Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: March 24, 2023 09:26PM

Wouah! Really incredible to read what James Swartz writes about David Godman.I have great respect for the work done by David Godman; his personality (in my eyes) is just the opposite of that of James Swartz whose nature is again so obvious to anyone with eyes to see in this slander article.

That Swartz would speak of David Godman in such a manner just confirms what we have known about Swartz character and deeds over the years.

This post of David Godman stands as "rignt to reply" to the slander writing on David Godman on the Swartz website for the kind attention of the one who asked the question about David Godman and thinks Swartz is an authority on spiritual matters, and for all others (teachers included who still promote J Swartz as a Vedanta expert or whatever).

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Allowance ()
Date: March 30, 2023 06:37PM

Traveler99: "Swartz can't let things lie. Sad, really. Another 'Personal Message' came from him, again writing as 'Allowance.'"

Also Traveler99: "I might be mistaken in believing that 'Allowance' is James Swartz, but I don't think so."

At least you admitted that you might be mistaken. Can you see the problem though? You just outright said that I was James Swartz writing as Allowance. Not a very smart tactic in a forum that is supposed to be about the truth, would you not agree?

It's also disrespectful to call me someone that I am not.

Treating things you don't know to be facts as facts is kind of cultish.

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 31, 2023 02:04AM

Yes! Absolutely!
Regarding James Swartz,
Pedophile Rapist and Spiritual Fraud,
AND any who support him after denying the published truths --
You Bet!
Disrespect is one of the nicer ways to describe it.

(And, oh, by the way. Over 125,000 Views now.)

Okay, Allowance. I do believe you're James Swartz. That is in itself a terrible thing, since James Swartz is a horrible person -- a pedophilic rapist, a Spiritual Fraud, and a criminal.
There are few who match the disrespect I feel for Jame Swartz.

And if you aren't James Swartz, which seems unlikely but is possible, then I feel just as much Disrespect for you.

How can any person support or defend a proven pedophilic sex criminal, fake spiritual teacher, pet killer, and criminal like James Swartz?

You might have a defense if you were a naive young person who knew nothing of the history of James Swartz, but being you're writing on this Forum, you've been able to find out the truth.

To me, that shows that you, Allowance, if not James Swartz, then you must be a promoter of Fraud and Criminality yourself.
So what is there to respect in you? To me the answer is obvious. Nothing.

In the Old West the expression was, "Ride with a murderer, hang with a murderer." You're riding with a rapist and criminal fraud, Allowance.

So, congratulations. The same negative feelings and utter disrespect I feel for James Swartz are extended to you. If you're not Swartz, your actions put you into his gang. Not cult, because James Swartz isn't charismatic enough to pull that off. The followers of James Swartz almost inevitably wise up and leave. Cult members don't do that.

Note -- this is one reason I believe Allowance is James Swartz. Who could follow or believe in this unhappy hate-spewing fraud for long, and try to defend him after reading this site and knowing about what happened to Heather?

(As to me and groups or cults? I follow no particular teacher. There are a few I admire and, yes, respect. I listen to their talks on-line or in person at times. However, the 'group think' and "Teacher loves me best" dynamics that seems to come up in groups even around the good ones is off-putting to me.)


Happily, let me note that now there are over 125,000 views of the 712 Posts on the topic of James Swartz. Each Post has been viewed over 176 times each. Even subtracting for James and his followers observing each post 26 times, that's 150 views each of the truth about James Swartz by persons who now most likely never will choose this fake teacher as their own, and who can now warn others.

Those are numbers I heartily respect.

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: April 06, 2023 01:48AM

More Victims Depart the Evil Clutches
of False Teacher Pedophile Rapist

Another Teacher Sees the Light,
And leaves the grim Darkness of 'Shining World' behind.

What kind of letters do I get from former Swartz followers?

This one is a good example. I will of course omit the writer's name. Also, since the teacher formerly accredited by James Swartz who is mentioned here does not want to go into public war with the lying, slanderous James Swartz, we'll call this person "Guthrie."

