Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Date: May 27, 2009 09:29AM

A clipping from the JesusChristian website, posted by the Dear Leader himself (courtesy Apostate!)

In the past, people have often convinced themselves that the way to graduate, and to build something better, was just to leave and to do their own thing. But look at them. As much as I want to be open to God speaking through anyone, I cannot bring myself to believe that Kevin and Craig, with their anarchist beliefs and ideals, are building the kingdom of heaven. In fact, despite all of their professed ideals, the one over-riding trademark of their existence has been to tear down the Jesus Christians in particular (and, I believe, the kingdom of heaven in general). Surely, this is not the way to go.

But what we need are some spiritual giants who are big enough to get out there and live it... refusing to take thought for food or clothing, determined to go into all the world... constantly vigilant about examining themselves and their most secret motives... committed to staying faithful to the Lamb and all that he taught, until he returns triumphant over this world as we now know it. Do we have such people in our community?

...umm...Actually you DON'T David (as you boot spiritual giants out due to the fact that they threaten your hold over the reins of power!)

....of course it is true that as far as I'm aware those who leave the JeusChristians do not then set up cult of their own (unlike David's endeavours following his years of contact and involvement (front man in Broken Hill, Aust) with the COG's)......former members of the JesusChristians do not go on to persuade idealistic young people to give over everything they have into accounts under their control and to then spend unpaid years of their lives selling self-promoting tracts, that the former members wrote, vainly considering themselves to have a "monopoly" on genuine faith...

.....hence yes it is true that most former members have failed to meet the sick definitions of success that David lives by....I concede that point!!

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Date: June 02, 2009 04:09AM

.....and finally!!!....some news about the court case (where the Jesuschristians are falsely accusing a parent of a current member, with grossly overstated allegations of assault, in a vexatious act of litigation in order to cow this person (and any others who dare to seek the return of their children) into silence.......



Sheila wrote:
Hi Sweetie,
Thanks for writing us to inform us about a possible cruise in Australia. Reinhard's attorney issued us an offer to compromise his claim in the amount of $199,999.00 settlement agreement. So my question to you is what is going on here? On the other hand you're offering to pay for a cruise for four days. Wow!
Do we want to see you? Of course but what's going on here? Please explain these mixed messages we're getting?

Dear Sheila,

A. The Sweetie thing. Why have you started talking to me like I am a baby? You never did that in the past. Are you trying to insult me? Personally, Sheila, I think that a big part of the problem between us is that you DO want me to stay your little baby, and not allow me the freedom to grow up. I am afraid that is something I simply do not wish to be a party to.

B. The Contradiction thing. Can you please explain? Please try to remember that I am your son. Reinhard is someone whom you and others tried to kill. We are two different people. You have been telling Brian and some of your other friends that Reinhard is trying to get anywhere from two million to six million dollars from you. I think you should consider Reinhard to be very generous to only be asking for $200,000, since most of that would be going to his attorney.

C. The Cruise thing. I want you to understand, Sheila, that the idea of a cruise was largely a result of us trying to work out a "safe" way for me to have some quality time with you. On a cruise it would be very difficult for you to kidnap me; and (I believe) the cruise organizers search people for weapons before they get on. If you are not interested in coming, then please say so. But for my part, I think it would be a great opportunity to communicate face to face. It has great potential for improving our relationship.

Love, Joe

(Thanks Joe....if you don't mind though I won't adress you as "sweetie"....."toady" would be more how I see you!!....)

Hmmm....well this does tell us a lot doesn't it...

...the "compensation" that the JesusChristians have been wrongfully and maliciously claiming for themsleves, has been steadily "reducing" as time has pased....(.their attorney no doubt well aware just how weak their case is)..

.....hence the JesusChristians have opted to attempt to "disorientate" the parent with the false hope dangled now before them, that they'll be somehow "joyfully reunited" with their son if only the court case could end "happily" (i.e. David McKay walks of with his pockets stuffed full with some elses money)...

