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PSI Seminars: What happend at PSI 7
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: August 31, 2006 08:31AM

Oh, you can bet the PSI office is reading the message on this site.

Sam, That was a great post on PSI specifics. I can not believe people fall for this, but waiting two years? for the effects to wear off. I can't even understand how people that go to these things allow themselves to be [b:d207f6ed57]brainwashed[/b:d207f6ed57] by this and then to come home and destroy their families. I never would have believed it until it happened to me and my family.

My wife has spent over $10.000 on this already in less than six months. Now tell me that it normal......

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PSI Seminars: What happend at PSI 7
Posted by: brasson ()
Date: September 18, 2006 02:25PM

My girlfriend attended a psi seminar this weekend.
after avoiding me all weekend (not accepting any phone calls,
and staying at her parents house because they are out of town)
she called me tonight, she talked about needing to come up with
$ 4000 by wednesday to attend another. We are about $ 10000 in credit card debt, so I told her it sounded like a bad idea, we have more important things to do with our money. I was accused of never supporting her, I was told my word means nothing to her, and she told me that I was the problem not the solution, because I refused to go to a seminar. the phone call ended with harsh words on both sides. I don't want to lose her, I love her more than anything in the world. I don't know what to do, she thinks this is the best thing that ever happened to her. I'm not willing to give up, especially after reading what these people do, but I need advise on how to help her understand that these seminars will ruin her life and our relationship.

Please help, Jason

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PSI Seminars: What happend at PSI 7
Posted by: Brad69 ()
Date: September 19, 2006 01:35AM

Hi Jason. How many seminars has your girlfriend attended? Just trying to get an idea of how deeply involved she is.

The next steps you take might need to be calculated in relation to how deeply she been pulled into the trap.

I cannot stand seeing this type of story. Sadly, yours is not unique, but at least with this having happened to many of us on this LGAT board, there is hopefully some good advice we can share with you.

Consider whatever ideas you receive carefully though. No one has the answers to your situation except you. Confrontation is often not the way to go.

Also, take a look at the following section. It contains valuable information:

All the best,

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PSI Seminars: What happend at PSI 7
Posted by: brasson ()
Date: September 19, 2006 08:40AM

As of now she has only been through the psi basic, she intends to do the next one asap. I dont know how to even talk to her anymore and its only been one day. Everything I say she points out the negativity in it, I told her "I love you" last night, she responded with "I don't belive you", I was crushed. I am trying to be as loving as possible, but everytime I see her she finds something new to be mad at me about. I wont give up on this, its just too important. I don't want these criminals to destroy her life, much less destroy our relationship.

tia, Jason

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PSI Seminars: What happend at PSI 7
Posted by: Samuel ()
Date: September 19, 2006 09:39AM


I agree with Brad. Tread lightly with your girlfriend. Confrontation is not the answer. I tried to sit down and calmly explain what I had found in a logical manner to my wife, who had already gone to PSI7 for $3000.00 dollars. Money she never told me she had spent. I later learned she had paid PSI an additional $3600.00 dollars for their leadership seminar and lied about the money when she returned from California.

She looked at the material I found and she gave it back to me saying it was bullshit. She even showed it to her PSI “coach” and the coach said it was bullshit. So of course it was bullshit. Nothing I had said mattered, because I didn’t understand what she had gone though. She tried to “enroll” me in these seminars with the invitations to the basic graduation.

I even tried playing the hard ass and got in touch with her family and friends. Her family told me that she wouldn’t be involved in something that would influence her mind. She was much too strong for that. They later learned the truth, but by then it was too late. She lost the respect of her family and most of her friends. Her long time friends were thrown to the side and replaced with the members of her group. This too passes after a few months. But the damage is done and from what I had read it takes anywhere from six months to two years for them to start back to their “normal,” if you consider it normal, lives. Sometime it takes years from the psychological damage it causes. After a time reality starts to smack them in the ass. They become arrogant, rude, self-centered. They will lie about the money and will do anything to get it. It’s like being addicted to drugs. So be careful if she has credit cards. I have seen people take out loans on their homes to pay for these seminars. By the time they realize they were mind f*cked they lost the most important part of themselves.

