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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: February 04, 2022 03:36AM

"James Swartz exposed"

A new page on Facebook!

Whoever did this page, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

What a delightful surprise.

Every venue in which
the truth regarding the sexual, financial, and spiritual crimes of James Swartz
are broadcast is a wonderful thing.

Again, much gratitude to whomever started this worthwhile page.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: BeTrue ()
Date: February 26, 2022 11:30PM

My deep gratitude to Heather, Traveler, Earthquake, Stan and all those contributing to this thread and to Rick Alan Ross for creating this important platform. No doubt these shares have provided informed consent regarding working with JS and a place for Heather to share her healing journey.

I took a break from the thread for a good while but was brought back in when learning of Rod Stryker’s recent challenges with the teacher student relationship. He’s a long-term tier A yoga teacher in the Himalayan Institute lineage who at 63 had a sexual relationship with a 29 year-old student.

One of his other former students, Karina Ayn Mirsky, has written several articles about Stryker’s transgression and abuse of power. She was Stryker’s first lead teacher in Para Yoga and taught with him for years before she defected.

I wanted to share Mirsky’s bullet points on why students, who have been impacted by abuse of power in teacher-student relationships, stay silent. From the article: The 2021 Rod Stryker Scandal: A Call for Restorative Justice.

Mirsky's Article

There are several reasons why victims of a spiritual leader’s abuse of power might cause them to leave quietly. Often the reasons are layered…

Here are some to consider:
* Fear of defamation — The member has heard the leader assassinate the character of other students who have left.
* Self-doubt — The leader has made the student believe that the real problem lies with them. So they don’t talk about why they left.
* Professional repercussions — The person has invested years promoting the brand to their own students and does not want to negatively impact their own reputation, community or livelihood.
* #JustMe — The member believes their reason for leaving is unique to them. It’s their own “personal” issue or complicated relationship with the leader. No one else’s.
* Fear of ostracization — The student sees others in the community are still being manipulated and fears damaging relationships with their friends, colleagues and peers.
* Shame — The member finally recognizes that they’ve been participating with something really dysfunctional and feels too ashamed to speak.
* Fear of loss — The student can’t separate the teacher from the teachings, and is afraid of losing connection to the practice, lineage, or spiritual energy.
* Codependency — The member still feels deeply for the leader and believes that the leader still loves them — even if they know they can’t stay in the unhealthy dynamic.
* Fatigue/Burnout — After years of navigating exhausting dynamics, one may just want to cleanse themselves of anything to do with the leader or the organization. They don’t want to invest any more energy, not even to shout for justice. They just want to move on.

Once again, thank you all for stepping in and sharing your feelings and thoughts. In reading this thread, I have learned a lot about my own relationships with teachers over the last thirty years and how I have given my power away.

With love, BeTrue

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: April 03, 2022 10:42PM

Springtime, 2022

Why Students Stay Silent
About the Abuse and Crimes

BeTrue's post above gives an excellent list of reasons people stay silent even after abuse by a teacher. The fact the Heather was able to fight through all of those is just another feather in her cap!

In large accordance with the list by Mirsky posted by BeTrue, many messages I've received from those who left James Swartz focus on two main themes. These are:

1. Embarrassment and Shame -- once many persons see James Swartz for the liar, fraud, and criminal he is they are embarrassed to admit they've ever "followed," "listened to," and/ or fell for the hoodwinking of this despicable pedophilic self-aggrandizing con man.

2. Fear (of various types) -- with Swartz, mostly Fear of defamation, but all of the types on the list appear. Many persons have shared horrific tales only after emphasizing something like, "I'll tell you, but don't use my name! I don't want him coming after me!"

After all, when dealing with a rapacious rabid wolf that likes to bite, isn't staying away from it often a wise strategy?

The number of his ex-students who hear about Heather, shake their heads, and conclude something like, "Yeah, dammit! I'm not surprised..." or, at the least, "That all could be true! Especially when he was younger..." is legion. As in, virtually 100%.

Some of Swartz's most astute and hardcore critics now were just as strongly his supporters until they began to see him more clearly, which in some cases did occur due to Heather's going public.

Some of these critics, like Earthquake, say, "Damn the ostracization, screw Swartz!" and tell the full truth about him. They don't let the prospect of a public on-line war with James Swartz bother them-- and what is revealed in these "wars" about Swartz gives anyone who knows of true spiritual teachers a big "Ah-hah!" experience if they pay attention.

James Swartz has relied on Fear, Guilt, Shame, and Embarrassment in his ex-students for decades in his quest to live prosperously, to feel acclaim, and to get laid.

Thankfully, now, in his last years, the truth has emerged about him, seen in over 90,000 view on this site alone. And he has a wife that would try the patience of Job, which many see as a hilarious type of Karmic justice...

May we all leave Fear and Embarrassment behind and spit out James Swartz into the gutter alongside the road where, as any sort of spiritual teacher, he deserves to be.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: May 26, 2022 10:38AM

Unverifed Reports
about the
Deteriorated Mental and Physical Condition
Are any of them True?

Many messages come to me regarding James Swartz. They come from a wide variety of sources and venues.

Among the stranger messages recently are ones that I have not yet been able to verify. Normally, I only pass along events and matters that I personally believe are factual. The veracity of the person sharing the information, and how many mouths the "story" has passed through, are very important.

Believe it or not, there are even WORSE stories about James Swartz "out there" than have been shared by me on this forum, in "Guru? The Story of Heather", or in other sources I am aware of.
I have never shared these horror stories because I don't have a primary source. Person A told B who told C who then tells me does not work. I want to hear from Person A.

Otherwise, simply to "tell stories about Swartz" just because they "sound true" and "everybody knows he's a lying rapist, so why not?" is to have the same standards he does.

No, thanks, to that.

However, some stories have come to me repeatedly. They are each from third-hand sources, but, to repeat, they keep coming.

Therefore, with the strong proviso here that these assertions and concerns stay in the "maybe" or "hypothetical" stages, and are not proven facts, and--

Keeping in mind that James Swartz is now in his eighties, has a wife who provides much stress and drama, and has been running from a criminal past for decades, does anyone have solid information about --

1. James Swartz having undergone a series of minor strokes (which allegedly have made his already shady intellect more clouded, and his already angry demeanor more uneven)?

2. James Swartz now being physically unable to perform normal functions, even to the extent he now speaks (even) less coherently, cannot chew food properly (with much leaking out from his mouth onto his front during meals), and constantly uses adult diapers because he cannot make it to the toilet in time?

3. James Swartz at times having mumbled about "I want to make it right before I die! I need to confess -- to apologize to Heather and the others, and to attone for what I've done wrong for so long!"? (This last said to be always blocked by his wife, who fears what income they still have would dry up if James actually turned honest in his last days).

Personally, to repeat, I have no idea if any of these three assertions are true. Sadly, I would only believe number three would occur as the result of the small series of strokes mentioned in number one.

If anyone has heard anything (and not fourth hand, or goodness forbid, solely from someone who read this post!) that would confirm (or not) any of these, please do either post or message accordingly.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: May 29, 2022 02:05AM

Very Quickly,
Evidence Has Come In!

Sad to Say,
Apology to Heather for Raping Her,
For his Crimes,
Or for Spiritual Fraud to Many
Seems Very Unlikely

After reading the post above regarding the alleged Physical and Mental Deterioration of the spiritual fraud and rapist pedophile James Swartz, a friend sent me an e-mail message: Paraphrased, it reads:

From a Friend
"Saw your post in Cult Ed Forum which mentioned "The Truth About James Swartz Facebook Page." Went to that site, checked around, and I found a piece posted on Feb 04, 2022 by someone who claims to be "Rick Grant." This Rick Grant, who I suspect is Swartz himself based on the language he uses being so similar to Swartz's earlier messages to you, claims that the person who started "The Truth About James Swartz" Facebook page is you, Trav. And he has some choice things to say...
I know you didn't start that Facebook page, but, based on this piece, I don't think number three in your Post above is going to occur anytime soon... James Swartz seems far away from being able to atone for his life of rape, crime, and fraud. "

Naturally, I wanted to read what James Swartz as Rick Grant had to say.
It had been a while since the old rapist gathered up the energy to reveal his true self in a written rant.

Sure enough, James delivered up to his old form. Here is James Swartz, writing as Rick Grant, as posted on February the fourth:

James Swartz (as Rick Grant) to Traveler (me).
To the author of this page (traveller99); a rather good copywriter; a scared bully afraid of being exposed as his impure mind gets a little fulfillment harassing others. Listen you insignificant little spec in this universe; a nobody desperately trying to be happy: You're caught in the samsara loop. Essence of spirituality is ahimsa (don't hurt another individual, just as you wouldn't want to be hurt, even if one did something wrong). And here you are; posting countless forum posts at your favorite cult forum, even creating a facebook page to continue your ignorant vomit.
Inside you're unhappy. Your mind is agitated. Easiest way to cover your inner pain is to put others down. No different then an untrained, ordinary individual. Yes, you'll justify. That's how ignorance works. It'll say "He hurt another/me, so I will hurt him back". That's the language of himsa. It can't help itself. It's stuck in misery, and desperately trying to find inner peace. For now, continue vomiting your bullying, you small spec in this creation. Insulting yourself. Hurting yourself. Go on. Continuing masturbate your ignorance, because that's what an impure mind does. You'll be reborn next life, living in misery. Replying is useless. Nothing valuable to hear from a Nazi mind. Good copywriting skills though. Make sure you continue putting those catchy headlines. Pfff.

James would likely be very sad to know how wrong he is.

I am healthy, happy, live in a beautiful area with a fine (sane) lady, and walk daily in an old-growth forest with a great dog. Healthy deer sleep and graze outside my home, and a creek gurgles merrily in the backyard. More importantly, I am blessed to have wonderful spiritual friends and (as we all do) have excellent translations of the most wonderful spiritual works at my fingertips. Just as significantly, I have been even more blessed to have had satsangs with true teachers who ask for no money, sex, or adulation, and a few of these have become good friends.

Poor James. In his written rant as Rick Grant he thinks he's describing me, but in fact he gives a perfect description of himself. Read his Rick Grant words again. That's how he sees himself. And it's an accurate depiction, sad to say.

No. No apologies to Heather from James Swartz. To use his own words to describe him, he's "a scared bully afraid of being exposed as his impure mind gets a little fulfillment harassing others." (As is well shown on this site, Swartz is renowned for his attacks on many others, including spiritual teachers and ex-students who have realized what a fraud he is.)

