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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: March 29, 2021 02:44AM

Apologies, I had to make my corrections. The post is on the next page.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: March 29, 2021 02:59AM

Talons Dripping With Narcissism

Swartz' continue to harass, bully, intimidate & threaten autistic ex-student who had a breakdown

Anguish and anger bubble through me, as my body shakes. It's the only appropriate & humane response. I can imagine the Shiningworld view, so devoid of emotion in what is being revealed as if that is some sign of spiritual advance. It is not. At no time are we meant to give up our humanity on the spiritual path. What is the point of that? Any path of self-development only has merit if it cultivates the ability for one to live life more fully. Free and without fear. Do you feel that James & Isabella Swartz are that?

I have read the medical diagnosis of 'X' today. I have it here now. He is autistic, it is exactly as he said. This is a man who is pure, loving and kind and extremely intelligent. Yet with that innocence, there is a vulnerability that can be manipulated. And it was. He was. What follows is a progressive revealing of email excerpts that will show systematic bullying, gaslighting, manipulation, control and incredulously taking video footage of an autistic person suffering from a full-blown psychotic breakdown instead of getting the emergency services.

What follows is copy/paste emails between James & Isabella Swartz, and 'X' and his mother. This information is presented linearly.

James Swartz
We learned from H that you were planning to settle down in (location withheld). Consequently, Sundari has decided that she will not come to Spain as long as you are living there, except perhaps for a visit.

If you want to make us happy you should find another place to live, write me in October and let me know if you want to speak and we will arrange a meeting.

Dear James,

Thank you for your email.

So far, I have not planned to settle down anywhere in the world. I am free to live and travel anywhere as I wish. It is not my role to make you and Sundari happy. Your happiness doesn't depend on me, and vice versa.

I am not attached to Sundari, to you or anybody else. Not even to my “own" body! I have lived on my own for many years. I love solitude, peace and silence.

You asked me two months ago not to be in contact with you but you have been contacting me all the time. It is harassment.

Now, unfortunately, I am forced to ask you to stop contacting me. We must respect this. +I don't need any answer to this email. The picture is complete.

God bless

James Swartz
Your rudeness amazes me, but then, so what. We have seen many things from you and many others we have taught over the years that we did not expect

All it does is reveal what's underneath the sweet facade.

Isabella Swartz
You can tell him from me that I see his decision to live in (location withheld), after all that happened and how he behaved to us and particularly to me, as an act of aggression.

It's all talk from him, classic enlightenment sickness.

Yes, James & Isabella, it seems we are carrying on with where we left off yesterday. Narcissism drips like blood from your talons as your witchery words try to weave a spell of 'oh, poor me!'

Oh my god, ol' faithful! 'Enlightenment Sickness'. Well, that doesn't exist in my lineage, I guess you guys simply don't know what you are talking about. It can be traced to being mentioned by a Zen Roshi centuries ago, but that is not traditional Vedanta. Anyone who sees's you for what you are and runs a mile is gaslight with this phoney 'spiritual diagnosis'.

Your total absorption on how you were seemingly inconvenienced and what you were put through is disgusting. Anyone normal would be focused solely on the real victim in this, an autistic man who was suffering from a psychotic breakdown for the first time. And what do both of you do? You immediately set about harassing both 'X' and his mother when they returned to Norway on October 11th. It wasn't just both of you though, 'X' and his Mother found themselves having to work as a team to work hard to manage the 'friends of 'X' who began to try to influence him in ways that suited the Swartz'. It seems that the Swartz demon-duo sent their minions out into the realm of the mind to control 'X's.

James & Isabella Swartz' will demand that 'X' has no contact with them, yet they will bombard him and his Mother with harrasing emails telling them both to not reply, they will follow 'X' in their car, and even invite him to dinner (more on that event in the next post)! This would be confusing for anyone, but as 'X' is a kind and innocent person, he easily accepts freindship. Yet the moment it looks like things are back to something approaching 'stable' in the Swartz' behaviour, they gaslight this autistic man once more, and accuse him of breaking their wishes! You will recall from the first set of disclosures:

Isabella Swartz - Spain
"We did not know exactly where he lived, but last week Isvara construed our paths to cross. We found ourselves behind his car on the road. We followed him and stopped when he stopped. When he saw Ramji, he took off like a scalded rabbit in the opposite direction."

James Swartz - Spain
Why did you run away when I met you on the road? I just wanted to have a friendly chat. Sundari said you came to our house when I was gone. And now God has revealed where you live to us. I believe you agreed not to visit us for one year but now you are living nearby and spying on us. You say you are an honorable person but honorable people don't break their agreements. It is cowardly to spy on people. I have written you several times trying to open an avenue of communication but you do not return my emails. You are evidently not in your right mind, 'X'. Do you feel good about yourself when you behave in this way? The Lord does not make good karma for people who don't play by the rules.

I want you to understand who I am, not to run away every time you see me. Why are you behaving in this manner? You must know that there are laws against stalking people. I don't want to go to the Guardia Civil and file a complaint but I know where you live and I know your history. They will investigate you if I go to them and the outcome will not be good. Remember what happened in Africa. I am a respectable person, a property owner and a resident of Spain. I speak the truth. So this is a warning because you are making us both feel very uncomfortable. I am sending this letter to your mother and to our mutual acquaintances so that everybody knows exactly what is happening.

Isabella Swartz email: 20/03/19
I am contacting you about 'X'. I must bring something to your attention. Please understand I do not want to distress you or him, nor cause any bad feelings. I wish you both only peace and happiness.

A few weeks after we arrived here, 'X' left gifts at our gate. We know it was him as he knew we would know, firstly because nobody we know would do that and because of the choice of gifts. It did not make us happy that he would do that because it meant he was watching us and must have come here when he knew we would not see him. But we accepted it as a peace offering and moved on.

Whether he is still watching us we cannot prove. I have heard and felt the energy of someone or something walking around the property at night on several occasions. So have friends who stayed here. Maybe it's an animal.
James left for Germany on Sunday and we had friends staying who left yesterday morning. Yesterday evening while sitting outside enjoying the sunset, I clearly heard my name, Sundari, being called, and the voice was 'X'’s.

I am not prone to imagining things and he was very far from my mind. I have no reason to think about him and was not. But I know what I heard as I have extremely acute hearing. There is nobody else in this area who knows me by my Sanskrit name.

If this was 'X', we cannot imagine what he believes he could gain by watching us, or what he wanted in calling me. I leave room for doubt, obviously. But like him, I am highly psychic. Not much moves around me without my Subtle body picking it up.

Here’s the thing. Apart from the fact that we do not like our privacy invaded, and since we are insuring the property, we think it’s a good idea to have some security installed. We decided on a surveillance system and have people here at the moment installing cameras around the property, from below the pool to behind the house. Every angle of the house is covered. They will be connected to our phones from today, so we can see what’s going on around the place no matter where we are.

Mostly because my daughter was so upset about this especially after he left his gifts at our gate, at her insistence we went to the police to make a report. The police cannot do anything unless we provide a name, but we did not give one. We just made a statement that we feel we are being watched by someone we know very well.

We have made friends with several English-speaking people who live in Solano and nearby, and they are happy to be on call should the need arise.

If he is wasting his time and energy covertly watching us, that is not the way normal, emotionally healthy people behave. And, much more importantly, it is certainly not the way a free person behaves.

If we discover proof on camera that he is on or near our property, we will go to the police with names and proof. As distasteful and sad as the situation was with his psychosis in SA, we do have his ranting and raving at our door on video, so there is a history. We have two very competent witnesses who saw and heard everything. It will not be good for 'X', and it is the very last thing we want to do.