Don’t be surprised if she leaves you telling you that she loves you, but is not in love you with any longer. The people who get involved in PSI say they leave because they are looking for their “number 10 relationship.” They often find out their number 10 relationship is nothing more than a myth. They then start looking for someone to replace what they lost and often can’t find it. I noticed that a lot of these people start using the internet dating services to find what they were looking for.

As for your girlfriend, I wished there was something I could tell you that would “fix” your problem, but there is no easy answer. I would like to offer you some advice; be prepared to lose your girlfriend to this no matter what you do. Remember this is not about you, it is her problem and that is what PSI uses to draw people into it. I think it was Singers book that said 90 percent of the people who attend these seminars fall for it; 25 percent throw away their relationships because their spouses, boy/girlfriends, won’t go and when they don’t go PSI will tell them “you see they don’t support you, therefore they are holding you back, so you need to leave them behind.”

I have also seen couples attend these seminars and they return with a new found respect for each other, but it seems like this is short lived, and they separate and divorce also.

My wife has been gone two years. I love her very much. But she is a lost soul now. I still worry about her, but there is nothing I can do. She has to live her life the way she wants, just as I do. I can tell you that this has probably affected me more than it did for her. She acts like our relationship never happened; like it never mattered to her. PSI says taking their seminars “will change your life.” It does; it ruins them. It took my wife/soul mate/best friend from me.

I wish you luck.

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PSI Seminars: What happend at PSI 7
Posted by: Samuel ()
Date: September 22, 2006 07:23AM

Talking about CULT SPEAK, here are some recent examples of how PSI groupies talk to each other. Thought you might find it interesting. I added some side notes as well, as to how they handle their relationships.
Wed, 20 Sep 2006 21:29:39 -0700 (PDT)
team437] HelloTeam 437
Hi Everyone-

I'm having an AWESOME PSI day. I'd be a TAKER if I don't share it with all of you.

My day did not start "ohsowell." My asst. gave me 2 weeks notice and my boss told me he wouldn't be able to attend all 4 days of Basic. (Gee, that is too bad). The class starts tomorrow. On top of that, my parents left last night (went back to the Philippines for good) and I may never see them again. And that is the worst story I'ver ever created....the never see them again part).

First of, thanks to everyone who sends emails. I wonder if you guys create the same stories I do when no one replies to your email. Mike CHALLENGED me today to work on this particular "PROGRAM."

Mike- thank you so much for the call today. YOU ARE ON FIRE!!! From Basic to 7 to staffing and now PLD!!! Your goals are AMAZING. I was so inspired today after talking to you. PLD 8 is next in my agenda. Btw, thank you for that kick on the butt. Yeah, I do have PROGRAMS I need to work on. And yay!!!!! I talked to Thomas earlier. We had a great conversation. And you were so right!!!! I'll tell you more about that this weekend.

Thomas- we love you. Pls. call me anytime if you need anything. Your name comes up usually when I talk to Mike or chat with Sharan. It would have been great if you made it to ACK (what the hell is ACK? Anyone?) night last weekend. Your friends in Vancouver wished you were there. Our best to you...on your health and career. I'll be thinking about you a lot!!! Let's do group IM sometime. (when Sharan is not asleep... l o l ). Sleep tight.

Robert- Aha!!! I HEARD THE OTHER SIDE OF YOU TODAY. I was BLOWN AWAY actually. I can't wait to talk to you this weekend. Yeah, I really thought I'm the only one... people tell their "shit" to. I smile whenever that question of yours popped in my head. How dare you burst my bubble!!!

Jacci- got your email. Thanks for the quick reply. He sounds arrogant alright....that' s why I forwarded his email to you. He called when I did not respond to his email this morning. He was nicer...laughing and all that. You're right...I should not be the "go between" these 2. I'll call you on my way home.

