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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: August 19, 2023 05:58AM

To Rob ("Earthquake"),

Congratulations for finding a life of Peace
After Suffering through years of
the Criminal Rapist Fraud

James Swartz.

May all of his Victims do so.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: TheSpare ()
Date: August 20, 2023 09:36PM

Will this man never give up ? here`s yet another gaslighting email from master-manipulator James Swartz. Two years and counting. why don`t you give it a break James and stop digging that hole you keep finding yourself in ?

James blocked me from writing to him ever since I wrote to him in defence of Satchitananda and his European vedanta Ashram.... Fully backed by Swami Paramarthananda and his organisation. He saw Satchitananda as competition and the fact that he was endorsed by the top member of the lineage, was just too much to bear. He should have offered to help Satchitananda with his project instead of blacking his name in the most disgusting fashion in the Shiningworld website pages.


As he`s blocked me but keeps sending me gaslighting emails, I have to reply to him here. James apparently sent an email to Gxxx and then forwarded it to me for some reason best known to himself.

James, writing to Gxxx ....

"I never give up on anybody. They give up on me. For instance, you got fed up with me so I left you alone."

` Fed up` ? you mean that Gxxx thought you were a charlatan ... pity he lost his courage and slipped back under.

" But I was always ready to take you back if you had the right Attitude. Eventually, your attitude changed and now we are communicating something helpful. I got the money to pay you to help me too, even though you have plenty of your own money and are attached to it. That's why you save it."

Ha ha ha ...what a joke. That`s an expensive Spanish home you`ve got there James. half paid for by donations. that`s a lot of donations squirreled away. nice Toyota too. what about that fancy motor home you had when you were living free in Bend. All big ticket items. who`s the one here who is attached to money ? how much have you got saved ?
Good for Gxxx for getting you to pay him for his S/W services. You`ve got deep pockets James and short arms. it was amusing to see you actually part with some of your money.

" Stan is a good guy on the surface with a nasty little demon beneath like me and you and everyone else."

Sorry James, that`s pure bullshit.....speak for yourself. not everybody has a nasty demon beneath like you claim for yourself. you can`t explain away your nastiness samskara by saying everyone is the same and hiding behind that statement.
You`re actually right when you unwittingly admitted that you`re a good guy on the surface with a nasty demon beneath. The irony obviously escapes you.

" I freely accept my dark side."

That`s NOT the same as having a "nasty Demon beneath" is it ? slippery words James. " nasty " in fact. i`m surprised that you missed your usual cop-out by hiding behind the self ie ...I`m the self so I don`t have a dark or light side. oops ...

" That’s what Chapter 11 of the Gita is about. I’m sure Stan never read it, or if he did he missed the point. He missed most of the important points of the Gita."

Really ? since when ? I was the blue eyed boy until I refused to kow tow to your Trump Derangement Syndrome bullying. ok, I said you shouldn`t mix vedanta with politics as well and that`s what got me booted out of Shiningworld. It has to be your way or the highway everytime doesn`t it. quite pathetic really. I thought much better of you. I hope you`re enjoying your time with sleepy Joe Biden now. you said he`s a "smart guy" so why do you still rant about Trump ? What are you in denial of so much that you still harass me two years after my departure from Shiningworld ? I suppose that`s an impossible question for you to answer under the circumstances.

" All he has to do is say to himself, "I don't like that nasty little demon in me and I'm going to train it to be nice." But he is so identified with the good guy image that it would destroy his whole identity, so he works hard to blame others for his issue with his not-self. If he knew that that little demon was his "not self," as Vedanta says, he could embrace it and he'd start growing into the light. "

What a load of Bullshit. Who do I blame for my apparent issues with my "not self" ?? I`m not troubled by a demon within me and if I did, I wouldn`t train it to be `nice`. that`s psychology which is most of what your teaching is if truth be known. it doesn`t get to the core of the problem and remove it.
And incidentally, who the heck are you to say that i`m not a "good guy" ? is that true just because you say so and on what basis ? you hardly know me personally so you know what you can do with your persistent gaslighting.
I`m certainly not identified with maintaining a "good guy image" as i`m not a `bad guy`. What sort of guru teaching is this ? does it benefit anybody ? is it well meant ? obviously not.