To continue to use Swartz's own words to describe himself, he is "stuck in misery, and desperately trying to find inner peace" and in a downward spiral of "vomiting bullying... from a Nazi mind."

In fact, one thing that the spiritual teachings have taught me is that, indeed, all I am is an "insignificant little spec in this universe;" James Swartz tried to insult me by calling me that, but, in fact, isn't that the truth about all of us? If someone had called Ramana Maharshi that, don't you think that ultimate Jnani would have laughed and agreed?

According to the highest teachings, we each, in the Jiva form, really are "nothing." Our bodies and minds truly are insignificant little specs, but in fact, our core, true self, however buried beneath Samsara and Maya it might be, is the Awareness that is All That Is.
Except, Swartz, who alleges being a spiritual teacher, doesn't get that. He can say the words sometimes, but he doesn't live them. He abides in the darkest Samsara, not in Truth. Blurbs like those written above prove his lack of attainment. (Not that I'm anything special, but at least I understand that much!)

* * * * *

It might be thought that the "Rick Grant" words quoted above did prove the assertion in #1 in the post above -- that James Swartz has suffered from a series of minor strokes that (further) incapacitate him mentally and physically.

Not necessarily. He was capable of equally sad, bitter, and vile messages as early as 2017, as shown in "Guru? The Story of Heather", which include some of his e-mail messages to me.

Is "Karma" real? Not for a true Master. A true Master is beyond Karma.

But for James Swartz? Karma sure seems to be kicking the old rapist pedophile spiritual fraud in the gut, doesn't it?

Imagine -- the hell of living inside that jiva's hate- and fear-filled head right now!

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: June 11, 2022 06:49AM

Very good Trav, yes, looking at the posting style of Rick Grant, I definitely agree that it's expressed the way that Swartz does. Also using some of the same terminology.

I've also had some 'action' on Facebook of late. Quite satisfyingly. Cult Ed members might recall one of the trolls that came here, 'Rama Vaisista'. Who was eventually banned. Someone not connected to this forum, had created a topic about Swartz on Buddha At The Gaspump Facebook group. RV was there, posting under his real name, Ian Walker. The same Ian that wrote to Swartz, in which he had been thinking about my 'schlong' while he was drunk. As well as telling Swartz how much he loved him.

Walker took it upon himself to carry on character, assassinating me in that group behind my back. I wasn't even a member. Even more twisted is that he kept including both myself and this forum in subject matter that had nothing to do with the topic. So, myself and others came into BATGP, and I invited some of my students to watch.

There was a complete takedown of Walker that lasted many days. He refused to face me in open debate, and of course, refused to see the evidence of his lies. Additionally, before I came there were the usual Shiningworld Cult devotees that were supporting Swartz. It's this - 'Well, Swartz has always been good with me', as evidence he is not a monster with others. Though, as Rick shows in his book, that logic is flawed, and it only takes there to be a small number of victims to make a group unsafe. Anyhow, Walker blocked myself, and others, and also left BATGP group without a word. It was quite satisfying to see him being the most outspoken supporter of Swartz there, suddenly losing his voice. I laid out an invitation for Walker, James Swartz & Isabella Swartz to a three-to-one video debate against me. Sadly, like the Swartz's, Walker chickened out, and left BATGP without a word. Perhaos my posting here, will get them to face me. Here, on Video call, or even in the BATGP group. I'm looking to debate with any hard core Shiningworld, if possible.

In the BATGP topic, I went through the entire revelations that were posted on here, but this time I also included the exact emails of the Swartz's. Which is something I didn't do here. I also wrote the posts in a much more readable manner, and of course expanded in certain ways. It's for these reasons that I will be preparing to post those exchanges between Walker and Melanie (admin of my Vedanta group), and myself, on here. If only for the reason, that the evidence is more cleanly written, and it would surely serve readers of this forum in a 'second edition' format. I will also include here, the actual screenshot emails of the swartz's.

Warmest wishes


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: June 13, 2022 01:27AM

Buddha At The Gas Pump Takedown of Troll lieutenant In The Swartz-Cult

Banned Cult Ed Troll Gets Owned During Trolling Once More

Some time ago, a kind person came into this topic and let everyone know that there was a Buddha At The Gas Pump Facebook topic, regarding concerns about James Swartz. Myself, Admin from my Facebook Vedanta group, a small number of my students, alongside other truth-activists went into the topic to see what was going on. From the start it was easy to see that Swartz Cult members were in place and where trying to use thought-terminating methods to shut down discussion, while ignoring concerns. This machialvellian mindset repeatedly tries to silence the voices of victims. Ian Walker, who had the banned account 'Rama Vaisasta' on here, was the most prominent, and tried to silence anyone who was brave enough to speak out. Walker is a hard-core Swartz cult devotee. Myself and others watched for a number of days, saying nothing, but noting posting patterns, personalities, etc. Contact was made through other newly interested parties in the Facebook topic, and myself and an admin from my Facebook group - Melanie - decided to put a co-ordinated plan together.

The following conversation was intended to be the opening salvo against Walker, and was used to both embarrass, disorientate & expose Ian Walker:

Ian Walker
Someone, using an alias, wrote an e-book, which states that it's fiction right from the start. Apparently Rick Archer knows who made the allegations, but won't say. James has addressed this issue directly and was willing to go to court, but you can't go to court is nobody steps up. I say bring it on. Let James go to jail if he's found guilty. Let the accusers go to jail if it turns out they've lied about the whole thing. Those are pretty serious allegations in the sense that the people making them need to stand up.

Hello, just joined and reading through this top topic. I find it super curious that a screenie of a teacher openly admitting to evading tax authorities is spiritually by-passed so quickly by others here. Tax evasion is a criminal offence in India. Punishable by prison

What is also unsettling, is that according to this teachers own email he has been to India teaching = presumably since he is evading authorities he has been taking money. Many are poor in that country, yet he is obviously so greedy that he has decided to break the law. Get an earlier plane, and effectively exile himself since he knows his visa will be flagged.

The law matters. It really does, and unfortunately spiritual by-passing does not exclude criminal law. It seems that does run in this topic.

Ian Walker
Assuming that this actually is an email from James Swartz, what are you doing with it, and why are you publicizing it? Is that legal to publicize someone's personal email?

(These questions, attempts at thought/discussions terminating cliches used by cults, were ignored by Melanie, simply because she doesn't care either way. She has only been interested in truth.)

Ian Walker
Come on. You can do better than that!
You have to admit that's a pretty gossipy, illogical approach.

"Some random person with a chip on his shoulder, that I don't know and can't verify anything from, said something on a random website."

You seem to be saying that you don't believe that James Swartz was a student of Swami Chinmayananda Saraswati. Yet, you have no evidence to support this claim.

I'll take his word over yours, and believe that he actually was.

I've read and listened to James quite a lot, and there's nothing to make me think that he wasn't one of Chinmayananda's students.

I would love to see a photo of James and Chinmayananda together too, but if there isn't one, there isn't. That's no proof of anything. James was in India going for moksha, not photo opportunities. It's not like 50 years ago there was an official photographer following every move of the swami's, making sure they got photos of him with people like James, and then publicising the photos. Swami Chinmayananda spent time with thousands of people, of which James was only one.

Just the fact that you're referring to that online forum on a random website as if it is the truth is sad. As I've already mentioned in this thread, I know who one of the people who posted (and may still post) is. I don't have anything to do with him now, but he had a chip on his shoulder regarding James, and he was projecting. James gave him some advice that he didn't like, and he took in personally. I'm talking about someone who hijacked a FB group that was under James' name, took it as his own without telling anyone, recruited people for Vedanta classes, and taught under some false pretence of a certain swami giving him permission to teach Vedanta. I watched the whole charade as the particular swami called him out, telling everyone that this person was never his student and that he never authorised him to teach Vedanta. This same person sexually harrassed students. He sent naked photos to some of the females who he "taught", and even sent a nude photo of himself to me and some others. He stole money from some of the "students". He made all sorts of claims that he never followed through with. And if you're such a fan of hearsay, there's a lot I've heard about him, beyond this other stuff that I can confirm. I heard that he sexually harrassed a minor (or minors), that he was in jail for violent crime, and that he was also suicidal. If you're such a big fan of that forum, then actually go through all the posts. You'll find that it's mainly a small group of haters just talking back and forth. The drama, the poor English, the flat out lies…

You, still haven't answered my previous post. Does it even matter whether Swami Chinmayananda gave permission to James to teach Vedanta? Did James need that permission? How can you know that he didn't receive such permission? As I mentioned, James does NOT claim to represent the Chinmaya Mission. Of course he's going to refer to his guru sometimes while teaching. How couldn't he?

How confusing. Mr. Walker; you keep speaking about crimes that have nothing to do with this topic. What also confuses me is that an email from Mr. Swartz has been posted this evening that shows he admitted in private to evading tax authorities in India - A crime.

Mr. Swartz writes that he is doing "great in every way" - regarding sales. Mr. Walker; you take great pains to share his importance here. It's reasonable to assume that Mr. Swartz's own admissions mean he could be guilty of tax evasion that amounts to a substantial sum of money. This is only in India (Is there other evidence that may be shown for other countries, anyone?). To have potentially stolen large sums of money from the authorities (that would go toward helping poor people in India, for example) does dismantle whatever reason you keep trying to hijack this topic by speaking about others.

Many Indian Vedanta teachers gave to the country. They made schools, gave to hospitals, it is well documented. Mr. Swartz, he decided to take from Indian people through spiritual teachings, evade the authorities, and run. That is illegal, and immoral.

( Cognitive dissonance is more than academia for me. I find this thread fascinating. Sorry, I'm a bit of a psychology nerd! )

Ian Walker
Melanie Russel - You're not even addressing this to me! LOL. You're doing this for yourself. You already posted this somewhere else in this thread, and I already responded to it. Sorry, but I like dealing with facts, not hearsay. Claire is using comments made on a forum on some random website as if they were facts.

Of course, you don't have to believe me, but I've already stated this: I know personally one of the people that makes comments there, and I know he lies. I brought up his crimes because it just shows how he was projecting his own personal problems onto James Swartz. The accusations against James are unfounded, yet I know that this particular person is guilty of the things he blames James for. You're also deflecting from '...' baseless accusations that she can't answer for.

Mr Walker: I am addressing it to you, since I used your name in the comment. I deleted my other comment as I posted it in the wrong place.

