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E-Myth book review on Amazon Com
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 08, 2015 08:19AM

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: unraveling ()
Date: May 09, 2015 01:03AM

Hello to all of you,

I used to see myself as an intelligent,alive woman with a pretty good life and looking for ways to heal some of my past. When my former spiritual teacher started to do work with Daniel I came out to meet with them. I was ready, I would fly from Minneapolis to Ashland once a month to do EBE work. At that time it was great to get some perspective around my childhood. Now every morning I wake up and wonder and when did it go so wrong? How did I get so duped?

I moved Ashland in 2010 and got super sucked in with the work and the dangling carrot of my A destiny. One of the difficult things about coming out of the trans and finding my own reality is that "tough Love" abuse was conditioned into us as a way to show how much they (the leaders) love us. How crazy that is now! To the extent I disagreed or resisted anything, was how much I was told I am not coming from my "true seat of being". I wasn't yet a facilitator but on my way and I am so very sorry for all the lovely, caring heartful people who took in the abuse and then abused others or was sent away in shame... It is so awful.

Of course it is still a huge mess in me and it will take me time to recover from being abused and my complacency as I watched others be abused by leaders. I will say that every day I feel a little more freedom and anger as I am coming out of the trans and conditioning.
Thank you to those who felt abused and said something, even though I didn't listen to you then, it helps me to say, many of the things you have said are right.

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: ericgrace ()
Date: May 10, 2015 04:20AM

Dear readers and members,

I want to apologize to Bill, Gloria, and Allen, I posted the letter from the Theohumanity Board without considering the impact of having their personal email addresses in the post. I had misunderstood the context of this letter, thinking that this letter was public domain and inviting correspondence from all individuals to express grievances and claims from abuse with current or past experiences with Daniel Barron, EBE facilitators, or within Theohumanity. I've requested the moderator remove the email addresses(which has been done) and to take down the letter. I invite the Board of Theohumanity to make their own public posting here or another location that can then be linked to this thread when they feel it is appropriate to do so. I can imagine there is a lot of sorting out going on, taking their time and attention. Again, I apologize for any added stress or confusion that I have caused by this misunderstanding.

My Best,

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: ericgrace ()
Date: May 11, 2015 12:35AM

Dear readers, past EBE/Theohumanity participants, and recent EBE/Theohumanity participants,

I send a warm hello to you. Since hearint the news of the dissolution of Theohumanity, I feel a desire to see a gathering as well as a group accessible for people to share experiences, heal, connect, and repair relationships. I understand that there is no present leadership within the EBE/Theohumanity community as everything is changing. My wish and suggestion is to host a public gathering in the near future for all people that have been impacted by Theohumanity, EBE, and Daniel over the years.

May wholeness, healing, repair, and reconciliation come from this change. I trust that is possible. I feel a lot of love in my heart for all involved. I imagine this is a very stressful time for many.

I have created a facebook group for those interested in being in touch with current updates and who would like to be in touch via a forum since there is no clear meeting place yet established in Ashland and for people that are not living in the Ashland area.

A place for sincerity and integration...

You can access the group by going here: []

My Best,

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: ericgrace ()
Date: May 12, 2015 05:46AM

Hi everyone,

I was just in touch with Gloria and I was able to get some clarity on the situation. The meeting on Wednesday is just for people to discuss the board dissolution, it should not be long. It is not set up for a larger group gathering to discuss and process things, but rather serving as a replacement for sending an email about the changes legally for those that have recently involved. Please do not go to this event on Weds. I will not be going. They wanted to open the meeting to share the change in person with those recently involved. I feel it would not be the right timing for those not involved recently to be there.

Gloria has not been involved with EBE/Theohumanity for some time - only functioning on the Board.

I asked if she would share that there is this facebook group for individuals that are interested to participate, which is again at: []

I also offered to help organize a gathering in the future for any people that are interested to share experience, digest past trauma, and repair/reconnect. So I will keep you all posted as to what comes next.

