Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: Blackhat ()
Date: July 23, 2009 09:40PM

So many Private Eyes/Investigators!

What a cat among the pigeons! First we have an innocent Quaker in Australia defamed repeatedly for years as being Private Eyes, then we have a Private Investigator in America helping Sisi or Bea, now we have one working for the J's.

Goodness, can there really be three?

Could it possibly be that Dave has been wrong about Private Eyes identity all along?

Surely his omniscience can't have failed him so badly?

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Date: July 24, 2009 02:20AM

Dear Paul,

If you PM message me, I may have some possible links to the family in distress in California!

I am obliged to Rick Ross for his services, because David McKay is basically a failed cult leader who will never make the "big time", and there are a HUGE number of other cults far more devastating than the Jesus Christians in their impact on humanity....that such a "nobody" could merit the attention he gets, is a matter to be thankful for, considering that David is such a "gnat" of a man among all the "camels" of despotic, manipulative cult (mis)leaders scattered through this earth.

The xjcs.jcs site (Google it!) is a very helpful source of information if you haven't already looked through it. I prefer the RR site, (where I may be as "bleak" as I feel without upsetting those who seek "dialogue"), however the most outspoken (and perhaps the most knowledgeable) former members post on the other site. I, for example, strongly share Tony's sentiments when he posted there in May, that;

Most people, without direct experience of dodgy characters like Dave, would assume honesty on the part of the reporter. And the greater the claim (more unusual, more serious) the more people assume that the reporter has done their facts checking.

Dave uses this assumption well, and gets a long way further than he ought because of it. Normal people expect honesty from their peers. It's how we normally work. (At this point, I recall the cartoon segment on page 12 from Galatians / Fair Dinkum, which succinctly says, "Trust me, I'm a preacher!")

Unfortunately, without continued reference to the truth, Dave's own inbuilt assumptions lead him to presume that, if Dave says it, then it must be true. And the steady slide from supposition to assertion as fact is almost guaranteed without external counsellors who are not afraid to prefer the truth to the statements of the "king".

Dave's community has no counsellors of such nature. It is the community structure which has eradicated such folk - a structure that Dave has created and fostered. As the anointed apostle, he does not err.

The real question is - what is going on in the minds of his disciples? What are they seeing? What are they hearing? How do they reconcile the inconsistencies?

And in the minds of Dave's lieutenants - Rob, Christine - what do they do? At what point does the truth become more important than the suppositions of their leader?

The real tension is not within Dave. His psychopathology has the upper hand.

His subordinates have no illness to keep them going in the ways of madness. They are left to justify by some means what is properly unjustifiable.

So how long can they keep it up?

Tony "help" I'd say consists of

persuading existing members of the JC's to leave,

assisting recent exited members to "rehabilitate" their lives

supporting families whose members are still trapped in servitude to McKay,

strongly discouraging others to become involved with McKay (an area where this site would clearly excel!)

While I'm of a view that the group itself can't ever be "turned around" (and I'd be considered a hard-core, conservative, orthodox Christian who believes in a lot of the "theory" they espouse, while denying it in the lives they lead) and that it should be disbanded. Hence I'm fairly despairing of "dialogue"......(there are those who aren't!)

I'd nevertheless imagine that some of the "subordinates" may yet be "helped"....

You are of course, free to draw your own opinion over whether David McKay himself can be "helped"...I would fear not, and by way of recent example...

I see that David has been extremely threatened by the references I have made to his time in the Children of God, where he was "front man" (i.e. an approved "Shepherd" in Broken Hill) for several years, and that he (according to reports from contemporary members in the COG with at the time) had no "ethical" objection to the practise of flirty fishing....(that he usually claims for himself)...but rather he (physically) left due to the fact that he so desperately wanted a cult of his very own....only in order to retain the "discipleship" of his wife (who refused to prostitute herself or her family) and children, did he apparently agree to refrain from the practise of sexually enticing membership....

