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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: April 05, 2021 02:07AM

Greedy & Hateful B*****ds

James & Isabella Swartz starring as: Judas Iscariot...

The twilight freshness of a new day heralds apprehension for 'X' as he steps into the driver's side of Isabella's Swartz' car. The only visible sign of the nervousness shooting through his body is a gentle shaking of the hands as they wrap around the steering wheel.

But it doesn't matter that he has never driven on that side of the road in a foreign country before. It doesn't matter that there are many kilometres ahead. And it doesn't matter that he is going to be waiting nine hours in the hospital. His teacher & dear friend, Isabella Swartz needs him for her operation today. Though this is much more than practical support. 'X' views their friendship as something true, genuine, and meaningful. And being as loyal as he is if his teacher needs medical treatment, 'X' will do his best to make that happen. Though to help someone to get to the hospital, well, it is a thing that 'X' would do for a stranger. As would most.

But when it was his turn for help, you turned your back on him, Isabella. Indeed, you were promoting 'X' as the next 'messiah', quite fitting, for you are his Judas Iscariot.

1. He helped you with medical treatment bringing you to a hospital in South Africa, why did you not help him in turn?

2. Why did you and James abandon him by not answering your apartment door, when he came screaming & begging for assistance?

3. Why did you take 'video evidence', only to use it as leverage with his Mother later?

4. James Swartz, why make a useless visit to a lawyer for the loan, make a useless loan agreement that only helped you NOT pay back, and sign the phoney loan agreement in a way that was not legally binding?

5. Why did you use psychology on him that weakened his independence, to make it seem something as innocent as emojis', was not appropriate? (As one example).

6. Why did you take 179,000 Euro of his compensation, and then treat him in such disgusting and horrible ways?

7. After reading all your emails & WhatsApp messages, I want to know why do both of you think that he was beneath you?

8. Why did you control a person's life who had already gone through much?

9. James Swartz, why did you force 'X' to stay in his bedroom and guard the door, when he had already been forced and controlled wrongly for 17 years in a Norwegian Hospital?

10. James Swartz, why would you shout at an autistic person, who finds it hard to be around loud voices?

11. James Swartz, why would you try to punch the face of an autistic person in a car park?

12. James & Isabella Swartz, why would you not help your student, friend & most major donor, who ended up getting officially treated for 'delirium' in the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital?

Two so-called spiritual teachers. Both of which are the perfect embodiment of spiritual bypassing. Self-improvement is not about looking good, it is about accepting one's involvement in things, for those that are in a position spiritually are simply human also. Not better than anyone else. This expresses as being humble, which is also not a big deal or some quality to develop. It's simply working away at oneself without self-promotion. For those in positions of responsibility who spiritual bypass, they influence those around them to do the same. This is quite clear what happens with James & Isabella Swartz, and infects Shiningworld. When spiritual teachers bypass they also project to protect that bypassing. The only thing that shows this is not the case is the independent proof.

1. Are you in Shiningworld right now?

2. What are your feelings after reading all that 'X' has revealed, including the Swartz own emails?

3. It is likely that you know who he is, but what is your reaction to all of this evidence?

4. Do you care?

5. If you care, why do you care?

6. What is it that you care about?

7. And what are you doing to do about it?

8. Are you going to hide behind idiotic 'loyalty' failing miserably to invoke anything remotely spiritual, when in fact you are genuinely scared to open your mouth?

9. Are you able to free yourself from the cult-like control of James & Isabella Swartz?

The problem with spiritual bypassing is that behaviour is ignored or excused. In this case, using spiritual excuses. Not only are such things not valid, but this also creates a culture of not caring about others, Except for themselves. Of which there is an epidemic in Shiningworld. There are at least 6 major victims of the Swartz' here, starting with Heather and ending with 'X', yet no one in Shiningworld that comes on here cares. It's a perfect validation.

So now we come full circle to the cult-type operations of James & Isabella Swartz. Proved by the troll accounts that come on here each time. A gift from God's for us, for all they do with their banality, unwillingness to view independent evidence, and openness in ignoring the Swartz' admissions - is to show the world what moron's they are. Though not all people in Shiningworld are like this, there are some good people that are simply scared to be honest. But we love the other moronic ambassadors for James Swartz, the God-King of Narcccisism & Hate - and one of his many concubines - Isabella, Queen of the Damned.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: April 05, 2021 05:03PM

Good questions above, Earthquake.

This article may be useful for our understanding:

6 Things the Most Dangerous Predators Already Know About You
Basic principles of social influence can be twisted for malignant purpose.

Source: Charlotte Purdy/Shutterstock

Social psychologist Robert Cialdini has examined hundreds of research studies about compliance and conformity to identify key items about human nature that will “move someone in your direction," and he has delineated six core principles of how to persuade others.

He claims that good persuaders “strum strings that are inside all of us.” He says their goal is to create attunement, a state of mind that is prepared for the moves that follow. For example, first ask people if they’re helpful, and then ask for their help. They will help because they want to be consistent with their self-assessment.

