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James Arthur Ray - Colleen Conaway, extreme influence brainwashing.
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 23, 2009 11:19PM

There is more information about Colleen Conaway from an interview with her sister.

The almost unbelievable thing, is that Colleen Conaway was already registered and CHARGED for the James Ray Sedona death retreat, which she didn't attend due to her death at the previous James Ray seminar.
This is how these advanced seminars work, they use their extreme influence techniques to enroll people many seminars in advanced to tricky contracts they cannot get out of.
They reportedly charged her $10,000 in July 2009 alone.

The story of Colleen Conaway is the story of the extreme manipulation and abuse that goes on in these LGAT seminars.
Regular everyday people, with no experience in these extremely advanced techniques of deep influence and "Mind Control", have no idea what hit them.
The techniques are extremely dangerous and psychologically destabilizing. That is their INTENT, that is how they were designed, and that is how they are applied. The damaging effects of these terrible techniques can be seen in the report, those types of results are not uncommon, as these kinds of techniques could be used in professional interrogations. As a matter of fact, many techniques have leaked out from the "professionals" and found their way into these LGAT seminars.

James Ray got control of Colleen using these incredibly powerful influence and persuasion techniques, and the classic pattern began.
Regular people without large resources, spending money they don't have at the last minute to attend these dangerous seminars.
That is due to the professional high-end high-pressure SALESPEOPLE who get to them at the LGAT seminar and after on the phone, and use every technique in the book on them. To the professional salesperson its like shooting fish in a barrell, as most everyday people have no idea of what they are doing to them.
These salespeople at these organizations are a horror, as they are on 100% commission, and they are absolutely sociopathic and beyond ruthless in what they will say and do to vulnerable people to get their money.
The "staffers" at the James Ray organization are also very dangerous, as they just follow the orders of James Ray, even when people get hurt or die.

As mentioned in the article above, the James Ray staffers were found calling Colleen Conaway's cell phone when she was missing. That is obviously very suspicious and diabolical, as they are the one's who had her cell phone.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - Colleen Conaway, extreme influence brainwashing.
Posted by: bgdoglvr ()
Date: October 24, 2009 11:45AM

Here's an interesting post by a lady at Sounds like a perfect description of a narcissistic sociopath to me:

I have attended James Ray events. I am also an attractive woman. Fortunately, I have studied human behavior at length. I recognized his sophistication, seduction and “con-game” long before I became a victim.

James uses psychology and charm to deceive, intimidate and manipulate. His philosophies, borrowed principles and insight into the human psyche are the very gifts that make him an effective leader; albeit combined with grandiosity and lack of remorse and connection, they are also the gifts that enable him to "work" a crowd better than any smooth-talking persuader I know.

James is intuitive. He can spot vulnerability a mile away. He knows exactly how to massage ones fears, financial insecurities and emotional wounding. To his credit, he has mastered the "game" of CONfidence in a very effective, deceptive and global way.

Having some personal insight into his seductive behavior I can only imagine how many women James Ray has targeted. However, his current troubles are not a matter of sex prowess but of murder, if even involuntary.

While I do not believe he set out to take the lives of these precious people, I am totally convinced James Ray’s “God complex”, lack of connection and drive to be adored at any cost, resulted in a tragedy that devastated the families of Kirby, James and Liz. God bless them, their families and those who were witnessed this tragedy.

I can only imagine the challenge of trying to integrate the marketing hype of James Ray and his sophisticated persona with the James who made a very tragic and ego-driven and deadly mistake.

DISCLAIMER: All of my postings on this site are simply an opinion. These are just my thoughts.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: October 24, 2009 09:58PM

Discussion of this is continuing on Page 5 of the NAFPS* Forum -- including discussion of the background of the persons who were involved with the ranch property where the
Situation took place.

*(New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans)


And..if someone wants to research the use of homelessness by LGATs, here are
citations from a search of the message board. Not all of them apply but a few may
be of use to interested researchers.


The Art of Living Guru (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) according to one article from an Indian source reportedly had retreatants at his Bangalore ashram do something like this.


(getting folks from sheltered backgrounds to go out begging-which adds insult to injury if done in a part of the world where distribution of wealth is criminally out of whack, and where too many people have to beg for REAL, not play act. And who, if they dont bring in enough paise, get the shit beaten out of them by their parents, or drug addicted, evil minded handlers.)

