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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: May 30, 2019 02:53AM

So what is the truth about James Swartz?

Is he a true spiritual teacher, sometimes maligned by plotting and jealous inferiors, or is he actually a scheming, persuasive conman using a spiritual pretense to get rich, enjoy life, and in tohe past, to lure in underage girls to be raped and made to striptease professionally to make him money?

To attempt to find the facts, in a few weeks we have gathered 70 posts and over 2600 views. The numbers continue to rise.

Heather herself, the person whose allegations about James Swartz (JS) first rocked the “Shining World” in the winter of 2016-17, has weighed in to this message board personally. It was her allegations which also led to the book, “Guru? The Story Of Heather.”

Some of my friends and myself supported Heather from the beginning, or almost the beginning. We went in with an open mind, and were very curious how the accused spiritual teacher would respond. In fact, we were shocked when JS reacted in the loud, threatening, bombastic, and self-revealing (as in “acting and behaving as if ‘totally guilty’”) ways in which he did. Any doubts about Heather’s accusations being unfounded went out the window thanks to JS himself (as is recounted in the book).

What some of us understood regarding facts and allegations going in was:


— Misogynist and unrepentant Sex Criminal.
— Teacher of false/ adulterated spiritual teachings who lied profusely about his spiritual bona fides as well as about the actual teachings and about other teachers (the better of whom he is intensely jealous of, and reveals it incessantly.)
— Mis-user of spiritual teachings to give himself an excuse for any behavior (a form os “spiritual bypassing”), including, it seems, drugging, hypnotizing, and raping females, even one only 14.
— Bully in his personal relationships, and spiritually. (Many witnesses to his various questionable if not downright illegal activities wish to stay anonymous due to fear of his response.)
— Killer of family pets (barking bothersome? Poison the dog... Then brag about it to your buddies.)

All of the above, and more, was covered in the “Heather” book.

Along with the above, “new” information has come in.

Information about the wife and the ShiningWorld organization were the main surprises. Except, regarding Swartz’s continual battles with his top people, not really. We have always wondered how a well-meaning, intelligent, and sincere spiritual seeker could move up to “teach” for Swartz, and then, as they grew in knowledge and experience, continue to be in the thrall of such a spiritual fraud.

It turns out, most can’t. Most find out the truth about JS because when they come to him with sincere questions which indicate that their knowledge and spiritual attainment are moving beyond his, he attacks them, drops them from the organization, put them down, and worse.

Until this forum, we held the wife to be another victim of JS. Now there are accounts which show her to be an active collaborator in his questionable activities. According to some sources, it is her that has gotten him invitations to be a guest speaker into seminars in places like London and Berkeley. It would seem that organizations that would invite Swartz obviously have not heard of his allegedly sordid past and have not analyzed his so-called spiritual teachings in any depth, but it is apparently the sweet and charming ways of his wife that get him past any hesitations or warning signs. It is also her, according to these accounts, who is very jealous of any person that JS actually likes, and who moves against them in order to maintain her control over JS and ShiningWorld. It is also her who helped JS to, allegedly, rip off people’s inheritances and fortunes.

Regarding the latter, it could be largely thanks to her that she and JS are being investigated by the legal authorities, or so the story goes, in Europe for fraud.
This on top of the file the US federal authorities have on JS himself for his alleged sex crimes, some of which have no Statute of Limitations.

One somewhat surprising response to this Message Board was that, unlike in 2017, JS did not respond immediately with threatening messages (which also displayed serious possibilities of psychological illness). Instead he has remained silent, at least as goes this message board. We can only guess this is due to the power and superior intellect of his wife, who realized that every time James communicates he shows his guilt and instability, as well as his spiritual “wrongness.”

In summary, as this message board passes 70 posts, if only these posts and the allegations strongly made in the “Heather” book are factored in, any person looking for a spiritual teacher or wise counsel might be well-advised to think twice, or thrice, before going to James Swartz.