Without a doubt, these are serious developments. Isabella is hearing her name being called and movement around the property. She also believes that she has special powers and can sense people 'psychically. Certainly both her and James sound extremely paranoid, and out of every explanation in existence, the cause must be 'X'. Not only are close friends informed, as well as 'X's Mother, but the police also are made aware of the situation. Though what is it that can even remotely tie 'X' to the situation? Oh yes, James & Isabella finding some presents at their front door. Most certainly cause for concern. Forgive me, perhaps it is the fact that I grew up in Northern Ireland where the nearest we got to threats at our front doors was petrol and pipe bombs, or the police coming with an intelligence report from Special Branch of an imminent attack on oneself by terrorists. I have never been threatened by 'presents' nor felt inclined to go to the police because of that. In fact, for all the haters of me out there, feel free to threaten me with presents all day long. And to James & Isabella Swartz, Gaslighters Extraordinaires... I salute thee, thou Masters of Eroticism, sorry, I mean - Neuroticism...

My levity is brought sharply down to earth by the appaling actions that are revealed in the above two emails. Emails that have menace and threats woven through. Praise God for Isabella's psychopathy, for in her stupidity she has confessed to something truly appalling. You will recall that 'X' was suffering greatly from the psychotic breakdown, yet 'X' managed to get to the apartment of James & Isabella. If we recall they would not let 'X' in and said they talked at the window. That was what was said to 'X's mum the day after James & Isabella abandoned 'X'. It seems that in Isabella' delusional rage she let slip that they took a video of 'X' during the psychotic episode at their door.

Let me put this into context. After going through all the emails from everyone concerned, it is clear that 'X' did not remember this event even hours later. According to Isabella, 'X' came to their door begging for help in a highly distressed state screaming and crying. They refused to let 'X' in. Unable to understand why the people that were trusted would be like this, 'X' became more distressed and had an accident. You know what I mean. I am wording this politely, though Isabella told 'X's Mother about this in a very crude manner. Yes, that is correct, Isabella knew that 'X' had soiled himself due to extreme distress, and she videoed the whole thing. We know this, as it was her who emailed about the accident, and it is her who emailed that they took video footage. Perhaps it is me that is nuts, maybe I have been conditioned by too much civil war in my own country, and I view humanity wrongly. But, I would help a stranger in the street in such a situation, and I have. Never mind someone who just gave me well over 170,000 Euro days before. What the heck is going on with these people???

This is a person who is autistic and is going through a psychotic episode for the first time. Not only do they not understand what is happening, but they are also in a foreign country. And what does the Swartz' do? They refuse to let 'X' in, and they decide to video an autistic person undergoing a mental breakdown, soiling themselves. As you can see, insurance for a 'rainy day', like threatening both 'X' and his Mother above. Yes James & Isabella, how loving and pure your actions are. You have no trouble being in the same room as 'X' when he gives you over 170,000 Euro. 'X' is a human being, entitled to the same respect as anyone else. Entitled to the same love and care as even a stranger should expect. Oh, to portray yourselves as Good Samaritans on your website, when in reality you are emissaries of evil.

There is only so much people can take, and no matter how decent they are, there is always a breaking point. Woe-betide someone who crosses a mother concerning their child. This is one of the best comeback's I have ever read. This lady is my hero:

Mother of X
Good afternoon,

Firstly, we can assure you that we have more important and more interesting things to do than watching you, speaking about you or calling out your name in the wilderness. Your information is wrong: (X) did not go to your house. Neither did any member of his family, or any friends staying with him.

We are sorry that you hear voices and feel so anxious and suspicious. We hope that cameras will help you to feel secure. We think that the cause of the fear you experience could be the difficulty in dealing with the memories of the intense bullying (X) went through in SA. And most of all the fact that you ran away when he was sick and in need of urgent medical help.

You wrote that you even filmed him while he was ill, and would be capable of using it against him, how despicable! (X) has not done anything wrong, and consequently has nothing to fear from anyone. Being ill and alone on the street in a foreign country is not reprehensible. That is why the Durban police, the medical emergencies helped 'X' with great compassion and care.

Regarding "running away", it was not a planned meeting on the road yesterday, you were driving behind him, and he stopped to answer a message on his phone. You could have taken this opportunity to just pass by, but chose to stop and walked towards his car, imposing a contact. Then (X) had to leave as you were approaching his car. Why? He respects the no-contact you demanded in October 2018, and does not understand why this no-contact order is constantly changing. And now, after all the bullying and harassment, he knows that you are not his friends, and is much afraid of you and your wife. And so am I, sorry to say.

And then after we came back from SA, you bombarded us with emails. All mails very similar to the last ones, very confusing, seemingly friendly, specked with contradictions, criticism, blame, false accusations, threats, gossip, and calumny.

Concerning the mortgage contract, it has not been proposed, just like that, to please 'X'. It is needed, after legal advice, because the current agreement is not valid in Spain, and has no security whatsoever for the lender of 179.000 euros to you. The current contract looks very much like embezzlement putting you, your wife and the witnesses in a shady light. Honourable people have honorable and legally valid agreements which respect the legal rights of all parties and do not disadvantage one of the parties.

We hereby ask again that you stop this harassment. Not one more word of criticism, blame, false accusations, threats, gossip, calumny, innuendos on the SW site or elsewhere, spoken or written. No more using friends to get information, reports or control on (X). Anyone can read 'X's story on the Internet and parts of it in a book published in 2012. ISBN 978-0-9856244-0-8. It is a beautiful story, you do not have the right to alter it and/or use false information against him. If you continue doing so, we will file a complaint for defamation.

You have no right whatsoever to impose a place of residence or non-residence to anyone. 'X' lives in the area for a very good reason. He looks after the place his family bought to be near him. We think of living there permanently after we have retired.

All this is in the past now, and we have no hard feelings towards you. Yes, 'X' has given you lots of his time, trust, devotion, money and practical help, and most of all lent you 179.000,- euros at the very low interest rate of 2% that you asked for. We are both genuinely happy that you now have a beautiful home and a base for SW.

The no-contact was first demanded by you, and 'X' respected it. Now after this relentless harassment, it is clear that we will never contact you again and we demand that you never contact us again, ever.

We have explained in a previous mail what the main consequence of continued harassment will trigger.

(Mother - Name Omitted) & Srijoy Ganesh (beautiful name, given to him by his Indian friends)

PS: Regarding the few small items that were left behind at Suryalilla, they can be collected at the hotel Balcon's reception from Thursday 28 March 2019 . As for the welcome gift (which was not delivered by 'X', but by the shop), if you don't want it, just leave it at same place, with X's name on it. We will collect it there whenever we pass by.

Well, that is certainly decisive and authoritative. As I said, a most excellent reply to the Masters of Hate. Yet, this is not the end of this harrowing tale of abuse, for the next ( and possibly last set of disclosures) carry on with the harassment theme and also take yet another twist as things re-direct toward supporting what Heather also said, yet again. Though before I go, what was the excuse for 'X' and their Mother to receive all those threats, including revealing the sordid video recording of the distress? Oh yes, it was claimed that 'X' delivered presents to the door himself. Of course, they never bothered to ask, if they did, they would have known that it was simply a goodwill gesture for moving into the area, that was delivered by the shop. I am tempted to call the Swartz' idiots, though that doesn't do justice. Instead, I shall end this post with an extremely important point.

You will see above that there is an ISBN, and 'X's Mother refers to him being in a book. 'X' is transgender, well non-binary as 'X' tells me they prefer. You are all free to go and read the life-story of 'X', and in that way, they are no longer being anonymous. To me, to make it known here to the world who is revealing these posts speaks volumes.

Perhaps you recall a post that I made a week or two ago, regarding something that Stan posted. It was Stan who first hinted here about what went on at the Carbondale Gita, that the Swartz' taught for three months. I spoke about how Shiningworld students that subsequently left and came to study with me told me of James Swartz speaking negatively in the seminar about trans people. This was in front of the parents of two. This is what 'X' has to say about it today:


I met (name omitted) in James' India seminar in January 2017. it is there the transgender term came up in the Satsang hall, then it continued at Carbondale.

I think James didn't like knowing that I am transgender when Isabella told him. He refuses to relate to this term or to understand.

James also thought that I was in love with Isabella, romantic love. I'm not sure why exactly. This may be the reason why Isabella ordered me in emails to stop hugging them. She said that students do not ever hug Gurus'. That Guru's are an institution.