Alex- my favorite guy in Vegas. My weekend is not the same when we don't chat on the phone. I cry myself to sleep when you don't return my phone calls. You don't want me Sleepless in California, do you? Actually, I can't complain. You are very thoughtful. Very few guys are. that statement PC? I just heard a few guys in our group said..."TAKER" .

Amie- how was your romantic weekend? I allowed to ask that? WHAT'S THE LATEST WITH MR. EX? MINE IS A DONE DEAL. I'M HAPPY AS CAN BE....MY CHOICE! (could be another marriage or marriages were destroyed by the Piss and Shit Institute). I'll see you this weekend. How about lunch?

Miche- how are you feelin? The last I heard, you'd be out of town this weekend. If not, pls. join us for lunch. I'm buying. Btw, they have 10 staff for 50 (plus) STUDENTS. (they didn’t say enrollments). Pretty good ratio...don' t you think?

Jean- so nice talking to you today. I am seriously considering your invite for Thanksgiving. That's so thoughtful of you. I'd like to meet your sister before the next Basic. If I could help her with the election in November; pls. ask her to give me a call.

Denise C.- I'll call you next week. You'd be fine. I've been thinking about you. Monday, right?...did you say Tuesday?
Denise D.- thanks for the update on your friends' status. I'm glad they're ok.
Jeanie, Sharyn, Tina, Alex- so nice to hear about your party on labor day weekend. They had something like that in Hawaii 2 weeks ago. I heard Mel is a fantastic host when it comes to BBQ parties. Rob and Jacci told me Mel is so gracious. Too bad I missed out. I'll be sure to call him ahead of time when I go back there.
Rick- are you going to RE-AUDIT this weekend? Do you have friends attending Basic? Half of the class, right? Rob has 3. I ALMOST HAD ONE....DARN IT!

Well, time to go home. I forgot to eat lunch and dinner. Now I know why I'm hungry.

Goodnight everybody.

Thu, 21 Sep 2006 10:55:55 -0700
Team 437,

Well sometimes when you think all is well in you life something will hit you right in your face. My huband of almost 15 years and I are have some challanges in our marriage right know. I am WORKING HARD IN MY WORKSHOP and in life to get things back on track. This is rough water for me because we have always been such a strong couple. PLEASE SHINE SOME BRIGHT LIGHT OUR WAY. I still have not decided if LS in October is the wises chose for me at this time. Although ticket and hotel are paid for I not sure if leaving the problems at home is a good idea. (sounds like someone is coming to her senses, I hope.) Hope all is well, I miss you all and hope to see or talk to all of you soon.

Lorenzana Luna
Advance Office & Janitorial

Okay, a voice from the past...This is Steph O'Brien remember me??? I decided it was a good day to check my e-mail so here I am. I am currently playing PLD on Team 21 GET IT DONE! Yup, I attended WLS ummm hmmm last month???? It's been such a WHIRLWIND from the basic in June to PSI7 in July to WLS in August...ah, that's it, then PLD in August as well.


I have some BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS and I am taking them on like my life depends on it...which to me it does. I would like your prayers and well wishes on these:

1. Physical- cleansing, eating right, exercise and massages.... this is actually a BIG deal, though it doesn't seem like it written so simply there. I am following the Dr. Christopher' s 3 day cleanse and Mucusless diet. I have been doing the exercise and destressing and massages leading up to the 3 day weekend...IM SO EXCITED IM SO EXCITED IM SO EXCITED....

2. RELATIONSHIPS- DATES WITH EVERY TEAM MEMBER OF MY PLD TEAM...(this was changed from 6 dates), I will check with my team mates to make sure what I consider a date and what they consider a date is the same. I want to make sure I'm IN INTEGRITY ON THIS ONE. 6 dates with my son Jacob (and my other children as things progress)and 3 with my ex husband...he even attended my coffee with his wasn't exactly as I anticipated, however, he did show up!!! I currently have had 3 dates with him and have dates scheduled every wednesday. 6 dates with myself....Yup, i've had 4 Real good dates with a dinner and everything. This is HUGE for me. (this one needs to make dates to be there for her children? What kind of lame excuse is that? What woman leaves her children for this BS?)
3. Spiritual- MY MAIN GOAL HERE IS SEEING MY EX HUSBAND AND CHILDREN IN THE BASIC AND MY CHILDREN ATTENDING TEEN EXPERIENCE NEXT SUMMER! I want to see this happen within the next 60 days, the earlier the better. 25 total enrollments, I have 11 to date 3 have attended the basic in August and 1 is attending tonight and this weekend in San Francisco! PLEASE HELP WITH LIGHT AND LOVE to follow through and see them all attend the classes.