In the last three weeks the only positive things I have heard regarding James Swartz have, intriguingly, come from highly spiritual folks who:
1. Are for real
2. Don’t teach,
3. Have looked at the teachings of JS, and just shaken their heads.

One of these folks said, and the others generally agreed with, “There is a chance that some good things could come from the teaching of Swartz. At least he reccommands, or at least mentions, Shankara and Ramana Maharshi. Just finding out about those teachers is a fantastic step forward for a person who hadn’t heard of them before. The thing is, once the student has heard of them, almost inevitably a reading of their teachings or hearing about them from better teachers will pull the students away from Swartz. That act of separation, especially from an egotist like him, is rarely pleasant. However, at least he got them started, which, especially if they can avoid all the abuse,is a good thing.”

Please, if you have more or something to contribute regarding James Swartz— perspectives, memories, experiences, or whatever— please do so.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: May 30, 2019 01:59PM

From Traveller99

Instead he has remained silent, at least as goes this message board. We can only guess this is due to the power and superior intellect of his wife, who realized that every time James communicates he shows his guilt and instability, as well as his spiritual “wrongness.”

Dear Traveller99, i would tend to think likewise. But in case for now we are missing a response from James, here are a few words from his latest online satsang list:

"I had high self-esteem from birth, owing to good karma from previous births, and my parents instilled self-reliance in me and my brother, but when I got too greedy in my early twenties I suffered low self-worth for about a year. However, I had Isvara darshan at twenty-five, pursued it with passion and my self-esteem came right back. I became supremely confident in myself because I was doing the right thing, not chasing worldly stuff. I had done serious sadhana for two years on my own and for two years under the guidance of Swamiji, and when my mind was perfectly qualified I realized I was the Self when I was twenty-nine. James died at that time. There was no need to do nididhyasana, because my identity shifted permanently to the Self at that time. But from the outside I looked like James and it looked like I was doing sadhana, but I wasn’t" End of quote, no comment.[]

James and Isabella, aka Ramji and Sundari. Sundari means "beautiful" in Sanskrit, i suppose as a reference to the "bella" of her birth name.

I never quite understood why gurus give themselves and their devotees new names except for the belief the name can change the person or improve their status? I can understand that when you become a monk or a nun and join a religious order, you get a new name since you vow yourself to a life of renunciation to everything of personal nature. But as far as i can see, those modern gurus have had wives, power and what have you. Is that the new concept of renunciation? As far as i can see getting a new name does not change who you are fundamentally, but it seems fashionable in spiritual groups making people with these new fancy Sanskrit names feel special and different from "normal" people who just kept their birth names and live a simple ordinary life.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: May 30, 2019 05:24PM

Good point, Valma.

Why does Swartz call himself Ramji?

A quick search through his autobiography showed this as the first occurence of the name in the book:

And one day, sitting alone on a rock in the desert at dawn, the Friend called me Ram, the one who revels in the Heart. This power, the exquisitely beautiful "thumb-sized Person sitting in the Heart" as the Upanishad says, attracted me like nothing else and set in motion a way of thinking which would slowly transform me into an ascetic and a mystic."]

So it seems he didn't receive the name from a guru, but a friend called him that once and he decided he'd call himself that from then on. During his satsangs I attended recently, I heard James refer to himself as Ramji. Indians use the suffix -ji as a way of showing respect to someone. I guess James uses it as a way of showing respect to himself.

I've heard an Indian say about Mooji how ridiculous it sounds to them when people (especially Western people) decide to call themselves [something]-ji. It would be like Peter calling himself Respected Peter. It sounds egomaniacal.

Not only that, Ram is the Hindu name of a major deity, as described in Wikipedia:


Rama or Ram, also known as Ramachandra, is a major deity of Hinduism. He is the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu, one of his most popular incarnations along with Krishna and Gautama Buddha. In Rama-centric traditions of Hinduism, he is considered the Supreme Being.

So when James calls himself Ramji he calls himself something like Respected Major Deity.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: May 30, 2019 06:46PM

Traveler99 Wrote:
> A message from Heather, copied directly.
> [...]
> JS is not only deceptive, he is cruel, unloving,
> totally selfish, and maniacal. In my view…he is a
> psychopath.

