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Re: Desteni
Posted by: freespeech4tw ()
Date: April 17, 2011 05:39AM

Typo, the post was from 2011 actually, not 2001.

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Re: Desteni swindle, scamming vulnerable people in the internet
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 17, 2011 07:05AM

Post by Valentin Rozman on the 24th of March, 2001 12:21 am: ...
Desteni seems to occupy him 24/7, looks like a fulltime job rather. Seems to me that Desteni should pay him and not the other way around, especially after he had to pay 3600€ for a few lousy weeks at Desteni farm.

Who knows if that is a real post, or a shill. But it appears to be real, as he was chastised for revealing how expensive and a rip-off the Desteni farm was, so he then says he removed that material.

Quote Valentin Rozman: [] "I got feedback that my blog about expenses regarding visit Desteni farm has been harmful since it describes the holidays on the farm as very expensive. Thus I have corrected it and removed all the harmful elements."

So its ok to lie for Desteni, to dupe the next guy.
All of that obsessive 24/7 BEHAVIOR control coming from Bernard Poolman is absolutely disgusting. To try and take total control of the subjects behavior. People are going to have mental breakdowns from that.
Desteni targets vulnerable people, and then cons them into selling their apartment, and then spending thousands on Desteni.
An outright Desteni swindle.

Then Poolman's partner Darryl, heaps more guilt and self-blame on this guy, screwing with his mind even more.
Darryl and Poolman and Sunnette, what a vile trio. To take vulnerable people, con then into selling everything of value they own, and then hand it over to Desteni.
That is the swindle. Equal Money, means find vulnerable people on the internet, and then swindle them into selling everything they own, and handing the money over to Desteni.

As stated in this thread, Desteni is a for-profit private company. []
So they are just lining their own pockets, by convincing vulnerable people to hand all their money over to them, to get manipulated at the Desteni farm.
The Desteni scam, the Desteni swindle.
Where will it end?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: April 17, 2011 09:44AM

I read this blog by Valentin. The trip to the farm sounded great! Thousands of dollars to get there and it sounded like he was chastised by bernard most of the time. No wonder he seemed to befriend the cat!
I read on and was horrified at darryl making such a big deal of nothing. There is NO normal thinking person that would think that this guy was blaming destini for the luggage fee!!! What the heck is he thinking, darryl that is? They are so afraid of something bad being documented in a bad light about destini. Really this guy (darryl) seems to be more than paranoid to me.
The other thing I noticed was the cruel way they (destini adm) seemed to have treated a guest. I know he was going for blah blah blah... but if a guy paid 3600 dollars to come and visit your farm, wouldn't you try to be decent to him...

If any of you destonians are reading this, ask yourself the question. If a relative, your roommate, friend comes to stay at your house for the weekend, would you expect to treat him or her in such a degrading way? I should say not!

Just try for one minute of your day to just let it slip into your 'process' and see if you can come up with a truthful honest answer that you are comfortable in your heart with.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 17, 2011 09:53AM

Think of what you can get for $3500

A vacation/trek in an interesting part of the world

Down payment on a good apartment

A bicycle, or surfboard or motorcycle and enough left over to get advice from a top notch coach on how to develop yourself as an athlete and get into top form

A semester at a university or vocational training program

And..all this would bring you adventure, test your mettle, the coach could give you advice on how to train for something gnarly like a trialthlon, or adventure race, and along the way you might make friends, discover where your interests lie, and...

in all the above you would not be treated like garbage by the very same people you're paying money to.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 17, 2011 10:08AM

Its all about control.
Bernard and those other users and abusers, treat people like dirt, as its about power. As that guy said, Bernard charges some people for some things, others for other things.
To be capricious is part of the manipulation from Bernard. Keeps people off balance.

They target vulnerable people on the internet, then Desteni robs them blind. They target those who may have low self-worth issues perhaps, and then abuse them some more, and take all their money.

When they complain a bit about it, then Darryl comes in and starts to pick away some more at the guy, just to make him feel more insecure. Its all deliberate targeted humiliation and control.

The Desteni gang is not going to get away with this forever. Yes, they can find vulnerable people on the internet, and scam them for thousands of dollars, by getting them to sell their home.

