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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 02, 2022 11:44PM


You are here apparently to defend Swartz. You don't seem interested in anything else.

Swartz and his followers have repeatedly trolled this message board in an effort to attack and discredit his critics.

In your opinion has Swartz done anything wrong?

What mistakes do you think he has made to warrant criticism


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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: December 30, 2022 02:12AM

Self-Confessed (inadvertently)
Criminal Rapist Pedophile
(one of)
The Spiritual Teacher(s)
he despises and defames,

Recently a few friends have mentioned Mooji. A couple said how terrible he was. They used an article by Be Scofield, who is generally an accurate appraiser of gurus and teachers, and this forum, as proof that Mooji was a bad guy and an unworthy teacher.

I asked them if they'd ever heard of James Swartz? Most of them hadn't. James Swartz is small-time compared to Mooji, as has been mentioned before. Of course, the next thing I said was:
"Here's some of what James Swartz has done..." and detailed:

-- Rapist and paedophile.
-- Liar about his spiritual history, teachers, and...
-- Deliberate distorter of sacred texts so that they fit his (mis-)teachings.
-- Killer of neighbor's family pets (with poison).
-- Spiritual bully and attacker.
-- Obsessed with, in varying degrees, the five destroyers of spiritual teachers-- the cravings for SEX, DRUGS, FAME, POWER, and MONEY.
-- And, of course, much more.

Then I asked, "Has Mooji done all of that?"

They answered, "No! That's really bad. Is it true?"

I referred them to this forum and to the website and said, "You decide after checking those."

Then, to their surprise, I listed all of the faults of Mooji I've been able to identify. This list consisted of:

-- Yes, hair-cutting happened. A mistake, he said he wouldn't do it again.
-- Yes, they shot a bird that was eating the fish (after having tried myriad methods to keep the bird away).
-- Yes, Mooji tried exorcisms, and they failed. He, I believe, stopped doing them.
-- Yes, Mooji has had sexual/ romantic relationships with a few women. Did he ever swear or proclaim celebacy? I don't think so. Did he try to downplay them? Very possibly.
-- Did Mooji's people hide money from one or some national gov'ts to avoid paying taxes? Probably. In India and Portugal, such things are SOP.
-- Yes, Mooji has had moments of unaccountable/ unexplained anger. (He is not "perfect.")
-- Yes, some of Mooji's people have done Hindu devotional practices aimed at him, their guru. This would only surprise or offend very ignorant folks.
-- Yes, some persons at Mooji's ashram felt put upon, over-worked, and unappreciated. Was Mooji running around with a whip? No.

To me, to compare the crimes of James Swartz with the faults of Mooji is like comparing the serial murders of Ted Bundy with those of a driver who hits a pedestrian accidentally while driving in a rainstorm.

As always, any smart seeker should check out their teacher carefully.

Those who do so with James Swartz will likely run away screaming into the hills, never to go near that malicious poisonous bastard again.

Those who do so with Mooji will have a more complicated decision to make.

But by checking, at least they're fore-warned -- and that's half the battle.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: February 21, 2023 02:55PM

There are now Over 120,000 Views
of the Truth about
Rapist Pedophile,
Criminal Fraud,
and Spiritual Fake

The topic of "JAMES SWARTZ -- What Is The Truth?" has been up on this site for almost four years.

In that time over 700 posts have been uploaded. And now, as a Friend wrote to me today:


I took a look at the Cult Education forum tonight, and saw that the James Swartz discussion now has over 120,000 views - 120,167 to be precise. It's a very high number, and it must have an impact...

It must have an impact.

Every time a person writes thanking for the Heads Up about the spiritual fake and rapist James Swartz it does feel good.

Many former Swartz followers write and say that thanks to Heather going public and the efforts of her supporters to get the word out, that he or she feels "saved."

Many former followers have expressed the sense of inner peace and relief they feel when they've left the vampiric, incubus-like energy that emanates from James Swartz and those close to him.

Hmm... 120,000 views. Over 700 posts. and counting.

Recently I went back and read through the first pages of this message list. Ten pages were enough to damn Swartz. Now we're on page 71. Goodness, goodness...

