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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: gondolf ()
Date: January 16, 2007 08:00AM

"Any good psychiatrist knows the signs of the psychotic - in their company you begin to doubt yourself and everything you know."

Very good point. In the case of psychopaths they are generally lacking a conscience, so the tell (behavioural markers that indicate they are lying or cheating) is rarely discernible even under conditions of extreme lying.

The reason I asked for some dates and such is that this is information that gives credibility to the facts and I will be neededing to present that to someone.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: gondolf ()
Date: January 17, 2007 01:31AM

"He did do some treatment on me though and I just hope that what he done did not do any harm to me."

This is a good question. Is he actually causing harm with his treatments? There is no doubt whatsoever that he causes harm with his mind.

The chiropractor at Eden is his primary apprentice and has been with him from the beginning. I wouldn't be surprised if she "snapped" when all this comes out and she realises who and what her boss is.

Hansard the "Laiku" was fond of saying that one Laiku went insane because he wasn't properly prepared. And that there was a death by assasination karma also. A little self fulfilling prophecy there. In fine dramatic form he is writing the script and then attempting to set it up for himself.

Maybe I'll post an ad in the Times, but I guess their legal department would X it.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: vaidya ()
Date: January 17, 2007 02:28AM


His system is cold because he is. As I said he is borderline psychotic. That's why he frightens people who get close. Normal human feelings and empathy are unknown to him. Even murder is acceptable to his psychotic inner reality. He's broken at a very fundamental level.

hey dorje

much of what you have presented isn't anything that can be corroberated - your opinions are interesting to a point, but with the possibility remaining that if you are wrong they come across as slander

i have seen CH being quite empathetic and concerned for others, and very appreciative of others efforts, and so the picture you paint is very one-sided

it is easy to turn most people into monsters if you selectively choose the more sordid details of their life - this RR website is perhaps one of the more objective sites but it falls into the same trap, for eg. i was reading through the stuff on deepak chopr, and regardless of what you think of the guy, the sordid details described in multiple entries of a legal battle he had with a woman that accused him of sexual abuse, which was eventually thrown out of court, seem overblown

if CH imade up then i would agree that it is very strange, but i wonder about the term "psychotic" - you don't appear to be using it with any kind of clinical accuracy - same goes with your other terms...

more details of your experience with him in his early days, stating what you know for sure and what is just conjecture would be appreciated by all - starting a sentence like "I probably won't get too much into this but I was a friend of Christopher Hansard ..." is suspicious

i can think of a few natural health practitioners that are quite "scathing" about this industry, for all the obvious reasons - for much the same reason that devout education hindus in india thought the hippies that migrated through india in the late 60's and early 70's were a bunch of idiots

let's hear some evidence for you statements, and not just a collection of labels you have strung together

if what you say is the truth, then allow this truth to set us free

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: searcher7 ()
Date: January 17, 2007 02:36AM


I am glad i have read all these posts. I also went for treatment at eden. I didn't get any benefits from treatment, was shouted at, he took my money, i wasted my time. I also saw him when he seemed drunk, couldn't walk straight.

I didn't trust my instincts, i felt there was something not quite right about that place.

I have spoken to 3 other people who have come across him. One said he has an ego problem, the other said not to trust him, and i have also contacted the Bonpos who do not recognise him, have never heard of his teacher, and advised to me to seek a legitamite teacher.

I feel like i wasted time going for treatment and believing his story.

But i guess that is partly my fault isnt it!

Anyway hope everyone is well, and i will be reading more posts, as i find them very interesting, as they are confirming my thoughts!

Plus if you go to amazon and review his books, the reviews i believe, or some of them are written by him or his people!

in fact one of the reviews was written, and the writer accidently left there email address...and it was from someone who works at the eden "money" centre!

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Cranial ()
Date: January 17, 2007 02:54AM

What kind of treatment did he do on you? I am sure that you will be ok though.

Yes, his chiropractor has written a brilliant book on Tibetan Kum Nye exercises that I obtained a copy of. I try and do them on a daily basis and find them very useful in conjunction with Qi Gong.