Although Cialdini urges us to use these principles ethically, i.e., to educate and improve, it’s not difficult to see how someone with less lofty goals might exploit them. In fact, these points of attunement echo psychologist Robert Hare’s warnings in Without Conscience about predatory psychopaths.

(To protect yourself, you must understand how predators can use common human tendencies against you. The things that work to get us to agree or conform are the same things that make us targets.)

Let’s look at the six principles and consider how a predator views them:

1. Authority.
We tend to view someone in a position of authority as having expertise or power, so we obey. Predators know what we expect, and they offer false credentials spiked with a strong dose of confidence. If they’re verbally adept, so much the better, because we view people who speak slightly faster than normal as being confident; we’re more likely to accept what they say without seeking proof.
2. Reciprocity.
We feel obligated when someone gives us a gift or does us a favor: We want to give back. Hare states that psychopaths will give gifts or do favors to get a foot in the door. Gifts and favors not only obligate but also deflect your attention from the predator's true intent.
3. Liking.
When we feel comfortable with, or positive about, someone, we tend to say yes to their requests. Perceived similarity makes us feel safer and more willing to give special treatment. Predators use compliments, common interests, and common identity to increase rapport.
4. Scarcity.
We place value on items that we believe are in short supply, or available for only a limited time. Predators offer desirable items or services within this context, as a hook.
5. Social proof.
When we don’t know quite what to do in a situation, we look to others to help us decide. Clear instructions can elicit our cooperation, especially if it is presented as a majority preference. Predators watch for this sense of uncertainty in us and step in to offer direction.
6. Commitment and consistency.
When we commit to doing something, we tend to abide by it, especially if we make it publicly known. We want to show that our values define and direct us. Predators will elicit an initial small commitment to leverage us into a larger one. Once we're in, the higher the stakes—and the more we’ll behave as they direct. According to Hare, predators hide their dark side until they get us past the point where it’s difficult to disengage.

Source: Mugshot: public domain
Psychopathic predators look for our triggers, so the better we understand our points of vulnerability, the easier it is for us to block malignant manipulation. Anyone can be duped—even during a brief interaction—so take the time to ensure that the persuader is genuine and offers authentic benefit. Do your research and get proof. Don’t just let someone strum your strings.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: April 10, 2021 04:54PM

The Dark powers of James Swartz

Is James Swartz controlling and violating people's sovereignty through hypnosis?

Spain, February 2018:

A solid wrap on the door announces 'X', the unlocked door yielding no resistance to his hand as he steps into the apartment. Isabella's blanket permission for him to enter whenever he likes, merely another sign of the love that his teacher, confidante & friend has shown him since he arrived. Indeed a real and genuine friendship seems to have formed. And now, with the Shiningworld seminar just finished in Suryalila, Spain, James & Isabella Swartz have decided to stay on another couple of weeks at the Yoga centre, while 'X' stays at a friend's accommodation on-site, as he enters their apartment one day...

With feet no longer able to move 'X' stands rooted to the spot as his eyes move from James to Isabella, and back to James. On the face of it, things look normal, Isabella is sitting on the long settee, while James is on a single chair, though there is something not right. It is not because they are facing directly in front of one another, rather, it is what they are both doing. Wide opened eyes of James are locked and staring into the eyes of his wife, Isabella. Appearing manic, his Charles Manson gaze seems to drill through Isabella's, and deep into her psyche. Standing for what seems an eternity neither of them move, or acknowledge his presence. Not only can 'X' not tell what is going on, but he also cannot understand what Isabella is feeling. As if petrified to stone, she does not move under the Medusa-like trance that seems to be forced ravenously unto her, violating her person.

With no mention nor explanation of it throughout the night, 'X' begin's to put it down to one of the many mysterious behaviours of the Swartz'. The new day heralds Isabella arriving at his apartment, with eyes greatly swollen and red. Unable to tell if she has been crying, he doesn't have time to ask for she blurts out;

Isabella Swartz
You cannot come round to my apartment anymore unannounced. It is not appropriate. You will have to text beforehand."

Greatly confused, 'X' can only watch as she rushes away again. Though he understands that he accidentally witnessed something neither of the Swartz' wanted him to.

Both 'X' and his mother have a passion for the truth, which is why previous disclosures have had the emails from James & Isabella Swartz as the foundational truth of what is being asserted in those posts. Regarding this post, 'X' has been quite clear to me that he saw Isabella with red and swollen eyes many times. One could be forgiven for thinking that James Swartz was hypnotising his wife Isabella in that event, though 'X' has made it clear to me that he is not saying that. The reason being is that he doesn't know, and he does not like to say things about others that he does not know for sure. Still, the event was concerning to him and stuck in his mind throughout.


