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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: MichaelMorgan ()
Date: August 13, 2017 12:28PM

To all concerned : Now going by Stace

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: endcults ()
Date: August 15, 2017 03:21AM

I wanted to mark the moment that Stace Barron has begun his fourth attempt, in a fourth location, to create a fourth group of people to teach. Before Ashland it was Sedona, and before Sedona it was somewhere near Portland OR I believe.

What determination and passion, yes? Certainly Stace has worked through in the last 2 years all of the issues inside him that he admitted in writing that caused him to not be able to actually feel anyone or anything, and prey on the self-esteems of others.

And certainly his wife Brie Barron has healed her issues that caused her to be drawn to someone who emotionally abused her. It's interesting that they're leading with avraprana now, and dropped Theohumanity, but did retain emotional body enlightenment. Stace Barron perhaps did this because Theohumanity as a name has been quite sullied and the non profit dissolved. Of course, in his world, he's going by Stace because he thinks he's differentiated and healed the abuser Daniel in him. And it also functions of course to insulate him from what comes up when you google Daniel Barron.

Well, as you might have noticed, I'm writing this to ensure searching for Stace Barron and avraprana still lead here. When I was working for Daniel, someone once emailed the info@ address who was from his collapsed Sedona group: she tried to help me but I wouldn't listen of course. If I had seen a long thread like this about Stace Barron and Brie Barron before I got involved with him, it might have steered me away.

That being said, it's also true that I learned a great deal from Stace Barron, and perhaps the greatest lesson of all was about how little I trusted myself such that I could let him control me the way I did.This is something perhaps Brie Barron is still learning. So I trust that whomever Stace Barron draws as students will be people who need to learn this lesson. And surely they are both learning their own lessons as well, given that Stace and Brie Barron are at it yet again in Santa Barbara offering avraprana, emotional body enlightenment, and other powerful methods of healing that come with the very steep price of tearing out a vein and giving one end to a sociopath.

I paid that price, and what I learned from Stace Barron, and Brie as well, I wouldn't trade for the world, but of course it's impossible to know what my life would have been without going through the hell I let them put me through.

Lastly, Stace Barron, remember when I said you'd never teach again without asking permission from me, and everyone else you harmed. Well, none of us heard from you. That's a clue. If you had any kind of courage, or were doing real work on yourself, you would have wanted to get checked out by your former students. It continues to amaze me how the people at the top of Theohumanity had at the end have such little integrity, and even common sense, while those with such qualities, because they were strong were targeted for emotional torture.

Best wishes with your fourth attempt Stace and Brie Barron, may the path of avraprana lead you as quickly as possible into your own twisted psyches, so you can finally look at yourselves in something other than the circus mirrors of your delusions.

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: goneinawhistle ()
Date: August 15, 2017 04:05AM

This apology he wrote almost sounds like an apology if you insert the word 'abuse' every time he writes 'tough love'.



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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 15, 2017 04:16AM


cult abuse Stace Barron Brie Barron daniel Barron Theohumanity avraprana
Sedona Santa Barbara Ashland cult changing names

endcults wrote:


If I had seen a long thread like this about Stace Barron and Brie Barron before I got involved with him, it might have steered me away.

Even if people choose to participate after reading online survivor descriptions of
abuse perpetrated by a leader and group, they still stand to benefit.


Because reading online reports of abuse by the leader and group prior to joining will give participants an idea of what to watch out for.

When they run into the same abuses they read in the online warnings, they
will know they're not alone, they are not imagining it.

And -- they will escape that much sooner.


Even if you have done online research and read abuse reports before you\
decide to risk it and join the group they've warned about, you are still at

I spent years in a cultic relationship (no relation to Barron). I was given
4 or 5 clear warnings. It was as though God was bellowing from the clouds
warning me away.

But I was in such bad shape and this guru type gave me so much help and hope
and was recommended by my dearest friend that I found ways to discount all these warnings. I even forgot I had the option to get a second opinion.

It was not that I was dumb. It was because I was a human being who'd been
hit by several tragedies and life changes all at once. The primitive mammalian
part of my brain bonded with the source of immediate relief. My intelligence
was hostage to all this and busied itself writing off and discounting all
those clear warnings.

So please take it seriously if you find warnings online about a group and
the warnings are from many sources, all share similarities, and have been
published over a period of time. Even if you've read all those warnings,
you may, if you go to "check out" the group, be subjected to powerfully
effective seduction techniques that throw your brain chemistry totally
out of whack.