A group of us will be meeting to share at Susanne's place on Wednesday at 6pm for those of us that live here. I'd like to plan on that if Susanne is still offering and interested.Contact me if you have more questions.


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: devi88 ()
Date: May 21, 2015 04:30AM

Below is an open letter of apology from Daniel Barron. I find it relieving, disturbing and amusing... simply because there is no chance that he perpetuated so much distortion and abuse for so many years without feeling the real impact, but now he is suddenly getting it in a real, felt way. Oh well...

"To the good people I have harmed"

I deserve how you might not see this note as real or sincere: that’s how the horrible way I have been comes back at me. I don’t write for sympathy or forgiveness, or to soothe my guilt. I don’t expect an answer, and won’t email you again. I only write to acknowledge how much I mistreated all of you over time, and not claim to get it all, just some first pieces.

Only the burning down of my entire life in all dimensions and willing to face person after person directly telling how much pain I caused them makes me realize how much narcissistic self-importance defined my life in all areas. As a result, as someone said, I was far worse than other teachers I criticized, because my abuse was aimed at the very emotional bodies of people I taught were to be respected, felt, cared for, and redeemed.

The darkest part of the abuse was how I made some kind of defense out of your own self-authority and inner truth when it differed from mine, when it was my own toxic behavior that helped build the very defense I then verbally abused. This was a terrible trap that took away the very self-sovereignty in you I claimed I supported. That also made only my truth as Truth, with no room for yours. I am just now getting how much I only felt my feelings first, not yours, with too little space to let my heart be with what was first happening with you. In that way, I now begin to feel the terrible pain and fear I caused because of it.

As someone else said, I actually created a Project Inhumanity because I began moments with you too much from a tyrant energy masked by love, and not from a actual heartful, caring, curiosity, and empathy about your real pain. The worst playouts have been the terrible private & public humiliations, and tough love emails, and how I never felt how all that kind of abuse felt to you. I also never owned my side, and never apologized for its horrific impact on your dignity, as any open and compassionate person would have.

Reflections about the tough love from everyone all bounced off my petty tyrancy: I didn’t really listen or ever really let it in. Closed off in that arrogant denial, I never experienced it as the plea for decency and humanity that it always was. Through a tough love lens, I saw the world and everyone in it as what was lacking, instead of abiding first with all the good.

I only want you to know as best as I can in this moment that I take heartfelt responsibility for all I’ve done, and for all I wasn’t tracking. I only hope any good you did experience with me helps dispel what I infected in you from my own failings: you who were just trying to innocently learn to grow as persons and souls. You trusted me, and I abused that.

I - am - so - sorry - from – the – root - of – my – soul. That may ring hollow, but still I have to say it. My punishment now is the personal and professional loss of my past, present, and future, which I deserve. From the bottom of my heart I pray you find a healing closure, now that no one ever again will arrogantly tell you who you are, or how to be you.


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: May 31, 2015 04:58PM

I think Daniel will not read this forum, but let me give it a chance.

Dear Daniel,

Back in 2008, when this thread started, in Hamburg Germany, my wife was already befriended for many years with one of the facilitators. A lovely old woman still on the search for a daddy. You became here surrogate daddy and she agreed to your silly egoistic egocentric narcissistic self-importance of tough love. She thought that this was the great thing: Love is though.
Because of her foolishness in this, she send my wife (and others) away from EBE because they were not able to handle this great, real and tough love. But another friend of my wife was tough enough and was prepared to go all the way and so she rejected my wife too. My wife have been hurt deeply by it. Lucky she, she stopped EBE. And because I started this thread, everybody in Hamburg, where you lived that time, was ordered not to have contact with me or my wife, otherwise they would be expelled from EBE too.
And I was not the only one who have said to you, that what you are doing is a wrong understanding of your own paradigm.
I still like the idea of EBE. Since 2007 I have seen a lot of truth in it. But what you and others did was really fucked up. The best (or worst) was that you married one of your students (Brie). First you manipulated her, then seduced her, then you f***ed her, then married her. You violated with it one of your rules. There and then you showed how really stupid you are and what kind of megalomaniacal mind you had. You, the great Daniel, was above your own rules.

