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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rhymeswithdross ()
Date: December 08, 2007 10:21PM

I'm back again!

One of the ways in which I have gotten over some of the hurts done to me by family and by fellowship is learning to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

Some of the things that make me laugh now, looking back:

Didn't the fellowship at times seemed more like an indoctrination camp for sales reps from Marks & Spencer, and Next? What was it with the obsession? They'd all go on about how excited they were because the Next sale was on; they'd be getting up at five in the morning to go into town to get some clothes so they could all dress *exactly* *the* *same*. I'm sure they were getting a bonus from the stores.

Was it just me or did anyone else notice that the uber-holy young people's group, who were always at the front, singing, weren't actually *that* good at singing? Remember that it was justified every time they got up to the front by Cheryl saying something about praising the Lord with an imperfect instrument? But the truth was, they were a bit <whispers> crap, weren't they?

The frogs. What I'd like to know is, how many poor, mistaken toads were thrown away in the great frog purges of the late eighties? Did they get in a frog expert to help tell the difference? If not, how would they know? I mean, if I had a copy of "What Toad?" magazine with a picture on the front I suppose it's pretty conclusive that that's a toad and is allowed, but other than that?

The banned programmes list. How ridiculous was that? She-ra and Top of the Pops were verboten, as was Orville (because Grotbags was a witch who was going to corrupt our hearts and the like). And the baddie in that was taken from New Age teachings which as we all know is actually *another* doctrine of demons (and not nice harmless stuff with crystals practised by hippies and middle-aged ladies who like the pretty colours of the stones). Wasn't My Little Pony out for a while, along with Rainbow Brite and Care Bears? Apparently it was all a New Age conspiracy. Apparently the executives of these programmes were *actually* thinking, "let's proselytize to today's youth about how wonderful this evil New Age hippy stuff is, by introducing them to it in television programmes about bears and flying horses and really strong men in castles," rather than (as we hitherto thought) "let's make lots of money by making programmes with characters that look like teddy bears and dolls... so we can sell the teddy bear and doll merchandise that goes along with it".

Sometimes if you laugh at a thing you lessen its power over you.

Truth, not dross xx

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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rosebud ()
Date: December 08, 2007 11:38PM

Hi Truth
I think they should of brought in an amphibian expert! I am shocked at the thought that they may have discarded their toad goodies mistakenly. I believe toads have a lot of problems with that. Is that a frog? No I'm a bloomin toad get over it.... Maybe there should be poters up in the church informing people what is a frog and what is a toad so no more innocent toad goodies end up in a bin bag. Would the frog ban have included not watching the muppet show? It is hosted by Kermit after all and his girlfriend is an evil minded pig!

I suppose my greatest problem with some of the more fruity loopy teachings was having to keep a sraight face, which for a gigglepot like me was as tourturous as having to be there. Sometimes I had to leave the room and pretend nature was calling and I would be in the ladies giggling my box off. I used to love one guy in particular, I won't name him ,but he always used to give a prophesy at the end of the sunday meeting. And he would do it in tounges first which used to take about 20 mins, and then he would give has translation. But it got to the point for me and my scooby gang that his prophesy became the highlight of the meeting because of the pure double entandre. I would litarally be biting my tounge. I remember one night he was doing his thing and I just coudn't contain myself And I got a bad case of the kind of giggliesinappropiiatus. A couple of the grown ups were glaring at me. After the meeting one of the sunday school peeps came over and asked me why I was laughing and I told him I felt Jesus presence so strong I could not contain my joy. Which they accepted as a genuine God experience. I do think back at stuff like that and laugh my head off.
Laughter really can be the best medicine.
Lots of love

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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: The Old Girl ()
Date: December 17, 2007 09:05PM

I know that there are some true Christians within the KFC but I am shocked and horrified at what I am reading about the damage that has been done to many of the children raised up in the “fellowship”. For example the cruelty that Mr and Mrs Moss inflicted on there daughters all in the name of the Lord, how can anybody who attends Kirkby Christian Fellowship condone what is going on, what sort of people are you that you can close your eyes and pretend it is not happening, I am terrified for your children, Kirkby has enough to contend with, without this evil in there midst,

I pray with all my heart that any child who is being mistreated will get help, go to somebody outside Kirkby Christian Fellowship and I can assure you, help will be there for you .It is against the law to abuse your children.

I promise you all who attend KCF the Lord will reveal the evil that you have done and his justice will prevail, and I feel sorry for all those who are there when it happens,

I am praying for you all and I pray you will open your eyes and your hearts so the lord can show you the harm that you have done.


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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rhymeswithdross ()
Date: December 24, 2007 04:29AM

Rosebud you know I often wonder just how many people in KFC did things like that; had their human reactions reinterpreted as "spiritual" somehow. Lmao at your description though!!