But he's accustomed to lurking in the shadows peering out looking for danger.

You`re one sick dude James. can you back up or explain this lying nonsense ? why should anybody accept this drivel at face value ? because you say it ? I`d only be in danger if I still believed in your cultish manipulations. they don`t work any more as i`ve seen through you. ok, it took me 10 years of being close up to you and watching you carefully, but better late than never.

He knows he's the Self but he can't accept it because he knows that the Self doesn't judge "others" because there are no others. So he is stuck.

So let me get this straight. I Know i`m the self but I can`t accept it ? how does that work ? If I know i`m the self, then there is nothing `other` that I can`t accept as there is only the self. end of problem. there indeed are no `"others" so how can I be stuck ?

You only say I am stuck because you are a nasty vindictive old fraud who has not cleaned up the last of your deepest samskaras. you are in denial and need to project your suppressed suffering onto other people such as myself. why ? because you know I have seen through you and you find it unbearable.
You don`t realise that Ishwara has sent you a way out of your predicament by showing you that you will never have total peace until you have faced your cause of suffering. i`m simply the little stone in your shoe that feels like it has grown ever larger the longer you have ignored it. it`s nothing personal to do with me if you would but see it.

I'm the only person who can help him because he sees me as some kind of strong successful person.

No James, you still feel small, insecure and week. You can fool yourself most of the time as you fool most of your students most of the time through your manipulations. it`s not their fault as they only want to see the best in you, themselves and the teaching in all innocence. you take advantage of that by not only foisting your projections of grandeur on them but by bullying them into accepting your own personal worldly opinions as well. that you have your hand in their pocket searching out their cash so much only makes things worse. You even didn`t pay your taxes in India and had to run away from the taxman of a poor country that gave you your credibility on the spiritual `scene`. even bragged about it in an SW newsletter and now can`t return to India.

Why were you told to leave your loaned home in Bend and forfeited the financial support that went with it ? Why can`t you teach in the Colorado Center anymore ? How did you acquire the first half of your Spanish home loan ?
" strong successful person" my ass. you`re a shameless charlatan.

That’s why he likes Trump. He doesn’t give a shit about morality.

Ha ha ...oh no, not Trump again. jeez`ll be taking Trump to your grave James. Just keep all the woke nonsense to yourself and stick to vedanta where you can. and yes, you may have had 5 jabs and will gladly have another five but keep that to yourself too.
As for "morality", well, just enjoy your time with sleepy Joe Biden. you think he`s a "smart guy" so enjoy the results of his tenure. it might cheer you up. who cares ?

He will suck up to anyone with power because the little guy inside feels powerless, pushed around by “others,” when he simply pushes himself around. Now that’s funny. He would become a strong successful person if he took a stand as the Self and admitted that he is protecting a hurt judgmental person.

And you know who you`re really talking to don`t you James. Just yourself. I feel sorry for you having come this far and getting stuck at your final hurdle. it can`t be easy and you may not believe it but I feel sorry for you.

He's two-faced but you can’t actually be two different people at the same time. I had a friend who invited me to live next door and when she got another more interesting romantic interest she asked me to move out because it was embarrassing for her. I told her I would move out if she could tell me if she was the one who wanted me or the one who didn't.
A few weeks later she moved out.

Ha ha ha ... I bet she couldn`t move out fast enough ! You`re really full of it aren`t you ? I must remember not to ask you for any chat-up lines with the women James ....i`d probably end up changing pronouns or something.
Take it easy James ....till the next time you gaslight me.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: August 21, 2023 07:42PM

Hey Trav!

