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Re: Victor Baranco, Nicole Daedone, OneTaste, Wikipedia bias, Reese Jones?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 15, 2009 03:23AM

and the OneTaste folks, are trying to do some other sneaky things on Wikipedia.

There are 2 articles...where much of the deleted content from the main OneTaste article has been placed.

Orgasmic Meditation []
Slow Sex Movement []

Notice how Nicole Daedone's name and OneTaste is slipped alongside other "big names" in preparation to try to launch her as a media sexpert.

This reminds one of the recent tactic in political circles...
Where they secretly "leak" info to the NYT. Then you go on TV and claim the article which has info you secretly leaked as a "reference". So you create your own references.

Its similar in that sense. You get your buddies and friends in the media in San Fran to do some friendly "articles" on you and your group, and use PR companies to get a couple of other friendly articles.
Then you use those articles as supposed "references" when it fact you created them yourself.

The new media landscape of self-promotion. Very clever stuff.

The next step is to hire a known documentary maker, to make a PR "doc" about your group.
It works even better if the documentary maker, is business partners, with your business partners. Keep it all in the family.
(stay tuned)

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Re: Victor Baranco, Nicole Daedone, OneTaste, Wikipedia bias, Reese Jones?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 09, 2009 11:54AM

Fascinating how Reese Jones bio at Singularity University, states he actually is connected with Wikipedia.
As shown in this thread, Wikipedia does NOT have an entry on Reese Jones, which is outrageous, as he is a huge player in that industry.
So he appears to be just unfamous enough with the general public, for a wikipedia entry under his name to somehow NOT be allowed, to keep away the nosy public.
(one might speculate on some type of inside influence on wikipedia?)
That could be tested again, by someone again trying to open up a wikipedia entry on Reese Jones, detailing his career from his bios, and showing his financing of OneTaste, as quoted in the NYT.

Also Wikipedia has also shown incredible bias in its treatment of one of Reese Jones associations, One Taste, the sex-group run by his reported girlfriend Nicole Daedone.
The wikipedia OneTaste entry has eliminated the name Reese Jones many times. Who is doing that? []

Its interesting that the Reese Jones bio for Singularity University doesn't mention the involvement with OneTaste? Go figure.

The massive Google profile also doesn't list One Taste.
Go figure, massive Google profile controlled by the writer, while Wikipedia has blocked an entry?

Reese Jones
Singularity University
Reese Jones has >25 years in innovation, entrepreneurship and academia. As a venture strategist Reese has engaged in a dozen company’s innovation, start up, financing, development, IPO and acquisitions including Netopia, Farallon, Convergence, C-Core, Mediabolic, Jobvite, SpeakSoft, Roc2Loc, RCDb; also Venture Partnerships including Accel, August, Telesoft, Current Group LLP, Definitive Partners, and others. Reese has academic experience in biophysics and brain research at UC Berkeley, LBL, and UCSF. Based in San Francisco, Jones supports open source public education via UC Berkeley, Wikipedia, Chabot Space Science Center and is an Associate Founder and active Trustee of Singularity University. With interests in astrobiology, electronic life, internet evolution, phones as synapses, network theory, bio-social dynamics and global policy; more can be found via []

Reese Jones
Venture Capital Strategy
San Francisco, CA

Phones = synapses > computers + internet + life (bio/chem/electric)

Phones: There are >3.5 billion phones online with >4 billion people using them for voice calls, text message, camera, & entertainment -- but also shopping & stories, including books, movies, magazines, music, spoken word, twitter and newspapers that are being written and "read" on Phones. Your phone becomes your ID, key, memory, wallet, entertainment & connection to others. Phones & internet become the nervous system of our species including sensors, memory, & simulation (forecast & intuition).

