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Re: Nicole Daedone, sex-cult, OneTaste SF and Reese Jones?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 24, 2008 02:16PM

It would be interesting for some folks in SF to do some research on whether or not, or to what extent Reese Jones may or may not be involved in financing OneTaste. Anyone out there have any info either way?

for example, a journalist could look into the leases related to OneTaste, the Folsom Street SF site, warehouse and adjacent spaces where massages are offered, spaces around the Blue Chalk Cafe, various condos and warehouse space by the SF mint, and things along those lines.

Its a FACT, stated in Robert Kandell's former public blog, that there is some sort of secret Mr. Moneybags person, who is financing and is behind OneTaste,on its way to becoming a national/international retreat, product line, etc. They need serious venture capital for that kind of expansion.

The name Reese Jones comes up in an old Esalen list, but is that the same person? (it may be a different person, but if its the same person, the psychedelics is a link to Victor Baranco).
1994-5: two conferences entitled "The Pacific Symposium on Psychedelic Drugs"

There is also a Landmark Forum connection with one of the senior managers at OneTaste. Who is paying her salary?
How much money is flowing into OneTaste this year...a million? Less, more?
The deep connections with Landmark Education LGAT and OneTaste are very troubling indeed, many connections there.

Also, people should be very cautious about the "massages" are offered by OneTaste, that serves as a primary avenue of recruitment. Very clever.

There is also talk that Nicole Daedone's book has gone down the crapper too. Even extensive rewrites down at the Lake Tahoe retreat didn't work. But that is not surprising, if you hear her speak, its all a bunch of Victor Baranco junk from the 1970's...complete gibberish. The only thing really going on is the cultish sex stuff that Baranco used on people.

But the people who are going to get really screwed are the True Believers. They are going to be the ones who are forced to pay the piper, and who are being "experimented" on with all of these techniques of group persuasion they are using. They will be divided into an In-Group, and an Out-Group, divide and conquer. One can only imagine the shit that is going down behind closed doors over there.
The younger people in the OneTaste Youth groups need to EDUCATE THEMSELVES in the techniques of group persuasion and dynamics, which OneTaste has down to a science. Folks, they have studied this stuff for DECADES, they are doing specific TECHNIQUES, most of which can be identified with some research. Its not magic, they are specific methods, going back to the sex-cults of Victor Baranco, and the elegant term, MindFucking.

But these bigtime multimillionaire moneybag people should be very cautious about this type of thing. Getting mixed up into an alleged "sex-cult" is a very dangerous thing. Things can go very bad, and the national media will jump on it.
For example, a middle-aged senior male in the "sex-cult group", could have a compulsive sexual disorder, NPD, and behave like a predator with young women, for example in a NYC youth group. There is some very predatory and creepy stuff being alluded to in the open, what is happening in secret?
Then what happens when a complaint gets filed?
That could be very serious trouble for the moneybag people...

What gives OneTaste such a foul taste, is the fact they are so incredibly deceptive, always covering up the past, and also using all of these culty techniques on their own people, and the drive for profits over people. The entire thing stinks to high hell.

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Nicole Daedone, sex cult, OneTaste SF, internet CENSORSHIP and lies?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 25, 2008 05:07AM

There is a previous link in which Robert Kandell stated that Nicole Daedone had studied under Victor Baranco for 7 years. Since that info was linked to, that has also been removed from the internet!
CENSORED!! (by Robert Kandell, he deleted everything at Tribe since it was linked to, what else has been censored?)
according to Robert Kandell...
"She has spent the last seven years devoting her energy to the work of Dr. Victor Baranco, founder of More University".

Why are OneTaste so intent on scrubbing the internet for any of their links to Victor Baranco?
Why the need to deceive the public?
Why are they so afraid of the truth at OneTaste?

another thing, is that Nicole Daedone has a bunch of YouTube vids, here is one supposedly about tantra.