It seems you are quite confused. Hearsay is what you have been posting, since you have provided nothing but your own words that others have told you. That is hearsay. Whilst Mr. Swartz's own email admitting he is wanted for tax evasion is proof.

Regarding the other person you are speaking about. You wrote to Mr... in reference to Mr. Swartz:

"No, you don't. But, if you're going to be saying negative things about him and supporting false claims about him, why not have the guts to take your issues directly to him? I'd like to witness such a conversation. Do you think you're some sort of authority that can judge the way he teaches?"

Have you spoken directly to the person with whom you have said all the things you have here? If you have, can we see the the conversation? As you said you would like to witness a conversation between Mr. Swartz and Mr. McDermitt. I am sure that others would like to witness a conversation between you, Mr. Walker, and whoever else it is you are speaking about. You do take your own advice, of course?

Ian Walker
Melanie Russell Thanks for deleting the other comment. That was confusing that you wrote the same thing to me after I had already responded to you.

Well, if I write something, then it is hearsay to you, not me. I know what I know about James, and I know what I know about one of his haters.

I don't want to "out" the hater in question because he's already got enough issues to deal with, and despite all of his faults, he has good points. He deserves to get his feet back on the ground. He needs to deal with his own issues. He has already been outed. If he decides to abuse me again, then I will have to re-evaluate keeping his name secret. Maybe you even know him.

I find it somewhat strange that there is a small contingent of people that are upset about a teacher because he doesn't teach exactly how they want him to. There are hundreds of vedanta teachers out there. James has been an amazing one for me, and has led me to others. I've never seen such a tireless teacher of vedanta giving so much for free.

Mr. Walker, please excuse me, but if you contact the other person it is not outing them as it would be them that makes the decision to come into this topic to converse with you. They would be outing themselves publicly, surely that is their choice.

I find it curious that you are not following your own advice that you gave to Mr... It seems the person you speak of is on a forum somewhere, perhaps they would be happy to come into this topic to talk with you about everything. Because as it stands you have laid something at Mr. McDermitt that you are doing yourself. That's not nice .

Ian walker
Melanie Russell Thank you, but you don't have to call me Mr. Walker. Let's call the person concerned here "A" for brevity. What's not nice is A stealing money from me and other people that I know. What's not nice is A sending a nude photo of himself to me and others that were in a vedanta study group with him. What is not nice is someone contacting me, fearful because A took her money and was sexually harrassing her. What's not nice is A constantly lying. I have already brought up all of these concerns with A in the past, and I have no desire whatsoever to expose myself to his lies and abuse again. The last few times I communicated with A, he lied to me. I may have been a sucker before, but it would be stupid for me to contact him yet again. I don't want to be pulled down into his depravity. He knows what he's done. He has been called out by name by James Swartz, and he has been called out on the Cult Education Forum. I've personally ALREADY called him out, so there's no point in doing it again just for you. I know what he's done. He and I are done and I wish him well. I let countless red flags from him go by before calling him out, and all I was really doing was asking him to address my valid concerns. Others in the group wanted to hear his answers too. I was loyal to him when countless others left him. He betrayed my trust, and it can't be repaired anytime soon, if at all.

A would probably like you. You've got a cute smile. A was always on the hunt for women.
Is this how James is treating "Mr... ? My understanding is that Mr.... isn't a fan of James' teaching style and that he has had little, or no, contact with James. My understanding is that James has done nothing to Mr... Perhaps I am wrong.

Ian Walker It sounds as if you have had an ordeal, Mr. Walker. You are clearly upset, and I now understand why you carry on speaking about this person in so many posts. I sympathise with your obvious turmoil. May I ask what the Police said to you, and what action they took, since you where sent naked photos? Where was the Vedanta study group, and what action was taken against that? I assume that the Vedanta Study Group has been closed because of this?

The reason I ask is I googled that forum you mentioned.. There is a huge amount of information to go through, so I thought I would look at the most recent. It seems that there is someone that has posted that completely rebuts what you are saying. There had even been someone called 'Ian' mentioned once or twice. I really do feel your pain, but if this person is the same person you are speaking of then they have provided screenshots that really call into question what you have been saying. It seems that this person also directly challenged Mr. & Mrs. Swartz to a live video debate to share evidence. Though it is claimed that Mr. Swartz has refused.

Interestingly, the Cult Forum person claims they went to the police, and reported everything. They even provided screenshots of that also. This is why I asked what the Police said to you when you reported the sexual abuse given toward yourself.

Both your assertions and that of the Cult Forum person's are diametrically opposite; but I am almost certain it is what is being spoken of.

Ian Walker
Melanie Russell I'm not upset. I just know what happened. And I see people in this thread quoting A's words as if they were the truth, which is a joke to me. I have no connection with him anymore and I barely even think of him. I don't need to tell you who he is, or give you any more hints about who he is.

Yes, there's a huge amount of "information" on that forum, isn't there? And it's roughly a dozen people going back and forth, patting each other on the back, happy to keep rehashing the same allegations. The quality of the posts can be quite ridiculous at times with big dramatic headlines. The way they all gang up on someone who questions them is pretty lame too.

I never saw my name come up on that forum, and I'm not going to be dragged there to search it out. I never provided any screenshots of anything there. I haven't checked that thread for probably over a year.

That would be cool to see a video debate.

Mr. Walker, I do apologise, but how is it true that you "barely even think of him", since you cannot stop talking about him in many posts? It seems you might have also spoken about this person in other topics in this group recently also.

It is confusing you mention to '...' about not answering your points, whilst you also do not answer mine. The person you say is a sexual deviant claims they have shown proof they reported you and others to the Police. Because it is you who brought the person into this topic so many times, it is reasonable to wonder, did you also report him to the Police. Which in turn makes one question was this person's Vedanta groups shut down. You do not seem to want to answer these important questions.

I am a straight shooter, Mr. Walker. When suggested you take your own advice, that you give Mr... and speak to whomever you are talking about, giving them a chance to respond to your new postings; you reply you don't want to 'out them'. Once it is pointed out that it is nonsensical, you change and say that you have already spoken with them over a year ago. I completely support that explanation. What changes things is that once you have been told that this person revealed screenshot's showing you are not telling the truth, you do not want to know. Looking at all of this, it seems disingenuous, possibly malicious. Surely this person should come into the group to converse with you, and show you the evidence.

It's late, and I'm going to sign off for tonight. It has been nice getting to know you, and the other members. Thank you for talking.

Ian Walker
Melanie Russell Ms Russell, I'm only thinking about A right now because people in this thread have used some of his false allegations against a teacher I happen to like. I've been a member of this group for quite a while, and I've hardly mentioned him at all until now. Am I not allowed to bring up things relevant to particular discussions in this forum? What does it even matter to you if he's on my mind or not. Most of the time, I don't think of him, but he happens to be connected to these serious allegations, and that's the topic at hand.

I've answered you. I told you I don't want to get entwined in A's world again. I couldn't care less if he's reported me to the police. I haven't done anything, and he would just find himself in more trouble. But, you're right. I won't answer everything. I will not answer questions about his name, whereabouts, or anything like that. Sorry if that bothers you.

I've already told you that this person has been abusive to me. Why would I want to talk to someone who lies to me? I've already gone into this whole thing. I've seen him try to give "evidence" before. He was a big fan of giving screenshots of things, but the screenshots he gave had nothing to do with anything. He shouldn't be playing with fire anyway, because I don't think he'd be too happy about people sharing screenshots of the swami he claimed the right to teach from telling everyone that he wasn't his student and never gave such permission. He probably also wouldn't want the screenshots of himself naked he sent to a vedanta group of all people, or the nude pictures he sent to individuals. He probably wouldn't want the screenshots of money sent to him under the pretext of being a loan that he would soon pay back.

If you or others keep bringing up A's words, as if they are some sort of proof that the allegations against James are true, then I may just have to keep bringing him up. It's not like I want to. I'm simply responding to serious allegations that I don't believe. You guys would probably be bored if I didn't. You'd just have a dead thread, or one with the same small group of haters bringing up the same baseless allegations.

Ian Walker
Hello Mr. Walker. I appreciate your reply. It is super weird the person you are saying is a sex creep, who broke the law, is the one who reported it to the police. While you have refused to reveal if you, a victim, reported the sex crime to the Police. Nor have you shown any evidence of reporting it.

You also make considerable effort to perpetually mention crimes that someone not involved in this topic, has made in the past. While you find it not all that important that your own teacher. Mr. Swartz is currently wanted for crimes in at least one country.

This is bizarre. Sensible people would not fall for this, and I am afraid I am one. As a self-professed spokesperson for Mr. Swartz, and a student of his also, if I may be allowed to make one observation, it is that your behaviour validates what the detractors of Mr. Swartz say about him. For if he is your teacher, it is no wonder you are behaving the way that you are. The law matters.

It appears the people you accuse of crimes are the people that go to the Police about those crimes. While you and others on here bypass your own teacher confessing to being wanted for crimes, that is theft of money punishable by prison. Ironically, you are also the person speaking about others not paying loans back, while you downplay your own teacher being wanted by an entire country for not paying what is owed.

With that clarity, I second what '...' points out. This is a topic about your teacher, Mr. Swartz.

Ian Walker
Melanie Russell You can't have it both ways. If I don't bring up A then you accuse me of not answering you. If I do bring up A, then you accuse me of keep bringing up someone unrelated to the topic. By the way, I'm not a spokesperson for Mr. Swartz, "Melanie".

 Mr. Walker, regarding the new advice that you just gave Mr.... Is it safe to assume that you have taken your own advice as an accuser and stepped forward to report your sex offender to the authorities? To 'send them to jail'.

Surely, you are not once again giving advice to others that you do enact do yourself.

Ian Walker
Melanie Russell Hello "Melanie" of the surprisingly stock photo-ish profile picture, who has no history of posting at BATGAP until now, who, just by chance, became totally obsessed with this topic of James Swartz. "Melanie", you seem to not be able to stop talking about a certain person that I brought up. You want me to talk about that person, yet accuse me of doing so if I do. You keep bringing up the police for some reason. Maybe you, "Melanie" , have to find James and just give him a big hug. You can give him a huge, long hug and hug all your issues out. You can just let go of all that anger, jealousy, and frustration that you've been holding onto for so long.

Also, "Melanie", you might want to take the advice of the Bhagavad Gita. One of the values it brings up is "aratih janasamsadi", the lack of craving for company - not revelling in company. You don't need to actively recruit people to "lounge" around with, even if for seemingly lofty purposes like talking Vedanta. You don't have to commiserate on forums. Just out of nowhere you appeared in this thread and in this forum, supporting anything against James, and triggered by anything that seemingly supports him.