Stories of James weakening, faltering, his marbles looser and fewer, come in.
This is natural since he's closer to ninety than seventy now.

Except, many who normally feel understanding about persons getting older are delighted by it in James Swartz's case. Regarding him, they are glad that with his increased physical and mental debility that he is no longer so dangerous criminally, as a sexual predator, and as a loud (however false) self-proclaimed spiritual teacher.

Any doubts about James Swartz?
Just examine this site, and read Heather's book, which is linked to in many places.

If you've never met him, good for you.
If you knew him or even studied with him but have escaped his baseness and lies, congratulations.
Plus, also, please remember--

They're not all like Swartz. There are good people, real spiritual teachers, out there, thank 'Goodness.'

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: February 23, 2023 04:19AM

Poor James...
A supporter, or James himself, sent a message,
as "Allowance"

Was this from James or one of his few remaining supporters? This person wrote a private message as "Allowance."

Below is their message. Underneath that is my reply.

"Allowance" (Jame Swartz himself? A rare supporter?)
Allowance Wrote:
> Who are you, and why are you so obsessed with Jame
> s Swartz? You keep posting the same old things ov
> er and over. You're obsessed with views in this f
> orum, but it's basically just you who keeps coming
> back here. What gives? Have you noticed that it'
> s only a small handful of people that care about y
> our posts?

My reply:


Yeah, only a handful of people. Average of 170 views per post. Over 120,000 views. Over 700 posts.

Many have indeed phased out of the "debate," as they have concluded Swartz is indeed a spiritual fake, a criminal, and a pedophile. I write often enough to keep the topic near the top of Page One so new readers and people interested in JS have an easy time finding the topic.

Why let them suffer?

* * *

In my reply I also could easily have written that James Swartz has already caused enough suffering in the world, so why allow him to cause even more?

I might have put in that such a horrible pedophilic spiritual fraud deserves posts to be made even if only five people read it and learn the truth about him as a result. Five? Even one person.

I could have added that, and much more. All too easily, in fact.

Sadly, as goes crimes, including pedophilic rape, abuse, and spiritual fraud, James Swartz is the 'gift' that keeps on giving...

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 01, 2023 05:28AM

More from James Swartz as 'Allowance'

Swartz can't let things lie. Sad, really. Another 'Personal Message' came from him, again writing as 'Allowance.'

A few notes about the message, which I've copied below--

-- How many people have posted on this forum? How many people have viewed this forum? How many people have been woken up to the horrible truths about James Swartz by this forum?

-- Anyone who believes James Swartz to be enlightened...

-- James Swartz not a fake or a pedophile? (Read the evidence.)

-- Swartz a 'reluctant guru'? He's chased followers since the late 1970's. Reluctant? He's lived on it.

-- When James Swartz passes away I'll send celebratory messages to members of the group that's supported Heather, to Heather herself, and go on with life. Except when he's brought to my attention I, like most of the people who've posted here, just write Swartz off as a low-life rapist, liar, and loser, and move on to more healthy focuses.

-- To assume I'd spend a fraction as much time on sharing the truth about James Swartz as I do on my own spiritual path is a very poor assumption. I hadn't thought about the slimy rapacious fraud for days, maybe a week, until I got 'notice' I had a new Private Message on this site.

-- Facts and opinions... Swartz being a false spiritual teacher is a fact. He's consistently lied about his spiritual history and has been proved to deliberately mis-translate and mis-teach spiritual texts, for starters. As for sex crimes, Swartz being a pedophile rapist is a fact which he inadvertently confessed to. Killing animals, abusing people, serial shagging of poverty-stricken widows in India while paying them peanuts-- all witnessed and confessed to by him - facts.

So, with my comments in mind, here's the message from James Swartz posing as 'Allowance.'


You sound jealous. If you look at this whole thread (which obviously you do very often), you will notice it's only a handful of people that keep coming back, with you being one of them.

I'm just curious why you have such a large chip on your shoulder. Did you not get enlightened, while James was?

I don't believe what you say about him being a fake and pedophile. Maybe he's committed a crime or two, but who hasn't?

He doesn't want to be a popular teacher, but he is one. He's a reluctant guru.