If for some reason you follow James Swartz, take a look at how many teachers were with him, say, three years ago, and how many of them are left?
Many would be gone from his list, including Guthrie.
And would they all have departed without very good reasons?

There is one so-called teacher who apparently has gone QAnon for Swartz as Trump. That is DS. But is there anyone else?

I've amended the message to protect the identity of the writer and of the teacher, but the essential facts remain as written. Bold-facing was done by me.

Message to Traveler from a Swartz Survivor

Hi Traveller. I`m prompted to write to you now for two reasons. 1. I`m fully convinced that " Allowance" is indeed James Swartz. I recognize his phraseology after spending too many years in his company . It`s him alright. he`s too manipulative and gutless to use his name directly.

Reason two for me writing to you is to point out that nobody seems to have noticed that Guthrie is no longer on the so called teachers/ writers list? No explanation was given on shiningworld. His name was simply removed. It seems that James just cannot keep his teachers come what may. Perhaps you would care to bring this up on the forum ?

When Guthrie found out he was no longer on Swartz's Shining World list he said it was the best news he`s had in years!
Still, it came as a surprise. James didn`t even have the common courtesy to tell Guthrie that he was removing him from the teachers list.
Perhaps, though, it wasn't that surprising. Guthrie has had no dealings with James for several years now as he has zero respect for his & Sundari`s teachings.

Guthrie didn`t flat out have it out publicly with James and leave because of the long-term hassles that would have caused. He has witnessed many times how James loves nothing more than to slander people, and his promises aren't worth the foul breath he exhales to mutter them.

Still, I'm sure that James had been informed of Guthrie`s scathing comments about him. Guthrie's been pretty outspoken about James to say the least! The thing is, many respect Guthrie, so James wouldn`t want to make it known that he and Guthrie don`t see eye to eye and that he had to get rid of yet another teacher. That would be casting doubts about Shiningworld again So, best to keep people in the dark.

Perhaps now is a good time to bring this topic to light? It may bring up some interesting responses and make people think. One can but hope.

Please feel free to get back to me anytime `Traveller`. I`d be happy to talk to you.

Former Victim of James Swartz and Sundari

'Former Victim' says it well.

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: TheSpare ()
Date: June 06, 2023 09:00PM

James Swartz has been up to his usual personal attacks on people again. Or should I say ....yet again. it`s the usual story. smear somebody in order to delegitemise them and build yourself up. why ?

in this case it`s in order to get rid of perceived `competition`. As the latest victim is a bona fide teacher approved by his guru and lineage holder swami Paramarthananda, the `competition` is the most serious it has been so far. James has zero proof of being approved as a teacher in any lineage and now a userper to his throne has arrived !

What to do ? he quickly started a campaign to destroy him by attacking him and his project of building a vedanta ashram in Europe. to this end, he posted his satsang entitled ` The glitter of an exotic tradition `.

The really gross thing about this latest attack of his is that he is attacking a legitimate member of the sampradaya / lineage which James himself says he defers to.
This is an attack on the lineage itself. The man has no limits on how low he will stoop to protect his control of students and of course the money they donate.

This attack of his causes Disharmony in the vedanta sangha which is as serious a moral offence as can be.
I felt it had to be answered and exposed for the benefit of people simple enough to fall for James` controlling ways.
What follows is part one of my responce to his satsang. I answer it point by point.

Hi James,

Long time no speak ... Having read your satsang entitled " The glitter of an exotic tradition", I thought i`d get in touch as it`s obvious you were very confused when you wrote it. it seems that you didn`t notice that you were addressing two people and not just one ...the main target of your most recent of personal attacks on people.

The victim of your latest diatribe is of course the vedanta teacher who goes by the honorific name of Satchitananda. at the bottom of the article you initially referred to, it ought to have been clear that the author was Andrew Boyle and not Satchitananda.

The person contacting you, "Sally", said " this person has been asking for sannyasa and doesn`t know what he was asking for". To be clear, she was mistakenly or not referring to Andrew Boyle who is Satchitananda`s chief student.
Not to worry, Why not kill two birds with one stone anyway, yes ?