PS anyone interested could go study the political projects Sri Sri supports in India with the dollars and Euros he gigglingly extracts from his Western and Indian devotees. Am just putting a small plug in here, given so many are reading this thread for other reasons.

Now...back to the Situation in Arizona.

For 'Situation' is the euphemism that is used to smooth things over when...stuff happens that wasnt a part of the plan.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: bgdoglvr ()
Date: October 25, 2009 02:21AM

Attendees are starting to come out of the woodwork--yay:


WINNIPEG — Sweating profusely in the 53 C heat, a Winnipeg man was barely conscious Oct. 9 when he looked around a Sedona, Ariz., sweat lodge and noticed fellow participants foaming at the mouth.

Moments later, he collapsed on the coals, burning his arm.

Somehow he got outside, and when he eventually regained control of his senses he saw paramedics attempting to resuscitate two people. They died shortly after and a third person died last weekend. Nineteen others were hospitalized for burns, dehydration, breathing problems, kidney failure and elevated body temperature.

Police in Yavapai County are treating the deaths at the Angel Valley Retreat Center as a murder investigation although James Arthur Ray, a self-help guru and inspirational speaker behind the retreat, has not been charged.

"I kept throwing cold water on them and telling them to fight," said the Winnipeg businessman, who asked that his name not be used because he is still traumatized by the incident.

On Thursday, the man offered an eyewitness account of the bizarre and tragic episode.

"There was a period there where I don't know what happened. I thank my lucky stars. I had some guardian angels working on my behalf. I don't know how I got out of there. I still have a good three minutes of my life that are a bit of a daze. I don't know what happened," he said.

The man, who was taken to a nearby hospital where he spent the night, was one of about 60 people crowded into a 415-square-foot tent-like sweat lodge for two hours at the high-end, new age retreat.

Participants were taking part in a five-day "Spiritual Warrior" program and had been fasting for 36 hours and entered the sweat lodge as part of a "vision quest." Fees for the programs are reported to be between $9,000 and $10,000.

A sweat lodge, similar to a sauna, is an enclosed space where water is poured on heated rocks. They are often used in aboriginal spiritual ceremonies and are intended to cleanse the body.

The Winnipeg man said the idea behind the personal development exercise was to obtain an altered state of mind and ultimately have a vision. But Ray "crossed the line," he said.

"His intention wasn't to hurt us, but he pushed us too far. I'm angry at him. I could have been one of the people who died. One of the guys who died was my roommate at the seminar," he added.

One of the victims was a woman from Minnesota who suffered multiple organ damage and was in a coma for nine days. She died last weekend and the family is pursuing a lawsuit.

The Winnipeg man said he still believes in the sweat-lodge concept and extreme spiritual experiences, but warns that people have to listen first and foremost to their bodies.

"If the heat is too much, get out. You've got to hydrate a lot, take care of yourself and check in all the time to see if you can handle it . . . If you get out of your head and work from your heart and your heart is wide open, you'll tune in and you'll know what's happening," he said.

News reports Thursday said Ray continues to offer the program.

James Ray International is reported to have made more than $9 million last year from weekend seminars entitled World Wealth Summit. In 2008, his book Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want, was a best-seller.
© Copyright (c) Winnipeg Free Press

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Re: James Arthur Ray - Byron Katie, cut from the same cloth
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 25, 2009 02:23AM

This is the most difficult area of all of these LGAT seminars.
The LGAT gurus like James Ray know the PRECISE techniques to use extreme influence techniques on people, to get them to do what the Guru wants them to do, without them knowing it. Its called many things, one of the names is unconscious influence. At the most extreme levels its thought reform, mind control, and brainwashing.

The LGAT Gurus know they are doing this, of course!! That is what they do. That is proven in all of their waivers and disclaimers [] where they always have clauses where they say everything is being done "Voluntarily". They put that in, as they get many complaints later from people who realized they were tricked.
Its not "voluntary", where they are doing is engineering consent without people knowing what you are doing to them.

There are many courses people take that show you exactly how to do this, and James Arthur Ray took most of those courses, and then just applied the techniques ruthlessly.

