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Re: Victor Baranco, Nicole Daedone, One Taste, sex cult marketing
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 19, 2011 07:41PM

And of course, to counter the negative reviews of One Taste, One Taste is shilling reviews on sites like Yelp [] with their own people, and people directed/suggested to write there.

You can see the pattern.
The so-called reviewer says something like:

...a friend invited me, I knew nothing about it, everyone was friendly not creepy, they are not a cult, there was no orgy, its all about women's sexuality...slow sex....and Nicole was a genius...some come on down young women, don't worry about all those warnings from others, you are safe...and I don't know anything about OneTaste, but come on down on Wednesday nights, here the address, number, website, shill, shill, shill, shill....its all about women's trust us...I mean them...

Just direct standard techniques. Bait & switch.
Its about the sales pitch to women, and young women. They marketing and advertise to women, because that is what drives the business.
And like all LGAT's, they offer regular free-talks, to get people into the tent. Then the expert persuaders start their work on people. They get the names, numbers, email, and follow-up. They don't start with extreme behaviors, they start with TALKING, and then its all taken one step at a time, the build it up with grooming over weeks and months.

One sorta hoped OneTaste would have gone under, but it seems to have gotten worse. They are becoming more subtle, and even more deceptive.
The real reviews of OneTaste are less than 3 Stars, which they are trying to bury.

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Reese Jones, Nicole Daedone, One Taste, sex cult marketing
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 19, 2011 08:07PM

Interesting, that again, still, Wikipedia seems to be edited to take out the name of Nicole Daedone's (powerful, connected, wealthy, internet mogul) partner?
Even wikipedia lists the numerous problems with the article, which is just an advertisement for One Taste, constantly manipulated by those in the group.


Search Google for:

"reese jones" "one taste"
"reese jones" "nicole daedone"

A recent version of the article had this text removed...even though the NYT had carried those details.
Quote: "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"OneTaste is a coed live-in commune and for-profit business dedicated to female orgasm, that promotes greater personal awareness and interpersonal connectivity through the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and Slow Sex. One Taste receives support though financial resources provided by venture capitalist Reese Jones, a founder of Netopia."

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Re: Nicole Daedone, One Taste, sex marketing
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 19, 2011 08:34PM

There is also controversy about a website called:

News Making News directs to

Someone did a WhoIs search here.

For, WHOIS wrote:
Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2001-09-24
Registration Date.... 2001-09-24
Expiry Date.......... 2011-09-24
Organisation Name.... Reese Jones
Organisation Address. POBox 101##
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. Palo Alto
Organisation Address. 94303
Organisation Address. CA
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

Admin Name........... Reese Jones
Admin Address........ POBox 10195
Admin Address........
Admin Address........ Palo Alto
Admin Address........ 94303
Admin Address........ CA
Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
Admin Email..........

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 19, 2011 09:39PM

Thats another thing about any sex group or LGAT--and something for happy graduates to consider.

How can you be sure you were not recorded or your picture taken?

That is something all young people need to be aware of when approached for any of these ventures--the danger of blackmail.

These days it is only too easy for a stranger to photograph you during an intimate moment.

It could compromise your future.

Not something you'd want to have mentioned in your Alumni Newsletter.

You might have to turn down offers of valuable internships in areas requiring security clearances. You'd have to worry about moral turpitude issues if you later discover you want to enter one of the professions, or aim for a career in the military.

If you reach commissioned officer rank and they later learn through pictures or other records that in your youthful years you were in a sex group, you could lose your rank, its retirement benefits and perhaps be punished for having concealed this information.

**Any time someone invites you to one of these things demand that they give you a legally binding document signed dated in writing that you will not be recorded or filmed. That document should stipulate that you are not to be recorded, filmed, and that you are not to be the subject of record keeping, except possibly for matters such as payment of rent, should you decide to move in.

If they drop you like a hot potato after you insist on these docmentary measures to protect your privacy--then thats a sign right there that you dodged a bullet.

