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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 20, 2011 11:35PM

"People don't know that I'm good at
Cortex to limbic system inter-net-working and inter-personal dynamics. "

Who are the people who do not know?

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Victor Baranco, Morehouse, Nicole Daedone, One Taste - SEDUCTION
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 21, 2011 06:22AM

The NYT says this about Nicole Daedone:

Quote: [] "But at 27, her world came crashing down when she learned that her father, from whom she was largely estranged, was dying of cancer in prison, after being convicted of molesting two young girls."

They don't say which year the sex crime conviction was, or give more details about it.
But a person doesn't have to be Freud to see how someone moving from that type of home situation, and then into the predatory system of Victor Baranco might be related??
Victor Baranco (Lafayette Morehouse) the Godfather of this junk, as detailed in this thread [] simply used the front of "female-orgasm" as a front for sexual and financial exploitation of others, for his own purposes. His methods were copied by others, and they tried to set-up their own groups based on his model.
One Taste is just another one based on that model, even though they have actively tried to conceal it, as shown in this thread. []

Now One Taste is saying they made "mistakes" in their first few years, and are different now.
No they aren't. They just got more clever, and less obvious. That is far worse. Its better when a manipulative group is sloppy and obvious with their techniques, as the people can see them, and get the hell out of there. Later, once they get more slick and professional, people don't know what's happening to them. The persuasion technique becomes invisible, if a person is not trained in that area.

If consenting adults want to go into this arena, then why don't they do it by joining a swingers club, or various others clubs where adults pretty much know what they are getting into? That is a zillion times more honest, than hiding behind a bunch of new age gibberish.

Instead, they set-up this faux (fake) Om-Buddhist sex-group. It really is beyond absurd, these days you have Buddhist Om-sex-groups, Buddhist chants to get rich quick, Buddhist chants to get famous, Buddhist internet gambling. Its beyond satire, as its so ridiculous. It ain't Buddhism, its the opposite.

They target young people and young women, who have absolutely no idea of what Victor Baranco was up to, they have never heard of him, or these types of techniques of mind-screwing. So OneTaste targets vulnerable people, and are they upfront about everything?
Of course not, its bait & switch.
They tell them...come on down on Wednesday for a free talk and chit-chat. And amazingly, there are naive people who go down there, and then write on their blog there was no nudity or craziness during the first meeting, and everyone acted nice to them, so everything is ok.
That is not how it works with these sophisticated systems, and LGAT seminar hybrids.
Its a grooming process, that takes time. Of course they start off subtle now, with just chit-chat.
They lure people in with promises of pleasure. That is what all humans want, more pleasure, less pain, its biological. So that is also a deliberate technique, that all these groups and sects use, they promise "pleasure". That is what they are selling.
(see above with the alleged expert on the "limbic" system).

Then the next meeting, it goes a little further. A few months, and years later, and then what?
Its not what they do in the first hour, its what they do over the first 30-100-1000 hours of contact with the target. Its a step by step process, that has been refined for decades, as its based on techniques used for decades.
Its a process of systematic SEDUCTION.

So stop with the bullshit already.
Stop with the media propaganda, and paid-for shill-articles in local rags.
Stop with luring in young people from the street, or from blogs, using deception to minimize what is really going on.

Using the techniques being used, people can be profoundly re-engineered in a fairly short period of time. (privately, they would be proud of their human re-engineering experiments).
People can be taken, lured in, locked-in, and then desensitized systematically.
Its called Systematic Desensitization.
And it can be abused very easily in harmful ways, especially when in comes to sex. Humans can be "trained" to do almost anything. Those running the place know that of course, that is what its all about.

For the bigwigs involved, it can't be about the money.
It must be about the fringe benefits, and as well a live experiment on human beings, being used as guinea-pigs in their private experiment.