The New Yorker, an icon of abstract text literary prose (paper, subscription & ad monetized): June 2009 print edition cover art was created on a Phone (not with a camera or text, but was finger painted simply on a phone). [] then a piece on the evolution of genes, memes and consciousness of humans [] and global activity over time from a perspective []

Words related to Reese Jones: Berkeley, biophysics, patents, phones, broadband, 2600, computer twisted pair networks, voice, sound in computers, internet, media networks, limbic networks, LAN, PET, MRI, fMRI, PhoneNET, Ethernet, 802., 10BaseT, MacRecorder, Soundedit, Timbuktu, Farallon, BMUG, EFF, Tax, inet, Netopia, Proxim, BaseT, Broadband, WiFi, Picocell, Femtocell, sensor mesh, smart grid, smarter power grid, wires, wireless, MoCA, cellular sensor networks, biological networks, limbic connection, quorum sensing, limbic networks, voice internet, memes, electronic life, SpeakSoft, 411, 118, kgb, RCDb, Blu-Ray Magic, BD-Live, Chabot, astrobiology, space science, NASA NEO asteroid UN treaty, synthetic biology, synthetic theology, innovation, forecast, entrepreneur, start up, VC, Accel, August, Telesoft, Sequoia, Liberty, Current Group, CCV, brand, design, media, venture capital, strategy, Stanford, UCSF, QB3, CITRIS, Brain Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, PET, fMRI, [11C]methionine, NMR, Brain Research, Definitive Stories, Wikipedia, associate founder board trustee Singularity University, open source, creative commons, internet archive & open source public education

If you're looking form my dad he's: Reese T Jones MD Professor of psychiatry at UCSF researching human self neuro-psycho-pharmacology. Or you're looking for the famous golf course designer that's Rees Jones or perhaps you're looking for the driver of Princess Diana's car that's Trevor Reese-Jones.

Where I grew up
Belvedere, CA

Places I've lived
Berkeley; Stinson Beach; Provence, France; Tahoe; Squaw Valley; Silicon Valley; San Francisco

Companies I've worked for
Netopia; Farallon; Current Group LLP; Roc2Loc; LiveBooks; SpeakSoft; Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL, LBNL); Chabot Space Science Center; BMUG; UCSF; Smaato; Mediabolic; Brightstar; Definitive Stories; UC Berkeley; Singularity University

Schools I've attended
UC Berkeley

Other names
ReeseJones1, r1d1

Something I still can't find on Google
Limbic connection quorum consenus

My superpower
Theory + Practice

Theoretical biophysics, limbic networks, voice internet, phones

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 19, 2009 03:28AM

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: Fran221 ()
Date: November 19, 2009 07:13AM

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse, Marc Beneteau, Trellis House
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 19, 2009 12:09PM

It appears that the same Trellis House that was run by Marc Beneteau [] who posted in this very forum has been shut down by the authorites []

His wife Rebekah Beneteau is mentioned in the article.

Here is Marc Beneteau running his Victor Baranco apologetics and deceptive tactics. []

Notice how Marc Beneteau was directly identified for what he was doing, and challenged right here in this forum about what was going on, and gave the typical deceptive responses that can trick many people.
Many of these destructive groups try to market themselves with the "soft-sell".

ManKind Group "elders" do the same thing.That's how they think...misdirect.
Mankind project deception []

Its a fatal mistake to fall for the soft deceptive presentation these groups and their leaders give.

Even in the article, they are still trying to run their Victor Baranco mind-game.
QUOTE: "have a charity program where we collect surplus food from Wegmans and Paneras and we give it out on street corners in Norristown". []

That is the EXACT SAME TACTIC used by Victor Baranco, they literally "use" people in need as a type of marketing device.
If they REALLY wanted to help feed hungry local people, then just anonymously donate food and money to the local food bank.
But NO, they want to go and turn it into advertising and STREET RECRUITING, exactly like Victor Baranco, who literally used homeless people as bargaining chips. Literally, read the press from the era in this thread.
They also used sex as a recruiting device.

Who else is doing the same thing?
OneTaste by Nicole Daedone, with their so-called "Fill-Up America" which is also openly USING those in need for their own purposes, which they learned from Victor Baranco and Morehouse.
another exact similarity.
One Taste has a non-profit called "Fill Up America".
Morehouse has a non-profit called "Turn On To America".

The names both sound like names created by Vic Baranco. They both are double entendre's as well, typical to Vic Baranco.
Trellis House by Marc Beneteau was trying to use similar tactics.