The tricky thing is that these techiques are verbal and behavioral, and done in terms of how the seminar is structured, high-pressure sales techniques, and dozens of other techniques. The specifically claim they are NOT doing "therapy", and class what they do as "entertainment". (when in fact they are doing a perversion of group therapy).

They have top people who have figured out the loopholes that allow them to operate unregulated in the wild west, often not paying any taxes either.

So every ambitious and charismatic con-artist and crook runs into the LGAT seminar industry. That is the way to get rich quick, and stoke their perverse Ego's.

There definately has to be regulation on what these LGAT gurus are not allowed to do to people, financially and psychologically.
But the way things are right now, they basically have to murder someone with their bare hands on camera, before anyone even looks into it.

For example, James Arthur Ray has a LGAT seminar where AT THE SEMINAR 3 people die and 20 are injured, and 2 months before Colleen Conaway died at his seminar, and he literally goes on doing more seminars the next day, and no one stops him.
How much more blatant can it get than that? People die AT the seminar, and he just keeps on doing the same thing.
Never mind all the people who die from suicide after the LGAT seminars, and there are many.

Its beyond the wild west out there in LGAT seminar land, anything goes. That's why every con-artist and charismatic crook sets up their own LGAT seminar system and company to get a piece of the billions.

Texas Artist
My main reason for posting is that I agree with the comments here indicating that JAR is knowingly using very specific physical and mental brain-washing techniques but I wondered if any of you with this detailed knowledge are able to convey this aspect to the authorities investigating the crime? As mentioned in other posts...the media keeps talking about the negligant aspects of the 'sweat-lodge' itself, etc... but if law enforcement were to investigate the OVERALL intent and tactics of JAR and his associates, wouldn't they be better able to build a comprehensive criminal case? I would hate for the authorities to never have any awareness of the deliberate harmful methods used by JAR and others. Thanks for providing this info and let's all hope that justice is served.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - Byron Katie, psychological warfare
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 25, 2009 03:12AM

Unfortunately, even family members of some victims have called James Arthur Ray a "motivational speaker", when he IS NOT. That is his cover, that is the illusion.
That is like saying Bernie Madoff is a financial advisor.

These LGAT guru's are not motivational speakers, mere authors, spiritual teachers, spiritual gurus or anything like that.
They are world class experts in the advanced techniques of covert persuasion, group manipulation, and social influence of large groups of people.
They use that power to make millions of dollars and to stoke their own massive Ego's.

They are also world class experts in psychological warfare and mind-control techniques, and they even brag about studying those techniques at times, which they then use on the easiest targets they can find. They don't go up against other experts, they even avoid the "business" crowd as they can be quite skeptical about their rip-off schemes and methods.

They deliberate target the New Age demographic, those who are not trained in these techniques and usually haven't even heard of them. For the LGAT guru, they can then use the most powerful techniques of unconscious group influence and mind control ever designed, and use dozens and hundreds of techniques at once, and do it on a demographic who has never even heard of what they are doing.
They misdirect them with the new agey ideas, just to distract the subjects from what is really going on, and they never know what hit them, sometimes until years later.

Once a person gets a some training in recognizing these techniques, its easy to spot what guys like James Arthur Ray, or Byron Katie are doing in minutes.

They are not motivational speakers or spiritual teachers, that is their cover, that is a conscious misdirection. They are highly skilled experts of covert influence, and even psychological warfare and mind control, who hide behind a New Age fig-leaf.

They are the most powerful techniques ever designed, and they can crush people's minds, but also be very subtle. They starve people, dehydrate them, sleep-deprive them, freeze them, overheat them, and do all of the hard physical techniques to break them down.
But at the same time, the most advanced techniques are precise techniques in how to make people think they are their "best friend" on earth, they have mapped that process out precisely.
These LGAT gurus are very intelligent people, they know how to do it.
They know how to indirectly make people think they are one with "God".
They know how to make people feel "loved" with love-bombing.
They know how to groom people into following their suggestions and commands, until they can get a person to do almost anything at their request.

They start small and permissive, they "invite" people in, and work it systematically.
So it can be quite subtle.
They know how to Engineer Consent into people, and make them think Its All Voluntary, when in fact they have designed and engineered the entire thing.
That is why Byron Katie's mantra is Its All Voluntary, when its precisely not voluntary, its unconscious persuasion.