But why do it?
We already know the results.
Yes, humans can be covertly "trained" and have their beliefs, behaviors, sexual behavior, emotions, and psyche modified using many covert persuasion techniques, and never know it even happened, and even deny it happened.
Everyone in the business knows that.
So why keep doing it when you don't need the money?

Who would want their 19 year troubled niece getting lured into one of the groups for years?
Instead of being part of the PROBLEM, why don't these bigwig bigshot multimillionaires be part of the solution?
Why don't they dump some cash into public education of how people's beliefs can get hijacked and modified by trained experts, without their conscious awareness?

Everyone know why most greedy gurus do this crap, to line their pockets, and buy a mansion.
But once you have the mansion already, and already have some public respect, then why do it?
Instead if being one of the Victor Baranco Mindfuckers [] why not be something better for the world?
Because in this day and age, ya can't get away with it so easily, like in the olden days before the internet when people were isolated from the facts and information.

Why not just look in the mirror, and stop it? Close it down. Shut the thing down, just write it off.

...but then again, some messed-up arrogant people parading as Gurus of the month, want and need that kind of power and influence over others...that is their identity, and that is how they get their pleasure.
For those kind of self-absorbed narcissists and users and abusers, the public needs to be warned and educated about what is really going down.

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Re: Victor Baranco, Morehouse, Nicole Daedone, One Taste - SEDUCTION
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 21, 2011 06:55AM

The out-of-print book Mindfuckers (Victor Baranco) has gone up in demand like crazy, over $150 for a used copy?
If anyone finds a PDF scan of this out-of-print book, please post the link, as info on Victor Baranco is essential.

Mindfuckers: A Source Book on the Rise of Acid Fascism in America, Including Material on Charles Manson, Mel Lyman, Victor Baranco, and Their Followers by David Felton, Robin Green and David Dalton (Paperback)

Quote: "Charles Manson, Victor Baranco and Mel Lyman, the superheroes of the following stories, are mindfuckers simply because they have made it their business to fuck men's minds and to control them. They’ve succeeded by assuming godlike authority and using such mindfucking techniques as physical and verbal bullying and group humiliation"
—David Felton, Mindfuckers quoted in Billingsley 1994

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Re: Victor Baranco, Morehouse, Nicole Daedone, One Taste - SEDUCTION
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 21, 2011 03:22PM

Google has scanned this book, so some of it can be read online.

[] Mindfuckers: a source book on the rise of acid fascism in America,
David Dalton, Robin Green - Medical - 1972 - 324 pages

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Nicole Daedone, One Taste - Hot Seat 1971 Victor Baranco, Morehouse,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 21, 2011 04:38PM

--------------quote excerpt for educational analysis------------

Rolling Stone #114, pp 14-16, Aug. 3, 1972.

Beyond Shazam at Guru Gulch
by Robin Green

San Francisco — If the mountain won't come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain. Mel Lyman and Victor Baranco, founders and father figures of two nationwide chains of communes, are currently engaged in a guru showdown over just which one of them is the mountain.
Six months ago, when Lyman (RS #98 & 99) read about Baranco's Morehouse communes (RS #97), he was impressed by the set-up. From his headquarters at the Fort Hill Community's Los Angeles branch, he sent one of his followers, George Pepper, with a signed and sealed envelope containing a message for Baranco.

