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James Ray, Mankind Project, plastic sweat lodge = brainwashing tent
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 22, 2009 11:12AM

The recent reports actually show that the plastics and tarps used on the roof of the brainwashing tent...uh sweat-lodge, were intentional to create an air-tight seal, for oxygen deprivation to create a false euphoria in people, which they would mistake for a "higher consciousness" and attribute to the Guru.

Because James Ray on other occasions blabs about avoiding toxic "poisons" in the environment, usually to market a cleansing product of course. (one that is probably toxic itself).

Meanwhile, they deliberately cover the overheated brainwashing tent with plastic/tarps.
Technically, the possible toxins from the heated plastic are the least of ones worries, as that might give you lung cancers decades in the future.

Its the severe oxygen deprivation which is far more dangerous.
Organ damage.
Brain damage.

Talk about "toxins", when you get severely dehydrated and overheated, you are damaging your liver and kidneys, which actually filter toxins. So damaging those organs is the most toxic thing you can do. You can die from that.

And what about the people who were "only" injured, and may have suffered some organ damage, and some possible brain damage from the severe oxygen deprivation and over-heating?
What about them in the years ahead? What about their health problems from organ damage?

The authorities said they took samples of all the materials from the roof and structure for testing. And they are checking to find the instructions for the sweat-dome.

This can be the cost of not exercising critical thinking with knowledge of how LGAT seminars operate. With critical thinking, some wackjob Guru tells you to get into his crude overheated brainwashing tent, but first you go and inspect it, inside and out.

You see its designed to create an air-tight seal, so you tell the Guru to open some holes in the roof to create a draft. He says no.
Then you say if he does not make the structure safe with ventilation, you are calling the fire department from 911.
Oh that's right, the Guru has taken your phone.

Then you go to one of the Guru's goon staffers, and tell them to give you your phone in 10 seconds. Or even better, you pull your phone out of your pocket, as you kept your phone and ID, as you don't hand stuff like that over to LGAT guru's.
Then you walk to the lodge and call the fire department from 911, that some aggressive Guru is pushing 60 people into a fire-trap and unsafe building structure.
They get there quick, and shut the thing down.

Or if there is not time for that, you tear the structure down yourself, or rip 5 holes through the roof.

With training in wilderness survival, critical thinking, and LGAT seminars, you can spot what the Guru is doing in minutes, and take action to stop it.
Many cults will try to physically stand in people's way to coerce them and try to stop them from leaving.

But with proper knowledge and training, you can tell the Guru to get out of your way in 5 seconds, or he will be charged.
Of course, this is why Guru's, spend months breaking down people's will, starving them, lack of sleep, and building up false trust, so they can then have more leverage over the victim.
They also kick out people who stand up to them, and try to groom their followers to do whatever the Guru tells them to do.
That's why they call it Mind-Control.

The public needs about 1000x more training in these areas.

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James Arthur Ray - Byron Katie, cut from the same cloth
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 22, 2009 11:53AM

Some here have taken some heat for being so BLUNT in the language they use.
But blunt, direct, honest language is essential.
These LGAT and cultish groups use language as a weapon, to gently and powerfully shape people's perceptions.
To counteract that, can take a glass of cold water.

This is why the LGAT Gurus like James Ray, and like Byron Katie, are so TERRIFIED of knowledge and critical thinking.
Just even having a small amount of knowledge of the LGAT seminar techniques, can make the difference. The person attending sees with their own eyes...HOLY SHIT THEY ARE DOING THE TECHNIQUES! and that makes a huge difference.

To the trained-eye, James Ray on Oprah was seen to be exactly what he was literally in seconds.

[James Ray exposed Feb 2007]
Oprah has also unleashed 2 more new Age Gurus on the soccer moms of America to be milked like fattened cattle.
Oprah just crowned this sleazy salesman James Ray the new Werner Erhard. There were some horrible complaints about this guy on the Oprah boards, people getting ripped off 10K, and lots of people burning their feet in his "fire-walk" and not being allowed to go to the hospital. This guy is very bad.

(there is a direct correlation with James Ray being on Oprah, and all of those Midwest people being hurt by James Ray. They trusted Ray, as they trust Oprah, and Ray milked the Oprah connection. Oprah should be ashamed for allowing such vicious con-artists on her TV show, just disgraceful, and she doesn't seem to care??)
James Arthur Ray | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Free Resources []

Ray the greasy salesman []

To the trained-eye, James Ray on Oprah was seen to be exactly what he was literally in seconds.
Why? Because he was running basic persuasion patterns he copied from others, and doing them rather poorly.
James Ray is a LGAT guru clone. A mimic. He never had an original idea in his head, he just copied stuff from everyone he could and applied it ruthlessly. He is just very reckless, and pushed it way too far.
But he is not that different from many other LGAT gurus.

