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Equal Money System, Zeitgeist Movement, Desteni, Venus Project
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: March 21, 2011 08:19PM

Here are links to the discussions on 'Equal Money System' at the 'Zeitgeist Movement' forum:

Equal money FAQ

'Equal Money systems'


Some interesting points are made, but only a few of the posters appear to be aware that 'Equal Money System' (EMS) is just a recruitment slogan and device concocted by Bernard Poolman to get people to join his 'Desteni' cult.

One writes in reply to another poster:

"Martijn, you would be incorrect that I haven't done my research. I was part of their forums around the later part of last year trying to reach out to them. They shut me down and refused any discussion of TVP/TZM and demanded that I read only Desteni related materials. I gave them a chance and I read what they had to offer. I did so for two weeks before I gave up in disgust. Their writings are full of mystical new age mumbo jumbo, but don't take my word for it, do explore it yourself, but don't spend two weeks on it like I did.

So my question is, have you shaved your head yet?

It is obvious to me you are here to defend your system. Good luck with that.

Basic income grants are a good idea. The vehicle in which EMS and Desteni seek to package it is not a good idea.

I agree we have no room for opinions, I only have room for facts. So tell it a fact that Jack is a portal? That Anuki exists? That reptilians are real? I submit these are fantasies and until EMS severs it's relationship with Bernard Poolman you are not going to get much credibility from us."

Another states:

"It seems that Desteni group is definitely incapable of engaging in constructive discussion/s. I've read their replies and it seems they are experts at twisting and manipulating my words using conversational terrorism while at the same time avoiding to answer important questions and points I addressed there.
This group's mindset is almost like a religion, dogmatic to the degree that it's almost painful to watch and read their repeated replies, just parroting/mirroring the words of their head honcho Poolman.
They are not interested in networking and cooperating with other groups and projects, only to increase their membership count.
I have made a proposal of cooperation between all of us, and immediately I got banned from their forum.
It is obvious that they do not stand for true equality but selective equality that considers and applies only to those in the group's inner circle, that way creating entropy (closed circle)."

A key element of the Desteni 'equal money system' is microchip implants:

"With the micro chip we discussed previously, the abusers can thus be tracked immediately. Anyone who abuses another has to be placed into a facility where he/she cannot abuse anymore."


It is a strange idea, because for some reason Desteni imagine that ordinary, law-abiding citizens will want to allow themselves to be microchipped like dogs or criminals.

In relation to the idea of a Resource Based Economy (RBE), a Desteni member writes:

"The RBE will not ever come into existence, there is to much freedom allowed in the RBE for it to be seen as a option. At this moment, mankind needs to be restricted into a system that is creating minimum abuse. RBE still does not hold any solution for mankind, and for how mankind lives. It’s just a removal of money. Not realizing that man will still compete, still grab resources, still fight, and still value himself in relation to how much resources he has. Man is not ready, and not capable of dealing with the freedom that RBE presents, because man is not able to see the bigger picture of things, and act upon the bigger picture of things. All that man see’s is himself and his own fears, his own desires, his own brainwashing. That is why equal money will allow a equal sharing, a forced equal sharing of resources between people with money as the law. Whereas in the RBE it is not directed, it’s only stated, everyone can take what they want to have, everything is free for everyone. That is actually what has lead us into this mess. Because everything is not FREE for everyone. Everything must be EQUAL for everyone. Equal opportunity for all, where we force this equality through changing the current god of mankind from free will, to equality."

from: The Venus Project: have you ever heard of it ? at the Desteni Equal Money forum.

