More Hypocricy from Tulsi & Co.
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: September 19, 2019 04:47PM

Ahhhrgh! I can't stand this any more! The hypocricies keep on rolling in!

And if I hear Tulsi brag about her military service again, I'll scream! "As a soldier, I know everything..." As if her sitting in an office doing paperwork makes her an expert on the Middle East & world affairs.

So what's new?

Now Tulsi calls Trump a "pimp" because he is waiting to hear from the Saudis about the attack on their oil field & their opinion on what to do.
[For just a moment, put aside your feelings about Trump pro or con.]

Tulsi was widely vilified for speaking to morally questionable leaders Assad & Modi. She justified it by pointing out that leaders need to communicate with other world leaders, even if they are despots. No problem. That's diplomacy 101. Until Trump does it.

With Tulsi, you get two hypocricies for the price of one.
Her austitic literal interpretation of Trump's tweet is the height of hypocricy. She did the same thing & spent a lot of time justifying her actions.

Tulsi critcised POTUS about making the United States "...servants of the Saudi Kingdom, standing by and awaiting their orders on how we should away our sovereingty."


It appears that Tulsi & her all-devotee inner circle, all servants of Chris Butler await their orders from him on how they should proceed! They & their families serve only the pleasure of Jagged Guru Siddhaswarupananda Prabhufraud!

* To whom they offer their humble obeisances to on a daily basis...
I dare journalists to just ask them to deny this fact.

Tulsi calls POTUS a "Pimp" re Saudi Oil Fires

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
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Date: September 19, 2019 05:57PM

Hey Vox ~ Your post on WE ARE THE WHISTLEBLOWERS was great!

We need to compile a list of all of Tulsi's hypocricies and list of questions journalists should be asking.

On gun control: Should followers of your guru have access to guns to protect him? Should they have conceal and carry permits for their bead bags?

On undue influence: Do people have the right to be critical of Chris Butler if they experienced harm & undue influence in their life?

How much influence does your guru have on your policy making?

Do you offer your obeisances to your gurudev on a daily basis? How deep & extensive is this obeisance? What does obeisance mean? Is it only on spiritual matters or does it influence your legislation?

As a leader, you have to communicate with many types of people. Are you willing to meet with people who believe your guru's influence has caused them harm?

On whistleblowers:
Should people critical of your guru be punished or silenced?

I am sure others could think of better questions. Journalists are not asking the right questions or only ask from a partisan place.

On the other hand all I see from politicians is walking away and avoiding real questions from journalists.
Actually, I am very cynical.

Unless exers can get their stories out to the right people doing real journalism - nothing will change.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: September 20, 2019 04:24PM

Correct, Vera!

Quote:"We need to compile a list of all of Tulsi's hypocrisies and list of questions journalists should be asking.

On gun control: Should followers of your guru have access to guns to protect him? Should they have conceal and carry permits for their bead bags? ANSWER: We KNOW he has guns- we know his devbots have guns. Butler has instructed that weapons be at hand.

On undue influence: Do people have the right to be critical of Chris Butler if they experienced harm & undue influence in their life? ANSWER: People have died! We know this! Why hasn't this been pointed out. There have been deaths, there has been abuse and there have been suicides. Harm? Dear Readers, you have no idea how deep it goes.

How much influence does your guru have on your policy making? ANSWER: We know that she has surrendered her life and soul to Butler. The average American Citizen has no idea what this really means. They cannot know the depth of Tulsi's devotion is seeded in complete surrender of her will. That all actions and thoughts must dovetail to the will (whims) of her feckless leader, Chris Butler.

Do you offer your obeisances to your gurudev on a daily basis? How deep & extensive is this obeisance? What does obeisance mean? Is it only on spiritual matters or does it influence your legislation? ANSWER: It has become quite obvious that when Butler ordered her to join the military it was in direct opposition to established Vedic injunctions- [For the record so is taking on the life of Sanyasi and then marrying one of your devotees wife!!] But hey, Butler is above the very injunctions he purportedly holds his devotees to. In other words, Butler orders, she obeys.

On whistleblowers:
Should people critical of your guru be punished or silenced? ANSWER: Punished and silenced- indeed. Being taken to court and sued is a common practice of Butler & Co. Look it up- its in several court docs in Hawaii, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. And let's not forgot all the phone calls to the henchmen, er I mean 'devotees' who carry out Butler's orders to intimidate and cooerce those who dare speak up.

I am sure others could think of better questions. Journalists are not asking the right questions or only ask from a partisan place.

On the other hand all I see from politicians is walking away and avoiding real questions from journalists." - Yes, a Tulsi trademark move.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: September 20, 2019 05:08PM

And the hypocrisy continues-

Quote: "Tsuji similarly refused to comment on Robinson’s [A LONG TIME CULT MEMBER MARRIED TO ANOTHER CULT MEMBER] apparent connections to Butler and the Science of Identity Foundation, and instead provided a vague statement on Gabbard’s support of religious freedom.

“As a member of Congress and the U.S. Armed Forces, Tulsi has served to protect every American citizen’s right to be treated fairly and to practice their religious convictions,” Tsuji said. “She and her staff consider it unethical, improper, and immoral to compromise those rights that so many have sacrificed to defend.”