His 36 hr fast, same as Byron Katie. His homeless game, same as Byron Katie.
Both of their seminar systems are quite similar in structure.
They both copied it from others, as well as all their others of dozens and hundreds of techniques.
Byron Katie does not have a sweat-lodge, but she has a Turnaround House, and her hotel ballrooms are emotional sweat-lodges with people lying on the floor in pain. What the hell is going on in the Turnaround House for 30 days? Who knows, everyone is signed to gag-orders. Is that going to be in the newspapers in a few years too?

Sadly, these won't be the last lives lost to LGAT seminars. Many lives have been lost.
Usually though, the suicides occur outside the seminar, so it goes unreported, and the LGAT Guru just blames the victim.
And they hush things up with payouts and gag-orders, and make millions in profit.

The public needs to be educated on how it all works.
Then you can see the techniques in seconds. Then you see James Ray on Oprah and in seconds you see he is a manipulative, persuasion pattern-running con-artist, who is just out to line his own pockets and stoke his own sick ego. In seconds, your skin is crawling, just from hearing his manipulative voice run those covert persuasion language patterns he copied verbatim from others. His blank eye stare creeps the hell out of you, as you can see what he is doing.

Too bad there has not yet been time to show how Byron Katie and James Arthur Ray do many many of the exact same techniques on people.

To the RRForum, AC, and Regular Contributors,

My enduring thanks for your efforts, here. You do an enormous service to folks who do internet research before signing up, attending, or buying into LGAT seminars. It was the information available on this forum that prepared me to protect myself at my one LGAT experience; without you, I can't imagine where my credulity would have led me. You don't mince words. Bless you for that.

May these be the lasts lives lost to LGAT gurus.

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James Ray "wears white robes and plays God, ordering...mock suicide"
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 22, 2009 12:56PM

QUOTE [] "She also described a game — enacted again at the retreat this month — in which Mr. Ray wears white robes and plays God, ordering some participants to commit mock suicide."

What really happened to Colleen Conaway? []

James Ray is shown using one of the most vile techniques ever devised. He sets himself up into a Godlike position, done as a "game".
But what it really does psychologically in that extreme LGAT environment of indoctrination, is it starts to create a TRANSFERENCE inside people's psyches. Their religion and "god" button starts to get pushed, and then projected onto James Ray, and linked to him.

Many other LGAT guru's do the same thing in different ways, some by just talking about "God" and associating it with themselves indirectly or directly with stories, and metaphors, and other strategies of covert persuasion, explained elsewhere. They know how to get their followers to perceive them like they are divine. They engineer it into them, and its not that hard to do. People in NLP based persuasion know exactly how to do it, right down to create those associations in peoples minds.

James Ray modified it, to trick others to instantly obey his commands and orders without thinking.
He then escalated it into commanding them to "die" to take it as far as possible.
That is done to condition a deep automatic belief "program" inside the followers psyche on an unconscious level to OBEY James Ray's commands without thinking in life or death situations.
That is probably why they didn't rip that death-lodge down, or get-out until it was almost too late.

That is what happened to Colleen Conaway. Whether or not it can or will be proven is up to the powers that be.


QUOTE [] "She also described a game — enacted again at the retreat this month — in which Mr. Ray wears white robes and plays God, ordering some participants to commit mock suicide."

QUOTE: [] "Day Two the sleep deprivation has begun - but that by itself is not enough of a warning to foresee this tragedy. The real warning signs begin with the James Ray Games. One of the brave and recovering victims described a game they all had to play in which James Ray played God. Yep, you read that right; James Ray cast himself in the role of God and would then command participants to die. He would point at someone and they would have to fall down and play dead. They would be covered with a blanket and if they moved another person would "die".

QUOTE: [] "In one game, guru James Arthur Ray even played God."

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James Arthur Ray, Better Business Bureau complaints for NO REFUNDS
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 23, 2009 04:14AM

A article from San Diego is out, and they talk about the San Diego "act homeless" manipulation that James Ray does.
But why did they not even mention that Colleen Conaway died from a "suicide" while doing the same seminar in San Diego?

The writer of the article Tanya Mannes and her editors, need to be informed about Colleen Conaway, directly and in the comments to this article.
Tanya Mannes email-phone contact page:

And how can an "article" simply print a bunch of unproven and unchallenged "testimonials" by followers of a New Age guru, some of who could actually be on his paid staff? That is how these LGAT salesmen get rich, using bogus "testimonials" from shills to advertise.

Time for some activism.
Its an outrageous omission not even to mention that Colleen Conaway died on the same James Ray seminar, in the same city, and to not even quote the police report.

Especially since the same newspaper and website carried the news of the death of Colleen Conaway!!

Woman in fatal Horton Plaza fall identified By Debbi Baker
Colleen Marian Conaway
Debbi Baker email-phone contact page: []


From transcendence to terror: Self-help millionaire has loyal flock, some cynics
By Tanya Mannes
"Not everyone is happy with Ray's self-help techniques. The Better Business Bureau of San Diego County has received seven complaints, all from people who unsuccessfully sought refunds, said BBB President and Chief Executive Sheryl Bilbrey."