Referring to your satsang ...

The post at the bottom raised some question marks in this mind. I talked about it with a friend, so I have added her to this mail as well. It shows much respect for the teaching tradition and apparently has the blessings of some mahatmas.

Some Mahatmas ? and here starts your downplaying of the importance of the type of blessing Satchitananda received from Swami Paramarthananda. I repeat ... " some Mahatmas " ! Satchitananda is perhaps the only western family man in history to have received initiation from one of the Jagadgurus. Not only was he initiated, but he was also given permission to pass this initiation onto his qualified students. Several people have now received this initiation.
Unlike you James.

That`s the problem isn`t it ....competition ! Already there`s a group of shiningworlders appearing on Satchitanandas website as you well know. What about your donations ...oh dear. where will it all end ? You treat Shiningworld as a business and business has been good so far hasn`t it, while you ruled the roost.

On one hand, it shows respect, it looks like this person has been asking for sannyasa, and does t know what he was asking for. How do you read this? And if I am reading this correctly, how does it work other than an ordinary blessing given by a mahatma or anybody who just says “Good luck with everything?”

Here`s how ...and i`m quoting directly from an official endorsing letter from Dr V R Gowri Shankar , CEO and Administrator of Sri Singeri Math ( monastery ) and it`s properties.

" To whom it may concern. Satchitananda and David Boyle made a pilgramege to Sri Sharada Peetham Sringeri in May 2021 to seek blessings from jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri for establishing an ashram in Europe where European devotees of sanatana dharma can partake in the teaching of Adi Shankaracharya. Their holinesses jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri bestowed their blessings upon them to establish an ashram in Greece.
Sri Singeri math has agreed in principle to provide possible help to set up an ashram in Greece to spread the Advaita Vedanta teachings throughout Europe.
The vision behind the establishment of the ashram is to create a space where individuals can come to deepen their spiritual practice, immerse themselves in the teaching of Adi Shankaracharya and connect with like minded individuals. "

Perhaps you should show this to "Sally", James ? assuming there really is such a person which I rather doubt , knowing your propensity to alter and invent satsang enquirers.

Part two to follow.

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: TheSpare ()
Date: June 06, 2023 09:08PM

Part two ...

Hi James,

Some further thoughts on your " glitter of an exotic tradition " satsang ...

Hi Sally,

You’ve got a good sniffer! I read enough of his Facebook page to come away with the following impression.

His Facebook page is an advertisement to join a cult of Personality.

Hilarious ! I actually briefy thought that this whole satsang is about you James. it fits you perfectly. it`s uncanny.

Seems like he’s a Mooji wanna be, which is pretty sad in so far as Mooji was just a poor imitation of Osho, who was a complete fraud. You might have noticed that Mooji has cancelled all his events this year and seems to have completely lost his shakti. Someone told me that it was a reaction to two suicides at his place in Portugal, although I have no way of verifying it. I watched a video of him giving a non-satsang and it was a real eye-opener. In mysterious ways Isvara does It’s duty.

So here`s where we come to the point where you`re setting up a smearing and denigrating campaign. all true to form so let`s see what`s next.

Anyway, back on topic, the only kind of ashram that is open to people who don’t want is a spiritual program is a fishhook for worldly people who want to mask their desire for association with people to further their own ends with a spiritual word i.e ashram. I’m not sure why he doesn’t just resurrect the Zorba the Buddha soundbite.

Yes, back on topic...after the initial belittlement. you just had to get that one in there.
This is a very ambitious seemingly humble person who is unknowingly suffering an undiagnosed case of enlightenment sickness.

Talk about Denial and Projection ! you really are sick James. Your adharmic narcissistic behaviour has no limits it seems. there is a special kind of karmic retribution reserved for those that cause disharmony in the sangha. you can`t fool all of the people all of the time and now Ishwara is starting to come for you. your mental faculties have been slipping for some time and your memory is far from what it should be. it`s why you so often fall into behaving into `automatic` mode as your samskaras run you like a puppet. you still have time to turn back !

