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Re: Cade Metz, Register, NYT, Wikipedia rigging, Jimmy Wales, Reese Jones
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 20, 2009 06:53AM

There is another thread parodying the NYT article promoting OneTaste.
Ironically, bawdy comments are far more "honest" than the sanitized, misleading and dishonest marketing of OneTaste.

But even people joking around clue into the fact that the NYT deliberately promoted the nonsense that OneTaste is a "commune" when its NOT a commune. Its a corporation, for making money for Daedone and her business partner.

The writers of this NYT PR-piece, Patricia Leigh Brown and Carol Pogash, should be ashamed of themselves, that would not get past a kid writing in a high school paper. Why would they write such a piece of uncritical advertising for OneTaste?

money talks, and bs walks, as they say on the street...

Posted... on March 16, 2009

"The reporter missed the boat on the story when she didn't follow up her line on page 2 that Crittenden "resisted offers to pursue further courses (for a fee)" with the obvious question about how much money Daedone is raking in from these "fees".

I'd also be interested to see if belonging to this commune - which usually means members share everything including income - is contingent on paying a fee, turning over their paychecks every week or turning over their entire life savings to Daedone.

The answer to the money questions is the difference between a sort of school and a cult - a pretty important distinction for a so-called "news" paper to miss."

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Victor Baranco, OneTaste, sexual Operant conditioning experiments
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 20, 2009 02:59PM

another aspect of this goes back to Victor Baranco and his "sexual experiments" and "research" on human subjects.
It is now proven, that human sexuality involves a very high amount of brain plasticity. (neuroplasticity).
That is, human behavior and emotions around sexuality can be conditioned with behavioral conditioning, to a very great degree. (this is how extreme sexual festishes are formed, for example)

So this systematic sexual conditioning being done at OneTaste, is extremely powerful.
This is basic Operant Conditioning [] as well as emotional and cognitive reinforcement, with OneTaste's other programs.

What is a greater Operant Conditioning pleasure/pain reinforcement that the pleasure response of the human orgasm?
Why are young females being targeted for the daily sexual Operant Conditioning, (Oming) in regards to their sexual orgasmic response?
Which new behaviors/emotions are being engineered into them, and why?
Does any reasonable person think that young people, or older people, who have their pants down in a group, and are being stimulated sexually to orgasm on the clock, are thinking about what is really happening to them psychologically?

Its a type of live-human guinea-pig experiment, and classical behavioral conditioning.
But its not without a purpose.
Victor Baranco, and others, had a purpose in mind. And the purpose is not sexual freedom, or emotional freedom. Its more like a form of sexual regimentation and subjugation, and even Systematic Desensitization of the sexual response [] which is EXTREMELY POWERFUL.

What OneTaste is doing, is sexual Operant Conditioning, and Systematic Desensitization of the human sexual response, not even mentioning the other psychological tactics, and group social psychology at play. They sell it as sensual sensitization, but its more along the lines of sexual Systematic Desensitization, the polar opposite.
These are extremely powerful systems they are manipulating. Most people don't realize that numerous sexual fetishes, for example, can be engineered into people with behavioral repetition, which is what the OneTaste OMing is all about.

Its a crazy world we live in, where almost no one appears to think about anything.
Except those who are designing and controlling the social systems, they do the thinking and very careful planning, like when they design their sexual operant conditioning systems, like OneTaste OMing.

Do people realize the damage and havoc that can be done on people, by daily repetition of this type of systematic conditioning of their sexual-emotional "limbic" systems? Almost anything could be engineered into the subjects over a period of time.
Where is the reputable and registered psychologists who are looking over this "sexual experiment" to make sure vulnerable people aren't being exploited or hurt?

hmm, that MAY explain the interest in this "project" and the confluence in the complexity of the "interests" of the senior financier in this social design, live human sexual-social experiment.
but where is the full disclosure?
If they want to do these live-human experiments on human sexuality, why then try to lure people into it with slick advertising, and make a buck off it?

How many sane people would want THEIR child, THEIR naive 18 year old "adult" getting brought into this type of social-sexual research project, like a lab-rat?
Its a crying shame some people play PR advertising mind-games, and not just come out and talk honestly about what their actual intentions are in this "technical experiment" with live-human subjects.