Who are you going to have to whine about when he passes away? It's going to be quite troubling for you if you keep up with your hatred.

You might be reborn to a crack-addicted mother. Take the higher path. Instead of being so interested in such a gossippy way in James Swartz, you could actually work on your own spirituality.

I really wonder what happened to you to be so gossippy with your headline-style writing and accusations. I've read many of your posts and seen how you twist people's words and turn opinions into seeming facts.

I knew you'd just eat up my previous message to you and publicize it. Any little scrap, and you eat it up. You're dying to hear more dirt on James Swartz, real or fake.

That last paragraph did get me thinking. "Is there any terrible story about James Swartz that, by now, I wouldn't believe?"

I'd question someone who told me James Swartz was an active cannibal. I'd question being told he'd robbed a bank at gunpoint. (He's greedy enough, and he doesn't care about any law or moral he can get away with breaking, but he lacks the courage.) I also don't think even James Swartz would mass slaughter schoolchildren on a playground.

But there's not much more I'd question regarding dark activities and James Swartz. If he's not drugging and raping underage teens now it's because he's too old and with this particular wife he can't get away with it. According to the posts here, she only enjoys him making money for her by spreading his false teachings and preying upon the ignorant. But that's another story...

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Allowance ()
Date: March 03, 2023 04:38AM

You're lying by saying I'm James Swartz. Why do you lie?

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 10, 2023 02:31AM

How James Swartz Distorts and Lies
in his (False) "Teachings"


Allowance/ James Swartz/ Swartz acolyte 'Allowance' asked in the Post above "Why do you lie?"

A lie is a deliberate transmittal of a falsehood to confuse or deceive, at which James Swartz is an expert.

I might be mistaken in believing that 'Allowance' is James Swartz, but I don't think so. The tone is Swartz. The words are Swartz. And, how many strong zealous followers does James Swartz still have who would willingly write as 'Allowance'?

Yes, I believe Allowance is James Swartz. No lie. But...

Lies and James Swartz.

By coincidence, if there is such a thing as coincidence, friends sent details of a little on-line episode which stung James Swartz a few years back, and his "loving" response to it.

A person named Carl asked Advaita teacher Ira Schepetin (also known as Atma Chaitanya) a question regarding James Swartz. This teacher, who does not put effort into publicizing himself on-line and does not appear to have any huge (Swartzian) desires for Sex, Fame, Power, Money, or Drugs, answered the question even while seeming to wish there was no need for getting involved in such matters. (Yes, again unlike James Swartz, Ira Schepetin doesn't savor criticizing other teachers.)

The interaction, as publicized by James Swartz, is partly inserted below.
Italicized words are those of James Swartz.


December 10, 2020

Carl asked for a comment about the statement below by a person named Ira Schepetin who seems to be some sort of authority on Vedanta.

“Sorry. James Swartz is definitely neo-Vedanta. He teaches (among many other wrong ideas that he got from his neo-Vedanta teachers) that after enlightenment there are still vasanas that continue and some are not a problem and others are? I don’t think so. That idea is neo Vedanta, in Traditional Shankara Vedanta after Enlightenment there are no vasanas good or bad. If you think you're Enlightened (as James does) and still have vasanas you're in big trouble and so are your students.

The public response from James Swartz begins:
Hi Carl,
Well, it depends on Ira’s idea of “enlightenment.” He seems to think it is an event.

James Swartz blows it in first two sentences. How did he conclude Ira S 'seems to think it (Enlightenment) is an event'? Ira S holds that Enlightenment is the place or state of being beyond Events, past being held by Vasanas, and past being attached to Samsara.

James Swartz goes on in his (failed) defense of himself to give much verbiage in his complete answer. Hilariously, a key part of the defense of his wrong beliefs are made by him using his translation of verses from the Panchadasi.

The deliberate mistranslation of holy books by James Swartz (yes, published lies) is a well-documented occurrence, with examples given on this forum. James Swartz was shown to have skipped whole verses in his translations of holy works that -- what a surprise! -- showed his own teachings to be, at best, questionable and, in fact, false.

