Re: Jack Hickman
Posted by: Concerned1220 ()
Date: August 17, 2011 03:18PM

If any parts of my last post were unclear, allow me to break it down in plain terms:

1.) I wanted to give a big pat on the back to the recent posters for sharing their stories, establishing new facts, and giving new life to the board.
2.) I also commented on the insidiousness of the cult. That, disillusioned1, is a big word that means subtly harmful. And it surprised me to hear how far reaching the cult was/is, and how two-faced its members can be. I think I read it in the blog how members of this CULT can be so seemingly normal to the outside world. That is very surprising to me.

So that was it, plain and simple. But I would like to amend (change) my last post, and add a big F*CK YOU to disillusioned1 and that condescending tone you've used. I wasn't talking to you, so just mind your own business you idiot.

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Re: Jack Hickman
Posted by: Pninaruth ()
Date: August 17, 2011 07:53PM

Hey everyone,

Checkout We have an email from one of the clan heads to But Seriously Baby creator/author. These people a really sad.

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Re: Jack Hickman
Posted by: marvin ()
Date: August 17, 2011 08:26PM

I don't know why you feel that I would to offer some sort of forgiveness or leniancy to anyone who abused children or adults no matter how long ago it occured. When I first found out about this board and started posting comments I was shocked to discover so many things that had happened when the "family" was in existence on Long Island. I am 100% for prosecution of any and all abusers no matter how lon g ago it took place. I would never suggest forgiveness and moving on. I hope that makes my position clear to anyone who has any questions.

Oh! Concerned! You are back?! Every three months you seem to post. Is that when the Elders tell you it's your turn to try to spread discord on the message board, or was it getting heated in here for you and you wanted to send out a thinly veiled threat? Or were too many youth starting to ask some rough questions? Your post sounds a bit snarky to me. Panties in a twist? Where are your buddies marvin and dk and surfer? Are they going to show up to try to save us all and get/offer forgiveness to our abusers in order to move on? They are like, super helpful nice people. It's so good of them to try to get us to see the light and forgive people who should be in jail.

secrets and lies? Isn't that what you're telling the youth is going on with this message board and modernday and butseriously and jack hickman cult blog?

No, let us be clear. The main weapon of this group is fear and manipulation. The main motive is money and power. The main vehicle of delivery is a false religion. I believe a handful of main players have been named.

How's all that family you have? Moved recently? Anybody taken trips to Denver lately? Had any great conversations about religion and false prophets and the definition of good touch/bad touch with some young children? I'm just wondering... you seemed so CONCERNED before. Now you just seem bitter... or are you trying to tell us that we haven't hurt you but you could hurt us... not really sure. Your post was all over the place.

Glad to see the board is alive and flurrying once again! Kudos to each and every one of you posters for talking and sharing. With these discussions you are disarming Shoresh Yishai of its most coveted weapon: secrets and lies. Every time someone adds a new fact to this public record, the shroud of secrecy is pulled back just a little further. I'm sure those still inside Shoresh Yishai feel your pressure, and ironically get to live with a tinge of paranoia themselves. My most heartfelt thanks goes to all the new posters brave enough to share their trauma and abuse at the hands of this evil cult. Pnina, for what it's worth, you bring to mind the clip of the sledgehammer knocking loose the first blocks of the Berlin Wall. The Youtube clips are great. Pretty soon the dam will break and all information will flow forth. One day the truth will be in plain daylight. And all thanks to you - the posters - for revealing articles, corporations, non profits, dates & names.

Just my two cents, but thanks again!

As an aside, I find it terrifying to think of all the group members "living in plain sight". The critical jobs some of there people occupy in our society makes me shudder. Did I read all that right?? A therapist? A councilor for emancipated minors? A corporate management team? Did someone mention Vinnie Costello? Its been years since my kids were in school, but is this the same man who was president of the school board for the Dix Hills area?? Is this the same man? I know that Shoresh Yishai has teachers INSIDE THEIR OWN HOME SCHOOLS, but did the reach of this cult extend to our school teachers as well??? Scary to think about....

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Re: Jack Hickman
Posted by: Sallie ()
Date: August 17, 2011 09:55PM


Yes that's right.

V-NNIE COSTELLO. V-NNIE COSTELLO was entrenched in the ''re-building'' of this thing. By that I mean that
V-NNIE COSTELLO was an adult ...well over 21...when the article came out. He was on Longl Island all throughout the 1980s (Just like Jack Hickman and Gary Coons who NEVER left NY.)....anyway he really assisted in keeping things glued together.
At the time time as V-NNIE COSTELLO...THE HUSBAND OF P-M SMESTAD AND SON-IN-LAW OF DON...was helping regroup Sheresh Yashai...he was running for school board in Dix HIlls.
I remember.
I remember he was running for school board.
He became the President???
Oh my that's disturbing.

Well V-nnie Costello knew very well about the child rape accusations hurled against Gr-g Smestead as WELL AS L-rry Olsen.
Now L-arry Olsen and Gr-g Smestead were shielded and aided and abeded by this group in which ...for all we know...V-NNIE COSTELLO might be an elder.
Is he?
Well he certainly helped keep it together and rebuild it.
This is all really terrible stuff.

It's not just LIES.