Even based solely on his own words, it doesn't seem that unlikely to me that James is a psychopath. One of the many red flags is the way he proudly describes in his autobiography how he, as the dictatorial cult leader of the commune they both live in, throws his girlfriend out of the commune, instantaneously robbing her of an income and making her homeless, just because he's having sex with another cult member and doesn't want to have to sneak to her room at night anymore but wants to become "respectable." To anyone with a grain of compassion, these actions of James are truly sickening. A moral sense of conscience is apparently so alien to James that he describes these actions proudly, probably thinking he'll be admired for them.

Note that these events are described in the chapter called "After enlightenment". His supposed enlightenment as he described it was clearly just an awakening experience and not enlightenment. He does seem to realize this nowadays, since in his satsangs I attended recently, he distinguished awakening experience from enlightenment and described his supposed enlightenment in terms like these: "After awakening you have to keep observing your thoughts and untangling egoic identification from them. Then after a certain amount of time, something just clicks and you're forever free from the ego, it's wonderful". Note how he still describes enlightenment as something that an individual achieves and as something that is for the benefit of the individual. IMO he is still deluded.

There are many other red flags in his autobiography (and I've only read the second half), some of which I've pointed out before.

Also in this interview James describes traits of himself which are very reminiscent of the traits of psychopaths (psychopaths don't feel fear or remorse and are deceitful):


I came from a really good family and my parents were loving and kind people. I just had a bit of the devil in me from the day I popped out of the womb! I was continually testing the limits and getting knocked down, but it didn’t bother me at all. People told me there was something wrong with me, but I didn’t feel that way. I actually thought that there was something wrong with everyone else. So I continued to push against the grain and get myself in hot water on a regular basis.


On the surface it was all very wonderful, but inside I was rotten because I was not living the right life. I was an alcoholic, a chain-smoker, a meat-eater. And even though I didn’t steal anything physically, I was capable of conning people out of their money. I cut a lot of corners. I was a liar and a cheat and, of course, an adulterer.


I am not a fear-oriented person. It is not in my nature.

So this person with psychopathic traits has spiritual experiences that lead him to believe (or at least claim) that he is enlightened. He gives himself a spiritual name and pronounces himself to be a traditional Advaita Vedanta teacher, falsely claiming a true teacher (Chinmayananda) has asked him to start teaching. He has sex and affairs with his students and disposes of them ruthlessly when they unintentionally stand in his way.

If the allegations in the Heather story are true, James is skilled in hypnosis and psychological/psychic manipulation. Where might he have learned these skills? In this light the anonymous comment from 2008 (you can find it on the first page of this thread) is interesting:


The parts of his ‘autobiography’ that I was a witness to are so inaccurate that I am now wondering if he is delusional. He also forgot to mention the time he spent studying with a black magician in India.

As is usually the case, reality is paradoxical, and James may both benefit and harm people. He turns them on to Vedanta, which may benefit them, but he infects Vedanta (IMO) with his cynicism, egoism, and manipulation. He abuses and distorts it for his personal gain. The way I see it, he's given up his spiritual progress in favor of personal gain. But like a person stuck in a swamp, he can show us where not to go. But if you'll try to pull him out, he'll probably try to pull you in.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: clearvision ()
Date: May 30, 2019 11:14PM

I noticed on the facebook page "Leaving Mooji" there is a mention of Swartz... It's in number 6 on this list:

It looks like they are warning disillusioned Mooji followers about JS. I think this is great.

Swartz certainly seems to be fishing for a piece of the pie from the every growing fallout we are seeing from the false guru and false Vedanta teacher: "respected Moo"

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: May 31, 2019 01:25AM

That was a fantastic write up Traveller99.

The high command in ze Shiningworld are watching this topic. As are members. Ive let many know, haha. As well as another person here, I dont want to single them out unless they do. :) .