Spain, November/December 2019:

Carefree steps and cheerful humming stop suddenly as 'X' see's Isabella Swartz further inside the Spanish shop. A cascading cacophony of loud emotions tumbles through him as he starts to panic in the store. Not able to walk nor run his mind begins to lose its ability to think. Summoning the reserves of his strength he somehow calls his neuropsychologist on the mobile phone;

"Sh-She-She's here!" 'X' whimpers to her, praying she can reach her hands through the phone and take him away from this place. Rescue him before Isabella, Queen of the Damned, lays her gorgon gaze on him, and tries to feed on his soul. His Neuropsychologist, with all her brilliance, knows that she cannot use her expertise on him through the phone, not in that situation, he must get to a safe place first;

"Pass the phone to the security guard", she gently suggests to 'X'.

"Hello, I am treating the person in front of you, helping him through intense trauma that he received at the hands of a woman in your shop."

"Okay, what do you suggest I do?" asks the security guard.

"Will you please escort 'X' to his car? Bring his shopping for him, as he is no longer able to carry it. And lastly, will you stay near the car, until such times as he can drive off, please? As you can see, 'X' is terrified of this woman, and it is vital that they do not come into contact", she says.

"Don't worry, I will escort him to his vehicle now, and stay close by to make sure he remains safe", the security guard says.



While 'X' does not know exactly what was going on when he walked in on James doing whatever that was to Isabella, one thing is for sure, 'X' knew that there was something very wrong about it.

In private exchanges with Heather and me, she thought that Isabella could be as much a victim as anyone. It was a view that I did not share with her in our conversations, and even though I am not suggesting that James Swartz has been hypnotising his wife and controlling her, this is yet another strange, mysterious and disturbing tale from the private life of the Swartz'. Interestingly, if there is at least, a circumstantial suggestion that James is hypnotising Isabella, that will only once again, yet again, ad infinitum, add more validation to what Heather has been saying all along. The further we explore new revelations, the more validation there is...

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: April 12, 2021 01:58PM

James Swartz,

"Dark Powers,"

Heather accused James Swartz of hypnotizing as well as drugging her (beginning at 14) all in a two year deliberate brain-washing program attempting to turn her, his "spiritual student," into a willing sex slave and sex worker. Swartz's efforts and teachings, in part focused on how "since we know the truth we are better than these fools. We know that we are not the bodies, so whatever we do, and however we lie and deceive, it's all okay." Therefore, to work as a stripper to make money for her "guru," and to, eventually, he hoped, have happy willing sex with him without needing to be drugged for it to happen, made great sense-- was, that is, a superb idea for (pedophiliac hypocrite, fraud, and psychopath) James Swartz.

As Earthquake mentioned, Heather has always suspected that at least part of the reason for his current wife's aberrant behavior is that Swartz has been consistently hypnotizing Sundari since they were married, or before. I never met Sundari, before or since her marriage to the Conscienceless One. I had no idea about whether this was true or not, although the fact that Swartz drove his first wife insane, and had her do sex shows on stage to make money for him, certainly supported her supposition. Plus, regarding Swartz, nobody has better insight than Heather.

Still, until the account of "X" recounted above there was no evidence of this being the case. Now, it does seem that at least part of Sundari's terrible behaviors and doings are (again) due to the "Black Magic" aspect of James Swartz's "teachings." (One wonders what kind of person Isabela would be if she had never met the Befouler.)

It is sometimes forgotten, but among some of the early posts of this Forum were accounts of and by persons who knew Swartz in the (pre- and post-Heather) seventies, eighties and nineties. Swartz in these years is said to have done a deliberate study of black magic. Not coincidentally, hypnotism, use of drugs, and brainwashing are all part of this "curriculum,"

Also not to be forgotten is other evidence of Swartz hypnotizing women that we uncovered in our research.

The woman in question wanted nothing to do anymore with James Swartz. She said, "He's a person that anyone who gets to know him eventually decides that it is best to avoid his company as much as possible, and preferably totally. I am one of those, for sure."

Then came a very interesting part of the "interview." Our friend mentioned Swartz and hypnotism, and in his words:


I mentioned Swartz having been accused of of hypnotism, and her expression--it flattened. Her face went kind of blank. Her shoulders slumped. She seemed to try to say something, but stopped.

Experience said to say nothing, and I followed it. It was probably only 10 or 15 seconds, but then her eyes refocused, and she took a breath. "So... So that's what he was trying to do those times..."

This evidence of Swartz hypnotizing other women has been alluded to previously, but with "X"'s new perspectives just coming out, now seemed a good time to revisit this.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: April 13, 2021 04:39PM

Now, after we have heard/read/acknowledged/overcome the shocking chilling revelation/testimonial of what X experienced with Mr & Ms Swartz (who have now thanks to X a beautiful home in Spain), let us read what Ms Swartz herself had to say about it to their online audience:

Quote taken from “Sundari” message:
After five years of searching, I found the perfect place near Malaga, Andalucía, right down the road from where we lived a few years back. Isvara provided the perfect instrument to help us secure the property, X, a dedicated Vedantin inquirer. X tirelessly helped with the negotiations and generously loaned us half the purchase price. Thank you, X! As befits a free being, X has moved on and no longer needs the support of ShiningWorld. He has dedicated his life to studying the scriptures and to passing on this great tradition as opportunities arise. We wish him all the best! »

I let everyone ponder over what is said in that message.