James then said all communication to Isabella should go through him. I told James that they are misunderstanding. I have a woman's body, though I look male and I have never been in a relationship in my life. It is something that does not interest me at all

James said that Isabella and I were in our own 'love bubble. Isabella indeed related to me in a motherly way. Lots of women do as I look childlike and innocent. Then they said I became attached to her and they would start to control me. I was ordered to stop using emoji's as they said they are adults and I had to stop being like a child. They also blame me for seeing them as parents and try to blame my mum for not giving me good parenting.

I have to admit, that I had heard for some time, what the Swartz' had been spreading about 'X', and I for one am very glad to know not only his version, but to also have the privelage to have read first hand, an amazing amount of evidence from the Swartz' emails and Whatsapp messages that confirm everything said. I can also confirm that I have read in WhatsApp messages Isabella telling 'X' that he's already been told not to use emoji anymore.

Regarding the way that 'X' is as a person. Looking at all the different perspectives that are being said about him, and reading the official diagnosis of autism, this is a person who innocently loves everyone. I want to make that clear. He simply loves everyone with a pure heart. And what happened was a travesty of humanity. A complete failure of all that is good and proper in people. The gaslighting carries on regarding him, even though he is not contacted directly. He was not in romantic love with Sundari. The mistake is on the part of the Swartz' who not only refused to recognise his gender, they also conveniently ignored his ways as a person in general. An autistic person not only does not perceive the world the same as most, but they also will not act the same way as most. This person acted from a pure heart at all times, for the are not able to do otherwise. To project improper judgements on someone with a valid diagnosis, that also underwent extreme trauma during a breakdown, is not only reprehensible, but it is also hateful.

This is not the end of their story though. For that, there will be one more post...

(I have been gave permission & asked to post this on behalf of 'X' and their Mother. Thank you for allowing me :) ).

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Dis-illusioned ()
Date: March 29, 2021 02:42PM

I’ve been following these posts the past week, with as much shock and horror as I would imagine most people are. It’s not a positive thing - to be hearing it all, but I think it’s necessary. I can’t imagine what purpose it may serve or achieve, but I can report on how it has impacted me.

I’d like to do that, for X’s sake mostly. I’d like X to know, that by sharing their story, my story has been given a good dose of medicine. Thank you X, for helping me to get some more closure.

I spent most of yesterday, crying - after reading more of X’s story.

I’ve carried the James period in my life story, for a while - not knowing what to do with it. I followed James for 10 years. It’s been a significant time, that has influenced me a lot.

I’ve wondered at times, what to believe. I’ve second-guessed myself. I’ve tried to figure things out, so that I could put it all away.
But because it wasn’t fully resolved, I wasn’t able to do that.

I believe that the release of tears that happened here - since hearing the tale of X - is a purging.

It’s a sweet relief.

It’s been the closure of a chapter, that was still half hanging.

I no longer doubt that I might have a distorted view of James. I see, through someone else’s experience - what James (and Sundari) are capable of.

Even if some of the details aren’t totally accurate - I know that you couldn’t make this stuff up.

It’s believable, based on what I know of them - only it’s far worse than I imagined it might be.

I’ve had flash-backs of Sundari, and they make me think of Cruella Deville. I can recall the awful feelings I experienced at Suryalila - and I now wonder whether those feelings may in fact be because I was in the wrong place, and that the whole retreat was steeped in a sinister field of influence, coming from what was really going on - behind the scenes at that time. I was there, around James and Sundari, while part of X’s story was playing out. It disturbs me to imagine that, but it also explains things that I noticed, but couldn’t make sense of.

James wrote to me in October, and November last year (2020). I’ve shared parts of those emails on this forum already. I’d like to do so again, in full. And I want to copy the relevant parts of my exchanges with James, to which he refers.

He asked me why I hadn’t told the context of what he had said to me. I didn’t because it was too laborious to do so. But in the light of what’s gone down, I’d like to provide the context now. It’s one more small piece, of the puzzle that is James. There is still some cognitive dissonance between what I thought James was, and what I came to see that he is.

Perhaps this is why his teaching never came to fruition in me. It couldn’t produce the desired results, because the source was rotten to the core.

How could a teaching, intended to impart freedom, and rightness of being, do that when the one teaching it, isn’t living a life of freedom, and rightness of being.

The letters and excerpts from my correspondence with James, will follow.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Dis-illusioned ()
Date: March 29, 2021 03:03PM

Here are the last two emails I received from James.
The first was sent in October 2020, and the second was sent in November 2020

October 2020 - from James, after a Facebook post, where I discovered James had shared the emails I’d sent him, to Shiningworld. I had no knowledge, prior to that, that James would, or had done so. He never mentioned it to me - which he could have done. (Informed consent is a concept that clearly doesn’t exist for James - another of his strange anomalies.)


Somebody wrote me that you were complaining online that I published our satsangs.  You must not have read the notice that anyone who writes, writes with the understanding that ShiningWorld can publish them anonymously which I did because they are very helpful to seekers.  You also must have noticed that your name was changed so there is no way for those satsangs to be associated with you.  In any case, It is clearly written in black and white on the website.  Sometimes people want me to publish their proper names but I don't.  In fact the satsang section is largely responsible for the success of ShiningWorld because it is a very helpful service.  And knowing that the information would enter the public domain you could just as well as have chosen not to share it with me.  Occasionally people ask me not to publish when they write and I agree.   Once or twice in the last twenty years I missed an instance of someone's name and corrected it when and if it was called to my attention.  So I think it is only fair for you to take responsiblity for your actions rather than making me out to be some sort of bad person. And anyway, if you are proud of what you do and you do it with integrity, why shouldn't people know? 

I thought we had a very good comunication.  I even apologized for a misunderstanding about the nature of your work.  So I don't think painting yourself as a victim is really very helpful for you.  It doesn't bother me because i behaved honorably.  I treated you with kindness and integrity. 

(If it doesn’t bother him, why did he write to me about it ????)


2. Sent November 2020

Someone called my attention to a post by you about me taken out of context.  I don't think it's fair to do that.  So I'm asking you to take it down and to refrain from trolling me on the web.  It is the right thing.  If you continue posting your opinion I will have no other option but to publish all our satsangs on ShiningWorld and identify you in person.  They give a fair and accurate picture of our relationship.  You know very well that the suggestion that you become a prostitute was not the actual meaning but you wanted to give the other people in the forum that it was.  Also you did not mention that I assumed wrongly that you were having sex with your clients because that's what a sex therapist is generally known to do.  When you told me directly that it wasn't true I immediately apologized. 

Why didn't you mention that?  


I didn’t give the entire background and context to what James said to me, because it was to complex and virtually impossible to do so.

However, James’ version of how it went, doesn’t match with the facts. James believes and claims that he’s a real diplomat. And he claims, to me, that he apologised for insulting me.

No James, you didn’t apologise. You pretended to, but because of who and what you are - you can’t see that what you said was not an apology - it was a further display of your self-righteous, self-aggrandising, bullshit.

I am done with you James. You no longer take up any residence in my heart or mind. You don’t belong there.


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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Dis-illusioned ()
Date: March 29, 2021 03:16PM

In February last year, this was James writing to me....


Hi xxxxxx,

I really love your emails.  They are so truthful.  I found this one very interesting.  It's definitely Vedanta related.  I don't think it's a coincidence that the clarity of your insight into the nature of your mind is due to your dedication to self inquiry.  This objectivity shows that you have assimilated Self knowledge to a considerable degree.  From the beginning I felt that you processed information differently from most people.  I saw it as a kind of "blind spot," and took it as a classic case of denial.  But your wiring...your svabhava in just different.  Now that you you have this kind of clarity it will be much easier to negotiate your interactions with others. 