Needless to say, it is clear that Desteni are in favor of a totalitarian police state.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: freespeech4tw ()
Date: March 25, 2011 07:08AM

I just want to bring up that the channel 'xfinksx' has been hit with several copyright-claims at a time by DesteniProductions and has now been taken down, which was obviously the intention of those honourless people.
Their methods show that they are eager to silence their opposers by whatever means possible, which to me seems like a reaction out of fear.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: ThomDarc ()
Date: March 25, 2011 07:39AM

Just to let everyone know. My youtube channel XfinksX has been taken down by false copyright claims from DesteniProductions:


This includes:

None of these videos used any of their materials. The image used was a copied representation of Bernard Poolman's avatar and not the actual image used by him. I'm going to pursue a counter-notification process with youtube. However, I refuse to deliver my identity and physical location to DesteniProduction since even the most amateur psychiatrist can see that many of these people are mentally unstable. Failing this process with youtube, I will report this to the Internet Crime Complaint Center:


under duress of threat as a means of coercion and a violation of my freedom of speech. Any other suggested courses of action are welcome.

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who is bernard poolman, bernard poolman cult, desteni cult
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: March 26, 2011 10:11PM

It seems a special dislike was taken to those three videos because they parodied Poolman's rants. I would assume the copyright complaints were registered on the basis that the image used was of Poolman's beast-man avatar, even though it had been altered.

But it is also interesting to note that besides those three videos, a number of other videos satirizing the Desteni cult were also recently taken down by YouTube after Desteni issued copyright violation claims. These videos contained photos of the real Bernard Poolman, not just the scary monster picture he uses.

What is a Destonian? - Blogging and Vlogging For Life! shows photographs of all the "Destonians", with the exception of Poolman who is represented by his usual 'beast' cartoon, but this time Photoshopped to make it look like it has a shaved head...

Poolman's beast-man looks like it could be one of Dr Moreau's vivisection experiments, from HG Wells' 'The Island of Dr Moreau'. []

These have been linked to this forum previously, but once again just for the record, here are two images of the real Poolman (both of which turned up in a FaceWorldFaceOff video)

and another of him with Desteni member, Darryl Thomas

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Re: who is bernard poolman, bernard poolman cult, desteni cult
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 28, 2011 10:23AM

These Desteni folks are just gaming the Youtube system.

They know that system is just run by software robots...they log complaints, and if enough complaints come it, the software robot cancels the account.
Then the real person has to fight back to get their account back, and only then does a real person from Google look at it...weeks and months later.
Its the same with Facebook.
Those companies set it up, so any group working together can get an account canceled automatically by making totally BOGUS complaints. It happens everyday.

So Desteni kids are just following orders from the Desteni Fuhrer, and pressing complaint buttons.
Its actually shows what a pathetic scam and sham and fraud Desteni is.

And Desteni also have the Scientology style "fair-game" doctrine, where if they label you an enemy, they will actively go after that person. They are not a passive sect, but a very very aggressive sect, as can be seen by the facts. In time, they could be potentially dangerous, if Desteni get desperate enough for more money, and are going bankrupt.
Desteni all about trying to make the people running Desteni rich, that is the real dream, to make the Desteni leaders rich, own property, and have a group of people they can control and exploit. That is the real Desteni dream.

And if in fact any group on Youtube is making claims about "Hitler" being misunderstood, or veiled holocaust denial, those youtube channels can also be reported for violating the code of conduct. Then those channels will get deleted as well.

But these small organized sects like Desteni know how to game the system, with organized complaints from a handful of people.

Perhaps there are some cult-buster YouTube channels, who are willing to stand up to those anti-free-speech cowards like Desteni, who are afraid of free speech and critical analysis.
Then videos could be uploaded to those channels, and stay there.

And active recruiting sect leaders like Bernard Poolman can continue to be exposed everywhere else.

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Re: who is bernard poolman, bernard poolman cult, desteni cult
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 28, 2011 10:26AM

Maybe someone could ask Rick Ross, or others who work in this field, if they would consider setting up a "channel" for media-posting as well?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 30, 2011 08:15AM


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: POLO ()
Date: March 30, 2011 09:19AM

Desteni is a cult that tried to recruit me. It is a hippie commune using the internet to target young people. They use a laidback attitude, mythology in jest, and a banner of "equality" as some sort of pseudo-ideology, from the outside looking in. One of their tactics is to use reverse psychology, making light of accusations of them being a cult to make the accusations seem silly and baseless, as if it were all a joke. I don't know if whether or not religion is involved. It seems to me that the "equality" has to do with money, that they serve to raise crops for the owner of the farm, a commune that preaches pseudo-socialism as a way to keep the workers from seeking raises. It's light hearted enough and watered down enough to lure people in more this way because it seems easy to get out of and less intense than other groups. "They just believe in equality" seems harmless enough, until you ask yourself why you suddenly decided to live and work on a farm?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 30, 2011 09:32PM

Lets thank POLO for telling us this.