Do you know that during the re-invite the H-cks clan were BRAGGING about the fact that the father plays piano for a Lutheran Church. They BRAGGED that all these Lutherans took them seriously and thought they were sincers.
As if DECEPTION is something to be proud of.
The would say they were ''MARRANO'' jews. That's a ''CLOAKED'' Jew. They ''hide in plain site''.

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Re: Jack Hickman
Posted by: Sallie ()
Date: August 17, 2011 10:09PM

This was always a GROUP. Not a lone sociopath.
Just like NAMBLA is a GROUP.

For example the GROUP had beliefs about SPERM/SEED
I remember being horrified all throughout the 1980s by the fact that the GROUP of inner circle women would shamelessly discuss the fact that their sons did or did not ''SPILL SEED'' while they slept. They were talking about wet dreams. What a violation?

Well didn't I read that in 2001 Jack say about THE SEED
'' I think you know by now that when you were born, there was within most of you the HOLY SEED, that tiny thing that is a pocket from which the seed can break out. If you are born from above, that [breaking out] happens, and that makes this kind of life much easier................

Well...that sounds like Jack Hickman was describing sperm. That would reflecting the long standing beliefs of the CORE GROUP.

It should be a red flag to all of us who left.
''SEED'' is still a topic of philosophical discussion?
They still have ''CLOSED/SECRET'' teachings.

Jack even mentions in his 32 Path discourse that he will teach boys as young as 12...unlike other ''teacher-types''.
Well...that's not good.
Who else teaches them?
Who else is in the room?
What do they teach them?
Do they still teach them that it's ''bad'' to ''spill seed'' because seed is holy? Is that a teaching? It was in the 1980s.

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Re: Jack Hickman
Posted by: Sallie ()
Date: August 17, 2011 10:20PM

In case anyone missed my retraction

Let me restate my RETRACTION

Apparently...I WAS MISTAKEN about the FIRST ABBA.

It seems that the first ABBA was not john, the cousin of jesus/yeshua was the brother and TRAVELING PARTNER of jesus/yeshua.

First - yeshua/jesus and abba go a traveling.
Next - yeshua/jesus comes home and takes a special bath with his cousin john.

On Long Island N.Y. they had huge MIKVEHS/tubs. All throughout the 1980s and into the 90s the inner circle women could use them ''nidah''? aka menstruel cycle?
Is that the same ''mikveh'' bath that is used by men in this group to climb the first of the 32 paths?

Gary Coons and Jack Hickman were in NY in the 1980s. Not California.
If Jack and Gary were hiding then, they were ''hiding in plain site''. .
They stayed in New York with the GROUP.
They ''re-grouped'' after the Newsday article. They ''re-grouped'' on Long Island
All of them.

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Re: Jack Hickman
Posted by: Sallie ()
Date: August 18, 2011 01:20AM

After a cult is formed the GROUP leaders often use dialogue.
Q. and A. is commonly used.
The teacher and the Ace student present the ''model'' discourse.
Everyone wants to mimick the straight A student.

For example I think I am reading this correctly.
I think this is a Q. and A.
Am I right?
Below...this is from the 32 Paths...

Jack Hickman asks
''What is the first verse in the Torah? Bereshit bara Elohim. What are those three words? God is speaking. When a human speaks, what is happening physically? ''


Jack gleefully responds
''THAT'S RIGHT. HOW DO WE MAKE THAT HAPPEN? We breathe in and breathe out, and create speech. When we talk, WE BLOW IT OUT. That's how it works, physically. Who or what is doing this? [I assume he is referring now to the verse above. JH] God's Spirit, etc...etc... Elohim is the breath of God, Ruach haKodesh. Elohim is our experience with the first step of the thirty-two steps of wisdom, because it brings together the masculine and the feminine.
etc..etc...blah blah blah...

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Re: Jack Hickman
Posted by: damaged13 ()
Date: August 18, 2011 01:35AM

Sallie - I can't say for sure whether Jack and Gary really left LI after everything came out. I do know that after they supposedly left, the group continued to function with meetings, trips to ME etc. I attended these gatherings with my parents and I never saw Jack or Gary at any of them. They were often mentioned, and my parents continued to send them tithe money. The first time I saw them after they left was at the youth retreat in 1996 (I think it was '96). It was shortly after this retreat that I left the group, so I don't know what they were doing after that either. I was under the impression they still lived in CO, and I heard that when Jack was dying they drove him back to ME. I believe he died en route.

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Re: Jack Hickman
Posted by: Pninaruth ()
Date: August 18, 2011 03:01AM

So there has been a lot of talk about retribution from the group flying around. Here, on my blog, and in conversations I've personally had with people. I just want to say that these people are gutless. They have words and that is it. If they do anything to anyone who speaks up the cops will be called, the FBI will get involved. Hell the FBI has a file on them already. Does anyone understand what these self worshiping, self aggrandized numb-nuts would be giving up if they did anything? We have the truth and documentation on our sides. We all know there are trolls on here. Also this is to the trolls, you guys are so transparent it's retarded. This is as lame as your grandparents trying to be "hip". Please stop, you hurt my head. And if you aren't going to stop could you at least be more amusing to read?!

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Re: Jack Hickman
Posted by: Sallie ()
Date: August 18, 2011 03:24AM

After reading so many historically ''innacurate'' postings by ''anonymous'' people...I am so grateful to PNINA for her blog entitled MODERNDAYCULT.BLOGSPOT.COM

I Love it.

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