Me:  I’m very curious to know what you thought was the blind-spot or denial. Please be direct with me on this, as it’s something I just don’t see or understand, when others mention it.
James:  OK.  This is my Aspergers’s being brutally honest. The Aspergers is the blind spot.  It “denies” i.e. doesn’t understand the views of society.  Aspergers people just come in with a very strong tamasic component by no fault of their own.  But they are very self-centered, i.e. only concerned with what they want.  They are not pretending to be ignorant, at least when they are young.  Later, when they start to mature, they may feign ignorance because it suits their fancy.  Take your profession, for instance.  If you were differently employed you wouldn’t have a problem fitting in.  “Normal” people don’t do sex work.  If, when you are asked your profession, and you are “brutally honest” (see the hypocrisy) you say, “I fuck guys for money,” for instance, which you do although it is couched in therapeutic language, it is going to create an instant judgment and make a possible relationship very difficult, unless it is a man who wants sex.  So you avoid contact and you feel bad because you can’t be honest.  I picked up on the guilt right away.  I knew you had something to hide.  But, I didn’t make a judgment.  I just wondered what it was and why.   If you had felt judged, you wouldn’t have opened up to me.  I’d have been just another bigoted person to avoid. 

Thanks James...

One thing though, I don’t have sex with my clients. I don’t offer it and I’m not pretending that I do or don’t - but it is a fact. It may not change anything about that you’ve said, I just would like to be clear about that.


Hi xxxxx,

I didn't know that.  It doesn't matter to me one way or they other.  I see you as the self. But the psychology stands.  

I know it doesn’t matter to you really. It just felt that particular part of the things you were offering me, weren’t entirely in truth. No point being silent on that, if it comes out later down the line, that there was a mis-communication. The people I shield from my work is basically my children, my family, and my employers or landlords - mainly because it would be confusing, distressing or unhelpful for them or me, to know. Not because I’m ashamed of what I do. People don’t need to know, and even if they know in part, they’ll never really know completely. So it’s best left as nobodies business, unless it is their business. I felt it was your business, so that you could understand me completely - or as far as possible.


July 2020 (not even a year ago.)

I’ve been pondering sending you and update on myself, because you suggested a while ago, that I do that now and then.

I’m aware that I’ve put practicing Vedanta, or the contemplation of it, aside for a while as I’ve had pressing life situations that I knew I needed to deal with as a priority. 

My sense is that unless I get to grips with myself, my desire to do nididhyasana will come to naught. I may be wrong, but that’s how it seems to me. 

Aside from that, I’m gradually seeing clients again for what you thought of as sex work but that I see as therapeutic work.

Hi xxxxxx,
I figured I would hear from you sooner or later because I was pretty sure the autism idea didn’t have legs.  Anyway, your ego probably isn’t going to like what I have to say, but hopefully it will.  If I don’t hear from you again, I’ll assume you didn’t like what I had to say.   But I suggest you think of it as tough love and get the benefit.     

My distress overwhelms me at times, and that makes me virtually insane for a while. 
In those times, I can’t think straight.
James:  Yes, indeed.  This autism thing is just insane.  There is actually nothing wrong with you at all except your thinking.  It’s typical of the Osho people.  You’re writing me because you know better.  I’m sorry to be so straightforward, but you need a good rap on the knuckles.  You’re spoiled and self indulgent.  Your life needs a reboot.  Karma yoga is right action, as well as right attitude.  Your understanding of both is incorrect. 

James:  It’s sex work, xxxxx.  It may have momentary therapeutic benefits, meaning people feel good when then have sex with somebody who seems to care.  And maybe you do care, but why?  You need to have sex with yourself.  You need to care for yourself.  If that work was actually healing, you’d be healed by now.  The problem is that you come from a Christian background and you feel guilty so you have to explain your interest in sex in a romantic way.  I’m helping others.  You’re helping yourself, xxxxxx, but it’s not working. Better just be a prostitute and get some serious money out of it while you still have your looks.  At least you could afford an upscale tricked out van that would look good in that posh neighborhood.  It’s more honest.  

Thanks James. I don’t know what didn’t have legs means, but no matter.

I’ve read part of what you’ve said and you may be right. 

I updated you because you asked me to do so from time to time. I did the best I could, but I said more than I should have. 

All the best to you. I won’t contact you again.

And just for clarity, I don’t expect you to understand. It was wrong of me to waste your time with a long story, as you say. My basic message was that I can’t do Vedanta at this time. It came over wrong, so I’ll leave you to use your energy wisely. Genuine thanks.

You said exactly what you should have said, xxxxxx.  Vedanta is not something you "do."  It is a common sense state of mind.  It's a different way to think about yourself and life, one that produces happiness.  Don't have legs means that the autism idea will not take you anywhere.  It is an escape.  Once you have your diagnosis and can get some "support" do you really think life will be different.  You will still be troubled by your thoughts/emotions, etc.  A diagnosis, is a label, not a cure.  You're not a victim of a fashionable disease.


It’s not a disease. It’s a way of understanding why I’ve struggled, so that I can put my struggle with all of that, away. I am a thinking person. The social anxiety I experience, trips me up. I don’t have the capacity right now, to practice karma yoga. Call it what you like. You don’t really know much about the condition. It’s not a disease and I never said it is. I’m not trying to cure it. It describes the mind i was born with, that has been a hindrance. It’s a gift too, and I will max it out once I clear the debris. But that’s not your job to assist me with, and if you think there’s another (better) way then of course you’ll tell me so. None of your counsel is misplaced, but there are parts of what you think you know about the story, aren’t correct and I don’t expect you to remember details. The general idea you’re telling me isn’t off the mark, and fits with what you should tell me. So I’m saying thanks, I hear you, and I will continue with the path as best I can, without the need to bore you with how I do that.

You’re way out of line to tell me to prostitute myself in order to buy a smarter van. I listened to your first Suryalila talk during lockdown, and I couldn’t concentrate. In my experience, you ramble a lot. I don’t find it useful. Somewhere, somehow, there’s a lack of clarity between my brain and what you teach or write. I take that to be my error, as it couldn’t be yours. So what can I do other than to either stay in contact with you, or walk away. I have no desire to bore you or to drain you. I get that I’m exasperating. That’s ok. I can’t be different. I get that I do things my way. So be it. I’ve tried dancing to your tune (between valuing the wisdom you speak) and I can’t get it right. I will just continue to do the best I can


Great email, xxxxx, eloquent and truthful.  I wish you'd put it that way before and I wouldn't have insulted you like I did.   I was society's voice going by appearances because I didn't really know how it was for you, but it was necessary to say what I  did because it provoked a crystal clear reaction.  It is the truth.  Thank you for setting me straight.  You're right.  Vedanta is not for you.  I'm a helping person and I assume that people the Lord sends are ready for Vedanta, and most are, but I'm not always right.  So I apologize and wish you well in dealing with this challenging obstacle.

Much love,

So there’s the context James. And your “apology.”

I’m done

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Dis-illusioned ()
Date: March 29, 2021 03:31PM

And for the sake of clarity and correctness - those extracts I posted were not the entire emails. I’ve copied the relevant parts, not to hide anything - but because it’s not necessary to bore anyone else with it. If James chooses to publish the entirety of our correspondence, he’s welcome to do so. And he can name me if he wishes to.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: March 30, 2021 05:42PM

Serpents of Satan

James & Isabella Swartz exposed: taking 179,000 Euro & abandoning autistic student who went on to attempt suicide before hospitalization

Terror, confusion & abandonment sear into his psyche like the scorching winds of hades. A stranger in a strange land abandoned at the side of the road. In great distress, he can only watch helplessly and longingly as his two 'teachers' gallop off into the sunset like 'Bonnie & Clyde', heartless and without remorse with his 179,000 Euro. Compensation money awarded to him for being abused, controlled and put through terror for nearly two decades. 'X' shares his final set of disclosures, including the repeat of a pattern now spanning over forty years.

The following email was sent in response to 'X's Mothers email demanding that the Swartz' honour their demand for no-contact, and stop the harassment (shown in the last post):

James Swartz

I understand your defence of your son, (Mother of 'X'), up to a point. Maybe it serves him, maybe not. It serves you. The truth is what we want it to be, not so?

