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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: March 24, 2023 09:26PM

Wouah! Really incredible to read what James Swartz writes about David Godman.I have great respect for the work done by David Godman; his personality (in my eyes) is just the opposite of that of James Swartz whose nature is again so obvious to anyone with eyes to see in this slander article.

That Swartz would speak of David Godman in such a manner just confirms what we have known about Swartz character and deeds over the years.

This post of David Godman stands as "rignt to reply" to the slander writing on David Godman on the Swartz website for the kind attention of the one who asked the question about David Godman and thinks Swartz is an authority on spiritual matters, and for all others (teachers included who still promote J Swartz as a Vedanta expert or whatever).

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Allowance ()
Date: March 30, 2023 06:37PM

Traveler99: "Swartz can't let things lie. Sad, really. Another 'Personal Message' came from him, again writing as 'Allowance.'"

Also Traveler99: "I might be mistaken in believing that 'Allowance' is James Swartz, but I don't think so."

At least you admitted that you might be mistaken. Can you see the problem though? You just outright said that I was James Swartz writing as Allowance. Not a very smart tactic in a forum that is supposed to be about the truth, would you not agree?

It's also disrespectful to call me someone that I am not.

Treating things you don't know to be facts as facts is kind of cultish.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 31, 2023 02:04AM

Yes! Absolutely!
Regarding James Swartz,
Pedophile Rapist and Spiritual Fraud,
AND any who support him after denying the published truths --
You Bet!
Disrespect is one of the nicer ways to describe it.

(And, oh, by the way. Over 125,000 Views now.)

Okay, Allowance. I do believe you're James Swartz. That is in itself a terrible thing, since James Swartz is a horrible person -- a pedophilic rapist, a Spiritual Fraud, and a criminal.
There are few who match the disrespect I feel for Jame Swartz.

And if you aren't James Swartz, which seems unlikely but is possible, then I feel just as much Disrespect for you.

How can any person support or defend a proven pedophilic sex criminal, fake spiritual teacher, pet killer, and criminal like James Swartz?

You might have a defense if you were a naive young person who knew nothing of the history of James Swartz, but being you're writing on this Forum, you've been able to find out the truth.

To me, that shows that you, Allowance, if not James Swartz, then you must be a promoter of Fraud and Criminality yourself.
So what is there to respect in you? To me the answer is obvious. Nothing.

In the Old West the expression was, "Ride with a murderer, hang with a murderer." You're riding with a rapist and criminal fraud, Allowance.

So, congratulations. The same negative feelings and utter disrespect I feel for James Swartz are extended to you. If you're not Swartz, your actions put you into his gang. Not cult, because James Swartz isn't charismatic enough to pull that off. The followers of James Swartz almost inevitably wise up and leave. Cult members don't do that.

Note -- this is one reason I believe Allowance is James Swartz. Who could follow or believe in this unhappy hate-spewing fraud for long, and try to defend him after reading this site and knowing about what happened to Heather?

(As to me and groups or cults? I follow no particular teacher. There are a few I admire and, yes, respect. I listen to their talks on-line or in person at times. However, the 'group think' and "Teacher loves me best" dynamics that seems to come up in groups even around the good ones is off-putting to me.)


Happily, let me note that now there are over 125,000 views of the 712 Posts on the topic of James Swartz. Each Post has been viewed over 176 times each. Even subtracting for James and his followers observing each post 26 times, that's 150 views each of the truth about James Swartz by persons who now most likely never will choose this fake teacher as their own, and who can now warn others.

Those are numbers I heartily respect.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: April 06, 2023 01:48AM

More Victims Depart the Evil Clutches
of False Teacher Pedophile Rapist

Another Teacher Sees the Light,
And leaves the grim Darkness of 'Shining World' behind.

What kind of letters do I get from former Swartz followers?

This one is a good example. I will of course omit the writer's name. Also, since the teacher formerly accredited by James Swartz who is mentioned here does not want to go into public war with the lying, slanderous James Swartz, we'll call this person "Guthrie."

If for some reason you follow James Swartz, take a look at how many teachers were with him, say, three years ago, and how many of them are left?
Many would be gone from his list, including Guthrie.
And would they all have departed without very good reasons?

There is one so-called teacher who apparently has gone QAnon for Swartz as Trump. That is DS. But is there anyone else?

I've amended the message to protect the identity of the writer and of the teacher, but the essential facts remain as written. Bold-facing was done by me.

Message to Traveler from a Swartz Survivor

Hi Traveller. I`m prompted to write to you now for two reasons. 1. I`m fully convinced that " Allowance" is indeed James Swartz. I recognize his phraseology after spending too many years in his company . It`s him alright. he`s too manipulative and gutless to use his name directly.

Reason two for me writing to you is to point out that nobody seems to have noticed that Guthrie is no longer on the so called teachers/ writers list? No explanation was given on shiningworld. His name was simply removed. It seems that James just cannot keep his teachers come what may. Perhaps you would care to bring this up on the forum ?

When Guthrie found out he was no longer on Swartz's Shining World list he said it was the best news he`s had in years!
Still, it came as a surprise. James didn`t even have the common courtesy to tell Guthrie that he was removing him from the teachers list.
Perhaps, though, it wasn't that surprising. Guthrie has had no dealings with James for several years now as he has zero respect for his & Sundari`s teachings.

Guthrie didn`t flat out have it out publicly with James and leave because of the long-term hassles that would have caused. He has witnessed many times how James loves nothing more than to slander people, and his promises aren't worth the foul breath he exhales to mutter them.

Still, I'm sure that James had been informed of Guthrie`s scathing comments about him. Guthrie's been pretty outspoken about James to say the least! The thing is, many respect Guthrie, so James wouldn`t want to make it known that he and Guthrie don`t see eye to eye and that he had to get rid of yet another teacher. That would be casting doubts about Shiningworld again So, best to keep people in the dark.

Perhaps now is a good time to bring this topic to light? It may bring up some interesting responses and make people think. One can but hope.

Please feel free to get back to me anytime `Traveller`. I`d be happy to talk to you.

Former Victim of James Swartz and Sundari

'Former Victim' says it well.

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