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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: July 10, 2019 09:45PM

Heather, you're welcome. Very.

You make a great point above. We cannot "save" people. All we can do is to inform them.

All the evidence yet found indicates that James Swartz is a reprehensible human being. He uses spiritual (mis-)reasoning to allow himself to ("not") do any crime he pleases--crimes ranging from what you have shared he did with the teenage you (and to which his own responses have virtually added up to a confession), to years of spiritual lying regarding his background and the deliberate falsifying and adulterating of spiritual texts, to killing a neighbor's family pet with poison and then gloating about it with his "buddies" over breakfast. Those things are not even all of what we've discovered about him in our research that would totally disqualify him as being even a semi-"real" spiritual teacher.

James Swartz? "Think Jesus." (his words) You betcha.

Ram indeed. (And he gave himself this name.)

You are, and it seems obvious always been, a caring, loving, peaceful person. Your life has not been easy, what with family difficulties while young that, sadly, you shared with a person you then respected, the man who called himself "your guru." Then, you report that this total mess of a person, who without the spiritual con game would likely have ended up a small-time pimp and bookie, James Swartz, used this knowledge as a way to brainwash and repeatedly rape you. From what you say, he should have been put in prison and never let out. (As you know, his provable breaking of the Mann Act could still end up with prison happening.)

James Swartz could have apologized sincerely as soon as your accusations came out. Instead, he tried to deny you existed, and then, when things kept coming, he admitted he knew you (when you were 14 and him around 40) and threatened you. Swartz threatened you with revealing details of your "sordid past" to your current loved ones.
To repeat something Devon Adler (the author of "Guru? The Story of Heather", which was written based on your accusations of James Swartz, and with your permission), you, and I have written repeatedly, "How could a spiritual teacher who was then a 40 year-old "guru" suddenly know all about the activities of a 14 year-old whose existence he refused to even acknowledge just a few days before?"

And what kind of guru would threaten her with this knowledge?

A true spiritual teacher, guilty of these charges, would apologize. Likely he or she would then recount how he or she has moved past these types of activities in the years since.

A true spiritual teacher, innocent of these charges, would express concern for the person making the allegations. He or she would say something like, "This person is mistaken in what she says, but certainly there is something happening in her that causes these stories to come forth. Let's help her."

Swartz never apologized, and he certainly never expressed concern for you. Au contraire.

As has been pointed out a few times on this forum, Swartz is actually not a big-time person on the spiritual scene. (This is perhaps why Be Scofield has not written about him yet, as was mentioned above.) The "Mooji a Cult" message board very close to the "James Swartz--What Is The Truth?" in the list on the "Cults, Sects, and New Religious Movements" page in this forum, has almost 50 times as many views as this pages current 5,700 and about 15 times more posts than this pages current 120. However, Mooji has never been accused of, let alone merrily confessed to, poisoning a neighbor's dog, has never virtually confessed to hypnotizing, drugging, and repeatedly raping an underage girl, and has never been found to have knowingly falsified translations of spiritual texts, (If he had, one can only imagine the huge numbers this site would have on his pages.)

Except, that doesn't matter really, does it? Every time a person is psychologically, spiritually, or emotionally damaged by (as you have labeled him) a "psychopath, narcissist, and sociopath," a tragedy has occurred. (I did not add "damaged sexually" because of his age, and because he is now married to a woman who isn't quite as much in his thrall as was first wife, who did live sex shows to keep James in cash. Swartz's days of underage girls and widowed Indian sewer cleaners are, it seems, behind him.)

Yes, more would be worse, but any damaged at all are too many. The whole point of our years of effort have been to give you a vehicle with which to heal and strengthen, and to try to keep others, via educating them about James Swartz, from experiencing anything close to what you did.

To repeat, ten or ten thousand. No matter. One is too many. (One was more than enough.)

So, wonderful Heather, as long as this is okay for you, the mission continues.

Regarding James Swartz, let us ask questions, find the truth as best we can, and share it with all who will read or listen. We can't save anybody, but properly informed, people are usually pretty good about walking away from an open-mouthed venonous snake if they get enough warning.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: July 14, 2019 10:22PM


In an e-mail message from one of the original group who became early supporters of Heather in the search for truth about James Swartz, a few sentences stood out.