You and 'X' can deny all you want, manufacture whatever reality you like. You are entitled to see things in whichever light you think makes it is easier for you to cope with what happened with 'X', past and recently.

I will not try to defend our position, because there is no need. Your comments about us and our treatment of 'X' are beyond ridiculous.

Yes, we sometimes gave him tough love.

Isabella Swartz
They came and assessed him and found that he was absolutely fine. So why the drama after that, at the hotel, the attempted suicide. Attention?

Is this your example of 'tough love'? Attempted suicide for attention??? Haven't you went to great lengths trying to claim that you phoned the emergency services when we can see you have said you did not? Why would you even try to lie about that, if after all the person was merely looking for attention? Looking attention, is it? A person screaming, crying, begging for help in a confused and terrified state, soiling themselves due to the terror. This is looking for attention! By screaming for you to help, they are trying to get your attention to help! God, we are dealing with fools here.

I admit, that at times I have found the actions of James & Isabella Swartz so bizarre that I have wondered is it me that is insane. Excuse me for pointing out the obvious, ad Infinitum... perhaps 'X' attempted suicide due to the sheer hopelessness and trauma of his situation. In which you invited him to a foreign country, took advantage of his pure love and took half of his compensation (179,000) and abandoned him. The two people he trusted.

Do you know something James & Isabella? The spiritual by-passing that is with Shiningworld students is extreme and clearly saw from the view of traditional Vedanta. But you two, you bring it to a whole new level. Do you know what acting humanely is? Certainly not this.

Isabella Swartz
We did not abandon him when he became psychotic in Durban – we called YOU immediately. But you took your time to respond, didn’t you, (Mother of X)? I warned you repeatedly that you did not want him to get into the hands of the local institutions. It is convenient to blame us now, I am sure. We had to leave for Cape Town because we had a seminar with 40 international people coming, to whom we were committed. I told you I had no choice but to call the local medical emergency services to attend to him when we left.

We are not afraid of him, why would we be? Nothing can touch us.

Perhaps if you had been the recipient of the kind of manic behaviour from someone you had done a lot to help, as we did, you would have a better understanding of what it was like for us. Have you ever considered that?

'X's behaviour inside and outside our apartment was threatening. In the extreme.

Here is a message I have for 'X', and it will be the last.

Hello 'X'

What could possibly make you run like a terrified rabbit from your gurus – the ones responsible for teaching you and helping you find moksa, if you did?

Don’t you think it is time to stop running and face the fear that is behind the joy-full mask you put on for the world? The deep dark unconscious thoughts that you can control, up to a point, but most people don’t see?

Stop twisting the facts and manage those emotions that are managing you.

And advise your mother to do the same.

Apparently, you are dropping some things off at Hotel Balcon for us tomorrow morning. We will be there to pick them up at 11 am, Meet us for a coffee, if you dare, to make peace and put a stop to this stupid emotional nonsense.

Once more we step into the fray, as Castle Swartz assaults kind and decent people with their trademark venomous arrows of gaslit hate. Au contraire Grandmaster Swartz, thou machiavellian God-king. It is only in your Branch Davidian-Esque clique of sheeple in Shiningworld that the truth is what one wants it to be. After all, what Your Holiness says is the truth, irrespective of your own words proving otherwise. May we take our leave from you, the Emperor with no clothes, as the rest of the world feels that the truth is not what one wants it to be, the truth is what it is. I hope your almighty black magic wrath doesn't befall me, as I share here the actual truth about you and Isabella, ironically coming from both of you...

If the abuse and bullying of an autistic man, who was vulnerable due to psychosis is your example of 'tough love' praise the god's that you did not have children together.

Sheer hypocrisy knows no bounds when you tell the mother of 'X' that you did not abandon him. Slavering apocalyptic predators leaving someone at the side of a road while you swan off to teach under false pretences of love in a seminar and calling their mother 6000 flight miles away, is abandoning 'X'. Get with the program. 'X's life was in danger and both of you, James and Isabella Swartz, were by your volunteering looking after his care. Yet he didn't matter anymore for you cleared off onto a plane once you have 179,000 Euro of his. Perhaps pausing in duty-free to shop for some Italian handbags for the lady, while James is in the departure lounge hunched in a corner behind a plastic tree pricing penis enlargement that he liked to speak about in front of 'X'. Knowing full well such language disturbed the morals of 'X'. Heck, I have known of those morals for years, and we've never met.

And yes, you had 40 people in Cape Town that you were committed to. Did these 40 people have accommodation? Did these 40 people have their senses about them? Were these 40 people free from terrifying confusion and hallucinations? Were these 40 people safe and secure enough inside that their very lives were not in danger? Were these 40 people under your care as they are regarded as 'innocents' by you? Yes, Isabella Swartz, it does seem that you have most certainly got your priorities correct. If you are in the Twilight Zone.

And, for the last time, you did not call the emergency services when you left. Your own words to 'X's mother the next day are that you did not want to call the police or know what to do. So you asked the landlady to get him help. You gaslight 'X' as being deluded when the mountains of evidence I have seen from yourselves show that it is you that are the deluded projectors.

Oh sure, you say that you are not afraid of him? I am glad that that is out in the open. I shall leave it at that.

You leave the best for last. Having the audacity to lecture his mother on what it was like for both of you. Are you fricking kidding? What was it like for 'X'!!! Understand you are not the victim, he is. You and your husband are perpetrators of deeds that are so disturbing that even ex-Shiningworld members are traumatised hearing about this. How dare you attempt to stand on the back's of 'X' and his mother by implying they are neglecting what it was like for you. The life of 'X' was in danger, you locked the doors and video him soiling himself, ready to use it to threaten him and his mother a few months later. Yes, you may call us a den of vipers in the Cult Ed forum, but you - James & Isabella Swartz are Serpents of Satan...


Remember the invitation to meet at the hotel I mentioned? To hopefully clear the air and get closure once and for all, 'X' went to the meeting. The next sequence of events shows the manipulative gaslighting serpents of satan for what they truly are.


The Swartz' succeeded in convincing me to come to a 'friendly meeting at the village hotel. My mother will also say, that I am a trusting person. I always see the good in people first, only to find out later that it is not the case always. Yet, I still don't give up on the goodness that I hope is inside others, so I agreed to the meeting and went.

During the meeting, I was talked into cancelling the mortgage process which had been initiated. I even called the lawyer to stop the whole thing, and the lawyer then called my mum to ask what was going on.

My mother called me and I said; Don't worry, everything is good with James & Isabella. There's no need to worry...'

Mum thought this change in me was suspicious as it was quite sudden so she told the lawyer to keep things on hold while she investigated more.

After the meeting, they invited me to their Spanish house for dinner, and I went...


My body begins to shake uncontrollably as I stand beside James at their barbeque. There is only myself, James & Isabella there. James is warming paella that Isabella had made earlier as she comes to us and offers us glasses of kambucha that she also made herself.

Isabella began to show me around the place, and I noticed they had refurbished quite a bit, including the part that was supposed to be my home per our initial arrangement, which was now a Satsang hall.

We talked a little and ate inside the house, though the atmosphere was tense and strange. It felt awful. After dinner, I went back home around 10 pm, and I went to bed.

Suddenly I woke, the time must have been around 2 am, and I was extremely agitated and started to run around the house with no real purpose. Then I remembered the symptoms that I had in South Africa and began to notice that they were the same, which made things even worse.

I quickly packed a bag with a few essentials and drove my car straight to Malaga City, to a Hotel I knew well. It was important to get to a hotel because I thought that if I had been given something things could end up like South Africa quite quickly. I had to be near help as I was living alone in a remote place in the mountains.

I spent an entire week at this hotel, fighting something happening to my body. Extremely exhausted, I would sleep a lot, often just waking to drink many litres of water daily. Any food that I ate was done alone in silence, and I was fortunate this time around for I had all the essentials needed for surviving without any effort at all. Which was certainly not the case in South Africa.