How's it going bro? Nice to hear from you again. Yea, I'm blessed, and grateful for the way my life is, to be fair. Living in a forest on a mountainside, in a tent, coincidentally what many Tibetan Yogi's do, in the tradition I'm now studying. I was thinking about getting a kayak and touring parts of Ireland, though am not as keen on that now. I'm gonna stay in the forest camping for another month anyhow, after that, I haven't made my mind up yet. I've been given a kinda scholarship to study Tibetan Buddhism at degree level from Tibetan Lama's, which is really cool, though I'm also considering going to a monastery to study for six years.


Hey Stan, loved your post as well as all Trav does. Remember how many times new accounts came on here and denied that the Swartz' even read what is wrote? We all knew it was more lies of course, and there's a couple of little bit's of evidence to show this over the last couple of weeks. Stan, you'd mentioned in one of your latest posts here about James being akin to the wizard of Oz. In their latest satsang he says; "Pay attention to the man behind the curtain!" Coincidence? Maybe. Except...

A few weeks ago when I decided to go back online, I posted here that I've made my new email available on my profile, and for anyone to contact me. A week later Shiningworld signed me up to their newsletter, using my new email! Haha.

Of course they keep following what is written here.

Warmest wishes


P.S. I'm pretty sure that the person Stan mentions - 'G****' - has been posting in this topic also!

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: TheSpare ()
Date: September 01, 2023 07:19PM

It seems i have a new Shiningworld admirer who insists on attacking me and has now upped his game to gaslighting me. I must be doing something right ! Lol ...

This new person is no other than Georg who is now working for Shiningworld. He at one time gave James and Shiningworld the heave ho but has now succumbed back to being an ardent follower of all things James. He will see this post here as he is a member of this forum but also keeps a sharp lookout for all other attacks on James and Shiningworld.

Here is a breakdown of part of his last email to me. it`s quite instructive in that it shows how James Swartz manipulates the people he comes into closer contact with.

Stan said ...

Hi Georg,

I asked you to not write to me again but you just can`t resist it can you ?
Again never answer any of my questions but only hide behind more accusations instead. you are totally incapable of genuine communication.
Why ? because you are a moral coward who cannot bear genuine introspection.
You even recently sent me an email via a `no copy` option ! how pathetic is that ? were you afraid I might write about you in the Cult Education Forum ?

You have just made some accusations against me but yet again, cannot substantiate even one. you never answer even one point made as you know you cannot. this is the depth of your immaturity. you don`t need vedanta. you need a big daddy and now you have got one.

When I sent you that copy of James` email to you, the one that showed you what a nasty and vindictive baby you can be, you never read it. he gave you a good teaching but I guess it was too painful for your little ego. what a pity. after ten years you seem to have learned nothing and are still a big baby.

You said ...

" You are person non grata at the moment, just like anybody from your forum that solely you keep alive to fight "adharma".

I don`t have a forum Georg but if i`m a `person non grata in Shiningworld`, then I take that as a compliment ! Lol ... and yes, there is plenty of adharma that has come out of James` mouth. You completely ignore that of course because you are a moral coward that needs to
hide behind a big crowd, whether they are right or wrong.

You ( Georg ) continued by saying ...

" why do you make such a big fuss about James for the past 2 years? Why do you think you are not obliged to live according to your own standards and see the character as a charade? Oh yes, I forgot, you are here to save the world from the monster James to whom you send me too....
you can't make this stuff up... "

Stan said ..

I don`t "make such a big fuss about James for the past 2 years" Georg. it`s just the opposite.
For the last 2 years James has kept attacking and gaslighting me. He is an inveterate liar and manipulator and I don`t see why I should put up with his nonsense. so i reply.
it`s not rocket science ... He makes unprovoked attacks and I reply in defence and will keep on doing so.
It would be a good idea for James to stop his adharmic attacks on people then we could all live in peace and harmony. it`s up to him ...and his new found enabler, of course ...

To say that "the character is a charade" is a typical James cop-out. ie. I`m not the character, I am the self ! It`s the usual James excuse for his manipulations and deceit. You have fallen for it so easily Georg.

