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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: AC4711 ()
Date: October 31, 2019 01:36AM

596 views per day Wow! If you look back over this thread you will see how hard Butler and his devotees would try to disrupt and attack anyone on this thread.. it is amazing. the moderator would block trolls and cult moles over and over again. I am certain that this much traffic to this thread has brought the eyes of Butler and his australian boys who are like his royal guards attention.
We used to have devotes of Butler actually with guts enough to answer questions and respond but I wonder why no longer? I am sure that Butlers "current" number 1 devotee has brought all this attention to this forum and will continue to do so until she drops her presidential bid and then I am sure it will die down. Knowing the group and how they think, this #1 devotee is treated like Katyani ( Kathy Hoshijo ) a pure devotee. As this cult thinks, they need to make up their own form of society aka "Cult" a cult of personality. We were taught that all pure devotees had mystical powers. "raise the dead, create worlds/planets, talk to god face to face" not sure how that is working out for Butler? would this not be the right time for Butler to you know, perform some magic? levitate? I wonder why he and SIF used lawyers ? That is not "lower than the straw on the street"? that is acting just like a normal human being not gods rep? it just seems so strange that after being indoctrinated by this cult to see how all the lies come to the surface and the lies told to the children come into the light. When butler passes on and they are left with no leader it will be interesting to see what happens next? just a few thoughts and I am so happy to see this threads views growing by the thousands of views every 2 days. Moderator are most of these views new? or unique views? Moderator is there any particular part of the globe or parts of the country that these views are coming from? Moderator when did the uptick in views start to occur? no pressure to answer right away but this being the #1 thread on this site must have some interesting data if you would please share what you can? thank you !! A.C.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: October 31, 2019 10:51AM

T R U T H ~ B O M B S

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Ignore last post - unfinished
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: November 02, 2019 07:01PM


Carry on those of you doing the work if you really want to bust Butler's cult.

Just look up Gabbard on Social media, YouTube or Google & share the links. So far the mainstream media does not know what to believe or know how to deal with it.

Problem now. Since Hillary has accused her of being a Russian asset (which is B.S.) anything against Tulsi will be blamed on Clinton!

People are intellectuslly lazy & refuse to do the research, especially since so many news people have crushes on her. They WANT TO BELIEVE she is the Savior of the Democratic Party.

Ignore the published polls. In some polls she is actually running 2nd to Warren as Beto & Kamala drop. Dem Party is pushing Warren. If she wasn't doing so well Hillary would not have made that comment.

Do the work. SHARE this forum! CONTACT every media outlet left or right.

If Tulsi figured out a way to be honest about her relationship with Butler, acknowledge the history, the fraud & pain he has caused others that would show real care and Aloha for others!
If she honestly clarifies how much influence Butler has on her life I might vote for her. Leaving the cult would be better!

But she has learned from the best liars and frauds in Washington D.C. so I am not holding my breath.

But as long as she is winning & making money (running for office is very lucrative ~ just ask Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders) ~ as long as she can get away with being deceptive & elitist she will carry on.

NO ONE IS ASKING HER THE RIGHT QUESTIONS because they don't know what to ask. They think it is just a religious issue.


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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: November 02, 2019 10:42PM

Thanks for not posting my botched post admin.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: DaWatcher ()
Date: November 05, 2019 05:00PM


Let's forget about Tulsi Gabbard for a moment and come back to old times, to Back To Godhead.

Siddha Svarupa Surrenders His Disciples to Srila Prabhupada

Here are two very interesting passages that explain a little.


I didn’t inform most of my followers of my plan of action until only two days before I took it. I explained at length my desire to please my spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, and said that if they would like to follow my example they were encouraged to do so. The talk was long, serious and confidential. Many were sad; they didn’t know if they would be able to treat me as their spiritual master, and I said, “In small ways you won’t be able to treat me as your spiritual master, but in the most important sense you can. You can please me by doing what I want you to, and I want you to learn the science of devotional service from Srila Prabhupada. So there’s no problem, no conflict.”

First pleasing Sai and then learn from A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami?


After prasadam and more chanting, the boys who wanted to follow my example began cutting their hair. To us the hair cutting meant surrender to Srila Prabhupada and the disciplic succession.

The external gesture of cutting hair was a form of surrender to A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami who was not there? Mass surrender, not an individual relationship with the Guru, or individual trust / belief? A strange proposition.

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What Will Tulsi Do if Given The Ring of Power?
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: November 08, 2019 05:04PM

We can't forget Tulsi.

She is a lighting rod to exposing the Cult of Butler. The purpose of this forum is to expose a dangerous cult from all angles.

Tulsi has now created an immunity around her hypocrices by blaming her enemies. (Sound familiar exers? Butler does the same thing)

She states, "Your character will be smeared if you question foreign policy..."
No, I quite agree with some of your foreign policies. I am not a partisan voter. I just know that you are neither transparent nor without hypocricy.

You are dishonest about your involvement with a guru who commands total obeisance and worship as if he was Christ himself. No one is allowed to question this aspect of your life.

You appear as wise and stately as Lady Galadriel in Lord of the Rings. But even Galadriel refused the ring.

What will Tulsi do with the Ring of Power under Sauron's directions?

All Shall Love Me and Despair

Strike when the iron is hot. In case you haven't noticed, there is plenty of opportunity right now to use social media to comment under her videos and stories about SoI & Butler ... just saying.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: DaWatcher ()
Date: November 10, 2019 03:52AM

Maybe, quite many people from SIF,current and former members of SIF Poland (now decentralized) believe that Tulsi Gabbard will bring peace to the world with her shallow knowledge of Vishnuism and manipulative methods. In practice, this group - this tree gave a lot of bitter fruit. So this blind faith really puzzles me.

Anyway, when we return to Tulsi Gabbard, what is funny is that the Wikipedia biography no longer says about a Catholic school in the Philippines (what was it Catholic?). Currently it is written:



Gabbard was home-schooled through high school except for two years at informal schools in the Philippines.

Incredible! Home-schooled in the Philippines...

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: November 11, 2019 11:58AM

Correct as usual, Vera!

DaWatcher, not surprised what you found in Wikipedia. The cult has gone to great lengths to sanitize and hide many incriminating things that would point to where she really comes from. Yes it is bitter fruit and its also false fruit. The brainwashing runs very deep in this cult. Going on three generations now. Hard to believe that the fraud Butler has lasted so long. I think part of the problem is that people cannot understand what surrendering to Butler really means. The total commitment of your mind body and soul and nothing less, is demanded. You will and MUST obey the master even to sending a Vaishnava to war! It boggles the mind.

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