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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 06, 2024 10:58PM

Just read this Message List
from the Beginning...

Sometimes I forget.

This Message list about the crimes and corruption of JAMES SWARTZ is actually quite an incredible one.
It does an amazingly accurate job of truthfully depicting the actions of the truly despicable foulness that is James Swartz.

Seeing 'Valma' post above brought a smile. She was the fourth person to ever Post on this Message List. That was almost five years ago, in May of 2019.

Partly due to Valma's message I went back and read this lists' first pages. There are over seventy pages now, with over 740 Posts and going on 160,000 views. But, in fact, the many contributors to the first ten pages said it all.

Along with Valma and myself, these contributors included many posts from: clearvision, Sahara71, ziziz, corboy, earthquake, bellajack, BeTrue, rick archer, and Heather (MynameisHeather) herself.

These eleven folks presented enough first-hand, in-person, Swartz said it, wrote it, did it evidence that by the time the reader is done just with these ten pages there is only one conclusion -- James Swartz is a fraud, a criminal, and unfit to be a spiritual teacher of any type.

Now, could he teach criminals how to be better 'con men'? Not the good ones, but the beginners and the amateurs? Absolutely.

Much appreciation to the many who've posted here over the years. Re-reading this Message List, I trust, gives Heather a feeling of support and being heard, which is worth all the time and energy it's taken for all of us, I'm sure.

Plus, the Posts here have warned many potential victims of the evil dangers of association with James Swartz, which was Heather's primary goal from the beginning.

Thank goodness for that, and that she has succeeded so well.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: April 04, 2024 02:46AM

Could this really have happened?



An apparently heartfelt message arrived two days ago. It claimed to be from JAMES SWARTZ.

Alleged Message from James Swartz
I am dying. My mind is no longer sharp. My body is a creaky husk of what it used to be. My primal glandular urges have subsided.

Some would say it is too long in coming. However, I'm fortunate to have lived this long so I could make amends.

To Heather I can only apologize. I did everything she said, and more. I drugged her, raped her, mind-fucked her -- and did the same to her friend, too. My unstable first wife was unhinged by these rapes and my other crimes, and by me forcing her to help, so I deserted her to suffer and die alone.

Recently I haven't been able to sleep. Hints have come to me in my few peaceful moments of what I have always been missing but yearned for, and those have tortured me.

I realize now that my life has been a waste. I've lied, cheated, and stolen, raped and misled, and seen persons as suckers to be used, since they weren't able to take the teachings like I did.

I conveniently interpreted the teachings as an invitation to lie, cheat, steal, and abuse because "If the Consciousness didn't wish it to happen, it couldn't." I excused my crimes as being 'God's will,' and used that reasoning to do whatever I felt I could get away with.

Yes. That was my life. Do whatever I felt I could get away with. And if challenged, to lie, accuse, and attack.

To all the people I've known, and especially to all of my students, my apologies. Not all of what I taught was false, but it was all slanted. The louder I became, the more you can guess I was on shaky ground.

And my books are excrement. No seeker should read any of them.

I am disbanding 'Shining World' and I worry that my wife, who has enjoyed the fruits of our deceptions, will leave me.

However, I am old, and dying, and can no longer stand the life of lies. Let my last few days, at least, be honest ones.

Yes, this message was almost too good to be true.

In fact, it was. Actually, a good friend sent it to me, having done her best to make it look real.

The message above, allegedly from James Swartz, was actually just an April Fool's joke.

And for a moment I almost believed it. Heck, I wanted to.
It seemed that for the first time James Swartz was telling the truth about himself and his sordid life.

But I should have known better.

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