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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: July 09, 2007 02:44PM

Hi to all.
It's a long time since anyone went on this thread. It seems some folk feel it's had it's day.

Nearly three weeks ago, I was made aware through a very reliable source, that the leadership of kcf wanted mediation with ourselves.
As you know, I contacted all who have been on this thread, requesting your view on this.

Some of you saw no value in mediation, and that we should warn folk about how dangerous this place is, others were very weary of their motives.

I sent a letter to cheryl and dave doyle, outlining what we expected.
I will put this letter on tonight 7.00 pm gmt.

Dave Anderson

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: July 10, 2007 02:00AM

As promised here is the letter we sent to c&d doyle:


Cheryl & Dave.

I believe you now think it’s time for mediation between ourselves.

If mediation is to take place it must be using an independent unbiased mediation agency. The golden rule in mediation is that it should be conducted by persons who have no prior knowledge of the situation, and if possible trained in the art of mediation. To this end T** S******** we feel cannot participate in the role of a mediator.

This mediation, should it take place, is to include statements or oral evidence from anyone who has, or has not participated on the RR website, should they so wish to enter in to this process.

I will not sell anyone of these people short.

One thing that we want to make clear, this mediation is for you to acknowledge the pain and the damage you have done to families and individuals, who have left kcf.

This will not be a face-saving exercise for KCF, but a chance for you as individuals, as leaders and as a church to repent and seek a way to bring closure on an extremely unhappy period in our and other peoples lives.

I should also tell you, not everyone on the RR website feels we should go down this road. They are happy to continue to warn people about the dangers of KCF.

If you are really serious about this, I want you to grasp this opportunity, that I believe God has given you, if you are not, we will continue in every way, shape or form to warn peoples about the dangers of being a part of kcf

If we do not receive a reply from yourselves by 7th July, we will understand that you have decided to reject the mediation process.

David & Tina Anderson

We did not receive a reply to this letter, I also put my email address on it too.

What does this tell me?

It tells me that the leadership in this fellowship care not one jot for the lives that have been damaged by this fellowship.

It tells me that they have no regard for scripture and doing ’the right thing’

It tells me that they feel supremely safe in their position as leaders because they can get away with almost anything and ’spin’ a tale to keep the flock happy and subdued.

It tells me that they are incredibly foolish to both, offer mediation and then reject it, The whole world can now see what sort of people they are.

What people who live and worship in Merseyside think of you, I can only guess.

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rosebud ()
Date: July 10, 2007 04:20AM

Hello All you guys.

I knew they would crap out of mediation. Anyone with any respect for their faith would find this whole situation intolerable and would do anything within their power to ease the siuation like those of us who where willing to mediate with them. But not Cheryl Doyle. She thinks the osterich stance with us is the best option.

I think she thinks if she ignores us we are just going to forget it. Well forget that!!!!


Do the decent thing that christians, and that even that you encourage in your own church, Admit your wrong doings and put things right so people can get on with their lives. All most people on this site need is a little closure on this chapter of their lives. It won't cure thier hang ups and baggage that being part of your cult gave to them but it will help them start the healing process. Yes I understand that standing up in front of people and admitting your wrong doings is humiliating and scary, (ask some of you flock about this, they will verify this for you) but it is the way you deal with sin at your church isn't it? And what you preach so should you practice or something like that.

I just want an apology. That is it. I can't promise I can forgive what you have done to me and mine. But really is it that hard to say your sorry????


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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: dragonflyer ()
Date: July 10, 2007 04:42AM

Well d,in the light you did try,it was offered to them,but their heart is hardened.Just shows you what pride can do,how do they sleep at night.What a sad little world they live in.Oh the arrogance! and they cant see it,or wont see it>how can you belong to a so called church were your 'leaders' show such cowardly behaviour? If you only had a glimpse of the hurt doyle and her sidekicks have caused good people,be brave and demand answers,seek us out its not hard to do,we wont snitch like the snitches do at kcf,we're not control freaks backed up in a tower of self importance breathing out empty threats said to be of God.Dare to raise your head!!!!!

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: July 10, 2007 02:51PM

Yo Trina.
You are a very magnanamous person saying you just want an apology.

I don't just want an apology. I want to make sure no one else goes through what we went through. I know of so many people there now, who are so screwed up, I fear for their long-term mental health. this is a real concern i have. I know you all.

I want the leadership structure totally dismantled.

I want an outside overview of the day to day running of the place.

I want total transparency of its pastoral care, particularly with young adulds and children. I believe there are dangers here.

I want a total end to the totally off-beam "prophetic" teachings there. Whats wrong with the gospels?