Byron Katie (the Work) and engineering seemingly "Voluntary" consent []

Frankly, its amazing how they can do their techniques right out in the open, even refer to them ironically, and get away with it. The reality is that most of the public and media has no training or knowledge in these areas.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: truth10 ()
Date: October 25, 2009 05:57AM

This is Dr. Beverly Dunn's account of the events that took place in Sedona. Please check out the video interview from ABC.



On the same note, I've attended an introductory seminar(Harmonic Wealth) by James Arthur Ray and found it to be informational but, not so much revolutionary as he sells it. Before this event I studied NLP and learned of the LGAT agenda from this forum. At this event I noticed the unconscious sell traps he builds in the minds of those who attend his seminars. One particular issue I want to point out, is how James Arthur Ray's "Dream Team" is mentioned in the ABC article. If you are not familiar with James Arthur Ray events, the "Dream Team" is a group of people who are graduates of James Ray's seminars. If you've ever been around James Arthur Ray he proudly says that even though they have completed his seminars this people still pay thousands of dollars to help out at his seminars.(Cult?) At the event I went to, the "Dream Team" members counseled many attendees on fears, limiting beliefs, addictions and some of life's struggles. I was there for business and still felt that this seminar way out of hand in that James Arthur Ray assigned the "Soccer Moms"(Dream Team) to counsel attendees. In one particular break, were attendees are encouraged to speak to first Ray's staff but, secondly to "Dream Teamers" I walked up to one of these kind ladies and asked some technical questions of the path to success. The poor lady didn't have a clue, yet she was a "graduate". What kind of caring leader puts middle aged women in this unhealthy psychiatric scenario? I'm not a lawyer but, there are plenty of things that could be a cause of concern in the courts for James Arthur Ray. Recent articles suggest, neither James or any of his staff members are licensed to handle a break down. Negligence? We'll surely find out soon enough. That's my two cents, more later.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: buffman ()
Date: October 25, 2009 12:23PM

Thank you for all your excellent reporting on this subject, Anticult. I have been closely watching this tale unfold. Your work in organizing all the information on this thread is highly appreciated.

One thing I slightly disagree with is whether or not abusive guru types like James Ray have malicious motives or not, or even whether they are trained in coercive persuasion tactics. I think there is no question that Ray is using hundreds of such tactics, perhaps even in every sentence he utters---but is he doing it intentionally to harm others? Does he even know what he's doing, or is he just repeating his own indoctrination into coercive persuasion learned from other abusive LGAT's and cults? Abusive alcoholics are generally not trained in coercive persuasion, and yet are sure good at it given the right victim, and perhaps even learn such manipulative tactics from their own abusive parents.

Cedar Barstow, author of a book on ethics for therapists says on her website, "Far from being an automatic result of good intentions, right use of power must be learned and practiced. The ability to act sensitively, creatively, and effectively on behalf of others and oneself requires attention, skill, wisdom, and a lifetime interest in the impact of your uses of power." []

While we may both agree that James Ray seemingly has no interest whatsoever in how his use of power might negatively impact others, he might also actually care for those who have died, or even have conflicting intentions. Intentions are often complex and contradictory, yet what we should judge him by in this case is not intent (which we can't truly know anyway) but impact---and clearly his impact is very negative and controlling, both psychologically and financially over the participants in his seminars.

Stanley Milgram's simple experiment in obedience just utilized a white lab coat, the position of authority of the psychologist, and a gentle prodding with the four simple phrases "Please continue," "The experiment requires that you continue," "It is absolutely essential that you continue," and "You have no other choice, you must go on." There were no complex and sophisticated tactics of psychological manipulation, yet most subjects gave what they thought were deadly shocks to the "learner": [] This experiment lead to the development of ethical standards in psychological research due to the extreme stress and trauma put on participants. Notably though, 84 percent of former participants surveyed later said they were "glad" or "very glad" to have participated---not unlike the ratio of satisfied LGAT participants after coerced to spend 10's of $1000's on workshops.

All someone would need to do to become the next manipulative LGAT leader is to go to existing LGATs and "play full on," then repeat what was done to them---like an abusive alcoholic continuing the cycle of abuse. But yes, James Ray has implemented such power games and manipulative tactics "full on," i.e. with utter ruthlessness and disregard for his seminar attendees. I went to Tony Robbins' UPW in 2003 and at that workshop decided I wanted to be a LGAT leader like Robbins. In many ways, I've spent the last 6 years deprogramming myself from that one manic seminar and the goal that was implanted there, and have been seeking out non-coercive methods of therapy and personal change since (which are unlikely to make anyone rich or famous, by the way).

