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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: June 17, 2022 02:54PM

One Hundred Thousand Views
The Truth
Regarding the Sex Crimes, Financial Malfeasance,
and Spiritual Fraudulence

A few years ago, when this topic began here on Rick Ross' Cult Education Forum, such a number seemed inconceivable.

But it's actual, and still growing.

Salutations to Heather who brought the sex crimes and spiritual fraud of James Swartz into the public eye -- and six months before "Me Too" made it an easier thing to do.

Many contributors have posted here, and countless more have read the posts and been able to judge for themselves the truth.
And truth has never been a friend to James Swartz. As has been well shown here, he lives in a web of lies, like a biting spider who eventually tries to destroy almost all he's been able to catch in his web.

How many long-term followers does Swartz have?
How many who thought they'd found their teacher now look back at their time with him, shake their heads, and say, "Thank God that's over with!"
Ninety-five percent? All?

Really, how many "followers" now does James Swartz have who've been with him for three or more years. And take a look at these persons, few as there are.

Is any long-time student of James Swartz who has not left him truly in a place of spiritual peace and attainment?
Or, are they confused, up and down in moods, and often angry?

In the post preceding this one Earthquake shares that James Swartz claims his heart is healthy despite the amount of blood pooling in his ankles.
An unkind critic might assert that the blood going to Swartz's feet and not to his brain could explain a lot.
In fact, the heart can seem okay even as the brain suffers minor strokes, which is what the allegations about Swartz maintained.

What to say?

As a spiritual teacher James Swartz is a proven fraud. He is excrement. As a man, he is a loser, a liar, and a pedophile.

That's been proved repeatedly here.

And now there have been 100,000 views of these facts -- and 99,000 probably not by Swartz and his wife...

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: June 30, 2022 08:03AM

R. Kelly and James Swartz --
Sex Traffickers.
Violators of the Mann Act.

R. Kelly is off to jail now for 30 years.
Would that James Swartz join him there!

From this article in The Washington Post --

"The Brooklyn federal jury found Kelly, 55, guilty of one count of racketeering and eight violations of the Mann Act, a law created to curb sex trafficking across state lines."

R. Kelly did, possibly on a bigger scale, though possibly with legal-aged women, what James Swartz did with Heather.

Oh, that James comes to follow the same path... There is no Statute of Limitations on Mann Act violations.

Yes, James, like the Nazi concentration camp guards that keep being sent to prison into their nineties,
even as physically and mentally you further deteriorate,
you are still guilty, so you're still eligible!


Meanwhile, the number of views of the Truth about James Swartz continues to climb...

Ain't Karma a wonderful thing, James - even if you don't believe in it?

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: August 27, 2022 09:32PM

James Swartz?

A friend called today. Said she'd had a dream. In it, she got the news that James Swartz had died in his sleep of a stroke.

She asked me if it were true. I said, "Not that I know of, but all the signs are there that this will soon happen."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Many things point to it," I answered. "His declining ability to speak, to think clearly, to even pretend to be rational... His advanced age, the stress of a deranged-behaving wife and of his various crimes and frauds being revealed... There is the possibility that somewhere inside the narcissistic pedophile there is a twinge of guilt, too. Perhaps that's why he reacts so angrily when the truth about his rape of Heather, and likely others, is revealed."

My friend said, "I hate to say that the dream made me happy, but I was hopeful when I called."

"As a so-called spiritual teacher, James Swartz has been dead to anyone with the foresight to do ten minutes of a web search for years. Sadly, those who don't might undergo Swartz spiritual falsehood immersion merged with the darkness of his sadistic greed, jealousy, and selfishness, but Heather and the rest of us can only do so much."

She concluded, "Do call me when the Swartz obituary becomes physical as well as spiritual, won't you?"

I promised I would. I'll keep the same promise here on this forum.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: October 21, 2022 11:26AM

James Swartz --
Already so small-time and defamed
as not to be worth a mention
by Be Scofield...
And, oh, by the way, over 111,000 views here!

Noted fake guru-hunter Be Scofield just came out with a new book, "Hunting Lucifer."