4. Mental/Wealth/ Liberty: I AM FULLY EXPERIENCING THE COMPLETION OF MY MARRIAGE AND CREATING A NEW AND EXCITING LIFE NOW! This includes completion of all remaining outstanding legal issues, properties, money, taxes, and custody/visitation schedules. This also includes at least one new deal moving forward to create sustainable wealth and liberty. MY MAIN OBJECTIVE IS TO CREATE THE VACCUM SO THAT THE UNIVERSE MAY FILL IN MY WISH WITH ALL THINGS NEW AND EXCITING. (I wonder what will happen when life bites her in the ass?)

That's my update, other than asking for support, mainly prayers, however, I TRULY NEED HEALING FOR THE FEAR I FEEL IN CREATING LOVING AND LASTING RELATIONSHIPS. I want a lot more evidence that I can maintain relationships and follow through and that I DESERVE TO HAVE amazing relationships in my life and that I CAN MAINTAIN THEM LONGTERM...whatever that looks like. (Like PSI is going to help her maintain her relationships, doesn’t she realize that PSI probably destroyed her relationship with her family friends?)

Thank you. Please remember I'm here and that I miss you and I truly want you in my life, I am simply GETTING BIGGER THAN MY FEAR/PROGRAM. So, please help in gentle loving ways. I appreciate you all and thank you to those people who have continued to contact me regardless of my phone and e-mail's a bit of a trick, huh? I will have one service and am figuring out how to forward so all the email goes to one e-mail address. That would be a big help to have that happen. I haven't even opened the bulk mail/spam folder as yet to see if anyone got snagged into the black hole. It seems that I have thousands... .yes, i'm weeping. it's just ridiculous!

okay, MUCH LOVE AND LIGHT to you all and thank you for holding me in your hearts and thoughts, I miss you and you have been in my heart and thoughts!

Much love to you!
Steph O'Brien

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PSI Seminars: What happend at PSI 7
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: September 24, 2006 11:17AM