Anyway, apparently Eden has closed for good now. I went to see a friend for a Maya Abdominal Massage treatment this afternoon and there was a Maya practitioner working there - she told me that it had closed permanently and all the practitioners had re-located elsewhere. If they are good honest practitioners, then they should not have a problem.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: vaidya ()
Date: January 17, 2007 05:34AM

Yes, his chiropractor has written a brilliant book on Tibetan Kum Nye exercises that I obtained a copy of. I try and do them on a daily basis and find them very useful in conjunction with Qi Gong.

if you like the kum nye book and think its valid, you need to know that stephanie wrote it based on what CH taught her - i talked to her about this, and him, prior to its publication

i haven't read it although it claims to be the "first" english book published on the subject

i would like to hear what bonpo practitioners think of it

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Zig ()
Date: January 17, 2007 05:59AM

Good grief what is going on here?

Who am I?

I am a patient of Christopher Hansard’s as are members of my family and have been for a number of years. So from the clinic side I hope I can offer a perspective. I have also attended a number of his workshops in Canada and the UK.

Let’s start from the first post from Pema.

CH is not and has never claimed to be a guru. I have never seen anything other than positive words in the media about him.

Celebs & rich clients?

Some maybe, but all I have seen in the waiting room are ordinary people coming to see a man and his team that they trust and they come back because they see positive results. I have also witnessed CH charging a very low fee or no fee at all for some seriously ill patients. Not really the actions of a money grabbing charlatan that you seem eager to portray.

Fear. I have never witnessed any one being terrified by him in fact my young child, who is a patient, is more at ease with him than with any NHS practitioner.

BTW what are these people afraid of? He is a practitioner of Tibetan medicine plain and simple, if it doesn’t work for you don’t go to see him, go elsewhere and leave more room in his diary for people who do want to see him.


I don’t think that Christopher’s system of medicine issues pretty certificates. If you want those there are plenty of websites that will sell you a qualification for $25.

CH went through an oral training system more rigorous than any western practitioner. If that isn’t good enough for you then again no one is forcing you to go to him.

Sarah Teasler.

CH is not “being exposed”. As a patient I understand that the clinic had some very high increases in rent and rates last year and has therefore restructured to only accommodate Christopher and his patients and not the 30 other practitioners that used the building. If you go and ring the bell right now at the Eden Medical Centre you will find that all is pretty much as was except there is a little more room in reception now because we are not competing for chairs with other practitioners patients.


Why are you so interested in damming this man? What has he done to you? Why do you have a “large file” on CH?

Have you little else to do with your time? I am not surprised that you have met with indifference when trying to find fault with CH from people who know him. Could it be – shock – horror – that there isn’t anything to find?? What if he is simply a man trained by the Bon community in their medicine, and they don’t give out certificates, who practices good medicine across a broad range of people and conditions.

When I called up to book an appointment with CH I was told up front what it costs. I was told that the consultation may be 10 minutes or an hour depending on the condition. When I had seen him I was given a letter outlining the system of apprentices that will treat you under his direction. When you are in an NHS hospital the surgeon doesn’t sit on your bed and hold your hand 24/7.

He instructs others to carry out the treatment programme. Why do you find it so difficult to accept this system from CH? Even after your consultation with CH you are not obliged to return you have a choice, most people choose to return and get better.

Northern Treasure School

Oh dear, just because there are limited references on Google it doesn’t exist. The internet is information not knowledge. Some study may be involved. Not really my area but I have read enough to be confident that a) it exists and b) if you don’t want to believe in it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Bon in NZ

Pema I didn’t know that there was an office of Bon affairs in NZ where all “shamans” had to register first. Just because your “contacts” hadn’t heard of Urgyen Nam Chuk doesn’t mean that he wasn’t there. Why is it so important for you to find this guys address and phone number?


Gondolf I am not clear here you say that there is no trace of the language used by CH in rituals and then you say there are “bits and pieces here and there”. Does it exist or doesn’t it?


I have found no references to this claim in CH’s books and have never heard him make the claim in a workshop. However I have read a book “Remain Healthy with the Medical Arts of Tibet” by Doctor Egbert Asshauer that states that HHDL said

“I think that Christopher Hansard is a fresh branch on this ancient tree of medicine. It has made me happy to see how effortlessly this young, well educated British man has brought an oral system of traditional practices from Central Asia into harmony with modern thought of medicine”
-His Holiness The Dalai Lama

The author goes on to say that the Dalai Lama stated in his last interview that “Christopher Hansard contributes new ideas to Tibetan Medicine”

So more a case of HHDL giving CH a recommendation rather than CH claiming anything.