In January, the Morehouse magazine, Aquarius, carried news of Lyman's overtures to Victor's Institute of Human Abilities: "During this month the Lyman Family has made itself known to us in the person of George Pepper [sic]. George [known at Fort Hill as George "Pecker" because of his success with women] has been spending a lot of time with Paulette, and as Paulette says, 'He's very intelligent.' We have been pleasured by his visits and know that we will be seeing more of him and his organization."
"We knew George had a letter to deliver to Victor," said one Morehouser. "Everyone knew he did. But we wouldn't take him to Victor. We made him sweat it out. We wanted to see how badly he wanted to do it."
And in the February Aquarius: "George ('pretty boy') Pepper arrived in Oakland to deliver a message to Victor from Mel Lyman, head of the Lyman Family. After failing for several days he finally succeeded at this mission during Victor's Advanced Hexing course."
One student in the class that weekend said that at first Baranco refused to take the letter. "But that's what Advanced Hexing is all about," the student explained. "Victor plays with people's heads. He really brought George down, until he felt so bad he just gave up.
That's when Pepper gave the letter to someone else in the class, and told him to deliver it. Victor then accepted the letter. He opened the envelope, read the message and shook his head no. He told Pepper it was a nice offer, but that his time was too valuable to spend visiting Mel: "You guys move too slow for me." He told Pepper to invite Lyman up to Morehouse.
In the next month's issue of Aquarius: "Mel still hasn't accepted Victor's invitation. We are looking forward to meeting Mel."
They haven't as yet, but they have met others in Lyman's "family" who had been sent to learn the Institute's successful methods for luring and teaching the new souls on whose influx both organizations depend for livelihood. One of them, Faith Frackenstein, lived as an "evaluate" at the 69 Hamilton Street Morehouse in Oakland, paying $200 for two weeks of scrubbing floors and absorbing Institute philosophy.
Faith now conducts Morehouse-type weekly group meetings at the Lyman Family's New York house. A source close to Frackenstein said that her feeling after living at Morehouse was that while the structure of the organization had much to teach Fort Hill, the Institute lacked heart and soul. She told the Lyman people that at a Morehouse weekly group meeting the subject is ripped into and destroyed, but then patched up again. It's like a game to the Morehouse people, in her opinion. At the Lyman Family, it's considered good to feel destroyed.
Mel Lyman and George Pepper are currently on a nationwide tour of Fort Hill Communities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Martha's Vineyard, and their $160,000 280-acre farm in Marysville, Kansas, reportedly paid for by their largest benefactor, artist Thomas Hart Benton.
Similar "start groups" to the one Faith Frackenstein is teaching, as well as Morehouse style course for $40 a weekend in Communication, Communal Living and "How to Control Your Universe" are being set up at the various Fort Hill Communities.
"We had the stuff to communicate," said Susan of the Lyman Family house at 3822 Folsom Street in San Francisco. Susan says her last name is Lyman, though she is vague about her relationship to Mel. "What Morehouse taught us was the tools of communication. We learned a whole new language from them."
The violent tone of Lyman's traditional rhetoric has given way to a softer approach: Fort Hill's new course announcement closely resembles Baranco's own: "What do you want out of life? What is keeping you from GETTING what you want? Where is the real YOU?"