Reese Jones’s Summary
..."Synthetic Biology Applications, Evolutionary Theory, Culture and Ethics. Innovation History, Definitive Stories, Policy, Media Development, and Wikinomics. Human lifestyle optimization and high density urban living sustainability. Connected community living. Astrobiology theory, public education, & international public policy. Infinite game theory and evolution."

It is often a good idea when someone who is not in a one on one committed relationship to you,but is extremely keen on getting you to break down your sexual boundaries "for your own good" to figure out, exactly what is in it for them?

Have found in the past that if you ever feel like someone is trying to push you further than you want to go, it is often a good idea to say "No".
And then see if their approval/friendship or flattery is only based on whether you do what they want, or not.

And with any group that is involved in pushing sexual boundaries, it is often a good idea to ask certain questions.
1)What if someone gets pregnant? Has this happened in the past? Who provides child support and a father figure for the child? Do pregnant women stay in the group, or are they the made to leave?
2)Who checks group members for sexually transmitted diseases? And remember, if you weren't checked by the group for STD's or AIDS, then probably no one else was checked by them either.
3) What is the groups' attitude towards children ? Are they tolerated, or loved? What kind of schooling do they get? Who protects the children against other adults being inappropriate? Do parents get to raise their own children, or do other people correct the parents/tell them what to do?
(By the way, studies have shown that generally biological parents are kinder and more supportive of their children than other people who try to raise them.Even step parents, generally, are statistically more likely to be abusive towards a child than their biological parents.)

Have ran out of questions for now, but these might be things to think about.

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Cade Metz, NYT, Wikipedia rigging, Jimmy Wales, Reese Jones,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 21, 2009 06:28AM

Each day they add a few more misleading promotional statements, and even actual lies to the OneTaste wikipedia promotional advertisement. []
For example, trying to distance themselves from Victor Baranco, when Robert Kandell has been proven to have said Nicole Daedone studied Victor Baranco for 7 years. Now they are trying to pretend that never happened. That is called a lie, in the world of reality.

Senior Wikipedia Admin bias?
Get this...some Wikipedia Admin has allowed the removal the overall notice that the wikipedia OneTaste article does not have enough references, and is biased! That used to be there, now it is gone. Who allowed that?

Why is the OneTaste group allowed by the senior Wikipedia Admins to take over their wikipedia article, and to post advertising for their business and sect, and even allowed to post false-statements?
The wikipedia Admins are allowing many many PROMOTIONAL statements to be posted in the OneTaste article, without ANY references, by unregistered people. For example, look at the "Cost of Courses" area, there is not ONE single reference. Nothing. Zippo. Its pure advertising, with no references.

And they are allowing objective posts WITH proper references to be removed, by unregistered people, unchallenged.

OneTaste is small right now, but they are obviously moving to go national, and now they have the venture capital to do so, by their friend/financier Reese Jones? Or is he an investor, or what?
Notice what the NYT article it just said about Reese Jones:

"Now she lives with Mr. Jones, her boyfriend, a braniac who sold a
computer software company he founded, Netopia, to Motorola for $208
million, and makes financial resources available to One Taste,
including helping to buy a retreat in Stinson Beach, Calif."

What does that mean, "makes financial resources available to One Taste".
Is Reese Jones the investor? Does he own OneTaste by now?
Or is he just "giving" them money? How can you "give" money to a company? Is it a loan, an investment?
Is he a mere sugardaddy, or an investor, or a hands-on manager, strategist, or participant in OneTaste?

Thank goodness for the Bigshots of this world, that the NYT doesn't ask any real questions...
(you won't see that quote, or ANY quote about Reese Jones in Wikipedia...wonder why?)
as they say, money talks, and thus bullshit walks...

What's up with this multimillionaire "brainiac" behind OneTaste, who seems to see this as some type of live-human social-sexual experiment. To what end?

Cade Metz, more Wikipedia rigging, San Francisco,The Register?

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Reese Jones, VC, venture capital, Punctuative!, Matt Winn, VCDB,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 21, 2009 08:38AM

a link to Reese Jones,
from Punctuative! Venture Capital Database VCDB, by Matt Winn, Chrysalis Ventures, Venture Capital & Private Equity.