This is the type of belief system that is created by PSI seminars. They destory peoples minds. And the reason for the large amount of money? See these emails. Can you believe this? I can't believe my wife fell for this BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: Re: Wayne
SG, Some pain possibly, but joy for sure. Through pain comes growth, and with growth comes change my friend. PSI does not profess to be a "quick fix" nor any other kind of fix for that matter. PSI, the "basic" solely shows us, should we "choose" to accept it, that past programs, spawn present attitudes, which in turn create our present behaviors. They also present us with some of the past programs that may affect the way we feel about ourselves and our "beingness", which once again, affects the way we deal with life on a daily basis. No judgments, no rights, no wrongs, simply possibilities.The desire to change and grow comes from within ourselves, that's why we came to PSI in the first place. One of the benefits however is the network of loving, caring, positive, and un judgmental people that are willing to support us in the changes we wish to accomplish in our lives right now. PSI doesn't teach us "how" to do anything, only that we are able to change should we so desire. PSI 7, the second in the series, presents us with challenges that, if we "choose in" help us to realize and overcome our past limiting thoughts and attitudes that have held us hostage in our minds and in our lives. Programs that may have kept us mentally bound to negative thought processes and inaction. Inaction which in most cases have prevented us ( I guess I should be saying me, but you get the point) from going beyond a certain level due to fear (the big one), the feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, and Inability to name a few. My personal demon was the fear of being judged by others as being stupid, looking foolish, failing at this or that, and most of all, being... unlovable.Things that I judged myself to be. PSI helped me to see the person I really was inside, the person I had never known before, the person that I could become, if I should so desire. Can you imagine the elation, the joy, the excitement, and positive energy being exuded in an environment with 85 people that have all at once overcome those kinds of limiting disabilities and life long handicaps? That's a lot of power my friend. How can you put a price tag on that kind of self awareness, that kind of freedom? You're not paying for a college degree, a psychologist, a handyman, or doctor that can "fix you" What you are paying for however is a seminar, a presentation of possibilities. The fee we pay is for the space, for the materials and overhead. It pays for the equipment used to present, and it pays to contribute to the less fortunate among other things. The knowledge and the network is absolutely free. Who do you suppose pays for the facilities and the upkeep at the ranch? What about the food? who pays the caretakers? Someone has to mow the lawns and patch the roof and fix the fence. How 'bout the cooks, the food and the laundry? What about all the linens and hot water, and and all the other miscellaneous sundries? Whose going to pay for the event staff, the transportation, the insurance and the lights? Jeez dude, the list goes on and on. What do you think it would cost to go to a spa for a week, and what would I get for my money, a mud bath, some friggin' carrot juice and by back de-haired? This place was awesome. I had a riotous good time, I learned a huge amount about myself, and was accepted by the most caring, loving, nurturing people I have ever known. I've never experienced anything like it. I even danced the "Chicken dance". Where else can you do all that. Cheap at twice the price if you ask me. Hey, what if I could somehow come up with the scratch to send you to the "basic" in your area, would you go? I love you man. Be at peace, Wayne

-------Original Message-------

From: SG Hawke
Date: 09/23/06 14:03:32
To: Carolynn; Donna Eckwortzel; wayne holmes; jetzelectric; Julie O',Leary; Nellie Smith; Jeff Zissler;
Subject: Wayne


It is very sad to hear how much pain people have experienced on PSI seminars. The fact is that there are many people searching and wanting to grow these days and there is a whole industry out there of people willing to take peoples money and power. If anyone feels a desire to grow or move through something you are much better ginding someone who's qualifications and methods are transparant and who creates a nurturing environment in which you can find your centre. There is no quick fixes in life and anyone who sells you that can only be lying or very ignorant. So I ask you how can you do this to people you care about?

I guess it's true what they say about PSI seminars. PSI employees say "Never Underestimate The Power of Stupid in LARGE GROUP AWARENESS TRAINING PROGRAMS."

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PSI Seminars: What happend at PSI 7
Posted by: Brad69 ()
Date: September 24, 2006 08:53PM

Jason, there are many threads that poke gaping holes into the things taught at LGATs.

Look over these threads, you will find lots of interesting and useful information. The thing is to use it at an appropriate time. That means waiting for the right opportunities.

You might have become aware of two personalities in your girlfriend: a pre-LGAT personality and the one they have tried to install. A third one that could emerge is one in which she tries to integrate the two.

The pre-LGAT personality, you will be familiar with. The LGAT personality should be characterized by, amongst other things: Tighter facial features, possibly by a glassy-eyed appearance, cliched speech, a superior attitude, a lack of humor.

If you speak to your girlfriend, the appropriate time would be when she is in the pre-LGAT personality. BUT, watch for the switch! This could happen at any time. Then, tread lightly.

Confrontation seems to have very little success.

If you have friends who have noticed this disturbing change in her, it might be useful to involve them. But it needs to be done very carefully. Know that if you approach someone to help you that you can trust that person 100 percent, that they will not rush off and tell your girlfriend what you have been talking about.

Then, work together, without making it obvious what is happening.

Asking questions is a good way to go, but not direct questions. Ask them in such a way that your girlfriend will then need to ask questions of herself and the "teachings" she has been given.

You could tell a story of a group she might have no respect for - Scientology, for instance - whose practises parallel those used on the LGAT and leave it at that. Let her draw the parallel in her own mind.

Good luck. Keep reading on this message board. There is plenty of useful information. Some of it could make all the difference!