The cult always plays the religion card.


Ed note: The Kris Robinson in this article, is the son of Jiva Nanda Dasi and Chaitanya das, two long time disciples of Butler. His sister is married to Balaram Muncie, Tusta das' eldest son. His other son Aja sits in a jail cell with a release date 2026.
Kris has had quite a few businesses. He married an American devotee girl whose mother is Vidimaga dasi aka Janet Stewart who lived on site for quite some time- she actually was the lessee for one of Butler’s beachfront houses he lives in.
If Kris lives in a desolate area as described in the article and he gets paid that much, it does not equate.

Why Is Tulsi Gabbard Paying This Obscure Consultant Big Bucks?

Kris Robinson grew up in the same controversial religious sect as Gabbard. Now, he’s one of the top-paid vendors on her 2020 presidential campaign.


By Nick Grube / September 9, 2019
Reading time: 13 minutes.

STEHEKIN, Wash. — Deep in the Washington state wilderness, a highly paid political consultant is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential campaign.

It’s the kind of money usually spent on national name-brand political operatives with bustling offices and large staffs based in Washington, D.C., or New York.

But few people in the business have ever heard of Kris Robinson, the owner of Northwest Digital, a web design and internet marketing firm working for Gabbard’s campaign. His company address is a P.O. box here in Stehekin, a remote village in the Northern Cascades mountains that’s famous for its isolation.

There are no roads to Stehekin. One of the few options to get into the valley include horseback.

Cell phone service is non-existent and there are no roads in. Visitors travel mostly via ferry, which each day makes a run up Lake Chelan, a 55-mile journey that can take up to four hours. Other options include horse, foot and floatplane.

As one summer hand at the local lodge said, “It’s kind of like ‘The Shining’ here in the winter. Lots of snow. Not many people.”

Yet in the first six months of 2019, federal campaign finance records show Gabbard paid Robinson and his company more than $259,000.

A second-tier candidate in a shrinking but still large field of Democrats seeking to oust Republican President Donald Trump, Gabbard did not qualify for the September debates.

Robinson is one of her top vendors. The only companies receiving more money in the first half of 2019 were Google, for internet advertising, and Revolution Messaging, a well-known digital firm in Washington, D.C., that ran U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential primary campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Revolution Messaging and Gabbard parted ways shortly after she announced her candidacy. It was part of a larger shake-up that also saw her then-campaign manager walk away.

While turnover and dysfunction have been hallmarks of Gabbard’s congressional career and, now, her presidential campaign, Robinson has been a near constant in her political orbit.

Like her, he has ties to an obscure religious sect called the Science of Identity Foundation that’s based in Kailua and run by a reclusive guru whose devotees have displayed political ambitions.

Hawaii campaign spending records show Gabbard first hired one of Robinson’s companies, Honu Creative, in 2010 when she was running for the Honolulu City Council. She paid him $75 dollars that year for web hosting and domain purchase.

But Federal Election Commission records show that between 2013 and 2019 Gabbard’s congressional and presidential campaigns have paid out more than $531,000 to Robinson, Honu Creative and Northwest Digital.

He and his companies have never worked for another politician, records show.

That lack of a political resume makes Robinson stick out, particularly among other top dollar pollsters, vendors and consultants working in high stakes presidential politics.

Tim Lim is a former partner at Bully Pulpit Interactive, and is a leading digital strategist who has worked on numerous presidential, Senate and House races over the past decade, including Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.

Lim is also the founder of Blue Digital Exchange, a trade association for people working in the political digital marketplace. Lim says he has no idea who Robinson is.

“I keep pretty close tabs on all the 2020 campaigns,” Lim said. “If you’re a serious enough agency to be working on a presidential campaign, you would have worked on previous statewide campaigns or national super PACs. The fact that I’ve never heard of this guy or his company is peculiar.”

The Mystery Of Kris Robinson

Gabbard and her campaign staff have refused to talk about Robinson and what specifically he has done to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially how effective he can really be on a presidential campaign while living and working in a remote Pacific Northwest village.

Robinson also refused to talk to Civil Beat, even after Civil Beat travelled to Stehekin in an attempt to reach him at his home, which is the same cabin he uses to run Northwest Digital using a small satellite dish in the backyard.

Civil Beat used FEC data, property records, business licenses, websites — some of which have been deleted and partially scrubbed from the internet — and social media accounts to try to figure out who Robinson is and what he does.

FEC records filed by the Gabbard campaign describe briefly that his work for her involves marketing, internet advertising, website and digital management and polling. The records show he’s also been paid to do social media.

But beyond his work for Gabbard, Robinson, who is Australian, does not appear to have any background in politics or digital advertising.

He once had a website,, that he used to sell T-shirts and share his musings on apparel design. He also offered to draw anything for $12 so long as it wasn’t pornographic.

His current website, Northwest Digital, is sparse, giving no clue about what sort of business he is in.

There is no “About Us” page or explanation of what the company does or who owns it. Visitors to the site are greeted with rotating views of evergreen forests and Western mountain landscapes.

While other companies involved in digital marketing and web design list current or former clients, Robinson does not. The only business related link is a “Contact” button that automatically generates an email to There’s nothing written in the subject line.