One year ago it was asked if Trellis House had the proper permits.
November 01, 2008 "One has to wonder, do these other offshoots like OneTaste and Trellis House have the proper permits for group living for profit, zoning laws, etc? That is what seems to have started the problems for Victor Baranco."

The entire thing stinks to high heaven. And how long before OneTaste also hits the papers?
Seem there is about a 3 year lag from being analyzed in this forum, until it hits the news.
James Arthur Ray was pointed out 3 years ago as being very dangerous. []
Byron Katie will hit the news one day, once it gets bad enough.
Byron Katie and "The Work" Participant Reports []

They always try to dupe and deceive people with a soft-sell and "gentle debate". That's how they find their Marks.

Officials shut down ‘boarding house’

Monday, November 16, 2009

Times Herald Staff

NORRISTOWN — Municipal officials are closing down a self-described “intentional community” in the 1600 block of DeKalb Street that occupied a single-family home.

A neighbor called code enforcement nearly two weeks ago to complain that a family was running an illegal rooming house in the Residental A zone, said Jayne Musonye, the Director of Planning.

An inspection by code enforcement officer Debbie Van Allen on Nov. 4 confirmed the complaint, Musonye said.

On Nov. 5, the owners of the home filled out a “use and registration” form as a first step toward requesting a zoning variance from the Zoning Hearing Board to operate the rooming house.

“Rooming houses are not permitted in that district,” Musonye said, “and we told them they had to seek a zoning variance. They have 30 days to apply to the zoning board.”

Musonye said six individuals unrelated to the family were living at the home last week.

They included a mother-daughter family, two single men and a couple, said one of the owners.

The family has two children.

“We are running an intentional community on the 1600 block of Dekalb that is called Trellis House,” said the other owner. “We are a 501(C)3. Our goal is to provide services to the community and to be a force for good in the community. We have a charity program where we collect surplus food from Wegmans and Paneras and we give it out on street corners in Norristown.”

The owner said municipal officials “came on Monday and told us we had to vacate all non-family members. We are doing that. We consider this is extremely harsh to vacate a whole house in four days.”

Musonye said code enforcement had notified the family on Tuesday that all unrelated tenants had to move out by Friday. The family will be allowed to remain in the home.

An inspection of the home by code enforcement officers was conducted on Friday afternoon.

“It’s our understanding they were running a boarding house,” said Joseph Januzelli, the municipal code enforcement manager. “There were multiple, unrelated tenants in the building.”

Rebekah Beneteau said the family had decided, following the inspection, they were returning to being a nuclear family and would not pursue a variance for a rooming house from the zoning hearing board.

“We vacated all of our tenants and people we considered extended family so code enforcement said that we were in compliance,” Beneteau said.


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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse, Marc Beneteau, Trellis House
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 19, 2009 12:51PM

[excerpts for educational research and analysis]
[excerpts for educational research and analysis]

About Us

Trellis House was purchased in February 2007 after a year of dreaming and searching by Marc and Rebekah Beneteau. Rebekah had been living for 5 years, and Marc 3 years, in the Yonkers Morehouse, and we both had taken a lot of courses with the Lafayette Morehouse (previously More University). The experience of living in the communal environment of Morehouse, and the courses, had inspired and fundamentally transformed both our relationship to each other and our world views, and led us into a kind of agreement, intimacy and enjoyable synergy that neither of us had experienced before in any kind of sexual or romantic partnership. ...

Since our founding, we have developed partnerships, and produce courses for, a number of schools of spiritual and social development, in addition to Morehouse (see our Partner's page). We continue to have a deep respect and appreciation for the lifestyle that was pioneered by the Lafayette Morehouse, and for the teachings of the late Victor Baranco, founder of Morehouse, in the areas of group living, sensuality, and communication. We live to the best of our understanding by the viewpoints and zest for life embodied by Vic and his wife Cindy Baranco, and we continue to study with, grow and learn from the Lafayette Morehouse.