YouTube - OneTasteā„¢ - Beyond Tantra Pt. 1
The founder of OneTasteā„¢ Urban Retreat Center, Nicole Daedone

What is really interesting about this, is that Nicole betrays her real agenda. She states that on some level, everything is true.
That is the same old excuse everyone of these LGAT folks use, so that they can lie their asses off right to your face. According to them, on some level everything is true, so there is no such thing as a lie. Very convenient.
Of course, in the real world, there is such a thing as lying, at work, in personal and love life, in perjury for which you go to jail.
Also, in philosophy, there is also such a thing as lying, of course. Something are more accurate than others, and thus more true. That is what science, and critical thinking are all about.

But this is why the OneTaste people have no problem just fabricating stuff, and denying what is really going on, and basically lying their asses off.

Also Daedone in that video, wants people to believe she was some type of celibate, and then met some guy, who, not exaggerating, got her to pull down her pants as he non-judgementally admired her labia, or however the story goes, at the YouTube link above.
Now, of course, that is not "true". Its a "story", and it has a point. Its her schtick.
But that sounds like a Victor Baranco women, convince them to let you have a look under the hood in record time.

Free sex is one thing, cultic manipulation techniques and outright deception are something else completely.
The teenagers who are getting into the OneTaste youth groups need to be made aware that things are not as they seem, there is a lot more going on. There are many highly refined cultic techniques being used on everyday terms, there is some very serious MindFucking going on around there.

Even after just a quick review of Daedone and Kandell, one would have to be a fool to believe anything they say. It all has to be verified first. That is where blatant lying and deceit gets you, no one believes a word you say, nor should they.

Gotta love these people who believe there is no such thing as lying. Usually, people who lie all the time believe that. Go figure.

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: Guruphobiac ()
Date: December 25, 2008 01:15PM

It's the same old utopian enlightenment promise, in a sexualized form. Get and stay high all the time, transcend the pain and boredom of everyday non-enlightened human life, glorify the ego by focusing on one's "experience."

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 26, 2008 12:06AM

Another article from the Heartless Bitches International site.

It reviews an article by a self proclaimed 'Seduction King' that was published in 1997 in Studio.

According to the HBI review, this upstanding citizen went so far as to mention his techniques.


Thus, it is a warning to all, especially young persons, that feelings of love, and even ecstacy, can be produced by someone who does NOT love you or see you as a person at all, but merely sees you as a project, but has the skill to handle human bodies in such a way as to generate ecstacy and emotional bonding in the subject, without the ability to reciprocate your emotions.

Your ecstacy (eg 'your experience') is NO guarantee that your feelings of love are being reciprocated by the person who is handling you. That is why they love to harp that all that matters is 'experience'.


It is so horrible to face that someone who gave you ecstacy turned out to be heartless that some can never face this and will deny it.

Read the social history of the 18th century amongst the aristocracy and those who aspired to be aristocratic.

(today, we aspire, not to be 'gallant' or aristocratic, but to be 'highly evolved.' Same ego driven agenda, but different words and ideology used to gussy it up)

The novel, Dangerous Liasons by de Laclos, describes this.

Interestingly the sexual use and chilling exploitation of young people is orchestrated by a vengeful noblewoman who uses her 'male accomplice and former 'lover', Valmont to act out the intrigues.

In the Malkovich film, we see how this is done. Valmont persuades the innocent young girl he has targeted to keep secrets from her own mother--who could have warned her.

The film gives us an 18th century version of the same wretched stuff being done today--only the rationalizing ideologies are different.

Key thing--get a person to do things they are ashamed to ever confide to her family.

One engaged in affairs, not from love, though one professed love at the time, as part of the role play--but for social aggrandizement.

Lord Chesterfield, in Letters to His Son, pressured his son to have love affairs in Paris so as to complete his education as a man of the world.

(The young man refused. He was already married, and loyal, to a woman below his social class and kept that a secret from his father.)

And in his own diaries, James Boswell (1740-1795) when travelling in Italy, as a young man, had his fill of prostitutes, but was determined, as part of his Grand Tour, to get at least one Italian countess into bed with him--it was part of the Grand Tour, part of what one was supposed to do.

Ego aggradizement, with women as the targets.

And, then there was Casanova, who gave his name to the whole process.

He, and the men like him, presented as lovers but were, covertly collectors, or worse yet, statisticians.