FEC records filed by Gabbard over the years show he listed his business address as Kailua in 2010, Silverton, Oregon in 2016 and Stehekin in 2019. But Robinson has lived in Stehekin, at least part of the time, since 2010 according to what he told the Associated Press in 2010.

The story was about how the residents of Stehekin were divided over whether basic phone service should come to the valley.

The cost was $13,000 a line — paid for by the federal government — and Robinson told the reporter he and his wife, Yamuna, were pro-phone in case of an emergency. They had decided to move to the village, the story said, after Yamuna Robinson’s father had died.

The homepage for Northwest Digital doesn’t do anything to explain what the company is or does.
Screen shot
“I could see if you had been here for years and knew how things worked in this community, you might not need a phone,” Kris Robinson told the AP. “What does happen if my kid falls in the lake or breaks her leg and I need to call for help? I just felt I needed that.”

Last month, two trucks — one with Hawaii license plates — blocked the entrance to Robinson’s property. A dented stop sign greeted anyone headed toward the front door, a satellite dish pointed toward the south. A surfboard and tin “Aloha” sign decorated the porch.

Civil Beat knocked on Robinson’s door but no one answered. The next day two children sitting on the porch steps ran inside and slammed the door when asked if Robinson was home. No one else came out.

Property records show the cabin is owned by Stewfam LLC. Robinson’s wife, Yamuna Robinson is the registered agent for the company and she and her siblings, Narayana and Gopal Stewart are the principle governors.

The house was transferred to the siblings in 2009 by a trust in the name of their late father Mark Stewart, whose wife, Janet, still lives in Stehekin.

The Robinsons and the Stewarts all have ties to the Kailua-based Science of Identity Foundation, a controversial religious sect that was founded by Chris Butler, someone Gabbard has described as her “guru dev,” or spiritual master.

Their names have appeared on a number of online forums tracking the organization. Former members interviewed by Civil Beat also confirmed the Robinsons’ and Stewarts’ affiliations with Butler and his religion.

The Science of Identity Foundation is an offshoot of Hare Krishna that was started in Hawaii by the surf-obsessed Butler in the 1970s, and has since spread to other parts of the U.S. as well as countries such as New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines.

Butler and his followers had clear political aspirations in Hawaii, launching their own party called the Independents for Godly Government that in 1976 fielded a slate of more than a dozen candidates for federal, state and local office.

Much has been written about Gabbard’s upbringing in the religious sect and speculation continues about how much Butler and the organization are influencing or involved in her presidential campaign.

Gabbard’s parents, Mike Gabbard, a Hawaii state senator, and his wife, Carol, a former school board member, were both Butler devotees. The congresswoman even spent a couple childhood years at a school in the Philippines that was run by Butler’s followers.

Kris Robinson also attended one of these schools, according to Ian Koviak, a Portland, Oregon, resident whose mother was a devotee of Butler and his religion.

Koviak says he was a classmate of Robinson’s at the Science of Identity Foundation’s all-boys school in the Philippines, where his mother sent him while she went on a mission to Poland.

Like others who have distanced themselves from Butler and his religion — which they call “a cult” — Koviak has been outspoken about his experiences within the Science of Identity Foundation and at the school, participating in online forums at the Cult Education Institute website and posting to social media.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Inner Circle

Robinson isn’t the only person with ties to the Science of Identity Foundation who has been affiliated with Gabbard in recent years, since she’s been in Congress or even during her run for president.

The congresswoman surrounds herself with people who are linked to Butler and his followers, from her chief of staff, Kainoa Penaroza, to some of her closest campaign advisors.

Among those on the 2020 campaign trail with Gabbard are her sister, Vrindavan Bellord, and the congresswoman’s husband, Abraham Williams, who spends much of his time taking pictures and shooting video of Gabbard’s public appearances.

Bellord, although a near constant presence, is not being paid by the campaign, according to FEC records.

Abraham Williams is constantly taking pictures and shooting video at his wife’s campaign events.

But Gabbard’s federal campaign committees have paid Williams thousands of dollars in recent years for media production, travel expenses and equipment rentals.

Her committees have also hired Blue River Productions, a company Williams worked for that’s run by Science of Identity affiliates, to do media work for her presidential run. In 2019 alone the company has been paid nearly $76,000.

Sunil Khemaney, another Butler associate involved in a number of businesses and nonprofits with ties to the guru, has travelled with Gabbard as she has campaigned around the country this year.

He was with her in Iowa shortly after she announced her candidacy. A New York Magazine reporter who joined the Gabbard contingent for a short time wrote that the “quiet, mustachioed” Khemaney handed her a Tulsi 2020 business card that included his name, but was blank where the job title should have been.

Khemaney has helped organize Gabbard’s trips to India that have bolstered her popularity in that country and with Indian Americans in the U.S. Gabbard is the first Hindu in Congress, but is not of Indian descent.

Gabbard Won’t Talk About Any Of This

Robinson would not talk to Civil Beat for this story despite repeated requests for an interview, including the attempts to reach him at home as well as through phone messages and email requests.

His only response was a brief email from his “Tulsi 2020” account shortly after a Civil Beat reporter arrived in Stehekin. He directed questions to Gabbard’s longtime spokeswoman, Erika Tsuji, who is based in Hawaii.