You’re right, he doesn’t really know what true renunciation means.

Who ? Satchitananda or Andrew Boyle ? does it really matter in your scheme of things ?

He thinks it’s only a lifestyle and he wants in on the benefits. He doesn’t understand Swami P’s teaching on renunciation. A renunciate is someone who has renounced the doer and lives a normal life, of which “king” Janaka is the classic example from the Puranas. The Gita calls true renunciation, “jnana karma sannyas,” which means knowing that Isvara is the doer.

Does he really ? how would you know ? more smearing. you`re incorrigible James.

“Isvara is the doer” is a statement that describes the knowledge of a person who knows there is no one to claim discipleship or humility or Vedanta knowledge. Swami D says that the first stage of nididyasana removes psychic remnants from childhood and Swami P says the second stage removes teaching remnants.

So a proper sanyasi will confidently say to his or her self and apparent othersif asked, “I was never born. I never suffered. I never sought the truth. I never qualified to seek. I never had a guru. I am not enlightened or unenlightened”, etc.” All these and similar ideas belong to the I when it was apparently deluded. So, if you are still associating these ideas with the I now, you are the I that doesn’t know what it means to be the Self. Yes, you know the Self but….to repeat…you don’t know what it means to be the Self in terms of your existence in this world. This person has indirect knowledge, not direct knowledge. So that is all that people who are attracted to him will get if they bite the juicy bait on his fishhook. Which is OK because you have to first know that the self exists before you learn what it is and what it means to be it.

So there`s the killer punch. He doesn`t even know who he really is. really ? Here`s how he describes himself ... " Satchitananda is only Awareness. He is nobody-no-thing. As a relative concept (since there is nobody being born or dying) he was born on 26th of June 1967 in Corinth, Greece." You need to get your facts very straight James before you denigrate people. it`s all to build yourself up, isn`t it ?

Yes, this person seems to loves the truth as far as he understands it, which isn’t very far, but it certainly seems he doesn’t realize he is hypnotized by the glitter of an exotic tradition.

Yes, knock the man down to the ground and enjoy putting the boot in ! " seems" to love the truth ? you`re quite disgusting James. you don`t even know the man.

One of the most salient characteristics of enlightenment sickness is the need to build your brand.

True enough. have you seen Shiningworld ? it has your brand all over it. guru worship on steroids. what genuine teacher collects every word of praise and catalogues them on the satsang page ? only you James. notice a pattern emerging ?

So right out of the box you get a lineage, install yourself there, and convince others that they need to look up to you and listen to you. He will find a few takers, probably because there are many desperate seekers out there

James Swartz, master manipulator at work. I must admit you`re very good at it James and you know that`s true. yes, there are many desperate seekers out there and you are devious enough to take advantage of them. it`s a heartless thing to do and Ishwara will surely stop you one way or another..

If you are actually the Self, people will acknowledge you no matter what kind of clothing you wear and what kind of words come out of your mouth. Swamiji once brought a dirty, naked ascetic to the temple and installed him on Swamiji’s seat and let him sit there without speaking until everyone was in samadhi and paying attention to the ascetic. Then he told the ascetic that there was food in the kitchen and the ascetic got up and left. Meaning this spiritual thing is no big deal

So ... " if you are actually the self, people will acknowledge you no matter what kind of words come out of your mouth." You really think that, don`t you ? of course you do. it gives you license to pull the wool over people`s eyes. vedanta bullshit baffles brains every time. well that gives you license to say whatever you like and those "desperate inquirers" will just have to swallow whatever you say. it`s `my way or the highway` right. it`s the behaviour of a cult leader James.

His statement of Ramana shows his complete ignorance of Ramana’s life and teaching. Ramana wrote Sat Dharshanam and Upadesha Saram to point out that a person needs to do Self inquiry and that it certainly involves mental activity, which is to say, applying the teaching to the ignorance-inspired thoughts arising in the mind.. Ramana spent twenty-two years in caves doing Self inquiry, in the traditional Vedantic fashion, once he was clear he was the Self. Can you imagine Ramana begging for money and people to help him build an ashram in Greece. What a joke!