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cu
Posted by: Rogue ()
Date: December 26, 2008 02:11AM

I know a young woman who said she lives part time at OneTaste. Sex or OM's or anything similar was never mentioned. She mentioned group discussion seminars only. She has no idea that I did some background reading on the group.

I really do not understand all this and don't know if she is actually allowing random men to "stroke" her as if its no big deal. Not something I really want to hear about especially since I want to maintain my current high level of respect for her. Also, I worry about her safety.

It is somewhat disturbing to picture horny deviant sexually starved finger-banging beta males groping on a pimped model citizen from a good family. But here we are. Sooner or later, some real man from the outside is going to feel justified in busting up that place.

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Victor Baranco, Nicole Daedone, One Taste, Enlightenment for Sale
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 26, 2008 09:59AM

yes, its the same old salespitch, that someone can teach you to stay high all the time, and end all your suffering, this time with the eternal orgasmatron.
Nicole Daedone in that video, says that she was disappointed that each time the enlightenment "high" didn't last, and she can teach you how to make it last...for a price.

One hopes people realize this is utter nonsense. Its a complete fraud, and Daedone knows that, as her life is no bed of roses. Why not just be HONEST about life, how about that? Why all the BS?
That is the same salespitch as Byron Katie, that she says she can end your suffering. They all say that. The claim is to give you less pain, and more pleasure. Sales 101.

Sometimes people who are Bipolar Manic-Depressive, swing from extreme highs to wrist-slashing lows, and those folks should seek some help. But the idea that one can live in an erotic Orgasmic state all the time, is just dumb. Its ridiculous, and damaging.
There is a healthy give and take in life, which most people understand. Its ok to be happy, sad, grumpy, tired, and every other human emotion in its natural form.

Sadly, people with problems with depression, often fall for this salespitch of...BUY MY STUFF AND I CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY ALL THE TIME, and END YOUR PAIN.
Its a fraud. As a matter of fact, the desire to be happy all the time will make you miserable!

That is all Victor Baranco stuff, just like the group mutual masturbation stuff. Why did Baranco get people to do this OM masturbation thing like clockwork? Well, its very crude but effective behavioral conditioning. You do that group OM-diddly stuff several times a day, and eventually things are going to happen, but not what they tell you.
Soon, it will become "boring" and people will want to reach for a new kick, and that draws them in deeper into the group. Also, it desensitizes normal healthy sexual boundaries, which is what Baranco wanted to do to people.

People have to be very CAREFUL with sexual desensitization and fetishizing.
In the Dr. Norman Doidge book on neuroplasticity, []
he explains in great detail how one needs to be careful with sexual exposure, due to the how the brain adapts. He has a lot of disturbing research about that in that book.
But who is one to listen to, professional sexual experts who are licensed, or Nicole Daedone & Co, spouting culty junk from Victor Baranco designed to mess up your sexuality and reshape it how they want it to be?

Also, the SECRECY around OneTaste is growing. They are getting criticized, so now they are starting to hide more and more things. Even live-in members seem to be getting coached not to tell people what is really going on in there. There really is a ton of lying going on.

Also, OneTaste isn't just a little local sex-group getting picked on. This group appears to have a serious financier pouring a fortune into it, possibly a million dollars this year alone, trying to make it go national and international. Hey, sex sells, everyone knows that.
But by coincidence, they seem to have been caught somewhat with their pants down, so to speak, in their expansion phase.

Notice how no OneTaste members are defending OneTaste, or even trying to explain it? That is strange, and it must be that they were advised not to do so. More Groupthink setting in.

The most important thing is to dissect and explain the specific techniques OneTaste is using on the younger people who are most vulnerable to persuasion and manipulation.
Maybe their moneybags financier will get cold feet, and pull the plug. Once the money is gone, it will be OneToast.

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 26, 2008 11:03PM

It is impossible to stay high all the time.


Because feeling high happens when a nice burst of the right neurotransmitters saturate your body.

Eventually those neurotransmitters get depleted.

What comes up, must go down.

A feeling of confidence (often equated with enlightenment) cannot last, either.