David continued to receive material from them for years and years (I have actually seen this, stored in a leather bound volume, which he kept out of the prying eyes of the public) and to my knowledge has never officially denounced them (as he has always thought that he could ultimately "poach" members from them)....

I was a little puzzled at first, as to why David would have been so threatened by this, (when I was a member '81-5, we were aware of this, however simply lied in order to prevent this becoming wider knowledge....little "white" lies that were necessary to prevent people becoming distracted from the "truths of the gospel" you see....) however now I understand....David has directly lied even to his own followers.....other than Ross, Roland, Robin and Christine, none of them actually KNOW David's real background.....he has fabricated a personal history to the others presently in the JC's that waters down his dubious background.....

Hence, such discussion threatens the credibility he holds within the JesusChristians....Joe Johnson for example would be actually ignorant of the years David spent ostensibly serving the Children of God while he was assiduously filching David Bergs theology.....David McKay has even invented a self-history for those who are currently serving IN the Jesus Christians....

As I've stated (and Tony echoes) David has no compunction about deceit of any nature.....

....there are in fact, no longer any such things as "lies" or "truths" for David McKay,

....tragically he is completely and utterly psychotically self-absorbed.....

.....that's his entire hellish little "world"!

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: paul_connor ()
Date: July 24, 2009 06:20AM

I might have been unclear in my previous post. I have heard of ONLY one P.I. He has apparently been retained to help the family who has been wrongly accused of attacking the J.C.'s who came to their home with the intentions of taking valuables belonging to the parents of the stolen child. The "J"'s I was referring to was the family<> NOT THE J.C.'S. ###########I sincerely doubt there are <3> P.I.'s but of course DJ will try to tell his faithful few that there are spies and detectives everywhere. DJ's own inflated importance never fails to come up with new complicated schemes where people are all ganged up against him and plotting something major. He'll name whoever he thinks that day is his worst enemy and meaning to bring him down but how much further down can a dude get than hiding, ducking and diving<> living in a camper van<> without heat or water, on government assistance while quickly descending into an utter mad fantasyland of persecution?

His ravings have reached a fever pitch in the past few weeks. His freaking out should concern anyone who still cares about the man. I honestly think he needs a doctor and a rest far away from the internet and all the phantoms who are out to get him. He's like a snapping turtle<> or a blind cobra<> always on red alert<> ready to strike but the sad thing is short of the family he has hounded into court, I am not sure that anyone is overly concerned about him. We have more guys in the front row of our men's choir than he has gathered in 25 years of operating his cult! As he says himself, if they were a serious threat like the COG etc etc, they would have more members. I feel for the faithful few but hopefully DJ doesn't Heaven’s Gate them but they've been warned and should see the signs of real and rather sad madness in their leader. As so many others have said, the faithful few must wonder if HONESTLY everyone who dislikes DJ's teachings and behavior are all liars and if so, DJ sure got unlucky when he recruited as it means he picked 100X more liars and crazies than he did good people who would remain loyal. How many Ex's are there compared to the current J.C membership?I would hope someone is able to get him to seek the help needed. No one should suffer the complexes as he must be if he honestly thinks the world is against him, if he really does see enemies at every turn. He's even having fits on You Tube<> trying to figure out the identities (LIKELY TROLLING TEENAGERS) who are busting his chops over his garbled disjointed posts.

I sure am not sending any funds to assist the J.C.'s in any way. ################## After all, they would not want money would they? It's the root of all evil. The cult swears they live by faith so I don't think they need any money at all. I'm wondering why they don't give away any and all money handed to them for their books? Why not give the books for free if money is not important? Why accept dirty old money as donations since those living by faith have no need for $$$$.
I will however donate to assist in helping the “J” family since I feel they are being unfairly damaged over the mess that the J.C.’s created.