You seem to be obsessed with Mr. Swartz, me, and a certain person I brought up. Now, if you'll excuse me, I seriously have to go to the tax office today. Unlike James, I'm not a constant world traveller, teaching Vedanta in countless countries. It's that time of the year, so I have to visit my local tax office to make sure everything's in order. I think I have the required documents ready. It always feels good after getting things like that taken care of. Take care.

 Mr. Walker, of course I know who you have been writing about. I am admin in his Vedanta group, and have been for over a year. He has been invited into this topic by others; you don't have long to wait. He was only waiting on word from Swami, which he got earlier. Yes, it is true, that myself and others are here over the last few days because of this topic.

You are going to have the opportunity to see first hand the screenshots which prove both you and Mr. Swartz have been telling lies. I assume that you would be wanting to see proof that you have not been telling the truth.

All he needs is that you unblock him, so you can see his posts and interact with him. Because as it stands you have been posting about a blocked person who cannot see what you are posting, nor challenge you. To make it look worse on you, you have been refusing my suggestions to contact him directly inviting him into this topic, for the last 24 hours. That's not nice.

Ian Walker
Melanie Russell I don't engage with people who lie to me, steal my money, send me nude photos of themself, etc.

Ian Walker I understand. Since you didn't report him for the sex offence, hopefully, you found the time to contact the Police regarding the theft. One would hate to think that you never reported him for that either, for there would be a definite pattern forming.

I think that whether you face him or not, he is still going to be posting in this topic. If you don't unblock him, he will ask others to also post the evidence and tag you. Just so you know. Good luck, Mr. Walker.

Ian Walker
Melanie Russell You know what's not nice? Someone attempting to bring a sexual predator who lied to me, stole my money, and sent a nude photo of himself to me back into my life. Let him deal with his demons on his own. This thread is strangely entertaining, yet tiring. Voices trying to tell me that what I personally know isn't true. How much of a joke is that? There's a name for that, isn't there? Gaslighting? We've got someone here, "Melanie", super defensive about someone (I'm guessing she got attracted by Vedanta, so associates it with him), as if she's part of a cult or something, who both wants me to talk about, and at the same time, not talk about, said person. In fact, she wants to set me up to talk to this criminal, as if I haven't had enough of him. So, is this really about James Swartz or what? "Melanie" wants me to talk about someone else. Everyone can mend, but I'll tell you, "Melanie", that the person you're defending here has backstabbed a few people that were close to him. You may or may not be next in line. I was loyal to the guy through so many issues that others chose to not overlook, and through a simple questioning of his very dubious behaviour, he decided to throw me away. God's will is God's will though. If you love Vedanta, there are many good teachers out there. You don't have to stick to the person in question. I know he's really cool and friendly, and he's got a knack for teaching certain aspects of Vedanta, but you can find all of that through other teachers and swamis. If he works for you for the time-being, fine. You should know your relationship with him better than I do. Just don't say I didn't warn you. I've seen dozens of really decent vedantins and others leave his circle. You're probably aware that he hijacked one of James Swartz' Facebook groups, right? That's how he got a bunch of people into his group in the first place. He deceived people.

Ian Walker
 Mr. Walker, there is little point in carrying on speaking about him behind his back, to me. Any reasonable person would desist from such actions and face one another like adults. You have repeatedly made criminal allegations against this person in this topic. Yet it is known you never reported him to the police. This is why, over the last 24 hours, you have been asked many times if you had done. It is why you chose to ignore or evade answering.