You feel confident only in relation to whatever situation you are in.

And, life being what it is that situation will CHANGE.

(eg you are gonna get old)

The kind of hypertropied confidence that is so often equated with enlightenment doesnt last unless you've got the resources to hyper--control/micromanage the social setting you're in so that everyone behaves predictably around you, as extensions of yourself.

And..that aint healthy.

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Re: Victor Baranco, Nicole Daedone, OneTaste, BDSM, Craiglist SF ads
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 27, 2008 12:46AM

OneTaste is doing ads on Craigslist for courses in Jan 2009.
Notice how someone from OneTaste NYC wrote in Wikipedia that OneTaste is based on nominal fees for "members"? An utter deliberate bald-faced lie. Why don't the "honest" OneTaste people correct that?
They are running ads for the 5 day program, that cost $1200 for members, and that does NOT appear to include accomodations. They want to get you to stay at their Residence!! This is pure indoctrination.


"The OneTaste Intimacy Intensive with Nicole Daedone costs $1200 for members and $1500 for non-members. Accommodations can be arranged at the OneTaste Residence."

Also, notice the Landmark style LGAT enlightenment for sale-cultyspeak in the text below.
So...they say Nicole is soft and loving, one wonders why they don't talk about the BDSM seminars she is also connected with? What's up with the MindGames?

Also, who is going to have $1500 to blow for a 5 day sex-seminar? A young female or male? No way.
Or is that targeting older employed persons with disposable income looking for some action?

Note there was a critical Craigslist posting about OneTaste that has been removed!
The goal of the class is to recruit you into Daedone's philosophy. The people who run the courses are not skilled, can be downright harmful and aggressive...

CRAIGSLIST San Francisco AD excerpt
Date: 2008-12-18, 1:48PM PST

January 2009 Intimacy Intensive with Nicole Daedone in San Francisco. This five day program will have you filled with turn on and connected to all of humanity and life.

Nicole's teaching is soft, tender and loving. She inquires into people's experience throughout the program and monitors their progress. She offers adjustments that call out your perfection and greatness. Nicole participates in most every experience she offers. It is like taking a trip into what she loves, what she holds dear and what she continues to aspire towards. At times, she'll be a student by your side, at times she'll lead you through.

The trips around the Bay Area will be ongoing surprises. Each experience designed to open your heart more. As one participant in the previous immersion program put it, "At one point, my heart just flooded and I could not escape the love that flooded through my heart, body and soul. I found my unconditional love for myself and others. Even in areas where I could not imagine it existed."

You will be invited to each experience, but nothing is required. Sitting and walking meditation is offered throughout the retreat, times to quiet mind and body. This allows for a soft opening. Nothing is jarring, nothing is radical, yet the effects are enormous. Your true nature emerges from within with no forcing from the environment.

A past participant says, "My mind and body experienced an awakening to the divine."

The OneTaste Intimacy Intensive with Nicole Daedone costs $1200 for members and $1500 for non-members. Accommodations can be arranged at the OneTaste Residence.

For more information or to sign up contact members***

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Nicole Daedone, OneTaste, Stinson Beach House, who's paying the lease?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 27, 2008 01:06AM

In an older blog posting, Robert Kandell said a... "generous friend rented the Stinson house again"...
That post has now been removed from Google, and may have even been removed from his private blog, if anyone of his subscribers wants to check on that.

These OneTaste folks are doing some serious internet scrubbing of inconvenient facts that must be suppressed.

Can anyone confirm or deny that this link below, is the OneTaste Stinson Beach house?
That's being paid for by the "generous friend" of OneTaste?

Stinson Beach, CA
$33,846 per month

Does the guy paying the lease, name rhyme with lease?

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Re: Nicole Daedone, OneTaste, Reese Jones, just friends?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 27, 2008 01:51AM

There are also some links at this site, Mobissimo.
It looks like Reese Jones is Nicole's one and only MobiFriend. Press PEOPLE.

Nicole Daedone and Reese Jones

Same with Kandell and Reese

Reese Jones and Robert Kandell

Reese Jones Nicole Daedone

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