Remember when you first were clear that you are the self James ? What did you do ? Yes ...that`s right. you started an ashram ! what a coincidence. When it folded, the members thought you had inveigled them out of the ashram funds. correct ? yes.
And what `statement of Ramana` ? where is this statement and what is your reasoning that shows " his complete ignorance of Ramana`s life and teaching ? we just have to swallow that as if it`s a pronouncement from on high, don`t we. no critical thinking allowed here it seems. very fishy.
Apart from which, nobody is a bigger beggar of money than you are James. hit that donate button ! give till it hurts ...remember that funky little saying of your`s when I was doing the sales for you ? " fuck vedanta Stan. give me the money ". not nice at all. and the shiningworlders who left because they were sick of being manipulated to keep giving the big donations. i`ve still got the email records. If you can`t control your actions, you should at least control your mouth. that`s the teaching isn`t it....until you`re beyond the teachings of course. mind you, you are the self so it "doesn`t matter what kind of words come out of your mouth". yeah, right...

It seems this fellow is unconsciously looking for respect and using the appearance of studied humility to attract people.

No he isn`t. he`s working to start a European ashram to further the teachings of Advaita Vedanta in the traditional way. furthermore he has the approval of the highest authority to do so let alone official encouragement. that`s far more than you can say about yourself and the Shiningworld project. this is not to denigrate Shiningworld but Satchitananda is a new presence on the European vedanta scene. He drives a fifteen year old car and lives a very frugal monetary wise life with his wife and child . very different to your lifestyle by far. you should be supporting him and the ashram project rather than pulling them down. you`re near the end of your life James. please don`t go down this road. don`t cause this disharmony in the sangha.

If you are truly humble you don’t need to make a display of your devotion, publish certificates of authentication from gurus, etc. In a way, I hate to publish this satsang, but I am required to give this teaching from time to give people a warning when it is brought to my attention, because there are always gullible people out there who could use a bit of sound advice

You are not required to give this travesty of a teaching at all. by who`s authority do you give it ? you simply don`t have it...sorry to say..

This person, God bless him, will eventually come face to face with the zero-sum rule and start to understand that he’s actually spinning his wheels. He’s not obviously dangerous or manipulative—at least not yet—but he will probably wonder why people move on, which they will.

Will they really ? if there`s anyone dangerous or manipulative here, it`s you James. you are the manipulator par excellence ! many Shiningworlders actually fear you and crave your favour as some kind of `big daddy`. you`ve got them well trained and the last thing they will want to do is to look behind the curtain and see you operating the levers of control. The oldest standing endorsed vedanta teacher has recently been removed yet nobody notices, nobody knows. we all learn though. you get the guru you deserve until you`re fully qualified then all is made clear.

One fine day he will come face to face with Isvara and will learn the actual meaning of humility at that time. The Self is neither proud or humble.

I guess you missed the memo on that one James. Humility indeed ...very droll.

So is Swami P participating in this charade? Swami P, in the tradition of mahatmas like Swami D, who was his guru, blesses everyone who asks for it in harmony with the words of Krishna in the Bhagavad who says, “Even a sinner who is resolved to know the truth is to be respected.” So no, he is just doing his duty and leaving the results to Isvara, which is that this person is doing his level best to make hay out of it. Swami D had a similar situation happen with Swami Sudananda back in the day.

Really ? remember when you got me to approach the Chinmaya mission and Dayananda`s organisation ? we wanted some approval. swapping website links if nothing else. I tried twice but they didn`t want to know.

Considering the long list of fallen yogis in the last fifty years I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy ended up as the latest example of greed in the search for fame. He should study the Chinese proverb, “When doing evil avoid punishment. When doing good, avoid fame. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at the studied look of sincere transcendence on his face. May God bless him in the form of the results of his actions.

Keep it up James. remember your own words when your time comes. May god bless you in the form of the results of your actions.