And by the way, it is not "solely I that keeps "my forum " ie `The Cult Education Institute` afloat.
It has a well respected Forum that deals with Cults, their leaders and anti-cult support groups as you well know.

The James Swartz section has now had over 125,000 verified views now ! almost every single comment shows a very negative opinion about James Swartz and his manipulation of the Shiningworld students. Your weasel words don`t cut the mustard i`m afraid.

You ( Georg ) then said ....

" My Self is perfect, but that doesn't mean all the voices of diminishment are perfectly aligned, nor are yours! Your pride most of all but not to worry, the Greek Sanyassi with children and wife will help you once you made the obligatory 40000 euro donation for some meditation hall... "

Stan said ..

So what is this all about then Georg ? what is your grubby little insinuation here ? It`s because I wrote to James and asked him to stop attacking Satchitananda and his vedanta commune project in Greece, isn`t it ? I didn`t think you would stoop this low. is it because you are pandering to Big Daddy James and want a proverbial pat on the head ?

As you know, Satchitananda has the full personal backing of Swami Paramarthananda and his organisation for the Greek vedanta ashram project. S. Paramarthananda has no objections to the way it is to be financed and run. Why should you have ?
Furthermore, Satchitananda has Swami Paramarthananda`s permission to officialy teach in his name and to use his teaching material.
Does James hold such privileges ? No.

When I was working for Shiningworld, I contacted the major Indian vedanta institutes and asked them for their recognition and support for Shiningworld. none of them were interested in doing so and didn`t even want to link their websites to Shiningworld. That includes Swami Chinmayananda`s organisation. It seems that James` teaching credentials are very illusory or non existent. sorry to say.

Is James jelous of his new found `competition` ? it certainly looks like it. and what about all those donations he may now miss out on ? he can`t have that as he runs Shiningworld as a business within a vedanta niche. it`s a nice earner. expensive house, nice Toyota car and a very comfortable standard of living. it all wants paying for.

Whereas, Satchitananda doesn`t charge for his teachings, has very little money indeed and lives a very frugal lifestyle. I expected James to support him and not attack him and smear his reputation as he did on the Shiningworld satsang pages . How wrong I was and yes, shocked at such adharmic action. I should have known better.

Georg said ..

But ... " not to worry, the Greek Sanyassi with children and wife will help you once you made the obligatory 40000 euro donation for some meditation hall... "

Stan said ...

What do you mean `will help me once i`ve made an obligatory payment of 40,000 euros` ? help me to what ? you can`t even mention his name can you ? you know why ? because on some level you are acting as some kind of moral asshole and know it. He has never asked me for any money.

It`s a different story with Shiningworld though, isn`t it ? it`s nearly all about money and power. I know as I worked for Shiningworld for nearly ten years and still have all the daily email records.

You probably know that my wife and I were going to leave the proceeds of our house to Shiningworld when we die as we don`t have children. We sure changed our minds about that as we got to know what James is really like. maybe it still rankles that Shiningworld won`t ever see any of that money ? Why even mention it Georg ? you have sunk so low that I hardly recognise you anymore.

And that " some meditation hall" ? why try to hide that it is a vedanta ashram personally endorsed and supported by S. Paramarthananda himself ?

Money, money, money ... it`s little wonder that so many Shiningworlders have left due to being pressured for ever more and larger donations. I have a great many emails written to me to prove it.
Mind you, Shiningworld only survives on donations paid for expenses ....apparently.

It looks like a nice expensive seminar coming up in Bali doesn`t it. It`s a bit of a coincidence that it`s where Sundari has family. it`s a long and expensive distance away but not to worry, the `Expenses` will cover the costs of the visit.
Nice work if you can get it, yes ?

Anyway Georg, this is the third time i`m asking you. don`t email me any more. I don`t need to listen to your attacks and now gaslighting.
Do yourself a favour and stop digging a hole that you`re going to find difficult to get out of.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: TheSpare ()
Date: September 01, 2023 10:47PM

It seems like Georg doesn`t know when to stop harassing and gaslighting me. what a bore !