During this time, my main contact with the world was my mum through hours of video calling every day and we managed to answer new emails from the Swartz'. Emails asking me to answer their offers of mentoring me and working for them as a taxi driver for future seminar attendees, and video editor. There seemed to be a great insistence from them regarding being in contact with me.

You will recall earlier we saw Isabella Swartz sending an email to someone I shall name 'H', regarding 'X' moving to Spain. Notice how negatively she speaks to others about 'X'. Let's then look at Isabella Swartz' actual response to 'X' in private in emails, regarding him speaking to her about his Spanish home and look at her true reaction. It is here you will see proof positive of the gaslighting and betrayal Isabella Swartz committed on this person who trusted her. Isabella, Queen of Hypocrisy and Lies, I humbly bow at your glorious example of how to be a spiritual fraud...

Isabella Swartz to 'H'
You can tell him from me that I see his decision to live in (location withheld), after all, that happened and how he behaved to us and particularly to me, as an act of aggression.

It's all talk from him, classic enlightenment sickness.

X 23/03/19 5 months after SA
On the 19th of April, I will move to a place just 1 km from your house.
With three bedrooms, so I could host two peoples during your seminar in June.

Then, from the start of September, I will move back to the guesthouse where I live now but will rent the apartment section on a long-term contract.
And not the main house where I am staying at the moment.

Isabella Swartz

You are very kind to offer your place, thank you. I already know the guesthouse you are staying at. Funny, since I heard you calling my name while I was sitting outside last week, I have had owls calling outside my window at night, sometimes for hours. I knew it was connected to you as owls are my animal ishta. They bring me messages from Isvara. And you are staying in the owl guesthouse. Isvara is so clever. We have a strong psychic connection.

Let's meet soon to discuss details for the event as we don't have much time, and June is high season here for tourists. Let me know your plans for today. Maybe we come see your place.? I think we must put your guesthouse on the books too, though it is expensive I have been gathering info about places from several sources already. Seminars here are going to be amazing! You must come and see the Molino.

Perhaps you are as confused reading this as I am. Where does one begin? First off we have Isabella sending her above email to someone else regarding 'X' moving to Spain. And if you recall earlier we also have seen James Swartz speaking threateningly toward 'X', even as far as trying to get 'X' to relocate. According to James Swartz, Isabella is refusing to set foot in the country while 'X' remains in his own new home. Fast-forward to the meeting at the village hotel, in which 'X' suddenly agreed to stop the whole loan/mortgage idea through his lawyers, and miraculously the Swartz' now welcome him with open arms! Not only into their home, not only into his home, but they are now trying to get him to work for Shiningworld. Who says you can't buy your way into heaven? Or in this regard, who says you can't be used and manipulated into hell...

For two people who were so 'traumatised' that the mere appearance of presents at their doors made them lose control of their bladders as they scurry like cockroaches to the police of all things, they seemed to have got over their fear pretty quick. Yes, there is nothing like a dose of 179,000 euro no longer being a legal loan as medicine to deal with one's neurosis and aggression. Such a victory would placate any psychopathic couple. At least until their next target came along.

Though please forgive me, I nearly forgot, Good ol' Isabella. Psychic Queen of the Damned, you knew where 'X' was staying as you had owls calling out at you for hours. We can place 'Doctor Doolittle' as one of your alias's then. And tell us, what were these pretty little owls telling you? Who shot JFK? I think we know your answer, it was 'X' of course! The same as everything else.


Thank god for 'X's mother though, she was not going to permit the Swartz' to carry on using, abusing and manipulating her son...

Mother of X
Please James,

Do insist on proceeding further with the mortgage agreement. A valid agreement in Spain, respecting X’s rights and security.

'X' cancelling the mortgage signing does not say much good about your wanting to meet him and put things straight.

The current agreement is not correct and not honourable. You know it.

James Swartz
So your view is that I'm a dishonest person, someone who does not honour his agreements?

Furthermore, how could a person in my position take advantage of someone financially or in any other way? I am a totally respectable person. It would destroy my reputation, which is excellent. Thousands of people worldwide trust me, listen to what I have to say and support us in various ways. You also should know that we are quite willing to sign the agreement. However, since 'X' requested a change, he should pay for the expenses, which involves purchasing insurance on the property for the length of the loan, lawyer's fees on my side, translation services, etc. It seems he came to his senses and decided to trust his original view of us as honest people, which is admirable.

When I think about it, I can appreciate your worry in so far as it is quite possible that 'X' was not in complete possession of his faculties when he had that psychotic episode and he did not recall the events correctly.

Yes indeed James, 'X' was not in complete possession of his faculties during a psychotic episode (same as anyone). One in which you strangely managed to get 179,000 Euro of him, while you left him distraught and suicidal on his own, homeless on the streets of a foreign country while you and your wife cleared off to a Shiningworld seminar. By your own words, you convict yourself. You see readers, most of what is going on in these posts are the recounting of what James and Isabella Swartz have said in emails and WhatsApp messages themselves. What 'X' and his mother are doing is merely putting it into context, while I place it into a format that makes some sense for the reader. It is Swartz' own words that are the evidence. Proof positive of a dastardly duo, the Serpents of Satan.

James Swartz
You had to be there to appreciate just what we went through. It was horrible, particularly for my wife who put so much love into him for such a long time. I admire her greatly for her service. I won't give you the would just disturb you...but believe me, only mental health professionals are equipped to deal with it. I'm extremely dispassionate so I was able to manage the situation but it was not fun. While I tried to calm him down, my wife videoed enough of it so that if there was ever any doubt, we would have evidence.

Not satisfied with 179,000 Euro, insane with greed James & Isabella Swartz now begin to attempt to get 'X' to cover the cost of insurance and other costs for a for once real legal loan agreement. Are both of you insane? On what planet does the lender pay for the fees? Not only is that bad enough, but you are showing that you suspect 'X' may have no money left, yet you still ask him to pay even further???

And once again there is a clear threat regarding having taken video footage of an autistic man, vulnerable during a psychotic episode. James & Isabella Swartz, only in your insane world of evil and vindictiveness is something as pathetic as that even valid as leverage. What you write to this mother, who is merely trying to protect half of her son's compensation award, is beyond reproach. You speak of your reputation being destroyed. Yes, it has been. Honestly, it is over for both you and Isabella. The story of 'X' and his mother has never been made public, until now. And now that it is out, as disgraceful, sickening and traumatising it is to read - it is out. Now that this has been revealed to the world, expect it to virally move to other platforms as well. What both of you have done to that family is a disgrace. Two so-called spiritual teachers, delivering trauma to an autistic student who is still receiving neuropsychological treatment for the trauma you inflicted. Manipulating, gaslighting, shouting at, physically attacking, holding prisoner in rooms, extorting, and potentially drugging.

Mother of 'X'
No James, it is not my view that you are dishonest.

This has nothing to do with my view, but with a fact. The current agreement is not valid in Spain and has no security for your creditor. It is not my view, it is a fact which the lawyer brought to our attention.

So, if you have X’s rightful interests at heart. Please agree to this valid and secure agreement that respects the rights and security of all parties.
Concerning the details, please read (Lawyers) explanations again.

Security is also in my interest, as I am paying 3% back to 'X' to compensate for the very low interest of this very large amount of money.

Please do as you wrote you would do yesterday. I have sent it to (lawyer).

PS: You know that 'X' was very stressed and accepted anything to please you and get rid of the pressure. Even if he wanted to give you the money under this pressure, it is not acceptable because it is at his complete disadvantage, stripping him of half the money he has for the rest of his earthy life. It is unethical.

James Swartz
Hi (Mother of X),

If someone other than me is willing to pay the insurance and the other costs associated with the loan I'm happy to sign it. If 'X' is short of money we can deduct the insurance, etc. from the balance due on the loan.

He is sometimes subject to psychotic the time he is not completely clear about what going on.

This what 'X's mother feels regarding some of what was said above...

'Mother of X"

He is very sensitive to stress, fast and loud speech, noise and time pressure.

No, he is not prone to psychotic events. The whole SA episode was one single event. What do I need to do to stop this false information from being repeated over and over again, even to other people?