After people get scammed, and they think about it for a while, they will eventually realize they got swindled. The Desteni gang is not going to feel very clever when that starts happening, and the chickens come home to roost.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 17, 2011 09:28PM

The Anticult wrote:


The Desteni gang is not going to get away with this forever

Andrew Cohen has reportedly exhibited this same pattern of behavior for over twenty years and is still at it.

All this despite three books written by former members,

The Mother of God by Luna Tarlo--Cohens own mother who was treated horribly for 2 and a half years after her son turned into a guru. To save her own dignity and sanity she chose to leave.

Enlightenment Blues--Andre van der Braak

American Guru-William Yenner and other former students

In addition to the books, there is a blog (What Enlightenement?) [] which exposed much of this and provided a much needed forum for abused and discarded students to meet each other and compare what they endured []

And this new website offered by Mr William Yenner, author of the most recent of the three books []

A discussion page is here


and on this URL, one of our readers describes this, after Mr Yenner opened his website.


Now, lets go back to the discussion per Destini.

The reason Cohen appears to have gotten away with this is that many persons were so exhausted that when they left, they needed many years to recognize what had been done to them, and by the time they recognized this, the statute of limitations for filing charges had passed.

To me the take home less is that one must LEAVE while still young and healthy to have the energy to be interested in justice and capable of making an effort to work for justice to be done in this case.

Again, the lessons I see from the Cohen case are:

Early identification of the group as hurtful

Identification of its recruitment methods (Thank you, Polo)

Contact universities and do outreach to clubs and community events where young persons hang out

Educate young persons that their health, idealism, intelligence and longing for good causes make them high value recruits for middle aged types who want to get rich off of their labor and in some cases get them to pay to be overworked to make the leader rich.

It has been suggested that the way to address the problem of a potentially cultic group is to see whether it exhibits patterns characteristic of labor violation and illegal imprisonment, and workplace harassment.

Yet other ways to examine a group is whether it encourages members to behave in ways characteristic of dope addicts.

*Do you engage in the following activities to obtain dope or money for dope?

Lie--to your employer, friends, families, yourself?

Is there a no snitch rule that keeps dangerous people in your community from being reported to the authorities?

Do you lie or 'take the rap' for your dealer and go to jail rather than tell the full truth about him or her for fear of reprisals or in hope of later reward?

Do You Steal (steal from yourself by blowing money on drugs that you need for your children, your studies, your rent? Do you spend money on drugs that was entrusted to you for your expenses or loans for university studies ? Do you steal from your family or friends or embezzle to support your drug habit? Do you steal from your company by persuading it to employ members of your group who are under qualified?

Proslytizing==dope addicts often rationalize behavior they are ashamed of being convincing themselves they are glamorous outlows and that the drug makes them creative and that non addict society is oppressive. They try to persuade non drug users to 'just give it a try, dont limit yourself'.*

*(Personal note: I do not and have never used recreational drugs having understood that they are potentially bad for me. My self knowledge is very deep. Despite this, many users of psychedelics try to persuade me that I am limiting myself. Makes me wonder why, if they are so happy with what they do, they need to proslytize. The more of us abstain, the more is left over for them and the price stays affordable.)

Many of this addict behavior patterns are remarkably similar to cultic behavior.

Again the take home lesson is, young persons have to be educated that they are high value recruits for drug dealers, whether its the folks selling white powders, or leaders of groups that inculcate addictive and deceitful behavior, getting you to depend on the group and its leader to regulate your moods and self image, as others utilize drugs.

Early prevention and education and all effort made to get people to leave while their health and minds and futures are still intact--while they are still young enough to care about justice and eager to remedy injustice.

Early prevention is also important because after a group becomes wealthy enough, the leader can hire attorneys and PR specialists and a wealthy cult leader will have little difficulty getting celebrities to associate with the group, and can purchase expensive advertising online and in magazines.

When a group is wealthy, it can also purchase the silence of persons who want to leave by giving them all or some of their money back, in exchange for dropping lawsuits and sealing records. A wealthy group can purchase sufficient real estate in an area to boost local economy and become politically influential.

Again--early prevention is the key--before the group becomes wealthy and can do all this.