Also, the lack of depth in Swartz's own knowledge of Sanskrit is something which scholars have demonstrated to me repeatedly. This would make even an attempt at an honest and accurate translation by James Swartz not reliable.

Here's the segment of James Swartz's defense regarding his translation:


Maybe Ira knows something and maybe he doesn’t. Before a person makes a judgment it’s always best to do some in depth research and contextualize the issue as I’ve tried to do above. My statements above are from Chapter 7 of Vidyaranya’s Panchadasi. You can find them translated in my book, Inquiry into Existence. I copied them in below.

To prove yourself correct by using your own written words as a source is to fail to prove anything. (Although, in US political circles, QAnon uses this method to convince persons to join.) In this case, Swartz's translations prove nothing, especially since James Swartz is a proven liar and distorter of what he has written.

So again, with the words of James Swartz himself helping to show his perfidy, we come to the familiar conclusion:

James Swartz, the Liar.
James Swartz, the Spiritual Fraud.
James Swartz, trapped
in his Vasanas,

in the Webs of Desire for Fame, Power, and Money,
being now too old for much Sex and Drugs
(that is, the rape of underage girls, partaking of cocaine and LSD,
and goodness knows what else, that he used to 'enjoy').

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 16, 2023 05:50AM

This is too Hilarious for Words!
And Sad...
James Swartz claims to be be a "Higher Authority"
on Spirituality than David Godman!
Oh, Shiva!
I can't stop laughing!

David Godman has performed a service for the ages with his books and biographies about Sri Ramama Maharshi and Papaji. Through years of research, study, and spiritual work he has acquired an incredible knowledge of Advaita.

James Swartz, in comparison, is a failed spiritual teacher who deliberately mis-translates holy books to back up his false teachings, in between raping teenage girls, bullying sincere seekers, and grifting money from naive followers.

Yet a friend informs me that recently James Swartz claimed in writing to be more knowledgeable than David Godman about spiritual matters.

I could take pages showing how wrong Swartz's assertions about Godman were, but David Godman needs no defense by me -- especially against a false teacher, liar, and criminal like James Swartz.

Perhaps assailing David Godman is just more proof of what many incoming messages regarding James Swartz have shared. The messages assert that James Swartz is failing even more mentally, physically, and emotionally. The deterioration in him is more and more obvious.

They are likely accurate, though I would add that mentally and emotionally James Swartz has always been a failure, except regarding rapine, greed, and corruption.

Sadly, in rape and other crimes James Swartz got away with everything for a long time. He was already in his seventies when Heather came out about his pedophilic rapes, false "guru-hood", and lies. Until then, few people knew the grim facts.

At least now, anyone who bothers to check about James Swartz will find this site and her book, and another potential victim will have escaped the evil clutches of James Swartz.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 20, 2023 11:18PM

What will evil paranoid James Swartz
think and do now?

My beautiful woman friend from the Himalayas has returned to the West for a while. One never knows where she'll be next.

She writes at length in flowing prose, so her main points will be summarized.


Do you remember the "Special February 2017 Shining World Newsletter that James Swartz put out? The one in which he compared himself to Jesus, Krishna, Jack the Giant Slayer, and confessed to knowing Heather when she was fourteen? Well, Swartz finally realized that "Special Newsletter" was way too revealing, actually very self-destructive, and he took it down. (I have a copy, though, and most of it was published in "Guru? The Story of Heather," anyway.)

As I read I was thinking, "Yes, of course I remember. With that 'Special Newsletter' James Swartz showed the whole world who he really is -- delusions of godhood inside a massive, narcissistic ego that knows no boundaries except fear of being caught."

Next my gorgeous friend wrote, and again I summarize,-- and I find this to be so ridiculous it's almost beyond laughable, though regarding James Swartz it could well be true --


In that now-deleted Feb 2017 Special Message James Swartz told his followers that he suspected that "Trav is an American devotee of either Osho, Tony Parsons, or Papaji." You mentioned David Godman as writing great biographies of Ramana Maharshi and of Papaji, so now it could be that Swartz in his twisted, paranoid mind thinks that you are David Godman!

I laughed out loud, partly because James Swartz is just the paranoid cretin who might suspect that.