What I know is that his faithful few HAVE to be seeing that DJ is inconsistent. He can’t stand “lies” about himself but he will lie about others. He wants to “get around” the rule about visiting the Ex site-what the heck is the point in their rule anyway if they are going to have Glenn poking back and forth reporting what is said? Either just go look yourself at the Ex site or ignore it but to see Dave begging to his members to get someone assigned to “spy” on the Ex site and report back to the leadership was just too pathetic. I’d love to see some of the new leadership actually have the gonads to stand up to DJ and get him into line and stop just humiliating them all. As usual double or should we say TRIPLE STANDARDS get set by DJ-1 RULE FOR THE J.C.’S-ANOTHER RULE FOR US GOATS AND NO RULES FOR DJ WHO BELIEVES HE’S NOT ACCOUNTABLE TO ANYONE-GOD INCLUDED.

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: July 24, 2009 07:52AM

Can you please post some links to the YouTube rants by David that you referred to earlier, Paul?

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: paul_connor ()
Date: July 24, 2009 10:35AM

Hey sorry but you just check out You Tube yourself because I don't bookmark things I read there. It's under some of their music I think and on some of the clips from the Jeremy Kyle show. You'll find him<>you know he can't resist his pontificating on every subject. Dude, I think you are the guy who posted some stuff on You Tube so check your own videos.

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: July 24, 2009 11:56PM

Ah, obviously there was some misunderstanding; excuse me. I thought that you meant that DM had posted some videos of himself ranting and raving and coudn't find them. The text stuff I've seen, sure. Have a good weekend, B

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: paul_connor ()
Date: July 25, 2009 03:48AM

Hey Zeus no problem! Maybe old dude will do a rant and rave for us all to have a laugh.

I find myself agreeing with Mr. McKay now-there was no Beau and no Sisi. It was all a scam.

But me thinks the scam was created by the master of deception himself David McKay<>formerly the personality of Miss Anita Foster, in another one of his tricks he pulled to deceive people into thinking he was someone else<>!!!! It's thrilling what you can find all over the internet.

What better way for him to <>prove<> to his culties and the outside world that he IS the victim of major persecution than for HIM to be the posting under other identities? Old dude is fighting with himself now because he's finding that people have decided he's past it and no longer of much interest.

How about that idea? Maybe David is up to his old tricks again. Trying desperatly to create some attention for himself since he feels he's been lifted from his leadership?

What better way to get the easily fooled followers all interested in his old schemes of great persecution than for him to be the creator of some theatre?
He gets fresh pity for being B* slapped in public by mad people.

He gets to be the great discerner of all that is evil, naming who is who and who is mentally ill and who is working with someone else.

I think they greatest agony to Mr.McKay will be the day he actually gets it through his skull that when you <>run<> less than 20 people you are not seen as much of a threat to anyone. You can hurt some people, sure. You can be bloody annoying. You can do some damage to families like Joseph's but in REALITY you are not much of a cult leader with less than 20 offspring. I don't think that there is a danger of him becoming some big new movement where we have kids leaving home to sign up for living in a dirty camper with an old dude, stinking of body funk, peddling comic books and cutting their guts out to sell for his gain. After 30 years in the business, he has not been able to get much going-I think some Mormons have larger families than he has cult members. Don't forget he wants everyone "wanking" and orders the men to get the snip, so he is not even letting his own cult members procreate. I think there is one kid in the cult now and I'm sure he'll be off once he sees more of the real world.

So David McKay-you just bang on about who is after you. I am not sure anyone really wants to catch you. Do we really KNOW there is a Sherry? I mean, McKay impersonated a woman before in Miss Foster so maybe David is Sherry is Malcom is Beau after all.

<<>>For the record, I am joking about Sherry obviously but you have to wonder about all the other people Dave is raving about? it would be so typical of his past to be the author of all the drama. Desperate men do desperate things.