Despite the title, it's not about James Swartz. Poor James -- he's never been a big enough target for her. Thanks to Heather, others have already revealed the truth about him... So it's quite likely Be Scofield didn't feel James Swartz warranted her time...

(Yes, James Swartz. A waste of time. Indeed...)

For those not familiar, Be Scofield is a renowned investigative reporter who researches and writes about "gurus" and "teachers" she finds to be unworthy, if not downright evil and psychopathic.

Be Scofield's work to reveal the horrors of Bentinho Massaro, the misogyny and corruption of Swami Vivekananda's Agama Yoga, and the possibly murderous fraud of Aaravindha Himadra, and some others, has been laudatory. (Did she go after a couple who might not have deserved it due to relying on unreliable witnesses? Some have so asserted, but...) The way to find out is to read her book and to evaluate it for yourself.

And by the way -- 111,000 views here and growing. Bet you're loving that, James!

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Statistics_Yogi ()
Date: October 31, 2022 10:08PM

Have you ever considered that a fake guru hunter not writing about someone might be an indication of that person not being a fake guru?

111,000 views. Yes, and most of those by the same people that keep coming back here, and the rest by people who take a look, notice garbage talk, and leave. James definitely has thousands of fans. Probably a few stumbled upon this thread while looking for more information about him because they love him so much.

111,000 views on a topic regarding a loved and loving spiritual teacher.

Yes, James Swartz is getting old, as we all are. He's lived longer than a lot of people.

Holding onto so much resentment can't be healthy for you. You might want to be concerned about your own health, not someone else's.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: November 01, 2022 02:45PM

James Swartz,
Emperor of Garbage Talk...

How sad.

James, in the previous post you now write as, or via, "Statistics_Yogi."

This message definitely smells like you.

James, if people who noticed 'garbage talk' are repelled and choose to leave, then you'd have not one student left.

You, James Swartz, are the Emperor of Garbage Talk.

You do it about other teachers, about your own students, with your deliberate distortions of sacred texts, and with how you've written and spoken of people upon whom you've committed numerous crimes, including pedophilic rape.
James, you know about Garbage Talk better than anyone. And you know that not all who hear it immediately run away -- or, like I wrote...

Regarding the Hunter of Fake Teachers

As to the hunter of false gurus,would you like to make a bet about how she would evaluate you if she bothered to spend two hours checking you out?

James Swartz -- thousands of fans -- Really?

When Heather first wrote about your crimes upon her, and was helped by others, including me, you did have defenders.

Altogether, eleven persons wrote to me telling me that you were all right. They questioned my veracity, my motives, my intelligence, insulted Heather, and said things like "Heather was/ 'has to be' lying," that you were actually great, a true teacher, and so on.

Of those eleven, what has happened since? Do you know how many have now corresponded with me to say, 'Hey, Trav, you were right all along! He is a fake,' and/ or 'I didn't at first, but now, I think Heather is telling the truth!'

Some of these, like Earthquake on this site, have gone public telling the truth about you. Others, after expressing 'That'a boy' and 'Thanks,' asked to remain private.

How many students from five years ago still come around, James?

You are correct on one thing. We all get older. In your case, I do chortle about it, because a physically debilitated rapist is no longer so big a threat.

And your mind fading also brings merriment -- but only since you teach lies and distortions. With that in mind, the sooner your failing faculties become obvious, the sooner those poor persons who don't know the truth about you will realize it's a wasted effort to show up.

As for your faux concern for my health, in truth, you are rarely on my mind these days. You're past tense. The job is done. The truth about you is out there for all to see. And many have.

A wise person told me a couple years ago, "Don't focus too much on the dark ones. It's not healthy." Good counsel, indeed! And I've followed it.

Why think about the sad cesspool of wasted humanity that James Swartz is when there are real teachers and wonderful teachings to focus on instead?

Every couple months, or when (as happened this time) a friend mentions a new post here, I check in. You're not worth any more effort than that, James Swartz. As an active presence in my life, you're already dead and buried.

P.S. Over 112,000 views here now.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Statistics_Yogi ()
Date: November 01, 2022 09:49PM

A Message to Traveler99

Making assumptions isn't always the most intelligent thing to do.