All young persons need to know they are capable, through their unpaid effort, plus their donations, of making a greedy leader rich--and at their own expense.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 17, 2011 09:32PM

PS Polo was the one who told us about how Destini outreachers presented during recruitment phase--just a clarification.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: April 18, 2011 10:19AM

Thank you Corboy and Anticult for making this info so clear. When one is in the middle of this stuff, it's sometimes difficult to make the comparisons. Although I must say I have always made the drug addict and dealer connection. As a parent, it's almost easier to deal with (I don't mean that as it sounds) what I'm trying to say is an internet cult that is snowing your child is difficult at times to deal with.

As I had mentioned in my last post, I went over Valentin's destini post of his visit to SA. I am so amazed at the harsh treatment he was received with. And then to have 'mr. coffee cup as my family and I call him, that would be none other than darryl. I know these members are controlled by bernard and his upper people. If the members, such as Valentin would just ask himself WHY he was treated so rudely, when he travelled so long and far. And to be chastised by bernard?? Did it accomplish anything, I couldn't see it in his writings after he came back home.

I guess that it may be possible that it's just too hard to admit that you have made a mistake
by getting involved with destini. I think that the members keep it up, because of this. But if they would only realize that their familes and friends would welcome them back with open arms, NO MATTER WHAT. If any members are reading this, please give yourself a test with the above posts and ask if you fall into this category.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: ThomDarc ()
Date: April 21, 2011 10:11AM

Desteni flagged my XfinksX Youtube Desteni Update video: []

The only reason I can think they would do this is because I was displaying some of DarrylWThomas' address. But in that video I left out the crucial information. Well since they decided to escalate this, his full adddress is as follows:


Copyright Owner Name (Company Name if applicable): DESTENIPRODUCTIONS
Your Full Legal Name (Aliases, usernames or initials not accepted): DARRYL WALLACE THOMAS
Your Title or Job Position (What is your authority to make this complaint?): AUTHORIZED AGENT
Username: DesteniProductions
Email Address:
Phone: 832-884-5261

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Desteni I Process pyramid selling scheme, Desteni fraud, scam
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: April 22, 2011 07:20AM

Andrew Gable (the man responsible for the painting used as Bernard Poolman's avatar) writes in his blog post Time to Face the Money Issue – “Desteni I Process":

"I am ‘glad’ that we decided to change the name of the course to Desteni I Process from Desteni income plan because then I feel more comfortable talking or speaking about it or/and promoting it, and I see that this is a complete reaction that is happening and thus I am going to now have a look at this specific reaction to difference in names, the key component being that one name has the word money in it, and that is exactly what I am reacting to, which is indicating that I still have ideas, opinions, judgments towards this point of money.

Specifically I see the point of “what one would think of me” if I promote such a thing. Thats why I feel more comfortable promoting desteni i process because then people still “respect it” but that if I am promoting the Desteni Income Plan than I will be seen as a fraud. And this is a key point as I experience that “no one will listen to me” if I am promoting “Desteni income plan” but that if I promote “Desteni I Process” people will listen to me."

At the same time as the "Desteni Income Plan" was renamed "Desteni I Process", documents outlining the original scheme were erased from the internet. These very obviously depicted the "income plan" as a pyramid selling scheme, because that's what it was. The "Desteni I Process" is the exact same pyramid selling scheme as the "Desteni Income Plan". It's still as fraudulent, whatever it's called.

Andrew Gable is uneasy about it all, but in one of his Desteni promotional videos, he tells his viewers how to Make Money Doing What you Love with Desteni I Process suggesting that one can find out all about oneself by doing the pointless chore of internet marketing for Bernard Poolman.

These Desteni people are laboring under the severe delusion that by doing internet marketing for Poolman's business they are going to eventually transform the whole global economic infrastructure and rid the world once and for all of poverty, crime and starvation. Amazing how anyone could be fooled by such a pathetic little scam.

Desteni are using the following copy to promote it, which reads exactly like many other such cheesy financial scams:

'Desteni I Process is a LifeStyle concept that is simply "Achieving financial freedom slowly but surely". We provide coaching/mentoring and products to help people attain financial freedom and live a better life.'

Actually, they don't provide products, which is partly what makes it a pyramid selling scheme. They provide useless information, not products.

Poolman plans ahead for his pension in Inheritance of Evil. He denounces the practice of parents leaving inheritances for their children. In doing so he is making a bid to try and insure that when anyone in Desteni is left an inheritance he can get them to agree to hand it over to him.

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