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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: June 08, 2023 02:58AM

"Fuck Vedanta. Give me the money!"

Evaluations of
Criminal Rapist Fraud

The two highly interesting and informative posts above by "The Spare" include many assertions regarding James Swartz. For going on six years I've learned more about James Swartz than anyone besides a law enforcement official should be forced to wade through, but still, perhaps there was more to learn. (Yes, as goes crimes and spiritual fraud, James Swartz is truly the gift that keeps on giving.)

What are some of The Spare's assertions? Let's look:

-- (For JS) it's the "usual story. smear somebody in order to delegitemise them and build yourself up." Sadly, no surprise. He's been doing this for over fifty years.

-- "The really gross thing about this (James Swartz's) latest attack of his is that he is attacking a legitimate member of the sampradaya / lineage which James himself says he defers to.
This is an attack on the lineage itself. The man has no limits on how low he will stoop to protect his control of students and of course the money they donate."
Attacking a verified lineage means nothing to James Swartz. The fact that he has none himself just, if anything, makes it easier.

-- "This attack of his (Jame's Swartz's) causes Disharmony in the vedanta sangha which is as serious a moral offence as can be." Being James Swartz has no morals, his offenses against morality as perceived by persons with ethics are legion. Drugging and raping 14 year-old Heather was simply an early crime amidst a maelstrom of horrors.

-- "What about your donations ...oh dear. where will it all end ? You treat Shiningworld as a business and business has been good so far hasn`t it, while you ruled the roost." Yes, money. Donations. The spiritual teacher/ guru "business." Swartz has lived over 80 years scamming people with this 'business,' and if Heather revealing the truth hurt his income and the number of followers he's gotten in the last six years, wonderful.
As Devon Adler, the author of Guru? The Story of Heather wrote, it is Sex, Fame, Drugs, Power, and Money which are the downfall of every fake or failed spiritual teacher, and James Swartz lived his life motivated by his desire for all five (the drugs less than the other four, it seems, though he's confessed to dropping LSD with students, and Heather witnessed him moaning after using Cocaine).

-- "...nobody is a bigger beggar of money than you are James. hit that donate button ! give till it hurts ...remember that funky little saying of your`s when I was doing the sales for you ? "fuck vedanta Stan. give me the money". not nice at all. and the shiningworlders who left because they were sick of being manipulated to keep giving the big donations. i`ve still got the email records. If you can`t control your actions, you should at least control your mouth. that`s the teaching isn`t it....until you`re beyond the teachings of course. mind you, you are the self so it "doesn`t matter what kind of words come out of your mouth". yeah, right..." "Fuck Vedanta. Give me the money!" Perhaps those words should be written on James Swartz's headstone?

-- "James Swartz, master manipulator at work. I must admit you`re very good at it James and you know that`s true. yes, there are many desperate seekers out there and you are devious enough to take advantage of them. it`s a heartless thing to do and Ishwara will surely stop you one way or another.." Yes, James Swartz is sewer scum. He is the excrement of the "spiritual" world. That some are attracted to him shows the state of Samsara and Maya in the world today.

In Summary -- There is much more in "The Spare's" posts than what I have reviewed here. However, these examples do show why nothing written in them surprised me.
Sad to say, nothing low or ill-founded that James Swartz did could surprise me anymore -- at least I hope!

Swartz having necrophiliac sex with a rotting sheep carcass would surprise me.
Swartz doing something sincerely generous or courageous would shock me.
But more lies, slanders, fraud, and crimes from and by James Swartz?
No. No surprise at all.

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: TheSpare ()
Date: June 27, 2023 01:58AM

Oh good...James has written me off and blocked any emails I might send to him. this should be the last time that I should be posting on this old Shiningworld Facebook page. As I can`t mail him, i`ll do what hopefully will be my last post here and that should be the end of the matter. fingers crossed ...

Hi Stan,
You must be reading all my satsangs as do others that value what I have to say if you read "The Glitter of an Exotic Tradition". Good for you.