You are assuming that I am James or that James is writing through me. You are wrong. Although being wrong, you continue your rant as if you are right. Why? Is this forum not about finding the truth?

Looking through this thread, I see that you have made many assumptions. That's not good for clear thinking. That's not good for finding out the truth. At the least you could admit that.

I'm not James, nor do I write on his behalf, so don't address my post as if I am James, please.

Yes, I think James has thousands of fans, if not tens of thousands over the decades, not that it matters. Vedanta, which he teaches, is not a tradition of evangelicism.

Again, don't act as if my post was written by James. It wasn't. You just seem to be revealing that you wish it was. Why would he even waste his time with you? It is laughable that you wrote, and I quote, "you are rarely on my mind these days. You're past tense." when you are clearly obsessed with him. You're calling a stranger, me, James Swartz. That's how much you think of him. You have countless posts in this thread about him.

When I was growing up, I heard a saying. It is: "Never ASSUME… it makes an ASS out of U and ME." Traveler99, you assume a lot.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 02, 2022 12:07AM

First warning.

Why exactly are you here : Statistics_Yogi

There have been many attempts to troll this thread.

What are your specific concerns regarding James Swartz?

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: November 02, 2022 01:07AM

If it looks like a Duck...

Facts, Truths, Eye-witness Accounts
and James Swartz's own writings and 'Confession'
Are the basis for my Posts.

My posts about James Swartz are based on facts and research.

We (I am simply the writer for a group of us) have accumulated:
-- His own writings, which reveal lies and distortions about his own life, accomplishments, spiritual bona fides, and 'teachings,' in which his deliberate omissions and mistranslations of sacred texts has been proved.
-- Eye witness accounts of his bragging about killing pets, shagging widowed sewer cleaners, and mistreating women.
-- Eye witness accounts of his bullying of young, virtually naive seekers.
-- Eye witness accounts, and his own writings, in which he lies about and publicly reveals the secrets of his own students.
-- The many accounts by various persons on this site detailing all of the above, and much else.
-- Most importantly, "Heather" told us her story, which started everything as has gone the unveiling the truth about James Swartz to the world. ('Her' book about Swartz: here.)
-- Swartz's own confession, being he at first denied ever knowing Heather. Just after she went public he claimed she was a fictitious person created by followers of other gurus who were jealous of him. Then, all of a sudden, he wrote that he remembered Heather, and threatened that if she didn't want the whole world, including her family and friends, to know the truth of her sordid activities at fourteen, she better shut up.
(Doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to see the truth there, does it?)
-- And there is much more...

So, to repeat:

My posts are based upon facts.
Truths. Eye-witness accounts. Swartz's own words.
Realities about James Swartz are all my posts are based upon...

Now, was I wrong to assert "Statistics_Yogi" is James Swartz, or that the pedophile rapist is writing via this person?

I don't think so. It's not an assumption. It's an educated guess based upon years of receiving insults and overtly or semi-subtly threatening messages from James Swartz.

An old adage fits this situation well: "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck." This writer looks like JS, talks like JS, and smells like JS, so...

Poor Statistics_Yogi -- if you're not James Swartz, you would seem to be missing some threads. Read the posts on this forum, and "Guru? The Story of Heather" and how could you write on the behalf of this person.

By the way, please encourage any of his 'thousands of fans' to read this site and the book, and then to send me messages of support for James Swartz.

Funny thing -- no messages supporting James Swartz (that weren't written by a JS duck or his wife) have come in four years.


After beginning to write this post, the Moderator posted a Warning to "Statistics_Yogi."
The Moderator seems also to believe, "If it walks like a duck..."

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Statistics_Yogi ()
Date: November 02, 2022 11:11AM

rrmoderator Wrote:
> First warning.
> Why exactly are you here : Statistics_Yogi
> There have been many attempts to troll this
> thread.
> What are your specific concerns regarding James
> Swartz?

I am not here to troll. I am here because I'm interested in the truth about James Swartz.

I'm concerned about why opinions about him are being expressed on this forum as facts.

I'm concerned about someone assuming (or thinking they are making an educated guess) that I am him or am here on his behalf, when I am a neutral observer.

Thank you.

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