The reason they arn't saying anything at the moment, is because they are trying to decide who it is here that is giving information. So the individual's can have pressure put on them.

I would expect to be in their shortlist of two perhaps. And never one to want to come second, I can say I have intimate knowledge of their ways and machiavellian schemes, as I was part of the ze high command.

About Isabella. She is absoltuely crazy. And she will be going nuts at this topic. Both and and at least one other will be urging restraint. Yes they want tp see who it is saying, but the other thing is, what I am saying is true. And should laundry be public, the spiritual manipulation I can prove is substantial. It is cult behaviour. I'm certain Rick, one of the worlds experts, would agree if he see's my information.

Proof is proof. And perhaps, this topic will entice them to do somethign rash. They can try to up ante if they want, but i'n afraid i've got many cards up my sleeve.

Yea Isabella. Her twisted attitude, got both her and JS threw of a property a couple of years ago. Not sure if i have mentioned this. It was a a regular spiritual retreat in USA.

They had been staying as guest for many years. JS even had his own business there. And Isabella, her maniac personality kept starting trouble with the owners. In the end, the owners told them to get out and never come back.

What did JS do? Well he then went ballistic with Isabella in front of the studdents! "You stupid woman! You ruin evrything!"

So they lost that place, and his business.

Another thing, is that Shiningworld powers that be, JS included, deliberately keep many things from Isabella. As she is a troublemaker.

JS though, he will always side with his wife. He's said it himself. And that is very questionable for an organisation that is supposed to be guiding people spiritually. It's not about siding with ones wife, its about acting appropriately in regard to vedanta.

JS himself says that she is still working through her stuff, weach time he excuses her making trouble in shiningworld. Well that all fine, but she hardly is entitled them to be number 2, essentially taking over most of the operations of shinignworld now. Just cause she is his wife.

As she would say, ISabella, isnt it time you walked the talk? YOu are not all this modernised pure gangaji.

Ya know, she had the cheek to comment in soomeones home she visited for the first time, on certain things they had bought for their place. When she thinks it fine to buy italian shoes and handbags, and get a hair do. It if fine for both, who cares, but she levies things are other she is not like herself.

She said that person spending habits were a waste of money. Oh yes, like they need a lovely spanish retreat to teach. Isabella, heres an idea, since you think you are important enpugh to tell others they are wasting money...

Why dnt you sell that spanish place? Clear off to the slums in India and teach in a shed. And give the property money to the poor there.

And while I am here, it would be lovely to see their financial details for the last ten years...

Oh and I nearly forgot. Shinigworld, any chance you might stop embarrassing yourself and glorifying what you do? These satsangs posted saying how great teachers you are. I mean really? You do realise since you are posting them, that it is self-glorification? Will you also post the letters that out you all? If some of us organise and mobilize. Will you also post what people are really saying about you?

I know for a fact you both know, that a Vedanta teacher does not glorify themselves, nor need to. And not want that. You are so off the mark in vedanta.

IT diesnt mater what you, shingingworld say, you are not tradtional vedanta. you are modern vedanta.

You know what i just realsied the other day. Shiningworld have the teachinbgs back to front. They have said repeatedly and one of their new teachers, Rory said this the other day. Jnanam is easy, karma yoga for the rest of life isnt. HAha.

We dont do karma yoga for rest of our lives. Shankara is clear. KArma yoga FIRST, then jnanam. It is only by jnanam that moksha is attained. jnanam is easy hey say? hahaha.

Karma yoga only PREPARES the person for the qualifications that ready them for jnanam. It is not jnanam them karma yoga, or jnanam and karma yoga. One has to STOP accepting the entire karma kanda (subject) before they can progress.

Should one still keep identifying as a karma yogi, they stay in samsara. that is the teaching, and staying in samsara will keep the students wanting and neding the teachers. Which of course is what they want.

They are keeping students in suffering, for their own aims. IT doesnt matter that JS says many hundreds have wrote onlune showing they were free. HE gives those titles wrongly. and many people. women especially they say that SW publishes things that are not true.