I do have the odd look James. it`s partly to see what you`re getting up to and in part to see if there`s anything of real use you might come up with. Yes, there is something of value now and then. I freely admit it. I`m fortunate in having the discrimination to sift through your personal dross and extract the nuggets of useful teachings though. fair play where it`s due James. I do feel sorry for the people who swallow whole your personal projections together with the impersonal teaching however.

They are devoted, innocent and want to believe that everything they hear is true and good for them. that`s only natural and I recall being just such a blind believer in the past. I must have had it bad because I stayed with you for 10 years.
I don`t beat myself up about it though, because I believed then that I was following and working for Ishwara. I still do.

Anyway, here is a link to my reply, which I am sure you will find reasonable unless you are in troll mind.

If anyone`s a Troll James, it`s you. Anyway, that `Troll` word is a great deflecting device, isn`t it ? call someone a Troll and the implication is that it`s worthless to see what the said `Trolls` actually have to say ! it usually works too as you well know. why don`t you put on Shiningworld what the `Trolls` actually have to say ? you can expose their arguments and accusations with provable logic and facts. that should end the `Troll` matter. why don`t you give it a go ? what can you possibly lose ?

You might forward it to the guy who wants an ashram in Greece. Perhaps you can will your new house to him.

Why don`t you forward your reply to the `ashram guy` yourself James ? yes, that guy who`s got the full support of Swami Paramarthananda and the lineage that supports him ... cat got your tongue ? you are such an old gutless wonder James. you can`t produce a shred of evidence that you have been empowered to teach vedanta despite many requests to do so. There`s not even a single foto of you with Swami Chinmayananda.

you`re a glib tongued intelligent one and you use your strong personality in running Shiningworld as a business. Well, the thought of competition in the vedanta world has really pissed on your fries and your actions betray you. Jelousy is a particularly ugly failing and you`ve got it bad enough that it makes you break dharma. bad enough to make highly personal attacks on a valid vedanta teacher. one you don`t even know ! still, nothing new there. it`s a habitual failing of your`s.

" will my house " to the other guy ? like Maggi and I did for Shiningworld until we saw through you ? my, silly old us. how childish and trusting we were and what a low creepy thing to say James. what`s the underlying story here ?

You`re just bitter and twisted about having Satchitananda as perceived competition to Shiningworld. How much money will you lose in donations, eh James ? I did your sales remember and know very well how addicted to money you are. What`s your car worth James ? or better still, your house ? where did all that money come from ? still fiddling the taxman as you were in India ? my god, you even bragged about that on Shiningworld ! I don`t feel bitter about you James because you`re in total denial. I don`t know how you`ll get out of that having built up such a huge story about yourself. ?

Since it is unlikely that you will forgive yourself for getting worked up when I no longer wished to endorse you as a teacher for your refusal to provide a reasonable explanation for your feelings of adoration for the orange man in light of Vedanta's view that we are all role models,

I can`t forgive you for not using commas and full stops more like Lol ... You can trot out this silly gaslighting all you want James but it doesn`t in the least make your assertion true. it never ceases to amaze me how you`re willing to outright lie when you`re trying to destroy someone`s reputation. you risk being found out at some point but you think it`s worth taking the chance, nevertheless.
My `adoration for the orange guy` ? pure fabrication on your part. that`s putting it politely .

As I tried to explain many many times over, I support Trump for one reason only and that is in American politics you can`t separate the president from the party. you can`t vote for a democratic party and have a republican president.
For this reason, the real question should be, which party do you support because it`s the party that rules the country in a two party system.

I view the democrats to be the more adharmic Totalitarian party and thus more injurious to the society as a whole. the president is largely incidental.
Your whole anti Trump argument rests on the fact that you believe what the mainstream media tells you implicitly plus you have left wing leanings/conditionings. probably partly inherited from your mother who was known as "a bit of a pinko" to quote you. in other words, a bit of a communist. you were a bit of an armchair activist in your youth and indulged in minor rebellious activities. your words.

I was accused by you of despising the mainstream media and you got that right. I see the mainstream media as left wing activists masquerading as journalists. nothing more. that never bothered me as I saw through their censorship.