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PSI Seminars: What happend at PSI 7
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: September 29, 2006 10:59AM

Here is another PSI victims response to PSI being a CULT...

Dear Loving support 441, Dear Paul, Dear Haaheo (Honolulu), May the peace of Christ be with you. I'm sad for your disgruntled response. I support each member of PSI that we always have the "choice" to opt out or to further follow up on support or professional help. I never felt controlled that I didn't have a choice in the process I wanted to create for myself. I attended with purpose and clear goals in mind. Anything that didn't fit for me at this time in my life, I left but took what I could use for myself and for the betterment of my community and world peace. This is the precise situation that I've been speaking of to my team, there are always crabs that will try and grab hold of us and pull us back in the bucket. What benefits me the most with PSI is that I have "tools" the actual know how to apply the things in my life that no professional has ever helped me with even after years and years of "professional help?". Now I know what to do and how to apply these tools in my personal life. I am in my 2nd marriage to an alcoholic. Your response carries the negative vibes, force, emotion, coercion, threats, intimidation, dominance and control and disapproval that both of my alcoholic husbands used. This was their strategy because they refused guidance, support groups, help, therapy, awareness, shift and they simply chose to remain a crab, the Mel G type of treatment program, "I can do it on my own". I spent hours and hours and hours a several more hours in therapy, with "professional degreed, highly trained mental health people", switched and tried others when I had no successes. In fact, I even had one that told me the aggression in our marriage was due to a lack of sex and her advice was to go home and make love. Wow, that was great and the shift lasted for about an hour until he was back on his alcoholic behavior, mental, emotional and attitudinal sickness, anger, resentment, etc. I have been able NOW to make a shift because of my choice that I deserve the best love life. NOW because I actually have tools to know how to put one foot in front of the other. Oh yeah, another thing, the beingness, because I've learned how to notice my own beingness, I can notice the beingness of others with very little effot, why because I trust myself, not what a "professional" is telling me. I love 12 step programs and think they can help alot, however, the "tools" aren't available like they've been available through PSI. Did I mention to you, PSI saved my life. I would've died from depression if Haaheo hadn't continued to love me enough to care about my "victimization". Please get connected to Marianne Williamson's book, The Gift of Change. It just keeps me plugged into the source of love. from page 34/35 "When we recognize the vengeance of the ego - how much it detests the spirit of life and love- we more easily avoid personalizing its vicious attacks. Bringing forth our greatness is critical to the survival of the species; only if you get to live out your potential and I get to live out mine will the world be able to live out its own. Since limited thinking produces limited results, supporting others in believing in themselves helps to move the entire world forward. And becoming who we're capable of being - regardless of other people's opinions of us - is part of our responsibility both to ourselves and to God." I am created by choice, I am in control of my choices to opt in or out at any given moment of my life. If we transform our beingness, the crabs won't recognize us any longer.
Ali, give me a cheer, I need you man. Love, peace and blessings to all of you. Aloha, Sharon

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PSI Seminars: What happend at PSI 7
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: October 08, 2006 10:57PM

Ok, someone tried to warn these people that they are involved with a group and the only thing they can come up with is to take the BASIC!!!! How sad is this?????
Hello troubled person,

Apparently, you did not do our PSI courses, because they would never put our seminars as a priority over your family!! All of us are very committed to our families and also to our personal growth, not in the intimidation of others. PSI seminars aim to empower people into taking positive actions into their own lives and in those that they love around them. Perhaps you should take our 4 day seminar in November to really see what this seminar is all about. I have never felt or have been pressured to enroll anyone into this seminar or into the advanced seminars. however, the family members and friends that have taken it have had much success in their personal, professional, physical and spiritual part of their lives. I would envourage you to check this out. There is a money back guarantee if you feel that you haven't gotten anything out of the seminar, minus a $50 processing fee. There is nothing to lose, yet a life time of happiness and fulfillment that you seem to be wanting.

Dr. Marcia Loo

Our next basic seminar is at the Hawaii Convention Center November 16-19, 2006. Hope to see you there!

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