Rebekah Beneteau

Rebekah is a coach and energy healer, whose passion is to empower her clients in the areas of relationships, sensuality, spirtuality, and professional fulfillment. She has worked as a waitress and restaurant manager, real-estate writer, stand-up comedian, clown, and most recently, office manager of a synagogue. ...
While studying energy healing at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 1996, she was introduced to the Yonkers Morehouse and started attending Mark Groups. That summer, she began taking courses with Lafayette Morehouse, an adventure that continues to this day. In 2001 she moved into the Yonkers Morehouse along with her daughters and then-husband. The husband left, but Rebekah felt she had discovered “the only way I want to live for the rest of my life.” An ordained non-denominational minister, Rebekah feels The Trellis Community is a ministry of love, fun and companionship. Her favorite things to do in life are sex, sitting around laughing with friends, singing, dancing, and working with groups and individuals to see “their lights go on, their passion get plugged in.” She is still active in her Professional Energy Healing Practice. Her primary mentors and inspiration come from Victor and Cindy Baranco of Lafayette Morehouse, Jerry Jud and Shalom Mountain, A Course in Miracles, Esther Hicks/Abraham, Conversations with God, Twelve Step programs and Barbara Brennan.

Marc Beneteau

Marc started his communal living experience in a student housing co-operative in college. This house was the place where the best parties happened and the most interesting conversations were to be had - and his fundamental communal needs and instincts have changed very little over the years. His greatest turn-on nowadays is still those magical moments of deeper contact and understanding with people, whether it be a passing nod of friendship and complicity with a stranger, or an all-night merging of hearts and minds in a conversation in which time stops.
Marc runs Trellis House and works as a freelance Internet marketing & social media consultant and Lifestyle Design Coach. He is connected with / inspired by a wide range of human potentials and "new culture" movements, including the Lafayette Morehouse, Saniel Bonder / Waking Down in Mutuality, the Essential Experience Workshop, Pachamama Alliance, Shalom Mountain Retreat Center, Quakers, ZEGG / Network For a New Culture, David Deida / Tantra Sexuality, Ecology / Sustainability, Voluntary Simplicity, Non Violent Communication (NVC), Evolutionary Spirituality, Landmark Education, and others. ....

Mark Groups - Trellis House
Mark Groups
A Mark Group is an evening of social conversation games, designed for meeting people and having fun. Participants can get to know people from many walks of life in a relatively short time, within a safe and controlled environment.
Mark Groups are an opportunity to "know and be known" in a deeper way than in your typical cocktail party. They run the gamut from fun and light-hearted, to hilarious, to quiet and deeply intimate. A Mark Group is an enjoyable evening of surprising intimacy for less than the price of a movie and popcorn!
Mark Groups are scheduled regularly at Trellis and at other hosts throughout the city.

Cuddle Party - Trellis House []. Location: Trellis House, 16** Dekalb St, Norristown PA

Residential Program - Trellis House
Residential Program
After you have experienced Mark Groups, and/or courses and other gatherings, you may decide you want to try out living with us! We provide the opportunity to do this in a course called "A Taste of Trellis", which is a 12-day intensive in which you reside in our one-no-vote communal environment and get to experience the ins and outs of communal living. The course allows you to evalute our lifestyle for yourself and explore / experiment with your participation. This course is a prerequisite to living in our community house, however, above and beyond that, it is a stand-alone learning experience of living in a group, responsible hedonism, and conscious creation of your life.
For more information please write or call us.

Essential Experience Workshop - Trellis House
From Thursday, 14 May 2009 - 19:00
To Sunday, 17 May 2009 - 22:00
Essential Experience Workshop (

EE is a 3 1/2 day (Thursday night through Sunday night) transformational workshop. Some of us will be attending and others will be on team. This is an extremely rich environment for exploring and creating your life, I hope you will join us. It's also a home-based Philadelphia group so the opportunities for networking and community-building after the workshop are very real. The write up from the website below.