Remember, people who spend years leading a cult have years of experience
manipulating people, just as an old cowboy knows all about lassoing and breaking horses.

In the early stages, you may have such a blissful and seemingly transformative
time in the group that you'll convince yourself that the survivor warnings
were written by malcontents, or that all this happened in the past and that
things are now different.

What if you fall in love and get involved with someone in the group?

Once you're in a relationship, its harder to leave. If you have children,
you're massively stuck. Many people who no longer believe in a cult live in silence because their spouse still believes, they have children and the non believing spouse cannot afford to pay for child custody litigation in case of a divorce.

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: devi88 ()
Date: August 15, 2017 04:49AM

So disturbing, on so many levels.

Part of what is so damaging about cults in general and my experience in EBE is the feeling of loss of power and voice, or that speaking up will result in abuse. I felt a bit of that powerlessness when I saw the new website... that there is not much I can do to stop this abuser from abusing again.

Of course I can't stop anyone from doing anything... but it occurred to me that another way I can both honor my experience and get the word out there is to go on Amazon and rate and comment on every book you've ever bought from him. If you want to do the same, you can include his new name, website and something about cult abuse in the comment, it will more likely show up in searches, and hopefully decrease his ability to perpetuate this insanity again.

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: endcults ()
Date: August 15, 2017 07:08AM

The remorse and change page is interesting:


Not a bad attempt at taking ownership, but there are some premises here that one has to accept to make the argument work. Here's one:

If Daniel/Stace were not actually enlightened, which has never been confirmed by any existing and accepted zen teacher, then the whole case falls apart. I don't doubt he experienced a consciousness-altering event, but true enlightenment would not have sealed in the kind of gunk he's talking about, it would have flushed it out. This is what I have learned about enlightenment post-Stace, especially from Adyashanti, who talks about how often altered states of consciousness are declared enlightenment but are not in fact.

Given the gravity of Stace's errors, if he were truly concerned about re-entering the teaching venue, it seems obvious that he would get in front of an Adya, or some other enlightened teacher and get a read.

During the 10+ years I knew him, he always refused to do so because he was so sure his kind of enlightenment was not appreciable by anyone else, nor would he acknowledge another teacher's authority in that way. "They would have to come to me" he would say.

It seems to me a very obvious and easy way to ensure he's healed what he says he's healed would be to get himself checked out by an enlightened person in an actual lineage.

However, if and when it was determined that he actually wasn't enlightened, he would have to face how much of his altered experience of reality is sourced in wound, distortion, and sociopathy, which is exactly why he'll probably never do this. Because he doesn't actually want to know this truth.

I remain impressed as always, though. This page is such a powerful and brilliant example of how ingenious Stace Barron is, and how facile the mind of a sociopath is in twisting reality in such a way that no one ever sees their hollow core.

As long as he continues to hold his enlightenment as true, which has never been verified, it will hold in place all of his other narcissism and excuse away all his other immature behaviors.

I am happy to hear he's given up tough-love though, but he did plenty of other abusive stuff besides that as a teacher and is overly reducing it to just that concept. Another example Stace being the same guy as Daniel.

He also still holds the story of his "Born with a special connection to Divine Being" thing, which is another premise that if you replace with being a sociopath, the whole narrative changes. Occham's razor, Stace.

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: betruthful ()
Date: October 20, 2017 01:29PM

It is with some reluctance that I choose to write on this specific forum.

I participated in Theohumanity and the EBE process from 2008 until the non-profit's collapse in 2015 (which was legally initiated by the board members when they realized that the founder was not living in alignment with the non-profit's guidelines and mission). I also participated in Avraprana training and received Avraprana healing sessions.

I was a willing participant who knew I was choosing to be part of an untested emoto-spiritual paradigm. On that note, despite many of the dynamics that resemble cult behaviors, in honoring my own choices, it does not live in me that I participated in a cult.

However, I am unaware of any other online formate to share some truthful examples and words of caution to people who might be considering studying or seeking healing from Stace Barron (Daniel Stacey Barron).

I am a huge proponent of peoples' ability to heal and change. When Daniel's unowned abuser came to light in 2015, I hoped that he could find help and heal his own unhealed abused-one. I also hoped he could heal the compensatory abuser dynamic in him that would leak out in his work in the guise of "tough love" and in his marriage in bought of screaming and anger.