I felt to put X instead of the real name (which is on the official online message given out by Ms Swartz). If anyone likes to see the whole message, just send me a PM, and you will receive the link; former/current teachers and students of Swartz know who X is anyway. Many could attest that X is a kind, generous, pure, gentle soul.

I notice “half the purchase price”, was it? That must be indeed a nice property! 170 000 + 170 000 = 340 000 EUR.

I also notice that we have not had any shape-shifting defenders of James appearing here since the X’s case came out. I guess it becomes a harder case to defend or the strategy is to look “on the other side of the road”? One could have/had argued that Heather made up her traumatic story (you must be joking anyone who think that; who would spend time writing and of course reliving a horrible traumatic story of her youth unless it was part of a necessary healing journey which goes through sharing with others the trauma one has experienced!!) or there was the argument that the time she was with JS happened decades ago.

So what about X’s experience: those events happened just over 2 to 3 years ago! What is the value of all the Vedanta teaching and “Isvara” appearing conveniently in most of their messages if it does not seem to have changed the way James function internally from his way of functioning in his earlier teaching career? Yet morality is mentioned as a preliminary necessity –(not the end of) before embarking on a spiritual path, let alone be an instructor of such teachings?

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 13, 2021 08:54PM

As of this morning,04/13/21

340 000 EUR equals

405,592.80 United States Dollar

295,357.81 British Pound sterling

Not shabby, not shabby at all.

Would be entertaining to know the costs of staffing and upkeep.

Ditto for groceries and furnishings.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: April 14, 2021 08:27AM

The Union of Mammon & The Queen of the Damned

James Swartz's greed and Isabella Swartz's Gaslighting, gives birth to the antichrist, that demon of narcissism and hate.

With narrow eyes and drooling saliva, Mammon, the demon of greed, now incarnated as James Swartz, giggles like a madman, as his Charles Manson eyes infect the very words he is typing to 'X'. Adapting the words of the Great Equaliser - Freddie Mercury - James Swartz 'wants it all, and he wants it now!.

James Swartz email
19 Dec 2018

As you know, to buy the property we both put in ½ of purchase price of 325,000 euros, which amounts to 162,500 euros each. That money went to (...) the previous owners, but the transaction was not complete. Just after you returned to Norway, there was a balance due of 30,000 euros to register the property and paylawyer fees but there was not enough money in our joint account to pay the 30,000 so she used the 13,000 euros in the account, half of which was mine, and 17,000 that I sent to her through a friend, (...), who keeps an account for me in Germany. So, you owe me ½ of 17,000 euros which amounts to 8,500 euros to complete your side of the transaction.

Hail to Mammon, in the form of James Swartz. Thou art the Demon-King of Embezzlement. O Majestic One, your tactics greatly out-shine Sun Tzu in the 'Art of War'. Is there no being in existence that has the power to challenge you? Oh, Great Master of penis enlargements, likely bought from the life savings of multitudes of vulnerable people you have victimised, I prostrate to you, offering my prostrate, thou Alpha of all males!

James Swartz, what is the exact reason that the person who is loaning you half of their life savings at an incredibly low-interest rate, has to be charged further, to the tune of many thousands of euro, for their generosity? Don't even try to come off with this 'it was the agreement', for you have taken advantage of good people. There is absolutely no way that someone who has loaned you 179,000 should be charged for doing so! That is pure extortion.

It is at this point that 'X' steps into my post to ensure that everything remains precise and accurate:

it is important to know that there were two phases in this story.

1) Phase 1: At the start, I am a co-buyer of a house where I will also be a co-owner and live there. meaning all expenses are shared 50/50 (this was the scenario until approximately the 4th of September).

2) Phase 2: Then came the day James and Isabella decided to have only James' name on the deeds and made the phoney loan agreement in which by doing so it changed everything regarding my status. I became a simple money lender, a cheap bank.

3) This change of my status meant that all expenses became theirs (naturally enough), but it has been extremely difficult for James to accept, even if it is very logical and normal.

4) I could also have charged for all the work and all the expenses in connection with house hunting. but I did not.

5) Also normally in a case like this which is an official private loan and registered mortgage the costs of lawyers fees are shared 50/50
and the house insurance should be paid by the owners

6) But in that case I paid 100% of the lawyer fees and the notary fees and I am paying as well for the house insurance

7) James and Isabella said that they will only sign the mortgage under these conditions mentioned above. (And the money was already gave to them by this time, so we were really at their mercy in order to get them to sign something actually legal this time.