....the "cruise" is a publicity stunt that they'll tender at the court as "evidence" of their "sincere" endeavours to ensure that Joe might be one day spiritually "reunited" with his parents and this is the magnaninous extent the Jesus Christians go to to "protect" the families (from whom they have stolen their children to work unpaid years on a pittance lifestyle, selling David McKay).....if one "declines" the invitation or one "accedes" David hopes to make "milage" either way....the underhand tactics of those who are (clearly) losing....

However don't let me be seen to view this all with nothing other than complete cynicism.....let the spirit of reconciliation take hold....

Hence (..ahem...)! I'd like to make an important announcement....

I hereby extend an invitation to Joe and his family to take a cruise with me on one of the evening cruise ferrys' that ply the waters of the mighty Han river running nightly through the charming metropolis of Seoul (and if they'd like to some of the islands off shore of the Korean mainland, later.... if they'd prefer to.....)

(Korea of course being approximately 12 hours flight from the American west coast and the city of a mutually convenient location in "neutral" territory).....I will personally generously subsidise Joe and his immediate family over the course of their cruise, on this auspicious occasion....(any free-loading JC's in Joes' company will of course, need only to hock a body organ of some description, in order to cover their fares and any other expenses)...the actual dates of this entertaining adventure are yet to be set precisely....however I'm anticipating somewhere in July or August of next year!

A wonderful opportunity to seek out the reconciliation that Joe so hypocritically spouts he earnestly desires (under Davids' tutelage) find the "bond" he has somehow now tragically lost, that he is necessarily betoken to Davids' wilfully sick interpretation of the world around him....

(...naturally to refuse this offer would mean that we could safely infer that Joe is no more than a dupe under David's sinister instruction....the only fair conclusion that could be drawn in the circumstances I would think!!!....that'll certainly be the nature of Davids' asinine assertion if those he duplicitiously "invites" on his miserable trip in Sydney harbour, fail to dutifully comply and then be not be available for the good "publicity" he hopes to create for himself.....)

Oh'll be FANTASTIC.....I can just see myself with David on the sidelines, tears streaming down our eyes as we finally overcome the years of hatred and bitterness, (that David has deliberately created to feed his persecution complex)'s satanic love will once again flow freely between us....I can worship the devil (by the living the life of hatred a JesusChristian does) and falsely claim that "living by faith" proves that no matter who I spitefully defame or vilify, I'm ultimately in the "right"....just like old times....


Joe...Joe!!... JOE!!! ....come on, Joe!

Roll up, Roll up for the magical mystery tour....step right this way!!!


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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: June 02, 2009 04:23AM


We have a few interesting stories from around the world this month.


Boop spotted someone on the train from Mumbai to Chennai who was
reading a copy of Listening. The books have never been distributed
in India, so it was quite an amazing coincidence. Boop introduced
himself, and it turned out that the guy had received his copy from
Reinhard in London!

The daughter of Paul's kidney recipient (Sharon) wrote saying that
she wants to do something unselfish, and asked him to help her with
information on donating a kidney. Sharon also said that her 13 year
old son had written an essay about Paul donating a kidney to his
grandmother for his bar mitsvah.


Christine was nursing a friend in a hospital in Kenya, and there was
a 13-year-old boy there who had been deeply traumatised, so that he
had not been able to speak for quite some time. Chris organized for
him and some other boys to watch a video. Amazingly, after the
entertainment, the traumatised boy started talking, and by the next
morning, he was virtually back to normal.


Barry gave a free copy of "Destroyers" to someone in Sydney who had
no cash on him, and when the man returned from the bank, he handed
Barry $50. He asked a few more questions and then gave him another
$20. (Baz must have given the right answers!) Finally, he asked
Barry what he would do with the money, and Baz said that he shares it
with other Christians who all live by faith, and he gave yet another


We were asked to host a luncheon for a Government Minister who was
visiting our area, and after the luncheon the Minister showed a lot
of interest in our work and expressed a desire to work more closely
with us. We gave her a complete set of the Easy English novels.


