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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: March 16, 2010 04:42PM

Yes Christa, I heartily ensorse that doc and am going to watch it again prompted by your link. Thanks.

I am also going to quit, as much as I can, with the hackneyed quotes as I am boring myself.

I think the point I am trying to make here is that too much emphasis on any one system of thought, or too much focus on any one goal is fraught with problems.

I will wind up by pointing out that Lewis Carroll, the author of 'Alice', was a professional mathematician and clergyman.


Omar Khayyam, the author of the Rubaiyat (the moving finger writes......) was primarily a mathematician, philosopher, astronomer and physician.


While there is sometimes wisdom in other peoples words I think we should also pick apart what these wise old dead men left behind to find what meaning there is for us and whether it is relevant to us individually.
My favourite poet [] said:

Seek not the paths of the ancients;
Seek that which the ancients sought.

Those clever old dead men were human, no different from you and me, wanting the same things and facing the same problems.


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James Ray International, leave you out in the cold as a Jane Doe
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 16, 2010 10:26PM []
James Ray Harmonic Wealth Weekend San Francisco, CA Mar 19-20, 2010

There you have it, James Ray International taking people's money, cashing the checks, and then just screwing them and leaving them out in the cold. Sound like a familiar pattern?
JRI will not only take peoples money and leave them out in the cold, they will literally leave them cold lying in the morgue as a Jane Doe. That is not hyperbole, that is a fact. They have done it.

The sad thing is that its the "too trusting" people who always pay the price, they are the ones who get scammed, and hurt, and worse. The remaining followers of James Ray are the ones who are going to get hurt the worst, and continue to be scammed and exploited.

What venue would run the risk to have such a dangerous person do seminars in their venue?
Since that person says they are REGISTERED, where is the venue?

James Arthur Ray Customers: Harmonic “Wealth” Weekend Made us Poor!
March 16, 2010 at 1:51 am
Sometime during the 2009 calendar year, when Megan Fredrickson and James Arthur Ray’s many other minions were laying out his events for 2010, they scheduled a “Harmonic Weath” gathering for this coming weekend in San Francisco, at a “TBA” location.

The price: $750 per seat.

Now, with just days until that seminar was scheduled to begin, the people who paid Ray in advance for the event are finding themselves high & dry and with wallets that are hundreds of dollars lighter than they should be.

It’s as though James Arthur Ray has given them the ol’ single-finger salute.

One of those people – a man we’ll call Roman – attended one of Ray’s free gatherings, which are commonly used to recruit paying customers for high-dollar seminars.

Roman left the free meeting $1,500 poorer, having given Ray the funds up front for the San Francisco affair that would supposedly help him and his wife Create Harmonic Wealth.

“I Bought them in advance as it was ‘advertised’ as a one time deal during the mini-seminar in San Jose,” Roman tells The Rat.

Now he and presumably dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of others find themselves hitting dead ends as they try to get answers or refunds from Ray, his people, or his PR genius Mark “Master of Disaster” Fabiani.

“I started calling in late December or early January, leaving numerous messages on the main JRI line asking for a call back,” says Roman.

“After James Ray’s arrest… I called several times again asking to get a call back to receive a refund or confirmation of the event. None of my messages or emails were returned.”

He tells Rumor Rat: “I looked all over the web for the venue of the upcoming event, and there is nothing.”

The James Ray International 800 number has now apparently been disconnected, Roman says, and Ray’s e-mail link is broken.

“I’m over $1,500 in the hole for this event supposedly taking place on March 19-20 in SF, but no venue!” he says.

If there is an upside to this mess, perhaps it is that Roman and his wife won’t have to worry about the Harmonic Wealth weekend becoming a life ending rather than life changing event, as it did for Colleen Conaway last summer when she took a suicide dive from the second floor of building during the same seminar in San Diego.


Stoic @JamesARay as a registered participant for the upcoming HWW in SF I left 4msgs regarding call back! What's the deal?