And the Morehouse Institute appears to be flourishing. There are two new houses in Berkeley, one in San Diego, one in Baton Rouge, another in New York, and two in San Francisco. There are plans for a house in Haight-Ashbury to be rented at low cost to converts who can't scrape up the $200 monthly resident fee other Morehousers pay. A spokesman said the Institute will write off the money they spend on the project as a tax loss.
The Institute's proudest new piece of real estate is a 15-room Victorian house built on three lots atop Potrero Hill at 400 Pennsylvania Street in San Francisco. Victor Baranco and his wife Susan reportedly bought the house on credit for a reported $78,000. The mortgage will be paid off with the $200 resident fees of its dwellers, and restored to purple-and-white splendor by Morehousers laboring gratis.
Outside this house one recent sunny afternoon, a Morehouse "servant" who plays chauffeur to his Institute superiors carefully watered down and scrubbed one of the three Cadillac limousines lining the curb. "We wash the cars every day," he said, patting the limo's shiny rump.
People at Morehouse have taken to buying limousines on credit, or buying old, beat-up limos and fixing them up. Sometimes they just rent the Cadillacs for a day, and one of them dresses up in full chauffeur gear to drive his friends around town.
The Morehouse people attended an April showing of The Godfather en masse. "When we pulled up to the Coronet Theater on Geary there were 16 Cadillac limousines in all," recalled the carwasher/chauffeur. "We really caused quite a stir."
The pale young man with a Morehouse symbol hanging around his neck returned to his work on the automobile. That afternoon, Potrero Hill leaders would be driven to the race track, while the "servants" stayed at home preparing dinner, cleaning rooms, plastering walls.
Morehouse parties and activities have proceeded as usual. An April Renaissance Fair was held at their Sonoma farm, with such events scheduled as a slave auction where, according to the Aquarius, "luscious slave girls and young studs are sold for a day to the highest bidder."
In the past six months, Victor Baranco has been busy taking trips to New York and Mexico, and relaxing at his Lafayette home while his voluntary servants build a swimming pool and a circular driveway, where he parks his new purple Cadillac limousine.
Baranco has given up teaching the Institute's regular $45 courses. Instead, he's invented a new course, described as being like his old Shazam course ("the grand daddy of all courses — seven hours with Victor Baranco.") But this course is $150 instead of $65, and it lasts six hours, from midnight till six. A few of the other Institute courses have undergone fee increases and are now $85, up from a previous $65.
The Harper Street Morehouse in Berkeley recovered from a near demise when Morehouser Judas Cohen, who has been with Victor since the Institute's start, took over management and put the tenants properly to work.
In the March issue of Aquarius, Judas expressed his view of the Institute: "It's really difficult to describe what is going on to people on the outside. What happens is that we have started to get a bunch of people that are actually interested in taking care of and loving each other. As a result, all of our lives have gotten phenomenally better."
A few weeks later, on April 6th, Judas' wife Susan walked into the closet of their bedroom, pointed a .357 revolver at her head, and committed suicide. That weekend Victor and Judas devoted a $65 Shazam course to a discussion of Susan's death.

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Re: Nicole Daedone, One Taste - Hot Seat 1971 Victor Baranco, Morehouse,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 21, 2011 04:44PM

A few minutes research, exposes the deceptions and frankly, the outright lies of these folks. They are smart people, they know what is going on, they are doing it. That makes it far far worse, to "intentionally" mislead and deceive people.

Posted on a blog recently, a soft-sell for One Taste with apparently boundless naivete, total ignorance or arrogance, trivializing the massive amount of facts dug up about OneTaste, mocking the term "sex-cult" like it was a joke, with no reference to the facts, and the terrible things that have gone on in the past, and can happen to people in these types of groups.
How can some young-ish people, who obviously know nothing about how these groups operate, go and post so arrogantly? That is the exact kind of arrogant know-it-all attitude, when in fact their knowledge level is basically zero, that can get a person into serious trouble with these types of groups.

If you don't know anything at all about advanced group persuasion and how these groups operate, then why not admit it, and do some research for a few years first, instead of making arrogant pronouncements?
Now onto the interesting fact.

She speaks about the One Taste "Hot Seat" exercise from 2009, with obviously no clue at all of what it is, what its for, or where it comes from.

[] "During “one mind,” the facilitator began a sentence that each group member had to finish in succession around the circle. “Hot seat” lived up to its name; one person at a time answered a string of related questions asked by their fellow onetasters, who had to say “thank you” after their question was answered"

Guess what?
The Hot Seat comes right from Victor Baranco from 1971.
A direct copy, as part of a soft intro-technique, to start softening people up, and breaking them down.
Many other things they are doing come right from Victor Baranco, like the "Mark Group" which comes right from him, and you can go down the list. Including of course, the entire concept of OneTaste, an"intentional" sexual so-called commune for private-profit for the owner (oxymoron!) and pretty much everything else they are doing.

On the one hand, you have conscious deception from very smart people who know exactly what they are doing to people.
On the other hand, you have some other people/targets who literally know nothing about any of this, yet make arrogant pronouncements that everything is a-ok and safe, when in fact they are totally clueless about what is really going on.