During their outreach to Ireland, Ross and Jayme distributed
thousands of copies of our new DVD documentary ("More Than Just a
Band"). Hundreds of them went out at a university, where there
seemed to be some interest in the segment showing us giving out "free
hugs", because later in the week they saw about fifteen students
heading for town with a bunch of "free hug" signs. Seems we are
having an influence of some sort!


Alf had a family reunion in Norway at his sister's home. The occasion
was the christening of his nephew. Meaningful sharing occurred
between all members of the family.


Roland and Susan had a pleasant meeting with Bobby Kelly, the boy
whom they had been falsely accused of kidnapping about a decade ago.
Bobby is now a university student and still remains on friendly terms.
He viewed a copy of the new documentary, 'More Than Just A
Band' which features him in a cameo role.


Sue offered the new DVD to a woman who was on her way back to her
home country of Cyprus. Sue told her that one of the features of the
DVD was about Roland's donation in Cyprus. The woman had heard about
Roland's donation previously, back home in Cyprus, and so she was
looking forward to learn more about it on our documentary.


Jayme met a group of five women travelling in Ireland, who were all
from Kansas. They were surprised to learn that he had been born and
raised in Kansas, and so they all were happy to get a copy of "More
Than Just a Band" from him.


Bob had a nice visit with his mother in Manchester shortly before
flying out to Kenya.

The UK teams are finding that the first 50,000 copies of our new DVD
are going out very quickly indeed. Sue distributed 900 in one week,
and Alan did 923. Australia has ordered 20,000 copies, which are due
next week; and the U.S. has placed an order for 50,000 from India,
which may take a bit longer because of the time it takes to ship them.

Here is a link to the nine-part DVD documentary as it appears on

The reading program has resumed in Kenya, and it has brought a fresh
influx of local and overseas volunteers as well. We currently have
fifteen volunteers staying with us and are expecting more shortly.

Several teachers are close to winning either a sewing machine or a
bicycle, based on the outstanding performances of their students in
the reading program.

About 2,000 Christian books were distributed by a small team visiting
Kitale (Kenya) for a few days during the month.


Some hot discussion topics this month are:

Police abuse in the U.S. []?

Tarot cards. []

The Pope on Facebook. []

More on Homosexuality. []

And more on Jeremy Kyle. []?


New articles this month include one on Loyalty:


and one entitled "What Makes US Different?"


Our website:

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: Oerlikon ()
Date: June 09, 2009 08:05AM


Dave and Cherry on NatGeo program "Taboo."

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Date: June 09, 2009 08:59AM

Dear Oerlikon,

Thank you for the latest details of the JC saga.....Davids' fetish for attention has no bounds....I find it difficult to imagine him and Cherry living among the "rubbish scavengers" that scour the filthy dumps of Nairobi (or Manilla...or Calcutta...and so on)....that is, they are only able to be "freegans" in a rich capitalist nations....the economies of which would be destroyed were there own self-absorbed mis-teachings ever to be seriously practised.....

(They are hypocritically "selling" their ideology (of devotion to David) off the success of a system that they could never even hope to emulate!)

I imagine that this will persist though for some time, as unlike other "social issues" they have attempted to infiltrate and then highjack to their own purposes (willing converts to be enslaved in service to David), such as "the plight of refugees" or "the peace movement" cares enough about "freeganism" to protest about David McKay using it as "sheeps clothings" to disguise his wold like predation of young people with ideals of any nature.....

....David however may find himself "dissapointed" here.....he wants "worker bees" to staff the hive....the very people who are attracted to "freeganism" (jaded hippie would be's?) are not likely going to satisfy his voracious appetite for diligent and uncomplaining youth, to do his bidding (sell his literature and spread his "fame", defraud people of their livelyhood, enslave the unwary into servitude)....