Nice move Swartz'. Demons of deceit, you tried to get away with it with this phoney loan agreement, and abandoning your student when they were delirious at the side of the road in a foreign country, while you escaped to Spain. And although you did not expect 'X' and his mother to follow you to Spain, it is quite obvious here that you still wanted things one-sided in your favour financially. Both of you are a disgrace.


Distracting deception by the dazzling of decimals

James Swartz email
19 Dec 2018

Here is a summary: The total cost of the property including the government tax and lawyer’s fee etc. was 355,000 euros. You paid 162,500 + 6,500 which equals 169,000 euros. I paid 162,500 + 6,500 (my share of the remaining money in our joint house account) and the unpaid balance of 17,000 euros. So I paid 186,000 euros.

The difference between what I paid (186,000) and what you paid (169,000) is 17,000 euros. As you will know from our loan agreement, the first payment of 20,000 euros is due on January 1, 2019. It is interest-free because the house transaction was not finished. The 20,000 euros reduced the interest-bearing payments to 144,000. Here is a copy of the payment schedule.

So I deducted the 8,500 euros that you owe me from the first payment of 20,000 euros, which explains why I transferred 11,500 euros to your account. Hereafter, the second payment of 24,000 euros plus interest of 2880 euros falls due on or before January 1, 2020.

20 Dec 2018

Dear James,

Regarding your two last emails.

As (Mother of 'X') explained in her previous email to you, (name withheld) will inform you in detail.
As it is Christmas vacation, she will contact you in the new year.

I hired (name withheld) for this new assignment in connection with the loan agreement between you and me.
The loan agreement needs to be corrected, signed and registered in Spain.
(Name withheld) is my representative for this new assignment.

The correct amount to be reimbursed is not half of the purchase price. It is the exact amount (177 897 euros) which I put in the fund to start with + 2% interest + the first lawyer's fees of 1900 euros which I paid from another account before the fund was established.

All communication must go to (Lawyer). Not to me, not to my mother.

PS: Comment from Mother of X:
On several occasion, you and Sundari have expressed directly your gratitude for X’s efforts, time and money spent on finding a house and landing the purchase. However, I think that thanks to Ganesh should also be published on ShiningWorld. X’s total dedication and devotion are a shining example for ShiningWorld. Why keep it a secret?

Ahh, you are quite on top of things regarding the finances ye King o' Swartzophile's. You have gone to some considerable detail and depth. The only problem is that in your dazzling and quite distracting array of mathematical 'facts', you are purporting that 'X' has only paid 169,000 Euro, while you have paid the extra, of which your costs are 186,000 Euro. The difference you are claiming is 17,000 Euro. Hmmm, yes, we can see there is some attempt to reclaim your so-called losses here. The only problem is, that once again, you have just told lies. Why do you and Isabella keep telling lies? It is pathological. You know something, when I talk to some of your Shiningworld students, it is also quite clear that they too are not interested in any actual, factual & contextual truth. You are morons.

While you claim that 'X' paid 169,000 Euro, what he actually paid was 177,897 Euro, plus 1900 Euro, closer to 180,000 Euro. Yes, you are caught out yet again, your greed getting the better of you.

By this time, it was quite clear to both 'X' and his mother that James & Isabella Swartz can be nice to people's faces at times, but just as quick try to character assassinate the same people. As Valma says, 'X' is a 'kind, generous, pure & gentle soul.' And neither himself nor his Mother/Family were going to allow the sneakiness of the Swartz' to blacken his name. In an exceptionally brilliant tactical move, the Mother of 'X' forced James & Isabella Swartz to publicly acknowledge 'X' and his worth. As Valma implies, this public acknowledgement is quite different from the way they spoke in private to 'X' and his Mother, and also the way they spoke to many of the inner sanctum of the Swartz's Cult.


A mortal blow to the walls of Castle Swartz

Isabella was not happy in being forced to for once speaking good about someone who had just parted with close to 180,000 Euro. What follows is excerpts of her response, notice the aggression in her wording and tone.

Isabella Swartz email

23 December 2018

Dear X
You want this to escalate into such unpleasantness, threatening your gurus, from whom you obtained moksa? You can do as you wish Micah, but think carefully what it will mean for you because, for us, we are fine with whatever Isvara presents to us.

Isabella Swartz email
If you don’t want to hear from us, why do you insist on writing to me, sending me WhatsApp messages?

Yes, Isabella, looking at the actual Whatsapps messages, we are talking about a couple of messages, and you have equally been in the conversation. You feed of gaslighting, why stop now?

The other thing, is the Gurus do not provide enlightenment. It is the student and effort, among other things. You are both so far away from actual Vedanta, I could write a book about your inaccurate teachings. Only someone egotistical would try to claim ownership over another's freedom! It is typical cult behaviour.

Isabella Swartz email
I have never spread misinformation about anyone in my life. How you interpret what I said to H is your affair. He told me you are living in the same area, not necessarily in (location withheld), which is very interesting despite your denials.