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Re: James Arthur Ray - Byron Katie, cut from the same cloth
Posted by: Texas Artist ()
Date: October 23, 2009 04:37AM

This is probably just a one-time post from me but I have followed with great interest all of the information and opinions provided here.

My personal belief system IS one based on 'metaphysical' or new-thought but just as many Christian leaders and organizations have bastardized and profited from the teachings of Jesus; James Arthur Ray has done the same with the spiritual beliefs he professes to follow. Actions always speak louder than words. My spiritual teacher (for free!) always said to use your own discernment and that each person has everything they need within. You just have to do the work on yourself and that if any one guru professes to have all the answers to RUN, not walk!

I went to one of JAR's 'free' introductory seminars a few years ago and while he was very attractive, charming and charismatic, I thought the entire time that everything he was saying was pilfered from many other sources, almost verbatim, including current scientifc books. I realized I wasn't hearing anything new but at the end of the seminar is when the extreme hard sell kicked in. I was shocked by his behavior and felt like he literally changed before my eyes into something else...dark, rabid and ugly. He was red in the face, screaming and very aggresively trying to coerce people into buying into the next step. Of course, I never had any intention of paying for anything and I walked out of there while dozens of people were still lining up to pay for his Quantum Course.

My main reason for posting is that I agree with the comments here indicating that JAR is knowingly using very specific physical and mental brain-washing techniques but I wondered if any of you with this detailed knowledge are able to convey this aspect to the authorities investigating the crime? As mentioned in other posts...the media keeps talking about the negligant aspects of the 'sweat-lodge' itself, etc... but if law enforcement were to investigate the OVERALL intent and tactics of JAR and his associates, wouldn't they be better able to build a comprehensive criminal case? I would hate for the authorities to never have any awareness of the deliberate harmful methods used by JAR and others. Thanks for providing this info and let's all hope that justice is served.

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Re: James Arthur Ray, Better Business Bureau complaints for NO REFUNDS
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 23, 2009 04:58AM

Its interesting that the public comments to the same article from the above post are more insightful than the article.
Many comments about how this sounds like Werner Erhard EST and Landmark, and using the words scam artist, crook, thief, cult, and everything else. Its very much like Werner Erhard, just modernized with a lot of things added to it.

Unfortunately, the public comments also usually attack the victims too, as they are not aware of the tactics being used on them.

But the news media can be incredibly useless in these areas at times, no research being done, no insight.

Time for some activism, to let those "reporters" report on the known facts of the death of Colleen Conaway.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: Oerlikon ()
Date: October 23, 2009 06:13AM

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(James Ray) Self-Help Doesn't Help—And Often Hurts By STEVE SALERNO
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 23, 2009 12:09PM

"Steve Salerno explains how the recent deaths at a retreat held by guru James Ray should remind us that self-help is not benign." -

________________QUOTE EXCERPT________________________
Self-Help Doesn't Help—And Often Hurts


"While many Americans are skeptical of the claims of the self-help industry, their attitude can be summed up as follows: "OK, we all know this is a silly and sometimes expensive exercise in navel-gazing. But really, where's the harm?"

Fewer people are asking that question since the grim news from Sedona, Ariz., on Oct. 8. This week, another death was announced, bringing the total to three fatalities and 18 hospitalizations resulting from a sweat-lodge ritual led by self-help guru James Arthur Ray. [...]
This is not the first time that self-help tactics have gone awry. In fact, this isn't even Mr. Ray's first brush with tragedy. This past July, Colleen Conaway leaped to her death during one of Mr. Ray's success seminars in San Diego, where attendees were subjected to the mind games that are routine in these events, which are all about stripping away the defenses and leaving people highly suggestible...[con't]

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Re: (James Ray) Self-Help Doesn't Help—And Often Hurts By STEVE SALERNO
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 23, 2009 12:52PM

(CNN reporter kicked out of James Ray seminar)

"It was then that I introduced myself as a reporter with CNN and asked him how he could justify touring from city to city, earning money, not two weeks after three people had died in a sweat lodge he organized.
He told me that the event was not a press conference, and I kept repeating my question asking why he hadn’t spoken with anyone about these issues. I was then asked by security to get up, and was escorted out of the ballroom never getting an answer."


RW Renfrew (Twitter) []

ABC15 News: More chilling revelations from inside James Arthur Ray sweat lodge []

James Arthur Ray 's bizarre homeless game [] Same as in Colleen Conaway case

Another survivor's harrowing tale of James Arthur Ray 's sadistic fake sweat lodge []

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: S_Byers666 ()
Date: October 23, 2009 07:13PM


Charging to attend the sweat lodge in the first place, Arneson says, is considered sacrilege.

"To charge someone for these ceremonies is the worst thing in the world as far as Native Americans are concerned," said Arneson.


Re: the James Ray deaths; I emailed as many organisers of sweatlodges experiences that I could find in Europe. ALL without exception charge for the event - NONE bothered to reply.

Says it all really: in the New Age scene NO-ONE really cares for traditions or participants; only that they PAY for the experiences or workshops.



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