Bombshell evidence
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: June 08, 2008 11:07PM

What follows are the first of some new found documents that prove much of what has been told on this and other forums about Chris Butler (CB) and his group. There are two types of documents; public, self-promotional materials and private memos to initiated disciples. The dates range from around 1977 to 1989. They will show the discrepancies between the incense-scented smoke screens and the reality of an abusive and dangerous cult leader.

I will be posting signed documents proving Senator Mike Gabbard’s (aka Krishna Katha das) involvement in this cult, a very revealing transcript about educating children in CB’s cult, a letter from Vaishnava dasi (VD) lamenting the poor treatment her husband was receiving, Independents for Godly Government (IGG) brochures, the original “Dear Fanatic” interview first printed in the Valley Isle newspaper (that CB secretly ran, using Rick Reed as his front man), memos about CB’s personal care (complaints), memos with CB chastising his followers. You will see the dichotomy between the projected holy man image and the greedy, petulant whiner who uses others for his own means. He defines a spirituality that only allows for his own worship and behaves like a Soprano in his day to day life.

The first artifact is the original newspaper printed after the death of ISKCON founder/ guru A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad (ACB). CB wrote this self-promotion piece to justify his delusions of grandeur and to appoint himself as a “Prabhupad”, a “Jagad Guru” (guru of the world). Chris Butler had his followers distribute this all over Hawaii and California. It was typeset, laid out, photographed, and illustrated by the same followers who published The Valley Isle, The Garden Isle, all the Independents for Godly Government brochures, Down to Earth ads, Katyayani’s cookbooks, and many more print projects in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This was all done by free labor. The crews were housed and fed. Not much else. This was published prior to video productions and the infamous WAREHOUSE studios. It was also distributed before he married Wai Lana, aka Vaishnava dasi (VD). It was published after the IGG campaigns.

The following article, “Acharya- Appointed, Elected, or Self-Effulgent” was CB’s attempt to justify his self-appointment as “guru of the world”. This will be of interest to the followers of the Vaishnava religion who feel their philosophy was hijacked and exploited by CB. Cult researchers will get an all too familiar glimpse, yet unique manifestation of a dangerous cult. For former members, this will be both bitter and hilarious. The title itself is absurdly narcissistic. Acharya is another word for some sort of messiah. Clearly, CB fancied himself as self-effulgent, rather than the perilous reality, “Self-Indulgent”.

Just know that if a copyright can be produced, Rick Ross will remove it. Much of the material is not copyrighted.

Here begins the strange leap into Gurudom….

stay tuned…..

more to come…..

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The gift that keeps on taking!
Posted by: Dassi ()
Date: June 09, 2008 06:09AM

Hey Vera City! ...(veracity?)
Ha! I remember this paper!
Yeah, the matchless gift that kept on taking!
Even from the beginning of the article you are being told that if you don't see how great he is
that you are faithless and insincere.
You are a toad.
A lot of effort went into this to publish and spread all over.
Self-appointment and self-promotion is the name of the game, kids.
Self-Effulgent! ROTGLMAO!!!!!
I remember that a lot of his disciples who had been initiated by ACB had a sort of difficult transition time
when he took the title "Jagged Goorooo".
This was just CB sticking his dick in the air and pounding his chest at the ISKCON dudes. What a joke!

Keep this stuff coming...

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Re: Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: just-googling ()
Date: June 09, 2008 07:04AM

Vera City
Clearly, CB fancied himself as self-effulgent, rather than the perilous reality, “Self-Indulgent”.

Holy, Holy, Holy! .... Good one, Vera City... Yes, I remember this stuff from all those years ago ... wasted years.

And then it got even crazier with all that craziness around his worship and care ... would be interesting to read some of that nonsense all these years later, huh?


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self indulgence continues
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: June 09, 2008 09:00AM

All in good time....
I'm getting stuff piecemeal right now and will post as I have time.

Some of this page got cut off, so here it is again and more pages...