I want accountability for the leaders there. everyone must have the right to seek outside help, if required.

If this doesn't happen, i want it closed completely.

I hear rumours of dangerous things in this place.

It will not be allowed to operate no longer as it does.

The people of Kirkby will hear of this place for what it is, a cult

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: Liverpool Writer ()
Date: July 10, 2007 03:05PM

Well done for your continued hard work on this, David.

For what it's worth, here is my view on a mediation, which I shared privately with David, but will now share with you all. I'll quote directly from what I told David:

As regards outcome, I have always been quite honest whenever I've been asked - my intention has never been to "dialogue" with KCF or achieve "reconciliation". My only intention has been to warn people about KCF and alert people to abuse.

I can't see what a dialogue would achieve. The accusations are so severe that their only options are to own up or deny. There's not much middle ground they can take. We can pretty much take it for granted that they are not going to admit abuse - so what would be the point? Give them a chance to deny to our faces what we all know by our own experience to be true?

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rosebud ()
Date: July 11, 2007 12:06AM

Hi David
It's not that I am magnamamous. You know if it was up to me I would go every sunday and peacefully protest against the fact it is still continuing. Yes I would love nothing more than to see it shut down. I deal with the damage it has done to my mum everyday, I also deal with my own baggage it has left me with. It is just that I understand that we live in a very religeous tolerent country and it is a country that lets people worship whatever or whoever they want to worship. Churches like KCF are the price we pay for that privilege.And The best we could hope for is a change in the law. Which is something I would I would definatly support any way I could. But where religeon is concerned the law is in very complex area. Saying that one church needs the leadership structure dismantled and an "Outside overview" would have huge ramifications to all churches and I could not see the catholic, potestant and muslim churches supporting that can you?All we can do is expose to the people in Kirkby that theyhave a cult in their midst and not just a fruity little cult but a damaging cult that causes people suffering.
I never said I wouldn't still advocate exposure. But I do think a very public apology like in their church on a sunday would expose them to their own and maybe give some people closure and make their own congregation think twice about what they have been told. Imagine the chaos in that church. What you are talking about would need new laws. And maybe that is a new route we could take. This country could do with an anti cult law. So I am sorry my posy misled you in to thinking I would be happy with just an apology. I did say on that post "I think she thinks if she ignores us we are just going to forget it. Well forget that!!!!"

Love Trina xxxx

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: July 11, 2007 01:15AM

Yo Trina.
I understand wha you said tri, sorry if you think i was having a go at you, i certainly was not. What you have said is very sound advice.

The Catholic and CofE Baptists etc all have accountabiliy, people who have been abused in these denominations can take their grievences to a higher auhority.

The danger with a place like kcf is that there is no accounatbility, they have set themselves up as judge and jury and, particularly this place are so brass-necked, they are prepared to 'tough out' rather than admit their mistakes. This type of church should have no right to operate like this.


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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: yetigoosemonster ()
Date: July 11, 2007 10:25PM

Well there you have it folks!
Cheryl and Dave where only keen to have mediation when they had biased Ministers acting as mediators...
Doesnt that show you how worldly and corrupt they are. The whole plan was that they had rubbished the people on this site as being liars and trouble causers, this gave them the upper hand when,it came to mediation. Where is the truth and integrity in that? Cheryl you act like a person who is in the world not a Christian you are so devious. Because you are not willing to right your wrongs as far as I am concerned it takes this situation to the next level. After many years I am in still in therapy, for the trauma you put me through in inner healing. I still have flashbacks even on a daily basis. All the damage you inflicted on me with your quackish style of counselling /inner healing has been documented by a psychiatrist. I also have witnesses to they way you treated me. I lost 20 yrs of my young life because you messed me up. I personally will not rest now untill justice is done. I stand with the others on this site whose lives have been destroyed. You will not get away with what you have done!!!

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: July 14, 2007 10:47PM

Hi All.
I'd just like to put this little snippet on and see what type of stuff is being fed to the folk of kcf:

This is straight from the page:

"[b:8d1ed9b06c]I felt were important to outline because of the need of HASTE and obedience to the vision.
I’ve asked the wheel leaders to identify one thing that each wheel can do to bring forward the vision of the ocean wedding dress At the moment we are building the net… this is where God is working and this is where His Heart Searcher in under God’s command to work. NO OTHER WORK CAN BE DONE BY GOD’S HEART SERCHER. His work by God’s decree is to help make the net, AND DISCIPLINE THOSE WHO BREAK THE NET!!!"[/b:8d1ed9b06c]

This was believe it or not the 'second' wedding dress

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions to this

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