I think perhaps evil is much more ordinary than that of the "evil genius" archetype, as Hannah Arendt argued in Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. This thesis is perhaps even more disturbing than positing the existence of evil individuals who manipulate others with sophisticated tactics, for we need to guard not just against the handful of evil others, but also the tendencies towards control and coercision within ourselves, as well as structures of society that promote authoritarian control. If anything, we should fight for regulations on how self-help LGAT workshops can be conducted, especially with regards to long hours, sleep deprivation, breaks for food and bathroom use, and sales pitches for other workshops and products. And also continue to use our critical minds, especially to question people in positions of authority.

I should be clear that this is NOT justification for blaming the victims of James Ray or anyone else in any way whatsoever. Education about LGAT's, cults, and coercive persuasion is still a very important thing to prevent others from being victims of such abuses of power, and I will continue to do everything I can to educate others so that we can stop James Ray and other abusive guru types.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - Byron Katie, psychological warfare
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 25, 2009 01:49PM

some links from []

James Arthur Ray Mass head shaving pics @ Spiritual Warrior '07 []

Intense James Arthur Ray job description for Sales Person/"Certified Harmonic Wealth® Coach" NO Salary-Just Commission []

James Arthur Ray's 1996 website: []

James Arthur Ray's website archive - alpha index of links from 1996 - []

Online archive of James Arthur Ray's website since 1996 []

James Arthur Ray's 2001 MLM Network Marketing Business Quiz []

James Arthur Ray's Participant Guide for the 2009 Spiritual Warrior retreat [] re: sweat lodge deaths sedona.

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James Arthur Ray - Angel Valley WAIVER / RELEASE OF LIABILITY
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 25, 2009 02:24PM

Angel Valley Release for the James Ray event []

Page 14

Angel Valley
Ministries and Spiritual Center
13513 Angel Valley Road, Sedona, AZ 86336


Based upon our Philosophy and Mission Statements, Angel Valley has created the following policy:
We believe that we are all creators of our own reality. Therefore, we ask that you sign this waiver and declare that you take full and complete
responsibility for all your creations while at Angel Valley. If you have any questions, please ask for our Philosophy and Mission Statements.

I, _________________________________________ (print name), agree to abide at all times by the rules, regulations and instructions of and related to Angel Valley
Ministries, Angel Valley Spiritual Center and any other person or entity having an ownership interest in the Angel Valley Properties, Sedona, AZ 86336, along with any
of their employees, agents, officers, directors, staff, volunteers and other parties (including any unaffiliated event planners or organizers) or agents acting by or through
any of them, and any of their successors, heirs, executors and administrators (hereinafter "Angel Valley Parties"), whether in writing or verbal, including but not limited to those provided below. I hereby further affirm and agree to the following:

I agree to waive, release, indemnify and hold harmless and forever release and discharge each of the Angel Valley Parties for any and all claims, demands,
injuries, damages, actions or causes of action, suits, obligations, debts, judgments, remedies, or liabilities of any nature, and from all acts of negligence arising
as a result of, or otherwise in connection with or related to, my stay and participation at Angel Valley, any activities on the Angel Valley properties, or any
activities incidental thereto, wherever, whenever or however the same may occur, which may be made by me, my successors, family, estate, executors, heirs or

I agree that the Angel Valley Parties shall not be responsible for any bodily and or physical/mental injury suffered by me as well as loss/theft of property
during my stay at Angel Valley for any reason whatsoever including participation in activities (on and off the premises), using equipment or receiving services
and treatments, including, without limitation, ordinary negligence on the part of any Angel Valley Party.

I understand that no Angel Valley Party is making any evaluation or recommendation regarding the treatment of any medical condition or my physical or
mental fitness for any program or activity. It is my sole responsibility to consult with a physician to determine if any of these medical condition(s) exist, if my
physical fitness is sufficient and whether such condition(s) pose a direct threat to my health and safety or to the health and safety of others.

