Re: Turning Point Church World Outreach Center-Tell Your Story
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Date: September 04, 2011 06:54PM

"Pay Tithes or get SHOT!"--The AntiChrist


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Re: Turning Point Church World Outreach Center-Tell Your Story
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Date: September 05, 2011 01:38AM

The Shocking History of Spiritual Warfare



The international "apostolic and prophetic" movement has been dubbed by its leading American architect, C. Peter Wagner, as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

Other NAR apostles endorsed Perry's event, including two who lead a 50-state "prayer warrior" network

It also has very strong opinions about the direction it wants the country to take. For the past several years, she says, the NAR has run a campaign to reclaim what it calls the "seven mountains of culture" from demonic influence. The "mountains" are arts and entertainment; business; family; government; media; religion; and education.

"They teach quite literally that these 'mountains' have fallen under the control of demonic influences in society,"

"And therefore, they must reclaim them for God in order to bring about the kingdom of God on Earth. ...

The apostles teach what's called 'strategic level spiritual warfare' [because they believe that the] reason why there is sin and corruption and poverty on the Earth is because the Earth is controlled by a hierarchy of demons under the authority of Satan.

They teach that they will go into a geographic region or a people group and conduct spiritual-warfare activities in order to remove the demons from the entire population

"[Their issues are] anti-abortion, anti-gay rights — but they also have ... the belief that government should not be involved in social safety nets, that the country is becoming socialist, if not communist ... — all of what we've come to call 'Tea Party issues' of very small government. In the case of the apostles, they believe this because they believe that a large government that handles the safety net is taking away what is the domain of the church and of Christianity."

"The process [in these videos] is that the people come together, repent, pray together, expel the demons from their community — which they describe in terms of witches and witchcraft — and then the community undergoes a transformation in which there can be miraculous healing

"The major topics at these events [are] anti-abortion, anti-gay rights and the conversion of Jews in order to advance the end times.

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Re: Turning Point Church World Outreach Center-Tell Your Story
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Date: September 05, 2011 01:52AM


................ .......................represents a gathering trend in American evangelicalism – the anti-democratic concentration of authority under fast rising church networks under the authoritarian control of self-made “apostles” :

However, the current Dominionist trend results in congregations where members are supposed to submit to the almost absolute authority of their anointed leaders, a change that removes the congregation as a balance or check to the power of the pastor. Long claims spiritual authority over more than his New Birth mega-church in Lithonia, Georgia. He is the ‘apostolic authority’

Once a church has shifted to this model, the pastor can no longer be hired and fired by the membership but becomes the authority over his flock. Only his overseers or spiritual authority figures can remove or discipline him. In these networks an apostle (or bishop in some cases) provides spiritual or apostolic “covering” over others.

Their growing authoritarian nature and the concentration of power in these apostolic church networks has irritated and dismayed even some in the apostolic movement such as J. Lee Grady, editor of Charisma magazine (and a former apostle in C. Peter Wagner’s mammoth International Coalition of Apostles – ICA ) who blasted in a 2009 Charisma op-ed,

Some charismatic apostles became mini-popes who carved out their fiefdoms. Suddenly the independent charismatic movement had more invasive authoritarianism than the denominations these pastors abandoned 10 years earlier.

In some circles apostles demanded total allegiance from the leaders who were “under” them. Some required a policy of “tithing up,” creating a monstrous organizational structure similar to a spiritual Amway. So-called apostles with huge “downlines” made exorbitant amounts of money. One leader even offered pastors the opportunity to become “spiritual sons” by contributing $1,000 a month to his ministry.

Like the apostles and prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and other Dominionist networks, Long does not believe in separation of church and state. And similar to the NAR prophets, Long believes that God gives messages directly to him to pass on to his flock

The New Birth congregation finances and operates vital support programs in the city and pumps large sums of money and thousands of volunteer hours into key areas such as youth offender intervention programs, public school programs, and support and outreach programs for homeless women and children.

This, in turn, is causing us to gain major footholds in the city infrastructure, . . . the criminal court system, public high schools

dominionists – they want to extend church authority over every sphere of society including the political realm. The strongly anti-democratic nature of dominionism comes out perhaps most strikingly in the doctrine of “spiritual fatherhood” that’s now in mainstream media parlance especially due to the fact that Eddie Long has been accused of coercing sex from his “spiritual sons.”