My friend wrote, "It could be that James Swartz is telling his inner circle of supporters that, in the face of these 'horrible and unwarranted attacks' that he is choosing to maintain a 'noble silence.'"

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Noble? James Swartz? Has one thing 'noble' about him shown up at all? Ever? In all my research starting in December 2016? In any comment here in this forum? To repeat, noble!!??

The best thing about James Swartz could be that, when the story is she was with him out in the country as a 16 year-old, that James Swartz did not kill Heather to remove her as a witness. Even she has noted that she was surprised she got away alive. (My supposition is that the knowledge that her family knew who she was with and where, and had mentioned contacting the Feds, saved her.)

Was it noble NOT to kill a teenage girl who the story goes you drugged, brainwashed, and serially raped from the time she was 14 to 16?

Or, perhaps with some later female students, was it noble not to drug and rape (all of?) them the way he has inadvertently but seemingly basically confessed to having done with Heather?

Was it noble to poison a neighbor's pet dog to death, and then gloat about it with his buddies?

Is it noble to deliberately skip some and to mistranslate other verses of holy texts in your translations since they point out the weaknesses and holes in his own teachings?

Is it noble to lie about your own spiritual background, and about his own level of spiritual attainment?

Is it noble to take a mental understanding of some spiritual concepts, to twist them, and to come out with a "divine" excuse to do anything he pleases? Based on the research, some of which was in Devon Adler's book based on Heather's charges about Swartz, "Guru? The Story of Heather", and the posts in this forum, Swartz's activities have included bullying, lying, cheating, financial misdealings, bragging about seemingly compulsive sexual activities with destitute Indian widows who worked as sewer cleaners and street sweepers, what is said to have occurred in the Heather years (he's admitted to knowing her then, and to knowing all she was doing), pet killing, and even studies in black magic.

Where are the "Noble" aspects in any of that?

James Swartz... Noble silence?

In fact, he's simply learned that every time he writes or speaks he can't help but to show his real self. Noble? He's out to "save his own ass."

Yes, I laughed at the thought of Swartz and 'noble' in the same sentence. However, the thought of this spiritual fraud and spiritual and psychological (if not physical) rapist still spreading his poison to well-meaning, good persons--that brings anything but.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: July 17, 2019 05:40AM


The post below was sent out early to a few people, including Heather.

After having heard from some of them, I toned down the text to "Inside the Head of James Swartz" posted below.

Heather even said that it might be nice to have a week away, perhaps thinking I was getting too close to this (awful) subject. I considered this, but then a message came from the beautiful woman in the Himalayas, who reported that she had reports of "James Swartz is so wonderful," and "How refreshing to be with him after the abuse of Andrew Cohen." (Poor persons. Swartz is by all the evidence at least as bad as Cohen, but they don't seem to have any type of "Bullshit Detector" at all. It took years for Cohen's organization to fall apart, and now they'll likely take a long time to see the truth about James Swartz...) How can I take a break with such sad things happening?

I must admit, I do wonder where some of the other contributors are to this message board. Perhaps each of them has mostly said all they have to say of such a sad topic and person, and perhaps wisely leave it/ him behind.

These other contributors, who it would be nice to hear from again, have included:

--Heather (also: MyNameIsHeather)
--Be True

Still other persons, who remain nameless, have written e-mail messages to me or to Devon Adler (author of the Swartz-allegation-inspired "Guru? The Story of Heather") that, excerpted, were the base of other posts.

More from all, if it feels right to do this, would be wonderful.

Okay, so now, at last, the peek into the mind of James Swartz... The message I sent to my friends, followed by the toned down version, follows:



Having studied this person's life, doings, and thinking for over two years, this bit of "Swartz Thought" appeared one day.
As Squirts himself would say, "'I' didn't write it. It actually came from the Absolute, from All That Is..."



There was never a need to do that.

There was never a need to do anything.

Still, it happened. People saw me “do” it.

Well, she did, anyway. At least once I gave her too low a dose, and she was partly conscious while I savored her sweet innocence.

Except, I know that only those things can occur which All That Is lets happen. At the deepest level there is no Right or Wrong, and there’s no Sin. In my mind, I know this.

Knowing this is what I call Enlightenment. My version of Enlightenment is totally Mental, and it is true Freedom, since it allows me to “do” anything that “I” want, and with no guilt whatsoever. After all, why should I have bad feelings about what most people call “The Divine” had me do?