“I’m sorry, I have a confidentiality clause with all of my clients,” Robinson wrote. “I cannot and will not be answering any of your questions.”

Civil Beat reached out to Tsuji and other members of Gabbard’s campaign staff to request an interview with the congresswoman or one of her representatives to explain Robinson’s role in their political operation.

Civil Beat also asked the campaign to address Robinson’s ties to the Science of Identity Foundation as well as whether it would waive his confidentiality agreement so that he could talk about his work.

In an email to Civil Beat, Tsuji did not provide any details about Robinson’s work. She noted that Gabbard’s campaigns were in compliance with FEC rules, although she did not explain what that meant.

“As has been true for all of Tulsi’s campaign, Tulsi 2020 has complied in full with all Federal Election Commission rules and reporting requirements,” Tsuji said.

“You can find detailed information about payments to any of our vendors on the FEC website.”

Tsuji similarly refused to comment on Robinson’s apparent connections to Butler and the Science of Identity Foundation, and instead provided a vague statement on Gabbard’s support of religious freedom.

“As a member of Congress and the U.S. Armed Forces, Tulsi has served to protect every American citizen’s right to be treated fairly and to practice their religious convictions,” Tsuji said. “She and her staff consider it unethical, improper, and immoral to compromise those rights that so many have sacrificed to defend.” End quote.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: IanKoviak ()
Date: September 21, 2019 04:33AM

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: September 21, 2019 08:06AM

At last- the TRUTH!
What we all have been saying for years.
What we all have known.
What we all wanted the rest of the world to know.

(in case some readers are not able to access Ian's links)
Thank you Ian !!! Thank you Christine, Rama and all the others who have been helping all along.

Exclusive: Will Tulsi Gabbard Answer Questions About Her LGBTQ Hate Guru?
Slated to appear at today's LGBTQ forum in Cedar Rapids, Gabbard has thus far avoided discussing guru Chris Butler's decades of hate speech

By Christine Gralow, with additional reporting by Gavin Aronsen - September 20, 2019

Left: An altar featuring an image of a young Chris Butler at a Science of Identity Foundation event from a video dated September 2018 and recently uploaded by a member of the group. Right: Tulsi Gabbard at the same event with her mother, Carol Gabbard, center, and father-in-law, Tim Anthony.

In an exclusive independent news media collaboration, the Iowa Informer and Meanwhile in Hawaii have obtained previously unreleased video and audio of Chris Butler’s LGBTQ hate speech, in addition to video of Tulsi Gabbard at a recent event worshiping Butler.

WARNING: This story includes graphic homophobic language that may be disturbing to some readers.

When US presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard apologized in January for her history of fighting against basic civil rights for the LGBTQ community, she discussed growing up in a “socially conservative household” and said, “I look forward to being able to share more of my story and my experiences growing up, not as an excuse, but in the hopes that it may inspire others to truly live aloha.”

Since then, however, Gabbard — who is slated to speak this evening at LGBTQ Presidential Forum in Cedar Rapids — has swiftly dodged questions about her “experiences growing up,” particularly questions about her continued devotion to her life-long guru, Chris Butler, and his Science of Identity Foundation (SIF).

Former Butler followers recently leaked decades of his LGBTQ hate teachings to an independent news site in Hawaii,, including video and audio of Butler’s hate speech. The Iowa Informer has confirmed the authenticity of these files.

Butler’s SIF is essentially a breakaway sect of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), also known as the Hare Krishna movement. Although Butler has a long history of political involvement in Hawaii, Gabbard and her staffers have repeatedly claimed that any questions about Butler’s influence on Gabbard or her campaign amount to “Hinduphobic bigotry.”

The truth is, Gabbard tells only a small part of her story when she discusses her “socially conservative father,” Hawaii State Senator Mike Gabbard, as the root cause of her anti-LGBTQ history.

Overwhelming Evidence

Audio, video, and over 8,000 pages of transcripts detailing Butler’s teachings over 28 years tell a deeper, more concerning story. Newly surfaced video clips of Gabbard and several of her staffers worshiping Butler at a late 2018 SIF event also raise questions about Gabbard’s continued deep ties to Butler and his sect.

In the undated clip below, Butler, who is now in his early 70s, uses vulgar language in a comment about homosexuality and AIDS.

Current Time 0:09
Duration Time 0:09
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Gabbard has repeatedly praised Butler, who also goes by Kris Butler, Jagad Guru, Srila Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa, and Srila Prabhupad. She first publicly praised him as her “guru dev” in a 2015 video. She also praised Butler’s “wonderful spiritual practice” in a November 2017 interview with The New Yorker and claimed she had “never heard him say anything hateful, or say anything mean about anybody.”

Gabbard praised Butler again in a New York Times article published this August. “He’s essentially like a Vaishnava Hindu pastor,” she said. “And he’s shared some really beautiful meditation practices with me that have provided me with strength and shelter and peace.”

But in a lecture to his disciples on December 24, 2004, an excerpt of which is embedded below, Butler referred to homosexuals as “demons,” called the ACLU a “demoniacally motivated group,” complained about “fags kissing,” and mocked Kwanzaa as a “phony holiday” started by “some black prisoner felon.”