"Rarely is VC mentioned in this context: “Reese Jones, a venture capitalist-slash-geek-slash Ms. Daedone’s boyfriend, likens orgasmic meditation to massage.”

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cu
Posted by: karenb ()
Date: March 28, 2009 04:05PM

Anticult, I really appreciate the hard work you've done documenting the wikipedia abuse.

But you need to chill about One Taste being poised to go national and sexually brainwash the youth of America. This will never happen. They're all going to give each other finger herpes and the place is probably crawling with scabies and bedbugs. Physical reality will always be a curb on this kind of thing. You just can't go sticking your hands into multiple people's privates like they do. There will be consequences and they will be visibly grody.

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cu
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 29, 2009 03:59AM

uh, karenb:

Why would you so openly misread what I have said? Have you read any of the thread, or just a couple of posts? Glib superficialities are not the solution, they are the problem.

I never said anything about the youth of america being sexually brainwashed. That is ridiculous and stupid.
I said the exact opposite, that consenting adults, when properly informed, what they do is their own business.

Its about the numerous cultic techniques they are using on people, especially some younger people, many of them taken from people like Victor Baranco, and the consequences of intensive 24/7 conditioning in the human nervous system.
That is not conjecture, that is a fact.

As far as going national, that is the STATED INTENT of OneTaste and Daedone. THEY SAID IT, over and over, many times.
That was not as serious a proposition, until they secured the "personal services" of a global Venture Capitalist with possibly hundreds of millions, and access to unlimited amounts of money, and who has run many national and international organizations.

There are national articles being places by PR companies, appearances on mainstream radio, like Oprah radio, there appear to be books coming out, and numerous other ventures in the works.

There is no curb on powerful cultic techniques, unlimited amounts of capital, and highly intelligent managers behind the scenes. They will adapt and modify their approach until it gets the result they want.

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Re: Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cult
Posted by: helpme2times ()
Date: April 01, 2009 06:04AM

There's an article about OneTaste in today's New York Post. Unfortunately it's completely uncritical. What's with journalists these days?

[[url=]Touch-and-Go Situation[/url]]

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Re: Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cult
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 01, 2009 07:10AM

It seems what has happened, is due to the structure of these companies now, there are almost no journalists on staff, very few.
They seem to have a pay-to-print policy worked out.

Someone like OneTaste or Reese Jones, etc, hires a big PR company, and they design an article, and they somehow get the paper to print it.
Maybe they even pay to have it printed.
Or, at least they deliver the article 99% finished, so the "journalist" can change word or two, and have an instant article.
They also run freebie stories for companies who have advertising contracts.

Its the same in TV. In TV, various companies deliver pre-packaged "news" stories about a new car or product, shot, edited, and with a narration script written, for free to the local TV network.
Then they just read the script.
So they get a free "news" story, which is in fact an advertisement.
You see those all the time.

So it appears to be the same in print.
They give them a pre-written story from a PR agency with contacts, or even pay somehow to run the story.
There were lots of "Vegas" stories like this recently. Who knows, maybe people get brown-envelopes too.

but since newspapers aren't making any money anymore, its most likely it just a pay-to-print scheme.
Article advertising.

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Re: Nicole Daedone, OneTaste - cult, HAI, Human Awareness Institute
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 01, 2009 07:35AM

also, they are trying to turn Nicole Daedone into some type of national sex Guru, with this new PR offensive, apparently there is a book coming out.

One assumes at least half of the book will be about all the things she learned studying Victor Baranco's methods for 7 years? No?

Ironically, these sex groups seem to represent themselves as being more "honest" than society.
But the reality of what goes on in these sex groups, is NEVER honestly communicated, they always sugar-coat it in their PR, with misleading representations.

Here is a new post from someone who attended the HAI Human Awareness Institute workshops, which are very similar.
Its really about sexual grooming and desensitization.
Its important that people have the courage to tell the truth openly, and know the facts of what is going on.
People have a RIGHT to know what they are getting into, before they are in these INTENSIVE group-pressured environments.


..."Level 2 caused a lot of damage to me. It took me a couple of weeks of serious introspective thinking to figure out everything and process what happened there. At this point, I started to question everything, and I started to back away.