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: paul_connor ()
Date: July 25, 2009 02:09PM

David McKay Busted Again

The Jesus Christian Web Site was done for quite a few hours yesterday. It was sad to see David crumbling and crying conspiracy and going so far as to name the Crofts as people who could have meddled with the JC site in order to bring Ash into line.

Now David McKay own web site admin has posted on the Ex site and elsewhere that the problem was a hosting issue with there just being a valid common reason, nothing malicious and it's fixed.


Do you think your fellow cult members think this is acceptable behavior from their founder, a self proclaimed man of God-one who sets himself out there to be Jesus-like? Besmirch someones good name---then have your accussation proven FALSE and DO NOTHING TO CORRECT THE DAMAGE? Anyone with a brain cell knows David lies like this daily and has all these mad conspiracy theorys he spews forth, without thought of the damage his evil tongue does. BUT DOESN'T ANYONE IN HIS CULT HAVE THE BALLS TO ASK HIM WHY HE DOESN'T CORRECT HIMSELF AND APOLOGISE AS OPENLY AS HE ACCUSSES? SHERRY CAN YOU ASK YOUR HUSBAND WHY IT'S OKAY FOR HIM TO LIE AND SLANDER PEOPLE?

Come on David McKay. Why are YOU allowed to make up outraguos claims against people and slander with impunity?
The Croft Family deserves your apology David McKay. If you have any principles left, if you want to be Jesus Like-lets see you humble yourself and admit what you said was wrong. The Crofts had nothing to do with the JC web site being down-it was an innocent admin issue.
You must have no self respect left to knowingly slander people as you do. I hope some people drag you into court someday and hold you accountable for your bull. Not for $ because you live on handouts from the government you hate so much but just to show you up for the double talking deceiver you are. You're the first one in line to threaten to sue people, you are the first one to whine about slander and lies yet you are the biggest loudest liar on any of these forums.

You should be ashamed of yourself McKay. Althought they are too afraid to confront you, I am highly sure that any genuine Jesus-Loving God-Fearing member of your group is bloody ashamed of YOU!

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: Blackhat ()
Date: July 25, 2009 03:34PM


So David McKay-you just bang on about who is after you. I am not sure anyone really wants to catch you. Do we really KNOW there is a Sherry? I mean, McKay impersonated a woman before in Miss Foster so maybe David is Sherry is Malcom is Beau after all.

<<>>For the record, I am joking about Sherry obviously but you have to wonder about all the other people Dave is raving about? it would be so typical of his past to be the author of all the drama. Desperate men do desperate things.

I have wondered for a while why whenever Dave refers to me, he uses a full name, while others just get their first names. I thought I must be getting his "special treatment".

But now the penny has dropped...

He knows he sometimes confuses me with that phantom of his own invention, Anita Foster!

Poor DL gets the same treatment because he has the same first name as himself....and that's another phantom of his own invention!

"Yeah, like Apostate wasn't Tony and then wasn't Craig, and Private Eyes wasn't David Lowe, Free of DM isn't Jessica, Blackhat isn't Anita Foster, Cultmalleus isn't Attila, Blacksheep isn't Tofferer, Antigone isn't Kevin, and on and on..."

And the Anita Foster instance wasn't the first time he had assumed an alias to try to entrap and ensnare people. I recall reading on his site (currently down again at the moment) where he boasted that while in Broken Hill, he wrote to all the ministers of the local churches under an alias, again to entrap them....

And now he accuses others of doing this very same thing in relation to the Canadian poster. This is is David McKay's own admitted mode of operation, so no wonder he suspects it in others.

Oh what a tangled web we weave.....

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: Blackhat ()
Date: July 25, 2009 03:51PM

And as Jesus and his disciples walked through the multitude, they came upon a woman handing out cupcakes to the homeless. The disciples mocked her, crying "good luck with changing the world with cupcakes". And all the other disciples joined in, mocking her and calling her gullible.

But Jesus said unto them "She hath given what she had. In as much as you do unto these, the least of my followers, you do unto me."

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