Yes I have also witnessed CH at workshops being challenging, but that is the point of a workshop isn’t it? If you wanted to be cuddled you would have gone to a beauty spa. What I have also witnessed when some one is being “challenged” at a workshop is that the people most upset are other people not the person being challenged. People go to workshops with individual concerns or issues. We are all different thank goodness and those concerns are all different so CH’s remedy for one person will be different from the remedy for the next person. Just because you are shocked by something doesn’t mean that the person on the receiving end is too. I saw a man being given a log to carry once. To most of us it appeared ridiculous but when I asked him about it 12 months later he said it had really helped him deal with his issues. What those issues where are none of my or anybody else’s business. But he was helped, no one was harmed and he wasn’t charged extra for the special attention.


Yup I have seen him smoke cigars. I can think of a lot worse things to smoke than cigars. Does this make him a bad person? Well maybe in California but not in the real world.


I understand the “lotions and potions” website you refer to is no longer operating. Not really an evil money making machine then if you can’t buy the items you are referring to is it?

Again, we are all born with free choice and can chose to take an asprin from a pharmacy or Echinacea from the health food store or nothing at all. Did you tell CH you felt let down? What did he do? I have referred many friends to CH and only one wasn’t happy with his opinion, but it drove her to seek other approaches to her condition and she is now well on the way to being well. Oh and on that occasion CH gave her money back. Not really the actions of a rip off merchant then.


Another unpleasant experience. Well it can happen, people who see CH in the main are not well, and that’s why they go to see him. I would ask members of this forum to balance Cranial and Chicky’s experience against the tens of thousands of people who have been successfully treated by CH over the years and have gone on to recommend him to others.


Why do you think it is acceptable to call some one who you were obviously close to at one stage a “psychopath”? Are you medically trained? Is this your expert opinion? If as I suspect you have no medical qualifications don’t you think it is a little dangerous calling people “psychopath” at random.


So in summary we have a man trained in an oral tradition that doesn’t have a certificate on his wall that practices a medical system that has been in existence for thousands of years. He successfully treats thousands of patients a year and makes them better again, (well the ones who choose to follow the treatment programme) and writes useful and bestselling books that are sold all over the world. Now a friend and two unhappy patients wish to condemn him for not being nice to them, we only have their side of the story, smoking cigars and having a stammer.
I hope and pray that intelligent people reading all this will be able to reach their own conclusions and not be put off going to see a man who has helped me and my family immeasurably and it deeply saddens me to see him being attacked in this way.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: gondolf ()
Date: January 17, 2007 06:01AM

Hello Cranial,

How long have you practiced kum nye for? After having such bad experiences with Hansard I am almost afraid to do anything remotely associated with him.

Also, please keep your ear to the ground as he will undoubtedly try to show up somewhere else.

I too have seen him practice drunk.

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: gondolf ()
Date: January 17, 2007 06:04AM

" i have also contacted the Bonpos who do not recognise him, have never heard of his teacher, and advised to me to seek a legitamite teacher."

Yes, if his teacher really existed somebody would have heard of a man as accomplished as Hansard claims he was.

Also, has anyone anywhere heard of the language Kapi, or the so-called Masang? In the real world or in science fiction?

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Christopher Hansard
Posted by: gondolf ()
Date: January 17, 2007 06:19AM


I would not say that Hansard is psychotic. I would say, and I am speaking professionally, that he shows clear signs of being psychopathic, and has also shown clear signs of being manic-depressive.

His lieing with easy, manipulative relationships with others, and unwillingness to be accountable or the even the least bit embarrassed for outrageous and hurtful behaviour is typical of the former.

The ability to take hold of the energy of the crowd and use it is typical of both psychopaths and individuals with manic-depressive illness. I have seen clear episodes of this latter problem.

Such individuals are also often quite brilliant. For instance, if he learned Tibetan and started studying the Bon "encyclopedia" of medical practices it is quite possible he invented himself. It is also possible that in his soul he is a legitimate shaman.

However, he is also very obviously very disturbed and should be stopped. He is still abusing and manipulating people and it is time people called a spade a spade.

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