I understand that no Angel Valley Party is making any guarantees or representations regarding the results of my voluntary stay at Angel Valley or participation
in any programs directly or indirectly related to Angel Valley, the premises or any Angel Valley Party.

I agree to be vigilant and to take full and complete responsibility for my safety and welfare by, among other things, always using a flashlight at night, by
walking at all times only upon designated paths and trails, and by inspecting my accommodation for, and avoiding as necessary, any animals, insects or reptiles
etc., by using caution when crossing Oak Creek on foot bridges, and by engaging in swimming and water activities only with proper caution and/or

I agree to be responsible for my actions at all times on the Angel Valley properties and in my interactions with Angel Valley Parties. I agree that I assume
risks by entering on the Angel Valley properties and by engaging in any activity with any of the Angel Valley Parties. I acknowledge the receipt of
consideration for effecting this waiver, release and acceptance.

This Waiver, Release of Liability and My Acceptance of Responsibility shall be a continuing waiver, release and my acceptance, applicable to all future
activities and programs, and shall continue to be in full force and effect and applicable to any future visit to the Angel Valley properties and to any future
involvement with any Angel Valley Party of any kind or nature.
I affirm that I have carefully read, fully understand and agree to the contents of this Waiver/Release of Liability and My Acceptance of Responsibility form.
Other than the date, printed name, and signature, providing the other information requested below is optional. You will not receive mailings or other
correspondence from Angel Valley unless you specifically request it and your name will never be sold or given to any other parties.
Date: ____________________________________
Print Name here: ________________________________________________ Signature: ____________________________________________________________ _
Street: _________________________________________ City: _____________________________ State: _____________________ Zip: _______________________
Phone: (____) _________________________________ Cell: (____) _________________________ E-mail: ________________________________________________
How did you hear about us?_______________________________________________ Do you want to receive updates and newsletters? Yes: ______ No: ______
Purpose for visit: _____________________________________________________________________________Individual Day Visit or Retreat: ________________
Group Retreat: _____ Group Name: _______________________________________________________Dates of Retreat: ____________________________

Spiritual Warrior Release, Waiver of Liability,
Assumption of Risk, Indemnity Agreement and Disclaimer


In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Spiritual Warrior event (the “Event”) and being granted
access to the premises where the Event will be conducted, and for other good and valuable consideration, I
agree to release, waive and discharge James Ray International, Inc. (the “Company”), its principals, directors,
shareholders, employees, agents, promoters, independent contractors, sponsors, volunteer assistants, associated
coaches, and others associated with the Company, or any of them (the “Releasees”), from all liability to the
undersigned for any loss or damage, and any claim or demands therefore on account of injury to the
undersigned’s person (whether physical, emotional, psychological or otherwise) or property or resulting in death,
whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise, relating to the Event, whether sustained during
the Event or not.
I am fully aware and understand that I will be given the opportunity by the Company to participate in physical,
emotional and other activities during the Event, some of which may take place outdoors and/or require the
participants to be isolated from one another and/or include very loud music. These activities may include
physical exercise (e.g., hiking, swimming, yoga, team games), Holotropic Breathwork (a psychotherapeutic
approach believed to allow access to non-ordinary states of consciousness), a sweat lodge ceremony (a
ceremonial sauna involving tight, enclosed spaces and intense temperatures), and/or a Vision Quest (a multi-
day, solitary, personal and spiritual quest in the wilderness without food or water) (the “Activities”). I am fully
aware that I may suffer physical, emotional, financial or other injury during any of the Activities and there is and
can be no assurance or guarantee regarding my health or safety in connection with my participation in the
Activities. I understand that (1) there are inherent risks in the Activities; (2) people may have been seriously
injured by participating in the Activities; and (3) if I voluntarily choose to participate in the Activities, there is a
risk that I may receive injuries requiring medical attention. I fully understand and acknowledge that there is no
requirement whatsoever that I participate in the Activities. If I do choose to participate in any of the Activities, I
affirm that I have not been nor will I be coerced or persuaded in any way to do so and I assume full
responsibility for and risk of any injury sustained in connection with the Activities, whether caused by the
negligence of Releasees or otherwise.
I also understand that the Company does not purport to offer any medical, psychological, therapeutic, religious,
or other professional advice at the Event and that the information provided at the Event is not a substitute for
professional psychological or psychiatric care. I agree that under no circumstances shall Releasees be liable to
me based on my use or misuse of and/or reliance on any information provided to me at the Event. And I
assume full responsibility for and risk of any injury whether personal, financial or otherwise that I might incur
based on such use, misuse and/or reliance thereon.
Similarly, I understand and acknowledge that meals may be served at irregular and varying times and that Event
hours are long and may last from approximately 8:00 a.m. to midnight or later. I also understand and
acknowledge that the temperature indoors and outdoors may vary from very cool to balmy and I assume
responsibility to dress in a manner that can be adapted to the temperature as necessary for my comfort. I also
understand and acknowledge that smoking areas may not be available on the premises of the Event.
I further understand that I may have the opportunity during the Event to engage in discussions regarding
products, businesses or business opportunities with other attendees. I acknowledge that any decision to engage
in a business relationship with an attendee, or with a person or entity in any way relating to my association with
an attendee, is entirely my own choice. Accordingly, I assume full responsibility for any loss, whether financial or
otherwise, that I might incur as a result of any such relationship.