Audio Player (refer to link below article for audio)


Former members of SIF interviewed for this story who, like Gabbard, were exposed to the group’s teachings from an early age say it’s not possible that the congresswoman was unfamiliar with Butler’s virulent rhetoric as she recently claimed. The Informer requested comment from Gabbard’s presidential press team about this and other details in this story. Erika Tsuji, a Gabbard spokesperson, responded by requesting that we provide her “the content you have reviewed,” adding, “I’m not sure if the congresswoman will comment, but she will need to see what it is you want her to comment on.” The Informer offered to clarify any specific details. Tsuji did not respond. Gabbard herself also did not respond to a separate message sent directly to her campaign email account.

PFLAG Mom vs. the Gabbards

“To try to act as if there is a difference between civil unions and same-sex marriage is dishonest, cowardly and extremely disrespectful to the people of Hawaii,” then-Hawaii State Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on civil unions in February 2004. “As Democrats, we should be representing the views of the people, not a small number of homosexual extremists.”

Later in 2004, Gabbard replied to a Honolulu Magazine question about her father’s congressional race, “I smell as skunk. It’s clear to me you’re acting as a conduit for the Honolulu Weekly and other homosexual extremist supporters of Ed Case”.

At the time, Mike Gabbard was a Honolulu city council member running as a Republican for the Hawaii Congressional District 2 seat that Tulsi now holds. (Case won that seat in 2004 and currently serves as the state’s Congressional District 1 representative.)

Mike Gabbard has a notorious history in Hawaii of aggressively opposing LGBTQ civil rights. He started a group with other Butler disciples called Stop Promoting Homosexuality America, and he hosted a hate radio show called Let’s Talk Straight. Mike and his wife Carol Gabbard (Tulsi’s mother) also ran an SIF school on the Hawaiian island of Oahu called the Ponomauloa School. Mike still lists this experience on the biographical page of his website.

Also in 2004, Carol Gabbard was on the Hawaii State Board of Education, actively fighting against protections for LGBTQ youth who were being bullied at school. Tulsi helped her mother with that cause, fervently denying that any significant bullying of LGBTQ students was occurring in Hawaii’s public schools.

Carolyn Golojuch, a former president of the LGBTQ-rights organization PFLAG, once ran against Carol Gabbard for a Hawaii school board seat. She says she ran because she knew Carol’s main agenda, like her husband Mike’s and her daughter Tulsi’s, was to oppose LGBTQ rights in schools. Though Golojuch was unsuccessful her bid for a seat, she continued to regularly attend school board meetings to “keep an eye on Carol Gabbard.”

Golojuch says she remembers Carol Gabbard repeatedly bringing up opposition to LGBTQ student rights at the school board meetings, often at seemingly random times.

Carolyn Golojuch with her husband Mike Golojuch in 2002. Their son Michael Golojuch Jr. now chairs the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii. Photo courtesy of Carolyn Golojuch
“The nonsense she would bring up that wasn’t even on the agenda,” Golojuch said. “This one time she went off on transgender youth, and she said, ‘We have to have some laws to prevent these students — they wake up one morning and they decide they’re gonna be a girl, or maybe they decide they’re gonna be a boy.’

“I just wanted to scream,” Golojuch continued, “And so we had to get the ACLU [involved].”

Golojuch’s son, Michael Golojuch Jr., now chairs the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii. Shortly after Tulsi Gabbard released her apology video to the LGBTQ community, Golojuch Jr. released a detailed statement on Facebook titled, “Explaining Why Tulsi Gabbard’s ‘Evolution’ is a Farce.”

“I was there in the room on Thursday, February 19 2004 when Tulsi Gabbard broke with protocol to attack not only House Bill 1024, a Civil Unions bill, but also her fellow Democrats, as well as to continue the family business of attacking the LGBTQIA community,” Gololuch Jr. wrote. “Tulsi’s voice on that night was mixed with rancor and glee … On this date she was 22, so not a child by any stretch of the imagination.”

Initiated Names, Political Disciples, and Graphic Hate Speech

Mike, Carol, and Tulsi Gabbard are all still Butler disciples. Their Butler-initiated names are, respectively, Krishna Katha das, Devahuti dasi, and Shraddha.

Butler’s transcribed teachings from 1978 to 2006 include 128 uses of the slur “fag” or “faggot.” In a 2002 lecture, Butler and his disciples can be heard laughing as he viciously demeans homosexuals and refers to God as “the supreme homophobe” and “the supreme anti-faggot guy, the supreme fag-fighter.”

Audio Player (refer to link below for audio clip)


Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.
In other lectures, Butler refers to homosexuals as “cockroaches” that should be exterminated, and he engages in alarming, historically inaccurate hate speech against Muslims.

An excerpt from a transcript of a Chris Butler lecture in which the guru refers to gay people as “cockroaches” who should be exterminated. (Click to enlarge)
Butler’s underhanded involvement in Hawaii politics dates back to the late ’70s, when the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and Advertiser reported Butler’s heavy involvement in his followers’ launch of a political party called Independents for Godly Government. At least a dozen Butler followers have either served or run for public office in Hawaii, including Mike Gabbard, Carol Gabbard, Tulsi Gabbard, Kathy Hoshijo, Bill Penaroza, former Hawaii State Senator Rick Reed, and former Maui council member Wayne Nishiki.