That is a bad recipe. And frankly, there is nothing worse, than highly intelligent people, who know exactly what they are doing to these people, who conceal it, and try to misdirect their naive targets away from it. That is as low as it gets. Its worse than a low-level conman, who only knows how to scam people.
As when you have people who know better, who know everything due to their superior intellect, and then choose consciously to do this kind of stuff to people, and to deceive them, and try to deceive the public and media.
To target naive young people that could be the age of their children, and then do this to them, when you know its wrong, and know the damage it can cause? That is worse than a sociopath, who is only thinking about #1.
Truly vile and disgusting behavior.

Below, Victor Baranco's Hot-Seat from 1971, alive and unwell with One Taste in 2009. Its a direct line, a direct copy of many techniques.

---------------quote excerpt------------
1971 Victor Baranco "Hot Seat"
"During the period when Felton was traveling in Fort Hill circles, Rolling Stone published an article on another large community based in Berkeley and Oakland, which had some similarities to Fort Hill. Led by a salesman-turned-guru, Victor Baranco, the More House group offered quick, materialistic solutions to personal problems, encouraging its followers to set themselves up as paid teachers of the methods used, sort of an early version of spiritual network marketing; unlike Fort Hill it also offered its adherents lots of opportunities for sexual exploration and other hedonistic pleasures.
Reading and hearing about the More Houses intrigued Mel and some of the others, and Faith Gude, who was living in the San Francisco apartment at the time, was dispatched to Oakland to meet Victor Baranco and establish friendly relations with his community, if that seemed appropriate. Faith reported back that the extensive remodeling work of the More Houses fell far short of the standards to which we were working, and that the level of interpersonal confrontation and growth was also deficient by comparison. But one of the methods used in the More Houses to keep people focused on each other and their collective responsibilities fascinated Faith, and she brought it back and taught it to people in each of the Fort Hill communities around the country.

It was a structured game in which people would sit in a circle and take turns being in a "hot seat," where each one in turn would get to hear criticisms and receive praises from the others.

I don't remember what this was called, or what the ostensible purpose was (and I know that in the context of our overstressed and overexamined lives, out of the context of the superficial and ego-gratifying lifestyle of the More Houses, it seemed trivial) but I do remember that, for a period of a couple months during that fall of 1971 when I was in New York, we played the game frequently, several nights a week, adding one more burden to our already very full schedules."

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Re: Nicole Daedone, One Taste - Hot Seat 1971 Victor Baranco, Morehouse,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 27, 2011 10:10AM

Walter Maksym and Werner Erhard []

Not to stray too far off track, but this is the University where Maksym got his masters degree.

Walter, a long time advisor to More University, the late Dr. Victor Baranco, its founder and creator of the “More Philosophy,” the late Dr. Bob, and The Institute of Human Abilities is a Master of the “More Philosophy.”

Known as “The Orgasm Professor,™ ” he holds a Masters of Communication Degree from More University in addition to several Law Degrees from other universities.

An Author, Publisher and Film Producer who has taught and lectured law and other subjects, Walter is also the owner of Perfect Pleasure: Beyond the One Hour Orgasm™ and Diets Don’t Work™ and is the President of Diets Don’t Work, Inc., an educational corporation.

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Nicole Daedone, One Taste - Andrew Cohen EnlightenNext
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 27, 2011 10:17AM

And of course, One Taste is being promoted in the magazine of Andrew Cohen EnlightenNext.
These forums have countless threads on the abuses done by Andrew Cohen, with his LGATs and years of abuses.
Anyone who knows the links to key threads about Andrew Cohen please post them.

So then, One Taste is a live experiment, using humans as guinea-pigs?
And there is nothing "new" about One Taste, as shown they are using techniques 40 years old, from Vic Baranco, and many others.

This advertisement/article in that magazine needs to be analyzed to see what they are selling, and how, and to who.