You created this situation by repeatedly saying what you did about him here. And now that he is here, he says that he is ready to show that you and James Swartz have lied, quite soon. He only wants to correct a great wrong that was done to him. Though there is talk, he will also reveal personal emails from James & Isabella Swartz that show harrowing tales of abuse toward others.
As things are, my role is complete. For the moment. I don't have anything further to say to you.

~~~ ~~~

The effect of Melanie's challenge, alongside the knowledge that I was about to commence posting and sharing evidence of Walker & Swartz's lies in a group of 15,000 members, was so effective that Walker did not respond, and he subsequently left BATGP for good. With his tail between his legs, completely exposed as a liar, and abuser of victims trying to speak out. Additionally, the rest of the Swartz-Cult devotees in the topic became quite silent. As I began to share harrowing victim testimony alongside screenshots of Swartz's own emails as proof.

In my following posts, I shall be sharing posts already posted here. Though more cleanly written on BATGP, alongside actually screenshots of James & Isabella Swartz's own emails showing their true nature. It is hoped, that the increased readability of these 'second edition' posts, will help newly interested people in this topic. With that in mind, for those new to this topic (it is now approaching 100,000 views), it might be useful to refer back to what is perhaps how this all started, with Heather's story at: []

~ Rob

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: June 14, 2022 11:47PM

Buddha At The Gas Pump Direct Response To Swartz-Cult Troll

Swartz-Cult Spokesperson Caught Out Lieing

Buddha At THe Gas Pump Posts In Swartz Topic

Rob Harrison

I've been told someone in this group (Ian Walker) has been posting things about me. This person has blocked me, and is refusing to unblock me so that I may challenge his lies. Others have kindly let me know what he's being saying, and if someone would be kind, and let Ian Walker know that I am now here.

To give a bit of background, Ian is banned from the Cult Education Forum under alias's for trolling. He's also been banned from certain Arsha Vidya online platforms for writing inappropriate things. Material not conducive to a positive learning environment. He then created fake accounts on Facebook & Youtube to troll Arsha Vidya's social media platforms, though both platforms shut that down rapidly. Facebook offered options where I was able to proactively put security measures in place that prevented Ian Walker from posting further obscene messages on public Vedanta and Reiki pages.

Both Walker & James Swartz openly colluded together, saying they were going to shut me down on all social media, get me ejected from my lineage/stop me teaching, and also put me in prison. To date, even though 18 months have lapsed, absolutely nothing has happened to me or my Facebook/Youtube pages, and I have never been approached by Facebook, Youtube, my lineage, or the police. Walker & Swartz have published that I have used my Facebook group to sexually harass students. Yet no sanctions have been taken against the Facebook group since it's creation. Any students that were in the group when Ian Walker was ejected in front of Swami, have remained there to this day, (there were only less than half a dozen). Ian Walker was admin, and was thrown out of the group for breaching member confidentiality, which included maliciously sharing personal details about a horrific attack that children underwent by a crowd. As admin, it was his job to ensure the Vedanta platform operated as an online learning centre, not something out of Jerry Springer., for there was/is zero tolerance policy for attacking people. Swami in my lineage were made aware of all details, and my actions were supported. I am happy to provide admin screenshots that show the group hasn't been sanctioned since it's creation on August 14th 2018. Despite my best efforts to motivate Walker & the Swartz's, they wouldn't report me to the police. I believe in the criminal justice system and due process. So it was left to me to report what was being said about me, effectively reporting myself. I will be sharing the initial online police report here also.

Although I know some of what Walker said before, there are some things that are new. Such as the serious allegations that I sexually abuse minors. It is reprehensible that someone would make such allegations about another, without offering proof or victims. The fact he has blocked me and is doing this, is even more sinister. I'm aware that Walker has been encouraged in this topic for over 24 hours to invite me here to discuss, but he has refused and stated he won't be facing me. Which is quite telling. The reason why I've been waiting a little time to post is because I was waiting on word from Swami's, which I now have.

I'm a major whistleblower on the Cult Education forum regarding James Swartz, and I have represented other whistleblowers there. I possess detailed emails & Whatsapp messages from James & Isabella Swartz that whistleblowers have given me. And I have screenshots of irregular banking records spanning many countries and at least two continents belonging to James Swartz. I have conducted a detailed background check of James Swartz covering the last twenty years, which includes criminal convictions he has had in the last 15 years, including the case numbers of both convictions. Additionally, I have email proof from the Swartz's and others that they brought an autistic person 6000 miles from his home, and while that person was having a psychotic breakdown, James & Isabella Swartz got an 180,000 Euro loan from them in a disturbing manner.

The emails will show that the sick and vulnerable person was abandoned once the Swartz's got the money. I will show that they left this person at the side of the road whilst he was having a mental breakdown lasting days, which they were fully aware of.. They left him alone & homeless in a foreign country without making sure he was safe & secure. In their own emails it will be shown that they took his money and abandoned him, with the explicit reason being that they wanted to fly to a Shiningworld seminar in Cape Town. After walking the streets alone, mentally ill in a foreign country, he attempted suicide, and was eventually hospitalised. I was given medical records, and have interviewed him and his family that were involved, many times. Greatly damaged from the abuse at the hands of the Swartz's., I interviewed his neuropsychologist by invitation. Although I have detailed records of all of this (including scores of video interviews), none of the medical material is to be released, save for what is already in the public domain. As confidentiality is paramount.

I was tasked by the victim & his family to share the harrowing incidents of abuse by James & Isabella Swartz on the Cult Education Forum. You can view the beginning of a series of horrendous articles midway down on page 63 of the topic - James Swartz, What is the Truth? Whilst the travesty & trauma is explained in great detail, I am still going to explain it a bit on this topic, in the future.

I'm prepared to share highly sensitive Facebook messages that prove beyond a doubt that Ian Walker & James Swartz have maliciously accused me of acting inappropriately with my students. This will cause embarrassment to people, and I will only do this if I really have to.

The only other thing I'd like to explain is that while I'm happy to reveal salient information for this topic, I'm only going to be speaking about the precise information I share in each post. It won't be possible to draw me into some convoluted debacle that will detract from the precise context.

There is an age-old maxim regarding the truth. Catch a person out on one lie, just one, and everything else they say is cast into doubt...

Ian Walker, you have repeatedly made malicious comments about me on social media (and on this BATGP topic) behind my back. In that I made false representations to my students that Svami Tadatmananda was my guru. Swami Tadatmananda agreed to be my Guru Monday 5th August, 2019. I share the email that Svamiji sent me. Ian Walker, as a student of James Swartz and seemingly his P.R. in this topic, you have been caught out lying about me, a traditional teacher of Vedanta, in a respected lineage.


Rob Harrison

As mentioned, I'm also a traditional teacher of Vedanta (my Guru says to explain it so, lol). My lineage is that of HH Brahamaleena Pujya Svami Dayananda Sarasvati, and is known as Arsha Vidya. I'll refer to Svami Dayananda as Pujya Svamiji, per our tradition. Although I'm an Arsha Vidya teacher, I don't represent Arsha Vidya here, nor do they represent me. It's the same for all teachers. Pujya Svamiji wanted the lineage to be decentralized, so there's no overall controlling authority. We're allowed to use the name Arsha Vidya, and solely teach the curriculum of Pujya Svamiji. Vedanta is about freedom, not control, and we live our own lives as we see fit with no interference. With that in mind, I'm happy to share the traditional Vedanta view at times in this topic. I'll just caveat that I never use my own words regarding Vedanta, for it's not possible to improve on divinity. The words I use are those of my paramaguru, Pujya Svamiji, merely expressed in my own manner. the same as all teachers in the lineage.

It's anticipated some people will troll me, and I'll be very proactive in using Facebook's anti-trolling protections. I'm also quite content to report any online harassment, in the form of malicious accusations to the police, depending on my view of severity. As I did before. As it stands if James Swartz publishes anything else about me, the police have told me to contact them again. But we will get to all of that. I firmly support the criminal justice system and advise anyone that is a victim of crime to simply report it, instead of gossiping. If it can be typed on social media, it can be typed in an online police report. It isn't hard to do. With that in mind, I would like to quote James Swartz, who made an interesting comment regarding the initial Medium article that was written about him:

James Swartz Medium Comment
"It should be obvious to anyone with a modicum of discrimination that the unwillingness of the '????????????' to reveal his or her identity and involve law enforcement in the '????????' indicates that the allegations...which are ?????????????? ????????????...are an attempt to smear me."

As his student, Ian Walker, likes to give out advice in this topic that he himself doesn't follow, Swartz also doesn't follow his own advice. Perhaps it is time for Ian Walker to follow his teachers advice. His teacher says that 'victims' who don't report to law enforcement are attempting to smear. Ian Walker says I committed a sex offence against him and also theft, yet he has not reported me to the police. While James Swartz has published allegations about me that were not reported to law enforcement either. It was left to me to report on the whole thing myself.

And why not? One does wonder why Swartz has not reported Heather, Devon Adler & Traveller99 to law enforcement. He obviously felt it was prudent to have people scouring the internet and taking down material. For didn't the Swartz email regarding tax evasion state that they were taking action against this allegation? How strange the once the book of Heather comes out that there is no more server takedown, no Cult Education Forum retractions, and no law enforcement action taken by Swartz. The answer could be simple. To publish anything about someone online that is false is criminal harassment. This is why I have gone to the police about what was said about me. And it is why James Swartz has not gone to the police about what has been published about him. An innocent person would certainly go to the police to make them aware of malicious allegations, so action could be taken. Unfortunately, spiritual by-passing is not going to wash here.

If anyone is looking to troll me, I'm available on the Cult Education Forum, under the name: 'Earthquake'. That forum is the world's largest repository regarding cult leaders & victims. The truth does matter. Thank you to those who have welcomed me here, and to those that are willing to listen. Please expect many posts in this topic from me, over the course of time. My approach here will be salient, measured, and focused. I reserve the right to ignore anything said to me. 

The final thing I wish to point out is there is already an attempt in this topic to shut down the revealing of information from whistleblowers. Let's just stop and pause for a moment and unpack that `trolling` word. its Internet slang for a person who intentionally tries to instigate conflict, hostility, or arguments in an online social community. I think there's no doubt about it being an undesirable activity. By the same token, the very accusations of trolling can be a form of trolling themselves!

Walker and Swartz have been rather devious in that they use the `trolling` accusation whenever there is a danger of the real accusations being aired. It`s a deflective device designed to keep the contents of the accusations hidden and not discussed. That`s the truth of the matter. If Swartz and Walker keep insisting on using the Troll device, it would be equally fair to call their wilfully blind followers Zombies. Why? because that's how they act. Abusive accusations get us nowhere of course, so let`s dismiss this trolling defence and see it for what it really is. Censorship!

Ian Walker has misrepresented two Swami in an attempt to disrupt the teacher-student relationship with people that want to learn Vedanta, by trying to cast doubt on my permission to teach. Whilst James Swartz literally ordered me to stop teaching Vedanta. Both have failed in openly trying to get me ejected from my lineage. It's been thrown at me by both that I am trying to save my reputation. I have never had a reputation in Vedanta, and I most definitely do not want to be a globally known teacher. Yet even more important is that a free person, sharing teachings that enable others to know they have always been free, could care less for any kind of reputation. It is the truth that is important. Although I've written permission from three other Svami, this is the email I received from Swami Dayananda's main ashram in India, around ten days after James Swartz ordered me to stop teaching:

"If you are loyal to the traditional teaching, you can say it is Arsha Vidya. Nobody will stop. But whether people accept it or not is up to them."

My legitimacy to teach is considered closed by those who matter.


Swartz-Cult Leaders Refuse To Debate With Cult Survivor

James Swartz Too Afraid To Face Cult Victim

Buddha At THe Gas Pump Posts In Swartz Topic

Rob Harrison

James Swartz has always said he will face anyone on Skype, even though he knows many are afraid to do so. Fears ranging from his megalomaniac threats of 'considerable' spiritual resources to black magic, have been told to me by would-be whistleblowers.

The enclosed photo (Second post) is a collage of a defamation challenge that I made to Google for listing Shiningworld's lies about me. You will see that I recieve an email telling me of the defamation complaint, with shiningworld mentioned. You can follow the link in the top screenshot to the independent site that holds the defamation complaint to see that my post is true. In the bottom screenshot you will see that Google have removed a listing for lies Swartz told about me, for the UK.