If they react by trying to edge you out of the room and away from other potential recruits when you talk loudly about your desire for legal documented guarantees of privacy and no film taking--thats a red hot proof you will have touched a nerve and were right to speak up.

(When embarrassing medical procedures are done, HIPAA regulations protect your privacy and your records, too.)

If they stop pestering you to participate--thats an important sign that you dodged a bullet.

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Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 20, 2011 05:24AM

And in this case, anyone can see that photos of everyone were taken, but just the woman's faces were cropped out of that particular photo.

But like any photo shoot, there would be countless other photos taken, which the photographer holds forever in their computer or website, and can do what they want with. So if the photographer has taken close-ups of the people, then they have that forever on file, and can turn up anywhere.

Even the photographer, calls the One Taste building a "compound".

"portrait of Nicole Daedone shot for 7 x 7's Love and Sex Issue. Sz, make up stylist Meaganne McCandess and I spent the day at the One Taste compound"

Nicole Daedone has her clothes on, and is not in black. She's special, she sits on a stool, and directs the men in group sexual stimulation.
The men's faces are being shown as they follow Daedone's direction.
The women's naked lower bodies are shown, they just cropped out their faces.

If OneTaste is supposed to be about female sexual liberation, then why are only the women's faces cropped out, and their naked lower body parts kept in the advertising photo?
Who is One Taste marketing to, when they are using women naked below with waist, with some very creepy looking men all dressed in black doing something to these women?
Is that marketing to women? Of course not, the photo is marketing to men.
That is simply sex marketing. Its so blatant in that creepy photo for One Taste.

And of course, they get a shill advertising lifestyle article in the local SF paper. Money talks.
The Big O: Nicole Daedone, OneTaste Founder []

They don't ask her why she copied the mechanized techniques of group sexual exploitation and profit-making from Victor Baranco, that is not in the fairy-tale marketing script.
Verbally, they appear to market to women and female orgasm. Of course, that is designed as the same sales pitch as other sects to sell "pleasure".
They need to attract women to the group, or they have nothing.

And like Vegas, if the Madame fills the house with women, then with a little sex marketing, the paying customers will find them.
What One Taste is doing to people, and and who they are selling to, who is paying the real money, is ironically all represented in that one photo. []

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 20, 2011 05:35AM

"Bottom line, it isn't the practice or any of the surface claims. It is the underneath stripping of your connection to yourself and plugging you into the group think that can be dangerous.
If you are at all in doubt about your OneTaste experience, read the book Combating Cult Mind Control. Believe me, it opened my eyes. OneTaste techniques are on every page. "

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Nicole Daedone, "Reese Jones" is still expunged from Wikipedia.
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 20, 2011 06:14AM

And amazingly, "Reese Jones" is still expunged from Wikipedia.

He's listed as a trustee for Singularity University, but no page about this powerful silicon valley internet entrepreneur.

Is Reese Jones really such a non-notable nobody that Wikipedia finds him irrelevant?

Guess its useful to be a possible buddy or possible investor with Jimbo Wales at Wikipedia, and have buddies at Wikipedia to censor your name, so the little people can't have a chance to accumulate info documented and referenced on your activities. (like the NYT)

Its better to only allow the info at sites that can be totally controlled.
Its beyond laughable that a Wikipedia page about this notable internet silicon valley multimillionaire has been managed to be blocked.
At the very very very bottom of the Linked-In profile for Groups and Association you have []


Imagine that.
Groups and Associations. Wikipedia.

And Wikipedia has blocked, deleted, censored references links about that person, like from the New York Times. Nothing about One Taste, or or anything other than the official story.

How many powerful people are able to keep their own name and activities out of Wikipedia for years on end? Name even one?
That's backroom power, money talks, as they say.
Its utterly amazing they've been able to get away with doing that.

If someone is involved with Wikipedia as a Group and Association, possibly as a venture capitalist with Wikipedia in some way, so then its ok for Wikipedia to block entries on that person, and not disclose it?
Is that how it works?