I always wonder just how many people just politely fell over instead of actually being slain in the spirit. Personally I'd put the percentage close to 100% but that's just my natural cynicism.

The Old Girl, you know, when I was growing up that was just normal for me, it took me some time to accept that what they did in terms of the physical punishments was actually abuse. I find it easier to forgive my Dad, because although he metered out the more severe punishments (i.e. with the belt), he did it in a very matter-of-fact way, like he was just obeying orders (from God, or Cheryl, or my mother, or whoever). Not that that makes it right, but it makes it easier for me to forgive. However my mother seemed to actively enjoy it. Especially when she was smacking my sister and she used to laugh.

My real beef is with the way that KFC treated my parents, and the way they treated me and my sister as a result. My parents were shunned by the leaders for years and years; I've already given the example of how my mother was treated by Cheryl & Mary, for whom she used to drive everywhere, until the bricks started coming and they just blanked her. Oh that's right, yeah, they got a word to stop speaking to her.

And of course that sent my mother spiraling further into her weirdness and - I personally think, although it was never spoken - her mental illness. Which meant me and my sister were for it of course.

You know what the awful thing is though? As soon as I'd gone, "ran away" apparently, yeah right, they were all accepted into the fold. And I wonder what was said to them and how Cheryl et al linked the two things? But what does make me genuinely sad is that they seized this opportunity. The were happy to lose their daughter in return for acceptance into the inner circle. All three of them; my mother, my father and my sister.

At no point did any of them say, "hang on a minute, Ruth's gone... shouldn't we wake up and examine if we've done anything wrong at all to drive her away? Shouldn't we think about whether this fellowship is actually destructive?" Instead, the second I'd gone, that was their chance. The loss of their daughter did not spur them into examining their faith or their reliance on that godawful KFC place. Instead they grabbed with both hands the chance to get "in" with the popular ones. I find that so sad, that I meant so little to them; that KFC meant more.

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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: bruisednotbroken ()
Date: December 28, 2007 06:34AM

I have a new laptop and as my previous laptop had crashed I had lost track of web addresses. This evening I've relocated this forum and wanted to check in and get updated. I've been checking many pm's which had been sent to me over the months as well, reading most of them for the first time, due to my absence.

There were many pm's full of love and concern for me...thank you for those! I did find myself needing a break from forum life and particularly things relating to KCF and most things "Christian". I have benefited from the time away. Thank you for your prayers and continuing support for we are all have experiences in the fellowship that have shaped who we are now and God's healing touch is effective.

I hope and pray there have been healing, happy and even joyful moments for each of you over the Christmas season. All is well with my soul.

Blessings. Jacquie x

Walking humbly with my God

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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: dippylips ()
Date: January 04, 2008 01:10AM

Hi everyone...I was in the fellowship many years ago ( at the time when Bill Turner was there ) . I gave up after a couple of years.. I used to see ted and Di. regularly..I absolutely adored them. I seem to remember they moved from northwood to Towerhill ?

I thought the fellowships tactics were based on instilling guilt and fear into people and this seemed hopelessly wrong. I seem to remember that Dave was a social worker and Cheryl was a teacher ? At the time it was called the mount zion fellowship and had not long moved from Park Brow,I think.

I knew Becky and Trina when they were little girls.

I'm a giggler as well and I remember going to a prayer meeting at a house in southdene ( I think the owner was called june) . Every one was gathered in the lounge and I remember someone asking "if anyone knows some who needs prayer , please think of them now and pray"...Just at that moment , I spotted a doll on the floor which had lost most of its hair ...Irrevently, I thought " perhaps god'll send her a full head of hair " . I can remember looking up to find Di looking at me , obviously either guessing what what I was thinking , or thinking the same herself. I remember us nearly wetting ourselves trying not to laugh.

I feet that God gives us free will and we have the right to make our own choices, good or bad. This doesn't make us evil, merely human. I cant stand dictatorships , but thats what the fellowship had become. Brainwashing at is best .

I also remember a time when they'd arranged a minibus to take people to see the new movie about The Bible ( cant remember the proper title). the bus was in a minor crash. As we all piled out , some one said " do you think we'll miss the film ?" I said " don't worry, we've read the book" . I got a right rollicking !!!!

I'm glad to see people speaking out...I felt like I was the only one and only happened on this site by chance.