Former SIF members who grew up worshiping Butler and attended SIF schools — as Tulsi Gabbard did — say they were made to repeatedly listen to Butler’s hateful, sexually graphic lectures as children. Ian Koviak of Portland, Rama Ranson of San Francisco, and four other former Butler devotees (who wish not to be named for fear of SIF retaliation), all confirm that the voice in these audio clips is Butler’s. Details in the Butler video, audio, and transcript documents also all correspond.

Koviak, whose mother began following Butler when he was a child, said of Tulsi Gabbard’s claim that she has never heard Butler say anything mean or hateful about anybody, “It’s not only unlikely, it’s preposterous to say that she didn’t hear these lectures. Her father was on the forefront of the anti-gay movement, and those lectures are directly tied to that time.

“And there were a ton more lectures,” Koviak continued, “describing in detail scat, pissing, glory holes, bestiality, and just about every other sex act in gory detail as his disciples laughed.”

An excerpt of a lecture in which Chris Butler suggests that public schools want to teach students about “homosexual activities” and maybe also “how to have sex with dogs without getting rabies or something.” (Click to enlarge)
Like Koviak, Ranson was raised in SIF by parents who worshiped Butler. He began cutting ties with the sect as a teenager when he began to view it as a cult. His brother, Sudama “Laks” Ranson of Kailua, Hawaii, and his mother Robyn Ranson, of Twizel, New Zealand, both remain deeply devoted to Butler. Ranson says Butler disciples excluded him from his father’s funeral in New Zealand, where SIF is highly active.

The 8,000-plus page document of Butler’s transcribed lectures was first leaked to Ranson by a former Butler follower in Eastern Europe, who came across one of Ranson’s anti-Butler Facebook pages. SIF is also active in both Poland and Russia, as documented by the Polish mother of young man who became involved in worshiping Butler.

After obtaining the transcript document, Ranson emailed it to When this reporter then confirmed and released excerpts of the transcripts via Twitter, another former Butler follower — who also wishes not to be publicly named for fear of retaliation from SIF members — saw the tweets and came forward with the Butler audio and video evidence.

After listening to the newly surfaced audio evidence, Ranson said, “Hearing that is just haunting. It takes me back to hearing that stuff when I was a young child and just both how ridiculous the things he’s saying are and how ridiculous our situation was to be subjected to that as young kids.”

Tulsi at Late 2018 SIF Event

Unlike Koviak, Ranson and others who left, Tulsi Gabbard chooses as an adult to remain in SIF, devoted to Butler. She can be seen worshiping Butler in two video clips recently uploaded by a SIF member at a September 2018 kirtan, or devotional chant, gathering in Hawaii.

In the first clip, Gabbard dances and chants before an altar with her mother Carol, her congressional Chief of Staff Kainoa Penaroza, and her fundraiser Alana Penaroza (Kainoa’s wife). Abraham Williams, Gabbard’s campaign videographer and husband, plays drums at the event next to Gabbard’s father on guitar. Gabbard, in a black shirt and white camisole, dances to the right of her mother and to the left of Alana Penaroza, who wears a long yellow dress, beginning 8 seconds into the clip.

Current Time 0:31
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The gathering appears lovely, with many young people peacefully dancing and chanting Hare Krishna and the names of other Hindu deities. The altar, however, departs significantly from ISKCON tradition. Small statues of the Hindu deities Krishna and Radha and a painting of Hindu lords Chaitanya and Nityananda are overwhelmed by an enlarged photograph of a young Chris Butler’s face on stretched canvas. There are no pictures of other humans on the altar. Noticeably absent is any depiction on the altar of ISKCON founder A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

In the second video clip at the same event, Gabbard stands with her mother and her father-in-law, Tim Anthony (Williams’ step-dad). Carol Gabbard appears to hand Tulsi something to bring to the altar 6 seconds into the clip as Anthony looks on immediately behind them.

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Apology Accepted?

Butler, now in his early 70s, has become reclusive and suffers from hypochondria. He rarely attends SIF gatherings in person, though he does still occasionally attend via video conference. He requires his disciples to wear respiratory masks in his presence, covers the walls of his home with aluminum foil, and implements a quarantine policy for new disciples who come to Hawaii to serve him.

Neither Butler nor SIF has ever apologized for Butler’s decades of LGBTQ hate speech. The Informer reached out to SIF President Jeannie Bishop for comment by phone and email but she did not respond.

Many in the Hawaii LGBTQ community say they consider Gabbard’s apology insincere, as she continues to serve and worship Butler.

A young Tulsi Gabbard worshiping in front of an altar with an image of Chris Butler, in an undated photo contributed by a former Butler follower.

“Due to Gabbard’s ugly past LGBT stances and the facetious way she handled her evolution around marriage equality — at first stating that she believed the US government should not be involved in any sort of marriage licensing — I knew that she had not changed her thinking,” said Eileen McKee, an LGBT Caucus representative with the Democratic Party of Hawaii. “Couple that with her continued support and devotion to the homophobe Chris Butler, many of us in the gay community of Hawaii know she is not being sincere with her recent apology video.”