Any person, ill or not, cannot be blamed for something he or she is not responsible for. And even if someone is responsible somehow, blame and/or mockery are open doors to stigma, a very serious plague in our harsh societies.

And yes, correct, he was not completely clear what was going on, as you say. That is why he was in no state to sign or agree or disagree upon anything.

(Earthquake: This is what his mother said to me:)

Mother of X
It is an immense privilege and blessing to be X's earthly mother. He is an example of integrity and kindness. An example I am proud to follow. And yes, his childlike enthusiasm, innocence and joy are intact today and will remain intact for the rest of his earthly journey.



With a face sticky through tears, we come to the end of this harrowing tale. It's 05.24 am, and in between the typing on the keyboard, I pause to listen to the birds, only interrupted by sobs. I am so sorry that this happened to you, 'X'. I am so sorry that it happened to you and your mum. This would surely have been traumatic for her also. Yet all I have seen in the evidence is a strong lady, one who would do anything for her son. A bond that will not and cannot be broken. The special relationship both of you have is something beautiful to behold. And even though people did try to break that up in emails, it was never going to happen.

There's an ache in my heart when I try to imagine what it must have been like for you in South Africa, and beyond. And I do try to imagine. I want to try to understand, even though I know I can't, not really. Still, it has been extremely traumatic writing this, and I know that it has for readers also. Yet it has been such a worthwhile endeavour. To tell the truth, and take a stand against lies and distortion, is a noble cause. It is the foundational principle of justice. Of all that is good, wholesome and proper in the world.

Thank you for the chance to tell your story. It has been a responsibility that I have held close to my heart, for your story has needed to be told. It was only last night that I was telling my two main students that I have wanted to get in contact with you for some time. I neither knew how to and gave up hope. And just as I was about to leave this forum, it happened. Your story not only deserves to be told, but it was also meant to be told.

This has been incredibly healing for both 'X' and his mum, as it has for people such as 'Disillusioned'. Another brave person following the lead of 'X' and coming forward fully disclosing another sordid and harrowing exchange. 'X' and his mother have diligently read every single post on this topic, and both are extremely grateful for Disillusioned words, and that she got benefit from their tale. It is the hope of both 'X' and his mum that what they have posted here will help others.

Earthquake: Now that we've come to the end of your disclosures, is there anything that either of you would like to say, to the forum and the world reading this?

The worst thing for me in this story is the betrayal from some people that I loved and trusted unconditionally.

But yes, our last words here will be a quote about Danam (charity) by Swami Dayananda:

"The culture of Hindus is one of caring. Elders, animals, air, water, earth, and people -all these we care for. We grow by caring, by transforming ourself from consumers into contributors. Danam, giving and sharing is a mark of growth. You grow big by caring".

And most of all, we send our many thanks and blessings to earthquake, thespare, traveller99 and heather and all the friends supporting us in bringing the truth into the light. And special thanks to Earthquake for amazing work holding the sword of justice.

'X' & his Mother

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Dis-illusioned ()
Date: April 01, 2021 02:36PM

What has puzzled about me about this saga with James, is the what, why and how, of what has gone on.

I’ve not been able to makes sense of the overriding issues or of the discrepancies and contradictions between someone who has invested his entire life to teaching Vedanta, and yet who has this dark side.

Does the fault lie in what he is teaching? Have I been in a cult? Was the entire path of Vedanta just another ruse, amounting to nothing? Why would and are so many people influenced and seemingly benefitting, from what James is teaching. What is the problem, really?

I’ve found my answers in a teaching from Swami Dayananda.

“In addition to the pursuit of knowledge, Vedanta specifies that to understand the vision, it is necessary to prepare oneself for this knowledge, to become a mature human being. Even though it constitutes only an indirect or secondary means for the freedom I am seeking, it is extremely important and necessary condition for ones understanding the vision. For growing to be a mature person, Vedanta highlights the importance of following ethical values, developing proper attitude towards action, discovering relationship with Isvara through prayers and meditation, and practicing various disciplines.”

My conclusion is that essentially, James and Sundari are just not ethical people.

Who knows why or how that could have played out - that they could have got to where they are and be teaching as they do, and yet to be immature and deceiving crooks basically.

That is clear to me, from the evidence and reports given here.

Clearly, since the early days with Heather, up until currently - with the story of X - they have been exploiting, and playing people - for personal gain and/or with ulterior motives of one kind or another.

At times, I’ve heard James admit to this - and laughing about it. He doesn’t of course confess or admit to the full extent of his character flaws, but he alludes to them. I wonder how he justifies this to himself? Perhaps it’s wilful ignorance for the sake of convenience.

I think of the old adage: “physician heal thy self.”

I can accept that James saw the lack of maturity in me. I can accept that I hadn’t grasped how to resolve the immaturity evident in my life - largely because I had been blind to the neurological wiring I was born with. But James refused to believe that was an option. It didn’t suit him to do so.

I’ve reached a place of knowing that for me, the work I have ahead of me, is to overcome the impediments of my biology.

This was never clear to me, and Vedanta could not have revealed it. There’s nothing wrong with me - as James has said to me in the past - but there is something in my physicality that needed addressing, in order for maturity to be possible. And I now know and understand what that is, and I’m onto it.

But with James, and Sundari, my sense is that they like what they get from exploiting the system they’ve built. They are dependent on their Shiningworld which in part - they have rather cunningly constructed, as a means to an end for themselves. It sickens me that they do this at the cost of many good people: like Heather, or Stan, or X, and others who I won’t name - who seemingly become the dispensable “detritus” of the Kingdom that the Swartz’s have built.

Does it matter?

Not to the many who stand at a distance to them personally, and who they aren’t able to prey upon.
Somehow, there is enough value in what James teaches, to still set many free. I for one, would not have seen the full extent of the value of knowledge above an experiential enlightenment, were it not for James. And that seems to be the gold that many others have found, and hold fast to.

What’s necessary though, is that the full truth about the fly in the ointment, is known too - if only as a warning, to never confuse right knowledge, with right living.

As Sw Dayananda explains, “it is extremely important and necessary condition for ones understanding the vision”

There is no doubt in my mind, from the stories that have been shared on this forum, that neither James, nor Sundari, are mature or ethical human beings.

May we take from that, what we need, to continue on our own path to maturity.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: April 01, 2021 11:53PM

James Swartz

has Never Truly Taught
Advaita Vedanta
in his life.

His behaviors, his crimes, and his excuses
show the sad Truth--
--that he's never been capable of it.


At first, reading Dis-illusioned's post above I was worried. Then, thankfully, as she moved forward and quoted Swami Dayananda, I realized that she'd moved past the evil of Swartz and seen the truth.

To not blame Advaita Vedanta for James Swartz is as important as not to blame Jesus for some Christians. Certainly in my posts here I have tried to keep the wonderful, full, and unsurpassable teachings of Gaudapada, Shankara, and Ramana Maharshi VERY SEPARATE from the deliberately distorted, mis-translated, and twistedly taught version of Advaita Vedanta put forward for over forty years by the immoral, immature, and unethical James Swartz.

Please note that this separation of "Real Teachings" from Swartz's "Advaita goes Cult" has been in full accordance with the wishes of Heather. Incredibly, she always realized that "The Truth Is Out There." Even during the worst of her experiences with the drugging, hypnotizing, raping "guru" James Swartz, she never lost that inner knowingness, even if sometimes the light this knowledge cast did grow dim under Swartz's assaults.

Swami Dayananda's words above are in full accordance with the best of Advaita Vedanta, as Dis-illusioned shares. As I have mentioned a few times on this forum, from my perspective, about the only good Swartz ever has done is to (accidentally or incidentally) mention some of the teachings of Gaudapada, Shankara, and Ramana Maharshi without distorting them. Plus, that even to mention the names of these luminaries is (again, likely accidentally or incidentally) to show the students a real, a true (non- Shining World) path- a way that includes a worldly base of ethics and morality.