Stan said ...

Grow up Georg, you talk complete nonsense. I asked you politely how many times not to contact me ? why do you will only get your ass kicked.

Georg said ..

Remember when you asked me whether I want to inherit from you?

Stan replied ...

You`re delusional Georg. stop making things up. I know your parents are not poor. What are you smoking these days ?

Georg said ...

It's good to know that I assessed you correctly 5 years ago, your values and your thinking are totally covered by tamas. I said this 5 years ago and nobody believed me but I was right! If that isn't brave, mature and morally responsible, then I don't know what is!

I stood my ground against all the people who disagreed and thought you were a good guy.

Stan replied ...

So you were always a hypocrite then Georg ? it`s a pity you weren`t `brave` enough to tell me to my face what you thought of me isn`t it ? . and you think that is being brave, mature and morally responsible ? don`t make me makes my ribs hurt.

Georg then said ...

If James would name you only half of it, you would be making five posts on your forum and tell your wife about it... another sign that you don't have your act together.

Stan replied ...

James has got nothing on me Georg. he has done his best to discredit me and destroy my reputation already. why so ? because he knows that when we had our big face to face confrontation, he had a big meltdown and lost his discrimination. all his poisonous hidden fears and hates so far hidden, all came to the surface.

He knew it and I knew it that was the real end between us. I had seen the little man hidden behind the curtain that pulls the levers of power in Shiningworld and it wasn`t a pretty sight !

You can tell your big daddy James to do his worst to me if you like. I`m not a coward like you and can handle him without any agitation on my part.

You have no idea what James really thinks anyway. you are just his puppet, sorry to say.

Now please run along and stop bothering me. I have better things to do than to listen to childish ramblings from false friends such as you.

Go on you go ...

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: TheSpare ()
Date: September 02, 2023 05:03AM

Yet more rants and gaslighting from Georg. I`m wondering whether James set him onto me or is it just bad karma ! either way, after 5 mails from him where I have asked him not to write to me, I have told him I will block him if he writes again. perhaps he will write openly on the Cult Ed forum now to confound me Lol ...
Either way, here is a selection of his diatribes ...

Stan ...

Georg, what is your obsession about in constantly writing to me ? I have asked you not to and this is the fourth time i`m asking you to stop bothering me with your rants. you are incapable of normal communication as you never listen and only hear what you want to hear. ie your own biased interpretation of what has been said. you can see it is getting neither of us anywhere so.yet again, please stop writing to me.

Georg ...

You wrote:
he has done his best to discredit me and destroy my reputation already
The only one who is destroying your reputation is yourself, Stan! By making these useless posts on your forum you are destroying any reputation you have gathered while you helped other people during your period with ShiningWorld! Ever since you left ShiningWorld you are just a shadow of your past, most likely nobody has learned anything uplifting ever since from you...

Stan ...

I never had a reputation Georg. I worked selflessly for Shiningworld for nearly ten years, seven days a week and into the night very often. my duties were very comprehensive and unlike you, I didn`t ask to be paid by James. Nor did he pay me of course.
I did not ask for donations for my teachings & satsangs and when payment was offered, I refused it. I didn`t even post my satsangs as I believed them to be very personal communications and I wasn`t trying to build up a catalogue of public praises for them....even though gratitude was nearly always expressed.

Why did I do this ? because I always considered that I worked for Ishwara alone and still do. Money didn`t matter even though I was and am on a basic pension. no big deal. if you do Ishwara`s work, you get Ishwara`s pay ...and nobody pays better than Ishwara !

You don`t have the slightest idea of who I helped whilst working for Shiningworld as an endorsed teacher and yet you have the arrogance to say that I have not helped anyone since my Shiningworld days. you say I am a shadow of my self since my Shiningworld days and it`s unlikely that anyone has learned anything uplifting from me since those days.

I say to you, how could you possibly know ? you don`t . your arrogance is only bettered by your ignorance and thus your words can only be meant to cause hurt and disharmony. they are worthless and a discredit to you. is this what your value to Shiningworld is ? shame on you.