So the world has the idea that I drugged, brainwashed, and raped an underage girl. So what. I can with full veracity say that “I” did no such thing, since I fully understand that at the deepest level there is no “Me” to have done anything.

“Events happen, deeds are done, but there is no individual doer thereof.” The Buddha said that. He, and others who came to this understanding and who therefore taught similar things, set me free.

If I want to have sex with an underage Californian girl or a poverty-ridden widowed sewer cleaners in India, I have sex with them. If I need to leave truth behind to get something, I lie. If what some call “true” spiritual teachings do not agree with the wordy sludge that I fill my students with, I change the original teachings. I alter their meanings in “my” translations, and even skip whole verses of immortal works like The Bhagavad Gita. My spiritual background? It’s very different than what I publicize, but since the false and “self”-aggrandizing version makes things easier for “me,” so what?

I’m James Swartz, but I really don’t exist, so this phantasm, this mind-body organism, can do anything. Has done anything. And will keep doing all “I” can get away with in this world full of stupid people who live beholding to their consciences, their “morals,” and with sensibility.”

Idiots, all. All they have to do is to learn my teachings and they’ll be as free as me. But none of my students have.

Not that I care. As long as I have enough money, a good place to live, and fine pussy to play with, what do I care? Not much.

It’s a bitch that this illusory physical form is now much older. My male part doesn’t work much or well anymore. Not like when I had the young girl, or even the sewer widows in India. My apparent physical energy is not so high.

Plus, some other “illusory” people are on to me. They know me perfectly, almost. They understand my teachings, but instead of following suit they try to warn persons about me, and to help the young girl “victim” to heal.

Suckers. Idiots.

For a while I thought I’d shouted them down. Screams, threats, and such have always worked before for at least a while. Then, when things got too tight, I always ran away, and then started again.

Except now, by worldly standards, I’m too old to do that again. But, the thing is, I can’t win in a battle of (worldly) truth with these folks. Because they’re right. “I” have apparently “done” everything they assert that I have. The sexual things, the killing of the neighbor’s dog, cheating, lying, stealing, distorting sacred texts and my spiritual background-- all of it, and (at this I laugh) more. There’s much they still don’t know about. Hah!

Yes, in the world’s mind, I’m responsible. Or I’m guilty. Take your pick. I know that. That is why, despite my spiritual knowledge and courage, at times I come across in the world like a “total chicken shit.” I’m ugly, short, fat, old, and I’m a mean bastard. People are scared of my temper and my tongue. They know I hold grudges, and that I’m good at distorting even good things about others into seeming bad or, at best, questionable.

People are scared of me. Hah! (In fact, my whole life, I’ve been scared of what others would do to me if they realized all that “I” had “done” and was "doing.")

I keep going, though. The power I feel over the people who come to “me” for spiritual guidance or counsel is like a drug. All That Is, The Divine, call it what you will, has made me susceptible to this feeling, and so what can I do? Just like bedding the 14 year-old and the sewer widows, at the time it felt good, and “I” could have done nothing else. Same with poisoning the dog, and all my bullying and lies.

Except, again, the feeling of Power I get when people think I’m special and really “Know” the “Truth,” and listen to my answers like they’re hearing Jesus or the real Ram, whoa! Whew! Indescribable…

I’m as addicted to that as I am to straight sex (leave that gay stuff out of it. That’s not for me. No way. I’m not interested in some man touching me or me…. No!).

I’m smarter than you. I know better. I do whatever I want, with no guilt. So far, though the world would judge me harshly, not many have caught on. My scam continues. I travel, I eat well, I do what I can with women, and I get off on my Power Trip, always while laughing inside at the bozos who fall for my “teachings”.

Judge me? The Feds are too busy with other stuff (I think). Other, more famous and popular teachers, make bigger targets (and while none of them are as “bad in worldly eyes” as I would be if they looked close, not many have). Good for me. Hah!

Yes, “Good for ‘Me’,” even though I be an illusion, or delusion, and am beyond “Good or Bad,” “Pride or Guilt,” or any of these dualistic concepts, at least at the deepest levels. Again, “Good for me!” (And screw “you!”)

This Enlightenment thing, my style of it, is quite a good deal. I’ve always wondered why more don’t do it?

Now that you’ve read my real teachings and how I’ve lived, what about you?

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