“The so-called ’submission-shepherding’ cult is vastly worse than anything I could have conceived of…

…In these cells, each member is under total domination by the shepherd. The shepherd can forbid the husband and wife from living together…. When one man said he would not be under subjection to any man, he was told, ` you will be ruined spiritually, financially, and ruined physically.’ “

Leaving its coercive spiritual aspects aside, the Discipleship and Shepherding movement established the sort of pyramidal hierarchies of authority one would typically find in a military structure – “shepherds” could disciple “sheep”, or serve as “spiritual fathers” to “spiritual sons” but such “sheep” or “sons” could in turn take roles as shepherds or spiritual fathers to other Christians presumably lower in the spiritual pecking order. And so on down the line.

“He made a declaration that in five years you shall be ruling and reigning in this nation. That means you control the wealth, that means you control the riches, that means you control the politics, that means you control the social order, that means that you are in charge.

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Re: Turning Point Church World Outreach Center-Tell Your Story
Posted by: buddy ()
Date: September 06, 2011 09:23AM

"Another one of false Apostle Mikes spiritual sons leaves the State of Washington!"

Letter to Turning Point Church from David and Mellanie
.by David Luster on Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 12:44pm.Exactly 3 years ago, a few families answered the call to start a church in the Skagit Valley and began meeting together to pray and believe for God to do something great in our midst. At the end of January 2009, we held our first public service. Over the last 2 ½ years, we have watched as God has grown this ministry to be one of the fastest growing and most impactful churches in the Valley. Over this summer, we have baptized a record breaking number of new believers and God has brought so many new families in to experience what he is doing here. As I think back to the first few months of the life of our church, I still remember a conversation I had with a principal of one of the Christian schools in town. I was shocked to hear him complaining about the churches in the area… while I was trying to figure out how to cut our lunch appointment short to avoid the lighting strike, he made a comment about a church in town called “Everyone’s church” and stated, “I just don’t think that churches should be open to just anyone.” I was appalled. How could somebody believe that there were just some people that should not step into church? That day sparked something in me. What if we could partner with God to build a church where people could truly come as they are, experience the love of the local church and be introduced to Jesus in the midst of their issues? Look around… I think we are on the right track!

Another area that really bothered me as we began this church was how in western culture, many churches rely upon the strength of the lead pastor to be the superstar. I decided that I wanted this church to be different. I wanted to be a part of a church where every member mattered… a church where everyone was significant and that the future of the church relied upon the church as a whole and not its individual parts. As I look over the systems and strategies that have been implemented at Turning Point Church over the last year, I think that this too is being accomplished.

As a church, we now have an opportunity to see just how well we have done at building a church that is not dependant on one or two individuals but rather, rests with THE ECCLESIA, The gathering of the believers, THE CHURCH.

3 ½ years ago, the voice of God called my family to begin preparations to move to the Skagit Valley… and over the last several years, we truly believed that this was a lifelong call. We must look and realize though that from the beginning of time, God has interrupted human plans, calling men and women beyond the comfortable and into his surprising and often costly will yet even in the most intrusive examples – the big fish spitting Jonah onto the shores of ninevah, for instance, or the soon to be apostle Paul being blinded on the road to Damascus – the Lord allows man the freedom to say “Yes” or “No” to Him at any time. We have been faced with a costly call the Jesus to leave all we have grown to love, Our Family, Our Friends, and this church to respond to His call once again. We feel that we must say “Yes” to His call.

Let me explain: In the last year, we have implemented many strategies from an organization called Church Leader Insights with Nelson Searcy… an organization that specializes in systems and strategies for churches like ours that empowers them to see God do great things in their churches. This last weekend, I was asked to join their team and begin making a difference in hundreds of churches all across the nation. We believe will all our heart that this is the call of God upon our lives for the next season of our life. To accomplish that, we will be moving our family down to Southern Florida to partner with the Journey Church under Nelson Searcy and work in conjunction with Church Leader Insights.

I realize that this is coming as a shock to many here this morning but I am confident that God has seen this all along. He is the good shepherd and has even now begun to prepare the minister that will step in and take this church to its divine destiny. The mission and vision is not changing. We are still called to create a church where people will come to know Jesus and make him known. Grace will continue to be the banner that we wave as we create a church where people can come as they are without fear of guilt, shame and judgment.

The elders have decided that during this transition, we will have Megan, Chris and Mitchell all step into new roles directing their respective areas: growth groups, assimilation, stewardship, evangelism, administration and all the other roles that I am currently filling. Sunday morning pulpits will feature great preachers from outside this church as well as a few of our own that you have grown to love… imagine what Megan can accomplish in the pulpit when her monthly sermons are 35 minutes instead of only 7!

While my heart would be for a long goodbye, we must all embrace this move and prepare for God’s next season in the life of Turning Point Church. With that stated, September 18th will be my last Sunday sermon.