The fact that I, the real Trav, never went to Lucknow to see Papaji, never resonated with Osho, and have never seen or studied the teachings of Tony Parsons will be irrelevant.

My friend went on:


Of course, David Godman wrote books about many other holy persons, too, including many of Ramana's greatest followers. Some Advaita people like this teacher and others that one, and all hold their teacher to be the best. (Yes, the 'not two' of Advaita does not always get applied, does it?) However, I do believe that now James Swartz is even more firmly convinced that you are a Papaji devotee, and he might well accuse one or some of them of being you.

Again, more laughter. Let James Swartz accuse others of being me. They will likely respond, "What the Hell? I'm 'Traveler'?' Who's that?" They'll pause and wonder, "I've spent years publicizing bad things about James who? Really?"

Then, they will research about James Swartz. Perhaps they'll read this Forum and "Guru? The Story of Heather." Then, sickened, these Papaji folks will add to the increasing number of people out there who know and share the truth about the Spiritually False Pedophilic Rapist that is the corrupt excrement in human form that is the Samsara version of James Swartz, self-professed guru of god-like powers and attempted blackmailer of (then) 14 year-old girls that he'd drugged and raped.

What can I say except:

Go get 'em, James!
Accuse those Papa-ji folks.
One of them really might be me! I could be lying here about who I am. (After all, you're such a profuse liar, you certainly can envision others doing it.)

Am I David Godman? No. A thousand times, no!

But perhaps that denial makes you suspicious, James Swartz? Of course it does. Everything makes you suspicious. You've earned your elderly life of paranoia due to a life of lies, corruption, and crime, so you might as well enjoy it fully... With what time is left for you.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 21, 2023 05:23AM

James Swartz's
"Odd" and "Bizarre" Claims
while pondering Swartz's "Violent thoughts."

(and while doing so proves
James Swartz to be (no surprise)
both Terribly Ignorant
and a Terrible Liar.

This Post will really get the paranoid juices of James Swartz flowing! He'll be pondering, "How did Traveler get a response from David Godman?" Perhaps he'll presume, "This is proof of Traveler's Papaji affiliation."

Wrong, as usual, James.

Imagine that what really happened is something like this: The same friend who e-mailed me with news of James Swartz's slanderous take on David Godman (mentioned in Posts above) also sent David Godman, a long-time acquaintance of his, a query, "Hey, David. How come you nearly got thrown down the stairs by James Swartz?"

I can only imagine that David Godman, who is a physical stud compared to the short, chubby, and older James Swartz, first thought, "What the hell?" Not only could David easily handle a maggot like Swartz physically, but David also thought, 'Why would he be unhappy with me in any way? We've never even had a conversation."

Picture then that my friend sends David Godman a copy of Swartz's writings regarding him, and David reads the scurrilous lies put forth by the rapist self-proclaimed guru. Then David writes the below to my friend, with permission to share it with me and for me to post it here.

Could that be what happened, James Swartz? (Or might I, Traveler, actually be David Godman? No way, but your paranoia runs amuck, doesn't it?) Or is there a huge conspiracy against you by many folks in the spiritual world? In fact it's not the latter, most certainly. Happily, many, if not most, of the people who hear the name James Swartz ask, "Who?".

So here it is. David Godman about James Swartz and his claims.

From David Godman -- an appraisal and refutation of James Swartz

My attention was recently directed to a post on James Swartz’s blog or site. It was highly critical of me. Here is the post:


It begins:

Hi James,

Just learned about David Godman who claims that he got established in the Self when seeing Papa Ji.  Do you know about him?  If you do maybe you can talk about him in next week’s meeting.  He seems like an interesting person. 

I have never made any such claim, and I did not get established in the Self during my time with Papaji. I don’t know where the claim originated. It’s possible that James is simply making it up and using the invention to launch a diatribe against me. He begins his response by saying that I don’t understand Ramana Maharshi’s teachings, implying, of course, that he does. For those who don’t know me, I will mention that I have written, translated and edited about fifteen books on Ramana Maharshi, his devotees and his teachings. One of them, Be As You Are, published by Penguin, has been, outside India, the biggest selling book on Sri Ramana’s teachings for almost forty years.