Well, I am glad it is over now. I hope you will go to some monastery to clean (the toilets, the bathroom, the floors) for the rest of this life and for 10 future lives to get rid of this kind of self-importance. You have hurt incredible many people and it will take years and probably a few generations in their families to get rid of these influences. The bad thing is, you knew this all. You knew that you are a maniac, like your own family is a group of maniacs. You knew you were hurting people and you loved it. You knew you were full of hate and child abuse and that you were busy to take revenge on all. What a terror. You are a real monster.
You cannot be brought to court for what you did, so you have to do it yourself. You have to understand, that people like you are the Hitlers, Stalins, Pol pots etc. You may not have killed actually by your own hands, but still you killed. You killed souls and hearts. Oh man, what have you done? And what are those facilitators doing? Are they going on? like there are still these stupid neonazis?
Do we now get a bunch of neo-daniels?

well, mr. Barron, I wish you all self reflection you need (and that is much more than this letter of yours with petty phrases like: heartfelt responsibility for all I’ve done. You don´t have a heart, so also no heartfelt responsibility) and all time to heal the wounds you've made.

As last thing: Start with to withdraw your books from the public domain. That would be some kind of sign.


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: jos.hoebe ()
Date: May 31, 2015 05:23PM

hello Eric, can you give us more details about the facebook page? what are the keywords?


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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: curiousgeorgina ()
Date: June 05, 2015 01:15AM

An open letter to Daniel Barron:

Hello daniel,

This is Wayne Vriend.

Your apology letter and the news of the dissolution to Theohumanity came as a big surprise. I mostly gave up on ever seeing this day. What it did for me was free up some space in my heart reserved in a boundary to no longer be standing against something or someone, to a degree.

I hope this forum can serve as a sacred space to relate. You always said that if one’s spirituality was reliant on somewhere deemed sacred in order to function, something real was missing from that spirituality. This forum is public, but in our day of peak attention, I think we can know that it is hidden pretty well in plain sight and only those who have business here will care to follow, and hopefully to serve a deeper healing for everyone involved. You also did not leave an address or invite contact. I hope you will read this and feel it all, together with me and those participating here, and find the courage to respond.

Your apology felt like something really big has moved in you, and it moved me in significant ways, but it also fell so short in some very big ways in order for me to feel safe in relating with you. It took Jillian’s read of the apology for me to see the complete absence of any mention of you finding the part of you that enjoyed the harm, was conscious of it and that hates people. The word sadistic does not feel over the top to describe this part of you. I think that if any of your trained facilitators was working with someone wrestling with harming others, it would be the easiest and readiest offering to go and find and own this part who did the harm and enjoys it. You did no such thing, …yet.

You mention ‘verbal abuse.’ That was an odd choice of words, because that mainstream and clinical term was not in our ebe lexicon. ‘Emotional Abuse’ was in our lexicon, and after leaving ebe, many of us came to use words like ‘energetic abuse’ and ‘etheric abuse’ related to you. But never verbal abuse. Verbal abuse feels like a later added edit to cover your ass related to any prosecution lawyer sifting through your apology.

You also don’t speak to how this, what you claim amounts basicly to a ‘blind spot,’ or an occupational hazard of being enlightened, affected and influenced your teachings. Neither do you speak to your legendary claim about your potato chip throwing zen spiritual teacher who declared you enlightened. Was this a construct coming from the same part of you who doesn’t give a f**k for people, who didn’t feel the harm the story would help perpetuate? What about the enlightenment itself? How does emotional body enlightenment forego basic care for people? Can you feel why my fear of you and need for protection from you isn’t resolved by this partial apology?

