I had some experience with Theravada before I got involved in DW and there was none of this confusion. Of course I'm not saying anyone here should practice Theravada or even Buddhism at all, but I can say in my experience this feeling is caused by the abusive controlling environment in DW centres.

The reason we had to travel all the time in DW was to keep up the control and 'brainwashing'. The same reason we had to go to the centre every week at least once. It has to be maintained because otherwise you will begin to question. Nobody in any legitimate religion cares if you never go back or you only go when you feel like it. As I have seen it said... the real test of whether you are in a cult is what happens when you try to leave. Nobody in any other group has harrassed and stalked me for the 'crime' of leaving. Only DW has behaved in this crazy way.

For the death-wish nonsense, you would hear DW people regularly wishing death upon people or whole groups (Muslims, gays, etc.) which Ole Nydahl has decreed are not worthy of human rights with his hate speech lectures. To not wish death on someone or a group is to be free from the DW control, and to be at peace.

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: letif ()
Date: July 05, 2024 02:25AM

so many clear warm words from Mary Lou, 7of108, Oleisafraud

thank you so much

by the way, a short description of a situation...about black-white and the grey notes between :-)

some short time ago in unfortunately meet a group-member in city, of course i say nice "hello" because if i dont know what to say i say kind words...

He: "when you go again to center?!" with a not nice voice
I said kindly: "i am not interessted."
He: "are you now a muslim??!!" in a very loud derisive agressive way
Me: walking away without "bye" ...communication for me has here a end...


(this text i wrote without google-translater :-) )

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: 7 of 108 ()
Date: July 05, 2024 03:06AM

Oh my god! I think they loose theground now that Ole is not available anymore.

Wonder, if they will put up a psychological first aid hotline once when Ole passes…

Sometimes I think it might be a good idea to start a standup comedy performance with what I experienced with the people in DW. It is so absurd!

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: letif ()
Date: July 05, 2024 03:26AM

spirtual hotline is a good idea :-) first aid for maximal confused Nydhalist :-)

for comedy there is a lot of material...its so absurd and tragic this group that sometimes loughing about is (for me) a good way to find distance

yes...i have lot of anger, confusion, tears and loughing when thinking of the lost time in this crazy sick gaslighting manipulation group...

a simple strong cult with some buddhists words mixed in to cover the lie

and yes...they sit to meditate "may all beings be happy..." then go to the pub and talking how to excute Moselms, making plans (with lot of loughing and entusiasm) where in the center is a good place to make mass-execution of moslems or how to turture them the best way...
a absolute case for the police this group...
lot of them have real weapons and go to training to use them "to defend the Diamond Way against the barbarians moslems", and while loughing, planing, discusion about best knife and pistols they take out the Mala an make Mantra (so every conversation is full of "joy and wisdom and good karma")
what a hyprocritic dangerous group....

i am shure if the police really know what this group talks about they would close them inmediately...

oh...sorry 7 of 108 :-) is miss now your good idea of "hotline-first aid" and i was walking to other point... sorry :-)

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: 7 of 108 ()
Date: July 05, 2024 03:57AM

No problem! :D

I remember that there was such Hotline when Take That dissolved or Robbie left or so- so I thought it could fit here.

Ole Superstar and his 15 minutes….

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