Hahaha! Excuse me, I am about to have a heart attack laughing. I can't breathe with laughter. Oh god, Isabella, Queen of the Damned, you are something else. Priceless. You never spread misinformation? I have a 23-page e-Satsang in which you spread misinformation about me. Which I can prove with real screenshots of the true conversations. And you and the Jimmy Saville of Spirituality also posted more recent satsangs about me that are completely debunked. That's only a start. What about Stan? I suppose the fact he has debunked your lies with your actual emails means nothing also? And what about 'X'? All those emails of your own words, proving yet again you tell lies about those closest to both of you, you, Serpents of Satan.

Isabella Swartz email
Perhaps it is you who is spreading misinformation about what happened with us buying out your share. I told you from the time we found the house that we could not live with you or anyone, and I have all the emails and Whatsapp messages to prove it. If you wish to retract the loan, there are other options in that case, such as the fact that you will then have to buy us out under the same terms you propose for us.

First, it is both of you who have been caught out spreading misinformation about scores of your students. Here is the true story of how the house came onto the radar:

Isabella and James knew the place and the house from before because they lived one year just nearby a few years before. So after my many months of searching and visiting properties, we ended up in that place (when Isabella stopped in Spain one week on her way from the US back to South Africa, in June 2018).

One day she said let's go to this place (location withheld). We drove there (3 hours) and spent 2 days there in a B&B. So we went for a walk near that house and out of the blue she said: "I love this house perhaps it is for sale... "(she also entered the property finding a small passage between two trees even though the owners was not there, and I followed after)

Then a few days later after she had left for South Africa I started to put notes on the door of various houses asking if they were for sale. I asked Isabella if she wanted me to put a note on this house she loved so much as well, and she said yes. so I did.

Interesting. Isabella, are we supposed to believe that you came across this house by 'accident'? And a property that was not for sale, which of course to purchase would have to be with an offer of top Euro. Something that you did not have the resources for. Yet, I do wonder. While peoples starve and are homeless all over the world, you seem able to jet-set between the USA and South Africa, not a problem. Even stopping off for a week-long layover in Spain! Indeed, life seems to se so hard for you and James, international jet-setters, flying on the backs of money belonging to people who suffer. It must have seemed like all your Christmas's came at once, with 'X' and his kind and trusting nature, on the scene.

Isabella Swartz email
The agreement you signed in South Africa is legal and binding, there. You signed it freely and with witnesses. Additionally, the agreement you offered us was minus interest, and the one we had made up included interest to protect you. We also have proof that you initially offered your portion of the house to us for free and we refused, also, to protect you. I have it on video.

No, you are telling lies again. The agreement signed in SA was not legally binding. We know this since the lawyer in SA said to James and 'X'. This was because a loan agreement made in South Africa was not legal as it was regarding something in Spain. To portray otherwise is the surreal world of the Twilight Zone.

It seemed to me that this lawyer understood without telling directly what was going on. He even said to James: "Ah I see you are after the money then...". Perhaps that is the reason why James never went back to this lawyer for proper signing.

And, you decided to take video evidence of 'X' offering you the money for free. Why did you do this? It is not what normal people do in a conversation.

Did you inform 'X' that you were taking video footage of him offering this huge amount of cash?

If not, why not? Was this when he was going through the illness that the hospital said was delirium?

It seems very sneaky and shady that you would take video evidence of him offering this money for free. And then you virtue signal by letting it be known that you cannot be dishonest, as you have video evidence you could have got it for nothing anyhow! Sorry, that kindergarten psychologically is bullshit, a ploy to try to cover your tracks. The fact that you took this video evidence of that offer shows malice aforethought. Yet again, you convict yourselves by your own words, emissaries of hell.

Isabella Swartz email
And in that case, I will publish the fact that we lost our Shiningworld base because you withdrew your loan.

Now, 'X' couldn't care less, but back then... You are again exposed as placing emotional & spiritual blackmail onto 'X'. Through the fear of what the Shiningworld sheeple will lynch-mob convict him as. I have images of you all jeering as myself, Stan & 'X' are placed in confinement while you dance around our burning, like something out of the 'Wicker Man'.

Isabella Swartz email
I will post all our exchanges on email and on Whatsapp regarding the house from the time we found it, which explain how I felt about living with you from the beginning, as well the problem of your attachment to me. As you know all too well, you stated clearly that you were only too happy to serve Shiningworld in whatever capacity and did not need to live with us. So much so that you offered it to us as a gift, which we refused. I would also post the emails I sent to your mother and to you after what happened in Durban so that our Shiningworld readers understand the greater context of this little leela.

Forget about the Whatsapp messages. I have read them all, the entire ten months. It would do you more harm, lol.

And yes, you would share his trauma and pain with the world, but in a way that tried to make him look like a fool. As you did try in your emails. He is not a fool, 'X' is an incredibly intelligent person, he simply has unconditional love. Which you took advantage of, and use out of context. Like you do with everything.