The Informer also reached out to the sponsors of today’s LGBTQ presidential forum in Cedar Rapids: One Iowa, the state’s most prominent gay-rights group; GLAAD, a national watchdog organization focused on anti-LGBTQ discrimination in the media; and The Advocate, a prominent gay-rights news magazine. None responded to our requests for comment by deadline.

As the truth about Butler’s LGBTQ hate teachings and his underhanded political involvement become better known beyond Hawaii, will Gabbard still look forward to sharing her “experiences growing up”? Will she tell her constituents the truth, or continue protecting and serving Chris Butler?


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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: September 21, 2019 02:50PM

Somehow I missed this one- apologies.

Explaining Why Tulsi Gabbard’s “Evolution” is a Farce

My name is Michael Golojuch, Jr. I am a long-time civil rights activist here in Hawaii and I have known Tulasi “Tulsi” Gabbard for over 18 years. During Tulsi’s tenure in the Hawaii State House she would attack all LGBTQIA supportive bills and women’s rights bills. I was there in the room on Thursday, February 19 2004 when Tulsi Gabbard broke with protocol to attack not only House Bill 1024, a Civil Unions bill, but also her fellow Democrats, as well as to continue the family business of attacking the LGBTQIA community.
Tulsi’s voice on that night was mixed with rancor and glee, that is something that I had never seen at a hearing. On this night she testified to committee she was not a member of, I bring this up because in my 18+ years at the Hawaii State Capitol I have never seen this done. On this date she was 22, so not a child by any stretch of the imagination.
After Tulsi left the Hawaii State House she would go semi-silent on LGBTQIA & Women’s Rights issues. In 2010 she runs for an open City & County of Honolulu Council seat. This election took place after she said in later interviews that she had her “evolution”. Tulsi said nothing during this tough election about her “evolution”. While as Councilmember the one thing she did do was initiate a war on homeless people through Bill 54, that continues to this day.
In 2012 she runs for Congress and this when she came in support of LGBTQIA and Women’s rights. The first time we heard part of this “evolution” is when she gets the endorsement from Emily’s List in January 2012. At this point Tulsi had made no pro-women’s rights public statements and her entire voting record was in opposition.
The LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii met with the Democratic CD-2 candidates in February 2012 and this was Tulsi’s first public announcement that she had a change of heart regarding LGBTQIA issues. I was there and I can tell you that her answers sounded rehearsed and insincere, I was not alone in this assessment. The Caucus did not support her in the primary but since she won the primary we gave her the benefit of the doubt and took her at her word and endorsed her in the General.
In 2013 she had her first opportunity in Hawaii to showcase this evolution during the 2013 Special Session after the Supreme Court’s ruling in Windsor v. US. During this historic hearing Tulsi refused to submit testimony in support of Senate Bill 1 (SB1), unlike the other three members of Hawaii’s Congressional Delegation. Senator Brian Schatz, Senator Mazie Hirono & Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa all sent people to represent them and testify in support of Marriage Equality. Not letting Tulsi off the hook I contacted her office personally on day three of the House hearing of SB1 and I was rebuffed. They said she didn’t interfere with state issues, something she has done a lot of since then. I know I was not the only one that made this request and we were all rejected.
In 2015 (rev. January 2016) Tulsi did an interview for where she tells the reporter:
“…her (Tulsi) personal views haven’t changed, but she doesn’t figure it’s her job to do as the Iraqis did and force her own beliefs on others.”
Keep in mind two things, first that her personal views include support of conversion therapy, opposing marriage equality, opposing inclusive public accommodations, and not supporting women’s rights to mention a few. Second, the Iraqi government doesn’t require women to wear burqas or force any religious beliefs on women, one of the many falsehoods in Tulsi’s “evolution” story.
Tulsi did become a member of the Congressional LGBT Caucus but did not renew in 2015 when members were asked to pay dues and only rejoined after this request was lifted. This is the pattern with Tulsi, she has done the bare minimum to get by on this “evolution” story. Another example of this pattern Tulsi will make supportive statements AFTER a win but not sign letters from the Cong. LGBT Caucus to the current administration calling them out for their attacks on the LGBTQIA community.
When you add this to Tulsi’s embracing and her full-throated support of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in complete opposition to justice & equality for India’s LGBTQIA community. PM Modi has come out against every advancement that India’s LGBTQIA community has made. Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), his political party, supports the right-wing concept of Hindutva, which is the predominant form of Hindu nationalism in India. The American equivalent to Hindutva is white supremacy. Supporters of Hindutva believe that the entire Indian subcontinent (not just India) belongs only to Hindus and every other religion needs to get out or convert. Tulsi has spoken at BJP’s gathering here and in India.
Then there is Tulsi’s trip to Syria to meet with the brutal dictator Bashar Hafez al-Assad. All these reasons are why so many of us here in Hawaii do not buy this “evolution”.
Tulsi’s only evolution that I can attest to is her public relationship with a one Chris Butler. Prior to 2011 she claimed not to know him or deflected the question, then in 2012 she said Butler was her tennis pro, later she would say he was her yoga instructor, and finally over a year ago she admitted that Chris Butler aka Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa is her guru. I bring this up because Chris runs a cult, that is an off shoot of the Hari Krishna, called Science of Identity Foundation (SIF). The same cult that Tulsi’s father and mother belong to and raised their family in. SIF fueled and funded their anti-LGBTQIA activities. For Chris Butler to be her guru she would need to be a member of his cult.
Through the Science of Identity Foundation, the Gabbards ran Stop Promoting Homosexuality (International & Hawaii) which evolved into Alliance for Traditional Marriage & Values (ATMV). ATMV led the fight to write discrimination into Hawaii’s State Constitution. In the now infamous commercial the Gabbard family equated marriage equality to incest and trying to marry your dog. After they unfortunately won the constitutional amendment in 1998 the Gabbards would then use ATMV to fight against any bill that would bring equality to the LGBTQIA community. (Remember she said her personal beliefs have not changed.)
If she really did have an evolution why say something completely different to a reporter?
Why does her story keep changing about the evolution?
Why base her evolution on lie?
Why has she refused to debate her opponents since getting elected to Congress?
Why has she failed to face her constituents since 2017, the last time she held a town hall?
Posting an apology after she announces that she is running for President is nothing but self-serving. I was raised to believe an apology for horrible past deeds is meaningless without significant and meaningful actions to begin to make an amends for those deeds. The LGBTQIA community deserves more than window dressing from a candidate for President.
If you have any questions about this letter please feel free to contact me at with “Questions about Tulsi’s evolution” in the subject line.
Mahalo nui loa,
Michael Golojuch, Jr.
Chair & SCC Member – LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii (2012-present)*
Former Chair of Honolulu Pride (2010-2015)*
Former Board Member of Civil Unions-Civil Rights Movement (2001–2004)*
* Titles are for identification purposes only as this letter is my personal work product and not the views of any of the organizations I belong to.