I'm now convinced that people who attend are being groomed for group sexual activity. Each thing you do is specifically calculated to make each successive thing seem "normal" and easier to do. There is ALWAYS subtle pressure to conform to what the group is doing.

The "walk in the garden" at Level 2 was a monumental disaster. That's the one where the group splits by gender, and sits with some interns of the other gender. They look at the nude interns, and ask questions about genitalia and everything that comes to mind. I remember asking the one male intern why he had a scar on his penis (from a piercing he'd removed), and other women asked other questions. At the same time, the male participants were at the other end with female interns.

Then the group got together. First the men all got down on sheets on the floor, lying nude for the women to "inspect" and touch if they chose. I've never been the type of person who had issues with a penis, and seeing a bunch of nude men didn't bother me. But walking by and inspecting and touching seemed rather.... rude and presumptuous even if they invited it. I do know I got sort of freaked out, and ran back to our interns (I was friendly with one so I was at least comfortable with him). Then came the hard part... when the WOMEN inserted a plastic speculum for the men to inspect them.

Do you have ANY idea how very invasive this is?? asking any woman to allow this is sickening. Now add to this the FACT that a large number of participants have been sexually abused and/or raped in the past. The entire workshop to this point has concentrated on making these invasions seem to be normal, and the women (for the most part) participated - even though their minds (in some cases) were screaming NO. They did it because they felt like they weren't normal if they said no!! I know. I was one of them.
I do recall that when the men were being asked questions by the women... my question was "How many of you men will refuse to date a woman simply due to her weight, even though she is 100% attractive in EVERY other way?" About 6 or 8 men including a couple of interns raised their hands. I sort of grunted, and then asked... "now how many of you are lying??" Because we knew they were. The workshop had shown that the thinner, younger, more attractive looking women were sought after as partners for exercises.

The main thing that bothers me most, though, is the secrecy. There are MARRIED people going to these workshops without their spouses. Then they participate in these sexual activities and keep their spouses completely in the dark. That is completely unacceptable.

What happens at HAI stays at HAI. Yeah... the next thing you know, you find out someone's been cheating on you to the tune of $575 per weekend, with encouragement by others and a facilitator.

They use the soft repetitive music for a reason. MANY of the facilitators are licensed hypnotherapists. Doesn't THAT sound suspicious? it should."

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Re: Nicole Daedone, OneTaste, Reese Jones,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 02, 2009 01:39PM

a very strange link, no idea if the posted PUBLIC information is accurate.
It also lists the same name, as owning over 300 other domains?

the name Reese Jones also comes up as Registrant for:

(nice work, New York Times. how can someone who says they just give an organization some money, be listed as Registrant/Admin/Tech for their company website domains? Who owns the actual companies? oops, that's right, don't ask, don't tell...the code of the modern newspaper writer. All the PR that's fit to print, if the price is right).

Domain Name: ONETASTE.US

Registrar URL (registration services):
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registrant ID: 39711170
Registrant Name: Reese Jones
Registrant City: San Francisco
Registrant State/Province: CA
Registrant Postal Code: 94133
Registrant Country: United States
Administrative Contact ID: 39711170
Administrative Contact Name: Reese Jones
Billing Contact ID: 39711170
Billing Contact Name: Reese Jones
Technical Contact ID: 39711170
Technical Contact Name: Reese Jones
Domain Registration Date: Fri Feb 16 06:54:41 GMT 2007
Domain Expiration Date: Mon Feb 15 23:59:59 GMT 2010
Domain Last Updated Date: Thu Dec 11 22:13:41 GMT 2008


Whois Record

Created On:20-Apr-2007 02:34:18 UTC
Last Updated On:19-Jun-2007 20:47:50 UTC
Expiration Date:20-Apr-2010 02:34:18 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions
Registrant Name:Reese Jones
Registrant Organization:
Registrant City:San Francisco
Registrant State/Province:CA
Registrant Postal Code:94133
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Email:
Admin ID:C10729790-LRMS
Admin Name:Reese Jones
Billing ID:C10729790-LRMS
Billing Name:Reese Jones
Billing Organization:
Tech ID:C10729790-LRMS
Tech Name:Reese Jones
Tech Organization:

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