Buddhists, for instance, teach "Ethics" and "Morality" from the beginning of their practice. Lay persons are encouraged to live by "The Five Precepts," and monks and nuns by precepts sometimes numbering in the hundred.

Similarly, one wise Swami in India said, "After Awakening, the usual person probably needs five to ten years of working through their Vasanas and Samskaras before they are ready to teach." This, to use Dis-illusioned's way of description, would be the time needed for the person to fully mature, to become fully moral and ethical, to become (to use Devon Adler's formula) immune to the dangers and temptations of "Sex, Drugs, Fame, Power, and Money." (Yes, one will notice that Swartz has been deeply attached to gaining all he can of at least four of these for well over forty years.)

Swartz's, and more recently Sundari's and his, "Victim's Club" continues to grow. Heather and her beautiful friend from those days are simply two senior members, with EQ, Stan, DI, and, of course "X" as more recent 'initiates' to the realm of betrayal, abuse, and malfeasance that, over time every member comes to realize, Shining World is.


Thanks to "X" for his courage in coming forward, and to EQ for facilitating this happening.

"X," your fear and worries regarding Swartz are well-founded. However, rest assured, in fact going public will actually have protected you better than staying private.

As with most bullies, Swartz doesn't like being seen for what he is. He realizes that if he messes with you any more that it will be publicized to the whole spiritual community, including to (are there any left?) Shining World members. The last thing he wants, and can stand, is to be seen fully. Therefore, from now on very likely he'll behave a bit better regarding you--not because he wants to or likes it, but due to the fact he has more to lose by doing otherwise.

And, I must admit, it still befuddles me that Swartz and Sundari think that leaving you alone in a parking lot in a strange country while you were suffering a stress-induced "meltdown" was justified because there was an international group of people waiting to hear about Advaita Vedanta.

Is it really true? Sundari had to leave with her hubby because Swartz can no longer function without Sundari there to hold his hand, to change his adult diapers, or whatever? And this need for her motherly, nurse-like presence is a justifiable reason for deserting you, their "friend, benefactor, and guest" in a foreign land at the far tip of a different continent?

Even for Swartz and Sundari, this was low.

And that is saying a lot.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: April 02, 2021 09:29PM

Dissecting the demonic detail

A series of suspicious events that lead to the student of James & Isabella Swartz attempting suicide

What is clear from James & Isabella Swartz's emails, is that 'X' went to their flat screaming and crying for help. Suffering from a psychotic event for the first time, he still knew something was not right with himself. Jams & Isabella Swartz, and indeed the other two people present decided that 'X' was in a sufficiently bad way that they could not open the door to him.

What did they do? They decided to take video footage, as evidence that this was occurring. That is what James Swartz said to his mother. Looking at the emails from the Swartz' it is really easy to tell that they were blaming 'X' for his behaviour. Yes, that is correct, these so-called spiritual teachers were blaming a mentally ill (at the time) person for being mentally ill. Just like they would bully and intimidate an autistic person for simply being his loving self.

As disgusting as all that is, perhaps that isn't even the main point. The question that is out in the open, and I don't want it to pass by unnoticed, is why did they not get the emergency services then? I mean, they were about to travel in a day or so to Cape Town and there was nobody local to look after the welfare of 'X'. If we recall, the Swartz' placed themselves in the role of 'carers' for this "innocent" by the way they would control so much of his life in South Africa.

Why did they not phone the ambulance?

Why take that video footage, and not then show it to the emergency services?

Perhaps there is an obvious reason why. To lay the context we have more information from 'X':


On 26th September I went with James to the South African attorney. The attorney could not do anything (about the loan agreement) because Isabella was not present, and neither were 2 witnesses.

After that, it seems that James forgot about the attorney. Myself, James & Isabella, and the two visiting friends (as witnesses) signed the phoney loan agreement in their living room. And this is only because I came running to their apartment to do so. I thought James had forgotten, to give me the opportunity that I could show responsibility. So I ran, to try to prove myself to them.

The phoney loan agreement was signed on 30th September in their living room, without any lawyer present. It was later that evening that I had a major psychotic breakdown.

So, the forum knows some of my backgrounds. I understand the criminal mindset, I can see patterns, etc. Interestingly, a sequence of events began to happen that would greatly benefit James & Isabella Swartz. We know that they are at the least dis-honest. We know that they are liars. And we know that they are immensely greedy with no morals around that. We have their own words and actions to prove that beyond doubt. That's the foundation of what they are.

James Swartz portrays himself as an intelligent person. A political science major, he claims. The first question I have, is what was the purpose of only him and 'X' going to the lawyer in South Africa? Witnesses need to sign such an agreement. And, even after the lawyer visit, James doesn't even mention getting a legal agreement made. However, he had already received the cash from 'X'. Only for 'X', the agreement would not have been signed at all, and when it was, the loan agreement meant nothing. That is very shady, by someone claiming to be so intelligent. This is the first suspicious event.

Praise the Gods! By sheer coincidence, 'X' has a psychotic episode after the signing. For the first time! Although we must not forget, James tried to rewrite medical history and claim 'X' had a history of psychosis. Something his mother could prove is wrong. And of course, if 'X' was having just another of his episodes, it has nothing to do with the Swartz'! The timing of this psychotic episode is the second suspicious event.

Flash-forward to 'X' arriving at their flat in a highly distressed state. They did not open the door. They did not phone the emergency services. They took video footage, for some further 'evidential' purpose, that was not to get him treatment. This is the third suspicious event.

We then get to the horrific event of James Swartz trying to punch his face in the car park. While he screams and begs for them not to leave him, they abandon him. Isabella claims to have phoned emergency services, but 'X' & his Mother revealed to the world that Isabella admitted to his mother, that she did not phone the emergency services. Isabella claims to have asked the former landlady. At this time, I don't know if that call ever made. But, Isabella is racing off in their car, she can make one call at least. She does not ring an ambulance, why? (To ring an ambulance at any time ties James & Isabella into 'X' with the authorities) This is the fourth suspicious event.

It seems that James & Isabella were not interested in a genuine legal loan agreement. They had got the cash already. The fact that they did not get medical treatment for 'X' while claiming they did, shows very strong criminal intent to me. For a criminal, they have just got a substantial lump sum. It was meant to be a loan, but there is nothing legal to show that. All there are the ravings of a "'looney". I am sure they thought this raving lunatic will probably get institutionalised for god knows how long in a foreign country. After all, he spent 19 years in one before. As for the Swartz', they are about to leave for Spain. It's quite likely the series of events means their paths will never cross again.

The reason why they did not get 'X' medical treatment when they videoed him, is that they had already abandoned him. They had the money, and then the care for him stopped. Driving off in the car park, was just another sign, though they had washed their hands of him before that.

The effect of the Swartz' plan was that their student, and probably the most major donor, attempted suicide. The fact is, that the longer a mentally ill person is not treated the more their life is in danger. The Swartz's deliberately did not get 'X' medically treated.

Everything worked perfectly. So perfect, one cannot be blamed for thinking this was engineered by them. I can tell you all, that people have messaged me in private, saying they think this is the case also.

Yes, it all worked perfectly. Except for one thing. His mother. The mother of 'X' has proved to be extremely effective in protecting him, and also in redressing the wrongs. She went to South Africa and got her son. Then they went to Spain. Which angered James & Isabella Swartz. And I think I know why. James Swartz emailed me a few months ago abusing me. Goading me, that it is almost impossible to get courts in other countries to enact their judgements in other countries. This would except for criminal warrants. And it looks like James Swartz tried to go through the motions of a legal loan. It was only for appearances. All of the loan actions were useless. The lawyer visit, the loan agreement, and the signing of his apartment. All a charade. I think that this was all a game, to try to ensure there was no criminal action against him. It seems to me he would have run and not paid a dime only...

The problem was, 'X' and his mother followed them to Spain, and moved within a mile! That is such an excellent, tactical move. The pressure that James & Isabella Swart would have been under would have been immense. It is this single-handed move, that ensured the Swartz' would have to pay back. There was nowhere they could run or hide for 'X' and his Mother were on the case.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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