I have perfectly valid reasons to hold my views but don`t object to anyone disagreeing with them ...unlike the left wing liberals and you James.
It`s all well and good to point out Trump`s apparent/unproven faults but, how about some balance to this assertion ?
What`s the alternative ? Joe Biden. ( I rest my case Lol ) you said he`s a smart guy so I know where you stand in this debate. I don`t have a problem with that . what I have a problem with is your inserting your own personal political opinions into the teaching...and I told you so. That`s why you booted me out of Shiningworld. let`s be honest James. it`s your way or the Highway isn`t it ? no dissent can be tolerated.

People are very politically divided so why bring politics into the teaching ? if you do that, politics stays and vedanta goes out of the window. it`s not rocket science. This was my whole argument. your reactions were what convinced me of your dishonesty. at that point, I knew it was all over between us. I had seen the little man behind the curtains pulling the levers and that`s something that just can`t ever be unseen.

I assume that subsequent emails will be of the same ilk. I want you to know that I've blocked your emails henceforth. I can't imagine what good that kind of attitude does you, but about such things no man can say. Don't waste your time trolling me. It doesn't produce the intended impact, apart from giving me a good laugh. You wouldn't want that, would you? Anyway, I will never know.

Oh you`ll know alright James. you`re so spiritually jaded that you thrive on this kind of toxic behaviour. I well remember you saying that you`re bored with vedanta and you could teach it just as well if you were drunk. I`m not against you having a `good laugh`. stop being such a baby and behave. I hope you enjoy not knowing about this email James. no doubt you`ll be back on my case again soon enough. Trolling indeed ....


Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: July 21, 2023 03:46AM

Pedophile Rapist Spiritual Fraud
Coming to the USA...

"He returns to the scene of many of his crimes."

It's funny. Back in Tiru around the turn of the century I certainly walked past James Swartz in the street. Perhaps I ate in the same restaurant as him. A few of my friends and acquaintances knew him.

Never met him, though. Shortly before the one time I did actually plan to meet him I got news of what he'd done to Heather. When a short time later he did arrive to Tiru I had lost all desire to have anything to do with him. Well, except to confront him. But a friend who is a true spiritual teacher asked me not to, as I've explained before. And my friend is worth a hundred James Swartzes, so I agreed.

Except now, almost six years later, a friend writes:


Hey, like all criminals, the guru rapist is coming back to the scene of many of his crimes! Why not attend his satsangs in southern Washington? Would give you material for ten posts in Cult Ed Forum. You wouldn't have to say a word. Just take notes.

Tempting. Very tempting. I've always liked to know any evil persons I write about first-hand.

But... James Swartz would look out and see a new person smirking, with a knowing look, all but calling him a liar, a fraud, and a bullshit artist even without saying it out loud. My eyes would tell him:

I know you're a rapist, asshole!

Besides, it would be hard not to directly call him on his lies, his mis-teachings, his slanders, and to not ask for his responses to

"The claims on-line that you're a spiritual fraud and a pedophile, a rapist!"

To see his face in front of 'his' group as he tried to defend himself would be almost worth going there for... And of course I'd have a friend filming the whole thing.

August 20 is a month away. Time to consider...

Like I said, it is tempting...


It must be noted that there are now over 136,000 views of the over 700 posts about "James Swartz -- What is the Truth?" on this site.

Again, may Heather be praised and thanked for what she started by revealing the truth of what the horrible James Swartz did to her starting when she was fourteen. Many have been saved from contact with this foul contagion, and many others encouraged to leave him for better, hopefully real, teachers, thanks to her courage.

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: July 31, 2023 08:01PM

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to say Hi, and that I've been following the thread. I've stepped back from Vedanta somewhat, spending time on Thai Forest & Burmese Vipassana retreats. Exploring Dzogchen now, living off-grid, in a forest in an Irish mountain, so any communication will generally be sporadic...

Anyhow, if anyone if looking to get in touch, please contact me on the email in my profile, that I've just made available.

Warmest wishes


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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