Quote: "Their Stroke of Insight
The experimental One Taste community is pioneering a new spiritual path. But can their metaphysics of masturbation take us all the way?
by Maura R. O’Connor"

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 27, 2011 09:14PM

"I learned of a student being forced—against his will and his moral compunction—to engage in daily visits to prostitutes in Amsterdam for weeks on end as a kind of penance for past sexual indiscretions" (Hal Blacker, former Editor of What Is Enlightenment magazine, now currently titled EnlighteNext)



Monday, April 16, 2007
A Farewell With Deep Gratitude
by Hal Blacker

More than two years ago I decided to write publicly about what I felt had gone seriously wrong with Andrew Z. Cohen's teaching methods and his community. I had received disturbing reports from other former students that eventually compelled me to speak out. I wrote then:
…A few years ago I began to learn of things that caused me great concern. An old friend who I worked with on What Is Enlightenment? magazine called and told me she had left the community. I told her a little about my thoughts about it—how I had come to see how oppressive life in the community was, how wrong it was that there was no personal freedom or autonomy permitted, how abusive the confrontational methods used to enforce conformity now seemed, how frequently we lived in fear, and how criticism was always forcibly squelched. She interrupted me and said, “Hal, things have gotten a whole lot weirder since you left.” I asked her what she meant, and she told me stories involving the use of physical force and abuse against students. She spoke of being ordered by Andrew to deliver “messages” to fellow students consisting of slapping the student in the face as hard as she could. She told me she had been ordered by Andrew to paint messages in blood-red paint on the walls of a student’s room at Foxhollow. She described to me the conversion of the spa at Foxhollow into a kind of psychological torture chamber.

As the years passed I spoke to many other former students who confirmed these stories, elaborated upon them, and told me many more. I learned of students having large “contributions” psychologically extorted from them. I heard how a student was required to sign a “gag order” agreement prohibiting him from publicly criticizing Andrew as a condition of having his “contribution” returned. I was told the story of community women prostrating in a freezing cold lake in the winter, some suffering dangerous exposure, as a symbol of their devotion and repentance for “women’s conditioning.”

I learned of a student being forced—against his will and his moral compunction—to engage in daily visits to prostitutes in Amsterdam for weeks on end as a kind of penance for past sexual indiscretions.

I was told by a student how he was ordered to reveal to his estranged teenage daughter her mother’s infidelity that occurred many years in the past, in order to teach the daughter not to hold her mother, now a critical former student, in such high esteem. I heard these stories and many, many more. As the weight of the awful truth about what Andrew and his community had become accumulated, I began to feel that something must finally be said. People must be warned. At the very least, any prospective student should know what they are signing themselves up for when they join Andrew Cohen’s community.

In the more than two years since I personally "broke the code of silence," all of these disturbing events, and many more, were documented and corroborated on this blog, over and over again.

Three former editors of What Is Enlightenment? magazine, including myself, spoke out strongly here about the abuses in Andrew Cohen's community. Other close students have also put their names on the line to attest to what went wrong with the community's beautiful dream of creating heaven on earth.

The woman who financed Cohen's Foxhollow EnlightenNext world center wrote about how he unfairly took advantage of her vulnerability and largesse. Numerous other students have also contributed here, both named and anonymous, shedding light on the authoritarian abuses around Cohen, their causes and their harmful effects.

In contrast, not one specific or credible factual denial has emerged from Andrew or anyone associated with him about what has been reported here in great detail and depth.

Instead, we have only heard the refrain that we have failed to include the "context," as if any overarching purpose could justify the abuses described here and the pain they caused.

No cry of "context" could obscure the devastating truth that the participants in this blog have had the courage to reveal.

The references to the 'Amsterdam penance" are repeated here. It must be emphasized that so far, one student reported this.

However, one is too many.


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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 28, 2011 12:31AM

To refresh our memories, get and read 1995 article on Sex University from Heterodoxy magazine.

It is available here on PDF


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