I dont have the courage to sign my proper name yet ( yes, even after all these years !)

love 'n' hugs , dippy

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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: bopperev ()
Date: January 05, 2008 01:17AM

Im pleased to see people making honest comment about an incredibly destructive church. Honesty is the best policy where this cult is concerned. The old addage "Tell the truth and shame the Devil" applys to Kcf. The thing that put me off the place was the fact that you couldn't discuss anything with anyone in confidence without it being carried back to Cheryl. I am a very private person and need to feel like I can trust my friends. However I could not trust anyone in the fellowship in the end, as they saw that to earn browny points with Cheryl that they had to inform her of everything. I find it interesting that Cheryl feels so insecure as a person that she surrounds herself with guards. She is not her own person neither has she any moral fibre or integrity as a Christian. In fact I know that she is not a Christian. A true Christian accepts that they are human and makes mistakes. However she thinks she is beyond reproach. It is very sad she is a very sick person who is reclusive and agoraphobic, and very obssessive. I would not like to live in her head for one minute.
I remember Carol Moss and also remember her hitting her children. I was very shocked by this but I know this behaviour was endorsed by Cheryl after all didnt 3 of her children run away from her as soon as they were old enough. What was all that about? Makes you wonder does'nt it?
Like most Bullies Cheryl is a big coward when you try to confront her and she lies ,squirms and plays the victim to get out of it. She always sends other people to do her bidding or to fire her bullets ,or clean up the mess after her.Well Cheryl if I was to sum up your spiritual Legacy in one phrase.... You have done a bloody good job, doing the Devils work over the last 40 years in your ministry. You have certainly turned thousands of people away from Christianity.... Never to return

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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rosebud ()
Date: January 09, 2008 04:14AM

Hi everyone

Welcome dippy and bopper. I am so glad you have both come on to this forum. I often wonder what became of the kids that Cheryl and Dave brought up. Everyone knows that kids brought up in a environment of love and respect don't fall out with their parents and never want to see them again. FEAR... it is a nasty emotion, yes it keeps you in line but it is so suffocating. I suppose that is why there is a history of mental illness in that church. It kind of has a Big Brother kind of vibe to it, that is why you could never share things in confidence. They get friends spying on friends to earn membership into the elite. That is what sounds like happend to the Mosses, promises of being part of this special group of "Leaders", a term which I despise anyway because isn't God supposed to be thier leader not people, but I digress. I kind of got the impression whilst I was there that it was like a race to be in the leadership, if you didn't get in it was like a failing on your part. When in reality it was a popularity contest. And even if you did manage to get into the inner circle you were still disposable if you didn't go along with everything or just you where having a hard time. I also have issue with the fact that they endorse harsh physical punishment on children. And then using the line " It's for their own good. Spare the rod spoil the child" How is it for their own good? How is that teaching them to respect you? It all come back full circle to FEAR. Yes if you beat your children they fear you, they don't respect you for it. They will never thank you for it. And if you treat your "Flock" as you do in that same harsh way ( lets be honest if she could beat them physically, she would! ) ditto! But seriously it makes my blood boil to think that children may still be treated like poor rhymeswith and her sister. I saw Cheryl today when I was in the car with my dad. Seeing how small she is and how inoffensive looking she is . It is hard to believe she has caused so much misery. Oh yes she waved too! Like nothing had happened. Like we are not on this forum. Strange !!!

Love Trina xx

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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: February 29, 2008 03:18AM

Hi Everyone.
Just a short note, I hope everyone that has been on this site are doing well. It's a year since i first became aware of the forum and
I think we have impacted in many ways. Changing atitudes and behaviour in some takes longer that others, esspecially in churches where truth is held down. But there is movement and sometimes the leaders who don't change are moved out of the way.

Anyway, I hope you are fine and well, but please let me on this occasion preach this little word to you.

The isrealites choose Saul because he was head and shoulders above all and handsome, but as the word says "God doesn't see as man see's, for man looks at the outward appearence, but the Lord looks at the heart" 1 sam 16v7. Whenever we have felt we have been let down or been roughed up by the church, or abused by the leaders, Try not to blame God, Isreal rejected God becasue they wanted a king to rule over them. Don't reject God because people have taken up the same mantle and had the same results. Truth is not only discovering that bad things happen in church, it's also discovering the real person that God is and the unfathomable depth of love He has for us all, yes for you and me.. and even them.

take care

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Re: Davidinthelight
Posted by: bopperev ()
Date: March 05, 2008 09:56AM

Dear David
In reply to your little preach...
I do not have a problem with God fortunately I know that God is nothing like the people like you who call themselves "Gods People". When the truth of the matter is that I have found more love and kindness in the broken desparate people of the world. Just like Jesus mixed with all the "so called " sinners ...Prostitutes ,homeless ,tax collectors to name a few. He found open hearted kind people amongst such as these. Today that is where I reside as Jesus did not come to save people who consider themselves "super spiritual" and allegedly righteous. He came for the broken ones....
Just like me . I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Kirkby Fellowship for finishing me off. Painful though it was at the time. I have learned where Gods heart dwells . To a church obsessed with revival may I just add Revival never comes to a church where the leaders are not prepared to "clean house" and where the poor ,lonely and hungry are ignored. Enuff said!!!
Its not exactly Rocket Science is it!

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