There is international libel laws against that. Which i am protected. anything i have ever said about them, i know firsthand. I can prove it all also.

Ok I will take a breath for now. Ready for my second wind..haha

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: May 31, 2019 11:13AM

From Heather to James Swartz

Hey there Swartz...Sunny boy ol' KNOW what you did.
Here's a little song just for you...let's all dance to the tune like we used to..ya…in the kitchen, next to the parlor...where you gave your so called "satsangs"...let's all dance to a song that is just for you!i


This part of the lyrics...just for you:
"...Who feels it knows it, Lord"


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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: May 31, 2019 11:30AM

Part 2 — Heather to James Swartz

And more...

Hey are the lyrics to the song, in the off chance you didn't feel up to dancing to it, you can read it! I put special emphasis on this part, and the last part of the song...a conversation with self (note the lowercase s in self.)

Ya running and ya running
And ya Running Away.

But ya can't run away from yourself
Can't run away from yourself
Ya must have done (must have done),
Somet'in' wrong (something wrong)
Said: ya must have done (must have done)
Wo! Somet'in' wrong (something wrong)
Why you can't find the
Place where you belong?

Every man…
Every man thinketh his
Burden is the heaviest (heaviest)
Every man thinketh his
Burden is the heaviest (heaviest)
Ya still mean it:
Who feels it knows it, Lord
Who feels it knows it, Lord
Who feels it knows it, Lord
Who feels it knows it, Lord

Ya running and ya running
And ya Running Away.
But ya can't run away from yourself.

Could ya run away from yourself?
Can you run away from yourself?
Can't run away from yourself!
Can't run away from yourself!
Yeah-eah-eah-eah - from yourself.

Brr - you must have done somet'in'
Somet'in', somet'in', somet'in'
Somet'in' ya don't want nobody to know about
Ya must have, Lord - somet'in' wrong,
What ya must have done
ya must have done somet'in' wrong.
Why you can't find where you belong?

Well, well, well, well,
ya Running Afway, hfeh, no
Ya Running Away, ooh, no, no, no,
I'm not (Running Away), no, don't say that, don't say that,
'Cause (Running Away) I'm not Running Away, ooh!
(Running Away)
I've got to protect my life,
(Running Away)
And I don't want to live with no strife
(Running Away)
It is better to live on the housetop
(Running Away)
Than to live in a house full of confusion
(Running Away)
So, I made my decision and I left ya
(Running Away)
Now you comin' to tell me
(Running Away)
That I'm runnin' away
(Running Away)
But it's not true
(Running Away)
I am not runnin' away
(Running Away)

I imagine, Jimmy ol'boy...that it can't be very easy living with yourself...probably never was...


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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: June 01, 2019 09:58AM

From Heather:

I have something I want to say to people still following the cult leader James Swartz.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about our human nature, how most people have good natures, have a connection to God and all that is…and yet we seek outside ourselves for confirmation of our very existence.

Most of us grow up and live in a state of fragility and vulnerability. We don’t feel strong or smart enough, so we look outside of ourselves for the answers. We reach out to people we perceive as stronger or smarter…or perhaps they have a connection to God that we haven’t discovered yet. Perhaps this guru has the answers.

When a teacher comes along, either by chance or through our seeking, we put our highest hopes into that person. We feel we are so close to the truth of our own divinity…perhaps this guru will show me the way?

We know we have the potential for greatness…it is a felt-sense. Perhaps this guru will give me the ancient knowledge…the pure stuff, untainted by our modern politics…and the knowledge will help me dishcover who I am.

People understand the concept of beginner’s mind. In order to become the master of oneself, to become fully realized in this embodiment, an open, unaffected, and unhindered mind is essential. In fact, every true master knows this and lives it.

When faced with a new guru or teacher most of us, in a state of altruism, practice being wide open to the teacher…knowing that he/she/they will know better than us. After all, they are the masters and we are the students!