I was told that in ancient times, if a town or city was long under the threat of a brutal enemy king and that king came to be captured, he was then taken back to that city and paraded and dragged through the streets having had this thumbs cut off, showing that he could never again wield a weapon of war. The people’s fear could finally and only dissipate only after they saw with their own eyes the completely diminished king. Your apology leaves me still feeling under threat, and feeling unsafe to relate with you. I don’t want you to be tormented or paid back. I want you to fully own what you did and why.

Your words and actions hurt deeply. They hurt me deeply and I still hurt. My relationship with the world is undoubtedly in some ways still affected by my experience with you, despite how much a part of me may prefer to see it as all behind me and healed. I don’t actually get to be separate from you in my healing journey. I own my co-creation in that reality of disowning, to the degree that I did, my own sovereignty and putting it on deposit with you for safekeeping, …the people crying for a king and all of that. The greater responsibility though lies with the one claiming to be the teacher.

You have an opportunity to fully clean up this train wreck of a mess in the spiritual teacher/student grids. It’s like, how cool would it be if someone could clean up all the garbage on the path to the peak of Everest. There are some more steps for you to take.

Please, come full circle and be the deepest and truest of whatever it is that you actually are. And find in that a sacred death and a sacred rebirth.

In deep heart,
Wayne Vriend

Wayne Vriend

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Re: Theohumanity, aka Daniel Stacy Barron
Posted by: endcults ()
Date: September 20, 2016 09:48AM

It's been a long time since this thread was active and I've wrestled in the last year whether to have a voice here or not. But I learned recently that Daniel is appearing to re-engage in teaching and in one way I want to move on and not care, and in another way I'd like to know I did what I could to help people not make the same mistakes I did.

I've done a lot of thinking and extensive writing about what happened, and I'll try to be concise. I'll try to share some of the things that haven't been said here. There's been a lot of understandable emotion but also unnecessary polarity on this board.

Hopefully, someone who's considering having Daniel as a teacher might find this and it may help. He was my teacher for over a decade, I was in the inner circle for most of that, and I knew him better than most. He was like a father to me for many years and I loved him dearly.

First, he's currently going by "Stacy," because he's identified "Daniel" as the abuser part in him and has tried to differentiate that part to heal it. This is classic EBE. He was referring to his "abuser part" right away when the collapse happened, despite the fact that his own teaching said that this is a way of not taking responsibility, and shouldn't be differentiated until later. It's truly fascinating to see how much of his own paradigm he gave up embodying. He even sent at least one tough love email AFTER the collapse, after he saw that tough love=abuse, AFTER he was fired by the board and stripped of his authority.

The question is if differentiation is actually possible. It's my opinion that he is a highly gifted, literally ingenious sociopath, wherein all of his gifts (and there are myriad) exist inside of something structurally diseased.

If you really think about this for a moment, it's actually quite tragic. I've spent many, many months being very angry at him for what he did to me. But none of that was intentional. He can't help it. That doesn't let him off the hook, of course. He truly thinks he's helping people, and is incredibly compelled to do so, and is amazingly gifted. In my last conversation with him, I told him with severity that he would never teach again without the permission of me and all the others that he admitted he harmed. If he were a licensed therapist, he would have lost his license forever.

In his own integrity, he should have agreed to that, but it's clear that he's not. It's obvious that all of his feigned attempts to take responsibility were a ruse, and he truly is incapable of empathy. This is what makes him a sociopath. It's not name-calling, it's a real condition.

It looks to me like Stacy, for whatever reason, is so disconnected from his heart that he's made a life project out of returning to it. Like an android who wants to be human, he's become an ingenious student of what it means to be human. And part of his amazingly brilliant insight about that comes from structurally not being a part of humanity. That's a meta-view, alright, but it comes with a price.