-------quote excerpt for technical research---------------

Reese Jones

Board Trustee at Singularity University

San Francisco Bay Area
Venture Capital & Private Equity

Reese Jones's Overview


* Board Trustee at Singularity University
* Board at Related Content Database
* Board at liveBooks (Photographers)

* Board at Roc2Loc Inc (Sensor Networks)
* Chairman at SpeakSoft (411 Voice Service)
* Strategist at Current Group (smart grid)
* Board at Rotani Wireless
* Storyteller at Definitive Stories (Media)
* Partner at Definitive Partners
* Board at Chabot Space & Science Center


* Board at Smaato (mobile phone ad platform)
* Board at Jobvite (Recruiting SaaS)
* Founder, Chairman, CEO at Netopia

* Chairman at Mediabolic (CE dlna OS)
* Chairman at CABLE
* CEO 10 years at Farallon PhoneNET & Media


* University of California, Berkeley


500+ connections

* Singularity University Bio
* Facebook Flog
* Google Profile

Reese Jones's Summary

Broadband internet plumbing: Telco, CABLE, Wirelesses, Smarter Power Grid, Carrier Grade Platform Management. Media infrastructure technology (Voice, Data, Video, Photo, Music, Print, Virtual, Distribution, Stream). Human interface monetization (Phone/internet, TV/Blu-ray/internet, Sensor/grid/internet, context transactions, related content & storytelling for Phones). Biometric interfaces and mobile media transactions.
Voice internet, VoiceShopping(tm) & PhoneShopping(tm).

Wireless technologies for mobile transactions, entertainment, health, communications, mobile security, object tracking, mobile cellular, mesh, grid & traffic efficiency. Lawful surveillance, security tracking, profiling, policy, pattern forecasting, and monetization. Power Grid infrastructure modernization (smarter grid for efficiency, communications, reliability, and monitoring).

Synthetic biology applications, evolutionary theory, culture, policy, theology and ethics. Innovation History, Definitive Stories, Media Development, Wikipedia and Wikinomics. Human lifestyle optimization and high density urban living sustainability. Connected community living & theory. Astrobiology, open source public education & international public policy. Infinite game theory and evolution.

Theory, Practice, and Liaison.
Reese Jones's Experience
Board Trustee
Singularity University

Nonprofit; Education Management industry

2009 – Present (2 years)

Singularity University aims to assemble, educate and inspire a cadre of leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies and apply, focus and guide these tools to address humanity’s grand challenges. 501(c)3 non-profit (applied), founded 2008. I'm an associate founder & serve on the SU board of trustees.
Related Content Database

Privately Held; Information Technology and Services industry

December 2008 – Present (2 years 5 months)

The Related Content Database Inc. (RCDb) is a leading provider of services and a software platform for network-connected Blu-ray discs, players and other connected devices. Founded in 2006, RCDb provides fundamental infrastructure, products and services upon which Blu-ray, web services developers and connected TV device manufacturers can rapidly and efficiently build compelling value added services.
liveBooks (Photographers)

Privately Held; Internet industry

December 2007 – Present (3 years 5 months)

liveBooks provides internet software service infrastructures for Professional Photographers & Image Businesses. Board, startup, strategy, lead investor through to Series A $5m VC in 2009.
Roc2Loc Inc (Sensor Networks)

Privately Held; Utilities industry

November 2007 – Present (3 years 6 months)

Wireless sensor network technologies and mobile monitoring services. Easy to configure. Easy to use. Monitors and saves energy for consumers and utilities. Roc2Loc sensor network IP portfolio for timely and personal monitoring can improve efficiency and responsiveness for products and services.
SpeakSoft (411 Voice Service)

Privately Held; Telecommunications industry

June 2007 – Present (3 years 11 months)

SpeakSoft provides voice call flow & transaction technology to phone carrier's services enabling transparent VoiceShopping(tm) for 411 DA callers when travel is requested; worldwide.
Current Group (smart grid)

Privately Held; Utilities industry

2006 – Present (5 years)

Smarter power grid infrastructure upgrade, equipment upgrade, network efficiency monitoring and management, BPL broadband internet services & grid management for power utility companies worldwide. I'm a Partner in CURRENT Group LLP
Rotani Wireless