I would expect that any reasonable person will appreciate that for a so-called Vedanta teacher to have published defamation about a traditional teacher of Vedanta in a main lineage, it is a stain on Shiningworld. Moreso, this shows that in posting material that Google is satisfied to be defamatory, Swartz has been publishing lies to his students in Shiningworld. Swartz's refusal to go face me and see the proof of his lies, speaks volumes. As does his groupies, who seem to support such machiavellian cowardice and proven defamation. He makes malicious comments about me, so I offer proof he is lying, but, he won't face me. Then, I ask for some proof of equal things with him, and he still won't face me. Ahem...

Robert Wayne Harrison - Email - 05/07/2021
Hello James,

I didn't reply to your last four emails as the police had advised me not to be in contact, at that time. Though, we can get to that in a little bit.

It seems that you are under the impression, according to your groupies, that I am afraid to speak with you directly. Indeed I am not. I am the very person to do so. In my previous roles (of which you have read a little), I was used to decades of physical and psychological confrontation from terrorist groups in Northern Ireland, including death threats and being ordered to leave the country. Which, I ignored. I don't capitulate to bullies. Being able to engage in all forms of conflict comfortably was the very reason I was teaching anti-terrorism live firearm courses in Malaga. You may have seen mention of this in my Combating Crime blog that you promoted.

I understand where you and others are coming from, having lived sheltered lives compared to mine, where conflict is concerned. The truth is that I am the last person to be afraid to debate. I relish it, as I have no god-complex fear regarding you that others have. It is not that such things do not work for me. It is that the bullying and oppressive regime you force onto people encourages me to challenge. It has been my life to do so, my purpose, if you will, and it is the most beautiful gift.

I'm prepared to have a direct video debate with both you & Isabella together. I request that we use Skype and that it is recorded. I fully anticipate what you would say to me, and am prepared for everything. 'Everything' is meant literally. In turn, I trust that both of you understand that I will also be putting much material to you. I have amassed an incredible amount of verifiable independent evidence, in screenshots, that I would show on the screen. Nothing will be off-limits. This includes you, James, (redacted temporarily) pressing (redacted temporarily) female (redacted temporarily) sex. You (redacted temporarily) Isabella (redacted temporarily). To further show that I know what I'm talking about, you (redacted temporarily) James, and (redacted temporarily) Isabella (redacted temporarily). I have conducted a detailed investigation of you James, that spans the last 20 or so years, uncovering an impressive amount of independent, verifiable evidence that shows who you are. You are also implicated in this Isabella. Am I telling lies? Hyperbole? I never did either. My words are always precise and in context. And I am ready to release the information immediately. (TBC)

Part 2 (Continuation of Email)
I am agreeable to a head-to-head debate with you both if the following conditions are first met. In the interest of openness and honesty, it should be a foundation on which to proceed:

1. Since there has been a 'thing' made about finances, that myself and both of you, publicly reveal our financial records for the last five years. It would be useful that financial records are professionally audited. And I do have a chartered account that will both do this for me on my end, and also appraise your records when you provide them.

2. Since both you and I have called into question our validity as teachers, both myself and you - James, should provide evidence from our Gurus, that we have permission to teach. I can provide written evidence from four Swamis at present. Including complete permission from the top in India. There is no point merely saying, 'it was oral', for it stands to reason that there should be some evidence of alignment with lineage via ongoing contact. If you were told that you could teach, by Swamiji, then you would be able to show lineage-specific evidence of that spanning decades. For I am quite aware that 'going out on one own' to teach is not 'permission to teach from the lineage.

As mentioned previously, the police advised me not to contact you again, though the contents of this email are part of another legal process regarding you. You had written to me also, quite smugly, saying that I would not be able to pay for the legal fees in a libel case. Of course, you knew this as you had already been involved in numerous previous issues regarding telling lies about others and you have been threatened with court action regarding your lies many times.

Where our 'experience' differs is that although I got a legal opinion in writing that says I have a prima facie case of libel against you, I did not report you to the police for that, as it is not criminal. I reported (name omitted - Accussing woman), Ian (Walker)/RV on forum) & you for harassment. In the UK, it is harassment if publications are made more than two times that are lies. That is a criminal offence. My online police incident report speaks about all of you, and the context of the lies in detail that you are saying about me. As written in the police complaint, from the very beginning, I asked the police to check Facebook servers to see if I sent unsolicited photos.

The police phoned me a total of five times over the next three weeks. Since I was very open about the true context of the conversations between (name omitted - accusing woman) and me, I of course was honest about what happened. The police wanted to know if she was underage, based on the consensual nature of what I had told them. I explained she was not, and they wanted to know how I knew. They wanted her name, age, location, Facebook & email details. All of which I gave. None of you bothered to contact the police. It was left to me. The so-called perpetrator. It is incredible really, the police only knew about what you were all claiming because I told them so. Interesting signs, if someone was guilty. Yet, the so-called innocent people refused to go to the police. Yes, that is correct. II wrote repeatedly to (name omitted - accusing woman), asking that she report me to the police, but she would not. On this basis alone, it is becoming clear what is going on. I have always claimed I did not send unsolicited photos. And my police report says the same.

I told the police what you wrote about me, and they wanted the website page details. Nothing has happened to me. Not one thing, legally, or on my social media platforms. They all remain operational. The last time the police rang me, they didn't even speak to me about any photos. They were not interested. All they wanted to know was, are you still publishing lies about me, lies I can prove. I am to let them know if you publish lies about me again. And this will tie into something else.

I read with interest, in one of your spamming & bullying emails, that I would not be able to get judgements in one country enacted in another. That is wrong. I told you already I know the law. I have been in contact with Shiningworld website hosts, Godaddy USA. They have written to me in an email and said that if a UK court makes a judgment regarding Shiningworld in any way, then Godaddy will enforce that. I can provide screenshots of this.

To date, I have had success in Google and other search engines delisting your lies, under the legal challenge of defamation. It is a stain against whatever honour Shiningworld has, that Google's legal challenges against it for publishing defamatory lies, have been upheld against you. I can also provide screenshots of this.

1. I have multiple emails from Google confirming the cases that I have won.
2. I have screenshots of the online police report that I made against all of you.
3. I have three sets of screenshots of private conversations between myself and (name omitted - accusing woman) on Facebook. These show that, textually, I have been telling the truth. It shows the exact context. What was said about me was lies, and you published it? These screenshots debunk what she said, and what you and Ian (Walker)/RV on the forum) said. For in her own words she is saying what is consensual, (and that I am not her teacher, and she is not even in Vedanta) etc.

Context is very important as it debunks hyperbole. I am willing to provide all the evidence that I speak of, to prove that you have wronged me greatly, spreading malicious lies about me. You wrote lies about me, again. You took events out of context, again. You used hyperbole against me, again. And I can independently prove what you have done, again.

I also want to make it known, if we go ahead and do this debate, that I will never, ever, speak my views regarding Vedanta. Like many in my lineage, the words I use are those of my paramguru, Pujya Swamiji. Understand, you are not challenging my view of Vedanta, though I would be challenging yours.

These are my terms, and this is the proof that I am offering. In return for both of us providing the information that the public has a right to see regarding our finances and our specific permission to teach.


James Swartz - Email - 05/07/2021
Seems like you've been pretty busy, Wayne. I'm not sure what you hope to accomplish with all the screenshots, etc. but I'm not interested in your offer. Thanks so much for thinking of me, however.
All the best,

(Actually, that comment is a perfect example. He doesn't know what I hope to accomplish by showing all the screenshots he lied. Though, I know what he hopes to accomplish by not letting me show them to his face on live video, lol. This is only about me so far, the major material is still to come... ~ Rob)


Sword Of Justice

James & Isabella Swartz Take 180,000 Euro of Vulnerable Student & Abandon Him In Foreign Country

So as not to bore readers with subject matter about myself, and to head off suggestions, I am on some personal crusade of vengeance (as if the truth isn't motivation enough!). my last post of the week will be to introduce one of the most harrowing tales of abuse from James & Isabella Swartz. To my mind, this is second only to Heather's account.

When I was writing on the Cult Education Forum, after some time, it was noticed by other victims of the Swartz'. Some I'll speak about in this topic. Some I still cannot, though I might allude to.

Generally, all of the information that I am sharing here has already been agreed that I can share, from last year. As such, it is already in the public domain. While the email material from the Swartz's has already been published by me, this will be the first time I am to release the actual email text themselves. As you will see from the enclosed photo, I am heavily redacting large parts. This can't be helped. Confidentiality toward whistleblowers is important. The only new information that I am still deciding whether to release or not will be heavily redacted bank details of James Swartz that support the tax evasion post that Bill made. I do understand potential feelings toward this, and I do appreciate that it may leave me open to criticism. However, as I mentioned before, I have no reputation, and am not concerned with protecting one. A teaching I got from Rumi. I've thought out my activity here carefully, and am content to go down with the Titanic in that I can melt away into obscurity with great pleasure, as long as people see the true side of the Swartz's.

Early last year I was tasked by a member of the Cult Education Forum who had been watching my activity. I had already been defending this person, without realising that they had been watching me do so. This person is autistic, with an official diagnosis. I have the 28-page diagnosis in my possession, though the contents of that are not going to be revealed. You will just have to take my word for it, that this person is autistic needing the highest level of care. They have also been having on-going therapy for the additional trauma accrued at the hands of James & Isabella Swartz. This has been revealed to the public before by agreement, and I cannot go further than that regarding medical treatment.

This victim and his family have wanted his identity to remain secret, even though there will be certain current and former Shiningworld members who know who he is. On Cult Ed, I called him 'X', and I'll just carry that on here. I've interviewed X and his family many times, gathering hours of video footage by agreement. By invitation I also interviewed his neuropsychologist, who is treating him for the trauma at the hands of the Swartz's. I won't speak about what that professional said. Suffice to say that none of it goes against the theme of this post. I have mountains of email exchange between all parties mentioned. As well as records of Whatsapp & emails from James & Isabella Swartz. The ethics or legality of myself revealing the Swartz's correspondence is my concern, please. And I won't' be shut down by anything levied at me in that regard. I don't mind negative views on myself, as long as I get this truth out. It's not a big deal or something grand either. I simply feel compelled.

Researching the articles for Cult Ed was traumatic for me, and I cried many times. I can only imagine what it was like for the victims concerned...

X received compensation for being wrongly incarcerated in mental hospitals for nearly two decades. He received over 300,000 Euros in compensation. He was then taken on a bit of a road trip with Isabella Swartz, and they finally stopped in South Africa. During this time, X was treated in many unsafe ways, but it was when he loaned the Swartz' 180,000 Euro that X strangely had a psychotic episode (I've read the medical reports. While James & Isabella Swartz said in emails this breakdown was usual, what happened had actually never happened before. I have just checked the articles that I was permitted before, and I can see that I'm able to say that the medical reason for the psychosis was organic. As opposed to mental illness. Organic being a foreign body ingested. I do have more information regarding that, but I cannot go further. I'm sorry).

Briefly, the background is that once the money was received by the Swartz's, X had an unusual mental breakdown. The Swartz' immediately began to distance themselves from him. This included X running to their home terrified, yet the Swartz's did not let him in. In emails that were agreed I could publish last year, Isabella makes the case that X came screaming to their home and soiled himself. She actually said in an email that he "shit himself" (which I shall show in the future). This is an autistic person, undergoing a mental breakdown, who has just given them 180,000 Euro 24 hours earlier. Naturally, this is a situation that emergency services should help with. Did the Swartz's contact them? No. What did they do? Emails from both James & Isabella Swartz will show that they decided to take video footage of X's ordeal. Not only that, James Swartz's own emails will reveal that he actually used this video footage as threatening leverage toward the mother of X. These emails we will get to. As the mental breakdown continued over the next 48 hours, the Swartz's still did not contact emergency services. Not even when they left him crying and screaming on the roadside as they drove off to their Shiningworld seminar in Cape Town (emails will show this also.)

In the enclosed email from Isabella Swartz, you can see she says:

Isabella Swartz
"I will make it brief as I am bored with the story. Isvara sent us a loony to help us buy the place."

You can immediately see the lack of respect that Isabella has for this vulnerable person, after the fact they got the cash, they abandoned him, his suicide attempt, and hospitalization.

Notice Isabella goes on to say:

Isabella Swartz
"This guy is a complete Innocent and has no idea of how to function in the world, so we had to protect him from hinself".

Obviously they know how vulnerable he is, and I ask you to keep this in mind for when we get to emails where they are abandoning him.

Isabella Swartz
"Even though he went batshit nuts, we had to leave him as we had a seminar in Cape Town. We called emergency services..."

You can see that they are admitting to leaving him. Please remember this for later posts, as I am going to show that Isabella Swartz has just told a lie, in that they called emergency services. I will show that by her own admission, they did not call emergency services. That while they had just gotten 180,000 from this student, who was in a potentially life-threatening situation, they felt it was more important to go to a Shiningworld seminar in Cape Town, and leave him at the side of a road while he was suffering from psychosis. 

Isabella Swartz
"We found ourselves behind his car (In spain a few months after). We followed him... When he saw Ranji, he took off like a scared Rabbit..."

Please also remember this, as this autistic victim was and still is terrified of James & Isabella Swartz. (I have evidence that medical professionals were needed to be called when X bumped into them another time.).

More to follow...

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: June 15, 2022 11:46AM

Cult Leaders - James & Isabella Swartz Abuse Vulnerable Students

Obtaining Students Life Savings Under False Pretences | Refusing To Get Students Medically Treated | Abandoning Students In Life-threatening Situations

Buddha At The Gas Pump Posts In Swartz Topic

In this post you are reading an email interview between myself and X (March 2021). Please remember that X is autistic. As before, I've also had to redact other parts to protect confidentiality. . As before, this material is in the public domain. While this post is the second of two very lengthy articles, the 'second edition' format will hopefully be much more readable for new readers.


On 28 September... (redacted) The flights to Cape Town were on 2 October. That is a 4 day window. In those 4 days... (redacted) And also in that time, things went horribly wrong. Can you tell me, in your own way, the events?

in south africa isabella invited me very often to her place for diner, lunch etc... she gave me wine which i do not tolerate. she said " ...remember to finish your glass..." (here also i was shocked to read that james said the same too heather about her tea he gave her). little by little i felt weirder and more tired. but i was not fully aware of this.

on the 15 august i had my first small black out. i got very afraid. i was sitting with isabella in her living room when it happened. i started to cry of fright and apologised to isabella that i had to go back to my rental for taking care of myself. i did so even if it was difficult for me.

james arrived on the 7 september. i remember he screamed to me in the living room " I AM THE GURU!" and during my stay said many many other strange and sometimes obscene things. during the whole of september i had some weird feelings, physical and mental.

but on the night between the 29 and 30 i had a big psychotic brought. i could not speak. my jaws were blocked, my arms stiff. i had diarrhoea. i pee on myself etc... therefore i was dehydrated later on. i could not make my own food anymore. i could not wash my clothes. i could not pack my luggage for cape town. and i had to return the rental and its keys on the 2nd october before going to the airport. (Rob: Yes the plan was that X goes with the SWartz's to Cape Town, as he had been travelling with them for months.) i had no car either and isabella was not answering my messages where i tried to communicate with her about how to organise ourselves and the return of the keys to the agency. i also called isabella in the middle of the night as i was completely lost in time and space. i had many hallucinations that i thought were real. i have kept all the WhatsApp messages with isabella. i did not know something was wrong with me. that is the meaning of a psychosis. not knowing that one is psychotic. difficult to understand for those who never had a psychosis.

on the 30 September i was trying to get in touch with james and isabella. it is on this day that i came to their place in distress with the james' DIY loan agreement in my hand for the signing. then we all signed in the living room. (Rob: I will speak about the issue with the DIY loan agreement later)

later on this day i was trying to pack. i could not. my mum did that with me on the phone. telling me each step to go. ...james was screaming at me in my rental.

(Rob: I will reveal a little later, after shouting at X, that James Swartz held this autistic person in his bedroom, and kept him captive there, while Swartz stood at the bedroom door.)

1 october i had an other psychotic brought at james and isabella's place.
this day james tried to punch my face on their parking place just before living (Rob: leaving) in their car. he stopped just before doing it as he noticed there was a witness watching from a distance. a building worker in blue working cloth. when james saw the worker, he shouted " this guy (me) must be locked up in mental hospital!"

(Rob: This was the last that X saw either of the SWartz'. It is at this point that after intending to assault X, they left him crying and screaming in the road, sick & homeless, while they went to their 'beautiful' Shiningworld seminar in Cape Town. With his 180,000 Euro of course...)

2nd october i was hospitalised at hospital emergency from the hotel.

Have you ever had blackouts in the past before?

dear rob

1. no i never had blackouts before. it was new to me and therefore i got very scared. it was like that just for a second or two (difficult to say) all became dark with a sensation of aspiration, a fall. it was also first time i experienced organic psychosis. (drugs induced) (Rob: there is medical evidence that something was introduced to his body).

james was furious most of the time during this time. i thought he was tired or ill. for example after a diner he and isabella started suddenly to ignore me like i did not exist and talked only between them about porn. they talked very fast. james said something about penis enlargement. an other day he asked me how could i manage myself with a so big ass like mine. i replied him: yes ishvara's big ass.

james shouted at me asking why i was never looking at him in the eyes ? why i was only looking at isabella ? i replied: i do not know why. it is just me being like that.

it is true that i have never felt comfortable in his presence but i thought it was normal or something to do with me, an idea i was making myself up.

james said: you are just a blub, you understand nothing. i replied: well at least i understand that i do not understand which is not so bad after all. he turned often mad because i just replied to him directly like that. without being rude. i am not prone to rudeness or using bad words.

one day i asked james this question: when you tell the story in seminar about your dad punching your face when you were a youth. i wonder why you never tell the reason ? also what was happened just before? what did you did for him to do this to you? he just became enraged. never answered.
for the emails i have so many nasty and strange yes.

the only email i deleted was the one from james where he wrote that i was banished from the sampradaya. that i was the only one in his 40 years of teaching to have behave so disrespectful like i did. that i could not take contact with him and his wife for one year.

(Rob: James Swartz has got no authority whatsoever to banish someone from the Sampradaya. The Sampradaya is the teaching tradition that includes Arsha Vidya, Ramakrishna Mission & Chinmaya Mission. Swartz speaks for none of these. Swartz said this to X because of the mental breakdown that X had. Swartz is punishing an autistic person for also having a psychotic breakdown at one point by making megalomaniac claims about his imaginary authority in Vedanta.

after i received the banish email from james. i never contacted them anymore. but they contacted me a lot. my mum and i asked them many time to leave us alone and in peace
i did not understand why on one hand they ordered me to not contact them and on the other hand they were constantly writing to me and they got furious because i did not answer their emails. after when we got back to the lawyer in spain we asked her to tell them to only talk and write to her not to us. which took time for them to understand and accept they were constantly sending harassment by emails. and try to get in contact with me physically.


Hopefully the veracity of what has been revealed has been proven. It will be too laborious to collate the emails, redact them, and place them all into an image for this post. However, if anyone wants to see, ask .

It is hoped that this post will be sufficient for the topic to have a solid foundation of what happened to X.

James Swartz
We learned from H that you were planning to settle down in (location withheld). Consequently, Sundari has decided that she will not come to Spain as long as you are living there, except perhaps for a visit.

If you want to make us happy you should find another place to live, write me in October and let me know if you want to speak and we will arrange a meeting.

Dear James,

Thank you for your email.

So far, I have not planned to settle down anywhere in the world. I am free to live and travel anywhere as I wish. It is not my role to make you and Sundari happy. Your happiness doesn't depend on me, and vice versa.

I am not attached to Sundari, to you or anybody else. Not even to my "own" body! I have lived on my own for many years. I love solitude, peace and silence.

You asked me two months ago not to be in contact with you but you have been contacting me all the time. It is harassment.

Now, unfortunately, I am forced to ask you to stop contacting me. We must respect this. +I don't need any answer to this email. The picture is complete.

God bless

The South africa loan agreement was not legal, and put X at a huge disadvantage. The loan amount given to the Swartz's was half of the entire compensation X got for being wrongly incarcerated in mental hospitals for 18 years. Essentially, half of his life savings. After being abandoned at the side of a road, suicide attempts, hospitalization, etc, they decided to follow the Swartzs to Spain. Where they rented a place in the same area. This was an incredibly brilliant tactical move. One can only assume that once X was hospitalised in South Africa, that the Swartz's might expect him to be there for years once more. The ravings of a lunatic would count for little, since the Swartz's had relocated to Spain. Yet, X & his mother were not giving up sorting this out legally, quite yet.

James SWartz
Your rudeness amazes me, but then, so what. We have seen many things from you and many others we have taught over the years that we did not expect.

All it does is reveal what's underneath the sweet facade.

Isabella Swartz
You can tell him from me that I see his decision to live in (location withheld), after all that happened and how he behaved to us and particularly to me, as an act of aggression.

It's all talk from him, classic enlightenment sickness.

Isabella Swartz
- Spain: Yesterday evening while sitting outside enjoying the sunset, I clearly heard my name, Sundari, being called, and the voice was 'X''s.

But I know what I heard as I have extremely acute hearing. If this was 'X', we cannot imagine what he believes he could gain by watching us, or what he wanted in calling me. I leave room for doubt, obviously. But like him, I am highly psychic. Not much moves around me without my Subtle body picking it up.

As distasteful and sad as the situation was with his psychosis in SA, we do have his ranting and raving at our door on video, so there is a history.

Not only do we have James & Isabella Swartz witnessing the psychosis, we also have two 'very competent' other witnesses. So competent, that none of the four witnesses present contacted the emergency services, opting to leave an autistic person mentally ill, untreated.

Mother of X
Good afternoon,

Firstly, we can assure you that we have more important and more interesting things to do than watching you, speaking about you or calling out your name in the wilderness. Your information is wrong: (X) did not go to your house. Neither did any member of his family, or any friends staying with him.

We are sorry that you hear voices and feel so anxious and suspicious. We hope that cameras will help you to feel secure. We think that the cause of the fear you experience could be the difficulty in dealing with the memories of the intense bullying (X) went through in SA. And most of all the fact that you ran away when he was sick and in need of urgent medical help.

You wrote that you even filmed him while he was ill, and would be capable of using it against him, how despicable! (X) has not done anything wrong, and consequently has nothing to fear from anyone. Being ill and alone on the street in a foreign country is not reprehensible. That is why the Durban police, the medical emergencies helped 'X' with great compassion and care.

Regarding "running away", it was not a planned meeting on the road yesterday, you were driving behind him, and he stopped to answer a message on his phone. You could have taken this opportunity to just pass by, but chose to stop and walked towards his car, imposing a contact. Then (X) had to leave as you were approaching his car. Why? He respects the no-contact you demanded in October 2018, and does not understand why this no-contact order is constantly changing. And now, after all the bullying and harassment, he knows that you are not his friends, and is much afraid of you and your wife. And so am I, sorry to say.

And then after we came back from SA, you bombarded us with emails. All mails very similar to the last ones, very confusing, seemingly friendly, specked with contradictions, criticism, blame, false accusations, threats, gossip, and calumny.

Concerning the mortgage contract, it has not been proposed, just like that, to please 'X'. It is needed, after legal advice, because the current agreement is not valid in Spain, and has no security whatsoever for the lender of 179.000 euros to you. The current contract looks very much like embezzlement putting you, your wife and the witnesses in a shady light. Honourable people have honorable and legally valid agreements which respect the legal rights of all parties and do not disadvantage one of the parties.

We hereby ask again that you stop this harassment. Not one more word of criticism, blame, false accusations, threats, gossip, calumny, innuendos on the SW site or elsewhere, spoken or written. No more using friends to get information, reports or control on (X). (Redacted). If you continue doing so, we will file a complaint for defamation.

You have no right whatsoever to impose a place of residence or non-residence to anyone. 'X' lives in the area for a very good reason. He looks after the place his family bought to be near him. We think of living there permanently after we have retired.