When I first met James Swartz I was completely open to him. I was 14 and looking for a better life…a better path…a path to God…a path to discovering my best-self. I was not educated at that time to see and understand potential dangers of other peoples’ influences. I was completely naïve, and only able to see the best in people…because I wanted the world to be good…I wanted people to care and do right…and I wanted to be my best, and most joyful self. In the beginning, I had no idea what he was doing to me.

I didn’t know that I had been hypnotized and drugged. I didn’t know I had been assaulted until I discovered painful tears in my private areas, a pain in my abdomen, pain and tears in my anus…and I felt something very terrible was happening to me…but I couldn’t put it all together.

When “Sandy” took me to the downtown clinic, it was confirmed. The male nurse said I had “trauma to the vagina and anus” due to “rough sex” (the delightful vernacular of the free clinic in the Mission District circa 1979). As far as I new, I was a virgin. This could not possibly be the case…but it was!

An event right after these episodes proved to me that it was Swartz. I remembered him giving me the drugged tea, I remembered him “talking me down” (see my previous entry on this,) I remembered hallucinating, I remembered him telling me to relax…and keep looking at him. I remembered not being able to move my muscles. I remembered the agonizing pain. I remembered the feeling of complete helplessness and terror.

During this time, our group had shifted away from the intense spiritual family activities…satsangs, chanting call and response praises to our Lord, galivanting around the city…feeling superior to all the poor, unenlightened people caught in mithyatya, the unreal world. We shifted from holy to it’s opposite. It felt like someone hit me in the head with a two-by-four. I was so confused. “Sandy” started doing the strip gigs with Marlene, and our “family” activities were focused on making money.

Common sense asks why I would stay with this group—when what was being practiced was the opposite of why I joined them in the first place.

I was completely in his control. I had no choice. Our whole group was in his control.

I had lost my enthusiastic, loving, interested, innocent mind. He took that from me. I had become an automaton to Swartz.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: June 01, 2019 11:46AM

Heather, from the posts above, was 14 when she met James Swartz. It took her over thirty years to be able to come out publicly about what James Swartz, under the guise of being her spiritual teacher, did to her. Her story, her accusations, are the basis of the book “Guru? The Story of Heather.”

Most important in this book is, of course, Heather and her story. However, the author, Devon Adler, also included sections about what five desires or attachments prevent persons from becoming “real” spiritual teachers. In other words, Devon Adler shared the things which destroy potential teachers, and are sure signs that a so-called teacher is not for real.

These five things are uncurbed desires for Sex, Drugs, Fame, Power, and Money.

Devon Adler gave many examples of “teachers” and “gurus” who have fallen due to one or some of these five. In fact, any Failed Teacher almost by definition had attachments to one or some of these which he or she had not worked through.

Read the book. See the examples. Evaluate the points made in this forum. Then think about James Swartz.

Consider, “Which of the five weaknesses has James Swartz, according to these accounts, NOT fallen for?”

To me, his desires for Sex, Money, and Power seem obvious. His lust for Fame is perhaps best seen in his intense and incessantly displayed jealousy of those who are more popular than he is.

Maybe the only one you might believe he has not succumbed to is Drugs (that is, if we don’t include his alleged slipping of knock-out and date-rape drugs to underage girls). Except, he at least partly nailed that one, too. He has admittedly so publicly many times. He tells of having dropped acid (LSD) with students in the years not long after Heather and Sandy are said to have made their escape.

Desire for Sex, Money, Power, Fame and Drugs... Swartz.

An attachment to any one of these would, under Adler’s definition, disqualify a person from being a good, a worthy, a “real” spiritual teacher.

With that in mind, and considering the “Heather” book and the contents of the many posts on this forum, what kind of spiritual teacher could James Swartz be?

Heather in her posts has a huge primary goal. That is to warn persons about the evil being and false teacher she sees James Swartz as being. Swartz’s own responses to Heather’s claims, were those, according to experts, “of a guilty man.” However, even without Heather’s claims it could well be that enough has shown up on this forum that, based on Adler’s list, her warning should be heeded, shouldn’t it?

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