Now is the time for our work to be tested by fire to see it for what it is. I am confident that as we each look with anticipation to the future, committing ourselves to the good work that God is doing, we can truly say the best is yet to come. I must say, It has been a great honor to be called your Pastor. Thank-you.


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Re: Turning Point Church World Outreach Center-Tell Your Story
Date: September 09, 2011 03:12PM

One elder (Shad) at Skagitt apparently likes to use his self righteous elder power on FaceBook to shame and rebuke an honest question from a person to the Pastor. I don't think that is appropriate whatsoever. The Pastor can certainly answer the question himself and he do so gracefully. This elder's actions and words were not Christlike at all. Where was the humility in that retort?

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Re: Turning Point Church World Outreach Center-Tell Your Story
Date: September 12, 2011 12:53PM

Wow, Pastor David is leaving. I am surprised and releaved.

D of D

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Re: Turning Point Church World Outreach Center-Tell Your Story
Date: September 13, 2011 11:16AM

D of D:

Pastor Luster said that he is going to the Journey Church in S. Florida under Nelson Searcy per FaceBook.. Have you ever heard of Nelson Searcy? I looked him up on the internet but could not quite depict what this was all about.

Do you know if leadership is changing at TPC. I have been told that one person is running the show like it was previously done through prior leadership. I don't get a good feeling about that. I don't know if they are still following the same mentality as the previous leadership or not. I here that the pride, arrogance is still going on. And the busier you are helping TPC the reward is going to higher levels of leadership. Even though some of them are not ready for this. What a shame if this is true.

Had a recent vision of TPC which I have not have for quite some time. It was not very encouraging for this church. God Bless

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Re: Turning Point Church World Outreach Center-Tell Your Story
Posted by: buddy ()
Date: September 15, 2011 02:21AM

A Farewell letter to Dave Luster
Dave I will truly miss you. I am so happy for you. Thank you for all you have done for me. Now you can become the superstar that you claim you never wanted to be. Thank you for all your teachings you received from the book " Destined to Reign" by Joseph Prince. I will never have to worry about shame and guilt any more. And no Judgement, I like how you past judgement on other christians and churches that don't agree with you. You have been so successful.Look how TPCWOC turned out. Maybe you can teach other churches on how to get to the next level with your next level strategies. Thats whats it all about right. Do what every it takes to get more people. To give more and do more. Maybe you can teach churches to have a beer party for Jesus like you had at your church. Then you can teach churches how not to stand up to there pastor when they become all wacked out. You sure stood up to false Apostle Mike and company. Way to take all the credit for the way your church turned out, I am sure it helped you with your new Job interview. Way to delete messages on your facebook and have one of your elders use cultic tactics to try to silence the concerned.
As your friend from TPCWOC says on your facebook, "I know that times like this can bring accusations againsts you but remember that the enemy is your accuser!" Where have we heard that before? We heard it over and over again from your spiritual father false Apostle Mike.
I am sure you will do great out there because every one loves the feel good religion.
I have more to write but I am having a hard time holding myself together. The tears are flowing over your departure.

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Re: Turning Point Church World Outreach Center-Tell Your Story
Posted by: buddy ()
Date: September 15, 2011 03:36PM

Turning Point Church World Outreach Center
Don't miss 180's field trip tonight to Christian Faith Center, for their "Back To School Bash! We're meeting at TPC Main campus @6:15pm to carpool, and will be returning to TPC by 9:30pm.

( The new leadership at TPCWOC are sending there youth group to Casey Treats false Word-Faith Movement Church, Christian Faith Center. "That way they can be brained washed into Casey Treats teaching on positive confession and prosperity!")

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Re: Turning Point Church World Outreach Center-Tell Your Story
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Date: September 16, 2011 08:20AM

Arizona church is house of prostitution, police say


"What's unusual is that they were trying to hide behind religion or church, and under the guise of religious freedom, they were committing acts of prostitution," Martos said.

"We certainly respect First Amendment rights. However, religious freedom does not allow for criminal acts," Martos said.

Regarding the Goddess Temple's website, he said: "What they would talk about would seem to be religion. At the same time, they were implying or intimating that they were giving sex therapy."

The website says at one point: "Sex is a holy, sacred and divine healing force at the core (of) our beings. Once we embrace this force instead of deny it, we become successful, happy and powerful manifestors."

Recruiting God's Army


The nondenominational church, which holds Sunday services at Totem Middle School, is unusual in other ways, too. In one sermon, available on the church's website, Pastor Mike Villamor says "Christians should be sex-perts." In YouTube videos, Villamor refers to elders in the congregation as "saints" and churchgoers refer to him as an "apostle." Villamor did not return repeated calls for comment.

Nothing like the good sexually ritualistic component being kept alive by the followers of the devil to keep things entertaining!

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