The no-contact was first demanded by you, and 'X' respected it. Now after this relentless harassment, it is clear that we will never contact you again and we demand that you never contact us again, ever.

We have explained in a previous mail what the main consequence of continued harassment will trigger.

(Mother - Name Omitted)

The main consequence of the harassment that she speaks about is a rapid & serious deterioration of the mental/emotional health of X.

James Swartz
I understand your defence of your son, (Mother of 'X'), up to a point. Maybe it serves him, maybe not. It serves you. The truth is what we want it to be, not so?

You and 'X' can deny all you want, manufacture whatever reality you like. You are entitled to see things in whichever light you think makes it is easier for you to cope with what happened with 'X', past and recently.

Yes, we sometimes gave him tough love.

Gaslighting at its finest. They left a vulnerable student, delirious, in a foreign country with no accommodation or support. Who went on to attempt suicide. 'Tough love'..

Isabella Swartz
We did not abandon him when he became psychotic in Durban – we called YOU immediately (Rob, they did not call the mother immediately.) We had to leave for Cape Town because we had a seminar with 40 international people coming, to whom we were committed. I told you I had no choice but to call the local medical emergency services to attend to him when we left.

Isabella Swartz (South Africa Previously)
The next morning he was back outside our front door totally psychotic, screaming that we had to help him, shouting about being possessed. He frightened everyone in the building. We would not let him in and were talking to him through our kitchen window. He then said he had to exorcize himself and had a shit in his pants, right in front of us.

This morning before leaving for the airport he was back with a repeat performance of the day before, screaming in front of our house, terrifying everyone in the building, then crying and saying he only wants to be with us, then shitting in his pants again. He tried to block us from leaving by standing in front of our car, then tried to launch himself onto it as we drove away. We had a plane to catch and had to leave and I did not want to call the police but did not know who to call. I called the rental agent and asked her to find someone to help him move out of his apartment and get him some help...

There are two separate phone issues here. In the first paragraph, Isabella claims she called emergency services. In another email she reveals she called the rental agent. Put this into perspective, if made one call, who would it be too? A stranger nothing to do with things, whom you've no idea will follow through? Or the emergency services, the professionals that deal with such things?

The other issue is Isabella makes the claim that X came to them screaming for help, soiling himself. There are four witnesses to this. One of them decides to pick up their phone. Do they call emergency services? Of course not. They decided to video the ordeal. Perpetuating the suffering of X since he didn't get treatment.

In the last paragraph you see that James & Isabella Swartz did indeed abandon him in the road, while they went to their Shiningworld seminar. Isabella, a wordsmith says she did not want to call the police. But why on earth did she not speak about the ambulance?

(Rob: Fast forward to Spain)

The Swartz' succeeded in convincing me to come to a 'friendly meeting at the village hotel. My mother will also say, that I am a trusting person. I always see the good in people first, only to find out later that it is not the case always. Yet, I still don't give up on the goodness that I hope is inside others, so I agreed to the meeting and went.

During the meeting, I was talked into cancelling the mortgage process which had been initiated. I even called the lawyer to stop the whole thing, and the lawyer then called my mum to ask what was going on.

My mother called me and I said; Don't worry, everything is good with James & Isabella. There's no need to worry...'

Mum thought this change in me was suspicious as it was quite sudden so she told the lawyer to keep things on hold while she investigated more.

This mortgage was the way that the loan was going to be repaid back legally in Spain. Isn't it super curious that in a meeting with the Swartz's in Spain, X immediately changes his mind about wanting the legally binding agreement?

Mother of X
Do insist on proceeding further with the mortgage agreement. A valid agreement in Spain, respecting X's rights and security.

'X' cancelling the mortgage signing does not say much good about your wanting to meet him and put things straight.

The current agreement is not correct and not honourable. You know it.

James Swartz
You had to be there to appreciate just what we went through. It was horrible, particularly for my wife who put so much love into him for such a long time. I admire her greatly for her service. I won't give you the would just disturb you...but believe me, only mental health professionals are equipped to deal with it. I'm extremely dispassionate so I was able to manage the situation but it was not fun. While I tried to calm him down, my wife videoed enough of it so that if there was ever any doubt, we would have evidence.

In these latest two Swartz email excerpts, it's quite obvious that the true victim in this is being ignored, while gaslighting of a vulnerable person continues. And threatening to use the video of the breakdown against them. It's all about the Swartz's, isn't it...)

Mother of 'X'
No James, it is not my view that you are dishonest.

This has nothing to do with my view, but with a fact. The current agreement is not valid in Spain and has no security for your creditor. It is not my view, it is a fact which the lawyer brought to our attention.

So, if you have X's rightful interests at heart. Please agree to this valid and secure agreement that respects the rights and security of all parties.

Concerning the details, please read (Lawyers) explanations again.

Security is also in my interest, as I am paying 3% back to 'X' to compensate for the very low interest of this very large amount of money.

PS: You know that 'X' was very stressed and accepted anything to please you and get rid of the pressure. Even if he wanted to give you the money under this pressure, it is not acceptable because it is at his complete disadvantage, stripping him of half the money he has for the rest of his earthy life. It is unethical.

He is very sensitive to stress, fast and loud speech, noise and time pressure.
Any person, ill or not, cannot be blamed for something he or she is not responsible for. And even if someone is responsible somehow, blame and/or mockery are open doors to stigma, a very serious plague in our harsh societies.

And yes, correct, he was not completely clear what was going on, as you say. That is why he was in no state to sign or agree or disagree upon anything.

Mother of X (Said to me)
It is an immense privilege and blessing to be X's earthly mother. He is an example of integrity and kindness. An example I am proud to follow. And yes, his childlike enthusiasm, innocence and joy are intact today and will remain intact for the rest of his earthly journey.

James Swartz Email
I understand your concerns as his mother but honestly, (Mother), do you think insulting me and my wife is going to accomplish your goal? We did not take advantage of him. He is not a victim. He is sometimes subject to psychotic episodes, which are not his fault, and at the time he is not completely clear about what is going on.

Mother of X
No, he is not prone to psychotic events. The whole SA episode was one single event. What do I need to do to stop this false information from being repeated over and over again, even to other people?

James Swartz knew that X was not in his right state of mind, during psychotic 'episodes'. Which prompts a question of why the money was taken from him at that time, and why he was then abandoned in the street?

The worst thing for me in this story is the betrayal from some people that I loved and trusted unconditionally.

But yes, our last words here will be a quote about Danam (charity) by Swami Dayananda:
"The culture of Hindus is one of caring. Elders, animals, air, water, earth, and people -all these we care for. We grow by caring, by transforming ourself from consumers into contributors. Danam, giving and sharing is a mark of growth. You grow big by caring".

And most of all, we send our many thanks and blessings to earthquake (Rob/Me), thespare (Stan), traveller99 and heather and all the friends supporting us in bringing the truth into the light. And special thanks to Earthquake for amazing work holding the sword of justice.
'X' & his Mother.


There's something important to point out. Isabella said they contacted emergency services once they left. However, that was her amended story. She initially said that she did not call the police (with, strangely, no mention of calling an ambulance). She claims she settled for incredulously phoning the rental agent, a complete stranger, to get help. However, look at what she said; even this was only initiated after they left...

Looking at the timeline, they allowed X to be in a psychotic state for days while they got the 179,000 Euros sent to them and the phoney loan agreement signed. Then they ceased contact with him for the two last days. Despite X coming to them at least twice, crying and screaming for help, obviously traumatised, neither the Swartz's nor their two friends (Shiningworld students) phoned the ambulance. They videoed it for later use instead.

No matter what way this is looked at, it is highly sinister. And remember, that this is from the actual emails of the Swartz's themselves. X was their student, who had been travelling with them for months. Why did they allow X to remain in a psychotic state, with no medical treatment, while abandoning him? They were in the same building complex for days. And, why did they make their ludicrous attempt at getting him support, only when they had left?

There's an answer to this. They saw an opportunity to take advantage of a vulnerable person, who was 6000 miles away from home. There is a possibility that X was drugged, and that it is this that leads to organic psychosis. Certainly, Isabella Swartz admits in emails that X needs to be looked after in the world. While James Swartz admits that at the time of getting the 180,000 from X, X did not know what he was doing. With this in mind, the fact that both of the Swartz' and their two Shiningworld Cult devotees refused to get X medically treated when he was traumatised during psychosis, and that this went on for two days while they abandoned X at the side of a road screaming for help, is harrowing. However, the fact that Isabella Swartz has been caught out lying in emails that she phoned the emergency services as she was getting on a plane, when she literally did not, leads one to believe that they wanted the worst to happen to X. After all, should that be the case, they would have had got away with all that money. Half of a vulnerable student's life savings, while they abandoned him at the roadside in a foreign country, mentally ill & homeless.

~ Rob.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: June 17, 2022 12:33AM

Cult Leader - James Swartz - Responds To Cult Education Forum Evidence

Accused Rapist Attempts To 'Get His House In Order'

Recent revelations from the contacts of Traveller99 have shown that the health of James Swartz could be declining considerably. While BATGP posts of Melanie owning the Chief Troll Ian Walker, have shown how she was able to wield the fact Swartz is wanted for tax evasion in India, to great effect. It has long been claimed that the cult leaders - James & Isabella Swartz - do not frequent this forum. However, that is most certainly not believed by, well, anyone.

For two people who do not follow what is written on this topic, not one, but two mysterious anomalies appeared in Shiningworld today. Here is an excerpt from today's satsang that attempts to counter what Traveller99 reported regarding the health of Swartz:

James Swartz Satsang
While it’s not a big hoot, it’s actually passably interesting watching life and death battle it out side by side. For instance, it seems my faithful old ticker is having a bit of trouble circulating blood if the blood pooling around my ankles is any indication, but when I went for a checkup, the doc said that all the vital signs were excellent. He actually used the words, “clean bill of health.” But he added that the readings are like a video of a car idling in the garage. We’ll get a truer idea when I do a stress test, which he likened to an automobile pushing the speed limit on the freeway. Downside/upside.

You will recall the recent postings here regarding Swartz being wanted for tax evasion. As if by a coincidental miracle, Swartz has revealed this to the world today also:

James Swartz Satsang
Here’s a bit of good news: ShiningWorld is a proper non-profit corporation with tax exempt status now, again by Isvara’s grace. Soon we will have our first board meeting, for which I’m writing a mission statement. I hope that this kind of structure will attract people who want to shape the future of ShiningWorld as it confronts an obviously disturbed planet much in need of non-dual wisdom. We will put our assets in and operate as a proper institution. Mother would be proud.

Maybe your mother would, but anyone else would wonder why it has taken 30 years to do this. Coincidently, around the same time you have been publicly outed as being wanted internationally for tax evasion.

Intelligent minds won't be fooled by another transparent attempt at damage control, regarding finances. Readers may recall, that I have repeatedly requested from James Swartz directly, that both of us provide 5 year checkable financial history so that it can be audited. To which he has declined. If Shiningworld is now tax exempt, and will operate as an institution, then I expect to be given the financial records that I've been requesting. You will have recently read, that I possess copies of irregular banking records belonging to James Swartz, that span continents. Since Shiningworld is attempting damage control by portraying itself as financially benign, surely they will now have no problem in revealing their claimed Tax Exemption status; we want to know under what organisation type is their status? For example, if it was under 'Church & Religious Organizations', this ties directly into Shiningworld positioning itself as a cult. Such information, such as identifying tax-exempt licences, should be made public, to enable concerned people to report Shiningworld.

With that in mind, even if Shiningworld is Tax Exempt now, that has no bearing on the past. Futhermore, since Shiningworld is trying to position itself as clean financially, they will have no problem being reported now, to the IRS, which includes providing numerous irregular banking details. It is noted that there are planned trips to Trout Lake, USA, this year, but the law matters. Lastly, whatever new way James & Isabella Swartz try to fool people with now, has got absolutely no bearing on what they did in the past. It is without a doubt, that both James & Isabella Swartz, being married, are wanted for Tax evasion in India. That these fake Vedanta teachers took all they can get from the poor and fled the country, while true Vedanta teachers made schools and hospitals. Shame on both of you.

source: []

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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