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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Cranial ()
Date: January 15, 2007 06:50AM

I am now extremely glad that I made the decision never to go back again. I think I realised at the time that the angry response was not right for a practitioner and the first time it has ever happened to me too.

I also feel sorry for his family, but also for all his employees and so called 'apprentices' at Eden Medical Centre, of which there were several I believe.

It is also a shame that he brings such shame and disripute to the healing profession and prays on the sick needy in this way.

Most of us who practice the healing arts are genuine in our wish to help others. It is a real shame that he is such a fraud.

I think he needs serious professional help from a psychiatrist.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: gondolf ()
Date: January 15, 2007 08:31AM

Hi Cranial,

I'm glad you didn't go back and ended up getting the help you needed.

I'm really getting pissed off about this guy.

My association with him may have soiled my reputation.

I think I will be seeking legal counsel.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Dorje ()
Date: January 16, 2007 12:10AM

If you want to see how bad an actor he was you can get the dvd for 'Among the Cinders' directed by Rolf Hadrich in 1983. I guess we know why he went into pr for phillips.

Almost as bad as his writing. Have you read any of his books? They're really very cheesy - especially the stuff about his teacher. Not a scratch on Casteneda. No photos from those early days? Funny, you'd think his mum would have taken a few shots even back then in the early sixties.

Yes Cranial, trust your instincts and stay away. It wasn't that poor fool P Vick who recommended him was it?

Gondolf, don't worry for your reputation. He's suckered a lot of people over the years. That's what he does.

Good luck with your friends. There is nothing I can tell you that can help you in this respect. The people who stick around him generally do so because they are very weak and vulnerable or very vain. One way or another they are scared to leave. I think you'll find a lot of info about the process of abuse on this website. Just be there when they need you and don't try and argue them out of it. There is more integrity in silence in this respect.

You think he knows a lot? Yes he does. He's been playing this game for fifteen years now. There's plenty of information about tibetan medicine, bon and shamanism available. He just studies a bit harder than most and then modifies it to become the system that only he knows about. Quite common borderline psychotic behaviour - invent a system of which to be the master. Feet of Clay by Anthony Storr will give you some idea.

Oh, and the trick with the astrologer. It really is quite easy. He pumps his clients' friends for useful information and feeds it back for effect. He also does good research - especially on big fish clients. He's good at it. Remember, he's got much more at stake than any of you.

Bear in mind that for every one that falls for him another ten have seen through him.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: gondolf ()
Date: January 16, 2007 01:29AM

Hi Dorje,

So he worked in PR for Phillips. Can you recall approximately when he started there and when he finished? Was it a family connection that got him the job, do you know?

The scary thing about his "system" is that when you practice it you begin to feel like him - cold, dark, and uncaring inside.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Dorje ()
Date: January 16, 2007 02:51AM

His system is cold because he is. As I said he is borderline psychotic. That's why he frightens people who get close. Normal human feelings and empathy are unknown to him. Even murder is acceptable to his psychotic inner reality. He's broken at a very fundamental level.

Any good psychiatrist knows the signs of the psychotic - in their company you begin to doubt yourself and everything you know.

As far as the job goes the details don't really matter. All you will find is that his history is a sham.

His medical centre is a sham too. He takes advantage of decent therapists to maintain his veneer of respectability. When he was accused some years back of sexually abusing some female clients he brought on board a specialist in abuse.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Cranial ()
Date: January 16, 2007 04:21AM

No, it wasn't Paul Vick that put me onto him, but I know that he used to work at Eden - not sure whether he still does now? Do you know if anyone still works there and what about those practitioners who were his so called 'apprentices', the chiropractor and shiatsu practitioner? Hope they won't be tainted by association?

I know Vick is a craniosacral therapist too, but more in the biodynamic style. I have done Upledger training myself.

Was Hansard a B movie actor then like Ron Reagan before becoming president?!!!!

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: chicky! ()
Date: January 16, 2007 04:43AM

The more I am reading the more I feel gutted that I got sucked in by this man and referred loved ones to see him who were really ill at the time and almost died! I feel so stupid by getting sucked in by a con artist. I hope he gets whats coming to him......

This isn't the first time his websites have gone down, they have been down for a couple of days before, about two months ago.

When someone I know when to him they questioned his history and qualifications he went mad at them! and he had the cheak to charge £140 for 30 mins session! Then said he will not carry out any treatment someof his collegues will. I hope the truth comes out about him and he can no longer steal money from the sick and innocent!
Something I did notice about him which did make me think twice about him is that he has a stammer, why would someone like that, if true have a stammer?????

He did do some treatment on me though and I just hope that what he done did not do any harm to me.

This forum has now had over 1000 views so I just hope people keep viewing it and spread the word.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: pema ()
Date: January 16, 2007 05:05AM

This thread has exceeded my expectations in both the quality and quantity of responses to my original enquiry, but it does not take me any further from a journalistic POV. I need:
1. People who are willing to go on record about their experiences with CH
2. Other therapists who are willing to go on record about their doubts and fears around his modus operandi.
If any of you who have contributed to this thread are willing to do this -- preferably using your real names but anonymously if you feel the need -- please let me know here if you are not yet at 10 posts. I will send you a private message, telling you how to contact me.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: vaidya ()
Date: January 16, 2007 05:22AM

thanks for your insights

i would like to hear more about your personal experiences, esp. when CH was just starting out

i understand cold and hot reading techniques - some of what i observed i guess could have been obtained this way, but there have been other things that he could not possibly have known about, including a reference to private event in my own life

but beyond this, what do you think of his capacity to transmit energy? i related my own experience, but i also saw another fellow who rec'd an "empowerment" from him

basically it involved him chanting over this fellow, touching various parts of his body with a dagger and a dorje - the fellow said that when he was doing this, and specifically was touched with the dorje it felt like he was struck with a thunderbolt, was incapacitated, with a flash of light in his brain, and the effect last for hours afterwards

this was in an intimate room of about 50 people, and he used a dorje that belonged to the fellow, so it couldn't have been something that CH had modified

this particular capacity of CH is very interesting and difficult to explain, discounting anything else

on another note, does he actually speak tibetan?
when he was in canada in 2003 i think he met with a young tibetan bon monk that had recently come to canada, and apparently he and this young monk got on famously and conversed in tibetan

this is the fellow: []
and here is a pic of him and CH together:

it would be interesting to get his take on CH b/c he comes from the same place (Amdo) that CH claims his teacher was from

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Cranial ()
Date: January 16, 2007 07:11AM

Yes, I noticed the stammer too. Don't feel too bad about him though. I suppose at the one and only time I went to see him, I did have the advantage of being a practitioner myself, so if any purported practitioner behaves in the manner in which he did, it puts you on high alert straight away, which is why I never went back.

I have consulted several practitioners myself in several disciplines and not one has behaved as CH did.

As for this energy that you talk about, perhaps a lot of it is intention. Being a Reiki Master, I work with energy a lot and I know that if I use intention, then the energy becomes more powerful. However, I always set the intention that the energy should be used for 'the highest and greatest good' of the person. I always as the client to set their intention before we start too.

Perhaps CH is autistic and delusional as well as being psychotic?

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