And for the last time, 'X' is AUTISTIC. You are projecting your judgements onto a person who views the world through innocence and love. Your perceptions are not his internal intentions.

Isabella Swartz email
I do not want to do that and nor do you, but do what you wish. The karma is on you.

You don't understand Karma. You and James are the cause, everything subsequent is the effect.

Isabella Swartz email
And just for your information, we have never kept your help with buying and paying for the Molino a secret from anyone. We have told everyone we know how it happened, how proud we were of how you handled yourself and the negotiations and grateful we are for the loan. There was no need for your mother or you to insist on the public credit as I had already written it up in the Newsletter about to come out.

And just for your information, I know that you character assassinated 'X', in private. Sure we have already seen you refer to him as a 'looney' in emails to Stan. Your cover is blown, you are debunked.

The Mother of 'X' knew what you were doing, so there was every reason to get you to go public with some truth in your Shiningworld publications, for once. You seem to be more comfortable telling lies since you have to be forced to tell the truth.

Isabella Swartz email
There is no need for this unpleasantness. We understand what happened to you, we understand everything. This is a stupid mithya issue, we are not your enemies. We are and have always been, your friends in the deepest meaning of that word. You will never find truer friends for we are the Self, we are totally and utterly honest, and we see you as such, always have.
Stop behaving like the small self you are not.

Jesus Christ. Will you get a grip? Seriously. I'm not a psychiatrist, but I've been around enough terrorists, hitmen, serial killers, and plain old psychopaths to have a certain understanding. You are completely deluded. Probably, you don't even know it. You likely believe your bullshit, haha. Yes, this is the Emperor wears no clothes time. You are awarding yourself spiritual insights here that both of you simply do not have.



'X' feels that he has now revealed enough information so that the world can make a more informed decision regarding James & Isabella Swartz. This will be the last post that he is wishing to make. There can be no doubt whatsoever among noble and sane people of what James & Isabella Swartz are like. And with that, I will once again, hand over the 'sword of justice to all of you, and step back also. Though like I mentioned before, if the Shiningworld Shapeshifters come on to troll, I will be in like Rocky Balboa, with much enjoyment, hahaha hahaha.

It's a great forum, all the best to each of you.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: April 15, 2021 07:08PM

Earthquake's comment:
"The other thing, is the Gurus do not provide enlightenment. It is the student and effort, among other things. You are both so far away from actual Vedanta, I could write a book about your inaccurate teachings. Only someone egotistical would try to claim ownership over another's freedom! It is typical cult behaviour."

As per words from Ms Swartz: “ …your gurus, from whom you obtained moksa..”

Thank you, Earthquake, for correcting just one of their confusing sayings. However her statement reminded me that there can be an actual use of occult power (through what may be called black or white magic) that can have a limited-in-time favorable or evil influence on another individual’s consciousness.)

My own Epilogue to this would be to deeply ponder over words from 18th century Adi Shankara in an excerpt of a Hymn of his in English language as a pale rendering of the original beautiful Sanskrit sounding poetry.

From association with those abiding in Truth detachment arises.
From detachment simplicity arises.
From simplicity stillness arises.
From (that) stillness arises Freedom whilst living.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: April 16, 2021 06:09AM


Yet Another Major Whistle-blower Reveals Information

I am currently working with another major whistle-blower in being permitted to make a further post on the Cult Ed Forum. I hope to be permitted to post tomorrow (Friday). This information will be VERY interesting.

I guess you can call me the 'Comeback King', haha. If anyone else has information about either of the Swartz', or if any former or present Shiningworld members wants to speak out but is afraid to, then get in touch with me. What I will do is work with you in keeping protecting your identity, while I use your words to give you a voice. You will be in control of what is finally posted, and I will share with you the final draft, for your approval, in which you can instruct me to edit, which I will do without question.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: April 17, 2021 07:55AM

Killing Puppies, Sexually Propositioning Female Students & Suspicious Financial Activities

The serpent of Satan strikes. Again, again & again.

For reasons of anonymity and consideration of others, I am not able to present this post in the way that I had intended. It's never my call on what is revealed, the final say-so rests with those revealing the information. By necessity, a huge portion of this post is redacted, which cannot be helped. What I do reveal is material that is permitted, and I am satisfied is true.

More and more people that were part of the inner circle of Shiningworld have begun to come forward. For various reasons, there is an unwillingness to have anything that can remotely identify such people. Only a few have shown their identity in any form. There cannot be judgement placed on others, for those that come forward in any way are always welcomed, and their views are the final say. That being said, there is a collective concern for the way that James Swartz has been for over a decade now, and that is not including Heather.

There is a common consensus that people close to Shiningworld agree that Isabella has always found fault with others. Indeed, when she came on board Shiningworld all the fun went out of it. Everything changed and Shiningworld became a business more than ever.

I can reveal another piece of evidence. I am not certain if this connection has been made before so this may be a first...