The workshop offers a safe place to explore feelings and experiment with changes in attitude and behavior. ...
After The Workshop
The Workshop is primarily a beginning. After graduation, the real work of making and sustaining lasting change begins in earnest. This ongoing work requires ongoing support.
While each graduate creates support in his or her own way, a number of structures have been created by the hundreds of people who have graduated from the workshop in Philadelphia since 1989. Each workshop goup meets for a reunion following the workshop, and many groups have continued to meet thereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do residents pay rent?
No. Residents pay tuition for a residential educational experience on group living, relationships, communication, and conscious creation of your life. Lodging is included in the tuition amount, which is currently $600.

Do you miss your privacy?
When we want our privacy, we put a sign on our door that says "Later Please," which is an inviolable request. The gift of living with a group is that you only have to be alone when you want to. A major premise of our lives together is that everyone is perfect, including the potential for change. In our experience, one's needs for privacy change when they live in an atmosphere of non-judgement.

What are the requirements for living at Trellis?
The main requirement for living here is a desire to have fun and to serve others. Beyond that, we require potential new residents to take our 12-day residential intensive course, and to commit to taking at least one Morehouse course in the upcoming year. To actually move-in and become a full community member, you must receive a "yes vote" from all all residents, which happens towards the end of your trial.

What is your governing structure?
Our governing structure is the "One No Vote," in which any member of the community can block any proposed new action, forever. The "One No Vote" is very rarely invoked, its purpose is mainly to ensure ongoing conversation on important issues. We believe that a win-win exists for every issue, and that "there is only one appetite" (meaning that everyone in a conversation tends to converge towards the same goal when the conversation is handled lovingly and respectfully by all).

Is the house under communal ownership?
Not currently, although that is a goal we are moving towards. The house is currently owned by the "Housemothers," Marc and Rebekah.

What is your connection to the Lafayette Morehouse?
The Lafayette Morehouse originated the concept of One No Vote and has greatly inspired our lifestyle. Although we have tremendous respect for what they have done and continue to do, we do not have any formal affiliation. We are students of their material, have produced courses for them in the past and probably will in the future.


Are you polyamorous?
No. However, we do respect people's right to enjoy whatever types of relationships bring them pleasure, within the law and within common-sense responsibility and ethics.

What charitable activities are you involved in?
We are involved in "food gleaning" (recycling surplus food from stores to those in need) and are building a transitional housing program. Our registered 501(c)3 charity, which is called the Stone Soup Collective, accepts donations for these purposes. We do charitable work because we believe that unselfish giving is a wonderful source of fun and personal transformation.


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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cu
Posted by: lessthanzero ()
Date: November 19, 2009 02:46PM

This might be of interest. On my way to work today I noticed that the One Taste building had a big old For Sale sign on the side of it.



Two different prices- have they had to come down?

This is my first post- I came hear over a year ago to read about Landmark, then stumbled onto this thread. I had experience with the One taste people years ago- an outside company was using their space for a series of classes. That was the only time that company used their space. I know I wasn't the only person who complained about the resident "hosts!"

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 19, 2009 11:59PM

If bored, do a Google search on evolutionary spirituality.

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cu
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 20, 2009 05:11PM

Anyone know who ACTUALLY owns that OneTaste building on Folsom Street?
Where are they moving to?

They had some health code violations
024 (Ready-To-Eat-Food) Food Contact surfaces not cleaned/sanitized
Violation descriptions:
024 Ready-To-Eat-Food - Exposed to Possible Contamination from Raw Meats/Poultry/Fish/Eggs All food shall be manufactured, produced, prepared, packed, served so as to be pure, free from contamination, adulteration and spoilage. All food must be stored in an approved facility.
Read more: []

This might be of interest. On my way to work today I noticed that the One Taste building had a big old For Sale sign on the side of it.



Two different prices- have they had to come down?

This is my first post- I came hear over a year ago to read about Landmark, then stumbled onto this thread. I had experience with the One taste people years ago- an outside company was using their space for a series of classes. That was the only time that company used their space. I know I wasn't the only person who complained about the resident "hosts!"

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Posted by: allysonwyenn ()
Date: May 03, 2010 08:31AM

I was a part of this organization for many years. I have not been involved since 2006.

I have made peace with my experience there and the organization.

Allyson Wyenn

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