Because he can only pretend to feel empathy, and he's a very talented actor, btw, I'm not kidding, he can't really have a normal conscience. He lacks a filter most people have that stops them from being cruel. This is why it's only ever a matter of time before he snaps in frustration and emotionally abuses and/or publically humiliates someone...after of course, he loves you so much you feel like you're on heroin, so that you're willing to do anything to get back his favor.

This was my life for over a decade. I learned a ton. Was the price worth it? I think so. The more I heal, the more I realize what I have. But the biggest thing I've gained is the realization of how little I trusted myself, and how Daniel was a stand-in for my narcissistic mother.

I've drawn many narcissists in my life and let them hurt me, and the lesson I learned from Stacy was I think the critical turning point for me to stop this cycle.

So anyone who is drawn to Stacy from now on, inevitably will have some lesson to learn as well. Sociopaths are a part of life after all, and life has its own intelligence. Many people tried to warn me about Stacy in the 12 years I was with him and I wouldn't listen to anyone...perhaps because I so needed to learn this lesson myself. Who knows?

So now it appears he is beginning to build his 4th community. I was in the 3rd one that collapsed, but I knew of the other two. It's surprising to me that he's doing it in Ashland again, but then again he always had balls.

I also think it's extremely unlikely that he's enlightened (nor are any of his former followers), btw, because enlightenment appears to bestow a kind of compassion that doesn't have his kind of tough love limits. The ability to embody altered states is not the same as enlightenment, as many spiritual teachers offer. He always told us that his teacher said "Either your not enlightened, or where you are is something new. Hmmm...turns out it was probably the former. His teacher had probably never seen a sociopath using psychic gifts to draft on altered states to simulate enlightenment and god-realization before. It's very compelling, we all fell for it. And as Theohumanity itself would teach, the sociopathic motive for attainment would color all downstream attainments. As Stacy taught, he was forever an "enlightened sentinel" but actually worse, an enlightened sociopath. Something we interestingly never talked about.

The failure of EBE had many lessons for him, and it's apparent that he hasn't learned them, and now is going at it again. If he really had learned his lessons, he would have wanted to reach out and talk with me and many other people like me to understand what he did. This is what EBE teaches. For him to be embodying the paradigm he taught, the aftermath of the collapse of Theohumanity would have looked very, very different, as Wayne suggests above.

But in the end, we all discovered that in fact Stacy embodied his own paradigm the LEAST of all of us, not the MOST, because it was all inside his sociopathy no matter how good his conscious intentions. I can't imagine how crazy-making that must be for him.

How does one relate to a man so brilliant, so energetically gifted, so psychic, so well-meaning, so generous, so hard-working who is also unconsciously driven to destroy the self-esteem of those he loves, while brilliantly justifying it in the name of their own growth?

Mostly these days the answer is compassion, but it took me a lot of work to get there. He destroyed my life, but it was a life I'm learning I didn't really want, and didn't enjoy. It wasn't me. It was a life he wanted me to want, so I'm glad it's gone.

So none of us should really be surprised by the hollowness of his apology, or that he's teaching again. If he could feel what he really did, he wouldn't want to teach again until he healed and he would want to check himself out with people like me, with whom he promised to not teach again.

I have imagined bumping into him many times and the question I always wanted to ask him is "How can a sociopath realize they're a sociopath?"

The answer is of course that they cannot, by definition. So it actually makes perfect sense that he's teaching again, it's consistent and coherent, and I laughed at myself for expecting otherwise. If he didn't want to teach again, in his own integrity, and worked at Albertson's bagging groceries for 5 years in penance and solitude, like Luke in the new star wars movies ostracized himself, and someone had to beg him to teach again, it would be proof that perhaps he's not a sociopath and so qualified to teach.

But lying low for only a year? Talking to no one from your old reich? Please Daniel, your manipulative methods have become soft. You're smarter than this. Move somewhere else, change your name entirely, republish your books under new names. Go all the way sociopath, not half-assed. That would be way more effective. Jeez, you must really be in denial of what you are, but then again, I laugh at myself again:

How can a sociopath realize they're a sociopath?

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