Those of you that collect these things had better copy quickly before the trolls attack...

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Re: Bombshell evidence
Posted by: SoI Kills ()
Date: June 09, 2008 05:41PM

Give it a rest.

I haven't been in here for ages but those documents were recovered by the day that they were posted here and they are even the same images ripped off from the site which were optomised to make them more readable from their source.

The personalities on this forum think they are running their own private little club, but credit where credit is due you would have nothing to talk about (obviously) if not for the work that you tried your best to prevent.

This is the second time at least a user has lifted bombshell evidence off the site, a notable hoo-ha being made over the letters to followers of Narayan Maharaj which were personally given to Cara James and then published on the net.

Any information about Chris Butler on the web is great but the attitudes and unqualified convictions of doing something about the cult around here stink.

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Re: Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: SoI Kills ()
Date: June 09, 2008 05:46PM

If indeed Vera City has the documents that she refers to then that would be something to see, but it would not be the first time that promises of having new and fantabulous information about SoI has been made and not delivered.

The proof of Mike Gabbard's involvement in SoI with documents is on the new revised which was given to cultofbutler because at least outside this place the work being done is realised.

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Moving on....
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: June 09, 2008 09:26PM

Scanned from original newspaper.
Posted on 6-7, but did not go up till later due to moderation on this forum.

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Thanx Z
Posted by: SoI Kills ()
Date: June 10, 2008 07:49AM

Perhaps such synchronism means something for Siddha.

The documents are also here in The Betrayl Files collected by Nori Muster which is a very interesting collection of documents.

The New Recruits Training Manual 1976 is certainly disturbing reading.


I backtracked your link Vera City and I found that you do indeed own a very interesting collection.

Reading through the letters there with the knowledge that disciples of Siddha, and there are some very big names included there, know well what is going on, that he is a demanding, completely ungracious and obviously certifiable lunatic - whose lamp not being plugged in warrants an international announcement - has left me with no doubt that there is no hope for these people. Anyone with an ounce of common sense or survival instinct would be out of there, but clearly they cannot look after themselves, let alone the children of the cult.

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Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: June 10, 2008 09:18AM

CB would write and edit the articles with a little help from followers who had good English skills, usually college graduates. You’ll see the irony of this when you read CB’s talk on education. He would circle the parts of the fake interviews (he wrote the questions too) that he wanted to stand out.

“Everyone Can Know Krishna”

This really meant that no one can know God except CB and only if you “please” him (with astoundingly materialistic offerings that magically become spiritual just because he says so!)

“Anyone who hears purely is a pure lover of K, and they will pass on purely what has been given to them.”

This statement is a classic piece of narcissism because CB is referring to himself!

“A spiritual master insures the continuation of the parampara by giving Krishna to his disciples.”

In CB’s case the master insures the continuation of his income by giving his disciples the grand illusion that he is doing anything but exploiting them.

“Guru Is Not A Post”

In his case it is a Self-Appointment.

“If you look you will see the symptoms in each person, whether they are acharya or not acharya.”

The man has delusions he is the messiah. What is so significant about this statement is how in CB’s day to day, private life, as long as 35 years ago, he exhibited symptoms that contradict his claims of acharya. Personally, IMO the whole “perfected man” game is pathological. At any rate, he clearly did not exhibit acharya-like symptoms towards his god brothers who believe in this stuff.

“Whoever is pleasing to his spiritual master, and all of the previous acharyas, he is acharya. And it is not limited to just one person.”

What CB means is that only CB can take his royal scepter and declare (and undeclare) who is a pure devotee and who is not. He considers himself the medium for the All Powerful, so he can justify anything, even criminal acts, of which I hope proof comes forward at some point soon.

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Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: June 10, 2008 09:31AM

The photo where the Self-Indulgent One puts himself on an equal footing (and and even bigger picture) with the previous other guru guys always cracked me up!
If the past "acharyas" weren't men of perfection or even divine, at least they were learned and had saintly characteristics so glaringly lacking in CB!

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