Georg. ...

You can tell your big daddy James to do his worst to me if you like.
James gets hundreds of emails coming in every week, He might still have fond memories about you - which he told me - but otherwise doesn't care and certainly has no interest in harming you. I don't even know any evidence anywhere on the internet that he harmed you,

Stan ...

Really ? he and Sundari posted five satsangs on Shiningworld about me where they went out of their way to destroy my reputation....full of lies and misrepresentation of my own words. I had no right of reply in Shiningworld of course so it had to be generally accepted that James and Sundari had to be right and I had to be wrong. This didn`t just happen to me of course. it happened to anyone that James chose to attack or manipulate. you must have been blind to not have seen this happening on a regular basis.

Other than that, over the last two years since I was no longer with Shiningworld, James chose to send me gaslighting , flaming and bullying emails. he also lied about me in several seminar videos. He still even thinks i`m a Donald Trump fanboy for god`s sake ! go figure ...
If you really don`t know where the evidence for this is on the internet, I can point it out for you if you wish. i`m not holding my breath of course.

Georg ...

the only evidence on the public internet is that you harm him repeatedly on your forum! What happened privately between you and him nobody knows about and nobody ever will know about.

Stan ...

I repeat. I don`t have a forum but don`t give me ideas Lol .. i`ve told you where the evidence on the internet is regarding the Shiningworld attacks on me are. in Shiningworld satsangs and some video excerpts. Those satsangs are in Shiningworld permanently and there was no anonymity allowed for me. Sundari mentioned me by name so don`t give me that nonsense that nobody will ever know.
And you say that the only evidence on the public internet is that I harm James repeatedly on "my" ? forum. What do you think that the other 125,000 interactions on the Cult Education Institute re James Swartz are about ? songs of his praises ? It`s a Cult Education site remember ?

Georg ...

you are just his puppet
How do you know? What makes you think that way? I diverge on many aspects politically and economically and make those points known by arguments. What evidence do you have that I am his puppet? I am very much aware and am not as stupid and lazy as your pride might think!

Stan ...

The evidence is that you can`t apply critical thinking to any points made that you don`t like. you always go off point and answer questions with either rants or counter questions. it`s like talking to a brick wall and is a sign that you`re not in full control of your thinking mind.

Georg ...

because he knows that when we had our big face to face confrontation, he had a big meltdown and lost his discrimination.
So what? You obviously lost your discrimination via our email conversation and insulted me in many different ways. Do you see me whining and complaining publicly on some forum? What gives you the right to declare publicly that somebody lost his discrimination while you do it too plus you attempt to make me self-doubt my own reasoning afterwards by calling me delusional?

Stan ...

Two separate points here. the second part of what you said being more pertinent and important than the first. Because I told you some well deserved home truths it doesn`t mean that I lost my discrimination. I didn`t insult you although you may have felt insulted by what I had to say. Feeling insulted is an ego problem and i`m pretty sure you`ll get over it in due course.

I declared publicly that James lost his discrimination and had a `melt down` during a mutual confrontation of our`s because that is exactly what happened. it`s the truth and that is what gives me the right to say it. ordinarily, I would respect someone`s privacy in such a situation but it wasn`t an ordinary situation. James slipped up when he showed his `dark side` but more importantly, he showed how under control of it he still was. A person in his position, a teacher of the truth, doesn`t deserve the respect he is demanding. why ? because he doesn`t always live the truth and aggressively protects himself when he feels threatened.

At this point in James` `career`, he shouldn`t feel fear of death, loss of health, money or status. furthermore he shouldn`t use his skills of manipulating people to project a false sense of total security that only a `person` with fully assimilated self knowledge has. I regret to say that James has still some deep rooted samskaras to come to terms with. if he hadn`t, he would not lie and still chase after security. words are cheap and actions don`t lie.

Georg ...

you attempt to make me self-doubt my own reasoning afterwards by calling me delusional?