I expressly agree in no event shall the Releasees be liable to me, whether the claim be in tort, contract or
otherwise for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages (even if the
Releasees have been advised of the possibility of such damages).
I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Releasees and each of them from any loss, liability, damage or cost
they may incur due to my participation in the Event or in any way related to my presence on the premises of the
Event, whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise.
I agree not to record by audio, video, photographic or any other means, any portion of the Event. I also
understand that all information and materials provided in connection with the Event, including but not limited to
workbooks and other written materials, trademarks, logos, graphics and images (the “Materials”), are the
copyrighted works and other forms of intellectual property of the Company. I understand and agree that I will
not use the information or Materials provided at the Event for any purpose other than for my personal use and
benefit. I understand and agree that I may not distribute, transmit, display or broadcast in any manner the
information or Materials for any purpose.
I further expressly agree that this agreement is to be governed by the law of the State of California, without
regard to conflicts of law doctrines, and the release, waiver of liability, assumption of risk, indemnity and
disclaimer provided herein are intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the law of the State of
California and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall continue in full legal
force and effect.
I acknowledge that I have been given the opportunity by the Company to ask questions regarding any aspect of
this Release, Waiver, Assumption of Risk, Indemnity Agreement and Disclaimer. By signing below, I
acknowledge that I have carefully and completely read and fully understand all aspects of this agreement and
voluntarily agree to all of the terms and conditions stated in this document and that in doing so I have not relied
upon any oral representations, statements or inducement apart from statements made expressly herein.

Participant’s Name (Printed)
Witness’s Name (Printed)
Participant’s Signature
Witness’s Signature
Witness’s statement: I was present and observed
the above person read and sign this form.
Name of Event:
Spiritual Warrior
Date of Event: October 3-8, 2009
Location of Event:
Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center
13513 Angel Valley Road, Sedona, AZ 86336

Publicity Release Form
In consideration for the opportunity to participate in and appear at this James Ray International production (the
“Production”), the undersigned (“Participant”) does hereby grant to James Ray International and its affiliated
companies, successors, licensees, distributors and assigns (“JRI”), the unrestricted right to fix Participant’s image,
participation and/or performance, as it appears in the Production, in whole or in part, by any means or method;
and to use Participant’s name, voice, image and/or likeness as it appears in the Event, by any means, in any
form, content or medium, including, without limitation, television, radio, internet, wireless, podcasting, theatrical
and home distribution, sound recording, publishing and merchandising, and in order to advertise, promote or
market JRI and its events.
Participant does hereby forever release and discharge JRI, its officers, directors, employees, agents,
representatives, successors, assigns and licensees ( the “Released Parties”), from any and all actual or potential,
known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected claims, causes of action, liabilities and damages based upon or
arising out of any use of Participant’s name, voice, image likeness, or appearance in or in connection with the
advertising, promotion or marketing of JRI and its events, including, without limitation, any and all claims that
Participant has or may have for defamation, invasion of privacy or violation of the right of publicity, notoriety or
any other claims arising out of or relating to any use by JRI of Participant’s name, voice, likeness or appearance.
This release and the legal relations between the parties shall be governed by and construed in accordance with
the laws of the State of California, without regard to conflicts of law doctrine

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