Information in this kind of detail about how a group presents during its recruitment is of
the utmost value.

And what POLO wrote

"One of their tactics is to use reverse psychology, making light of accusations of them being a cult to make the accusations seem silly and baseless, as if it were all a joke. "

This is becoming a quite common strategy--other groups have picked up on this technique. Take a valuable diagnostic concept--cult--and make it all seem something to joke about.

Here's the test. Can one make jokes about the leader?

Or about the belief system?

If someone says with a light hearted giggle 'Oh we're just another cult' you can test em.

Reply, 'So your leader shits the same sized turds as everyone else in the group?'

(Or something like that-not everyone has a toilet for brain as I do.)

Seriously--if someone tries to make a joke out of being a cult, test them by seeing if its possible to joke about the leader.

Finally and this is deadly serious--you cannot be too careful or too thorough about
checking the background of a situation where you are going to live in a commune especially out in the country. If someone goes wrong, you cannot easily escape.

You need to talk to the people who live in that area who have nothing to do with the group (and dont make money off of selling them services. Communes tend to bring business to poor areas, so they can easily generate goodwill and the locals may protect them. So its important to find locals who are not in an economic relationship with the group)

Id be tempted to hire as many of the local cab drives as possible and quiz them about the group. They might just tell you that they have had to rescue people in the middle of the night.

If you do decide to live on a commune or farm, always remember a leader may start out well, but may be replaced by a nastier person, or the leader may get incapacitated
and power hungry domineering members of his or her inner circle may take over.

Or that leader could over the next few years display a domineering and cruel personality or deteriorate due to the effects of being leader for too many years.

If you go to a remote area, arrange a document, sign it and perhaps add a videotape to prove it was not coerced and that you were in your right mind. State in that document that if someone wants to visit you and you are not permitted to see them, they have your permission to go the police and arrange for the police to demand your presence--even if you have changed your mind and say that you want to stay.

Its kind of like an advanced directive people make out for hospital care.

You probably need to discuss this with an attorney. But just might help you escape if the commune turns out to be an incarceration rather than the laid back experience its recruiters claimed it to be.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 30, 2011 10:33PM

Now, someone may come along and say, 'Well gee, what a distrustful attitude. Why bother trying anything new if you insist on killing it by fact checking as you just recommended?'

Not so. Its a heavy matter to move into a commune or ashram, especially one in the country side or where there is a chance one may be sent to other countries.

People read and compose advanced directives before they go into the hospital for surgery. Doing an advanced directive doenst mean you dont trust the hospital or doctors. It means you acknowledge there is risk and just in case there is trouble, you want to determine in advance, while you can communicate and have your wits about you--exactly what you want them to do and NOT do, in case there is trouble.

Going into an ashram or commune is a lot like going to hospital. You give up a lot of privacy and autonomy. You may later land in a sitaution where your wishes are not respected. You may decide later that you want to leave but cannot easily leave. way to acknowledge that one is embarking on a real adventure is to give instructions to friends and relatives, supported by a legal document that is the equivalent of an advanced medical directive--on exactly what you want them to do if they dont hear from you by a certain time and so they will have legal measures to arrange to get hold of you if the group initially refuses and claims you dont want to be contacted.

People exploring or hiking in remote areas do the same when they leave an intinerary for their families and tell them when to expect them home and where to look for them if they go missing.

This isnt being distrustful. This is respecting that its an actual adventure and exactly what you want your loved ones to do if they cant get hold of you.

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