Stan ...

No, I don`t Georg. I challenge you to validate or prove the points you make. I want you to show your reasoning. If you don`t, why should I accept unquestionably everything you say ?

Georg ...

It looks like a nice expensive seminar coming up in Bali doesn`t it. It`s a bit of a coincidence that it`s where Sundari has family. it`s a long and expensive distance away but not to worry, the `Expenses` will cover the costs of the visit.
Sundari works every day of the year and has her own art studio. She financed every trip herself to Bali by creating art and selling it. What gives you the right to judge her?
See the pride again? You think you are so superior, it's a pity that I have to show you it.

Stan ...

And there will still be those expenses won`t there . I`m not talking about Sundari`s private earnings but rather those expenses. If you`re adamant that Satchitananda is wrong to ask for money for the ashram project, why shouldn`t James and Sundari pay for their flights and lodgings in Bali and other countries they travel to out of their own money ?
I`m not saying it`s wrong to ask for donations with the right attitude but you can`t be selective about who it applies to after that.

Georg ...

She put in huge labour trying to get this seminar going. Do you think it is easy to manage renting a fabulous place for 14 days? She had to use her own funds to make a big down payment to reserve the spot 12 months ahead without knowing whether the seminar actually happens and whether she will get the many thousands of euros back. She has to manage accommodation for more than 30 people and dealing with the hundreds of emails plus she had to convince skeptics that were less optimistic.

Stan ...

Do you hear that Georg ? it`s the sound of a thousand tiny violins playing a mournful melody Lol .. one of Sundari`s sayings actually.

Tell you what Georg, why don`t you get off your ass, put in some overtime, and help her with her workload ? idle so and so ...

Georg ...

Yes, it costs money but by providing a live stream people less fortunate can still participate.

Stan ...

By donation or is there an `acceptable` recommended account ? just asking for a friend ....

Georg ...

You have no right to judge her, Stan! Your attitude is full of tamas, hatred and miserliness. It's a pity that you haven't been able to deal with your mind 75 years after your birth...

Stan ...

Why not ? she was perfectly happy to judge me . proud of it in fact and called me out by name in the Shiningworld satsang pages.

Actually Georg, you have no idea what sort of understanding Sundari and I share. You wouldn`t understand so although it`s kind
of you to feel protective of her, it`s better that you leave it there. The same goes with what understanding I have with James.
When you understand non duality, we might have a real conversation. what`s wrong with Tamas anyway ?

So again, stop hassling me with your interminable emails or i`ll take a leaf out of James` book and will block you.


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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: September 03, 2023 08:31PM


A few posts above,
James Swartz shares a Truth!
He writes:
"I freely accept my dark side."

Damn! Words from James Swartz that are accurate! Who would've thought?

Of course, they're only true as far as they go.

In fact, James Swartz hasn't merely 'accepted' his dark side.
He has honed it, pampered it, stroked it, grown it, weaponized it...

In James Swartz's twisted version of Advaita Vedanta, everything he does is excusable because he is not the doer. In his world, compassion, generosity, honesty, and genuine love and friendship are no better or different than to behave (as the much more easy and natural for him) selfish rapacious dishonest and fraudulent human (?) pond scum that he has proved himself to be.

In rare candid moments, he has laughed at those who don't realize his 'truth' and lived without morals and scruples, focused totally on his or her own pleasure, self-enrichment, and self-aggrandizement.
Anyone who's been with him long enough, or had multitudinous correspondence with him as have I, knows this.

And, irony upon irony, in the above posts "Reputation" is mentioned.

Good gracious! Among those who know his actual history,

Can any person have a lower reputation than James Swartz?


Both of the worthy gents in the posts above mention a person named Georg. My intuition here could be totally off-base. I've never met the person that I know of, though anything is possible in passing in India, if he's been there.

However, regarding Georg, instantly, when I heard he'd gone back to James Swartz, a thought came --

"Only a masochist, or a person very abused as a child who needs help,
could go back to James Swartz, Sundari, and Sliming World."