...James Swartz does not keep all of his money in his accounts. He has people all over the world holding money for him, in different countries. I know this for a fact, and if ever requested this I am sure this can be proven. Don't you find it curious that he does not pay people from his bank accounts? That he gets other banks accounts in other countries to do this? He refused to reveal his finances for the last three years. It is something that I have been publicly pushing for some time, and I shall reveal mine, yet that demand is met with silence from the Swartz' and repeatedly ignored by the Shiningworld Shapeshifters that come on here. It is possible that there may be a case for tax evasion, which is a crime of course. And reportable. Watch this space...

It is an open secret that James Swartz is a businessman first, as he has never pretended to be anything else in private. If you don't believe me, any of you Shininworld regular donors, tell him that you are no longer donating to him, and stop for a time. See how the wind changes regarding you. Or, just ignore me and never know.


James Swartz boasted about Drowning Puppies

Information has been passed to me that James Swartz spoke openly about drowning puppies because they annoyed him. Swartz spoke openly about this over the last decade or so. Over the years this was said to several students and has been told to others. I just had it confirmed over the last few days.

James Swartz, why did you kill those puppies?

Why do you tell students this in private?

This has been a kind of urban legend, but to have it confirmed is very important. I cannot say nor allude who told me, as they want their anonymity protected, but it was one of the many people that James Swartz boasted this too.


James Swartz sexually propositions female students

James was small time for many years. Teaching only a handful of students in peoples living rooms. However, all that changed with the book; 'How to attain enlightenment. I can reveal that we are investigating this book for possible plagiarism. We're going to analyse the structure and content, for the timing of its release is very curious. I want James to know, that no stone is going to be left unturned. Even after he dies, the truth is going to still be uncovered. That is to be the legacy.

Students and former students tell me that he's a complete hypocrite. For example, he makes fun of people wanting love and marriage, instead of enlightenment. Then in 2012, Isabella appeared.

James Swartz is on record saying that relationships, love & marriage are a joke, that the only enlightenment is the real deal. Yet hey presto, he suddenly gets married! Moreso, I have it on first-hand authority that he will automatically take the side of Isabella in one of her many issues with his students, "As she is my wife". It seems that nothing is sacred to him, save for what his wife can offer the king of penis enlargements.

The amount of teachers that are forced to leave Shiningworld is becoming legendary. At what point is it realised that the 'boss' is a train wreck for not being able to manage Shiningworld properly. Indeed, those teachers who worshipped him can no longer stand him.

There is information coming to light that James has also propositioned female students for various forms of intimacy. Students that are decades younger than him. There is strong evidence for me to write this. We know that Isabella is his student and is younger than him. We know that Heather was his student and younger than him. And there have also been quite a few other students decades younger than him that he's made passes at. If we place that alongside Disillusioned being told by her Guru, James Swartz, she should sell her body for sex, then we are getting very close to Heather being validated.


The Impotency of Swartz Black Magic

There have been strong suggestions that James Swartz curses people with black magic. But we can use me as an example. I could not care if he uses black, pink or rainbow magic. He can stick his black magic up his backside, to be fair. I cannot be harmed. There is a Vedanta teaching that I could use to validate that, but I shan't. He can find out for himself. Though I am pretty sure that he already is. Since he tried to attack me, there has been nothing but exceptionally good things happen to me, while the groundswell of karma is certainly going against the Swartz. I would say to others, take courage in the truth. If you think black magic can harm you, you open yourself to harm. It's a bit more detailed than that, but that is the general gist.

Others do not want to come forward because of character assassination. And again, I can be used as an example. I never lost students, nor standing in Vedanta. I got the ultimate permission to teach right from the source in India two weeks after Swartz demanded I stop teaching. I've maintained the support of Swami who was targeted by trolls to be against me. Not one bad thing has happened to me. Since Swartz said he was to use all his resources against me. This is because of the truth. If you are true, the truth will protect you. Yes, of course, there can be sacrifices made, but James & Isabella Swartz control you and rule you out of fear. And while there is no judgement placed on you you are enabling their power over others. There is this idea that he can do serious harm to people. No, he cannot. He is impotent. And what cost to the world and other potential victims, does your peace of mind come?

It is decidedly not spiritual to ignore the evil behaviour of others. Nowhere in Vedanta is that taught. If anyone disagrees contact me in private and I shall show you the teachings that specifically prove this. The world has merit and importance. And even though you are afraid, your silence only enables James & Isabella to carry on. You can be heroes of truth. Look at the example of 'X', Stan & disillusioned. And I save the best for last, Heather. Although she is anonymous on the forum, she will not be anonymous to James Swartz.

So, thank you to those that come forward to me and others. Any piece of information that you can give is relevant to use. And we will always listen to you and protect your identity.

Lord Krishna
Klabyam ma sma gamah Partha - do not succumb to mental weakness or fear). It does not suit you (Arjuna).

~ Said to Arjuna when Arjuna was afraid to do his duty and fight for dharma.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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