Even though Stace believes he has worked and is healing his wounding, to date, in his own Avraprana website he continues to be untruthful and not transparent about his actions. If Stace is either lying about his own abusive actions in the past or is in denial of them, it is a sign that he risks perpetuation of harm again.

I realize that Stace may end up modifying his website to no longer include the untruthful statements after reading my posting, but I wish address the issues of physical abuse and sexual relations with followers with some specific factual examples.

Stace has written the following statement in his "Remorse & Change" section (still posted as of October 19, 2017):
"For me, the combined effects of [my] enlightenment and the toxic childhood thus supported both the lack of impact empathy and tough-love dynamics, albeit far more benignly than other teachers guilty of physical abuse, sexual relations with adherents, or abiding in renunciative-based ashram communities, none of which ever happened in my work."

Stace denies being guilty of physical abuse or having sexual relations with adherents. This is not truthful.

In 2012, Daniel (Stace) physically assaulted me in a group setting with over a dozen witnesses. I had recently had a near death experience and also lost my facilitator of five years, so I was in an extremely open and vulnerable state. Without warning in group, Daniel turned to me and began to aggressively poke my belly, right in the third chakra, at least a half a dozen forceful times. The experience was so shocking and disorienting that I stood up, ready to punch and fight back against Daniel to protect myself from the physical assault. Daniel then prevented me from touching him and let me know that everything was "OK." He explained that he perpetrated this physical aggression to create for me a moment where I could stand up for myself in a way I was not able to do with my childhood aggressors.

Although the context of trying to create on opportunity for me to stand up for myself sounds good in theory, the reality is Daniel's poking created physical harm in my body. I woke up the next day with bruises and my body ached for days. Shortly afterwards, GERD symptoms emerged and eventually I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia in the area he poked.

Also, the damage that happened energetically during Daniel's poking was quite profound. Daniel dumped an unbelievable amount of his unowned wounding dynamics (and also some of his family mafia lineage) into my third chakra during this incident. I was able to discover this off-loaded energy dynamic during the collapse of Theohumanity in the spring of 2015. I was even able to return some of this displaced energetic wounding back to Daniel when I sat with him during one of his atonement meetings. Even though Daniel admitted, 'due to his enlightenment', he did not recall the assault, the day I returned his energetic wounding back to him he wept when he felt what he did and had offloaded into me. That day I respected Daniel for have the courage to face those he harmed and hear the impact his actions had on them. I had hoped that him becoming more in alignment with the truth of what he did might create space for his own healing.

However, two years later, on his Avraprana website, he denies being guilty any physical abuse.

Although the details of the story are not mine to describe, in another group Daniel also slapped a woman across the face during a moment she was supposedly 'fused' to one of her defense structures.

Daniel/Stace/Stacey also had sexual relations with adherents. Although it was keep a secret for over a decade, he had sexual intercourse with a woman in the program prior to meeting his wife Brie. Besides having relations with this woman and keeping it a secret, Daniel actively boasted to the group that he had not had sex for a full thirteen years prior to meeting Brie. This lie was shared while the woman with whom he had sex was present.

His current wife, Brie, also started out as an adherent.

Whether Stace is actively lying, is in unconscious denial, or blames his non-dual enlightenment on the lack of memory of such events, a teacher who is unable to be truthful about his mistakes and abusive actions, even if done with healing intentions, risks harming again.

My experience with EBE and Theohumanity also had rich moments. Aspects of my gifts and also my woundings were reflected to me in ways that had never been reflected before in my life. However, these reflections came with a price.

For my 'poking' incident alone, I have had to seek both medical intervention for the hiatal hernial and also energetic/spiritual intervention from for some of the residual metaphysical damage left by Daniel.

I also am aware of other participants who have had to seek energetic healing to remove unhelpful and parasitical dynamics placed or seeded by Daniel during Avraprana session and EBE interventions. I do not believe that Daniel/Stace is cognizant of the way he leaves wound-based traces of himself in the people is supposed to be helping.

If you choose to study or receive healing with Mr. Barron, proceed with extreme caution. I believe there are alternate healing modalities that are available that contain less risk and offer a more kind and graceful path to wholeness. Explore well, and trust your moments of dis-trust as much as you doubt your own doubts.

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