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James Ray Harmonic Wealth Weekend San Francisco, CA Mar 19-20, 2010
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 16, 2010 10:50PM

This makes sense now, why JRI deliberately left the webpages up about the,

James Ray Harmonic Wealth Weekend San Francisco, CA Mar 19-20, 2010

so people would not be able to get refunds, or even be able to try to get refunds. Now once that date passes, the fine print of their contract would say something like JRI can cancel or reshedule, but NO REFUNDS after 3 days of payment, which was long ago, even last year.
JRI took their money in advance last year, and it was spent long ago.

Since James Ray admitted JRI is millions in debt, the money is GONE, and long gone. Those dozens and hundreds of people who paid James Ray in advance simply got scammed.

If it hits the mainstream media, they are being scammed, all JRI has to do is ignore it, or even put together some bogus rescheduled weekend for PR purposes.
Maybe if some people made a big enough mainstream media stink, they could get some money back?

But if anyone reads this, if there is a seminar please DO NOT GO. Those who go, if there is a seminar, are going to get hammered harder than EVER before for MORE MONEY to pay the expenses of James Ray.

But that is the real James Ray and JRI.
Of course they will take your money and leave you out in the cold.
As stated, they will leave your dead body out in the cold to be taken to the morgue as a Jane Doe like Colleen Conaway, or to the hospital as a Jane Doe.

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Re: James Ray Harmonic Wealth Weekend San Francisco, CA Mar 19-20, 2010
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 16, 2010 10:53PM

AZ Judge To Decide On Withholding Pics, Autopsy In Ray Case []

AZ judge to consider request for autopsy reports []

James Arthur Ray's Believers Claim Harmonic “Wealth” Weekend Lost Them Money

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Re: James Ray Harmonic Wealth Weekend San Francisco, CA Mar 19-20, 2010
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 16, 2010 11:02PM

This also shows what an absolute sicko James Arthur Ray is.
He is sitting around making stupid Tweets, trying to screw with people's minds for days on end.

Meanwhile, there are people calling the JRI offices, leaving messages, trying to email, to try and get a REFUND of money they paid previously.
Not one word from James Ray, just stupid inane tweets of distraction.

Its like after all those people were killed and hurt in Sedona, he went right on with his other seminars, until public and media outrage from CNN and others, FORCED him to stop. Otherwise, he would have kept right on going.
James Ray literally does not give a shit about anyone, or their money, or even their lives.

The string of tweets he has made recently show it in black and white.
Its truly disturbing and chilling to get even a glimpse of that kind of disturbed mind.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: quackdave ()
Date: March 17, 2010 01:24AM


This is the only 4 hour film I've ever watched that I was sorry when it was over. The BBC broadcast it in the UK; PBS declined to show it in the US. I'm not sure what that means, but I am sure it means something.

The Century of the Self:

Thanks, Christa, for posting that. I'm adding it to the collection of materials that are not to be found in main-stream media here in the USA. I personally don't wonder about what that anomaly means, in that any country whose middle name is "Covert" likely has sinister reasons for suppressing this information and allowing the likes of BKI, JRI and their ilk to continue with their assault on it's 'too trusting' citizens.

I know I've tap-danced around that opinion a bit in this and other threads, but because of your courage and candor I am now encouraged to "take the gloves off", regarding these travesties. I thank you for that.


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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: Christa ()
Date: March 17, 2010 03:48AM

Well, I sure hope Roman likes surprises, because when he looks up the refund policy, he's in for a big one. There's no provision for refunds if James Ray cancels; in fact, your payment doesn't obligate JRI to offer the event. Because, as it turns out, Ray doesn't sell events --he sells event registrations. So Roman already has what he paid for! I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that.

This policy works 2 ways: if you decide you don't want to attend the event -- wait, strike that-- if you decide you don't want to attend your event registration, you have 3 days; it's Ray's money after that. Fair is, after all, fair.

Someone really needs to take Oprah to task over this one, because Ray's a real lowdown street-corner hustler. Those soccer moms and gentle upper middle class woo-woo types never stood a chance. Oprah should have just sent all her viewers on a daytime walk through eastern Baghdad. Safer and much less costly.