Source: []

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: September 21, 2019 03:07PM

And yet another True Tulsi Tale-


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Snowball Down a Hill ~ I've Waited for a Decade
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: September 22, 2019 12:50PM

Thanks to the brave souls who leaked the videos & tapes.

So Tulsi is initiated... We all know what that means. She is all in.

Now get the info out to the media who are sweet on Tulsi. Interesting that it is not her own party promoting her.

Some conservative, libertarian, & classic liberal types like her anti-war stance and non-intervention policy. No matter. Wonder if they would approve of a meddling homophobic guru behind her whole campaign? The secrecy & deception must end. No one can trust an elected official who behaves in this way.

Please comment on the following media influencers on their YouTube channels or contact them directly.

Dave Rubin, a gay man is so smitten with Tulsi that he is featuring many clips of his recent interview. I doubt he has any idea of her links to this homophobic cult. His questioning does not reflect that. Please contact him with your articles & research.

Dave Rubin Contact

Tim Pool
16 Washington St
Unit 817, norwalk CT 06856

Alex Jones & Info Wars

Tucker Carlson

Neil Cavuto

Mike Cernovich

Scott Adams

Steven Crowder

Stefan Molyneux

All of these and more are giving Tulsi great publicity.
Please share this info.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: September 25, 2019 04:52AM

Pretty sure that by now- this is obvious:

April 13, 2019

To have a magazine titled Intelligence call you out for your low ‘cognitive ability’, as they put it, is not exactly a pleasant situation. But that’s what happened to a portion of the 11,654 people who were interviewed for a survey conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia. The results of this study, which was led by Francisco Perales, show that there is a link between the acknowledgement of homophobia by participants & lower intelligence or cognizance levels.

Three fundamental and standardized tests were used to conduct this survey. The first of them is the National Adult Reading Test, which is a commonly used and generally accepted test used in a neurophysiological clinical setting to determine intelligence levels in patients who have been diagnosed with dementia. The Symbol Digits Modalities Test is another test used by the University in their study. This test is normally used to assess the level of brain damage that has resulted from severe injury or diseases and is said to be able to detect cognitive impairment in less than 5 minutes. The last type of test that they used is also frequently used in neuroscience research labs and can be categorized as a memory test.

Armed with the arsenal of tests mentioned above, the survey participants were first asked to take these tests. Following that, they asked people’s opinion on whether “Homosexual couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples.” Analysis of the survey data revealed that the people who disagreed with the statement had poorer performance in the tests than the people who agreed. It’s not just that; this relationship between the results was maintained even after demographic factors such as education were controlled in a group.

In the words of Perales himself, “Altogether, the findings provide clear evidence that cognitive ability is an important precursor of prejudice against same-sex couples,”

The researchers found that cognitive ability was not the only factor that was affecting the people’s homophobia; education also had a role in it. It is only natural that these correlations would arise between homophobia and intelligence or say, level of education. Bestowing judgement for what a person chooses to be or what they choose to do has always been a specialty for our species. Through this survey, awareness can be raised and education can be suggested as a way of counteracting prejudice towards members of the LGBTQ Community." End quote.

Now consider this: Ignorance, no proper schooling, fear and hatred abound in the Science of Identity.
This is what Butler's cult taught- this is what Butler's cult learned.

The end product will always be a mess.
Yoga, schmoga. give me the truth- the American voters have a right to know.


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