Georg, if this be true, I wish you well and hope you get the real help or teacher that you need.
With your temporary 'wanna keep him happy with me' daddy figure James Swartz and the twisted mommy stand-in Sundari, you're only, sooner or later, going to be badly hurt again.

You can count on it, Georg.
Look at Swartz's record his whole life. How many intelligent and truly-spiritually focused persons who used to be close friends, associates, or followers still keep willing contact with him years later?

And how many now avoid him? No longer communicate? Don't show up anymore?

And the reasons for this are all here on this forum, and are highlighted by Heather in "Guru? The Story of Heather."
Georg, in your heart you already know this is true. Your hopes to be the exception to the rule with James Swartz are ill-founded. He has no loyalty. He has no friends -- only persons to use. Watch your back, Georg. If James doesn't (metaphorically, at least) knife you, Sundari wields a machete.

Truly and sincerely -- Good luck, Georg.
As with anybody caught up in James Swartz's poisonous Shining World web of distortions and deceit, you're going to need it.

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The Dark Side -- Definition of a Cult
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 03, 2023 09:34PM

The Dark Side -- Definition of a Cult

Educational merchandise


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Re: James Swartz--What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: October 08, 2023 01:03AM

Regarding some of the sordid accusations about
I cannot condone them.
I cannot assert that they are true.
Please, only send first-hand accounts, not rumors or gossip.

Wild stories come to me.
Knowing of the depravity and scandalous life of James Swartz there is little I would not find him capable of.

However, without proof, I will not go on record as claiming:

-- James Swartz was caught having sex with a calf in Tiruvannamalai in the early 2000's, and only a rich pay-off to the farmer kept this event from becoming big news locally.

-- James Swartz, drunk, high, or both, was caught relieving himself in a sacred area of an important ashram, again in Tiru in the early 2000's.

These are just two of the wild stories that have come my way regarding the rapist and spiritual fraud James Swartz. Others are worse.

However, they are all "someone heard from so-and-so, who told me" type of accounts.They don't pass muster.

Is Swartz capable of bestiality? Probably.

Metaphorically, if not literally, he has f---ed many by promoting his distorted and false teachings. And his rapes and paid assignations with widowed sewer-cleaners have been verified -- by him! But there's no proof of the calf incident.

Would Swartz piss on or shit in a holy place in an ashram?

Again, probably.

He has shit all over the true teachings for years, and he has long been proud to proclaim that he doesn't care about anything or anyone, so why not literally crap on a holy place?

Yet, again, there is no proof of these two particular accusations.

We do have proof from his own words and actions that James Swartz is a pedophile, a rapist and a spiritual fraud,

but not of his committing bestiality or relieving himself improperly in an ashram or temple.

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Re: James Swartz--What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: October 30, 2023 03:34AM

I Hear You.

We've Won.

The Sad and Horrible Truths
About the Spiritual Fraud and Rapist Pedophile
are "Out There."

Any Who Check Him Out At All
Readily Discover the Foul Truths Regarding Him.

Plus, He's Old and Losing It.
He Can't (physically, at least) Rape Anyone Anymore,

Got a congratulatory message from a friend. Part of it is copied below:


Why continue to take any time at all with James Swartz? Anyone who matters knows he's "a rapist and a fraud" as you continually remind everyone. And, any new seekers certainly have ample material on-line to find out the truth if they bother to check.

It's a good point. Thing is, I made a promise to Heather to keep a sort of searchlight on Swartz. I promised to continue adding enough posts that the subject of Swartz's crimes would stay fresh in the search engines.

My friend is correct, though. Interest in James Swartz has faded immensely. He never was a big-time teacher, and now that he's a well-known fraud and criminal, and since he's increasingly frail physically, failing mentally and is mostly 'past tense,' it's no wonder.

But until his fiery wife lights his pyre, I'll monitor and share about him.
After all,
the type of attention James Swartz gets here on this forum,
he absolutely deserves.

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