Privately Held; Consumer Electronics industry

2006 – Present (5 years)

Rotani specializes in the development and design of future generation wireless networking traffic congestion solutions. Rotani’s broad patent portfolio technology solves inference, sustains radio performance and provides network performance required for Online Gaming, Voice over IP, Video Conferencing, Audio/Video streaming and better Data Networking.
Definitive Stories (Media)

Online Media industry

December 2005 – Present (5 years 5 months)

Definitive Stories is a SWAT team partnership that helps tell stories.
Definitive Partners

Venture Capital & Private Equity industry

December 2005 – Present (5 years 5 months)

Definitive Partners accelerates your company's identity & story through business & venture strategy, branding, financing, creative design, service & product refinement, internet media, team building and growth into the next level.
Chabot Space & Science Center

Nonprofit; Museums and Institutions industry

September 2005 – Present (5 years 8 months)

125 Year old non profit institution operating an $80m facility serving >250,000 public education attendees about Space & Science
Smaato (mobile phone ad platform)

Privately Held; Marketing and Advertising industry

December 2005 – December 2008 (3 years 1 month)

Smaato Inc. develops and markets a mobile advertising optimization platform for smart phone in app advertisement's delivery onto mobile phones worldwide. Optimizing ad fill rates by delivering >7 billion phone ads/month from 40+ mobile ad networks to 5000+ registered publishers serving 220+ countries (June 2010). Founding board, strategy, structure, brand, wrote patent app, seed, launch through Series AB VC.
Jobvite (Recruiting SaaS)

Privately Held; Computer Software industry

March 2006 – November 2007 (1 year 9 months)

Jobvite software service is a tool to find the right talent. The only recruitment software platform tied into social networks to match your company's jobs to referral hires. Jobvite is a native SaaS application, built on Web 2.0 technologies. Lead start-up investor financings, strategy, structuring, branding & served board through to a $7m Series A VC
Founder, Chairman, CEO

Public Company; Computer Software industry

1985 – January 2007 (22 years)

Broadband internet service infrastructures for PHONE Companies. Founder - IPO - Acqusition. Internet broadband edge routers for telco DSL/WiFi, and carrier class network services platform management. CEO for first 10 Years (bootstrap financed to over 300 employees), raised VC Capital, US IPO to >$1b market cap, Chariman for 20 years. Public. Netopia NTPA was acquired by Motorola in 2007 for $218m
Mediabolic (CE dlna OS)

Privately Held; Computer Software industry

1999 – 2004 (5 years)

Consumer Electronics product's media operating system's middleware embedded in: TV, PVR, Music, Photo, & Home Entertainment Products (developed "dlna" media OS middleware) Chairman, founding-2004, Raised 2 rounds VC, including Intel investment, Mediabolic acquired by MacroVision in 2007 for $43.5m
Chairman CABLE

Public Company; ARRS; Telecommunications industry

1996 – 1999 (3 years)

Broadband internet service infrastructures and network management systems for CABLE MSO Companies. Chairman, 1996-1999, Strategy & funding through acqusition. Convergence merged with C-COR in 1999 then acquired by Arris ARRS in 2007 for $754m
CEO 10 years
Farallon PhoneNET & Media

Public Company; Computer Software industry

1985 – 1995 (10 years)

Invented twisted pair networking & first sound in computers. US IPO 1996
Reese Jones's Education
University of California, Berkeley

1977 – 1987

Selected as Graduation Speaker: "Biophysics & Bioethics"

Activities and Societies: started BMUG
Reese Jones's Additional Information


* Singularity University Bio
* Facebook Flog
* Google Profile


Theoretial Biology, Synthetic Biology, Global Human Experience, International Policy, Hackers, Education, Boats, Phones, Open Source, Super Grid

Groups and Associations:

ASE NEO Policy, Chabot Space Science Center, Wikipedia, Singularity University

* Aspen Institute Socrates Society logo
Aspen Institute Socrates Society
* Cal Alumni Association | UC Berkeley logo
Cal Alumni Association | UC Berkeley
* Farallon Alumni logo
Farallon Alumni
* Haas/Berkeley Alumni logo
Haas/Berkeley Alumni
* Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Boards logo
Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Boards
* Singularity University logo
Singularity University
* Strategic News Service logo
Strategic News Service
* VLAB logo
* Wikipedia logo


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"Reese Jones" is still expunged from Wikipedia, and involved with it.
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 20, 2011 06:33AM

Well, there you have it.
Since this was brought forward in this thread 2 years ago [] now there is a tiny small print admission that in fact there is a Reese Jones involvement with Wikipedia, in both cases tucked at the bottom of the bio, with a single word.
No explanation, no actual details, just a single word mention, obviously in case it hits the media, then they can say technically the conflict of interest was disclosed.
But of course there are no details whatsoever given.

With a venture capitalist..."SUPPORTS" means money. It doesn't mean a metaphysical emotional support, it means donations, investments, seed capital, and/or time and expertise being used.

So if you are involved somehow with "supporting" Wikipedia as a venture capitalist professional, then you can direct Wikpedia to delete and censor information about you? Is that how Wikipedia public education supposed to work?

Someone should ask Jimbo Wales about Reese Jones on live TV.

QUOTE: (Reese Jones) "He supports public education via the Singularity University, Wikipedia, the Chabot Space Science Center, and UC Berkeley."

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Re: "Reese Jones" is still expunged from Wikipedia, and involved with it.
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 20, 2011 08:03PM

For the record, below is some info that first appeared in this thread, then later in the NYT, and is censored from Wikipedia.

-----------NYT quote-------------
"Reese Jones, a venture capitalist-slash-geek-slash Ms. Daedone’s boyfriend, likens orgasmic meditation to massage.
“It’s a procedure to nourish the limbic system, like yoga or Pilates, with no other strings attached,” he said. “When you go to a massage therapist,” he added, “you don’t take the masseuse to dinner afterward.”
"Now she lives with Mr. Jones, her boyfriend, a braniac who sold a computer software company he founded, Netopia, to Motorola for $208 million, and makes financial resources available to One Taste, including helping to buy a retreat in Stinson Beach, Calif."

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TED, "Reese Jones" is still expunged from Wikipedia
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 20, 2011 08:44PM

Besides the fringe benefits...
...perhaps One Taste is also an extended biological experiment, using humans as the live experimental guinea pigs.

-----------quote excerpt---------------------
Reese Jones
About me
Brain chemistry, biophyisics, theoretical biology, electronic life, astrobiology, lunar asteroid mining, international policy, Wikipedia, EFF, UC Berkeley and Singularity University. Broadband internet plumbing, phone, cable & power grid companies. Help teams innovate, grow, & accelerate companies. Inventor with patents in broadband internet, phone, wireless, and media technologies. Open source public education, communications, media, augmented reality, collaboration, ethics, global policy, wiki histories & futures.
Current organization
Singularity University
Current role:
Trustee Singularity University
Past organizations:
UC Berkeley

Areas of expertise:
Biophysics, telecommunications, astrobiology, Neurobiology, Theory, modeling, experimentation, and practice, Internet Plumbing and Smart Power Grids, Synthetic Biology, Synthetic Theology, Evolution of Consiousness, Photojournalism
I am:
Business leader, Business mentor, Connector, Global soul, Inventor, Investor, Life mentor, Producer, Scientist, Social entrepreneur
Chabot Space/Science, LiveBooks, Accel, Netopia/Motorola, Timbuktu/LiveMeeting, CURRENT, Related Content Database, Singularity University, Moon Express, Kairos Society
More about me
I'm passionate about

Evolution of internet life, theory & experimentation.
An idea worth spreading
Phones are synapses of electronic life
Talk to me about
Evolution, memes, communications & energy distribution, media & biology futures.
People don't know that I'm good at
Cortex to limbic system inter-net-working and inter-personal dynamics.


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