........what the "market" he is now in, not the "product" that he hopes to "buy"....

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: Oerlikon ()
Date: June 09, 2009 09:36AM

The irony of this Freeganism thing, in my mind, is that their success at gaining food depends on people not changing their habits.

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Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: Lee1983 ()
Date: June 15, 2009 03:32PM

Just looking over this thread and I must say Dave MacKay YOU ARE THE MOST SARCASTIC INSUFFERABLE MISERABLE RAMBLING PERSON. I am digusted by your rudeness to people....I don't pretend to be a Christian but you swear you follow Christs way his teachings. DO YOU ACT IN A CHRIST-LIKE WAY DAVE MACKAY WHEN YOU MOCK PEOPLE AND MAKE SUCH NASTY- MEAN- SNARKY COMMENTS?

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Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: muppet ()
Date: June 16, 2009 02:16AM

Just looking over this thread and I must say Dave MacKay YOU ARE THE MOST SARCASTIC INSUFFERABLE MISERABLE RAMBLING PERSON. I am digusted by your rudeness to people....I don't pretend to be a Christian but you swear you follow Christs way his teachings. DO YOU ACT IN A CHRIST-LIKE WAY DAVE MACKAY WHEN YOU MOCK PEOPLE AND MAKE SUCH NASTY- MEAN- SNARKY COMMENTS?


In my experience Dave never acts in a Christ like way. Unfortunately he does manage to divert the attention of his followers from this harsh reality for quite some time. when they begin to really see this trait in him, they usually have spent over a year in the group. During this time, Dave works on warping their image of Christ and gradually the recruit often begins to behave in a nasty and uncharacteristic manner themselves, often in a bid to gain approval from Dave. One example of this is seen in the letters of a US recruit, who writes publicly to his family in Dave speak, often being extremely rude, accusatory and abrupt.

At the moment there are 2 poster boy leaders, but Dave is holding the reins.

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Re: Australian cult: Anyone recognize this?
Posted by: Lee1983 ()
Date: June 16, 2009 06:30AM

Yes I have read those very rude and almost creepy letter that Joe write to his Mother. Addressing her as Sheila-and the double speak and meaness is just disgusting. What a self absorbed deluded little prig. Most Mothers would not put up with this crap from their kid but I guess this poor Mom is desperate to have a relationship with this brat. I mean he has written like this to her FOR YEARS---YEARS----You would think he would be sick of the crap himself and just bugger off.

It does sound just like the ramblings and fault finding and picking of MacKay. Looking for trouble in every sentence the other guy writes. Trying to score points. Taking apart every little comment looking for the insult-for the hidden message-DAVID MACKAY IS AN EVIL DEPRAVED DEMENTED WHACKJOB WHO HAS CORRUPTED THIS KID INTO HATING HIS OWN MOM. I think MacKay is so bitter and twisted himself he can't stand anyone else to have family support. I'm investigating this man and I'm grateful to Grace for her help because I need to make sure a loosening happens fast.

i just found out this brat kid, Joe who writes the spitefilled letters to his Mother is the JC leader along with ALF. Is that as in Alien Life Form which might explain the JC's somewhat? Granted I am being no better than Mackay with meaness here but I am so pissed at the name calling that David MacKay thinks is fine coming from him yet he bubbles like a loonie when anyone bites back. Plus I am a lousing sinner-i don't pretend to be no saint and i am mad as hell too.

David mackay explain coaching a young girl into shoplifting for the JC's and then letting her reap the consequences alone? Is this why you left Roland when he was arrested? You lot ran like chickens and he was left in jail with his wife and kid stranded. CHRIST-LIKE-I THINK NOT-LIKE.

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: muppet ()
Date: June 17, 2009 02:54PM

Lee, you are obviously very agitated and angry at the moment. however, that does not give you the right to name call and insult Joe or others. I hope you can calm down and think before you write.

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