After expounding for a few lines on my scholarly deficiencies, he makes the following odd claim:

Anyway, he conveniently assumed that Papaji was actually a disciple of Ramana, not just a person who “got it” during a brief conversation. 

Papaji most definitely claimed that he was a disciple of Sri Ramana. This is what he said in 1992:

Papaji: A few months ago [March, 1992], at one of the satsangs I conduct in Lucknow, someone gave me a note which concluded: ‘My humble respects and gratitude to you, especially to one who was a disciple of Ramana Maharshi.’ I couldn’t let this pass.
‘Why do you say “was”?’ I exclaimed. ‘Please correct your grammar! Please correct your grammar! I am his disciple! He is my Master. How can I throw him away into the past? There is no past and no future for the Master. There isn’t even a present because he has transcended time.’
When I left him physically in 1947, he told me, ‘I am with you wherever you are’. That was his promise and that is my experience. There is no one called Poonja left anymore. There is only an emptiness where he used to be. And in that emptiness there shines the ‘I’ , the ‘I’ that is my reality, the ‘I’ that is my Master, the ‘I’ that he promised would be with me wherever I am. Whenever I speak, it is not someone called Poonja who is speaking, it is the ‘I’ that is the Maharshi who speaks, the ‘I’ which is the Self in the Heart of all beings. (Nothing Ever Happened, volume two)

The fact that Papaji got the full experience from Sri Ramana after sitting in his presence and having a few brief conversations with him does not mean that he was not a disciple. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Swartz then went on to claim that ‘David is actually the father of the modern Neo-Advaita movement’. No, I’m not, and it’s an utterly absurd claim to make. I am a scholar, student and practitioner of Ramana Maharshi’s teachings, and actually share Swartz’s distaste for what has become the neo-advaita movement.

The bulk of the post, though, is devoted to a bizarre claim that I engaged him to make a cover for one of my books on Annamalai Swami, and then refused to pay him. I have ransacked my brain, trying to recollect encounters we had decades ago, and I have no recollection whatsoever of talking to him about anything, especially not book covers. I had friends who made my covers in those days and didn’t need outside assistance. I do remember seeing him in local restaurants in Tiruvannamalai, loudly trying to impress people at his table with his knowledge of Vedanta, but I never had a conversation with him myself.

Just for the record, this is how the covers for my Annamalai Swami books came into being. The cover for Living by the Words of Bhagavan was made by Dev Gogoi, a friend of mine who did graphic design work for Ramanasramam in the 90s. He was also a devotee of Papaji. If you look at the verso (reverse of the title page) his name is listed there as the designer of the cover. Dev did the work for nothing because he was a friend of mine and a fellow devotee of Papaji. The book came out in 1994, which was well before I learned of the existence of James Swartz.
A few years later I edited a book of Annamalai Swami’s dialogues entitled Final Talks. The cover for that one was designed by Alan Gold, a retired creative director of an advertising agency in London. I had known him since our time together with Nisargadatta Maharaj in the late 1970s. Alan did a good job, and I had no need to engage anyone else. In his post James claims that he felt a strong urge to throw me down a flight of stairs when I refused to pay him for the work I had commissioned from him. The commission never happened, and nor did the fabricated account of our meeting on a staircase that prompted his violent thoughts.

Yes, David Godman shows again what a liar and fraud James Swartz is. And Swartz's intense jealousy of David Godman shows in his violent fantasy of throwing him down the stairs. (Except Swartz is too cowardly to actually get violent with a man. Raping 14 year-old girls and poisoning pet dogs that annoy him is more his style.)

For the record, I've met David Godman. Heard him speak a few times. We're not friends. He wouldn't know me if we passed on the street. If not in Tiru I might miss him, too. Good fellow. Obviously intelligent.

Not a person to take fools lightly. Perhaps this is why he observed James Swartz at times in Tiru, heard Swartz trying to impress the ignorant with his spiritual knowledge and attainment, but never spoke to him.

David Godman was with and studied real teachers. Why would he have wasted his time with a loud braggart and cowardly bully like James Swartz?

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