Excerpt from Billing Policy

James Ray International, Inc. (JRI) sells event registrations and does not guarantee event dates, locations or presenters. All event dates, locations or presenters are subject to change due to logistical factors and attendance rate.

You, the buyer, may cancel event transactions at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of the transaction. See the Notice of Cancellation Form for an explanation of this right. Due to administrative costs, salaries, coordination activities, materials printed, materials acquisitions, hotel contracts and all other business expenses incurred for a public event, following three business days, all event registration fees are a non-refundable purchase. No exceptions to the refund policy will be made after midnight of the third business day after the date of this transaction.


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Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 17, 2010 04:52AM

Christa, thanks for looking that up and posting it, and explaining it in plain-language.
As you said, James Ray sells registrations, which are in fact "nothing". They learned that from Werner Erhard, that you are really selling "nothing", just a belief in the customers mind. There is no "product".
That is why they keep upselling more seminars until the customer is dead broke, or dead. Even after the customer was dead, James Ray International kept the money for seminars they never took, as they died at a previous James Ray seminar. How could it be any worse?

James Ray copied his sales methods from the other LGAT crooks.
They are FORCED by law to give 3 days, as that is the cooling-off period in most states.

An in-joke for James Ray, is where they talk about salaries, materials, hotel contracts...all bullshit. James Ray con-vinced followers of his to PAY to work the seminars, there are no salaries, and they negotiate the hotel ballroom for free if they book enough rooms. Its another scam.

And it says right there, NO REFUNDS and NO EXCEPTIONS.

Meanwhile, JAR lists on his other websites, his bogus so-called "100% Iron-clad no-hassle guarantee", which is another scam and supreme SARCASTIC IRONY, as anyone in the business knows. They try to imply that they might refund your money IF you prove to them you did all the seminar exercises!!
[] QUOTE: "Come to the Harmonic Wealth Weekend. Soak up everything I have to share with you...learn all of my most powerful success secrets...I mean everything. And if, at the end of the weekend, you don't believe that Harmonic Wealth is everything I say it is...if you're not absolutely thrilled with your decision to attend, I'll give you your entire tuition back. It's just that simple.

But there is one little (quite reasonable) condition... You must attend and participate fully in the entire program. This guarantee is void if you skip sessions or don't participate in the exercises."
Note the "condition", that is where you get SCAMMED. There are NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.
All they do is get you on the phone with one of their LGAT salescrooks, who will talk you in circles, upsell you, berate you, and gather information about you. Then the best they will do is SELL you another seminar, at a "special rate". So their bogus refund, is just a way to upsell people.

As the real contract says, NO REFUNDS and NO EXCEPTIONS.
So with those two opposite statements, there is a chance if someone challenged that, they could get their money back.

Meanwhile, James Ray brags he knows about "wealth and success", when his companies are a disaster and millions in debt.
James Ray talks about success in business, meanwhile his company does not answer the phone or return emails from their customers. James Ray International, the worst company in America.

Meanwhile, instead of James Ray making Tweets to give information to customers about where their $1,500 is, James Ray makes childish nonsense tweets from fairytales.
It would be as if someone owed you $1,500 and you call them up, and they won't answer their phones, won't respond to emails or letters. Then sit around all day getting high and sending out Tweets about Alice In Wonderland.

If someone wants their money back for a seminar, they should get some proper advice.
Perhaps sending a registered letter, and perhaps filing a claim for it. If/when the JRI company gets liquidated, then perhaps they could get on the list to get some money back? Again, check with local experts about that kind of information.

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Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 17, 2010 05:19AM

Judge issues orders in sweat lodge case

Associated Press - March 16, 2010

CAMP VERDE, Ariz. (AP) - ...
The judge set a trial date of Aug. 31 for motivational speaker James Arthur Ray. He's accused of leading a sweat lodge ceremony near Sedona that resulted in the deaths of 3 people last October.

Eighteen others were hospitalized with illnesses ranging from dehydration to kidney disease.

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Posted by: wc ()
Date: March 17, 2010 01:07PM

Autopsy reports released in AZ sweat lodge deaths.


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